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Jermaine Kearse: From undrafted Lakewood native and UW WR to $2,356,000 man

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on March 6, 2015 at 8:45 am with 88 Comments »
March 6, 2015 11:34 am

The Seahawks just set the cost of keeping restricted free agent Jermaine Kearse for 2015 at more than $2 million.

They also set the chances of another team signing him instead at near zero — which is close to what it was always going to be anyway.

Per Field Yates of ESPN, the Seahawks have chosen a second-round tender for their formerly undrafted wide receiver from Lakewood. That means unless another team is willing to give Seattle a second-round draft choice for Kearse — highly unlikely — plus sign him to an offer sheet the Seahawks refuse to match, Seattle will pay the former Lakes High School and University of Washington standout $2,356,000 for next season.

While expected, this is more than decent news for Kearse; it would be a raise of more than 400 percent from his $570,000 base salary last season.

The Seahawks could still reach a multiyear agreement with Kearse before the restricted free agency signing period starts on Tuesday, the first day of the 2015 league year. This tender is a qualifying, baseline offer to Kearse to keep him in Seattle.

By the NFL’s a restricted-free agency rules Kearse could negotiate with other teams that could sign him to an offer sheet — one that now would include the prohibitive potential compensation to Seattle of that second-round pick. The Seahawks would get seven days to match the offer. Even Kearse didn’t expect that to happen when he spoke positively last month about likely remaining a Seahawk.

He has 77 catches in his three regular seasons and postseasons with the Seattle, 45 of those this past season when after the October trade of Percy Harvin he became the team’s No. 2 receiver behind Doug Baldwin. Kearse has had seven catches in each of the last two playoff runs to the Super Bowl. His catch in overtime Jan. 18 beat Green Bay for the NFC championship. It was his fourth consecutive playoff game with a touchdown reception.

This procedural move likely won’t keep the Seahawks from shopping for a bigger wide receiver to upgrade that unit this spring — in free agency that begins tomorrow with a three-day negotiation period before signings can begin on Tuesday, plus in the draft that begins April 30. It’s safe to assume the Seahawks have someone (or three) at Arizona State’s pro day today to watch big, fast Sun Devils wide receiver Jaelen Strong, for instance.

In other NFL wide-receiver news: Chicago has reportedly agreed to trade Brandon Marshall to the Jets. That increases the likelihood New York will not have Percy Harvin on its roster by March 19, the day by which if Harvin is still a Jet New York owes Seattle a fourth-round draft choice from that October trade. If Harvin is not on New York’s roster by March 19 the Jets owe the Seahawks a sixth-round choice.

The Jets could still renegotiate Harvin’s contract by the 19th to keep him, too, though that prospect has dimmed now that they have a new No. 1 receiver. Harvin currently has four years and $41.5 million left on the deal he signed with Seattle before the 2013 season, which right now calls for him to make $10.5 million next season. It’s a near certainty he won’t see that base salary in 2015.


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  1. Dukeshire says:

    He’s worked his ass off and has earned it. And whether he stays of signs elsewhere, it will be good for Seattle. A second round pick would be nice.

  2. This seems like a lot of cash for a guy that, ideally, would be our 4th receiver.

  3. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Marshall to the Jets – drat. Was hoping that one was going to work out.

  4. Kearse is good enough to be anyones third WR at worst, and can play all the positions. He’s more explosive by far than Baldwin, and aside from his drops vs GB this year, has been very steady the past two years. I’d be more than happy with him as our dueling second WR with Baldwin if we could just get a guy with size and physicality who can run to complete this WR corps.

    Again, Kearse has shown explosiveness, toughness, and steadiness–but he’s stuck playing in a Duplo Blocks passing game (few throws, Pre-school routes) rather than a Lego (ie, an Actual NFL) passing offense. He’d look pretty damn good playing for NO, Indy, NE, Denver, Pittsburgh, KC, or even the Giants. He’s just not a guy worth 6 million a year, but he’s a good deal still at 2.5 million at least IMO.

    As for whether or not the Jets keep Harvin, I think they will. I also think they will do whatever dirty tricks they can figure out to find a way to screw Seattle out of the fourth rounder. They need playmakers, and if Harvin is smart he’ll refuse to budge and make those jerks pay him his contract at least for another year. Otherwise, he might as well go to NE or somewhere if he’s gonna get paid less. Why stay with the crummy Jets?

    Personally, I hope they cut his ass, he signs with NE and promptly pisses them off so bad they put him on IR and then cut him at the end of the year, and then he ends up out of football and in jail.

    I haven disliked a player so much since Futch The Ice Fisherman.

  5. Very cool that Seattle is giving Greg Scruggs a shot to come back from two knee injuries. That doesnt happen all that often, as he pointed out on Twitter. Thanks for the info, Gregg!

    Scruggs looked to have potential his rookie year, and gained a bunch of weight to suit Seattle’s needs. Its easy to root for him too, since he’s a very humble guy from all accounts. I really like him and hope he can make the team and contribute.

  6. jchawks08 says:

    As a huge UW Football fan, this is outstanding news. I know his faults, but Kearse is a play-maker. He’s all over the Hawks highlight reel the last 2 years. No denying that fact. He does his job very well.

  7. It’s easy to hate on all of our receivers because we don’t have a truly good one. We have some solid options like Baldwin and Kearse. They don’t suck. It’s just that it looks like they suck because we don’t have a good one. However, make no mistake, as a group they still need another one who is legitimately good. He doesn’t need to be a stereotypical number one WR, he just needs to be better than what we’ve got. When other teams put their top corners (like AZ or NE in the SB) on a Baldwin for example, we’re pretty much screwed. But Baldwin against a lesser CB, pending the matchup, gets more favorable.

    I hope we stay away from Strong. He’s fast without pads but he doesn’t get that seperation on the field like you would expect. I was surprised by this. Great college receiver, I just have concers in the NFL. I’d much more prefer a guy the “experts” continually have lower than Strong in Devin Smith. He may not have the size we’d like to have in Strong but he’s fast and quick. I also think a Smith would not be a WR1 as a rookie but with his speed, I think he could greatly help Baldwin and Kearse, too. And if teams want to have a crappy slow CB on Smith…well, RW will see it and Boom!

  8. montanamike2 says:

    I like all these cheaper signings, and if someone wanted him that’s another 2nd rounder to play with. At least we’ll get a 3rd for Maxwell, which is our “sweet spot” for getting steals. Scruggs does play well when healthy, but that’s a big what if.

  9. Had we not gone full moron with our playcalling, Kearse would live with Tyree as the greatest catch in Super Bowl history.

  10. I think both Kearse and Baldwin are good players–and Baldwin is one of the better slot WR’s in the NFL, IMO. He’s no Randall Cobb, but he actually caught more passes that traveled 20 yards or more in the air than Cobb, unless Im quite mistaken. But as Bobbyk says, they have been hamstrung by not having that Go-To guy to allow them to flourish in the roles they are best at. Both Baldwin and Kearse can play FL and SE pretty well, but Baldwin is best in the slot, and Kearse at FL and Slot. They need a true SE to allow them to reach their best potential.

    Because we’ve lacked a downfield threat and a big physical Red Zone threat, both Baldwin and Kearse have had to play out of position and try to fill roles they arent well-suited for.

    Lol Bobbyk! Full Moron! Love it!

    I want A Johnson AND a guy like Waller, Strong, or even that idiot jackass DGB. Smith maybe, but I’d rather get Waller later and look for a guy under 6′-3″ tall in the next draft or later rounds.

  11. Harvin will likely be released now and we get a 6th round pick. Bears got a 5th for Brandon Marshall,to bad we didnt get a 4th round pick it would of really been a good deal.

  12. Andre Johnson, yes please.

  13. Southendzone says:

    Bobby, I found 1 video of your boy Waller on draftbreakdown. He looks pretty good. For sure he’s enormous and I think he caught everything that came his way.

    GA Tech is using that super run heavy offense though so he didn’t have a ton of opportunities. Hard to discern a lot from that 1 game.

  14. Carlsonkid says:

    BobbyK, absolutely right ! That catch would be talked about forever had Bevel not gone brain dead . No one hardly mentions it now , but you’ll probably never see another catch like that in the Superbowl again ! Amazing ..

  15. montanamike2 says:

    Johnson wouldn’t be such a headcase with all the baggage.

  16. or RW throws a better pass or lockette makes a better break on the ball……….

  17. Southendzone says:

    Bring back Percy for league minimum as a kick returner ONLY. He doesn’t even get to hang out in the wide receiver’s room and has a special time-out corner of the bench on game-day.

  18. Waller caught EVERY catchable ball thrown to him last year. As much as I want him, I wouldn’t expect much until ’16. He is definitely one who probably needs a year of development.

    It’d be nice if we signed a guy like A. Johnson for one year to take pressure off Baldwin and Kearse for now and for Waller to be ready to rock for ’16. If we didn’t get a vet like AJ, I think Smith could alleviate pressure due to his speed and quickness.

    I wonder how much Johnson will sign for?

  19. Southendzone says:

    read that Reggie Wayne isn’t coming back to Indy. We could bring him in as the QC coordinator of slant pass throwing and catching. He is the master of that route!

  20. Bobbyk–If Waller could just do the occasional jump ball Go Route, or run the fade and slant in the Red Zone, he could still make a major impact. I want a guy like him so bad it hurts…wonder if he will be there in the third? Heck, he might be gone by the time we pick in the second…

    Wayne isnt that big, and he’s all ruined from his knee injury. He’s slower than molasses and pretty much done.

    Bring back Harvin?! Not for any reason, not if he agreed to play for fricking free! Might as well let Futch raise the 12th man flag at our next home Title Game…that will happen the day after NEVER lol!

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sign Harvin back for cheap just to punish Bevell.

    At least until the season starts.


  22. doubledink says:

    I still have hopes that Norwood is that go-to guy.

  23. yankinta says:

    Was there a 3rd Tender option for him, other than 1st round and 2nd round tender? Does anyone know?

    I’m happy for him, though. :)

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Kearse is good for cheap. He is definitely head & shoulders above Walters & Lockette.

    He sucks at getting much separation though.

    All our receivers suck at getting separation although Baldwin can do it more often than the rest of them.

    Baldwin would be a #1 if he had Kearse’s size because of his smarts & drive but he is physically limited.

    Both Baldwin & Kearse are nice to have around.

    But as many have said it is time to get a true #1 or something close.

    A big bad bully, kick you in the teeth kind of player.

  25. Gregg Bell says:

    Yank: The options for restricted FAs are:

    -right of first refusal only (lowest tender amount, BUT if he signs elsewhere no draft-pick compensation)

    -right of first refusal and draft-pick comp for round in which RFA was originally drafted (since Kearse was undrafted this was not an option on him for Seattle)

    -right of first refusal with a second-round pick as compensation

    -right of first refusal with a first-round pick as compensation (highest tender amount, would have been more than the $2,356,000 Kearse’s tender is).

    So the Seahawks gave him the tender they pretty much had to give him, unless to risk not getting anything in return should he sign elsewhere.

  26. Southendzone says:

    I didn’t find the link that Gregg posted to be super-great.

    The author lists some free agents with lower annual salaries than the round 2 tender, but none of those guys are mind-blowing talents where I thought “Oh he would be way better than JK”

    Besides, it’s most likely just the starting point for a long term deal, of which the cap # will likely be lower than the 2.3M

  27. doubledink says:

    I think the point of the article was just because you give him #2 money doesn’t make him a true #2. What the FO has to face though is they have even less behind him. And he has been clutch. This was more of a defensive move roster-wise than anything.

  28. the article loses much credibility when they want to compare to rookie contracts…..

  29. Gregg–Field Gulls with yet another ridiculously trash “article”. Good lord, get a load of the guys he thinks are as good as Kearse….Obviously, written to get folks worked up, totally ignoring a) Seattle throws the ball less than just about anyone in the league and b)any careful evaluation of his play at all.

    I think Pete Carrol and JS have a bit more of an idea of Kearse’s value to the team than this fool.

    Yeah, DeAndre Hopkins and Kelvin Benjamin make less than Kearse will; but those guys are soooo available for Seattle right now, right?! We dont have to give up a high pick to keep Kearse, and we cant replace him with anyone of his talent/skill or even understanding of our offense for the coming season for love nor money–certainly not for less than 2.36 million.

    Is Kearse a legit number 2 anywhere else? I think so, but even if he isnt, can we do better for the same or less money? Hell no.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you write a crap article, be prepared to be made fun of and to be deservedly lambasted.

  30. It’s going to be a deep draft for WRs so he could perhaps be there in the 3rd. I’d probably wet myself if we could somehow get both Smith and Waller.

    It’s crazy because I see no mock projecting him as anything other than a day three pick other than the Seahawks blog, but how can a guy who is huge, can fly, and catches everything be anything other than a great player. He has no attitude problems either.

  31. That article is about as deep an analysis as saying our team “ran” for 2,000 yards or whatever, so our Offensive line is the best run blocking line in the league. Sure, whatever….

  32. montanamike2 says:

    I would trade Kearse for Golden Tate in a heartbeat, probably trade him straight up for Kenny Britt. Kearse does make some spectacular plays, he also drops some that hit him in the hands, i still trust him more than Lockette as a WR, but not as a special teams gunner. Oh man, Prisco still has me dying of laughter, even after all these years, yeah the Cardinals are one Carpenter away from a SB.

  33. Bobbyk–Demaryius Thomas wasnt supposed to go in the first round either, and if Denver hadnt nailed him he wouldnt have fallen much further. Guys that big and fast dont come around too often, ya gotta take a chance or you dont get one.

    The Mocks are usually crap this time of year. Its not until they start getting leaked info and Groupthink begins to solidify the picks that they even start to make any sense at all. What I love most are the “Draft Experts” who have never been employed by an NFL team that get so bent out of shape when their picks slide so far…Teams are being ever-more-careful to sow false rumors and to avoid leaks, so the Draft Experts on TV and the net are getting more and more desperate because they are being exposed as the ignorant wankers who buy inside info they are….

  34. Prisco is a total nozzle–but funny if you dont let him get you going.

    Dont even talk about Tate lol! He’s got his 6 mill per, and I guarantee you teams are asking themselves why in hell they didnt try to get him in FA last year. Seattle being one of them…

    Britt is a) a head case B) has blown a knee and c) appears to be far from the player he once was even excepting his crummy stats due to playing for the Lambs. I wouldnt trade anyone but Lockette or Walters for him.

    But then again, I am totally biased because I was insisting Kearse could be our FL of the future before Seattle even brought him in as an UDFA. Im still proud of that, especially since Im not really a Husky fan.

  35. madpunter88 says:

    The Field Gulls article also does not consider that they may not pay Kearse the $2.35M for one season. That was the tender but they could sign him longer with more guaranteed money but less per season.

    I think he is worth that. Kearse is more than a #4 receiver, less than a #2.

  36. Wow, PFT says T-Jack wants to back up Bridgewater in Minny. Wonder why he’s not satisfied to remain here? Perhaps Seattle has already informed him they are going in a different direction.

    Myself, I loved having him as a backup, and wish we would keep him.

    Seattle could in theory hold onto Kearse for awhile with that tender offer, then sign him to less as they did to Jeron Johnson last season. We’ll see how this plays out.

  37. montanamike2 says:

    Kearse still has one of the best TD’s in SB history, i think it was a good deal to fill the roster cheaply while we still can. I forgot about Britts knee.

  38. yankinta says:

    STTBM,, it’s because the time has come for BJ Daniel. T-Jack knows he’ll lose out. All those people that called me out about BJ Daniel, be prepared to eat CROW in August. :)

  39. HawkyHann says:

    He’s earned it and is responsible for some of the greatest memories in franchise history. His catch vs. SF will be shown 1MM times. His TD catch and run vs Carolina, sweet. And the catch vs Green Bay to win it, will also be shown 1MM times..

  40. montanamike2 says:

    It’s not like the WR position is loaded right now. I think T-Jack wants to see the field one day and Minny has probably the best chance for that.

  41. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I though last year was the time for BJ Daniels and TJack wouldn’t be back cause BJ is so great. That didn’t happen. Wasn’t it BJ’s time the year before that too? I guess if you say the same crap enough times you might get lucky once and it might come true.

  42. Southendzone says:

    that’s the problem with the FG article. Georgia got it just right, those comparisons to rookie deals make no sense at all and the free agent comparisons just don’t have anyone that great in there.

    Obviously everyone would love to have Tate back right now.

  43. Whether he is worth the money or not (i think he is), let’s remember we have a front office that likes to reward their players, so I assumed they were doing Kearse a solid with the second round tender.

  44. yankinta–Dude, you dont see me insisting everyone who didnt agree with me that Kearse would make the team and play well should “eat crow” all the time, do you? Nor the ones who ignored Baldwin, hated on Tate after his rookie year, or thought Mayowa wouldnt get picked up by anyone, or laughed at me back in the day when I ranted about what a tool Ruskell was to let Michael Bennett go…I bring it up if some were particularly vocal and/or nasty to me about the difference of opinion, but I try not to make it personal. You might catch a bit less flak if you were a bit less pushy about stuff like that, and crowed a bit less. Owning up to your mistakes would probably help too…

    Just a thought, youre free to ignore it if you so choose.

    I have no idea if BJ Daniels will be a decent backup but I do wish we’d keep TJ. He’s fairly cheap and I believe we get a cap discount for older vets we keep on the roster, though perhaps thats only if they sign for league min. No one–including you–has seen jack crap from Daniels as a Hawk that would make us think he’s a viable backup qb candidate. There just isnt much tape on him out there, though I guess you could track down Dybas and pick his brain as to what he saw with BJ in practice on the scout team, or ask Gregg about his opinion on his play from last season.

    I liked Martavis Bryant coming out of college last year, and badly wanted Seattle to draft him. I was pissed we drafted a tiny guy with a previously wrecked knee a round before Bryant went too….But seriously, the guy could just as easily been a bust since its not like I have special insight or am qualified to scout for anything, not even Fantasy Football…Im proud that I was right, but I have no illusions that Im better than even Seattle’s worst scout.

    Have a little humility, dude.

    Kearse’s TD vs Denver in the SB is pretty sweet too–the guy went all Tate and just willed himself into the endzone. Thats a Seahawk right there.

  45. chuck_easton says:

    The RFA tenders are 1st round, 2nd Round, and original draft round

    Since Kearse was a UDFA there can be no original draft round tender.

    That leaves 1st round, 2nd round, or no tender.

    2nd round was the lowest allowable in this instance

  46. arna6–They arent into paying guys just cause they are good teammates. We’ll see if they actually pay him at that rate, but if they do, its because at a minimum they think they cant get anyone better for that price right now.

    They only overpay when they have to, like for Rice and Miller. They have no problem dropping guys pay or cutting them if they arent living up to the money–thats why its so important to guys to get a big guarantee and signing bonus when they get their second contract–the team rarely if ever gives guys under contract with more than a year left a raise due to outperforming a low contract, but they have a proven track record of cutting guys who they fell arent performing up to their level of pay, or guys they feel wont the next year.

  47. NewJerseyHawk says:

    Beast mode is back..!!

  48. Post the link, dude…

  49. Southendzone says:

    Pay dyat myan his myoney (terrible russian accent)

  50. ryanryan says:

    I’m with the ‘kearse earned this tender’ camp…he’s pretty solid minus some drops, but for me his spectacular plays outshine the drops. the biggest plays come at crunch time as i recall…he is worth more to us than probably any other team so a 2nd round tender means he’ll be back where he belongs: on the shores of lake washington.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Lynch re-signs! Boom. Let Friday take off.

  52. NewJerseyHawk says:

    Schefter reporting

  53. Schefter reporting it from “a source”….

  54. Gregg, youre fast! I see your Twitter feed to the right…

  55. montanamike2 says:

    I hope this is real, it was good that JS let him know he has to decide early or we make other plans.

  56. agreed – a “source” … I will believe when Gregg announces or the team does!!!!

  57. Other sites are saying its true, though I think they are all riffing off Schefter. PFT, Fox (guffaw!), SB Nation, etc…Not exactly the NY Times…but promising…

  58. HawkfaninMT says:

    Looks like 1 year, 11M…

    Let the Gurley speculation commence!

  59. montanamike2 says:

    My weekend just got better.

  60. ryanryan says:

    @montanamike2 – i would probably bet a few dollars that neither JS or PC told marshawn he ‘had’ to make a decision early…just a hunch. i feel like management sort of talks to him like a male spider courting a femaly spider…hoping not to get devoured.

  61. 1 year “extention” would mean 15- and 16 or did they just redo the last year of this deal?

  62. Southendzone says:

    1 year is odd, you’d think they want 2 years to spread the cap hit. Very strange.

  63. Interesting – this is from
    “The star running back is headed to Seattle to meet with a Seahawks contingent that includes owner Paul Allen, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Friday, per two sources close to the situation.”

    Doesn’t sound like a DONE deal yet

  64. on a separate note – Harvin ends up in NE?

  65. abqhwkfn says:

    I think Lynch said Ill give you one more, feel my pockets and lets go get another ring.

  66. yankinta says:

    STTBM,, you’re comparing apples to oranges. smh…

  67. yankinta says:

    No one will know for sure but I am on the side of thinking JS/PC put a Hard Dead line on that offer and Lynch gave in at the end. Either way, I’m happy. :)

  68. Its been reported 1 million base, 9 million signing bonus, 1 million roster bonus. That means its a multi-year deal, and Seattle wants to spread out the cap hit so it doesnt all come due this year…and maybe not next year.

    To me, that means Seattle knows he wont come back and play for one year, and Seattle has caved a bit–giving so much up front means they are showing him they really mean to keep him past next year–otherwise the cap hit would be due 2016 immediately and that might hurt. So Lynch will feel more secure, and Seattle gets to spread the cap hit out so they can work on freeing up the cash to extend RW and Wagner, as well as find a FA WR (hopefully) like Johnson, and pay for a FA replacement for Maxwell.

    Whew! Glad to have Lynch back, and from the sounds of it, likely past 2015.

  69. yankinta–never saw myself as either, I prefer to be labeled a Kumquat..or maybe a breadfruit lol!

  70. oldtallguy says:

    sttm, FYI hutch is raising the flag when we play Cleveland at home this year.

  71. Florio the douche splitting hairs and committing PFT on PFT Crime, to borrow his ESPN bashing phrase…Gawd, I cant stand that pompous ass!

    Dude HAD to post a blurb nitpicking Michael David Smith’s blurb on Lynch reportedly/supposedly coming to an agreement with Seattle.

  72. Wait. I thought the brilliant people in the national media had reported that the Seahawks were “tired” of his act and wanted him gone? Why give a raise to someone like that? lol

  73. Dukeshire says:

    montanamike2 – JS did? Where was that verified?

  74. oldtallguy–I am boycotting that game then! I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

    Futch can kick rocks in hell before I ever forgive or forget. That guy should never, ever, EVER be allowed to so much as buy a ticket to a Seahawks game, let alone be allowed to raise the 12th man flag!

    Im spitting mad about that….Futch can go to hell!

    Next Allen will be scheduling Timmay! Ruskell and Jim “Accountability” Mora to raise the flag as well! GROSS!

    PS, good to see you back, its been far too much navel gazing regarding the final play of the SB…time to move on lol!

  75. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t blame Oklahoma or anyone else that is tired of his act, but like Sherman, dude can back it up.

  76. montanamike2 says:

    Dukeshire, i read that about a week ago about the team needs to know soon so they can plan. JS seemed more serious than usual.

  77. I would bet that JS treated Lynch with kid gloves. He probably told Lynch’s Agent that they needed to know pre-FA or they would have to explore other options..which they really, REALLY didnt want to do…and they are reportedly having Allen meet with him. Thats some serious coddling going on, if you ask me….

  78. PS I hope the crowd goes DEAD silent when Futch raises the flag, and turns their backs to him….

  79. montanamike2 says:

    I’m sure they told him in as friendly a way that they could.

  80. Lynch dressed like a freaking ninja on the way to Seattle…except for big brown boots…

    Ninjas wear boots?!

  81. Post your source….. sttm, FYI hutch is raising the flag when we play Cleveland at home this year.

  82. Dukeshire says:

    That “hard deadline” was pure speculation. No matter, it’s done now.

  83. yankinta says:

    agreed that it’s speculation but based on what JS has said recently and how our FO usually mean it when they say things (they don’t play games), I’d say it’s more likely than unlikely.

  84. One year. Damn, was hoping it was for more than one year, just 11 the first…

  85. doubledink says:

    I don’t see why people think this FO treats the players any different in the board room than they do in the weight room. Their past practice would suggest that they treat them as individuals with respect while still holding a clear vision of their own position and direction, with a contingency plan in place for the various options before them.

    These are grown-ass men. Not schoolboys. This is why this staff is one of the most sought-after groups to play for, by the players.

  86. oldtallguy says:

    Ruskell is scheduled for the ram game and mora for the 49ers.

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