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Hill posts bail and is released: No decision on whether charges will be filed

The King County Prosecutor’s office will not file charges today regarding the domestic dispute Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill was allegedly involved in this week.

However, the investigation remains ongoing, and a decision on whether Hill will be charged will be made at a later date, according to Dan Donohoe, a spokesperson for the King County Prosecutor’s office.

Hill posted bail, which was set at $150,000, on Thursday and was released at about 7:45 p.m. yesterday.


Hill’s bail set at $150,000; he remains in custody

Leroy Hill had his bail hearing today in King County Superior Court. Hill waived his right to appear at the hearing, and his bail was set at $150,000.

Hill remained in King County Jail as of 5 p.m. today. The King County prosecutor’s office has until Friday to decide if they will pursue charges against the 30-year-old Seattle Seahawks linebacker.

Hill is scheduled to appear in court again on Friday.

According to the probable cause report filed today, Hill is being held on domestic violence offenses of unlawful imprisonment and third degree assault.

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Leroy Hill remains in custody in Issaquah jail, no decision on when charges will be filed

Here’s what I know regarding Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill’s arrested for a domestic disturbance.

According to a press release issued by the Issaquah police department, officers responded to a call at 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon near Cougar Ridge Drive Northwest for a report of an ongoing assault.

According to the report, a 26-year-old female Issaquah resident told officers her boyfriend, Hill, assaulted her several times during the day, and kept her in his residence against his will.

The woman stated that Hill blocked the doorway and would not allow her to leave the residence, taking her cell phone, according to the report.

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Report: Leroy Hill arrested for domestic violence

This is not the kind of news you want to wake up to if you’re Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll or general manager John Schneider.

According to Mike Ferreri of KOMO TV news, Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill was arrested on domestic violence charges in Issaquah. Hill has not been formally charged, according to the Washington State Patrol.

If the report is true, Hill’s latest brush with the law continues a troubling trend. The 30-year-old was arrested in his Atlanta condo for Marijuana possession on February 25 of 2012, but those charges were later dismissed after a urine test came back negative, clearing his name.

Hill received a sentence of 12 months probation for misdemeanor drug possession for a Jan. 24, 2009 incident in which he was found asleep at the wheel by police in suburban Atlanta with marijuana in his car.

Hill also was arrested in April 2010 at his home in Issaquah on a misdemeanor count of fourth degree assault/domestic violence for an incident involving his live-in girlfriend at the time.

Hill avoided trial and a settlement was reached in the domestic dispute, with charges dismissed if he complied with stipulations handed down by the Issaquah Municipal Court.

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Sherman wins appeal

Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman runs off the field after the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers 42-13 in an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

In a surprising turn of events, after a month-long battle with the league Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman won his appeal with the NFL for allegedly violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

Sherman confirmed the result via Twitter this morning.

“Thank you @nfl for upholding the truth! To the 12s Thank you your faith is rewarded! Thank you lord,” Sherman said via Twitter.

“I won.”

Sherman and his representatives argued that his tested urine sample was contaminated as a result of the second cup.

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Report: Sherman points to broken cup

According ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman argued in his appeal on Friday with the NFL’s brass that a broken cup is to blame for his positive test.

According to the report, Sherman claims that the cup containing his urine specimen was leaking. The collector responded by placing a second cup underneath it to capture any leakage.

Sherman stated that the second cup’s seal already had been broken before being used to stop the leakage from his cup. Since the second cup’s seal was broken, the chain of custody also was broken, therefore nullifying Sherman’s positive test for Adderall.

Schefter says Sherman and his representatives argued that his tested urine sample was contaminated as a result of the second cup.

Sherman is expected to play today against San Francisco. He is appealing a four-game suspension levied by the league for allegedly violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing substance policy.

There’s no timetable on when the NFL will announce a decision.


Report: Sherman’s Dec. 14 hearing could be delayed

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has hired outside counsel to represent him in fighting his four-game suspension by the NFL for allegedly violating the league’s performance-enhancing substance policy.

Further, Schefter said it’s realistic to expect that Sherman’s scheduled hearing on the issue on Friday could be pushed back further.

That’s good news for the Seahawks, who already will miss cornerback Brandon Browner for four games. Browner will begin serving his suspension today for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substance policy by allegedly taking an amphetamine-type substance.


Lynch pleads not guilty to DUI charge

Ivan Golde, attorney for Marshawn Lynch, said that his client pled not guilty to charges of driving under the influence of alcohol in the Alameda County District Courthouse on Wednesday.

Golde moved Lynch’s arraignment date up from August 14 to Wednesday. Lynch was not required to appear in court, and Golde appeared in court for his client.

According to Golde, a status hearing for the case has been scheduled for September 27.

“We’re going to completely prove his innocence, no doubt about it,” Golde said. “It’s going to take some time to get all of the facts unraveled and do all of the investigation.

“This will not interfere with football in anyway. This is an after-the-season issue.”

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