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Seahawks beyond-his-years QB Russell Wilson, absolutely exquisite taking game into own hands — and feet — in overtime

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September 22, 2014 8:06 am

Sure, that was harder than it should have been at the end. Yes, Russell Wilson took a backside, second-down sack by DeMarcus Ware that he can’t take on his own goal line up 17-3 early in the fourth quarter and then threw a rare interception to set Denver up for another TD. Those plays directly led to nine of the Broncos’ 17 points in the fourth quarter that forced overtime.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson passes under pressure from Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller (58) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson passes under pressure from Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller (58) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

But, man, was Wilson absolutely exquisite when the game demanded someone make plays to win it. Don’t be so demanding and spoiled by a Super Bowl championship and meteoric expectations to lose sight of how good the Seahawks’ third-year – third-year! – quarterback was while (as I wrote in the game story for tomorrow’s News Tribune) out-Manning-ing Peyton Manning in overtime.

“Keep talking up Andrew Luck. Russell Wilson is better than Luck,” Broncos CB Chris Harris told Denver’s CBS-4. “No question.” The Broncos beat Luck and the Colts 31-24 in Week 1

I thought you all on here would like that quote, seeing all the recent Luck-vs.-Wilson debating.

Here’s the crux of it: Wilson and the Seahawks offense knew their best chance in overtime was to not let Manning get back on the field. The way to do that under the newer NFL overtime rules, of course, is to score a touchdown on the first drive of overtime. A mere field goal would allow Denver the chance to answer on offense.

As the overtime began the Seahawks’ offense huddled. I asked center Max Unger what was said in there.

“It’s now,” Unger relayed, “or never.”

From his own 20 Wilson didn’t wait for the Broncos to zero in on him as they again beat an offensive line that continues to have major issues pass protecting; Denver had three sacks, but if Wilson wasn’t so fast, resourceful and improvisational it would have been at least eight. Wilson didn’t look for secondary receivers on his scrambles in overtime. He just took off around each end. For five yards on third and 3. For five more on third and 4. He rushed five times for 28 yards on the 13-play drive to Marshawn Lynch’s winning, 6-yard touchdown run. Even the 12-yard pass on the right sideline to Jermaine Kearse that got the ball from Seattle’s side of the field to Denver’s came on Wilson’s improvisations dash around right end and throw on the run.

He also completed four of six passes on the drive. Essentially, he did it all but score.

Wilson just plain kept the game in his hands, and legs, and no one else’s.

“The key to taking advantage of those moments is still playing smart football, but also playing with an edge,” Wilson said. “Playing to the edge, but not falling off the edge. Playing with great poise and great composure.”

He then mentioned the best he’s seen when games are most clutch. Michael Jordan in basketball, or the more-recent San Antonio Spurs. Derek Jeter in baseball.

“They always find ways to win,” Wilson said. “That’s what we had to do today.”

He even had his first NFL reception, 17 yards in the first quarter from Jermaine Kearse on a flea-flicker to the wide receiver. And one of the plays that impressed me most was Wilson staying at the  bottom of a pile of guys 100-plus pounds heavier than him fighting for a more than a full minute with Denver defensive end DeMarcus Ware for the fumble Ware caused on that sack at the goal line to start the fourth quarter.

“Me and him were going at it,” Wilson said. “I wasn’t going to let him have it. I kept telling him, ‘You’re not going to get this ball!’ He said, ‘I’ll wait all night.’ And I said, ‘I’ll wait all night, too.’

“The ref said, ‘We gotta go. Russell’s got it.'”

A quarterback who fights with a defensive end? My kind of guy.

Wilson has played in 40 NFL games in his three-season career. He’s now won 30 of them. He’s 4-0 in overtime. This was his 11th comeback victory in the fourth quarter or overtime. That’s 28 percent of his games he’s won like he did today. The 10 he had in his first two seasons were the second-most such wins in NFL history in the first two years of a QB’s career.

And check this out:

Anytime you are up there with Terry Bradshaw — in 120 fewer games — that’s regal(!)

Sure, there was plenty to nitpick. But as long as Wilson has the ball, and a chance, at the end of games the Seahawks are going to remain one of the league’s best.

It’s time to consider Wilson the same way.

–Mike Garafolo reported late tonight on Fox Sports 1 TV and online that Kam Chancellor has bone spurs in ankle but is delaying surgery for now to play through it. Garafolo cited a “source.” Said Chancellor wore new shoes today that helped change an original idea to have him have surgery now, after today’s game, and possibly be out up to eight weeks. Garafolo reporting Chancellor will play through it instead.

I’ll try to find out how true this is. If so, those must have been some shoes. Chancellor had an interception, almost a second plus a forced fumble on the game’s first play today.

He missed practice on Wednesday with what the Seahawks said was an ankle injury.

At any rate, sounds like a good time for a bye week for Chancellor.

–Here are the postgame quote sheets. Pete Carroll, Chancellor and Wilson were from the podium in a press-conference setting. The rest of the quotes came from the locker room, as compiled and disseminated by the Seahawks’ PR staff:


(Opening…)   “That was really a championship game today.  That was one of those games where we try to prepare with the mindset that that’s what it is every week.  A great opponent, a great matchup. I am really fired up about the way we played.  I thought we played really good throughout, and then there was that little spell there in the second half when the safety happens and then we get backed up a couple times.  I thought we weathered it really well, the guys handled it really well.  The fact that we had to go into OT, I thought Tom Cable did a great job on the sidelines, got the offense together, got them all squared away and cleared up.  We were kind of disappointed we were going in, we thought we had the game won, but those guys came out and threw just a championship drive, 80 yards, 13 plays, Russell [Wilson] was all over the field.   The guys up front did a fantastic job.  Marshawn finished it off with a great play.  It was a really cool day of work for our guys.  I thought Marshawn [Lynch] ran as hard as he could run, so tough today.  I thought that Jon Ryan just had an incredible influence in this game, throughout.  Taking a safety back there really isn’t the worst thing that can happen if you are fortunate enough to change the field position, and Jon, he kicked it I don’t know far he kicked it, it might have been 80 yards in the air, I don’t know what it was, but the coverage and the kick and all that was extraordinary.  But that wasn’t the only one, he was banging the ball all day today.  He kept them deep and all that.  If there was anybody who was MVP, it might have been Jon Ryan today with his effort, because he had probably the best day of his career, I would think.  It was unfortunate that we gave up the drive we gave up.  We played so well on defense, in all phases we were on it.  Then, they got down the field with a couple plays.  A great job by Peyton [Manning] of course.  Of course he’s going to do something, and he did it.  It all got erased because our guys rallied and finished the game off.  It was a great win, we go into the bye, take a good break here and we’ll get back and get ready to go, in Washington.”

(On the offense getting the winning touchdown, after struggling in the second half…)  “Russell does not get phased.  He knew he made a mistake there; he saw the coverage and he tried to knife the ball through there, he thought he could get it in.  He’ll tell you he shouldn’t have gone for it.  How many times have we ever seen him do that.  He so rarely puts himself in that kind of situation.  He was fantastic today, just an incredible effort.  The finish to that day, making those first downs, just an amazing play by the quarterback.”

(On the defensive breakdowns on Denver’s game-tying drive… )  “I know exactly what happened on the touchdown play.  He was just throwing the ball desperately how there, and a couple, I don’t know why we weren’t able to find the ball, because it was up forever.   That’s Peyton figuring out where to drop it in.  We really had our chances.  Kam [Chancellor] just about destroyed Marcus [Burley] on that play, which was a chance we had to turn the ball over there.  Then, they got us on a little double-move up the sidelines for the touchdown, and made a big play for them.  We had them right where we needed to win that thing, and we just didn’t get it done.  I’m talking about the defensive side.”

(On the injuries to Earl Thomas and Russell Okung…)    “Earl’s OK.  He had to go in to get IV’d during the game.  He was OK.  He was starting to cramp up.   Russell came back and finished the game.  We weren’t sure what happened.  He hurt his shoulder, but it just seemed to come back to him, and he could finish it, and he did.  He did a great job to do that.”

(On the injury to Burley…)   “Burley had the wind knocked out of him.  Kam took his wind.”

(On Ricardo Lockette’s touchdown catch… )  “What a great play.  What a great throw and catch.  That was just a chance to go for it with Rocket and he ran a great route on a great DB and made a great catch with a perfect throw.  Really good call by Bev to go for it right there.  He was kind of jumping on him a little bit, a really good sequence.  Then, the guys came through with a great throw and great catch. ”

(On Lockette saving an interception…)  “That was a big play.  He went on defense on them.  He got a penalty, but it was worth it at the time, because that might have been a touchdown for them, because he had a really great break on the ball.  It was really a heads-up play by Ricardo.”

(On Lockette’s play on special teams…)  “He’s been incredibly significant.  He’s really shown up.  He had great coverage all day long.  He forced a couple fair catches, and the great play he makes, on about a 60 yard punt anyway.  I don’t know that anybody’s doing it any better than he is right now.  He’s incredibly effective and he is so fast, and his intensity, and the attitude he has, that he brings to the coverage teams is phenomenal.  Watch him on kickoffs, too.  Steve keeps kicking the ball out, but he’s flying on those, too.  He’s doing a great job. ”

(On whether he thought the game was wrapped up after Chancellor’s interception…)  “I thought we had a chance to finish it.  We tried to.  We want to knock out a first down; a first down and the game’s over.  We didn’t get it.  We put it to 8.  There’s a question as to whether you even kick there, but we trusted out guys.  You don’t want to screw it up and get the kick blocked.  That’s a thought.  We kicked it, and there wasn’t much time left.   But, it’s still Peyton Manning, and it was enough time for him. ”

(On Sherman covering Welker on third down…)  “There was just some matchups that turned out that way.  It was part of the way they deployed their games.”

(On any other injuries….)  “No, we’re in good shape, going into the bye pretty healthy.”

(On Wilson maintaining the drive during overtime….)  “He matriculated the ball down the field. He’s an amazing football player, he really is.  He has the sense of when to get out and when to go, and also the savvy about making the first downs.  There were something like 3 first downs, 2 anyway, in that drive.  Just to keep it alive, it’s really hard to stop us in that situation.  He’s just so good at it.  We went into semi-hurry-up mode right there to put him in that kind of situation.  You give him those spread field opportunities, and his open-field awareness, he just makes something happen.   He’s very, very good with the ball, he didn’t waste a pass.  We love him, he’s playing great.“

(On how much better this Denver team was compared to the Super Bowl team…)  I don’t know.  I can’t tell that.  They were terrific today.  They were really hard to play against, and tough and all that.  I thought that the plan worked out like we had hoped.  We thought we could keep them in front of us, and bang on them, and our guys did a great job.  I was really curious if our breaking on the football would look the same as the Super Bowl, because we were phenomenal in that game in that regard, and that was the difference on the defensive side.  I didn’t know if it would take a Super Bowl to get that kind of effort.  Our guys played championship football today.  I think they had 80 yards passing at halftime.  We got ahead on the third down situations.  I thought the guys played fantastic.  I mean, that is a great, great offense and a great quarterback, and a great system.  I loved the way our guys matched it up today.”

(On what the defense did better today, compared to the Chargers game…)  “That’s a game I don’t even want to think about.  It wasn’t anywhere near what this game looked like today, or the first game, or a lot of times that we’ve been playing over the last few years.  I don’t know if that game was just a different deal.  Today it looked like the last time we were in this stadium.”

(On his feelings during the last drive by Denver…)  “We were trying to make the right call, and get out of there.  I was so disappointed that they hit us on that double move that they did.  We had the guys on the other side all ready for it, and they got it going.  [Denver] did a great job with it.  I was disappointed that I didn’t get the word to the guy to alert him on it.  A little bit stunned that we let it happen so easily, that was lousy.  It set up for a great finish.  I kind of like the dramatics.  It was pretty good.”

(On the threat of Percy Harvin…)  “Percy, all day long, was flying around the field, and he kept drawing attention, and it allowed us to run the ball up inside.  It was a really significant part of the plan.  Sometimes we give it to him, and sometimes we can use him like that.  He’s so talented, and he draws such a crowd.  He did a nice job throughout that.  There wasn’t a time to give him the football today, but his factor was still felt, and he did a nice job in that regard.”

(On Jon Ryan’s impact…)  “We did talk about that.  I thought if anybody would be the MVP, it would be Jon.  He had a phenomenal game, and you can’t expect a guy to do any better than that.  Pinning them deep, which we love to do.  We’re trying to put that ball right around the 5 yard line.  He was right there a couple of times.  The booming kicks, the great coverage that matched up with it, the gorgeous kick on the safety, it changed that whole opportunity right there, I think they got the ball on the 20.  It was a ridiculously long kick.  I was really happy for him to that on Canada Day (the Seahawks honored Canada before the game).  Can we have Canada Day next time we show up here?”



(On the win…)   “It was a tremendous game.  If anybody loves football, or doesn’t like football, if you turn that game on, it was one for the ages.  That’s what you want.  You have a guy like Peyton Manning to go up against, it was a battle to the end.  He did a great job of taking them down and finishing that drive there to take us into overtime.  Tarvaris Jackson was able to win the call for us, and we get the ball, and we go 80 yards.  And that’s how we have to play, we have to be able to make the clutch plays, we have to keep the attitude and continue to believe in what we do,  and that’s what we were able to do today.”

(On distributing the receptions…)  “That’s how we want to play offensive football.  We want to spread the football around.  I think every single person caught the ball today (11 Seahawks in all).  From Percy Harvin, to Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Ricardo Lockette, to Zach Miller.  I caught one today, too, that’s always good.  Marshawn had a great game.  Derrick Coleman caught the ball too, I think.  Robert Turbin.  I think the only person who didn’t unfortunately catch it was Cooper Helfet.  We want to be able spread to spread the football around, and do a lot of great things and keep them guessing. We were able to do that.  The only unfortunate play was the pick I threw, and the funny thing is that when I was at the line of scrimmage, I knew what coverage it was, I know it was Cover-6, and this is how I know I’m learning.  This is the great part about it.  I knew what the coverage was, I could see it happening.  I was thinking that it probably wasn’t; because the route we had, it was Percy coming on a breaking out route, and I thought he probably isn’t going to be open here, and I dropped back and he beat his guy so good. He beat him so quick, so maybe I can get it in there.  And they made a good play.  Those are things that I learn as I continue to go through my career, and through the season, and all that.  You play smart football.  That wasn’t one of my smartest plays, but you learn from it, and you keep going, and the defense picked it up, and we picked it up on offense, we were able to get the ball in overtime and just put our will on them, and run the football well and  throw the football well.  I had to run and scamper around for a few plays to keep the drive alive, and then Marshawn is so physical and so quick and then gets into the end zone on the last play.  ”

(On the feeling when you thought you probably had won, and then Peyton Manning drives the Broncos and ties the game… )  “You never know if you have a victory in hand until the last little play.  That’s what I said in the Super Bowl.  With 5 minutes left, you have Peyton Manning over there.  I still believed, for whatever reason, that the game’s not over.  That’s the attitude that we have to have.  And it’s the same thing with us.  That’s the thing I want to instill in our offense all the time, too.  Even though they come back and make a great play, it was almost, and I don’t mean to say this in the wrong way, I was almost hoping it would happen.  That we would get the ball.  I believed our defense would make a stop, but if it did happen, and I couldn’t wait for those moments.  Those big time moments where you have to go up and down the field and make plays and have guys continue to believe in what we do.  That was a great experience tonight.  It definitely felt like a Super Bowl matchup, that type of physical play and great teams going after on offense and defense and special teams.  It came down to the wire, it came down to overtime.  ”

(On the key to taking advantage of those moments…)    “The key to taking advantage of those moments is still playing smart football, but also playing with an edge.  Playing to the edge, but not falling off the edge.  Playing with great poise and great composure.  It was like when I was little, and I used to watch great players play.  I used to watch guys like Michael Jordan, and guys like Derek Jeter, and those type of players, and great teams play.  They always find ways to win.  You think of the San Antonio Spurs, great teams like that, they play to the end and they find ways to win.  That’s what we had to do today.  We really made a great effort.  I thought the offensive line did a good job tonight.  They fought.  They have some very, very good defensive ends and a very good defensive line, and we were able to continue to keep the drives alive and be clutch when we needed to.  That two-minute drive before the half was big for us, too, as well, especially when the Denver Broncos get the ball after halftime. To get that two-minute drive and score there was awesome.”

(On the play of Ricardo Lockette… )  “I thought Ricardo Lockette was unbelievable today.  That guy, he has so much ability, so much speed, so explosive.  He does a great job on special teams.  He strikes fear in the punt returners every time he runs down there, I think.  On that drive, he did a great job, he broke up a pass.  That was big.  Also, going down against a very good corner, in Talib, who we have a lot of respect for.  He runs by him and makes the tough catch in the corner of the end zone on the go ball.  Those are the things he’s done all training camp, and all year.  He continues to show up, he continues to work, he continues to have the right attitude, he continues to hustle every play in practice, and it shows up in the game.  That’s what it really takes, and that’s what all of our receivers do, that’s what all of our tight ends and running backs do as well, and the rest of our team, and Coach Carroll does a great job of instilling that into our teammates, in that, when you practice like that, when you practice to the max, come game time, it’s going to come natural to you.

(On why he plays so well during two minute situations…)  “Hopefully, I try to play my best football in those two minute situations, and you have to score.  We work it a lot.  We work on situational football.  One of the greatest things I’ve learned is situational football, and I continue to learn.  You never know enough.  I watch a lot of live games.  My quarterback coach, Coach Smith, I watch a lot of stuff with Coach Bevell too, and Coach Carroll and I talk a lot about those situations, and it gets me prepared for those.  I try to live for those moments, and our team does too, as well.  We look forward to those moments where you have to go down, and you have to make a play, and that’s what we were able to do.   ”

(On what defensive situations caused him to decide to run so often in the overtime drive…)  “A few times, we came up with some big first downs passing the ball, especially in the overtime near the end.  Also, when it wasn’t there, I knew that I had to fight for it.  Sometimes in a game, you have to pick and choose, when to stay in there a little bit longer, when to throw it, and when to slide.  And that’s not one of those times, I don’t believe.  I’m usually pretty smart on getting down and running out of bounds or whatever, but when the game’s on the line and you have Peyton Manning over there on the other side, you know you have to make some plays.  Our guys continue to catch the football well, Marshawn ran the ball extremely hard, same with Robert Turbin, too.  We were able to make plays and continue to get the first downs, and that’s what we talked about going into this game, we have to be great on third down.  We didn’t really start that great; we didn’t.  That’s something that we’re going to continue to improve on, and then in overtime, we were great on third downs, and that’s when you need it.  When the game’s on the line, that’s all you can ask for.  We just want to win by one point.  It doesn’t matter what the score is.  ”

(On whether the defense practiced differently this week, after last week’s game…)  “Our defense is the same every day.  They don’t really change much, and that’s what makes them the best defense, I believe, in the National Football League.  They believe in themselves.  You think about the week before, Philip Rivers made some great plays, and he’s a great quarterback, and I have a lot of respect for him. He gave us a tough challenge this past week, and obviously going against Peyton Manning, that’s another tough challenge.  It doesn’t get much tougher than that.  I thought they did a tremendous job of stopping Peyton for most of the game, then that last little drive there, he made some plays.  That’s what makes him Peyton Manning, that’s what makes him one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game.  To be able to still win that game, and still believe in each other, and believe in the fact that we were going to win the coin toss and get the ball and go 80 yards and score, just like we in Chicago 2 years ago.  Those are the type of plays and type of things that we have to continue to focus on.  ”

(On the sack near the goal line…)  “The guy made a nice play, I think it was DeMarcus Ware hit me, I’m not sure.  He got around the edge, he hit me pretty good there, and knocked the ball out, and then there was a little scuffle on the bottom of the pile.  Me and him were going at it, I wasn’t going to let him have it.  I kept telling him, you’re not going to get this ball.  He said, I’ll wait all night, and I said I’ll wait all night, too.  We were fighting for it for a while.  The ref said we gotta go, Russell’s got it, and [Ware said] no, I got it, I got it.  We were going back and forth, and I said, DeMarcus, I’m not letting you have this.  I just kept squeezing as hard as I could, and finally I turned and got him off me, and he’s a big dude, so I was going 100% strength, maybe 110% strength.  I did everything I could to make sure that he didn’t get that one.”


(On the last time he caught a pass, and his evaluation of Kearse’s throw…)  “The last time I caught a pass was probably at University of Wisconsin, I think I caught a touchdown pass.  Kearse’s throw, I thought it was on the money, he threw it on the money, I got hit pretty good, but I can take a few hits.  I’m used to taking some hits every once in a while.  I thought he did a really good job on the throw.”

“Go Hawks.”



(On what the offense was able to do in overtime) “They threw punches at us and we had to take them and we were able to do that. The last drive, to go 13 plays 80 yards and punch it in for the score for the game, that’s a testament to what this team has become.”

(On the offense struggling at times but getting it done at the right time) “Like I said, just the resiliency of this team, the way we came back we took the punches and we were able to get back on our feet and keep going. Like I said, it’s a testament to this team, how we’re built, our mentality, and that we can take the hits and take the punches and come back and continue to fight.”

(On what it was like in the huddle coming in to overtime) “It was no different than it was when we got into the huddle in the first quarter. We were all calm. We were all focused. I said my words to Marshawn [Lynch] as I always do. Percy [Harvin] and I talked and then me and Jermaine [Kearse] talked and then we were just ready to go. We knew what the situation was — all we had to do was go out there and execute our game plan.”

(On if the calmness and maturity comes with playing with guys for a long period of time) “I think so. I don’t want to over-hype it but tonight was a special night. Like I said for us to be taking the hits that we did defensively and offensively and still come back and continue to fight and then in that last series 13 plays 80 yards punch it in for the win it’s just unbelievable and it speaks loudly about this team.”



(On how special tonight’s game was) “It was good to come back like that. It was a good game.”

(On RB Marshawn Lynch’s touchdown at the end of the game) “It was a great play by Marshawn [Lynch]. He did the win.”

(On the OT drive) “It feels like we were on the same page. We did our tempo and we were on it.”



(On Kearse’s completion…) “Pretty good, he’s 1 for 1. We’ll take that. It was a heck of a pass from Kearse—we’ve been working on that all week. It was great we were able to run it and execute it.”

(On losing the lead…) “It’s football and we were playing a great team. We know that Peyton Manning can put up points in a bunch. We felt like offensively, throughout the whole game, we didn’t execute as well as we needed. I felt like the defense gave us a lot of opportunities to blow the game open and we didn’t execute them, so we’ll go back to the drawing board and be better.”

(On the confidence of the team’s offense…) “Absolutely. We feel that if the line blocks, he’s (Russell Wilson) reading it, the receivers do their thing, we are a tough team to beat. We showed that in the last drive. You’ve got to deal with Russell Wilson’s legs, and once you deal with that you have to deal with Marshawn. There are a lot of elements to this offense and were able to put them to use.”

(On Ricardo Lockette …) “I tell him all the time on the sideline—‘you’re an impact player.’ I don’t care if it’s on offense or special teams, he does both of them, and he definitely has a foundation to build upon. I am very, very happy for him.”



(On the overtime possession…) “It was great. It was a battle. We stuck it through, and we drove 80 yards for a touchdown.”

(On preparing for overtime…) “It starts with T-Jack winning that toss. My thought is that this is how football games will be and you just have to battle through it, that’s exactly what we did.”


(On the pass to Russell Wilson…) “It was a lot of fun, especially because Russell completed it. He did a great job catching it.  I would have liked a touchdown, but I could have helped out with that. At some point we might [do it again], you never know…I might be the next franchise quarterback.”



(On his touchdown…) “It was just a double-go and I had Aqib (Talib) on me and I felt like I was faster than him, so I felt I should just beat him to the end zone and when the ball was in the air I had no doubt it was mine.”

(On defending a potential interception…) “I was pretty much doing what I was trained to do—if the defender is in position to catch the ball, we turn into DB’s, same with them turning into receivers. We switched roles and in that position I felt like I did a good job playing as a DB. L.O.B.”

(On his touchdown celebration…) “I treat this like a day in the office—it’s a glorified practice. Don’t get anything in a bunch, so I wiped my sleeves off, fix my tie, and leave the field with my briefcase, just another day in the office.”

(On what is bigger—a special teams big hit or touchdown…) “I haven’t figured that one out yet—I am just trying to be the best player I can possibly be. When I am out there I don’t think about making a play, I think about doing everything I have been taught. When you do that—offense or defense or special teams—it puts you in a pretty good position.”



(On the offense scoring in overtime…) “It felt good, it felt good. You know what to expect from your teammates, you trust them.  When you know what kind of quarterback you have, what kind of offense you have it allows you to relax.”

(On Kam Chancellor’s interception…) “Kam made a great read—it was a great throw as well. I think he underestimated Kam’s athleticism and he paid for it.”

(On the defense keeping focus…) “We play disciplined team football.”

(On the chippy nature of the game…) “It was no different than the Super Bowl. It was two teams that respected each other, at least that is how it was on defense.”

(On if it was seen a statement game…) “We weren’t concerned about them. We were more concerned about playing our game and our ball. At the end of the day we let the chip fall where it may. They were a great team, when you play a quarterback like that you just want to play your best football.”



(On defensive line’s emphasis of stopping the run) Once you make them one dimensional and being up most of the game, it makes you have to pass the ball. So we just pin our ears back and try to get after the quarterback.

(On does he feel the defensive line got after the quarterback) I think we put pressure on him, but he’s a hall of fame quarterback. When it counted, he came up and made some plays that I feel like we were in position to make, but he’s again, he’s a hall of fame quarterback. All in all, we got the W [win] so hey, the heck with it.

(On affecting Peyton Manning without hitting him) We made him move his feet, made him get off the point. Peyton doesn’t really like to run so if you making him run or making him move around a little more than he’s use to, then you’re make it hard on him. I think we did a good job a few times of doing that. ”



(On how much of it was being able to watch film on Broncos running game and how much of it was getting back to the basics of tackling) “I think it was not missing any tackles. Last week we were in the position to make the tackles but they bounced off. So this week we were going to come back and sure they didn’t bounce off.”

(On what that did for the defensive line) “It did a great job of getting a good chance of rushing, getting us opportunities and try to get them back and try make him get off his spot. Peyton Manning likes to sit on his spots. We read the screens very well today.”

(On what this game says about the resilience of this team after last week) “It says that we still have that intestinal fortitude to come back and bounce back and do what we need to do. Some games are going to be like that. It’s the NFL. Every week is going to be about everybody giving their best. We can’t afford to not win those games.”



(On offense’s OT drive) We knew it was going to come down to the end. With that offense [Broncos] you just got to make sure you find a way to finish the game. We did that with an overtime victory, where our offense drove down the field; it shows the determination and the grit of this football team. We got all of it and I’m glad we bolded up.

(On Jon Ryan) He was amazing. He does it in practice and he does it all the time in a game so he really changed their field position, gave us a short field. He did a tremendous job for us.

(On Denver’s last possession) It was like a crease route pretty much. We just have to be able to see that better. They got two on one in that situation, but we’ll go over it and I’m sure that won’t happen again.

(On defending Julius Thomas) We knew that was a go to guy. He and Peyton [Manning] have a good relationship. So we had to make sure we took him and Demaryius Thomas out the game because if they get started, they can just spread it all over the football field.



(On Peyton Manning’s late 4th quarter drive to force OT) He’s a great quarterback. We did a great job the whole game just managing his reads, making it hard on him, but he did a great job of adjusting. Obviously, they saw something in that empty package versus what we were bringing towards them and they capitalized on it.

(On any doubt when Seahawks offense got the ball in OT) You can’t think about it. You have to try and go over the stuff that you have to go over in case you have to go out because now in the NFL if they kick a field goal, the opposing team get a chance to score on you. So you’re just going over your notes with your coach and trying to make sure your mind is right for your opportunity.

(On what changed for the defense in the 4th quarter) We really dominated the whole game. Both sides had break downs, but we made this game hard on ourselves. When you really look at it, we were in control the whole game. We kind of had those backed up situations with our offense and we had a lot of miscues so it put us in a bad spot and we didn’t capitalize.

(On what he does strategically different than the Super Bowl) Nothing really; just a different level of understanding you have as a football player, and that was basically it. I’m very keyed into my technique and everybody else because we’ve been in this system for five years now. Everybody knows that we’re tied on a string, but Kam Chancellor, Sherm [Richard Sherman], and myself we always have to play big; That’s the big three, we always have to play big.”



(On defense’s big plays) When it comes down to crunch time, I think everybody in here wants to step up and make that big play. That’s why everyone watches film and practices hard for and when your opportunity comes, you just take advantage of it and that’s exactly what we did. We gave up a couple passes, but we stayed in there, we hung in there. We made plays and we got turnovers.

(On what he’s thinking on Seahawks last field goal, and defense needing a stop on Broncos last drive) What I’m thinking is; if we go out on defense, we are going to stop them. When offense goes out there, they’re going to score. That’s why we’re a championship team because we deal with adversity, we deal with adversity, we always stick together, and we always got each other’s back. That’s the reason we’re a championship team.

(On where is Jermaine Kearse on the quarterback depth chart) The way he threw that, he’s maybe number ten. I’ll take four, five, six, and seven. You can get number eight, nine, and ten. He made a great pass though; He completed a good pass, Russell [Wilson] had a good catch. It played out just like practice.

 (On the interception…) “What I saw was a route that I was familiar with. I saw them run three seams but I know I had to hold the second seam off to look for the check down. But I saw Peyton’s (Manning) eyes, I saw him look right at it. Broke back, jumped at it and caught the ball.”

(On if he was surprised he threw the ball…) “I was, I was right there in position to make the play. But he is a great quarterback and he makes risky plays sometimes and sometimes you make them and sometimes you don’t. That is a part of being great, high risk, high reward.”

(On if he thought they had won the game after the interception…) “When the clock doesn’t say zero it isn’t over. It isn’t over until the clock says zero so you can’t ever think the game is over until the clock says zero.”

(On if on the last drive they were showing the defense things they haven’t seen before…) “I can’t say it was stuff we haven’t seen before. We have seen them on film, maybe we haven’t played against that route but we have seen it on film. We just have to be aware of it and be ready next time because teams copy, it’s a copycat league. Just have to be aware of it.”

(On if he feels like they took Denver’s best shot today…) “Last year was a different team for them and us. We are two completely different teams. I know it was going to be a battle and a hard fought game. It’s about having each other’s back. Defense played for the offense, offense played for the defense and both for the special teams. All three sides lift each other up, whether it by Jon Ryan kicking it the distance of the field, whether it’s the defense getting turnovers, whether it’s the offense finishing the game I think do a great job of picking each other up and playing team ball.”

(On if this was Denver’s best shot…) “I can’t really say that. They are a great team, It’s about who makes the least mistakes and that’s what it comes down to.”

(On if the Denver game plan was conservative…) “I wouldn’t say its conservative. That is their offense. That is the offense they want to run. Peyton Manning knows where he wants to throw the ball, sometimes he has the check down but he knows where he wants to throw the ball, he knows who he wants to look off. That is their offense they take the shots when they want to take the shots.”

(On if the last drive they gave up reduces their satisfaction with the game…) “Not at all. We just have to be sharper. They are a good team, they will beat you on some plays and hats off to them. If they find a weak spot in the zone then they find it hats off to them. Just have to fight to the end and that is where the offense steps in, that is where the special teams steps in.”

(On if his interception reminded him of the NFC Championship game…) “No, it just reminded me of an interception, it didn’t remind me of another game.”

(On if he thought he had a pick-six when he caught it…) “I did, I definitely did until the hamstrings kicked in. Thought I had it.”



(On the match-up between him and Broncos WR Wes Welker) “Going in being the new guy and who they were targeting and with Wes Welker being a great receiver and Peyton Manning being a great quarterback so you have to preparing for them to go after me so you have to handle your business.”

(On how the Broncos lost TE Virgil Green early in the game and how they affected how the defense could play) “We stuck to our same game plan and got what we had to get done and got our techniques.”

(On what changed in the second half for Broncos QB Peyton Manning and what he noticed about him falling into rhythm) “Well like I said, they have great receivers, he’s a great quarterback, and they made some plays. That happens sometimes.”

(On how much of what he saw today was exactly what you saw on film from them) “A lot. A lot of what I saw today was what I saw on film. Even though they’re a team that they do what they do and they do it well so we knew what we were going to get with them.”

(On how the rest of the members of the Legion of Boom help bring him along being the new guy) “(Richard) Sherman, (Byron) Maxwell, Earl (Thomas), Kam (Chancellor), and (Jeremy) Lane they help me with everything on and off the field. When I’m on the field, they’re talking to me, giving me little hints, things to look for and stuff so they’re very supportive.”



(Was your defense out of gas in overtime…) “I don’t know about that. We knew that this was going to be a prize fight type of environment. They are a very, very good football team, defending world champs. This is very tough place to play. They have only lost once at home in over two years.

We stumbled around in the first half. I felt like our defense kept us in the game in the first half. We were able to come out in the second half and play a little better offensively. We had a takeaway on defense that helped and a safety. So I thought we were the better second half football team today. This was our first road game. All in all, there are no moral victories but hats off to them, they’re a good football team. Russell kind of took them on his shoulders in that last drive and made some plays when it counted.”

(Any questions about your team versus Seattle after today, after the Super Bowl…) “There wasn’t any questions for me. I don’t know who had the questions but they weren’t from me.”

(Is it hard to account for a quarterback running in certain situations…) “That’s what they do. He (Wilson) is a great player. He made some great plays, like great players do, down the stretch.”

(How frustrating was it for Payton not to get a possession in overtime…) “You would have to ask him that. We haven’t had a chance to visit about that, we just finished the game. Like I said, you would have to ask him that.”

(Do you like the overtime rules…) “The rules are the rules. I think that the tuck rule needs to be looked at, but the overtime rule is fine.”



(On the game-tying drive…) “Sure, certainly it gave ourselves a chance. I was disappointed with the last drive before that. We had the chance to take the lead, which could have put us in position to win the game. They would have had time to possibly tie it or whatnot. I was disappointed about that, but a good last drive to send it to overtime and then their offense had a good chance on that first series in overtime.”


(On areas to improve…) “The game didn’t start out the way we wanted to. We had a good second drive. I thought Virgil Green’s injury was significant—it changed some things and limited us a little bit formation-wise that we were going to try to do… I missed Julius (Thomas) in the end zone, not a good throw by me. It would have been nice to get the touchdown there, so we changed a little bit once Virgil went out. Of course being down two scores we became one-dimensional, which is not what you want against these guys. It wasn’t working for us, especially being down two scores. That put us in a one-dimensional phase.”


(On the loss…) “It was disappointing, a disappointing loss. It’s a Week 3 loss, we have a bye week, and hopefully this week and next week we can maybe get a couple of guys back that are injured. It’s disappointing. [We will watch] film to learn from, both some of the good things we did and some of the negative things.”


(On communication with the line…) “I think so, I thought we did a pretty good job there. Might have had one run play in the first quarter where a couple guys didn’t get the check, but besides that I thought from the communication standpoint we were all on the same page, just from an execution standpoint wasn’t where we needed it to be.”


(On not having a chance in overtime…) “They changed the rules a little bit, but it doesn’t really change if you go down and get a touchdown. It puts a premium on the coin toss—called tails at the beginning of the game, went with it again in overtime, it was heads, and it proved to be a significant call. That’s the way it is and you like to not leave it to that, not that situation—we had a chance on the second to last series of the game, bad throw by me, and our defense did a good job stopping them. That last drive was good with the two-point conversion [and] no timeouts. All we did was tie it, and it proved to be a little too late.”


(On finding positives…) “You have to find ways to take positives from it. It’s disappointing, but it is Week 3. We certainly want to improve from this game. Defensively, coaches are going to find some negative things, but they will find a lot of positive things. Offensively, we have some things we have to fix just from an execution standpoint, and I have to look better as well.”


(On comparing this to the Super Bowl…) “We obviously fought back better this time than last time. Last time we got down early in the game and never got anything going, so we did get something going here in the second half. The defense had a critical turnover to springboard us, and we just had to go 80 yards in under a minute with no timeouts, that’s not easy to do against this defense. Those are things you take it when you get in this situation, ‘Hey, we have been here before, we can do it.’ I try to build off things like that. When you lose a game like that I try to go back before that and I wish I would have hit this, hit Julius in the end zone, [and] don’t turn it over on the first play—a potential 10-point swing there. When you start going back like that against this team it puts you in a hole.”


(On Denver’s defense…) “Our defense hung in there tough all day. They made some plays. A credit to their offense, that was a good drive and obviously finished it off with a touchdown run. Our defense held in there tough, their offense just had a good drive on that series.”


(On throwing it towards Sherman on the two-point attempt…) “We pretty much throw it to different guys and a lot of that depends on where the hash is or what particular call it is. Both their corners are good corner guys—you have to make good throws against both of them. That particular play was zone coverage and DT made a good catch. Obviously in a two-point conversion you just want a chance, and he made a good catch and stayed in bounds as well.”


(On running the ball on third and long…) “The first third down was a certain defense we thought had a chance for a specific run, just a certain thing they were doing we would have a chance to pop it. Second play we weren’t supposed to snap the ball—we weren’t supposed to run the ball. We just had a different kind of snap count, they were in a man-to-man and we were going to change the play and throw it, we had a miscommunication and that was unfortunate because that was not going to be a good play. I thought Virgil’s injury was significant—we had a good drive with him in there. Once he went out it limited some of the things we wanted to do (with formations), and I thought we became one-dimensional because of his injury and score. That is not what you want to do with these guys—you want to be balanced and give them different personnel groupings.”​


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  1. Sounds all good and stuff, but really? Please argue how he should be making more than Thomas, Sherman, or Lynch next year. Bevelle, what are you doin’?

  2. Our game manager managed to get us a win.

  3. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    This game was very reminiscent of the Chicago game a couple of years ago. Defense gives up the tying score late, Russell Wilson carries the team on his back all the way to the end zone. Its amazing how cool and calm he is on the field in that situation. I was sh##ing bricks the whole time and I was in my living room.

  4. BigShermyWorm says:

    He’s a franchise QB. The most important position in sports. That’s why he’ll make more than Lynch, ET, or Sherm. Enough said.

    Guess who makes more than ET? Sam Bradford.

    Do you know how many QBs make more a year than Sherm? 14.

    I really don’t understand what you were watching or what you are thinking today. You generally have made some good points in the past.

    What are you trying to say, that we shouldn’t pay Wilson as a franchise QB? Somebody certainly will. So, you’re willing to let him go and hope they can draft a replacement? The only QB in franchise history to win a SB. The QB to win the most games in HISTORY through the same amount of games. A guy that’s undefeated in overtime. Has a historical number of comebacks his first 2+ years. A 4-1 record in the playoffs. A career QB rating over 100. Pass me some of whatever you’re smoking.

  5. FleaFlicker says:

    2-1 heading into the bye. SF a full game down (with a division loss for extra gravy). Rams their usual helter skelter selves. Cards 3-0 with major questions at QB. A pretty good outcome that I think most of us would have taken at the start of the season.

    Great job of unleashing Lynch for 140+ yds from scrimmage. LOVED that little dump slant for a TD. Conventional wisdom of Marshawn not being here next year could turn out to be very wrong. Dude is on track for the best season of his career.

    Not a fan of the RW 17 yard reception. A savvier/dirtier cornerback could have taken Wilson out of the game on that play. Kearse guilty of a “hospital ball” on that throw as well.

    Concerns with our tackles. And Robert Turbin absolutely whiffed on pass blocking once or twice. Got to clean that up and protect Russell.

    Exciting win versus a top team. For all the issues and sphincter clenching moments of that game, overall pretty happy with where we are at right now.

  6. DanielleMND says:

    What is TruBlu smoking tonight?

  7. FleaFlicker says:

    And another great write up by Gregg. Pretty clear to me that we should appreciate him while he is here. Somebody like ESPN is going to snap him up sooner rather than later.

  8. Ray_Maines says:

    Cryin’ shame he’s too short to ever be elite. I know this is true because Jaws told me so,

  9. Ray_Maines says:

    Greetings from Germany, by the way. My wife and I are on vacation and having a wonderful time.

    Speaking of wife’s and all, mine is trying to start the rumor that Marshawn is down one dreadlock. Any truth to that?

  10. BigShermyWorm says:

    Yes, Ray. He had one pulled out on a run to the sideline and then picked it up. You can probably find video of it.

  11. Gregg Bell says:

    Mike Garafolo reported tonight on Fox Sports 1 TV that Kam Chancellor has bone spurs in ankle but is delaying surgery for now to play through it. Cited a “source.” Said Chancellor wore new shoes today that helped change an original idea to have him have surgery now, after today’s game, and possibly be out up to eight weeks. Garafolo reporting Chancellor will play through it instead.

    I’ll try to find out how true this is.

  12. Man, no one else is concerned about the 17 – 3 4th qtr given up at home. Bye the the way, I’m smokin’ that Shermstick sippin’ on that respisoto when we scored plus turn overs. Damn, I got to work mañana. By the way, don’t count me out, I might have some good posts left in me. This is a blog right, just speakin’ what I’m seein’. We got two weeks to get it right, all good baby. Peace.

  13. banosser says:

    Never should have given up that 4th qtr lead…. but, to march it down and stick it in to win in OT says a lot… 2-1.. SD was an aberration as I doubt we’ll have to play in 120 degree weather again…

    Took Denver’s best shot and made them leave losers, again..

  14. FivePercentWrong says:

    Hey Georgia, did you see Sweazy’s block on Lynch’s winning TD? Pushed the NT 3 yards sideways, while Baldwin cut across and took his guy 3 yards the other direction. Sure wish the pass blocking was as good as the run blocking.

    My favorite play? Lockette’s PI to save the pick 6. Love seeing smart, heads-up plays like that.

    Wilson is worth much more than the crazy money he will earn next year.

  15. jawpeace says:

    Great read before hitting the hay. I thought Okung re-tore his pec muscle and was done for the year. Leaving the game with a win and no major injuries is superb!

  16. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Ouch about Kam… Not sure what this means. If this is an injury that could get worse then he should probably have surgery now and be back for december, but if it won’t get worse and he plays like yesterday then we should be fine.

  17. The most impressive thing I have seen Russ do, fighting for the loose ball with a huge D end. oh and winning


  18. chuck_easton says:

    Seattle has already used their IR designated to return for Lane.

    If Kam where to have surgery the team would have to carry him on the active roster meaning they couldn’t sign a replacement DB.

    The team is already thin at DB. To have to carry one for 6 to 8 weeks and de-activate him every week would be tough right now.

  19. Southendzone says:

    Anyone feel like the officiating was pretty poor last night? Here are 5 plays that were somewhere between questionable and very bad

    1) Overturn catch and fumble by Denver: He absolutely made a football move here, (2 really, tuck the ball and plant a foot to run)
    2) Offsides overruled on Seattle (KJ Wright I think). He was so far offsides, wow… I have to assume this was a make up call for #1 because just.. wow.
    3) On one of B-Walters late game shallow cross routes, looked like at least 1 illegal pick / downfield block by Seattle receivers
    4 & 5) Denver returns the favor, on one of their late drives, massive illegal downfield blocking on a pass to Welker, and 1 to someone else.

    I don’t have the NFL rewind this year, so if anyone has a different take on numbers 3,4,5 above let me know, I just saw them once live. If you have a different take on # 1 and 2, just wait for your medication to kick in before posting.

  20. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @chuck – Not really. They could waive a player at another position and sign a safety off the practice squad.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sweezy’s a beast!!!

    This game could have easily been a blowout if the Seahawks stayed focused.

    If we play them again in Arizona it will be another blowout.

    But I don’t think Denver will make it out of the AFC.

    Lockette is incredible when his head is in the game.

    Wilson is Montana like with much better athletic ability.

    Ryan is awesome.

    Washington concerns me now with Cousins.

    Kam & ET are so good they take out their own players for the heck of it. Lol but concerned too with the friendly fire.

    Phil Simms is ?*^/#!

  22. ChrisHolmes says:

    @Southendzone Agreed on #1. Seemed like, in real time, he made a football move. I thought it was a fumble.

    #4 and #5 – yes. Noticed both of those plays. WR was blocking downfield while ball was in the air to Welker. Illegal. Denver got a lot of help on that drive from those plays. But like I always say, if you can get away with it, it’s not illegal.

    I don’t fault Denver for using those plays. What I do fault is Seattle for not covering the deep trail routes up the left sidelines, twice, the second one for the TD. Seattle’s DB’s acted like they had never seen that route combination before. And they had to know, after the success of the first one for 4-yards, the Denver might go back to it. So that was disappointing. If they could have shut those down, Manning wouldn’t have had enough time to make the comeback.

    At any rate.. I thought the refs made only one really bad call – overturning the ruling on the field, which was a fumble. He made a football move, and there was not enough video evidence, IMO, to overturn that call. And when you see it in real-time, he catches that ball and pulls it down and it just looks like a legit fumble. I thought the NFL review czars blew that call.

    But the rest of it… I don’t have an issue with. Not like the refs intentionally shafted Seattle like ’05.

    It was great drama. And Seattle won. Can’t do better than that.

  23. I hit a deer last night and wrecked my car. I was moving some of my stuff to the new house and being a good guy, trying to make an early morning meeting for work….

    At least I don’t have to attend that meeting lol!

    But I’m out $500 I don’t have plus losing a day of leave I can’t spare…

    I’m a bit surprised at all the angst, especially directed at RW. Wilson was nearly god-like, especially in OT. He threw a pick that was simply a botched play–timing off with WR’s and a great play by Talib–and he missed a wide open Walters on a third down crossing pattern late, but overall he was scary good.

  24. ChrisHolmes says:

    @GeorgiaHawk “Washington concerns me now with Cousins.”

    Same here. I have thought, since he was drafted, RGIII would be a bust (and not because he’s injury-prone, but because I haven’t read, heard, or seen anything to suggest he’ll ever be more advanced than a 1-st read QB, and in the NFL you just can’t make it if that’s all you ever do.)

    Cousins.. can play NFL caliber QB.

    “But I don’t think Denver will make it out of the AFC.”

    Prior to the season, I thought New England would be the AFC representative. And they still might, but they haven’t looked great to start the season. Bengals look hot right now, but they’ve had issues in the post-season and I always worry about teams that start hot; you never want to peak in week 3.

    I think Denver is in the mix. They’re clearly good, and a different team from last year. I won’t be surprised if it’s a Super Bowl rematch.

  25. banosser says:

    FWIW.. I didn’t think it was a catch/fumble.. He made no football move.. securing the ball is not one.. and he just barely got both feet down.. didn’t even take any type of steps at all… jmo tho

    AZ at Denver after bye..

  26. Refs call personal foul for roughing the quarterback if they get hit a second after throwing the ball…
    So why is it not a personal foul when Ware is mugging Wilson for 5 minutes after the whistle is blown, trying to recover a fumble that Wilson clearly has?

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wilson said he used to bit kids when he was younger.

    Do you think the thought crossed his mind with Ware?


  28. banosser says:

    Also interesting is Kam knocking the wind outta Burley with a hard friendly fire hit… You saw one benefit from Hawk tackling here.. it was only the wind kncked outta him… in the Pit/Carolina game Pit veteran DB Ike Taylor was lost when a teammate LB led with his helmet on a tackle and smashed his wrist.. obviously fractured his arm… Keep tackling like that and lose teammates..

  29. yankinta says:

    Finally some players are starting to speak up. They are not buying the brainwashing….

    I’m glad but too bad it took them almost 2 years. I’ve been saying it since 2012 Mid-Season. :)

  30. montanamike2 says:

    That was some incredible game management skills from our too short QB. My blood pressure spiked at the end but all is good now, as usual, great write up by Gregg. I’m so sorry about your car Slave, i wish i had a couple hundred bucks to donate for your deductible. I’m on the thought that Cousins is much better than RGknee too, man the Rams fleeced them good, Picking Cousins right after RGknee was a great move by Washington.

  31. Cousins is a good qb.

    MontanaMike2–Eh, I’ll live. It just sucks to have this happen as we’re buying our first house and trying to coordinate daycare, moving 200 miles, etc….

    On the plus side, we beat Denver and caused a return of Manning Face lol!

    I kinda wanna dress up in a Manning Face mask for Halloween!

  32. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Two things:

    1 – So glad Russell mentioned that Chicago game – where he had to beat them TWICE. That was when I knew we had a special QB.

    2 – Yeah how could the Broncos possibly execute their offense without Virgil Green? Sarcasm. Who is Virgil Green? Really? With all their talent in WR and TE, it was the injury to Virgil Green that narrowed the playbook? Huh.

  33. rramstad says:

    How’d those picks work out, Yank?

  34. Did anyone see Talibs dirty personal foul?! The guy flopped on one of our players (zach miller?) who was on his back, and led with his arm into our guys head. It was during the Lynch non-fumble scrum. Dude on the ground had nothing to do with Talib or the play….

    Talib should have been ejected. It was as blatant and brutally wrong as stomping.

    Talib may be a good player, but he’s a classless asshole on and off the field.

  35. montanamike2 says:

    I’m glad nobody got hurt except the deer Slave. Turbin is a lousy blocker, I couldn’t believe that flea flicker that Wilson caught.

  36. montanamike2 says:

    Agree about Talib, karma will catch up with him sometime, hopefully this year.

  37. How about Brian Walters? All the guy does is get open and catch passes and block. Locket yes TD was badass, but he’s too inconsistent for me to ever want him onfield for third downs. Walters is clutch.

    Walters was wide open on a third down crossing pattern late in the fourth quarter and Wilson missed him. It was a good example of how sneaky fast Walters is.

    The guys what I said he was—a Football Player who is a much better all around player than Lockette, a guy who just needed a chance.

    Those of you who called him garbage will be singing his praises by years end…

  38. HawkfaninMT says:

    @Slave: YES! I got into a discussion about Macho Man Randy Savage’s ending move… the elbow drop off the top rope for you non-WWF folks! Crazy!

    A couple of personnel thoughts since we are officially on the bye week.

    -I feel like Maxwell is not a strong this year as he was to end last season. Is his price tag coming down a bit maybe?
    -How much longer are Simon and Lane out for? I believe Lane was week 10 due to his designation. Simon had surgery but I do not recall a timetable for return.
    -Carp is looking sharper IMO. How about getting him and Sweezy extended sooner rather than later?

  39. Phil Simms over correction on his bias against Denver was weak. Stop having a agenda and just call the game.

  40. I found this to be a really poor article by a Denver sportswriter:

    I am sure had it gone the other way with Denver not giving Seattle a chance it would have been the perfect ending to him. I would hope our sportswriters would not stoop to this type whining.

  41. yankinta says:

    rramstad,, not good. lol. My underdog picks of Arizona over 49ers right but browns over Ravens and Rams over Cowboys came very close. Heart breaking loss for those fans…

    I’m really disappointed that Danny Woodhead is out for the Season. This will hurt San Diego in contending for AFC West, which is one of my big predictions… smh.

  42. chrisj122 says:

    Russell Wilson is one of the best clutch QB’s (if not the best) in the game today.
    This why he will get paid and paid well.

    I was also glad to hear him make reference to the Chicago game, because it did remind of the that as well. It was that game that made me a RW believer.

  43. Agree re that play by Talib – total dirty play at a Hawk lying defenseless on the ground.

    That said – -the Denver D was much improved. Their big-ticket FA signings, Talib, Ware, Ward, were all impact guys out there.

    I was sitting in stunned angst like the rest of you when the Broncos got it all the way down the field in under a minute – – but give them their due. it’s not all that our defense ‘choked'; it’s a great, experienced QB playing with an urgency that we couldn’t match on this one occasion.

    And Russell, to me, just proved it again. I can’t quite believe this lifelong sports pessimist/realist is saying this – – but I think we’re going to win more Super Bowls with this guy.

    sitting here a day later – all that matters is that it’s a win, a gutted out win, against the team most likely to come out of the AFC. nothing at all wrong w/that.

  44. seatowntp says:

    The most shocking thing to me is the quote that Gregg posted from Chris Harris about Wilson being a better QB than Luck, and NO response from the yankster! (Somebody better alert the authorities to conduct a wellness check!)

    guy with the too long screen name, I also found this game very reminiscent to the Bears game. (I thought the Bears game was RW’s coming out party!)

    Go Hawks.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yankinta may be on to something with Austin Davis.

    Too bad for the Rams that they have to deal with nonsense.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW kudos to Gregg for being almost spot on with the Rams score.

  47. Sorry man. I don’t see Walters as all that great. He’s good but Lockette is coming into his own finally. Inconsistent in the past but since the superbowl he’s starting to get it. If I had to choose between them I’d take Lockette for his ST play and speed as WR. Walters has yet to impress me with his PRs.

  48. montanamike2 says:

    I’m impressed that with Lockette being roommates and best friends with Kap, he couldn’t elevate his game the way he did with Wilson.

  49. Vegas_heat_in_SanDiego says:

    I think The ‘Hawks biggest issue is that they seem to suffer from ADD during games. The mix domination on defense, big plays and being unstoppable on offense with complete breakdowns in coverage, an offensive line that turns from road graders to a sieve and inexplicable play calling. And they turn suddenly from one to the other. They give all indications of completely losing focus on entire units at the most unnerving of times…and then turn around and become dominant and unstoppable again when they absolutely have to be. Almost like they are bored with the game once they get ahead and only bother to pick it up again when it’s the last chance to win it.

    It’s Hell on fans.

  50. got to give some credit to our opponents, Vegas_heat

  51. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Exactly pdway.

    That was Peyton Manning over there. From what I’ve read, he’s pretty good.

    And the Bronco’s D looked better – Demarcus Ware and Von Miller together is a nightmare. I still think Ware’s contract is 2 years too long and about $20M too much, but he can still get in the backfield. I actually saw Von Miller catch Russell from behind. Russell’s not a 4.2 guy or whatever, but still – Miller’s got a boatload of speed.

  52. HawkyHann says:

    Good game by “the forehead”. That should have been a blowout and was looking that way. With Lane healthy, Sanders does not get loose like he did and it’s not close at all.

    Anyone still have any issues with Mar$shawn asking for more money? I hope he gets more money and deserves every single penny.

  53. You forgot the Offensive pass interference on Denver when Maxwell had a clear shot at an INT and the WR is tearing his jersey off from behind –

    There were multiple times where the gunners where getting pulled back with jerseys CLEARLY being stretched out. We counted 4 times by Denver and 2 times by Seattle players. The player probably saw it wasn’t going to be called so started doing as much as they could.

    Speaking of P.Fouls – it was interesting to see a number of things out of the refs in relation to how the officials reacted. Our players must have a rep with the league officials – every time that there were guys jawing at each other the official, at least 90% of the time, would go for the seattle player even when it was the Denver player that was following/walking at the Denver player.

    Every time Elway got hit the white hat would run right up and make sure everyone got off of him like pronto. On the fumble play he blew the whistle dead, signaled Seattle ball – then ignored the scuffle TOTALLY. RW said something to him after the play and only AFTER that did he start checking on RW when he went down or OB – like he had been doing to PM all day.

    I thought it was a weird day for officials – don’t think it really affected the game negatively since the inconsistency went both ways but If I was grading them it wouldn’t be good.

    and on that football move/ fumble – I think they would have ruled it a catch if it had been on the sidelines….

  54. chrisj122 says:

    Some people crack me up with their over the top expectations.

    The only drop off I notice this year is on the D-line, I don’t think we have the depth we did last year.

    Did anyone really expect a blow out again?
    Manning is arguably the best QB EVER and runs the 2 min. drill as good as anyone EVER.
    Despite that we beat him again because our Offense didn’t give him the opportunity to beat us.

    Russell Wilson = CLUTCH!!!!!

  55. chuck_easton says:


    You and I are saying the same thing.

    If it is true that Kam needs surgery to remove bone spurs from his ankle and that surgery would put him out for 6-8 weeks then unless that surgery is necessary, it shouldn’t be done now.

    The team would have to carry Kam on the active roster and have him inactive every week.

    The team would have to add another DB at the expense of another position.

    So unless the injury is necessary RIGHT now then it is better for the team if Kam can play through it and have the procedure at the end of the season.

  56. Vegas_heat_in_SanDiego says:

    Well yes, but it wasn’t like Peyton was even occasionally scorching them during much of the game…he was completely shut down…the defense dominated completely….until the total breakdown with 59 seconds to go. It is like they lose attention or focus…or perhaps they and the coaches outthink themselves and depart from what has worked all game long.

    It is also true of the offense…Denver may be improved on defense, but that didn’t stop us from hammering them in the second quarter and burning them to a 17-3 lead. Then either through adjustment or a lack of focus, the offense completely disappears until once again they become unstoppable in overtime. I would and do credit the opposition to some extent…but there is more here than the opposition, the evidence shows that. There is also something with this team’s psychology at play…they are Cardiac Kids.

  57. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,, wow,, thanks for sharing that. What is that all about?? I want to read more about it. Let me know if you find out.

    Maybe Austin Davis was saying Nice Try or something.. and he was just embarrassed. If I was Jeff Fisher, I’d put him in a dog house. I would never let that go unpunished.

  58. yankinta says:

    montanamike2,, Ditto about Robert Turbin. This dude sucked at Pass Pro, 3 TIMES!! That caused us 2 3rd down conversions..,,

    I think I’m done with him. I want to see Christine Michael promoted to 2nd RB.

  59. I think CM is a waste of time if he can’t do enough to be active why are they keeping him?

  60. Doesn’t help of DB depth when we start knocking our own guys out

  61. Yank – were the Rams better off with Kellen Clemens than Austen Davis? Like I said to you on Friday, Davis is already where Clemens is at (or even better) and has “upside”, merely based on youth.

  62. Bronco fans everywhere are complaining about the OT rule.
    Primetime on NFLN was even whining about it on the highlight show last night. They didn’t seem to mind when Tebow beat Pitt a few yrs back..

  63. Austin Davis look pretty good but the highlights I’ve seen of Drew Stanton? Dude looks really good. Carson who?

  64. Peyton Manning was complaining about it, because he doesn’t feel like defense should matter period. Can’t blame him, seeing how his entire legacy was built on the NFL continually watering down the concept of defense to elevate his own performance. He needs it, he asks for it and he gets it.

  65. NintyFivePercent says:

    Because the question was asked, here are the weekly totals for our A+ #1 prognosticator:

    SEP. 18, 2014 AT 7:34 AM
    4/7 week 1
    6/11 week 2
    Here’s my WK3 Guesses..
    Falcons over Bucs
    San Diego over Buffalo
    Rams over Cowboys
    Eagles over Redskins
    Texans over Giants
    Saints over Vikings
    Bengals over Titans
    Browns over Ravens
    Pats over Raiders
    Cardinals over 49ers
    Seahawks over Broncos
    Panthers over Steelers
    Tie Breaker -> Seahawks 35 Denver 13.

    Read more here:


    That’s 8-4 this week, which rounds up to a 95% winning percentage.

    Unfortunately, he picked a tiebreaker. Nobody quite understands why he picked a tiebreaker, since he’s the only one picking games on the blog instead of using Pigskin Pick ‘em, where picks belong. Therefor, there is nobody to break a tie with, hmmm. . . Regardless, he projected the Hawks would blow out the Broncos. Quite the opposite, the Seahawks won in sudden-death overtime (in case anyone missed that). I’m tempted to give him 7-5 for predicting a three touchdown blowout. But, since he did hire me to go back and look at all his posts, I’m feeling a touch of loyalty today and will keep him at 8-4.

    After three weeks, Yankinta is 17-13 for a .567 winning percentage, good enough for a WNBA playoff berth. Also equivalent to 31st percentile on ESPN Pigskin Pick ‘em. Congratulations!

  66. Dukeshire says:

    Michael won’t get “promoted” until he earns it, and can stay healthy. Turbin whiffed a couple times yesterday, but that is not the norm for him.

  67. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I thought CM was recovering from an injury.
    I guess if Turbin continues to be good one game & bad the next we will start seeing more of CM when he is healthy enough.

  68. yankinta says:

    lol,, thanks… :) I missed 4 close ones. Well Texans and Panthers weren’t close, which was a surprise for me. But at least I’m improving. Like the Seahawks Defense and Offense. Should be in Top Form around mid season. :)

    As for the rest of what you wrote,, I’d like to respond but since I don’t feel like repeating myself,, here’s what I said on 09/15/2014..

    “pabuwal,, lol, I know, right? picking games are hard. Especially in the NFL. That’s why we LOVE it. it’s any given Sunday, indeed. :)

    Read more here:

    “Dukeshire,, lol having good knowledge cannot predict injuries and weather, in which way the balls will be bouncing.

    However, having good knowledge can tell, ATL would not make the playoff in 2013, Chargers are a legit AFC West contenders 2014, Seahawks would become a Dynasty (in 2012) and Colts would not make the playoff in 2014.

    You should NOTE that I said these things wayyy before anyone could even imagine it, let alone agreeing with me. In fact 99% of the world disagreed with me when I first initially said those in the off-seasons. :)

    Read more here:

  69. Yank – Duke and I know picking games and expecting to be right even 60% of the time is a fool’s errand. Duke likes to say “Those palaces in Vegas didn’t build themselves” and he’s right.

    The reason everyone gets on you about your individual picks is that you have constantly used them in the past as proof you are 95% right on all your football related calls.

    So we feel the need to start keeping score here, since your “greatest” proclamation of the greatness of Russell Wilson was only documented to your living room couch on draft day.

  70. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Bronco fans everywhere are complaining about the OT rule.
    Primetime on NFLN was even whining about it on the highlight show last night. They didn’t seem to mind when Tebow beat Pitt a few yrs back..”

    Exactly. I don’t recall any Broncos fans calling for Pittsburgh to have an equal opportunity in OT.

    This is the only reason I was upset about the way the game turned out. If Seattle’s defense could have held Manning in regulation, we wouldn’t have to hear this sort of whining.

  71. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, lol I never said I was 95% right at picking games… stop putting words in my keyboard!!!

  72. wazzulander says:

    Yank, you repeat yourself enough as it is please stop repeatedly copy/pasting your earth shattering revelation that picking games is hard to do. That is not news to anyone and its why know-it-all posters get attacked for thinking they know it all. Please find a new response (if any) to those attacking your prognostication skills.

    Lockette keeps impressing me. I was a little late to the bandwagon for him as I preferred Bates during the preseason but he’s really won me over with his tenacity on special teams and improved WR play.

  73. Yank – last year you bragged about your game picking prowess and included your “legendary picks” such as Rams over Colts and Cards over Colts in your 95% hit rate.

  74. Ray_Maines says:

    I pig skin picked 11 with the Monday game to go. Pretty good for me.

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Luck & Foles had very good games yesterday.
    So did Cousins.
    The 2012 rookie QB class is shaping up to be a very good one.

  76. NintyFivePercent says:

    I’m really trying to make a connection between what has been posted today, and what Yankinta just cut and pasted in his last comment. If anyone can help me out, it would be appreciated.

    In the mean time, here’s one to give Yankinta a chance to revise. Or dig himself deeper:

    SEP. 10, 2014 AT 8:16 AM
    Looks like it’s catching on… I’ve been saying Titans deserve your attention the past 2-3 weeks. They’re a legit playoff team and they will win their division, if Jake stays healthy…

    Read more here:

  77. yankinta says:

    NintyFivePercent,, yeah, I agree. Titans has been my biggest disappointment/miss so far in this young Season (only 3wks). They’re still not out of if, if they can recover. I have not been able to watch their last two games so I’m not sure what’s going on….

    They visit the Colts next game, normally I’d pick upset for this game but like I said I just don’t know what’s going on with them. So I probably will not. But it’s still early and hopefully they can turn things around.

  78. yankinta says:

    wazzulander,, sorry dude. We have slow learners here on this blog so I keep needing to repeat myself. You and I have to be patient with them. :)

  79. can’t say I care too much about yank’s picking prowess . . a non-story.

    so what do you all think about Arizona? Are they a legit contender for the NFC West? I’d thought they would take a step backwards w/all those losses on defense. But, their record over the past 10 or so games, and a win against the Niners.

  80. Southendzone says:

    Regarding C.Mike:

    The team may have made a mistake with that draft pick. Not because they over-estimate that player, but because they UNDER estimated Marshawn.

    They felt that by now, CM would be supplanting him at least to some degree, but anyone watching these games can see that ML is still at the TOP of his game. Is there a single RB in the league anyone would exchange for Marshawn right now? Maybe an imaginary non-child beating Adrian Peterson, and the list ends there.

    Marshawn is too good to get off the field and as of right now, the team wasted a 2nd round draft pick, plus a roster spot for the last 20 games.

  81. chuck_easton says:

    Payton was complaining about the OT and not having a chance after the game so of course the Denver fans are going to pick up on that.

    The new OT rules where put in place to stop the team winning the coin toss from just getting into FG range and winning without the other team getting the ball. Now the first team must go for a TD to end the game.

    But this is Payton complaining. So we know the rule is going to change. Just as the ‘Payton didn’t get his ring so we have to make it harder on the defense rule’ was put in place this year.

    Starting in 2015 the OT rule will read:

    The current OT rule remains unless one team is QB’d by his highness the Payton.

    In games involving his highness if the Payton’s team wins the coin toss then the rules are the same. In the event the Payton’s team does not win the coin toss then the Payton’s team will get a chance on offense regardless of what the other team has done.

  82. rramstad says:

    Random aside. Fairly certain the Seahawks went into a soft zone “prevent” style of defense for the last minute of regulation. It wasn’t a style of play they had used much in the game, except on the occasional third and long. Payton recognized it and immediately took advantage of it. The Broncos receivers also did some modified patterns that were designed to take advantage of what they had been showing the Seahawks earlier i.e. instead of going five yards and heading towards the sideline, they would make that exact same pattern, then turn upfield after two steps. The result, because of anticipation by our corners and linebackers, would be Bronco receivers running wide open in the intermediate areas behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties.

    Pretty simple really. We probably shouldn’t have switched up the defense so much — I’m sure the DC thought that the change would confuse Manning, when it absolutely did not — and our guys can’t guess or cheat on the routes.

  83. yankinta says:

    pdway,, I think Arizona is a legit playoff contender but I don’t see them as a threat to NFC West Title. Not a chance in a Division where RW plays. But I was wrong to think that they would regress as well. They should be able to win 10 games with that Defense. I thought they’d become Top 10 or Top 12 Defense after losing those Starters for the Season but they still have a legit chance to be a Top 5 D.

    It’s early but I think the playoff teams in the NFC will be Seahawks, Arizona, Eagles, Panthers, Saints and Lions. Of course injuries could easily mess up this list. :)

  84. Why not us?

  85. I am surprised about Arizona also – we will know how legit they are after a few more games. Its too bad we don’t play them until November.

  86. Cards play Broncos next (wk 5) – – should be interesting.

    game to watch next week is Niners/Eagles. Other than the Hawks winning, seeing the Niners lose is my favorite sports viewing activity this season . .

  87. I totally agree with Vegas Heat, and I guess that’s were I was trying to go with my rant yesterday. I really do feel like the Hawks make things way more difficult for themselves than they need to be. I think I just got a bad taste in my mouth from that Kearse throw, I know it worked, but damn, is that what kind of team we’re transitioning too? From there I just focused on all the negatives. To me, I feel the Hawks can just line up and do what they do and smash on teams without these cute plays or out smarting themselves with certain play calls. Anyways, we marched in OT and won so I guess that’s what counts. Go Hawks.

  88. LarryLee says:

    Nice piece about Hawks and RW in MMQB today. To truly appreciate RW you have to watch him play in real time rather than just highlights. King has now seen Wilson close up enough that he gets him. Leading 4th qtr comebacks is nothing new to Russ – as WE all know. Luck, RG3, Kap, move to the back of the bus and make room for #3.

  89. akjester says:

    Do the Hawks jam at the line less this year? On third and shorts the last couple of games, it has appeared that the CBs are not jamming. Does it appear that the CBs are jamming less to anyone else?

  90. FivePercentWrong says:

    I was impressed with the Cards and Stanton’s toughness. SF looks pathetic and desperate. Those cheap hits on Stanton were almost as bad as Washington’s cheap hits on Foles.

    It sure looks like the Cards will be the team for us to beat to win the division.

    I am more concerned about SF’s cheap hits than I am about the quality of their team.

  91. akjester

    I noticed Maxwell wasn’t jamming at the line against Green Bay. He was playing “off”. I guess they don’t want to let receivers get by the defenders, so they almost give them those short passes.

  92. Southendzone says:

    5%, the 49rs laid a bunch of borderline cheap shots of russ in the NFCCG. It is a concern, though their LB’s hit hard as hell even on legit tackles

  93. FivePercentWrong says:

    Peyton was dinking and dunking for 3 quarters and that netted them 3 points. We had the right defense for the game.

    When he was forced to throw it deep, they exploited our zone with some crossing routes and double moves. That would not have worked all day and they only needed 3 of those plays.

    Sherman should have pulled the receiver out of the endzone on the 2pt conversion.

    I didn’t see it as a total breakdown, but just not adjusting quick enough to the changes the Broncos made.

    RW and our offense responded brilliantly.

    I’m not worried. And, I don’t think the season will be easy, either. They’ll be in every game and will show moments of dominance and moments of being human. And, they will break the NFL drought and win a playoff game this year.

  94. FivePercentWrong says:

    South, good point.

    I think that blatant shots like Talib’s shot on Miller should be automatic ejections. That would stop the targeting more than occasional 15 yard penalties.

    I like the fact that RW has the smarts and ability to not leave himself too vulnerable. I still hold my breath every time he takes off up the middle and doesn’t slide.

  95. wazzulander says:

    TruBlu – Lynch averaged 3.4 per carry this game so this is an odd game to say we could just have just had our way pounding them with the run and ignore a balanced attack, which actually was effective. Denver was clearly making a concerted effort to stop the run and they were having some success at it. I would prefer Bevell just keep doing what he’s doing and the Seahawks not resort to playing a version of Marty-ball.

  96. doubledink says:

    Sherm didn’t have the angle or position to get him out of the end zone on that 2 pt play. It was what he was trying to do but he wasn’t close enough to keep him elevated. If he could have grabbed one leg and held it up until help arrived it might have worked. I thought it was clear that he was trying to push him out, though.

  97. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dockett has tickets for you.

    Just get into a brawl & wear his jersey.

  98. Southendzone says:

    I do agree with doubledink that pushing Thomas out on the 2 pt play was probably not possible given the positioning as it occurred.

    That was pretty much just an incredible play all the way around. There was so much traffic there, gotta give Denver credit on that one as much as I hate to.

  99. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,, Yes, he is the BEST in the NFL today, imo. I didn’t think he’d be this good this early in his career, but he made it.

    Yesterday’s game should help him win the MVP this season. :)

    IMO, our Defense has regressed. RW will be carrying the Hawks this season. By the end of this season,, there will be no questions as to who’s the best QB in the league. People will never compare Andrew Luck and RW again,, it’s be no comparison…. they’re in difference league…

  100. Upcoming Hawks on TV:
    Game Rewind NFLN 730pm tonight
    Wed. 11am Sherm Sound FX
    Wed. 5pm NFL Replay Game of the Week
    Tues. 9.30.14 2010 Greatest Games 2010 Wild Card Saints ESPN2 90min

  101. chuck_easton says:

    Actually yank, Wilson and Luck are in different divisions. They both play in the NFL or National Football LEAGUE. So you are once again, incorrect. Wilson and Luck are not in a different league.

  102. chuck_easton says:

    If one is going to continue to make boasts about always being correct, then one should be VERY careful in how one words their statements to avoid any misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

  103. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – It’s exactly like him saying Seattle would win by “more” than 20, and claiming victory when they won by exactly 20.

    There have been a lot of ludicrous (IMO) complaints regarding yesterday’s game. The most outlandish to me, however, was saying that Sherman wasn’t in proper position in the 2 PT conversion. That was an absolute perfect pitch and catch, and Short of PI, Sherman could have done nothing about it. In no way was that his fault.

  104. doubledink says:

    agreed. 3 guys tried to get DT out of bounds before his feet touched. 2 were out of position (to oust him) and 1 arrived late.

  105. I love it, choose your words very carefully when there are so many attorneys on this blog.

  106. RW and Luck will always be compared. How many hours and brain cells have we all wasted debating who the better QB is among the NFL elite, whether it’s Manning/Brady/Rodgers or Elway/Marino/Young or Montana/Krieg, this is the debate football fans never get tired of. In a few years Manning, Brady, and Brees will be retired and we will constantly debate who the best is between Rodgers, Wilson, and Luck.

  107. GeorgiaHawk says:
  108. More than 20 and 20 are pretty darn close. The prediction was for a blowout, and it happened. Obsessing over it does not reflect well on the obsessor.

    Dave Krieg once told me “Buy the 12 pack, it’s a better deal” and my Mom used to date Stevie Raible back when he was a player, so my credentials are sound in all Seahawks matters.

  109. chuck_easton says:

    Yes Georgia, Krieg.

    Look it up. He is actually in the top 15 of pretty much every Career QB stat listed.

    He played 19 Seasons and was a starter for 15 of those seasons. Just a few of Krieg’s accomplishments:

    Ranks 4th in consecutive uninterrupted games with at least one touchdown pass: 28
    Ranks 6th in consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass: 28[29]
    Ranks 11th in NFL career passing touchdowns: 261[30]
    Ranks 12th in NFL wins by a starting quarterback: 98
    Ranks 13th in NFL career passing yards: 38,147[31]
    Ranks 13th in NFL career pass attempts: 5,311[32]
    Ranks 15th in NFL career completions: 3,105[33]
    Seattle Seahawks career leader in touchdown passes (195), touchdown percentage (5.5) and yards gained per pass attempt (7.3)
    Holds Seahawks single season records for pass attempts (532 in 1985), highest completion percentage (65.61 in 1991), highest average gain (8.8 in 1983), touchdown passes (32 in 1984), games with 4 or more touchdown passes (3 in 1985) and highest percentage of touchdown passes (7.89 in 1988)
    Holds Seahawks single game records for highest completion percentage (86.36 on 12/11/88 vs. Denver Broncos) and highest average gain (14.52 on 12/14/86 vs. San Diego Chargers)
    Holds NFL record for most seasons in career having played every play at QB in a year (3)
    Holds Seahawks record for most games with 400 or more yards passing (4)
    Holds Seahawks record for most games with 5 or more touchdown passes (5)
    Holds Seahawks record for most games with 4 or more touchdown passes (7)
    Had two games with a perfect passer rating.

  110. MoSeahawk12 says:

    and he’s a decent golfer as well. Always liked Mudbone.

  111. chuck_easton says:

    Until Wilson came along Seattle really only had 3 true Franchise QB’s.

    Zorn (1st but not the best)
    Krieg (longest tenure as a Seahawks starting QB)

    If Wilson plays like we all hope and expect for another 10-15 years he will own every Seahawks QB record.

    But don’t count out Krieg when talking Seahawk franchise QB’s.

  112. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Isn’t Krieg up there in fumbles & ints too?

    I would argue that Krieg deserved to be in the top 20-25 range for his overall play but to put him in the same conversation with Elway, Marino, & Montana is kind of stretching things don’t you think?

  113. GeorgiaHawk

    When Krieg retired he was up there near the top 3 of most of the all time passing stats. Yards, attempts, completions, etc. Warren Moon had more fumbles. I think Krieg is #2. Of course the guy who handles the ball on every play over 20 years is going to have a lot of fumbles.

    And he told me to buy a 12 pack because it was a better deal.

  114. Dukeshire says:

    You had to be told that? Shame on your father.

  115. chuck_easton says:

    In his heyday here in Seattle 1984-1989 Krieg was near the top in every year end QB rankings.

    If you look at the compiled list of the 100 best QB’s in the history of the NFL you will find his name. It’s after some of the guys you mention but before some others you might not expect:

    1. Montana 2. Unitas 3. Tom Brady 4. P. Manning 5. Elway 6. Staubach 8. Marino 9. Tarkenton 10. Steve Young 11. Favre 12. Fouts 18. Moon 19. Bradshaw 21. Brees 22. Aikman 27. Bob Griese 42. Theisman 46. Krieg 47. Joe Namath 50. Philip Rivers 56. Ron Jaworski 61. Aaron Rogers 81. Matt Hasselbeck

    Just a few names.

    So, he’s still statistically the best Seahawk QB of all time (if you don’t count Moon’s one year here).

  116. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How was his passer rating?

    I agree krieg is top 3 among Seahawks franchise QBs but not top 3 in his era of all NFL QBs.

    I would put him in the second tier when it comes to that.

    A poor mans Joe Montana is still pretty good in my book.

  117. chuck_easton says:

    You notice I left #7 out of the all time list. But that’s only because too many of you young’uns on here would just say who?

    7. Otto Graham

  118. chuck_easton says:


    In total combined stats the top 10 Seahawks QB’s are:

    1. Hasselbeck
    2. Krieg
    3. Zorn
    4. Mirer
    5. Kitna
    6. Wilson
    7. Moon
    8. Seneca Wallace
    9. Tarvaras Jackson
    10. Friesz
    11. Dilfer

    Since we only seem to care about passer ratings (career) and not other important stats:
    QB Years Games Comp. Att Comp% Passer rating
    1 Matt Hasselbeck (2001 2010) 138 2559 4250 60.2% 82.2
    2 Dave Krieg (1980 1991) 129 2096 3576 58.6% 82.3
    3 Jim Zorn (1976 1984) 126 1593 2990 53.3% 67.9
    4 Rick Mirer (1993 1996) 55 814 1523 53.4% 65.2
    5 Jon Kitna (1997 2000) 39 658 1130 58.2% 76.3
    6 Russell Wilson (2012 2014) 35 569 887 64.1% 101.4
    7 Warren Moon (1997 1998) 25 458 786 58.3% 81.3

    So, Krieg is second to Wilson in passer rating. He’s third behind Wilson and Hasselbeck in Completion percentage and he’s second behind Hasselbeck in total completions.

    In 12 more games Wilson will move ahead of Kitna and Mirer for number of games played as well as attempts and completions.

    Let’s wait until Wilson has been the starting QB of the Seahawks for 10 or so seasons like Hasselbeck, Krieg and Zorn to see how far up this list he moves.

    I’m assuming that if things continue Wilson will be at the top, but he has to play 7 more seasons after this one as a Seahawk.

  119. BigShermyWorm says:

    I also noticed the non-call offensive PIs on pick plays. Mike Carey was on the NFL Network earlier this month saying it would be a focus. Guess not.

    I think that you call the Thomas incompletion/fumble a fumble when it’s called a fumble on the field. No clear evidence to overturn. It looked as if he started to make a move up the field, but it was really close even in slow motion.

  120. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Wilson might not be at the top of the fantasy (most yards) list but he is head & shoulders above all the other Seahawks QBs in the stats & accomplishments that really matter most.

    No need to wait 7 more seasons to figure that one out.

    In fact no need to wait at all. If Wilson’s career ended today he will go down as the best Seahawks QB of all time.

    His stack of accomplishments are far more important than most yards or most completions ect…

  121. HawkfaninMT says:

    You guys all left out one of his most amazing accomplishments… Kreig brought the Lions to the playoffs… He was good!

  122. chuck_easton

    Excellent contribution.

  123. yankinta says:

    chuck_easton,, Since you didn’t seem to get it, let me spell it out for you. :)

    When I said that Wilson and Luck are in a different league, I meant that RW is an ELITE QB, Top 3 QB in the NFL. Andrew Luck is Top 15th QB in the NFL.

    It’s kind of like Comparing Drew Brees to Jay Cutler… it’s no comparison or a joke of a comparison. I hope you get it now. :)

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