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A few minutes with Colin Cole

New Seattle defensive tackle Colin Cole talked with Seattle-area reporters about his decision to join the Seahawks Monday afternoon.

He said he was excited to come to Seattle and ready for an opportunity to start alongside defensive defensive tackle Brandon Mebane.

At 6-1, 330 pounds, Cole will be more of a run stuffer, and Mebane is expected to rush the passer more. Cole said he enjoyed his time in Green Bay, but decided to come to Seattle because he believed the Packers would not give him an opportunity to start.

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Marcus Trufant situation

Here is a link to a story I wrote this morning about Marcus Trufant and his impending free agency, particularly as it relates to San Francisco corner Nate Clements, who last offseason signed an eight-year $80 million contract.

The Seahawks and Trufant seemingly are stuck at a stalemate in negotiations and probably will go into the offseason to determine his value. He is not as good as Clements, but that contract skewed everything. Now, is Trufant worth the $5.5 million a year that Nate Vasher signed for, or closer to the $9 million a year — his average if you realistically exclude the final three years of his deal — that Clements signed? Tim Ruskell admits it’s a tricky balancing act — and my guess is that a lot of that answer will be determined during this season.

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