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“Bogus” indeed: Marshawn Lynch cleared by police of assault allegation; Seahawks time Ricardo Lockette in a kickoff 40 at 3.93 seconds

It started out oddly … and stayed that way.

The assault allegation against Marshawn Lynch that became news Monday morning via an unusual and mostly unsolicited release from the Bellevue Police Department ended Wednesday night. That’s when the Bellevue PD issued a statement ending its investigation and clearing the Seahawks running back of a woman’s allegations he had committed assault and personal-property damage.

“He was not involved in this incident in any way,” the Bellevue PD’s statement read.

So that’s that.

The statement did note the investigation remains open and ongoing. But it no longer will involve Lynch or the Seahawks.

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Questionable questions at media day

A sampling of questions asked at Tuesday’s Super Bowl media day:

“Who’s your crush?” – a reporter to Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, who responded “Isn’t Beyoncé everybody’s crush?”

“What’s the Roman numeral for 48?” – a Nickelodeon reporter dressed as a superhero to third-string quarterback B.J. Daniels

“Do you own a pet unicorn? Is the Lombardi Trophy filled with chocolate? And have you ever worn sweats to the strip club? – a reporter to center Max Unger

“A guy asked me if he could buy my earrings. I think he was joking.” – Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor

“Somebody asked me what

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Holmgren headed to broadcast booth?

KIRO radio is reporting that Seattle head coach Mike Holmgren may be headed for the broadcast booth.

Holmgren told KIRO Radio Tuesday he’s been talking with NBC about a possible role on playoff games and maybe the Super Bowl.

This would seem like a natural transition for the personable Holmgren — the best coach I’ve seen in handling press conferences and dealing with the media.

Listen to Holmgren’s conversation here.


Revisiting NFL Network

If someone knows of a positive review for Bryant Gumbel as NFL Network play-by-play man, please pass it along. I haven’t seen one, and not until recently have I had a chance to listen to him call a full game. Most play-by-play guys who reach this level have followed the game closely since they were kids. Or at least it seems that way. One gets the feeling Gumbel hasn’t followed football much, and that he wouldn’t be interested in watching these games without someone paying him to do so. It’s a remarkable thing.

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This just in: NFL rips itself

An NFL team is ripping an NFL reporter. Adam Schefter, formerly of the Denver Post, has been with NFL Network for the last few years. He reported today that the Raiders are expected to fire coach Art Shell after the season.

The Raiders responded with the following statement: “Adam Schefter has always been a false rumor mongerer with respect to the Raiders and anti-Raider based upon his relationship with Denver and Mike Shanahan. No decisions have been made relative to the 2007 Oakland Raiders nor will they be made for some time. Adam Schefter could not have

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NFL Network, cable providers duke it out

The gloves are off. The NFL Network and cable providers are battling it out, with no end in sight. At issue: How the league makes available games over its 3-year-old network. In recent days I’ve spoken to people on both sides, from NFL Network chief operating officer Kim Williams to cable providers in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

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The NFL covers itself

I watch NFL Network. Some of the programming is appealing. Nowhere else will you find direct access to press conferences around the league. Mike Pereira’s segment on officiating can be interesting when Rich Eisen pauses to let the league’s officiating director talk. One of my concerns, however, is that the league will grow its media machine at the expense of access for independent reporters. With that in mind, I spoke with media ethicist Bob Steele about various related issues. A transcript of that interview follows.

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Do you get NFL Network?

One of my stories for tomorrow focuses on the NFL Network, which is showing live regular-season games for the first time. The Seahawks-49ers game Thursday night is the fourth of eight such late-season games scheduled for Thursdays and Saturdays down the stretch.

NFL Network is presently in about 41 million homes. For reference, consider that ESPN is reportedly in about 95 million homes. NFL Network is still getting started, of course, and that 41 million figure is growing. But for now, millions of fans do not have access to games previously available to a wider audience.

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