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You should’ve bet on the Hawks

Steven Levitt of Freakonomics fame has published a blog entry showing that people can make lots of money betting on home underdogs in the NFL. This is because bettors disproportionately favor road favorites, leading the house to adjust its odds accordingly. Levitt previous wrote an academic paper on the subject. Home underdogs are 47-30 against the spread this season, he writes. Levitt said he entered a handicapping contest this season and he currently ranks tied for seventh out of 800 entrants by picking home underdogs. The Seahawks were 4.5-point home underdogs last week. They lost, 20-17.


J. Ohn-McGrath: What’s in a name?

John McGrath definitely brings his own style to his job as News Tribune columnist. He’s a hilarious guy who couldn’t be mean-spirited if he tried, and with his off-beat sense of things, that makes him an entertaining read. In his latest dispatch, John offers career advice to Jerramy Stevens. His tongue-in-cheek suggestion: a name change.


Nolan dressing up for Hawks

Niners coach Mike Nolan might be planning to wear a Reebok-designed dress suit on the sideline Sunday. The league’s apparel contract with Reebok forces coaches to wear Reebok-issued clothing on the sideline. Nolan and Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio have wanted to wear old-school suits instead, a la Tom Landry. This AP story explains the compromise.


Diaper duty: Tobeck has played sick before

Tobeck Robbie.jpgDEPENDS2.jpgRobbie Tobeck has played through all sorts of injuries this season and in years past. He had elbow surgery during training camp. He sprained a knee against Oakland. There probably isn’t a body part that hasn’t been injured during the 88-game starting streak that ended against the Rams on Sunday. Playing through pain is one thing. Playing when you’re too-weak-to-make-a-fist sick is another. They gave him IVs on Sunday morning in a last-ditch effort to get him ready, but there’s not much a guy can do if he’s having trouble getting out of bed.

Which reminds me of a hilarious story about the time Tobeck played against the Redskins after having been sick all week. Steve Raible told the story in the book I helped him write a few years ago. I’ve pasted a few passages below.

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Case of mistaken identity?

FARRELL.jpgRaiders DE Tyler BraytonKIKI2.jpgOn a side note, Tyler Brayton looks a bit like Will Farrell and very much like former NBA star Kiki Vandeweghe to me. I knew he looked familiar when I saw the mug. A better pic of Vandeweghe might make it a match. That’s Brayton on the far left. Or is that him on the right? We try to keep the blog informational, but this was bugging me today and it’s good to finally have closure. Tyler Farrell? Kiki Brayton? Must be time to call

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An insider’s look at Tom Jackson

Dave Boling checks in today with the type of column I’ve tried to get him to do more often: a first-person account that lets people know a little bit about himself. Dave’s internal I-am-not-the-story meter is a good thing in our business. It’s just that sometimes he takes it to hilarious lengths. He is the type of guy who would listen to some guy ramble about how cool it was to meet Jack Lambert without mentioning that, once upon a time, he actually spent four quarters lined up against the future Hall of Famer. Dave is just so weary of writers injecting themselves into stories that he won’t do it almost no matter what. Which brings us back to Dave’s column for today. It’s a look at ESPN’s Tom Jackson, the former longtime Denver Bronco who played with Dave at Louisville a couple years ago. For a look at Tom Jackson the NFL player, I’ll pass along an anecdote from Steve Raible’s Seahawks book.

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Halloween pics: Tobeck as Holmgren

10 31 2006 Tobeck as Holmgren2.jpg10 31 2006 Tobeck as Holmgren.jpgWe finally scrounged up some pictures from Grant Wistrom’s Halloween bash. As noted previously, center Robbie Tobeck took first prize with his Mike Holmgren costume, going so far as to shave his goatee into a moustache. Thanks to the guys at KISW for letting me post this here. Click on the picture at right to see even more shots, including one of Marcus Trufant as Hugh Hefner. You just gotta love Tobeck’s nerve on this one. He’s been around 14

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