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Video of Michael Bennett commandeering Seattle PD bike, riding around field celebrating NFC title + game story

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on Jan. 18, 2015 at 7:36 pm with 55 Comments »
January 18, 2015 7:39 pm

Amid the chaos and confetti of the moments immediately after Jermaine Kearse’s 35-yard touchdown catch in overtime beat the Green Bay Packers and sent the Seahawks into the Super Bowl, here is what Seattle’s irrepressible defensive end Michael Bennett did, swiping a bike from a Seattle Police Department officer:

After this video, Bennett stayed on the bike a good five minutes. He even rode down the line of Seahawks’ cheerleaders, slapping their hands.

“I just took it,” Bennett said when asked what the cop said about getting his wheels swiped. “You go to a Super Bowl you can do anything you want in this city.”

What I took for an amazed-sounding locker room: The Seahawks know it sounds corny to outsiders – and they don’t care — but they truly believe their trust in and love for each other is why they rallied today from 19-7 down with 2:09 left to eventually win a game no one in the Northwest will forget.

Here is the top of my game story of a mind-boggling game that was truly super-cool to witness in person. One of the days I realize how fortunate I am to have the job I do:

The team that champions “finish” as more than a mantra but a livelihood pulled off an astounding one to become a champion again.

Now the Seahawks are back in the Super Bowl to face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Mired in the worst game of his playoff if not his entire football career following four interceptions — all thrown in the direction of Jermaine Kearse — Russell Wilson made his two best throws his final ones. His 35-yard rainbow perfectly plopped into the arms of Doug Baldwin to get Seattle into Green Bay territory in overtime of this NFC championship game for the ages. His next 35-yard one landed exquisitely into the arms of the kid from Lakewood who had two earlier interceptions go off his hands.

Kearse cradled the redemptive ball and refused to let Green Bay cornerback Tramon Williams wrestle it from him as they fell onto the “W” of “SEAHAWKS” painted in the blue, south end zone. That and two, improbable touchdowns in the final 2:09 of regulation sent the defending-champion Seahawks back from five turnovers and into the Super Bowl with an unfathomable, 28-22 victory in overtime over some stunned Packers Sunday afternoon at a completely off-the-hook CenturyLink Field.

“The BEST finishing team!” one of Seattle’s assistant coaches yelled as they ran jubilantly out of the press box downstairs to the locker room immediately after the ridiculous finish.

It really was ridiculous on top of ridiculous.

And it has the Seahawks (14-4) in Super Bowl XLIX Feb. 1 in Glendale, Ariz., against the Patriots (14-4). They beat Indianapolis in the AFC title game later Sunday.

“When you have the belief that these guys have in one another, there’s nothing you can’t do,” coach Pete Carroll said. “As crazy as that sounds …”

That’s how absolutely crazy it was.

“I wasn’t thinking about losing,” Carroll said.

Neither was Kearse — though he had reason to. Instead, he got his fourth touchdown in as many playoff games.

“There was never negative. There was always positive. Positivity, we preach it – and it goes a long way,” Kearse said.

“The real test is how you respond to that adversity.”

Test absolutely passed. With literally flying colors.

Blue-and-green confetti rained upon Wilson, Kearse and Baldwin following the astounding game. Amid the color, the quarterback who is now 6-1 in the playoffs was in tears for one of the only times he can remember over a game in his 26-year-old life. Baldwin and Kearse were crying, too, overcome with the emotion of a comeback they’ll be talking about around Puget Sound until the salmon stop making their runs.

“That’s the best game I’ve ever been in,” Wilson said. “I think it might be the best game in NFL history.

He said he was crying while thinking of his father, the late Harrison Wilson III, who taught him to always believe. For the love and bond he has with his teammates. For all time times he’s been told he’s too short, not good enough, too much of a “game manager” to do what he just did in the biggest moment of this season.

“I’ve been told ‘no’ a lot,” Wilson said. “But I continue to believe in myself.”

The belief he showed in Kearse was remarkable, considering the undrafted former Lakes High School and University of Washington star had allowed two of Wilson’s four interceptions to clang off his hands.

Seattle’s top-ranked defense, playing with All-Pro safety Earl Thomas having have his left shoulder popped back into socket and All-Pro cornerback playing with only one good arm for the final quarter, held Green Bay to field goals after it had twice gotten inside the 5 following two of the five turnovers. That’s what kept the Packers from not leading by any more than 16-0 at halftime.

“I kept telling him, ‘I’m coming back to you,’” Wilson said of Kearse.

Then Wilson got the “zero” coverage, no safeties in the middle of the field, the quarterback had been waiting for since offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell had installed it last week. Wilson changed the play at the line. It called for Kearse to beat the cornerback Williams inside off the ball and keep him on his back shoulder during a deep post route.

“I knew if I could just beat my man he was going to give me an opportunity,” Kearse said. “I just had no doubt in my mind I was going to come down with that play.”

With Williams lacking safety help in the center of the field, Kearse’s first steps inside him off the line essentially won the NFC title for Seattle. Wilson’s perfect throw into Kearse’s galloping stride sealed it.

“All that trust, that’s what it leads to,” Wilson said. “We just kept believing. When we needed two touchdowns, there was no doubt. When I threw that ball to Doug Baldwin, when I threw that ball to Jermaine Kearse, there was no doubt.

“I even told Coach Bevell I was going to hit Jermaine Kearse for the touchdown.

“We are going BACK TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!”

Wilson said that from a stage on the field.

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  1. Gregg Bell says:

    Got to hand it to you, Georgia: I was just scrolling through the game chat and see you called “Kearse game winner!” at the start of overtime.

  2. Carlsonkid says:

    I’m dumbfounded . I’ve been watching NFL football since I was a teenager in the 70’s & I have never , ever , seem anything like that before . Absolutely unbelievable ! This team is legendary , a remarkable group of young men that can achieve the extraordinary if given the chance . Easily the greatest playoff game ever .


    ( .. loved the good plated shoes )

  3. vichawkfan says:

    Line will move to NE me thinks. Kearse winner seemed so unlikely it had to happen.

    I’ve loved this team for 30 years…never been so proud

  4. abqhwkfn says:

    I cant imagine what the atmosphere would have been like inside that stadium today. For those of you who were there congrats. That was a sensational game. And an unbelievable experience I’m sure for those that witnessed it live.

  5. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Hope Sherm can be himself

  6. What a crazy cool game. Just unbelievable. Thanks Seahawks!

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It was more of a wishful call so Kearse could redeem himself.

    And it really couldn’t have ended better. At least imo.

  8. I love the way this team plays for themselves and us 12’s. Congrats to each and every one of them. And thank you.

  9. So I just got my letter from the seahawks:

    Thank you for your continued support during this exciting season and today in particular. We are pleased to announce that you are one of the winners of our Season Ticket Holder Super Bowl ticket lottery. As a winner, you are now eligible to purchase two tickets to Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona on February 1, 2015.

    Boo Yah!!

  10. if you look at the boxscore – – more yards rushing and passing; if not for the 5 TO’s, this game would have looked very different all along. Our D, really played a very good game.

    post-halftime point count was 28-6.

  11. I am stunned shocked amazed and delighted.

    Go Seahawks!


  12. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @xcman – very cool. I was able to go the super bowl last year and other then my wedding day it was the best day of my life. I’m very jealous of anybody who will be going to Arizona.

  13. Given the short fields they had to work with after those early turnovers, then only giving up field goals, I would say the defense played a great game. This game could have easily been 14-0 after seven minutes

  14. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    The defense played great.. The only thing I didn’t like was Quinn kept Williams and McDaniel off the field when the Packers were having success running against our nickel. I can see the Pats doing the same thing. We need the beef inside.

  15. We are seeing the difference without Mebane and Hill – but the defense is holding on!!

  16. doubledink says:

    When we got the second goal line stand I looked at my son-in-law and said we’re going to win this game.
    I will admit my confidence was shaken when we threw that last interception. I didn’t see how we could come back from that.
    I will never ever doubt them again.
    40 years from now you’ll be talking about that game.

  17. FlatheadHawk says:

    What a game!!!
    I doubting and pissed off. But they did the unthinkable and pulled it out. AMAZING! After we took the lead all I could think about was ATL. I’m glad we finished off. That 2 point conversion was HUGE!

    MikeFromNewJersey, If I live in NJ I’d have a drink with ya bro. If you ever make up to the Flathead in MT. I’ll take ya out!

    This game was ATL all over again, amazing come back, difference is we finished and the roller coaster had a much better ending. I was also thinking of HOU game last year. This team behind Pete, Russ and Earl and crew just find a way and NEVER give up. I always have to remind myself that “hey the team isn’t panicking, you shouldn’t either”.

    Russ sure helped out his legacy today. This team is amazing. Can’t wait to send another old QB home with a SB loss!

  18. Russ helped his legacy? He had the worst game of his life. The fact that we were able to win is a testament to our defense and Marshaun’s ability to put the offense on his shoulders. Russ made some throws down the stretch, but his uncharacteristic bad play for the first 3+ quarters is what got us there in the first place.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love #3 and look forward to the next 10+ years with him, and think he is worth every penny of the $22M+ contact he’s about to sign. But, he almost cost us the game today. I give him credit for shaking it off when he needed to at the end, but this was a game to forget it him.

  19. The better term might be Wilson saved his legacy, similar to Montana in “The Catch” NFC Championship game. That was the last Championship Game a team turned the ball over 5+ times and won. Montana threw 3 INTs and lost 1 fumble in that game.

  20. “Montana threw 3 INTs and lost 1 fumble in that game.”

    is that right?? that’s a great little piece of trivia. i remember seeing that game, and by remember, i mean I remember seeing the throw to Clark, and not remembering a single bad play by montana.

    so great that Russell was able to play so well at the end after having a game like that. i think the whole crying at the end of the game was so raw and out of character, it’s only going to make the team like him more.

  21. doubledink says:

    Did anyone see Marshawn grab his junk on the TD run? cracked me up!

  22. doubledink says:

    I didn’t know that Montana did that in The Catch game. Thanks.

  23. doubledink says:

    Speaking of The Catch, we’re going to have to develop a name for this game.

    Last years NFCCG ended up being called The Tip. This one tops that.

  24. The tip – and so many options

    The Fake
    The Come back
    THE 42 seconds

    I don’t know

  25. Wilson threw two picks that were his fault…those picks off of Kearse’s hands were not his fault…so, let’s get that straight.

    This was a historic game…I predicted the come-back in the game chat…The Superbowl will be a much easier win…

    This team is special, historically so…just so glad to share it with my three boys.

  26. BTW – that last throw…. Spot on PERFECT throw and there could have (should) a PI flag on that – that guy was all OVER Kearse on that one.

  27. The “WTF is wrong with my Seahawks,game.”

    And then they win somehow.

  28. This game has soooo many story lines..

    Last to teams to go back to the super bowl the next after winning.
    The last 2 NE coaches facing off
    NE the organization all other envy for continued success – Seattle rewriting that book
    Old vet vs new guy on the block
    the strict coach vs the laid back guy.
    2 teams that just flat out compete!!
    Again – the offense vs the defense

    The team that takes jerks (in this case Blount) – and loves the fact that they are jerks and the team that takes guys and allows them a place to grow and become better people or they get cut

    soo many more….

  29. Wilson won’t have any problems in the dome in Arizona in a late afternoon start. No weather and no early start means huge game and MVP for him.

  30. banosser says:

    The comeback…

    Wow.. Freakin’ UnBelievable!!

    the last 4 min were indescribable…
    Wilson’s redemption..
    Kearse finally caught one!
    D that held Rodgers and all the frikkin field position to 1 TD
    fake FG on 4th and 10 for a Ryan to Gilliam TD?? RUKiddin’me!!
    Onside kick and the house came down!!
    Wilson’s bailout throw back to Wilson for 2pts!!
    Biggest comeback in NFCCG history!

    Seriously all that in 1 game??!!

    I’m still in a daze..

  31. Miraculous!!!

    Really. That’s the craziest game I have ever seen.

    Indy was able to run on NE from what I saw early in the game. Herron had 10 carries for 51 yards. No idea why they went away from it. The Patriots appear to have a soft belly. POUND THE LIVING PISS out of it!!!

  32. Bellichick will most definitely have something up his sleeve – something we won’t see on film. for that advantage them.

    BUT our guys and coaches know what they want to do and they RARELY do anything exotic.

    Know who is on the field – who is eligible who isn’t and then execute your assignment!!!

  33. trout_hound says:

    I think the Pack fans should call the game Discount Double Choke.

  34. Did that really just happen? I can’t believe it.

    I’m feeling good about the Super Bowl. In a way, it’s just like last year. The AFC team is coming off an easy win and the Hawks just won a dogfight. Can’t wait.

    I started the day in Chicago and watched the entire first half in a hotel lobby bar. Everyone there was either indifferent or huge Packer fans. Left at the half to catch a shuttle to the airport and got to a bar in the third. At least that bar had more Hawk fans than Packer ones. Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. Wow.

  35. trout – lol

  36. Patriots up to old tricks –

    Breaking: A league source tells me the NFL is investigating the possibility the Patriots deflated footballs Sunday night. More to come.

    — Bob Kravitz (@bkravitz) January 19, 2015

    I’m told at one point the officials took a ball out of play and weighed it. Should hear more tomorrow on this subject.

    — Bob Kravitz (@bkravitz) January 19, 2015

    Told if a league investigation confirms deflated footballs it will result in lost draft picks. Stay tuned.

    — Bob Kravitz (@bkravitz) January 19, 2015

  37. IF true Bellichick should be suspended for a full year and the team fined over 20 million dollars counting agains the cap
    – not the first offense

  38. There is a clear history of them purposely cheating. I agree. Strip them of an entire draft class (first through seventh round picks) if this is true. It’s not like they haven’t been in trouble before.

  39. doubledink says:

    All those years of seeing John Elway pull a game out of his butt made me so jealous. I remember thinking you could never count him out of the game. Now I know what that feels like. :)

  40. doubledink says:

    Trout, that’s really funny

  41. Ri think a fine against the salary cap is far more devastating than draft picks….

  42. It’s almost 2:00 a.m. but the game is on NFLN. Gotta finish watching it (again), right?

    I don’t think this game is better than the Whiners game last year. I think they are equal. The Kearse bomb last year was huge, the Lynch run(s), Baldwin, and “The Tip.” That game had it, too. Nevertheless, two of the greatest games of my life!

  43. taxspecialist says:

    congrats xcman I got my did not win letter. already booked my flight though and will look for a ticket. As others have noted on chat someone or others kept stealing names so many comments were not from those names you readily recognize. Incredible game, I was always hopeful but realistically thought that that our a very wonderful season may come to an end. As a fan since the beginning these are magical times and I just marvel that this is the team I root for. Love the hawks win or lose this is my team and I am so proud of them.

  44. Hawks just did the same thing on NFLN. They won in crazy fashion. You’d think the Packers would have figured it out the first time. :)

  45. seahawkfan97 says:

    The difference for me in the tip game last year and the discount double choke(love it) was that after the last int I actually almost accepted defeat! My gosh what a moment, what a comeback and what a never give up attitude this team has! PC coach of the year! Beastmode what an MVP performance! What a game! What a game! Any news on how bad Sherms elbow is? That was amazing…..

  46. banosser says:

    It was a very difficult game to not give up hope… Especially with the last int.. then a miracle was needed.. and Bostic and Mathews gave it to us..

    I know the Patriots destroyed the Colts.. but this team will not waste a spectacular gut check game like this.. I can’t see them losing 49…

  47. In articles and comments elsewhere, it is being said that the Packers outplayed the Seahawks. That is not backed up by the stats or the final score. Yes the ‘Hawks looked terrible at times, mostly due to the turnovers but the Packers were hardly dominant.
    Let’s hope the LOB heals up enough to play effectively in the SB and RW and JK have gotten the strangeness out of their systems.

  48. “The team that champions “finish” as more than a mantra but a livelihood pulled off an astounding one to become a champion again.”

    What the heck? Love Gregg, but sometimes his sentences don’t make any sense.

    Incredible game. Shocking.

  49. What to call the game? “The Redemption”. Both RW and Kearse redeemed themselves in the end.

    Thinking more about the game MVP, it has to be Wilson. Yeah, he was awful for most of the game and I assume he felt like he was letting his team down. But he somehow reached deep inside of himself and pulled it together in the end. He is a remarkable individual to do that.

  50. It was destiny.

  51. sluggo42 says:

    I remember sitting at my bar after the last Int., looking at the TV, and that sudden chill when it occurred to me that we had a very good chance of losing the game. The packer fans were cheering and clapping and my wife was really pissed at them, “clappers” we call them. Those annoying bandwagon fans that clap longer ,and for every play. I mean, they didn’t even have any packer gear on! I mean STFU already! But me and another guy kept telling them, it ain’t over yet chumps, it ain’t over yet.

    Then it started, and the whole place started getting louder on every play. Then the Beastmode and we were starting to go nuts, then the onside kick happened and the place exploded. Then we took the lead and it got real quiet all of a sudden, till the 2- point er, then chaos again. Then quiet as Aaron marched down for the FG.

    Then the march. Remember now, the march started at the 12 didn’t it? I don’t know what’s wrong with our blocking on kick offs but dang!
    But anyways, beast, RW, angry Doug (aight), then the bomb to Chop chop.
    The place went nuts, the clappers left immediately, hugs all around the bar, high tens, and so on.

    For me, better than the 49 game last year due to the insanity of the moment.

    I posted on my FB page that I wished that I was 12 years ols, so I could relive this game for the next 70 years. But I hope to get twenty more to brag about it.

  52. “The team that champions “finish” as more than a mantra but a livelihood pulled off an astounding one to become a champion again.”

    rbuzby, I had trouble with it as well at first. Probably because we’re not used to seeing the word champions used as a verb.

  53. I wonder if there were any poor bastards in Green Bay who bought airline tickets late in the 4th quarter. Hope they were refundable!

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