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Richard Sherman’s frustration at Packers avoiding him last time: “On scale of 1-10? 12″

For the first time in recorded history, Richard Sherman was quiet. He was inconsequential. A nonfactor.

That’s how Green Bay wanted it on Sept. 4 in Seattle. In the NFL’s opener, with every player, coach and fan in the league watching, the Packers had Aaron Rodgers drop back 36 times to pass.

Not one of those throws was in the direction of the Seahawks’ All-Pro cornerback.

A sign of respect? More like a source of chafing for a star far more used to being dominant and dynamic, not dormant.

Four months after the

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How Kam Chancellor — “They call me Batman. Dark Knight” — got well

How wise does the Seahawks’ decision to sit Kam Chancellor for two games in November, home wins over the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders that the team felt it could get even with their Pro Bowl strong safety resting for this playoff run, look right now?

It made him, not self-proclaimed “Superman” Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, look like a Superhero last night. Click here to see all that Chancellor did.

“He can have his Superman. They call me ‘Batman,’” Chancellor said. “Dark Knight.”

Richard Sherman had another description for Chancellor.

“He’s a freakin’ monster,” Sherman said. “He damages people’s souls.

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One word aptly sums up what Russell Wilson was for Seahawks against Carolina: “Impeccable”

One word best describes Russell Wilson’s Saturday night in the NFC divisional playoffs against Carolina.


That’s the word Pete Carroll used following Wilson completing 15 of 22 passes for 268 yards and three touchdowns — including 8 for 8 for 199 yards and all three scores on third downs — in the Seahawks’ 31-17 victory that puts them in the NFC championship game for the second consecutive January. His 149.2 passer rating was the fifth-highest in NFL postseason history.

“That’s as good as it can get,” Carroll said of his third-year

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The subtle and the sublime: How the Seahawks have stormed back to seize the NFC

So how did they do that?

How did the Seattle Seahawks (11-4) annihilate the first-place Arizona Cardinals by 29 points on the road to seize not only the NFC West but also put themselves one home victory Sunday against St. Louis (6-9) from having home-field advantage throughout the conference’s playoffs?

How have the defending Super Bowl champions won five consecutive games? How have they won eight of their past nine after a 3-3 start? The start that had Sports Illustrated write this just last month under the heading “Season’s story lines:”

“Seahawks repeat. DIED: WEEK 6

How have they done

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Russell Wilson tactic to counter swarming Cardinals: Throw it before they get there

The Seahawks have been working on an antidote to their sickly pass protection.

Throwing it before the bad guys get there.

For two seasons the offense  of coordinator Darrell Bevell has relied on Marshawn Lynch’s power running to set keep defenses “honest” and from teeing off on Russell Wilson trying to pass.

But what happens when a defense stymies Lynch? It’s been able to, well, tee off on Wilson trying to pass.

That’s what happened the last time Seattle played Arizona. The Cardinals throttled Lynch last month with run blitzes and gang tackling, allowing him just 39 yards on 15

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Pete Carroll hopes to joke, visit with Mark Sanchez before Sunday’s game; lightest Seahawks injury list in weeks

I asked coach Pete Carroll before the team left for Philadelphia immediately following this afternoon’s indoor practice if he is going to make a point to visit with his former quarterback at USC Mark Sanchez before Sanchez quarterbacks the Eagles against the Seahawks on Sunday, or after the game, to say “Hi” or …

“Punch him?” Carroll joked. “No, he may give me a shot in the ribs or something.

“I hope so. I hope to see him — he and Matt,” Carroll said of the other former QB of his with SC

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Any more debate on how vital Marshawn Lynch’s “act” is to Seahawks — now, and for 2015?

Welp, that should settle that.

For months I’ve been trumpeting here and here — maybe to the point of you being sick of reading it — how Marshawn Lynch is so vital to the Seahawks’ offense and their entire team in its hopes of returning to the Super Bowl. I’ve been writing how unsubstantiated the ESPN and NFL Network reports were from the morning of the Carolina game last month that the Seahawks were “fed up” with Lynch’s “act” and that they would be sending him away after this season.

Anyone who thinks the Seahawks are tired of Lynch’s

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Seahawks’ key to beating the Giants today: Run well on early downs with Marshawn Lynch

Russell Wilson was “mic’d up” on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown show this morning. At one point after an errant throw in his 17-for-35 passing day — only his sixth sub-.500 game of his career — Wilson is shown on the Seahawks’ bench asking offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell “What am I doing wrong?”

–For those not in the Seattle area game day here has dawned wet with off-and-on rain. The forecast for this afternoon at CenturyLink Field is temperatures in the mid-50s with a 50-80-percent chance of rain showers beginning during the game’s second half, much like last weekend’s home win

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