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Pete Carroll following Seahawks’ 41-31 exhibition finale loss at Oakland: “We are ready” for Green Bay

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on Aug. 28, 2014 at 11:50 pm with 66 Comments »
August 28, 2014 11:50 pm

The focus in the Seahawks’ locker room postgame tonight here in Oakland was on how sharp Russell Wilson and the starting offense was in zooming to a touchdown on an 80-yard drive behind three completions by Wilson in as many throws.

It wasn’t on the mess that followed in the 41-31 loss to the Raiders, in which Seattle’s first- and second-team defense allowed 35 points and 262 yards in the first half.

“We are ready,” coach Pete Carroll said.

He noted how great Wilson looks right now. The third-year starter went 33 for 42 (78.6 completion percentage) in the preseason. The first-team offense scored on 11 of last 12 drives of the preseason, with the one empty trip ending with a long field goal try by Steven Hauschka last week that banged off the upright against Chicago.

“We are advanced. We’ve moved ahead. We are better than we were in the past” on offense, Carroll said.

Russell Okung says he “felt strong” playing the entire first half, his most work since toe surgery in the offseason. He was gassed after one drive last week vs CHI.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” he said when I asked him how ready he was for Green Bay.

Bobby Wagner noted how the defense still isn’t whole, with DT Tony McDaniel (sore knee) out tonight. He said the defense — LBs in particular — were guilt of overruning early in the game and the Raiders’ runners effectively used cut-back runs to counter that.

Terrelle Pryor was 11 for 17 for 134 yards and a 33-yard touchdown pass to Phil Bates. That pass came out the end of a sterling, 2-minute drive Pryor led, moving the team from the Seattle 13 in 1:37. Rookie Paul Richardson made a remarkable, toes-on-the-sideline catch to extend the drive. Then Pryor drew the safety to the left with his eyes, then threw to the back, right corner of the end zone to a wide-open Bates.

It was the best play of his best drive as a Seahawk — which only covers these four exhibition games.

“I knew the coverage they were going to be in,” Pryor said. “I said to Phil, ‘If they are in that coverage just keep running, I will hold the inside safety and you will score a touchdown.'”

“It’s good to get a score,” Pryor said. “It’s good to lead the team and get some points. There were a couple of throws I missed and there are some communications things we need to clean up with the receivers. The offensive line played phenomenally. They kept me clean.”

How does he feel he did in the preseason in his effort to convince Carroll to keep three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster for the start of the regular season, something he has done just one time in four previous years leading the Seahawks?

“I don’t even know. I was pretty (ticked) about last week. Having that stupid interception.

“It’s not really my decision to really say what I played like. It’s up to the coaches.”

The injuries Carroll mentioned after the game:

–A hip flexor for rookie DE Cassius Marsh.

–Rookie LB Pierre-Louis, who can’t stay healthy this summer, has a strained hamstring.

–DT D’Anthony Smith has a biceps injury.


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  1. jawpeace says:

    Pete looks pretty tired in the video and I know with the cuts coming and all the game film to review, and then prepare for GB he is not going to get much sleep this week.

  2. Carlsonkid says:

    Personally I would keep Daniels over Pryor simply based on game play ; he has good pocket presence and stays clean with crisp throws finding the open receiver . Pryor has tons of potential but I still see him as too one-dimensional . Stats are only so useful and then you have to trust your eyes . Now then coaches see everything in camp and the film room etc. so we don’t know about any of that , and it’s not like Pryor is terrible . But I hate to lose the Daniels kid , as he’ll surely be grabbed off waivers ..

  3. bird_spit says:

    What a dilemma, 4 quality QBs on the team. Pryor earned his spot, BJ earned his spot. And TJ as well. It’s crazy to think you let any of them go.

  4. freedom_X says:

    Terrell Pryor and BJ Daniels are not quality QB’s, certainly not yet. Maybe Pryor has some value to Santa Clara because he’s similar in mold to Kaepernick. But it has to be admitted, Kaepernick can actually throw the ball accurately on a regular basis.

    I doubt Pryor or Daniels get picked up by anyone in the league after they’re cut. Daniels has already made the rounds several times in the league. I just can’t see what team would think Pryor is worth a roster spot (but admittedly, I can’t see why Pryor is even on Seattle’s roster now, so I’ve got a blind spot there.)

  5. SandpointHawk says:

    Nice to see Jon Ryan get some work…

  6. montanamike2 says:

    I saw RW score in the first 1:45, he made it look too easy with some perfectly thrown balls. Then the blackout again, they only showed highlights of us getting our asses whooped on ESPN. We’re not as deep as last year and the secondary played like no one wanted to get hurt or give any plays away. Was Sherman baiting GB or has he regressed? We missed Michael and no Lynch or Harvin, Mcdaniels etc… It showed. How bad is the injury to Coyle, can we redshirt him?

  7. montanamike2 says:

    I guess it was Marsh who got injured, not Coyle. My bad, i didn’t get to see the game.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sherman played well. That one reception completed on him was a great throw & catch.
    Carr looked great out there for a rookie.

    Wilson is ready to step this offense up a notch or two.

    It will be a shame if they keep Jackson over BJ and/or Pryor simply because he may be better liked in the locker room.

    Of course if Wilson goes down we will all be on pins & needles no matter who is the backup.

    Walters is my ying & yang player this pre season.
    He does some things that you like & then he does some things that you don’t like.

    Coyle & Richardson are the top rookies so far.

    Is it too early to start calling Marsh Marshmallow?

    Backup o-line looked awful at times.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks replace one or two of them when the final cuts happen.

    Three off sides on the kickoffs?
    No wonder Lockette gets down there so fast. Lol.

    Btw where was Lockette (another ying/yang player) last night?

    Just six days to go. Go Hawks!!!

  9. chuck_easton says:

    Jackson stays (sorry Georgia, but you’ll get over it). The question will be can the team afford to keep 3 QB’s?

    At this point I just can’t see them keeping Pryor and letting go another quality young player.

    That 3rd QB spot will be given up for a 6th WR and/or an extra D-lineman.

  10. oldtallguy says:

    Any quarterback that’s been in the league 5 years or more getting 1.4 million a year is just that, a 1.4 million QB, nothing more. So I’d keep BG Daniels as our backup because from the little we’ve seen is he doesn’t make mistakes, can scramble and has a knowledge of the system if our 662,000 QB goes down. Regardless of who is the backup the offense will drummed down considerably. God that Carr kid sure has a quick release.

  11. Keep 4 QBs? Hilarious.

  12. oldtallguy says:

    Who says keep 4?

  13. BigShermyWorm says:

    TJack is our best option at backup QB. Just freakin deal with it. What had Daniels done in a real game? That’s right, absolutely nothing. Pryor? The same. Delusional fan babble.

  14. Carr was pretty darned impressive last night against our better guys. I wish him luck in the future…just not against us!

    Richardson, really like that guy and I think he will become a bigtime playmaker as he matures into his pro role.

    Fingers crossed for Walters. He had a good return on the opening KO but dang that fumble. I hope he learns from that mistake and is given a chance to prove it. He just needs some real coaching as a KR/PR dude.

    Georgia, this comment is right on the mark! “Of course if Wilson goes down we will all be on pins & needles no matter who is the backup”

    The next 2 days will be tough ones for everyone. Good luck to all current hawks and hope to see you Sunday!

  15. BigShermyWorm says:

    BJ Daniels is a 495K QB. That’s what you get!

  16. BigShermyWorm says:

    Walters sucks. He has moxie, but not the talent. Fuhget about it.

  17. chuck_easton says:

    On the bright side the starting offense did look good.

    The offense is lacking one thing that would make it one of the high powered offenses in the league. We all know what that is. We hear it all the time from the national talking heads.

    If Seattle could just find an elite QB to replace that ‘game manager’ we currently have holding the QB spot everything would be much better.

    I mean, the guys OK, for what he is. But he’ll never be elite until he improves on that one glaring flaw in his game. Everyone sees it. And it’s SO frustrating watching him play. If he could just FIX that one thing, we’d be looking at a guy that could be mentioned in conversations with Montana, Manning, Brady, Marino, Unitas. You know those really great QB’s.

    I don’t know why Seattle doesn’t do a better job of working with this journeyman and try to teach him to fix his fatal flaw.

    I mean, come on. If the team could just add 6 inches to his height he’d be talked about with glowing praise. Put him on the rack! Have him ‘think’ tall. Water him more. I don’t know, just SOMETHING to get him to hit that last final growth spurt that will elevate his game into one that can hold it’s own with the greats.

  18. oldtallguy says:

    What has TJ done sat on the bench a year in Buffalo and a year in Seattle? I’m not saying Daniels is good or great, but neither are the other two.

  19. BigShermyWorm says:

    RW did look okay, but those deep passes were woefully off target.

  20. oldtallguy says:

    Oh by by he way, Wilson isn’t good either, he’s great and I think Elite.

  21. Hubrismh says:

    Take your pick of Bu QB’s, all 3 suck eggs.
    Walters has no 4 th gear, he gone.

    Cut back gaps were huge for them.

    Carr is better thaan his older brother, is he their starter? He should be. The raiders would be relevant with him.

    I hope CMike is ok.
    Goodbye to Adams and Augusta….toast

    This game serves only as a good sign of how big the gap is between starters and the rest.

    Offense will win many games this year.

    Seahawks 35
    Packers 31

  22. BigShermyWorm says:

    TJack actually started and played okay in 2011 with the Hawks. He knows the system and the players respect him. Daniels hasn’t done shit since he was starting for USF. I think they should keep him on the PS and develop him, but he has shown ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in a real game. BTW, Daniels didn’t even manage a 59% completion percentage throwing screens at USF. Get real.

  23. chuck_easton says:


    You obviously know nothing about football and didn’t read my very enlightened post. You are just a sheep following the crowd.

    Wilson can never be elite. He’s just a game manager. He’s too short to be elite.

    Read and learn. I’m 95% right at least 2% of the time except for when I’m not.

  24. Hubrismh says:

    Chuck you obviously learned how to steal posts from my computer. 98% right 2% egomaniac

  25. RDPoulsbo says:

    T-Jack is what you want in a backup QB. If Wilson goes down, they aren’t going to keep playing like nothing happened. He can come in with leadership and calm the offense down. Neither Pryor or Daniels can do that. Both get cut to save a spot for an extra WR.

    The run defense was again terrible. Losing Red Bryant to the Jags is going to be felt this year.

  26. BigShermyWorm says:

    BTW, I’m 95% right the 83.2% of the time that I’m 63.4% sure that I’m 99.3% right. I’m a modern day Kreskin.

  27. chuck_easton says:

    Oh yeah? Well if you’re going to attack me with name calling it just shows how much smarter I am than you Hubrismh. I mean I have facts and I have knowledge.

    You have to resort to attacking me. I’m going to tell my mommy.

    ( OK, for those that might be taking this seriously, we are going to have a tense 18 hours on this blog arguing about who goes, who stays, who sucks, who can walk on water…just trying to lighten things up and create a diversion).

  28. chuck_easton says:

    And for the record, I don’t like Lockette. Not the player, I don’t trust a Seahawk that is besties with Kaepernick, and hangs out all off season with 49ers.

    If he had best friends on ANY other team than the evil, hated, 49er crowd I might even think he’s good.

    But I grudgingly acknowledge he has very likely earned a spot on this roster with his hustle and ferocious hitting on kick coverage.

    I guess I’ll learn to accept him as the season goes on.

  29. oldtallguy says:

    Chuck, so you don’t think that midget is elite? :)

  30. chuck_easton says:

    NO I don’t. He will never be successful in this league with that unorthodox height thing he uses.

    Well, sure, he’s won more games than any other QB in the first two years of his career. And I admit he’s got the highest QB rating of any 2 year starter. Oh, and he was lucky enough to be allowed to play on the field with his ‘big brothers’ in the Superbowl.

    But, come on, the league will quickly figure out how to stop him. Just get 4 D-linemen that are all 6-6 or taller and have them stand up at the line with their hands in the air.

  31. Hubrismh says:

    Some guy at the bar last night fancies himself the king of fantasy football, and that he knows everything about every team. He told me that RW will stink at fantasy. He told me he is nothing more than a game manager at best. RW is somebody’s backup QB in his league.

    So, I straightened out his faulty thinking by telling him to watch, listen, and learn.
    Then RW came out for 1.45 minutes and set up 3/3 , 77 yds, and 1 TD.
    I told him this was what the league is in store for this year, and that guy that had him as his back up, will soo realize that he has THE fantasy gem of the year…


  32. chuck_easton says:

    And for context here, I am 5’9″ tall and was a fairly good athlete in my younger days. Even managed to land a chance to play college baseball.

    Problem was I always played 1st base. Got to University, and the coach took one look at me and said ‘too short for 1st base. Go play outfield.

    So I’ve always had a soft spot for the ‘little guy’. Zorn, Tarkinton, Flutie, Brees (before he got a big head and became cocky). Those were the guys I rooted for. The ones that are always being judged one the fact they are vertically challenged and not on their ability.

    I root for Wilson because he’s a very good QB, he’s smart as they come, he’s a professional in all aspects, and because he’s always being told he’s too short to succeed.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Can anyone think of one time Jackson has lead a team to a score with 2 minutes left in a half?

    What scares me is that Jackson indeed knows the system better & he still looks worse than Pryor or BJ.

    We are in big trouble if Wilson goes down.

  34. I’m 99% sure most of us haven’t a clue what we’re talking about when it comes to rosters but it’s fun to speculate. Jackson is paid and isn’t going anywhere. I hope Pryor is gone. Not a fan. Daniels is o.k. could be a decent #3.

    And finally you are all trippin’, man….the depth isn’t that good? Bryant is the reason we won’t stop the run this year? I give up…absolute silliness….

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I thought you root for Wilson because his father was a lawyer.

  36. seahawksteven777 says:

    I know the defense didn’t play well last night but I mean, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane, and Tharold Simon all didn’t play and it showed. Plus no Bennett and McDaniels, both of whom are very important for our d-line.

    We’ll be fine. I just hope we get those secondary guys healthy and get Irvin back too.

  37. TallyHawk says:

    TJack went 7-7 on a really bad team that had nowhere near the talent this team does. With a torn pec. I have confidence he could come in and guide this team to a .500 or better record for a few games if needed. BJ Daniels has looked good against guys like him that won’t be playing on Sundays. He doesn’t get any play with the 1’s in practice and some of you want him as the back up. To quote the president of his fan club…smh!

  38. And Earl Thomas is a madman. Good lordy. Being dragged by a big receiver, hanging on while continuing trying to punch the ball out and and still manages to tackle the guy. And he had a few other great tackles and hits. And to top it off I am fine if he returns punts. I don’t trust Walters. Earl is crazy. Let that boy loose.

  39. I’m kind of indifferent who makes it as our backup QB but I hope we keep only one of them.

    I hope Small makes the team. The odds are stacked against him because I would be surprised if they kept both him and Coleman but he’s fun to watch hit people and had some good plays running the ball (except for that fumble against the Bears?).

  40. Was looking over my roster analysis that I have been maintaining – some of the difficult cuts have been made by some players already moved to injured reserve – Jesse William, Heath Farwell, Eric Pinkins, Anthony McCoy and AJ Jefferson.

    Really the only bubble spots I see are the last spots on the d-line, o-line and WR.

    Biggest remaining variables are how many QB’s and WR’s the Seahawks keep and whether Irvin starts on PUP and/or Norwood gets IR’d.

  41. Quarterbacks: Last year kept 2
    Virtual lock: Russell Wilson
    Looking safe: Tarvaris Jackson.
    Longer odds: Terrelle Pryor, B.J. Daniels

    Running backs: Last year kept 5
    Virtual locks: Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin, Christine Michael,
    Looking safe: Derrick Coleman
    Longer odds: Spencer Ware, Kiero Small, Dimitrius Bronson

    Wide receivers: Last year kept 5
    Virtual locks: Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin, Paul Richardson, Jermaine Kearse
    Looking safe: Ricardo Lockette, Kevin Norwood
    Longer odds: Bryan Walters, Chris Mathews, Phil Bates, Arceto Clark, Presley Morrell
    Injured Reserve: Taylor Price

    Tight ends: Last year kept 2
    Virtual Locks: Zach Miller, Luke Willson
    Looking safe:
    Longer odds: Cooper Helfet, Chase Dixon, Allen RaShaun
    Injured reserve: Anthony McCoy

    Offensive line: Last year kept 10
    Virtual locks: Russell Okung, James Carpenter, Max Unger, J.R. Sweezy, Justin Britt, Eric Winston, Lemuel Jeanpierre
    Looking safe:
    Longer odds: Gary Gilliam, Alvin Bailey, Stephen Schilling, Caylin Hauptmann, Nate Isles, Patrick Lewis

  42. Defensive line: Last year kept 10
    Virtual locks: Brandon Mebane, Tony McDaniel, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Kevin Williams
    Looking safe: O’Brien Schofield , Greg Scruggs, Cassius Marsh, Jordan Hill
    Longer odds: D’Anthony Smith, Andru Pulu, Jimmy Staten, Benson Mayowa
    Injured reserve: Jesse Williams

    Linebackers: Last year kept 7
    Virtual locks: K.J. Wright, Bobby Wagner, Malcolm Smith
    Looking safe: Kevin Pierre-Louis, Korey Toomer, Brock Coyle, Mike Morgan
    Longer odds:
    PUP: Bruce Irvin
    Injured reserve: Heath Farwell

    Defensive backs: Last year kept 9
    Virtual locks: Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane, Tharold Simon, Jeron Johnson
    Looking safe: De Shawn Shead
    Longer odds: Steven Terrell, Phillip Adams, Akeem Auguste, Terrance Parks
    Injured reserve: Eric Pinkins, A.J. Jefferson

    Specialists: Last year kept 3
    Virtual locks: Clint Gresham (LS), Steven Hauschka (K), Jon Ryan (P)

  43. RDPoulsbo says:

    Every year, there’s about 8 or so starting QBs that have no business starting in the NFL. As a starter, T-Jack would be one of those 8 QBs. The good news is he’s not a starter. He’s the definition of a game manager, not going to do to much but not going to take a lot of risks either. That’s what you want in a backup. A #2 QB is insurance, not a risk taker. Pryor and Daniels only want to take risks, both in their passes and their scrambles.

  44. Russell Wilson’s deep passes were off target? Really? What game were you watching? Or did my cocktail get spiked with hallucinogens and i was seeing great passes when they weren’t?

  45. banosser says:

    Hubrismh – “Some guy at the bar last night fancies himself the king of fantasy football, and that he knows everything about every team. He told me that RW will stink at fantasy. He told me he is nothing more than a game manager at best. RW is somebody’s backup QB in his league.”

    LOL… who gives a ff what he does in fantasy football… the dude led his team to a Lombardi in his second season! Real football.. that’s what’s relevant.. that’s what REAL… Who gives a crap what the ‘king of fantasy football’ thinks about RW.. LOL.. I don’t want to offend anyone here (and I get the context of your post Hubrismh), but seriously.. who brags about being the king of fantasy football?? I would have been in serious trouble cuz I very likely would have dropped my beer laughing so hard at the guy (ok I wouldn’t have dropped my beer, but..)

    Fantasy football… whatever lol

  46. yankinta says:

    Hmmmm,, based on what I’ve seen, I don’t know which QB I like more… Derek Carr or Blake Bortles…. Both of these QB has a chance to be a legit Top 10 QB within their first 3 years. Unlike Andrew Luck has been or will be this year….

    Of course only those of us with eyes for talent and willing to trust their own eyes can see this clearly.. :)

  47. Why does a thread on who makes the Seahawks roster suddenly take a turn to Andrew Luck?

  48. yankinta says:

    OrrObb,, ummm you’re focusing on Luck,, I was talking about how much I like Derek Carr and Blake Bortles. I’d take those 2 QBs over any QB drafted within the past 2 years…

  49. chuck_easton says:


    I’d go with option two. We all know Wilson can’t throw deep! Get with the program.

    blocis, good roster analysis. Pinkins is actually on reserve/NFI and not IR. That means he would be allowed to practice after week 6 and could be added back onto the active roster during the season.

    But likely this will be Pinkin’s redshirt season.

  50. yankinta says:

    OrrObb,, in fact I’d take Derek Carr and Blake Bortles over any QB drafted in the past 3 years,, except of course RW and Nick Foles… :)

  51. BigShermyWorm says:

    “Russell Wilson’s deep passes were off target? Really? What game were you watching? Or did my cocktail get spiked with hallucinogens and i was seeing great passes when they weren’t?

    jboard, if you were referring to my comment, I was most certainly being sarcastic.

    banosser, isn’t being the “King of Fantasy Football” like being the hottest chick in Puyallup? I totally agree. I tried FF a couple of times. But who really gives a funk when it comes to REAL football?

  52. BigShermyWorm says:

    Yanker, you brought up Luck, as you always do. Own up. SMH! Bobble, bobble.

  53. bird_spit says:

    Yankinta – I hate to say this on a public forum, but I agree with you.

  54. BigShermyWorm says:

    “Can anyone think of one time Jackson has lead a team to a score with 2 minutes left in a half?

    What scares me is that Jackson indeed knows the system better & he still looks worse than Pryor or BJ.

    We are in big trouble if Wilson goes down.”

    Some of that is very true, Georgia. But when has Pryor or Daniels done spit in a real game? I don’t have faith that TJack will WIN games for the Hawks, but he can NOT LOSE them. Better than the other options they have. Especially with their running game and defense.

  55. BigShermyWorm says:

    Yanker actually makes some good points. Too bad they’re overshadowed by all of the verbal diarrhea he spews.

  56. BigShermyWorm says:

    BTW Georgia, you said I called the Hawks winning the SB in 2013. What do I get as a prize from you??????????

  57. Hubrismh says:

    My point was that last year RW could be considered a game manager due to how it all turned out. Add to that, I’m fine with him being a game manager, as it leads to SB victories.

    The difference is that I personally believe, 98% anyways, that RW will put up some rediculous numbers this year all the while being a game manager. But with a healthy Percy, solid Baldwin, a blossomed Kearse and Willson, and the kids of PRich and Norwood, combined with a better line, a better running game, and RW’s own personal growth. This years offense will post a significant gain in total points scored this year, which will alter how the other teams play us. They will be forced to play catch-up, which will play into our strenGths, of pass rush guys and killer secondary. It will be a different dynamic to the games this season. The difference is that we will have the dominant offense to go along with a crushing and suffocating defense.

    It will be a very entertaining season.

  58. Glad you were being sarcastic…sometimes it is hard to tell on this board with a few of the posters…… I’m ready for the regular season, Go hawks

  59. I obviously failed to read between the lines.

    Yank says, “Both of these QB has a chance to be a legit Top 10 QB within their first 3 years.” This clearly means, “I’d take those 2 QBs over any QB drafted within the past 2 years.”

    Yank says, “Unlike Andrew Luck has been or will be this year….” But he’s not focusing on Luck, I am.

    Gotta love that logic!

  60. BigShermyWorm says:

    jboard, sarcasm isn’t easily read in print unless you know the posters’ motives. I probably am too vague much of the time.

  61. LarryLee says:

    For a game manager who is too small and can’t throw deep RW is having a nice little career start doncha think?

  62. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The only one that brings up Luck is wank. You could have easily ended your comment with
    “Both of these QB has a chance to be a legit Top 10 QB within their first 3 years.”
    This is the part that isn’t needed, especially here. ” Unlike Andrew Luck has been or will be this year….”
    Your singular focus going on year three. Nobody else ever brings up Luck here. He plays for the Colts, this is a Seahawks blog. Your crush Wilson would be offended if he knew how much you speak about Luck.

    Don’t you have some One Direction music to listen to?

  63. I figured out how we can make RW an elite QB in the eyes of everyone else: 3″ platform cleats! Yeah, that’s the answer! Go Hawks!

  64. OshkoshOz says:

    Have it on rock solid authority that the Packers front seven will employ the late defensive coordinator Fritz Shurmur’s “Elephant Package” Thursday night vs. Seattle. The Elephant Package front seven plays to Green Bay’s depth and strength at linebacker. Depending on the down and distance, there are one or two down linemen and five linebackers on the field, plus the defensive backs. Fan of an NFC North division rival here. Go ‘Hawks!

  65. jawpeace says:

    Yank is like a dog with a bone. (LOL I accidentally typed a R at the end of the sentence.) No matter how many times other posters try to take away his bone he won’t let it go.

  66. PLUHawkFan says:

    I think some of you are being a tad bit rough on T-Jax. I’m not saying he’s all that, but let’s remember a few things before we go trashing him anymore.

    1. He doesn’t get many consistent reps anymore with specific players. I don’t care “how good” you are, part of the QB’s success comes from chemistry. (Chemistry comes with working with players, learning timing etc)

    2. It’s not like he’s been busy studying defenses etc to know weakness etc. It’s Pre-Season, most concerned with being in shape, working mechanics etc, keeping up with changes in play calls etc. (granted he could have shown better in this area) I’m not “overly concerned though”

    3. It’s PreSeason!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not saying he’s this great QB. I am saying though, that if he needed to win us a few games though he knows the system and is adequate. I’d have more faith in him (by a good stretch) then I would Pryor or Daniels.

    My Opinion anyway.


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