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Russell Okung has nothing to say about Philadelphia’s Trent Cole

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on Dec. 4, 2014 at 8:40 am with 38 Comments »
December 4, 2014 8:51 am

Russell Okung and Russell Wilson were in Vancouver this past weekend to watch the Canadian Football League’s championship game, the Grey Cup.

(Who knew there is a Seahawks Canada Twitter account? It had 6,786 followers as of this morning.)

Even though the Super Bowl champion left tackle and his quarterback rolled into the game unannounced, the CFL rolled out the red carpet for them. They met with players from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and eventual-champion Calgary Stampeders before the game. Wilson posed for pictures with the league’s commissioner. The Canadian network TSN’s game coverage showed Wilson sitting in a suite watching the game.

And they had just shown up unannounced. Nice to have connections.

Sunday will be the first time Okung has played Philadelphia since Eagles linebacker Trent Cole’s hip throw of him — at the end of a running play to the other side of the field with less than 2 minutes left in a 17-point game in Seattle — tore Okung’s pectoral muscle and ended the left tackle’s 2011 season. Cole got fined $7,500 by the league for the stunt, which is the equivalent of you or me getting fined $1.50 for an overdue library book. A few months after this play, Cole signed a four-year, $48,525,000 contract extension with the Eagles.

When I asked Okung about that play and Cole yesterday, he was direct and clear.

“I am not talking about that,” he said sternly.

–Should have noted this yesterday: the league named Richard Sherman NFC defensive player of the week for his two-interception night on Thanksgiving at San Francisco.

It’s Seattle’s second such honor in as many weeks; Kam Chancellor won it last week. That figures, since the Seahawks are the first team in the NFL this season to allow only a field goal in consecutive games.

–Now that the University of Florida has officially announced Jim McElwain as its new coach, The Denver Post lists Seahawks special-teams coach Brian Schneider as one of 12 names Colorado State should consider to replace McElwain. Schneider was a standout linebacker for those Rams before graduating from CSU in 1994. Schneider got his start in coaching as a graduate assistant at Colorado State under Sonny Lubick and was an assistant coach for his alma mater from 1995-2002.

–This has nothing to do with the Seahawks, the Eagles or even the NFL. But I’m from Ohio. My twin sister transferred from Ohio State to graduate from Michigan, which should be illegal where I’m from. The rivalry is bitter.

But this is just great:


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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:


    So much for the Okung forgiving Trent Cole because he’s a Christian reasoning.

    It wouldn’t bother me one bit if Sweezy were to take Coles knees out on a legal or illegal hit.

    Just for Cole of course.

  2. rramstad says:

    I think the non response response from Okung speaks volumes… clearly he hasn’t forgotten… or forgiven…

  3. Gregg–I saw the picture. I thought it was cool. Unfortunately, I have also seen guys from opposing teams walk over to console injured players, only to be pushed away angrily by the injured players teammates or staff. I think plenty of folks want to offer condolences, but the macho BS of football culture precludes it far too often. Case in point, the Bucs former coaching staff ragging on McCoy their stud D-lineman for helping opponents up off the turf.

    That doesnt minimize what this kid did, though. That was awesome.

    Trent Cole, on the other hand, is a shining example of the opposite.

    Lynch fined 100k for not talking ENOUGH or soon enough, or something…but Cole fined $7,500…

    Another shining example of Goodell’s idiocy, lack of integrity, and incompetence.

  4. montanamike2 says:

    You never want to wish an injury on a player, Trent Cole is the exception. Good point Slave about 7,500 to take someone out with a cheap shot, 100,000 for not saying “yeah” to the media.

  5. Sweezy would earn some “street cred” with me if he did a little something (legally) to Cole (or any of the OL for that matter).

    That play still bothers me.

  6. Cole wouldnt even admit it was Bush-League. He whined that there was “stuff that happened all game” that led up to it. I put him in the same category as other douchebag, no-class cheaters like Rodney Harrison, Suh, Romanowski, Merriweather, and the young Sean Taylor. Losers, all…

  7. RE: Mebane (a couple pages ago)

    I don’t think Bane will decline necessarity when he comes back 100% next year. He’ll be fine. I worry more about the age/productivity of players (non-QBs, punters, kickers, etc.) when they get close to 30 years of age.

    The Kevin Williams signing seemed like a yawn until Bane got hurt and now it looks like a relatively huge move. He’s not Bane (he was even better in his prime) but he’s a good guy that can put truth to the “next man up” mentality. Some back-ups suck, some back-ups are good. Williams is a solid addition to what/where we needed after losing Mebane.

    I don’t know if anyone was more excited when we signed Williams that I was, but even I will admit that I was quite disappointed in him until recently, too.

    Mebane is actually one of my favorite Seahawks ever (not up there with Easley, Warner, Matt, etc, mind you) and I’m thankful he was one of the two Seahawks on the cover of Sports Illustrated after the Super Bowl because I have that framed on my wall (and like it better when I see things like that with my favorite players).

    Looking forward, make no mistake, a big, huge, bad, NT type of guy is needed in the draft to hybernate in the incubator for a year or so to be ready to eventually replace Mebane though. I thought Jesse Williams was going to be that guy when he was drafted.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    He was supposed to be.

  9. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, should happen between Okung & Cole on Sunday.

    Really looking forward to this game….. its another ultimate offence vs. defence show down.

  10. chuck_easton says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Grey Cup, Gregg.

    Even though the local team won here and I am not a fan, the game was great. Came down to a punt returned for a TD with 20 seconds left that would have given the Ti-Cats a 23-20 win. Unfortunately it was called back do to a flag. But replays showed the call was 100% correct.

    Wilson was indeed shown in the stands during the game, and it was mentioned by the announcing crew.

    Hey, if Wilson came to Canada, even on his current salary he’d be the highest paid QB in the CFL.

    Salary Cap is only 4.5 million per team. Highest paid player is usually the QB who makes about 200-400K per season. Most other players are in the 60-80K per season range.

    Pretty much every CFL player I have met all have full time jobs outside of football.

    Of course people may not remember, or are too young to know, but the NFL was the same way back in the 60’s and 70’s.

  11. For all you Bam Bam Kam fanatics – His film study is profiled on this week’s NBCSN ‘Turning Point’. They talk about all of his big hits over the last few years. Including his fave part of SB48..

  12. jawpeace says:

    Sttbm, you forgot Docket on your list he is almost at the bottom of mine.

    I can almost guarantee that Okung has not forgotten whether or not he has forgiven is another matter. Hearing Okung’s testimony on the 700 club and how he was very angry about his dad dying when he was real young and how he was forced to become the man of the house at 8 or 9. Knowing how the memory fueled his anger and him to play hard in high-school and college before he found peace and forgiveness through Jesus. I was kind of suspecting that he was not going to forget Cole’s cheap shot that ruined what was a good season for him. I don’t think Okung will intentionally hurt Cole but if Cole does get hurt- Okung will not shed a tear for him.

  13. You know, Ive been one of the few who rarely if ever put Wilson in the category of elite passer. But after reading CHODE-iha’s piece posted by Yankinta, I can tell you a few things;

    First, Chadiha is one of the laziest writers I have ever had the displeasure of reading. He makes Terry Blount look like Sando. I dont think the guy even watched a single Seahawks game this year, and likely only our SB thrashing of Denver last year, judging by his writing.

    Second, ESPN is the laziest network around, worse even than Fox. Seriously, they lump Wilson in with Kaepernick, Newton, and RGKnee despite glaring deficiencies in logic, simply because it fits the narrative they want to tell.

    Even worse, to back up their specious logic, they stubbornly use QBR as the overall way to judge a qb, and totally leave out the NFL’s passer rating.

    Lazy, and Lazier.

    Lastly, they claim Luck is showing no signs of struggle, simply because he throws for a lot of yards and can throw a nice deep ball. The guy puts his team in holes, thats a large part of why he has to dig them out again. And he still throws stupid picks.

    Not saying Luck isnt a stud, because he is. But he’s still behind Wilson as an overall qb.

    Its like they didnt bother to watch film on all the qb’s, they just plain skipped Seahawks games and RW. No mention of his 100 yard rushing days, his comebacks, or his 100 yard rushing/300 yard passing game in a loss. In fact, their charts mention that their scouts–who, you know, actually watch games–dont blame Wilson nearly as much as the O-line and WR’s for Seattle’s offensive woes. But Chadiha ignores all that to advance his predetermined narrative that all young mobile qb’s are struggling.

    Its not true. Wilson has improved his reading of defenses, and his decision-making and his running. His accuracy has also improved. Its not his fault we have no line, and pedestrian WR’s. Dude should be in the top 5 candidates for MVP along with Lynch, IMO, because he’s been making chicken salad out of dog crap. Luck would disintegrate with our offense around him.

    Its one thing to have a differing opinion, its another to write a garbage article with logical fallacies and a premise that is easily discounted as utterly false. Way to go, CHODE-iha, you’ve sunk the bottom of the ocean along with the Whale Shit as far as Sports Journalism goes. You must be so proud. And the 4-letter Network sinks merrily with you….

  14. Yup, Dockett belongs on the bottom with the other losers/cheaters. How could I miss him lol?!

  15. Ray_Maines says:

    I think you guys aren’t understanding the Christian meaning of Forgetting. It doesn’t mean you suddenly go brain dead, lose some certain brain cells, or have selective dementia. It means you actively choose not to dwell on that memory.

  16. I think as hawk fans we look for and thrive on Russell Wilson bashers. His style is different than all others. To appreciate his greatness you must look at all plays not just highlights. The media just cannot believe he is not going away. When he gets paid they will say the money is wasted. The truth is what ever the sum . It is not enough. The stats are right in front of them and the experts still can not see them.

  17. yankinta says:

    lol,, just read the comments for that article. Most people just don’t get it, that includes a lot of Seahawks Fans….

    The think RW benefit greatly from the Beast and Top Defense. The fact is
    We have No.1 Rushing Offense, because of Russell Wilson helps provide it (15th ranked Rushing Leader in NFL). Without RW’s 679 rushing yards, our Rushing Offense would be only 112 rushing yards per game, good for only 15th best.

    This No.1 Defense wasn’t playing well from wk 2 to wk 11, and only cuz of RW, we’re where we are today. This No.1 Defense allowed Austin Davis to have 2TD, 0 int and 132 QB rating. This No.1 Defense allowed Kirk Cousins to have 283 yards 2TD, 0 int and 102 QB rating. These are backup QBs or 3rd strings QBs.

    SMH and :)

  18. Even though Breno was never very good (although he served us well) and Sweezy has never been a stud… one thing I appreciate is that if they were blocking for Matt (or Wilson now), they would NOT have allowed Dockett do to what he did. They would have taken the 15 yards and made a statement.

    I don’t fault our OL for not having his back – back in the day because most of them probably didn’t see it happen (like the defensive players of the Vikings who didn’t see Favre getting killed in the NFC Championship Game).

    However, I do fault our OL for being cowards after they saw the film and STILL did nothing.

    Every once in awhile a 15 yard penalty is necessary to prove a point.

    Glad we don’t have mushrooms like Shawnna Locklear anymore (and, yes, I purposely didn’t spell the name correctly).

  19. Bobbyk–I think Holmgren would have been a bit perturbed with an O-lineman who got a 15-yard penalty. Regardless, I get your point.

    But Breno sucked last year, and he was grossly overpaid for one half of a productive season (2012) to show for it. We’re better off long-term without him.

    It still shouldnt be that hard to come up with G’s and a RT who are nasty AND can actually pass pro.

    As Yankinta pointed out, and Ive been howling about when others point to our rushing yardage as proof positive our line is the bestest, our offensive line is so awful even at run blocking (which they are supposed to be great at) that even LYNCH, the best RB in the league, can only get us to middle of the pack in yardage with them. It takes RW’s busted pass plays turned into scrambles and some designed runs (though far fewer of these) to make us look like an elite running team.

    Whatever. I dont care how we get it done on offense anymore, just that we do. Score more points than the other team, all is forgiven.

  20. Agreed. What’s the little girl up to these days? I assume she’s crawling or walking? She was just two weeks when I saw her at B-Dubs in Bozeman or wherever it was. Hope all is well…

    Is the little guy okay with watching games wit you yet? Or does he run when Dad goes crazy? :)

  21. Yankinta–RW DOES benefit greatly from the defense and Lynch. But his stats and play are also greatly hampered by the ineffective offensive line and the WR corps, which is decimated by losing Tate and Harvin.

    Anyone who watches him can see his deep throws need work, and that he still throws a few bad passes a game. But anyone who watches him can also see that he can read defenses and make plays and is accurate enough to qualify as a very fine qb. I also think its plain that he could start for any other team in the league and throw for 4,000 yards and 40 TD’s in a different system.

    This system is tailored to suit him, but its also tailored to fit Carrols conservative offensive philosophy, and to make up for a crappy O-line and poor WR corps. I dont think too many qb’s win with this offense, or execute it at the level RW does. Maybe none.

    And that horrid Chadiha article seems to blame RW for the chatter about him “not being black enough”, as if Sports Writers stirring up useless crap is a reflection on RW.

    Whatever deficiencies RW may have as a passer (he does have them, though they are few), he is most certainly a Leader on and offield, of Epic Proportions. And isnt that what being a qb is all about? Being an elite leader? RW is most certainly that.

  22. Bobbyk–She’s almost 8 months old now, sitting up and trying to crawl some. She’s a sweetheart! She’s got a home-made Seahawks Tutu from friends of ours, and Seahawks jersey and Onesie, as well as a jacket…

    My son goes to the local Tavern with me now (its a family place with Pizza etc), and we eat peanuts and drink rootbeer. He puts a peanut on the bar in front of him every time I swear; its helping me watch my filthy mouth lol! He still doesnt really get football, and this Spring I have to start teaching him to catch and run routes, but he enjoys hanging out with me, and visa versa.

    One thing I found out; the losses dont hurt so much when Im hanging out with my boy. Its fun even when we lose, he keeps me from getting too low.

    A couple weeks ago my wife had to make up work hours on Sunday, so I took the kids to the Pizza Tav and watched the game. Little one passed out immediately and slept almost the whole time–I had to tone it down and not Holler and Yell, and I nearly exploded lol!

  23. montanamike2 says:

    Dockett is at the top of my list. I believe in an eye for an eye payback, if Cole got injured, then karma bit him in the ass. I can’t believe people pay good money to ESPN for lazy biased journalism.

  24. PS Hows your family doing? You showing them videos of Easley destroying WR’s yet?!

  25. montanamike2 says:

    Today i was picking up my mail at the post office when an older guy wearing a Broncos hat got out of the truck next to me, he saw my Seahawks hat and started staring at me, we had a staredown for a minute before he got into his truck and left. I never realized how scarred these Broncos fans are, i almost have sympathy for them.

  26. Mike–Dang, dude, thats weird…I run into Broncos fans all the time here. I tell em Better Luck Next Year with a grin…Never had anyone get all humpty like that. Perhaps its the Bozeman effect…

  27. hawkfan777 says:


    I will have to respectfully disagree with you and I will agree with Yankinta. If you watch the best (Brady, Manning, Rogers etc) you will see them have what appears to be boneheaded throws but it’s typically when they are under duress. Wilson has less time to make his reads (about 1 second) and that is worse than it sounds because he buys time by moving. If he had a clean pocket he could be a much better passer. His line is made up of good run blockers and poor pass blockers. Give him a better pass blocking line and his passing will greatly improve. That’s what I dislike about zone blocking. You typically get smaller athletic guys that move quickly and can create line gaps but they tend to struggle in pass blocking because they are undersized. They don’t have the things it takes to be a great pass blocker such as low center of gravity, long arms, plus upper body strength, 330 plus pounds etc.

    RW in my opinion has played remarkably well considering how poorly his line has performed in pass blocking.

  28. montanamike2 says:

    I think we all agree that the o-line sucks.

  29. montanamike2 says:

    Slave, if you think that’s bad you should see what happens in the small towns up north when you walk into a bar with the wrong hockey jersey.

  30. Rockyseahawk says:

    So weird, I run into Broncos fans all the time too. Oh wait I live in Colorado now. Ha ha.

  31. montanamike2 says:

    new thread up.

  32. Ray_Maines says:

    The OLine may or may not suck, but they ain’t small:

    RO = 6’5″, 310
    JC = 6’5″, 320
    MU = 6’5″, 305
    LJ = 6’3″, 320
    JRS = 6’5″, 300
    JB = 6’6″, 325

    I don’t know who the starters are for the Eagles, but OLine guys aren’t any heavier, and except for one goon that’s 6’8″ they aren’t any taller

  33. “That play still bothers me.”

    I agree. Hope Okung piledrives Cole a few times on Sunday.

    and man, sometimes you forget how big these guys are until you see them in the real world (in street clothes) — Okung is one big dude.

  34. Ray_Maines says:

    When I see a guy wearing a different team hat I just smile real big, wave and say “Hey, nice hat!” That usually defuses any nastiness. Well, that and I’m wearing my grey “Super Bowl Champions” hat. There isn’t much a guy in a red or orange hat can really say.

  35. princeaden says:

    Well, I’m in the ND oilfield and I see Bronco hats all the time and yes they are bitter and yes I’m happy to remind them off their feelings. Doh !!

  36. hawkfan777 says:

    Ray, check stats on a good o line like Dallas or Denver. Eagles o line is built like the Hawks. Most were brought in fire zone blocking. They are undersized also but the quick tempo helps them because the big defenders get tired and the smaller athletic o line can last longer.

  37. hawkfan777 says:

    ** Brought in for *** not fire

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