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UPDATED VIDEO: Super Bowl coaches joint press conference: A contrast in styles

Post by Kenny Via / The News Tribune on Jan. 30, 2015 at 9:01 am with 34 Comments »
January 30, 2015 11:07 am

The Super Bowl coaches made their last scheduled media appearance Friday morning, fielding questions in a joint press conference at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Patriots coach Bill Belichick shared the stage and bantered back and forth for more than 30 minutes, repeatedly discussing their contrast in styles and philosophies.

No real news came out of it.

Carroll got off perhaps the best line of the day, when asked what the Seahawks would do if Richard Sherman’s girlfriend went in to labor on game day.

Carroll said the decision to play in the Super Bowl or not would fall to Sherman, and that the coach would stand by whatever the decision may be.

Then Carroll added, “I can’t wait to see lil’ Petey!”

The coaches opposite views were prevalent from the start, with Carroll talking about how much fun the Seahawks have had preparing for the Super Bowl and Belichick declaring “fun” was not the first word that came to mind.

Belichick praised Carroll as a coach and Seattle as an organization. He said no team in the NFL plays the game from start to finish better than the Seahawks.

“The Seattle Seahawks are a great football organization,” he said. “They’re strong in every area. Everyone knows how much respect I have for the Seahawks, and Pete and the job that they do.”

Carroll returned the compliments, pointing out repeatedly how impressed he was with the Patriots sustained success under Belichick.

Both men were asked about how the refs will signal eligible and ineligible receivers in the Super Bowl, and if the NFL has handled those situations correctly in the past.

Carroll said Thursday that the league had assured him they would make it a point of emphasis.

On Friday, Belichick had a quick response.

“That’s not my job,” he said.

He went on to say, “Whatever the officials do, that’s their protocol, and their mechanics of it, as far as I’m concerned, you should direct that question to the league.”

Carroll said he was not worried about it, either.

“I don’t have a problem with it,” he said. “We expect that they’ll do a great job.”

Carroll went on to praise Belichick and the Patriots for their innovation.

Reporters continued to ask Carroll about his time in New England, and the Seahawks coach continued to talk about how important that time was for him.

“I did spend three really good years in New England, and had a great time when I was there,” Carroll said. “Probably the thing I take away from it the most is the fans, the following, how sincere they are. How much they want you to do well and how much they’ll let you know when you don’t.

“Bill hasn’t had to feel much of that,” Carroll said, drawing a bit of a laugh.

But Carroll added that things have changed since his time with the Patriots.

“The years at (USC) were so fun,” he said. “And to take the approach to the NFL and see how it would go with you. To treat people, and make them feel like you really do care for them … it’s been a really exciting, fun time.”

Carroll drew another laugh when talking about being fired by both the Jets and Patriots.

“My therapist tells me I should always talk about it,” he said. “Don’t hide from it.”

The overall tenor of the press conference was light. Both men fawned praise on each other and their teams.

Carroll was relaxed and engaging. Belichick spoke seriously and in monotone.

No “bulletin board” material was offered, and both coaches steered clear of awkward moments.

It was a feel-good, happy presser … and it should be the last of its kind before the big game.

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  1. thursday says:

    Hahah wait, is Sherman seriously naming his kid Pete?

  2. doubledink says:

    I don’t think Belichick has fun even when he’s having sex. just sayin’

  3. Southendzone says:

    Gregg & All, I think this just came out, 2nd graders from the Hershey school freaking out about Gary Gilliam. Impossible not to smile during this .

  4. FleaFlicker says:

    Cheapest tickets now going for $8800 ($10k+ with markup). Crazy. Glad I went last year when it was $5.5k cheaper. Along with cashing in a ton of frequent flier miles, SB 48 was a total bargain.

    Considering that the face value of those tickets is $800…some folks are making out like bandits.

  5. If true, this is an amazing story. If true, we are fortunate.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s a great article on Belichick both personally and defensive Xs and Os, against empty backfield. Looks Seattle is sure to give them.

  7. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I went last year which was an extroadinary experience. The game was 20 minutes from my house. I sat corner of the end zone row 12 end seat. I was giving the tickets for free from a relative. All I had to pay for was my 200 dollar parking pass. I was very fortunate for sure. This year it would have cost me around 8-10 grand for my wife and I. To much or us.

  8. Bobbyk–Hahaha! Steven Ross is a fool lol! Shows Bielema learned it wasnt too bright to let Wilson leave for his senior year! If Ross had any humility at all, you know he’d be feeling pretty bad about passing on both Bielema and Wilson.

    If you couldnt see why Ireland didnt last in Seattle before, you can sure see now.

  9. Strawdog says:

    Funny bit on yesterdays Daily Show re: the
    deflation scandal and MLs fines. Points out
    the absurdity of both.

  10. montanamike2 says:

    Good read Bobby.

  11. Deflategat is not absurd. The Patriots have been deflating balls since 2007, and its given them an unheard of and unexplainable by “luck”–advantage by ensuring they dont fumble in bad weather games.

    When Bellicheat said he’d never thought about the amount of air pressure in a football in 40 years, I knew he was lying. As others have said, the man thinks of everything. He’s a micromanager, obsessive. No way did he never think of it.

    The circumstantial evidence that the Pats have been deflating balls to stop fumbles in bad weather since 2007 is undeniable. Its proven that the odds of it being a coincidence are infinitesimally small. Players that played elsewhere before playing for the Pats and then left acutally fumble more after leaving the Pats then they did Pre-Pats; which eliminates the idea that the Pats are coaching them up. It shows they are actually regressing as ball-handlers after playing for the Pats, which points to something being done with the footballs.

    Why is no media mentioning this stuff? They just ignore it. It doesnt fit the popular narrative that Deflategate is much ado about nothing.

    Too bad Goodell is an idiot and bungled his trap/investigation. For once, I wish he’d have gotten it right. I’d rather nail the Pats than watch Goodell cock up again and get egg on his face–thats already boring after his “handling” of Bountygate and Ray Rice….

    Meanwhile, the Pats are getting away with it.

    Watch their fumbles go up dramatically in bad weather after this. I cant wait…

  12. MontanaMike2–You think your guy Chancellor can win the MVP? I think Belleicheat will attempt to marginalize him. He’s good at taking a teams strengths away…

    But I hope Chancellor blitzes Brady and blows his ass up lol! One hit to Amendola will do it for Danny’s season..Dude is made of glass, he’s no Welker…

  13. doubledink says:

    It’s like seeing termites. If you see one, how many more are there and where are they?

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Belichcik is a master at taking the most important aspect of each teams strength away. Which is why they’ll key on Lynch. And that’s not the same thing as saying they’ll focus on stopping the run. Lynch is as dangerous as a receiver as he is a runner. The Pats will not allow him to be unaccounted for as the hot read or split wide. Seattle will have to scheme around what NE does to try and take him away. Bevell’s gameplan and adjustments will be tested.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    “Why is no media mentioning this stuff?” That’s all they’ve talked about for two weeks. Colin Cowherd has been beating this fumble thing into the ground, every day. ESPN is banging it. From where I sit, only the NFL Network has been quiet on that, for the most part.

  16. montanamike2 says:

    I’d like Lynch to win MVP, but i’d be stoked if it was Chancellor, it would mean that he laid someone or two out, maybe even an interception or FG block. You saw what he did last time he had a bye.

  17. “Which is why they’ll key on Lynch. And that’s not the same thing as saying they’ll focus on stopping the run. Lynch is as dangerous as a receiver as he is a runner. The Pats will not allow him to be unaccounted for as the hot read or split wide.”

    I could totally buy this, and is why Luke/He;ft/Moeaki need to catch everything thrown their way. I think Revis and BB are good enough to take ADB and Kearse mostly out of the game, so those TEs will need to be on their game and not have the dropsies.

    The other guy I see as maybe having a strong game is Turbo. They like to bring Lynch and Turbo in at the same time, then split Lynch out. Depending on how NE defends that, it could open up some good running lanes for him.

  18. Why is the NFL soo worried about the xtra point? “it’s almost automatic” my response is: so…..? it’s not 100%

    They do everything they can to try and ensure that QB’s can throw at darn near 100% so who cares if XP’s are? (I know exaggerated but I don’t care)

    They can mess with XP distance if they want but I hope they do not mess with FG’s They aren’t “automatic” and I feel that would be a very big change to the game and not a positive one

  19. NBC is streaming the game live online for free.

    If you want to watch on a tablet or phone click on “APPS”.

  20. Actually that link only works for a pc or a tablet. Not a phone.

  21. Belichick is good at marginalizing unbalanced offenses or defenses but not so much when there is balance on either unit.

  22. Kenny Via says:

    In case you missed it, I switched the grainy, I-Phone video that was atop this post with a much better one produced by photographer Drew Perine.

  23. Southendzone says:

    Other things Belicheck is good at marginalizing:


  24. TallyHawk says:

    I think Browners coverage skills can be exploited plus he’s a penalty waiting to happen. They just have to keep him from getting his hands on them. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them try to get Lockette matched up on him.

  25. Lockette vs Browner would be a back alley brawl on every snap.

  26. thursday says:

    i’d like to see Lockette vs Browner for that reason among others lol

  27. Lockette can brawl with BB, but he cant beat him. Browner is a very skilled corner whos weakness is vs small, agile WR’s. We dont have anyone like that now that PRich is done for a year plus. And Lockette is about as skilled at the WR position as a College Sophomore backup. He’s not going to make more than two plays in the SB. If that. If we’re counting on him to do squat, we’re screwed.

    I think the Pats will put BB on the TE a lot of times. Kearse will make some plays, as will Baldwin. I think we need to force NE’s D to run, and run hard. Use the backs downfield, use the TE’s downfield, run RW, mix in Turbo and his quickness with Lynch out of the backfield.

    Bellicheat is an amazing coach, and his assistants are top notch as well. They wont go down easy.

  28. Dukeshire–Admittedly, I havent listened to the radio or watched TV or video of commentary on Deflategate. I should have clarified, PRINT Media is saying little about the lack of wet-weather fumbles for the Pats since 2007.

    Good to know its not being ignored.

    I agree with Goodell, it has more to do with breaking a rule and the integrity of the game than it does the amount of competitive advantage gleaned. Just like the taping of defensive signals–doesnt matter if it was the tiniest of margins, its cheating. And cheating cannot be tolerated in Sport, or it becomes Farce.

  29. banosser says:

    Browner drawing a dumb 15 yd unsportsmanlike conduct penalty off of Lockette at a critical time is my worry

  30. Ray_Maines says:

    I am so over caring what anybody else thinks about RW. He’s the perfect QB for our system and he’s going to the Superbowl for the second time in his three year career. RW and other SB winning QB’s aren’t on the field at the same time playing against each other, they don’t even take turns making plays against the same defence, so the whole 10-0 thing isn’t really a statistic so much as it’s a factoid.

    Most of us feel RW could excel in almost any system but it doesn’t matter if we’re wrong, because he really/actually does have the benefit of a great run game and a strong defense. Right now Seattle has it all and RW and I are both happy we do. Go ‘Hawks!

  31. freedom_X says:

    Bielema didn’t “let Russell Wilson go” from Wisconsin. Wilson was a senior. His college eligbility was used up.

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