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The Russell Wilson experience — in jeans and in print

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson received some major exposure today, both in TV and in print.

You check out Levi’s television ad above, which shows Wilson walking around Seattle with wife Ashley and talking about the effect his father, Harrison Wilson III, had on his life

And I also highly recommend reading this well-written feature by ESPN’s Elizabeth Merrill, which does a nice job of capturing Wilson’s relentless drive to beat the odds and be a successful NFL quarterback at 5-11.

Merrill: It was clear, early on, that Harrison’s son was special. He had huge hands, a bigger heart and the focus of a med student the night before finals. Everywhere Russell Wilson went, he won people over. One night in a big game against Fork Union Military Academy, Wilson ran for a first down, headed out of bounds, and a linebacker called him a wuss. A couple of Fork Union fans repeated the word, which was actually a bit more inflammatory than wuss, and taunted Wilson.

Hank Carter, who worked the chain gang for the game, told the kids that isn’t who Wilson is. The next drive, Wilson knocked over the linebacker and ran for a first down.”

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Offseason rewind: Can Whitehurst lead Hawks?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Charlie Whitehurst against St. Louis. (Elaine Thompson/AP)

When Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll responds to a question, he doesn’t always answer it directly. So as a reporter you’re usually left parsing words – reading between the lines and looking for hints as to what his real intentions are moving forward with this team.

And I think Carroll provided a few clues as to what he might do at the quarterback position during his pre-draft press conference in April.

Asked what his ideal vision is for the quarterback of his system, Carroll had this to say:

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