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Roster on steroids

Watching Shawne Merriman and the Chargers on Sunday made me think about ways to juice up the roster file we’ve been making available since about April. I’ve decided to consolidate several files into one. That means there will be fewer files to download without diminishing the amount of information in any way. This latest file has the roster, season log, league rankings and seven other sheets with various goodies.


Rankings with a disclaimer

We provide our updated league rankings with a disclaimer: These might reflect how consistent a team has been during the season, but what matters most is how teams are playing right now. That is why Mike Holmgren extracted some positives from the loss to San Diego on Sunday. All he cares about now is having the team ready to play better in a couple of weeks. How the team played against so-and-so in Week 12 doesn’t matter as much.

So, while Seattle ranks only 19th in total offense (21st in defense

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Making sense of rankings

The Seahawks rank 17th in total defense, allowing 332.7 yards per game. Big disappointment, right? Well, the Seahawks ranked tied for 16th on defense last season, allowing 316.8 yards per game. They went to the Super Bowl as the NFL’s highest-scoring team. This would support the proposition that Seattle’s offensive dropoff, from second last season (369.7) to 22nd (308.5), is primarily responsible for the team slipping from 13-3 to 8-6. I think there’s some truth in there (download full rankings here).

And yet it would be misleading to suggest that

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A couple of updates

Our updated roster and 2005-2006 Season Log are available. The Seahawks will not be streaming their press conference live through their Web site today; power issues are to blame. I’ll pass along audio when I get it, but it might take a little extra time. ALSO: Our year-by-year statistical comparison (2000-2006) has been updated. Find it here. ALSO II: Our comprehensive Matt Hasselbeck file.


Updated roster: Lewis goes on injured reserve

Our updated 33-category roster reflects the latest moves. That is, upon analysis, what makes it an updated roster. Download it here. Marquis Cooper gets No. 58, previously worn by Isaiah Kacyvenski. Kirtman continues wearing No. 34, which he has worn on the practice squad. The practice squad is now seven deep, with one open spot (for now … I’ll be heading out to practice soon — in Kirkland, by the way — and we’ll see if they have added anyone at the last minute). To recap the moves today: LB D.D. Lewis and DT

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Injuries don’t cause drops, lost fumbles

Our updated 2005-2006 Season Log shows a few things: Seattle is now on pace to double its dropped passes (44-22) and double its lost fumbles (14-7) from last season. Those stats have nothing to do with the injuries Mike Holmgren talked about this afternoon. In fact, there should be fewer dropped passes, in theory, because the WR position was hit harder by injuries last season (Bobby Engram out three games; Darrell Jackson out 10 games). As Holmgren noted today, some of his best players lost the fumbles Sunday.


Roster updated to reflect moves

Just a heads up: The 33-category roster is updated and available here. I update this thing periodically, sometimes without making it into a separate blog item, and you can find it along the right side of the blog. The roster shows every current player and every player who was on the roster or had a tryout after April 20, 2006.


Updated roster, season log and more

Did you know the Seahawks are on pace to more than double their 2005 total for dropped passes? Did you know Seattle’s offense is on pace to cut holding penalties almost in half? Did you know Seattle’s quarterbacks are on pace to throw 15 additional interceptions this season? Did you know Seattle’s drafted starters were selected, on average, with the 73rd overall choice in their draft classes? Did you know the offense is on pace for 1,020 fewer yards than last season and the Seahawks’ lowest output since 2001? Or that the defense is actually on pace to allow 11

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