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Paul Allen trumpets Jimmy Graham arriving, passing physical; honoring the AP’s late Dave Goldberg

How big a deal is Jimmy Graham’s arrival in Seattle?

Seahawks owner Paul Allen, not usually one to get into the procedural nuances of player transactions while he’s out unearthing sunken battleships off ocean floors, last night trumpeted the team’s next step in completing Tuesday’s stunning trade that brought the three-time Pro Bowl and 2013 All-Pro tight end to the two-time defending NFC champions:

I’m going to assume (always dangerous makes a

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Hasselbeck’s personal legacy

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck carries his son Henry on his shoulders off the field after the Seahawks beat the New Orleans Saints 41-36 in an NFL NFC wild card playoff game (Ted Warren/AP).

Tarvaris Jackson might step in and be a competent quarterback for the Seahawks. But Matt Hasselbeck is going to be missed around here. Most of us who do this job are pretty good about maintaining objectivity in the course of work, but a lot of us in the media are going to be sad to see Hasselbeck depart. He was a first-class guy from Day One.

He was also one of the toughest guys they’ve had. In the locker room after games, his body often was absolutely tattooed with bruises. You’d ask him about something and he’d say he hadn’t noticed. It might come out after the season that it was a broken rib or something.

He played like that all the time. And that was the heart of his leadership of the Seahawks. Teammates surely noticed it when he came back on the field at Arizona last season and finished the second half with a broken wrist. Read more »


Hasselbeck makes cameo in South Park

I got a couple emails this morning about this, and John Boyle of the Everett Herald hunted down the clip. South Park spoofed the movie “Inception” during last night’s show and briefly used Matt Hasselbeck as a character in explaining the dream within a dream sequence. Check out the video below. They don’t use Hasselbeck’s voice in the clip. We’ll have a chance to ask Hasselbeck about the show later today.


Hasselbeck talks on ribs, Rams, etc.

Matt Hasselbeck, despite the players getting a portion of Monday off, came in and spoke with the reporters. Here are a few highlights:

On how he feels: "I feel pretty good. Not too bad actually; a lot better than I felt last Monday."

On practicing this week: "Yeah, I would hope so. It was a physical game but my ribs definitely feel good so that’s not really that big of an issue. I think everybody’s a little sore. It was a tough game."

On the Rams blitzing throwing the team off: "No, they had a good plan but some of the stuff was just bad luck on our part. They played most of the game with three D-linemen in the game but played a four-man line scheme. Will Witherspoon is a great pass rusher. He’s having a great year. Common sense would say he’s the other defensive end. Well they used 54, (Brandon) Chillar as the defensive end most of the day but they went back and forth and made it hard to recognize. Other times they’d have three DBs playing safety-slash-linebacker situations …. We didn’t identify that very quickly, very well.”

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A helping of leftover Hasselbeck

You might enjoy these comments by Matt Hasselbeck, made on Wednesday.

On Coach Holmgren’s offensive changes: "I don’t know, I think he seems to go with what works, but today at practice was any indication or meanings, we’ve got a lot more shots downfield, a lot more things that are sort of wide-open, very aggressive offense. I think it gives us an advantage because if you’re going to play us, you haven’t seen a lot of what we’re about to do, so that’s exciting and that’s fun."

On liking a more aggressive offensive plan: "I think we

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