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Paul Allen trumpets Jimmy Graham arriving, passing physical; honoring the AP’s late Dave Goldberg

How big a deal is Jimmy Graham’s arrival in Seattle?

Seahawks owner Paul Allen, not usually one to get into the procedural nuances of player transactions while he’s out unearthing sunken battleships off ocean floors, last night trumpeted the team’s next step in completing Tuesday’s stunning trade that brought the three-time Pro Bowl and 2013 All-Pro tight end to the two-time defending NFC champions:

I’m going to assume (always dangerous makes a

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Official pool report: Chancellor “remarkably looked good today” at Seahawks’ final pre-Super Bowl practice





It’s a festive, packed scene this afternoon in downtown Phoenix; 10 times more people here than yesterday. I’d estimate 80 percent of them are wearing Seahawks gear.

Fans are chanting “SEA!” from one side of streets, with an automatic “HAWKS!” response from the opposite sidewalk. All day long.

Even the weather is making Seattle-ites feel at home: mid-50s, steady rain that just ended.

Below is the NFL’s official pool report from the Seahawks’ indoor, light practice today at Arizona State. The NFL closes Super Bowl practices to all but one reporter for each team appointed by

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Alexander meets the press

Here are some quotes from Shaun Alexander’s post-practice press conference:

On resuming practice: "Today was exciting. I’m blessed I could have Christmas a little bit earlier than everybody else because I got to do something I love to do which is play football."

On if he feels fresh: "Yeah, I definitely feel fresh. This was a good day."

On how it felt missing practice time: "It’s one of those things. We’ve been playing our whole lives so it’s always a weird feeling when you’re gone but to come back, it felt good."


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Alexander’s back at practice

Wednesday practice just finished up. Shaun Alexander flashed some speed and “fresh legs,” according to RB coach Stump Mitchell in his return to practice. Alexander said the wrist injury and the sprained knee aren’t healed, but good enough to play through and that he “should” play this Sunday vs. the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Today was exciting,” Alexander said. “Christmas came a little early.”

Alexander said he expects to be a little sore tomorrow but otherwise felt good. He said he’s good with the team’s new offensive approach of passing more, noting that the team has won its last three

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