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Seahawks’ key to beating the Giants today: Run well on early downs with Marshawn Lynch

Russell Wilson was “mic’d up” on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown show this morning. At one point after an errant throw in his 17-for-35 passing day — only his sixth sub-.500 game of his career — Wilson is shown on the Seahawks’ bench asking offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell “What am I doing wrong?”

–For those not in the Seattle area game day here has dawned wet with off-and-on rain. The forecast for this afternoon at CenturyLink Field is temperatures in the mid-50s with a 50-80-percent chance of rain showers beginning during the game’s second half, much like last weekend’s home win

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The News Tribune’s Seahawks day-after chat following win over Oakland

Live Blog Seahawks day-after chat following win over Oakland


Hey, c’mon back from that ledge! It’s still way early in this Seahawks season

For those of you who may be reading this while your toes are dangling from a ledge of a tall building, a reminder:

It’s mid-October.

These are long seasons, full of teams on winning streaks, losing streaks and injury streaks — many of which are still to happen. The nature of NFL teams usually playing only once every seven days means there are six days in between to scrutinize and inflate the importance of the most recent game. Win or lose that last game becomes a confirmation or indictment of an entire season.

In fact, it’s 1/16th of it.


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All (healthy) hands on Seahawks’ deck for full dress rehearsal vs Chicago; K.J. Wright a Plan B for Wagner at MLB?


Russell Wilson warms up about 50 minutes before the Seahawks host Chicago in the third exhibition game (Gregg Bell/Staff writer).

The Seahawks have all healthy players in uniform and available tonight for the third exhibition game, against Chicago at filling-up CenturyLink Field.

Seattle left about a  baker’s dozen of veterans home for the exhibition opener at Denver. Last week at home against San Diego, left tackle Russell Okung sat out despite having been back at practice for a week following offseason surgery on his toe and foot.

Okung is expected to play tonight. That would be the first time

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Pete Carroll’s goal for tonight is also the key to Seahawks’ season: “Protect better”

Tonight’s primary goal for the Seahawks’ offense in the second exhibition game will be easy for all of us to assess: Keep Russell Wilson and the quarterbacks from getting chased and hit as much by the San Diego Chargers as they were last week by the Denver Broncos.

Wilson got hit three times on Seattle’s first, five-play drive in the exhibition opener. He was sacked once and hit after he threw on two other plays.

“No, that’s by design. Russell was getting kind of cocky so we wanted to make him get banged up a little bit,” coach Pete Carroll

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