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Seahawks’ snap counts versus St. Louis show DE Michael Bennett in on 90 percent of plays

I alluded to the snap counts from the Seahawks’ loss at St. Louis in my article in this morning’s News Tribune about the changes coming in Seattle’s dormant pass rush.

Defensive end Michael Bennett is exhibit A on why the pass rush has only seven sacks this season — third-fewest in the league — after having 20 at this point last season on the way to 44 for the season, eight-most in the NFL.

Bennett has three sacks this season, and (I hesitate to note this because it’s a whole new world) the advanced-metrics geeks note Bennett is the

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Hey, c’mon back from that ledge! It’s still way early in this Seahawks season

For those of you who may be reading this while your toes are dangling from a ledge of a tall building, a reminder:

It’s mid-October.

These are long seasons, full of teams on winning streaks, losing streaks and injury streaks — many of which are still to happen. The nature of NFL teams usually playing only once every seven days means there are six days in between to scrutinize and inflate the importance of the most recent game. Win or lose that last game becomes a confirmation or indictment of an entire season.

In fact, it’s 1/16th of it.


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Seahawks snap counts in win at Washington: Marcus Burley continues surprising importance on defense

The NFL’s official Seahawks snap counts from last night’s game shows Marshawn Lynch ended up playing 44 of Seattle’s final 60 plays, after missing the first seven trying to get his tight back loosened on the sideline by riding a stationary bike. Robert Turbin ran the six of the first seven snaps as the tailback, with Percy Harvin moving from wide receiver on one snap during Seattle’s opening drive. Once Lynch entered, Turbin got just eight snaps over the Seahawks’ final 60 plays. So obviously Lynch’s back loosened after the tight beginning.

Max Unger left with an apparently minor foot

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Seahawks on break; Marshawn Lynch’s 10 great minutes on the radio; snap counts from win over Denver

This morning the Seahawks are as far away from the NFL as they can possibly be during the regular season. They have started a seven-day break during their lone bye in the schedule, due back at their headquarters in Renton on Monday to begin preparing for the Oct. 6 game at Washington.

The Seahawks took the same full-week break during their bye last season before a Monday-night home game against New Orleans, though that was far later in the season, in late November.

In today’s News Tribune I wrote why the break

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Seahawks snap counts from San Diego show Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner go the distance; fly sweep gets swatted; links

On the way back from San Diego. The Seahawks got home last night on their charter flight.

Coach Pete Carroll will have his weekly, day-after press conference today at 3 p.m. in Renton. I hope to get word then on the condition of Seahawks’ assistant offensive line coach Pat Ruel. He stayed last night at a San Diego hospital after being taken out of the locker room to there following the game because of an irregular heart beat.

The NFL’s official snap counts from yesterday’s game show the entire offensive line played every

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