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Green Bay report: GM Schneider has out in Seattle contract should he someday be offered same job with Packers

Seahawks general manager John Schneider has roots that run deep in Green Bay — so deep, he reportedly has a clause in his Seattle contract that could allow him to leave if he is ever offered the Packers’ GM job. 

Thanks to rodman here on the blog for pointing this out today. It is a tidbit inside a big story from Pete Dougherty, long-time Packers writer for the Green Bay Press Gazette, on the legacy of former Packers GM Ron Wolf.

The personable Dougherty spent the days before the NFC title game last month writing advance stories from Seahawks

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Seahawks’ opener Thursday is the champs’ only home primetime game; “I’ll let you guys speculate those reasons”

Happy NFL Opening Eve.

The Seahawks are finishing a light walk-through practice this morning here in Renton. Green Bay’s practice will presumably be more extensive, given the Packers did not practice at all yesterday as part of coach Mike McCarthy’s new practice plan this season of keeping his players off the field two days before every game.

I mentioned this on Twitter yesterday — and got a couple angry retorts from Packers fans: The Seahawks under coach Pete Carroll are 7-0 in home, primetime games with an average margin of victory of 18 points. Cornerback Richard Sherman barely had his

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Wrapping up Monday’s press conference

Coach Mike Holmgren just finished his Monday press conference. Let’s start with the injury situation.

* D.J. Hackett: Holmgren said Hackett re-injured the same ankle that cost him six games earlier this season. The best guess is that Hackett is out at least 2 games.

* Matt Hasselbeck: The Seahawks QB, who was playing with sore ribs, was so spent after Sunday’s game he was heaving. Holmgren said he expects Hasselbeck to be able to practice Wednesday. On another note, I asked him the question Frank posed earlier – Should he sit Hasselbeck out to rest up,

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