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Teams calling Seahawks for head-coaching interviews—just as Pete Carroll has planned for

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December 29, 2014 7:44 pm

The Seahawks were just getting back from a walk-through practice in Atlanta two years ago. A long, black limousine pulled up to meet the team’s bus in the hotel parking lot.

Then-defensive coordinator Gus Bradley walked off the bus and into the limo. Inside, executives of the Philadelphia Eagles were taking him for an interview to possibly become their next head coach.

This was the day before a Seahawks playoff game. With Bradley still needed in defensive meetings and final preparations.

That’s how serious coach Pete Carroll is about making sure his assistants get every opportunity to pursue their ultimate jobs.

The Eagles ultimately chose Oregon’s Chip Kelly. And Bradley went from that interview with the Eagles in Georgia on Jan. 12, 2012, into his first head-coaching job with the Jacksonville Jaguars five days later.

The anecdote is timely this week. Carroll confirmed Monday some of the NFL teams that have fresh head-coaching vacancies – San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and the New York Jets – have contacted the Seahawks about talking to Dan Quinn. Carroll brought back Seattle’s former line coach from the University of Florida to be Bradley’s replacement as coordinator of the league’s top-ranked offense the last two seasons.

“Yes, we have. We have (heard from other teams concerning Quinn),” Carroll said a day after Seattle (12-4) secured its third NFC West title in five seasons and the top seed in the conference playoffs for the second consecutive January by beating St. Louis.

NFL rules allow teams doing interviews for coaching jobs to contact coaches from top-seeded playoff teams during this bye week, which the Seahawks are on through Sunday before the play their first playoff game at home Jan. 10.

Last year during this Seattle playoff bye week the Washington Redskins interviewed offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for their head job. It eventually went to Jay Gruden.

Multiple reports Monday said the 49ers have asked the Seahawks for permission to talk to Quinn; San Francisco just sent coach Jim Harbaugh away from his 2015 contract so he can coach Michigan. The New York Daily News and others reported the Jets, who just fired Rex Ryan and general manager John Idzik, also asked to talk to Quinn.

Oakland is the market for yet another new coach. Many Raiders veterans still adore their former head man, Seahawks offensive-line coach Tom Cable.

Unlike some NFL head coaches, Carroll is more than happy to let anyone talk to his deputies.

“When these guys come to work here, I tell them from the moment we start talking that I’m going to help them get any job that they want and to help them achieve the goal that they have for themselves,” Carroll said. “I work really hard for our guys to get whatever it is that they’re after. … I really mean that. I want them to be the best they can possibly be and if I can help them do that then I’m going to do it.”

Even in the middle of his teams’ postseason. Or the night before a divisional playoff game.

“At times, it makes it hard at times on us, but I want the next guy coming in to know the exact same thing: If you come here, we’re going to help you be the best that you could possibly be,” Carroll said. “That doesn’t mean it comes during recommendation time. This is in the process of trying to help guys find their best manners, the best way, their best understanding of how to present their philosophy and their approach. So we work with that throughout the year.

“In my mind, everybody is going, everybody is moving on. And I’m hoping that they get those chances. So I’ve been that way for a long time and we’ve endured it, it’s worked out. It gives us a great chance to really have a great place for someone to come to, also.”

Carroll does it this way because he didn’t have it this way all the time when he was an assistant. That started with the Buffalo Bills in 1984, then the Minnesota Vikings from 1985-89, the Jets 1990-93 and 49ers ’95-96. He twice became a head coach out of defensive coordinator jobs, with New York in 1994 and with New England in ’97.

“I wish it would have been like that for me,” he said. “Sometimes it was and sometimes it wasn’t.

“I just decided a long time ago that I was going to help our guys in that manner.”

Almost from the hours his assistants arrive on the job in Seattle, Carroll begins talking to them about their career goals, and if they want to be a head coach how to get there.

“The first time I was a little surprised, just because where I’ve been it wasn’t that way,” said Bevell, who arrived onto Carroll’s staff in 2011 after having the same offensive coordinator job under noted controller Brad Childress in Minnesota. “So coming here, the first time he comes in your office and starts talking to you about it you are thinking, ‘Is he trying to get rid of me? What’s going on here? It’s kind of weird. I just got here.’

“It’s great to have someone that supports you in that kind of way.”

Throughout each season, Carroll quizzes his assistants on nuances normally the domain of a head coach. Game situations. Deciding when to go for first downs or kick it. Team scheduling. Practice routines.

All to keep their head-coaching minds sharp and ready for whenever the calls like Quinn is getting this week may come.

“We look to him as a mentor and somebody that we learn from all the time,” Quinn said. “So just being part of this organization and watching the guy interact with the team, help develop the coaches, to help develop the players, he’s been a huge impact on the philosophy — coaching wise, philosophy wise — it’s a blast working him with him. It really is.”

Quinn says “the learning never stops.”

“He’s always constantly challenging us: ‘Think of this 2-minute situation. Think of this,’” Quinn said. “And he’s often times putting us as coaches against each other in that scenario, where we do tons of 2-minute work, all the stuff that we do against each other, offensively and defensively. He’s constantly challenging us. One of the fun parts about being a coach on his staff.”

Seahawks players love Quinn for keeping the defense relatively simple in concept and allowing them to perform fast and free. Carroll thinks he could be a head coach tomorrow.

“He’s a fantastic person to work with. He’s a great communicator. He’s a gifted ball coach,” Carroll said. “He gets it, he has great sense for the game. I love working with him.

“The reason I had such a great sense for him was because of the guys he’s worked with before and guys that recommended him to me. Bill McPherson with the Niners had been with him and Bill is one of my closest confidantes in football and he swore by him—that was even before I knew Dan. I just came to know him quickly and he’s an easy guy to be around. He’s done so many things right here from handling the transition to the coordinator job, handling a bunch of guys that have a pretty good opinion about themselves (uh, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas), about what they’re capable of doing. Molding a bunch of young guys into a great unit in every phase.”

Bevell says Seahawks assistants will continue to show their appreciation for Carroll furthering their careers by striving to further his.

“We appreciate him. The key is, in return the most important thing we can do is do our job as well as we can, as long as we can,” Bevell said. “If that day never came and I was here doing this job as long as I could it would be awesome, because this is our focus.

“But on the other hand, that’s how we repay him – by doing this job the best that we can.”

EXTRA POINTS: The Seahawks will practice Wednesday and Thursday and be off Friday through Sunday. … Carroll said emerging DT Jordan Hill (knee) and SS Jeron Johnson (elbow) have “significant” injuries. But he didn’t rule them out for the Jan. 10 playoff game. … Carroll said C Max Unger, CB Tharold Simon and TE Cooper Helfet will provide a boost getting back after all missed the regular-season finale. Unger hasn’t played in six games because of his high-ankle sprain. But this bye and the fact he practiced on a limited basis last week make his return for the playoffs likely. … Carroll said WR Jermaine Kearse of Lakewood should be fine to play in the postseason. He missed last weekend’s game with a hamstring injury.

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  1. Gregg Bell says:

    As others have kindly posted, thanks:
    Seahawks 2015 schedule
    Dates TBD in the spring.

  2. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Tough schedule

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    This is totally gratuitous:×1440/local/-/media/USATODAY/gameon/2012/12/04/harbaugh-screech.jpg

    But yes, that is really Jim Harbaugh. And that is really Screech.

    We need to have an Insider Blog caption contest.

  4. The AFC North, NFC North & our own bless-ed NFC West were the top 3 divisions for 2014. Nothing is static in the NFL but as of now, yes it appears tough.

  5. kurtisballard says:

    I don’t believe in any team in the AFC North, but I suppose they’re better than the NFC South.

  6. chuck_easton says:

    It’s strange being in SF for the holidays and listening to the 49ers talk.

    Some want the team to hire either Quinn or Bowles if for no other reason than to make a division rival worse off.

    Others think the new HC here needs to be offensive minded and be a great teacher. ( Kaepernick…regressed under Harbaugh).

    It’s ugly here. The majority of the fan base hate Jed York and side with Harbaugh.

    Heard some interesting tidbits today. One of the issues is the 49er offense only scored 30 TDs all season. Even the Rams managed 31.

    Also Harvaugh blew off the big grand opening of the Field of Jeans. A direct affront to York who views the new stadium as his crowning achievement. Also when Harbaugh pulled the team off the field in pre season because the playing surface was poor that very day York had the stadium full of fans including some VIPs.

    The thought is those two pre season incidents sealed his fate and nothing short of a super bowl win would save him.

  7. Chuck, did you get to watch the game? It must be a kick watching the Niner fans squirm. A year ago they were virtually even with us, with only a nasty tipped pass being the difference, now they are playing purgatory scenarios. What a comedown for a storied franchise.

    It smacks you in the face how important good ownership is. Look at all the teams around the league that have been crippled by ego driven owners who want to treat NFL teams as their personal play things. And we have Paul Allen (bless his name), who knows how to delegate authority, and lets his team find a way.


  8. oldtallguy says:

    To give some perspective about the defense, the famed Vikings purple people eaters had the same 11 starters on defense for 7 years. That’s impossible in today’s NFL due to free agency and salary cap. Our defense should be even better next year if we lock up Wagner. Im predicting 15-1 next year.

  9. yankinta says:

    WOW,, These are just AMAZING Numbers…. :) :)

    – Wilson’s third regular season: 285-of-452, 3,475 yards, 20 touchdowns, seven interceptions, 95 passer rating, 7.7 Y/A, 118 carries for 849 yards and six touchdowns

    – Wilson does become the first QB in NFL history with a passer rating of 95+ in each of first three seasons.

    – He is one of five players with at least 20 touchdown passes in each of first three seasons.

    – He’s the first QB in the Super Bowl era to have a Y/A of 7.6 or better in each of his first three seasons.

    – Only one QB in NFL history had more than one season with more than 20 TD passes and 10 or fewer interceptions in each of his first three seasons: Wilson, who has three such seasons.

    – Wilson’s three-year regular season career: 36-12, 63.4% completions, 9,950 yards, 72 touchdowns, 26 interceptions, 98.6 passer rating, 7.95 Y/A, 207.3 Y/G, 308 carries for 1,877 yards and 11 touchdowns, 29 fumbles, 115 Rate+, 118 Y/A+, 115 TD%+, 110 INT%+

    – The last four numbers correlate to how Wilson has been on average compared to the rest of the league’s quarterbacks over the last three years, with 100 being average. Wilson has been above average in every notable category in every season of his career, with the exception of sack%, which has been below-average in all three seasons.

    – His 72 touchdowns is the seventh-most ever through three seasons. All six players ahead of him did have considerably more interceptions.

    – His passer rating is third-best, after Kurt Warner and Otto Graham.

    – His Y/A is fourth-best since 1951.

    – His 36 wins is three more than any other QB. Definitely a team effort, but Wilson has a lot to do with those 36 wins.

    – Wilson’s 1,877 rushing yards is second-most by a QB in the modern era through three seasons behind Cam Newton’s 2,032 yards.

    He is already one of the BEST QB in the History of NFL, if not already.

    Now people need to step up like men and EAT CROW about Andrew Luck being better than RW…. smh.

  10. If this team wins another Superbowl this year and they sign Wagner and Wilson, extend Marshawn for another 2 years and get players like Chancellor, Mebane, and Unger fully healthy (i.e. needed surgeries and rehab) prior to preseason AND perhaps find that 6’4″ 200+ lb receiver through free agency or draft then I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t go 15-1 or 14-2 and win a third Superbowl in 2016. Not only do I want it for the players who so far have played unselfish football and not concerned with individual stats but want their entire team to go down in history as one of the best to ever play the game, I also want it for Pete Carroll. When he came back to the league every single “expert” predicted failure and it continued all the way thru last season. And after they annihilated the greatest offense to ever play the game there were still a million naysayers who then decided that there’s no way Seattle could do it again, might not make the playoffs this year and blah blah blah. The national sports media cannot stand when Seattle has great teams. I don’t know why but they want nothing more than Seattle teams to fail. For example Tony Dungy saying the Panthers can come in and win a playoff game at the Clink, or whenever Seattle is behind in a game (except for Michaels and Collinsworth as they seem to get it) the TV announcers love nothing more than to praise the other team for dominating Seattle. Then Seattle turns it on as usual at the end of games, beast mode or Wilson scores and the crowd goes nuts and announcers like Aikman and Buck or any others are silent and you can hear the animosity in their voices when they finally have to admit Seattle Seahawks are a great team….or they go the other way and don’t give credit to Seattle and rather point out where the other team screwed up….it’s so blatant to me it’s comical at this point.

  11. And I’d love nothing more than a NFC championship game on Fox with Aikman and Buck announcing against the Cowboys and Seattle to give them the absolute beating of their football lives….oh how great that would be…..

  12. I am about to do two things I will regret tomorrow but for today I am breaking the three posts in a row rule and the most shocking is Yankinta, I am starting to come around to agreeing with you on Luck. He’s good but may never ever be elite…..somebody please check my head….

  13. Find a doctor then. The Colts aren’t overly good and they play bad teams but what is he supposed to do – play bad so they can lose to those teams? Anyone here think Wilson would have won a Super Bowl if he had played in Indy last year? Didn’t think so.

  14. MoSeahawk12 says:

    No Luck zone. Wilson stands on his own without the need for another QB to be torn down. Wilson, Sherman and Baldwin would all tell you how good Luck is. I’ll trust the guys that know instead of the president of the Wilson fan club.

  15. ohiohawkfan says:

    I will be going to the game in Cincy next year and wear my 12th Man jersey proudly. Book it. Can’t wait.

  16. DFloyd–I dont really want to play Dallas, but I too would love nothing better than for Seattle to open up a 55-gallon drum of Whoop-Ass on them, and send America’s Team packing with their tail between their legs like the cur dogs they are…How’s THAT for a mixed metaphor?!

    I would also not mind seeing us destroy the Lions, I want to see Suh get chop-blocked until he’s gimpy and gun-shy. I want to see Tate catch 10 passes for 135 yards but get HAMMERED by Chancellor and ET. I want to see RW throw for 250 and 2 TD’s and run for 65 and a TD…

    But as long as we win, I dont care who we beat.

  17. Jordan Hill’s injury is very concerning. We’re thin at DT and along the D-line and cannot afford to lose him, or even have him gimpy. Gonna pray to the Football Gods for him to heal miraculously…

    So strange that two guys who were doing almost nothing halfway through the season have become major core players–Hill and PRich. The light finally clicked for them.

  18. yankinta says:

    BobbyK,, you’ve been making excuses and excuses… just man up dude…. :)

  19. yankinta says:

    MoSeahawk12,, what you said is neither here or there. so I just smh.

  20. TallyHawk says:

    I understand why a lot of people are weary of the cowboys, especially since they won here. They came in and pushed us around on both sides of the ball, yet we were right there with a chance to win. I just don’t see that happening again. The D is playing at a different level and will have a chip on their shoulder knowing what happened last time.

  21. yankinta says:

    TallyHawk,, During that Cowboys game,, we didn’t have a 3-Tech DT. Jordan Hill only came on the past 6 games… and the Biggest reason we lost that Cowboys game is because we lost the BEST MLB in the NFL, in the first quarter. Bobby Wagner.

    I knew we were in trouble, as soon as I saw him limp off the field. We would have blown out Cowboys if we had B-Wag. I want Cowboys to play us again. It’ll be a 35-13 game….no doubt in my mind. RW will shred that D, if we have B-Wag to shut down their running game. :)

  22. Kam Chancellor has been awarded Seattle’s Steve Largent Award for 2014. This is a big deal. I think it was Cortez Kennedy who said it was the highlight of his career. That award means alot to the Seahawks. I was looking at past award winners, and saw that Mack Strong won it a bunch of times. Pretty cool.

    There are a couple really cool videos on Kam Chancellor out there, one from Q13 I found on FieldGulls, and another NFL films one. Check them out.

  23. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @SSTBM- Agreed with Hill being a question mark.. The good news is that Dobbs should be back and also Tukuafu looks like a decent pass rusher.

  24. Southendzone says:

    Oh wow, forgot about that best Kam play of all time featured in the video STT posted.

    Against AZ, he just crumples a 300 lb O-Lineman, powers through his wrecked body and takes down the RB for a loss.

  25. Yank – how do you explain the disparity between Wilson’s home performance and road performance this year? It’s massively in favor of the road games. The offense looks all powerful in the road games and bottom 5 in home games.

    Wilson’s road stats over a full season equate to nearly 4000 yards passing, 1100 yards rushing, 36 total TDs and just 2 INTs and a 108 rating. That’s insane.

    By comparison, his home numbers would work out to just 3100 yards passing, 650 yards rushing, 16 total TDs, 12 INTs and a Geno Smith like rating of 80.

    The only thing that stops the Seahawks from repeating is Home Wilson showing up in the NFCCG. Home Wilson can win against Shaun Hill and the Rams scrubs but that won’t work against Romo, Bryant, Murray, Witten and that OL.

  26. Actually Yank, the reason the Seahawks lost the first Cowboys game is because Home Wilson showed up. The Defense/ST was responsible for 17 of the teams 23 points. They get no blame for that loss.

  27. Southendzone says:

    Wow again, i saw something I’d not seen from the SB highlights in that same Kam video.

    Kam’s favorite play from the SB was my favorite play too, its the one where he smashes Welker, the one in the SB Sound FX video where Pete says “Oh my Kam nearly killed that guy”.

    The new thing is hearing Kam diagram what he did in coverage, his instinct told him to drop the seam route and pick up Wes Welker. Then you see Peyton looking at the All-22 photos and says “He hasn’t done that all year”.

    That there is a pro football player! He outsmarted Peyton and Adam Gase and outplayed a small shifty receiver in the open field.

  28. The D gave up a third and 19, Pabs. Inexcusable. They also allowed Dallas to pile on points when the team most needed a stop, just as you complained about them doing so often last year and the middle of this season.

    Dallas also has won every road game this year. Its possible that Wilson, like Dallas, puts in just that little bit extra prep, or has just a little more focus due to playing on the road. There might be a slight expectation of winning at home causing him to let down a tad.

    But I also think Seattle plays it more conservatively at home on offense. They know the pass rush is always better at home, and the D is likely to hold teams to lower points, so they appear to gameplan and call plays more conservatively in home games, which I think is stupid. It might be a combination of Coaches and players having a bit of a mental lapse for home games, not just RW. A QB’s play is somewhat dependent on the players around him, you cant play great if your teammates arent doing the same.

    I think Seattle takes a few shots more per game on the road, and looks for big plays and takes some calculated risks that they just dont at home. Its as if the Coaches know they have to help the D out a little on the road.

    Like Gregg pointed out, I also think Wilson takes the game into his own hands more on the road, takes some more risks, and focuses on just getting positive yards on every play–and that works really well. At home, he seems to stick with the script and be a Game-Manager. I notice at home he doesnt run as much, and will hold the ball longer when I feel he should bail and go get some yards. On the road, he’ll bail and get what he can. I think that stresses defenses and helps us dictate the flow of the game to the D, rather than always backpedaling and allowing the D to dictate to our offense. I wish we’d do that at home.

    We’re winning even when RW isnt at his best, so Im not too worried about his play. I think he’ll be fine. He always seems to do just enough even in a tight game. Hopefully Coach will let him off the leash and the game wont even be close.

  29. Of course, this is my feeling, not necessarily a fact. I havent re-watched many games this year (watched a couple on YouTube before they got taken down).

    It would be interesting to compare Lynch’s stats in road vs away with RW’s stats road vs away. I bet there’s some sort of correlation. If Lynch is killing it, why risk throwing the ball a lot or trying to throw a TD pass? That seems to be Seattle’s motto…

    Whoa…having major Deja Vu for some reason…freaky. I think I need more sleep, less stress…

  30. That horse is already dead Pabs and we are barely into the bye week……..uggg.

  31. oldtallguy says:

    A win over Dallas on a phantom pass interference call on Dallas in the end zone as time expires with Dallas ahead 21-17. Ball awarded to seahawks at the 1 with one more play due to penalty on defense.lynch scores. Aikmen loses it and has a coronary.

  32. rramstad says:

    Will not click on a Prisco article, don’t want him to get the web hit, the guy is an idiot.

  33. How about the Seahawks just blow out all teams in the playoffs like we all know they can?

    That way I don’t have my own coronary and I can relax in the 4th quarter like I did at the Super Bowl.

  34. Got some surprising news for Dungy; didn’t the hawks head to carolina each of the last 3 years with same result? Now with a worse offense and defense he can’t really believe Newton is going to play in Seattle and win? Dungy’s a pretender, cause he like most in NFL fear the hawks on a big stage will blow out every team they face at the clink till they embarrassed yet another greatest of all time QB after a 2 week Brady/Belechek love fest.

  35. abqhwkfn says:

    If Quinn leaves who is next up at D coordinator? Any chance Ken Norton can assume the role? Hes done a phenomenal job with the lbs.

  36. hawkfan777 says:

    There is nothing to “home Wilson” verses “Road Wilson. He played different teams, different weather, different starters played those games and situations were different. Pete likes to play conservative. It’s all about turnovers so he risks little. Especially when at home because the defense is so good. If the game is close he won’t allow Bevell and Wilson to take big risks at home. Blame Wilsons “Home” ability but that is foolish. He had less pressure at home and is able to be more focused. It’s the other factors that you need to consider.

  37. GB or Dal- to me appears to be the same team. Both have great qb’s, good rb’s, and mediocre D. Rogers better than Romo but I believe Murray is better than Lacy. I think Bryant presents a tougher WR matchup than Jordy Nelson, but Cobb a much better 2nd option than Dallas has. My plan for Dallas is to stuff the run early, get lead, force Romo to throw to repeat his history of choking in the big one. I worry more about Dallas since they won in SEA, and should feel more comfortable give how we handled GB when we were healthy to start the yr. Still reality is I’m less comfortable with GB match up and prefer Dallas.

  38. hawkfan777 says:

    Pab, usually I agree with most of your posts but I’m still shaking my head at that one.

  39. Norton doesn’t want to be DC, he likes his job and would prefer to stay put. I would hate to lose Dan Quinn to another team and if he goes I will wish him success and hope he does well…except against us.

    The whole RW Home/Away thing has statistics behind it but I would still have RW at home against any other QB out there. I’ll stick with Russ.

  40. agree w/hawkfan777; when you look at his gamelog, it’s not like RW hasn’t had good games at home this year: see his games vs. GB, Denver, AZ, etc.

    Every game/opponent is different. And his QB record at home is untouchable. Don’t see much point in this debate.

  41. And to a question that Gregg asked during the game chat the other day: Yes, I root for Gus and the Jags whenever they are playing. Seattle south! Now they need to start playing like it and I think they will as they continue to rebuild and grow that team.

  42. Of course the Seahawks Offense can play conservatively when you consider the clown car of QBs they faced ever since Romo had his way in early October.

    The only QB who can pass as a quality starting QB of that sad group is Eli Manning.

    They’ll get either Newton, Lindley or Matthew Mediocre in the first playoff game. All QBs qualified to drive the clown car and a game the Seahawks will win regardless of QB play.

    But the game after that will be either Rodgers or Romo. Rodgers might not be over that calf injury by then but it’s unrealistic to think that the Seahawks Defense will hold either team under 16. In that case, Road Wilson will need to do his thing to make sure the team heads to the Super Bowl.

    They won’t have Kapernick having a turnover fest with the game on the line again to bail them out this time.

  43. As for next yr- looking at schedule see another 12-4 finish with 6 very tough road games. I see same problem as last year with loosing some lesser starters, loosing better depth, and the hawks having to develop younger depth while playing through injuries.

    No doubt the team extends both Wilson and ML, but we need to also extend Wagner and Irvin. Wilson 20+ mil, ML 2 yr 15 mil (7.5 guaranteed), Wags 10 mil, Irvin 5 mil. I believe the Hawks have 30 million. These signings along with already signed players assure Hawks will be competitive and in hunt for 3rd SB, but there are challenges;

    Key losses of Maxwell and maybe Lane mirror last yrs losses of Browner/Thurmond. Maxwell/Lane were ready so no big deal. This yr Simon is ready to replace Maxwell, but Burley not ready to replace Lane. Need to extend Lane.

    Last yr Bryant/Clemons/Miller faced “restructure or leave” proposals and we lost 2 of the 3. This yr with development of Hill/Bailey will place Mebane/Okung in same boat. Even though Miller restructured to less he is still paid way too much for someone who is hurt more games than plays. Carp may be kept but at the same 3 mil he gets now. We need to give Williams a 2 tr deal at rate just above this yrs 1 yr deal.

    My primary draft focus is OL/TE and my secondary focus is DL/WR.

  44. seatowntp says:

    I absolutely love this article. What great insight! Pete and John have no idea what they are trying to do!

    What did that 2012 draft yield?
    Bruce Irvin
    Bobby Wagner
    Russell Wilson
    Robert Turbin
    Jaye Howard (Still in the league and playing for KC)
    Korey Toomer (Still in the league and playing for the Rams)
    Jeremy Lane
    Winston Guy (Still in the league and playing for the Jags)
    J.R. Sweezy
    Greg Scruggs (Still in the league on Seahawks IR)

    Yep! That draft certainly earns a “F” rating!

  45. FleaFlicker says:

    Seatown: amusing article. I love this quote:

    “As if the day wasn’t bad enough, Seattle selecting Russell Wilson, a QB that doesn’t fit their offense at all, was by far the worst move of the draft.”

  46. tepug–Incorrect. Neither Bryant nor Clemons was offered a lower salary. They were simply informed they were being cut. They were not given the opportunity to take a pay cut.

    seatowntp–That will go down as one of the top 3 Drafts in Seattle’s history, maybe Top 2.

    Pabs–You like history and stats so much, check out RW’s record against the best qb’s in the league. Its second to none. Its not his play we have to worry about; its the O-line. This year we thrashed GB with a healthy Rogers, beat Denver, hung in there in 120 degree heat vs SD and Rivers, and Eli Manning. We lost to Romo.

    RW has faced a bunch of tough defenses, and found a way to win despite a horrific offensive line.

    Our defense has been beating up on lame-duck QB’s, but again, we beat a few of the best as well. I dont think Romo and Murray will repeat their performance vs the D now, not with Kam playing well, Wags and Lane back, and the D-line playing its best ball all year. No way.

    GB and Dallas will play tough, but they wont beat us. I cant see it, not unless the offensive line just completely goes to pot. And we’re getting Unger back. (I just wish Sweezebag didnt have a bum ankle and we had someone to start instead of Carpenter at LG); at this point, a tackling dummy would do as well.

  47. seatowntp says:

    At least the Bleacher Report wasn’t alone. . . My least favorite “draft expert” Mel Kiper rated the 2012 Seahawks draft as:

    Needs: B
    Value: D-
    Overall: C-

  48. Flea–Yup. Check this quote out:

    “After one of the worst picks in the first round I can ever remember, the Seattle Seahawks didn’t draft any positions of need or draft for the future.”

    I was so pissed when I read that in 2012! No positions of need drafted?! Uh, we DESPERATELY needed a replacement for Clemons, as he was coming off a bad injury and aging. We needed a MLB Bad….We needed a franchise qb…we needed a backup/third down RB…We needed an athletic RG who could pull…we needed depth at DT, S, DE, LB…

    We filled every single need. Guy narrowly got cut, Howard just took awhile to get it and ended up elsewhere, and Scruggs has been hurt two years in a row but contributed as a rookie. Meanwhile, Irvin is now looking like the versatile speed rusher he was drafted to be…Wags is one of the top 3 LB’s in the NFL, RW is one of the best QB’s, and Turbo would start for half the teams in the league.

    What a haul.

    Just the way the article was written pissed me off. Juvenile, simplistic reasoning and a very nasty tone, with little or no facts or analysis. Just sour grapes from a know-nothing. Very funny now!

  49. They were just pissed we didnt draft a first round WR. Everyone wants us to do that every year, and have since Patera was Coach. Never happens.

  50. seatowntp says:

    STTBM, that is hilarious!

  51. Positions of need indeed…Seattle flat stuck to their obvious positions of need all down the line. I actually guessed Wagner, Turbo and RW in rounds 2-4 on the draft guesser, and won the contest. Had Seattle not stuck to their obvious needs, I woudlnt have had a chance. Since that draft, the best Ive done is 2 players guessed….

  52. The Seahawks faced 4 high quality QBs this year (Rodgers, Rivers, Manning, Romo) and finished 2-2. Those 4 QBs averaged 24 points a game against them. The Seahawks have only won 2 games since 2012 when the other team scores 24+ – TB last year and Oakland this year.

    Out of Romo, Rodgers, Brady and Manning I don’t see any of those QBs scoring 24+ on the Seahawks in the playoffs. But the Seahawks Offense won’t be able to sleep walk through the first half like the past few home games and expect the Defense to keep them within 1 score.

  53. Lions gave us the pick that became Byron Maxwell for Lawrence Jackson. Wow! Wouldnt the Lions love to have him! Heh, they might sign him in FA though…

  54. Pabs–I agree, the sleepwalking cant continue. But its not RW thats holding the offense back, its coaching and poor line play.

  55. 2011 Draft was terrible at the top. Carp, Moffit, Durham…

    But it got better.

    Wright, Sherm, Maxwell, Malcolm Smith.

    Pep Levingston didnt make it. But 5 contributors and 4 solid players with 3 stars is fine in any draft. Imagine if we’d nailed the Carp and Moffit picks…Sigh…

  56. I wonder if some really believe Wilson would single handedly have won more games in the history of the NFL through his first three years had he been drafted by Jacksonville?

    It would be a better blog if some people would admit that Wilson has greatly benefitted from playing with the Seattle Seahawks, as most people on the opposite side of the fence realize that Wilson is darn good and should most certainly get credit for immensely helping this team win, too. Again, no way in heck Wilson has as many wins if he’d been drafted by a clown team – even a mediocre team like the Colts.

    I’m worried about Jordan Hill, too. I wish we knew if it was a knee sprain, stretched ligament, etc.

    Kevin Williams is used to playing almost every snap each season. This year he didn’t get a lot of time until the Mebane injury so even though he’s older – he’s a bit fresh, for him, too. He might be able to play more if Hill is out. Fingers crossed on Hill.

  57. freedom_X says:

    Wrong to blame the defense for Wilson’s poor performance against Dallas this year (or San Diego for that matter.) The inability for the offense to convert 3rd downs wore out the defense. Carroll himself said that over and over. Everyone already forget that? Go re-read the blog comments for those days.

    Here’s the home/road split:

    Home:130 213 1,544 61.0 7.25 60 6 6 24 80.8
    Road:155 239 1,931 64.9 8.08 80 14 1 18 107.6

    No other top QB has a performance difference this dramatic. Russell Wilson is 15th in passing yards. Every one – EVERY ONE – of the 14 QB’s ahead of Wilson has a positive TD/INT ratio both at home and on the road.

    This includes luminaries like Jay Cutler, Matt “I can’t beat a winning team on the road” Stafford and Joe “Elite QB” Flacco. And include Andrew Luck in that list, just to stir the pot.

    It’s not because Seattle is conservative at home. Teams typically are more aggressive offensively at home. If a split like this is because of the gameplanning then the coaching staff needs to be fired.

    Bottom line- Wilson needs to play better at home. Way better, because playoff teams are coming to Seattle now. Whether it’s because the O-line lays down at home, or receivers eat too much home cooking and lose a step, I don’t know, but the end result has to be much better for Seattle to get back to the Super Bowl.

  58. Rockyseahawk says:

    Yes, by all means, lets fire the coaching staff. The Seahawks are only the number one seed in the NFC. They are clearly idiots!

  59. doubledink says:

    That was a fantastic article. Top drawer.

  60. Wilson has been tremendous during his first three years. Best QB ever? A futile exercise. Why bother with those arguments. Football is the ultimate team game. Players on great teams have the opportunity to become great. Equally good players on poorer teams underperform and become forgotten. Big reasons that Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger were two of the greatest rookie/young QBs is because of the teams they had around them as they entered the league. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning struggled as a rookie and threw INTs, but so what.

  61. Stevos – What you said was too logical and level headed. Some like to take everything out of context. Thank you for helping bring sanity to the blog.

    This isn’t a knock on some of the earlier posts that are defended with a legit argument. I like reading those.

  62. Interesting to see both Jordan Hill and Luke Willson coming into their own as they finish their second seasons in the NFL. Bruce Irvin is looking damn good these days also. He’s everything that Aaron Curry was supposed to become.

    I wonder how many people here called these guys ‘busts’ when they were rookies.

    The scouts have a sense of a player’s potential when they recommend drafting him, the coaches see that potential developing on the practice field, but it usually takes a couple of seasons before us fans ever get to see that potential on Sunday. Hats off to Hill and Willson.

  63. FleaFlicker says:

    Stevos, totally agreed. Comparing RW in 2012 to Tom Brady in 1999 is an apples to socket wrench comparison.

    BUT, if you look at all the top QBs on the single metric of passer rating…all the “elite” QBs took three years or more to achieve a season rating over 100. Some like Brady and Manning took seven years. RW did it in his rookie and sophomore seasons. Nearly missed on the 100 rating hat trick this year.

    It’s a fun argument to have over a beer, but ultimately a futile exercise. He’s a great player and I’m stoked that he’s on our team.

    If RW had played for a struggling team that frequently trailed by double digits, I’m sure his numbers would look much worse.

  64. yankinta says:

    Stevos,, Big Diff. Ben’s first SuperBowl QB rating was the WORST in History,, RW had over 100 QB ratings, which is a rare thing in SB history…. :)

  65. bird_spit says:

    That film on Kam is a nice preview to his Hall of Fame argument. There is no doubt in my mind we are watching greatness everytime the LOB takes the field. We probably have 3 HOF players just in the LOB.

    These guys win another superbowl, and its a HOF windfall team wide.

  66. Bobbyk–No, I dont think RW would have won so many games on a crappy team. But I do think he would have excelled for any team that actually gave him a chance and let him run around. He’s that good.

    I think he would be further along if he had a less conservative Coach and especially qb Coach, though. At least in pure passing. But Ive argued that enough.

    Thats why I think RW is in the conversation as top 5 qb in the NFL. I cant imagine any other qb other than perhaps Luck, Rogers, maybe Cam Newton (though he is far from elite) being successful on this team, let alone some of the truly bad teams that also sport lousy offensive lines. But I think RW would have been successful anywhere he was given a chance.

    He’s got work to do on his passing, on speeding up his decisions, and on knowing when to ignore the script and just make something happen. He thinks too much sometimes. And his deep passing cries out for different qb coaching. But he’s certainly shown a knack for reading defenses and leading a team. He just plain makes plays.

  67. PS Welcome back Stevos!

  68. yank, its easy to cherry pick stats, but like FleaFlicker says, I’d rather do it over a beer.

    Wilson year 1, 2, 3 QB rating = 64, 64, 63
    Big Ben year 1, 2, 3 QB rating = 66, 63, 60

    Both guys were about as good as a QB can be given their circumstances.

    … now, where did I leave my beer…

  69. PS STTBM, Happy Playoff Season!

  70. Stevos I don’t ever disagree w/much that you say – but i’ll disagree on the Willson with two l’s . . .I know he had a great game against AZ, and the guy has real speed for his size, but it’s not clear to me that he’ll ever be a very good football player for us. too many drops, and not enough positives . . . I think TE is still a position that needs upgrading for us if Zach isn’t coming back.

  71. pd, Here’s hoping that Zach is indeed coming back. Seems likely they might need to rework his contract to get his cap number down. We need him.

    I’m always game for finding another great TE. Trouble is, TE one of the hardest positions to play in the NFL, and one of the hardest to find the next great talent.

    As for Willson, I love rooting for the kid. The dude missed his whole senior year of college with injury, and not surprisingly he was slow to develop as a rookie. He’s coming on now. The reps are paying off. He is beginning to make big contributions to the offense, both catching and blocking.

  72. yankinta says:

    LOL,, what??

    Stevos.. are you drunk or something?? Where do you get those stats?? I just shared above that – Wilson has become the first QB in NFL history with a passer rating of 95+ in each of first three seasons…. not 64, 64, 63.

    Big Ben isn’t anywhere on that list of Top QBs in the History of the NFL,, that I shared above… smh…

  73. jchawks08 says:

    Calm down, Yankster. Pretty sure Stevos was using ESPN’s Overall QB Ranking stats that Dilfer invented, I think. I think.

  74. Oh. so you’re saying I accidentally quoted you Wilson’s and Roethlisberger’s passing completion percentages instead of their QB ratings.

    Well, alrighty then.

    I would argue that my stats are nearly equally as useless as your stats. Well, almost.


    now, where did I put that beer…

  75. Willson the Canadian TE drops too many passes. He gets open, then drops it. He’s had one great game this year, total. And one last year. IMO, thats not enough to keep us from looking for a great all-around TE in the draft.

    I really hope McCoy can be that guy for us, he can catch better than Willson and his big and pretty quick. But the odds are long after two season-ending injuries.

    You just have to catch that ball, man. I’ll take Moeaki over Willson every single day…

  76. “Willson the Canadian TE drops too many passes. He gets open, then drops it. He’s had one great game this year, total. And one last year. IMO, thats not enough to keep us from looking for a great all-around TE in the draft.”

    Yep, that’s what I think too . . .

    I’ve also never seen him do the bigtime blocking work like Zach did (e.g. taking on a guy one-on-one in pass protection).

  77. doubledink says:

    We already have a great all around TE. He is on IR. Name, Miller. And they will not restructure his contract again after just doing so.

  78. sluggo42 says:

    I wouldn’t put Willson into the “good” player category yet, as he still can’t make a tough catch.

    RW wouldn’t have had his success on a clown team, the Hawks were ripe, and he was lucky to fall onto this team. But, he also brought his skill set that perfectly complimented the teams needs. A win-win situation for all, including us as fans.

  79. seahawkfan97 says:

    My gosh everyone except Oakland wants to talk with Dan Quinn…I hope it is not SF that takes him
    go hawks

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