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Carroll: “I think that we practice in a manner that draws attention”; Seahawks starters may play a little at Oakland tomorrow

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on Aug. 27, 2014 at 1:09 pm with 75 Comments »
August 27, 2014 3:32 pm

“No, I don’t feel like the victim. No I don’t, at all,” coach Pete Carroll said today, after I stopped the above video, while talking about the NFL fining him and the Seahawks $300,000 and taking away two days of the team’s three-day, veteran minicamp in 2015 for conducting practices the league deemed to have too much contact this past June.

“I think that we practice in a manner that draws attention. And we have for a long time.”

Carroll confirmed following today’s walkthrough practice for tomorrow night’s exhibition finale at Oakland that it was the fight on the June 18 day of minicamp between wide receiver Phil Bates and cornerback Richard Sherman that got the attention of the league. That attention caused the league to review team video of the offseason practices,

Seahawks wide receiver Phil Bates is pulled away by teammates following a fight with cornerback Richard Sherman during a minicamp practice on June 18 (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson).
Seahawks wide receiver Phil Bates is pulled away by teammates following a fight with cornerback Richard Sherman during a minicamp practice on June 18 (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson).

and that’s when the NFL determined the contact in those violated Articles 21 and 22 of the league’s collective bargaining agreement prohibiting contact in offseason practices and minicamps.

The fight got the attention, but the incident that led to the fight was on the play before in June when wide receiver Bryan Walters got tangled up with safety Earl Thomas. That riled up both the offense and defense, and on the next play Bates and Sherman escalated the tension.

“I go back: A year ago, and halfway through this camp when they observed what was going on they said everything was just fine,” Carroll said. “So we kept going, and just kept working. And I was very pleased with that. But, unfortunately, it went otherwise when we went to minicamp.”

It’s not as if Carroll is obsessing over the six-figure fine he got from the league, per the CBA. After all, he does have a final regular-season roster to set by 1 p.m. Saturday plus a Super Bowl championship to defend starting in eight days with the NFL opener against Green Bay.

“You know, I haven’t read the letter yet, to tell you the truth,” he said of the NFL’s notice of its penalties to him and the team. “I haven’t had the chance to.”

–It looks and sounds like the starting offense and defense will play a little — heavy accent on little – tomorrow night in Oakland. Carroll said again he wants to get extended playing time for backup quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Terrelle Pryor.

When I asked the coach what specifically he wanted to see from Pryor, the former Raiders starter until last season, when he plays against his former team tomorrow he said: “Just playing ball. Just seeing him play ball. I hope that the cool things we’ve seen on the practice field will show up on the game field. He had a nice first game (against Denver Aug. 7) in then he’s had other opportunities that just haven’t worked out as well as far as chances to do things. Hopefully this game it will be different.”

My game advance in tomorrow’s News Tribune will focus on Pryor returning to Oakland — and how it may or may not be his last chance to make the Seahawks’ roster.

I believe Carroll and general manager John Schneider are truly all about hoarding the best 53 athletes they can get onto their regular-season roster, and that they believe Pryor fits that description. But frankly his on-field production the last two games hasn’t been worthy of making the team. We’ll see tomorrow night — and when the final roster cuts are announced by 1 p.m. Saturday — what gives.

–Carroll, with his tongue firmly embedded into his cheek, seemed to have some fun while elaborating after a question about the unusual and short practice week the Seahawks have coming out of this exhibition in Oakland into next Thursday’s opener. The Seahawks will be off Friday and Saturday then have scheduled full practices Sunday through Tuesday with a walkthrough on Wednesday.

“I hoping that all of the guidelines for how we practice will allow us to practice exactly the way I want to like a normal week,” Carroll said, “so we are waiting to hear from the league on that.”

–Wide receiver Percy Harvin missed his second consecutive practice today with what Carroll says is a “personal” matter.

–DT Tony McDaniel has sore knee that the team is resting so he can be ready for next week versus Green Bay. Nickel back Jeremy Lane also resting his mildly strained groin for that.

–Carroll said WR Bryan Walters, who missed last week with sore ribs, will be available tomorrow night to return punts and kicks. It’s the native of Kirkland’s final bid to win a job.

–The Seahawks re-signed RB Demitrius Bronson of Kentwood High School in Kent, one day after that cut him in what Carroll said was an impressive kid getting caught in a “numbers game” as the team had to get down to 75 players by Tuesday. Seattle released G/C Greg Van Roten to make roster room for Bronson.

–The Seahawks claimed 311-pound C Patrick Lewis off waivers from Jacksonville and released offseason free-agent signee and LB Marcus Dowtin. Lewis’ two-day trial before final cuts started today

–Look who’s on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated:


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  1. thelostboys says:

    I read this comment on a story about the fine on Pro Football Focus. I loved it and felt it worth sharing:

    “The Seahawks got fined for playing tackle football during flag football season. The Broncos got embarrassed for playing flag football during tackle football season.”


  2. Macabrevity says:

    I’ve been really rooting for Pryor but his comment about being unprepared last game was inadvisable to say the least.

  3. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! What a great quote!!

  4. thelostboys – that’s hilarious

    Gregg – what’s up with Michael and his hammy?

  5. oldtallguy says:

    I’m sure everyone has heard this but there’s a petition going around to drop the Washington name from the Washington Redskins. The name is and embarrassment to the Redskin name

  6. thelostboys says:

    Need to give proper credit for my quote. It came from Pro Football Talk (not PFF) and it was given by hillbillyjim.

  7. Bronson should have made the roster. We’re just loaded with Lynch, Turbin, and Michaels behind him. Im surprised no one picked him up, but Seattle barely gave him any game time.

    I think that was deliberate, and they hope to stash him on the PS squad. I hope so, he seems like a good kid and belongs in the NFL, in my humble opinion.

    Must be nice to be wealthy enough to not particularly care that you just got fined 100k…I dont live in that world lol!

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck can probably answer this, but I wonder if the team will pay Carroll’s fine, through Carroll, for him? In other words, reimburse him.

  9. Gregg Bell says:

    OrrObb: Michael was face-down on the turf getting stretched by a trainer behind the offense’s huddle during scrimmaging yesterday. Looked like routine stretching many players get during a practice. But then he didn’t finish and now Carroll has declared him out for tomorrow night’s “game” at Oakland.

  10. SandpointHawk says:

    Well the estimate is Pete now makes 8-9million per year….100K is pocket change….

  11. Gregg Bell says:

    By the way, the Seahawks have just announced their practice schedule for next week — and it includes a media availability with Marshawn Lynch for on Tuesday.

    I’m now taking requests here on suggested questions to ask the mostly un-askable running back. Any ideas out there?

  12. Thanks, Gregg. Not that Michael is indispensable, but I’m hoping to see more of him this year. I especially want to see him early on to keep the Beast fresh for the stretch run, when we face the other teams in our division.

  13. Gregg,

    Ask Lynch about his movie. When is it coming out? Ask him about his foundation. He will probably be willing to talk about those two things, if nothing else. Boss.

  14. Bronson will get a shot to showcase his stuff. Good for him, bad for us. He plays well, he might not clear waivers.

    I think its clear that if they can, Seattle will put him on the PS. If not, then we gotta find another gem hiding under a rock…

  15. rbuzby–Good points.

  16. PLUHawkFan says:

    I do NOT CARE if you make 10million a year (overestimation, but still) 100k is NOT pocket change! I mean I realize as you make more, significance of certain amounts change. But come on… “pocket change?”

    Pocket change to me at least is an amount you really don’t care if you lose. If you lost a wallet with a few bucks of cash in it, you wouldn’t freak out about it. Thats pocket change.

    But even at 10million a year 100k is still 1% of total income. Let’s take someone that makes 30k a year. If you lost 1% thats still 300 bucks. I know it’s all relative, but I’m not sure I would call 300 bucks pocket change. It might not be “freak totally out” money, but not pocket change either.

    I’m just saying…

    I think one of the reasons Lottery winners go broke so fast, is they attribute larger sums of money to that term. Oh 50K for a watch? Bah thats pocket change…. They lose perspective. If thats truly how all millionaire’s think, Can I have just a tiny bit of your pocket change?


  17. RDPoulsbo says:

    The Seattle Seahawks just announced that to obtain media credentials for next Tuesday, reporters will have to fill out a 326 page form and supply 37 pieces of photo identification due by 4pm PST today in an agreement with Marshawn Lynch.

    Yeah, asking him anything that has to do with football will get you nothing even if it’s a complete softball question. I believe Boling mentioned in the past that he’s very generous with those that are in no position to make demands upon him. The foundation is probably the best opening to get him to make a comment longer than 5 words.

  18. doubledink says:

    Ask him about a particular kid or story related to his foundation that most affected him. That would be something he cares about that could draw more than a sentence out of him.

  19. montanamike2 says:

    Still nothing announced for Aldon Smiths punishment?

  20. DreadHawks says:

    I dont think Lynch will answer much. Ask him who he prefers, Bootsy Collins or Rick James, that might get a chuckle out of him.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ask Lynch if he’s looking forward to running behind Sweezbag & Carpetbag this season.

  22. MoSeahawk12 says:

    and Ungerbag….

  23. I would like to know how Lynch feels about his buddy The Big Russian (Breno Giacomini) being gone this year. Are they talking? Does he have a nickname for Britt (beside Rook)?

  24. bird_spit says:

    Ask him if he prefers ecoline vans or Lamborghini’s.

  25. PLUHawkFan says:


    Try to be a reporter while drawing on his interests. Ask him if his Social Welfare degree has helped prepare him for his life’s passion (His foundation) after football?

    You can also ask him if he misses doing “messing with Marshawn” on the Real Rob Report. (I remember an interview with Mike Rob awhile back when he explained that segment was lynches brainchild.)

    Anyway maybe that gives you a couple of idea’s.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Notice Wilson (in the pic with Kaep) holding the football with just his hand.

    “You may have me in height.”
    “But you have to (hand) it to me when it comes to ball control.”

  27. MoSeahawk12 says:

    This I like. ” I’m sure a lot of people didn’t pick us to win last year. It doesn’t matter to us. They don’t get any criticism when they get it wrong so they have no reason to really study it and nail it on the head so who knows what will happen. We will go out there and give it our best shot and put our best foot forward.”

    Being internally motivated is so much more powerful than being externally motivated. If you need someone or something to motivate you, you will be in trouble if that thing doesn’t bother anymore. If you are internally motivated, you will always have a reason to get to where you want. I see guys like Earl as internally motivated and even though Sherman says it doesn’t matter, I believe he does get motivation from outside. He reads all the stuff and uses that, which works for him.

  28. bird_spit says:

    Gregg – I’d like to know if marshawn wants to play out his career and if he will be ready to see his name on the ring of honor some day.

    Another Super Bowl season will obviously put him on the ring of honor and high potential for hall of fame.

  29. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The SI cover bugs me a bit as they put Kap in front of Russell. They should have put Kap behind not only because he is, but also because he is taller and that would balance out the composition better.

  30. PLUHawkFan says:

    If any of you subscribe to SI or can get the Magazine, there is a very good RW article inside. Really gives you some insight into JUST who he is. “most I had read other places”

    But the article is good nonetheless. Check it out if you can Title of the article Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson’s Aim is True.


  31. thelostboys says:

    Greg, If the media had true guts, they would get together and elect one spokesperson. That single person would tell Lynch when he arrives for his interview, “Marshawn we appreciate your taking a moment to come here. In respect of your desire to not be here we have no questions for you. Have a nice day.”

    Actually, this would/could change the course of his outlook. Might be the only way. A small loss for a larger gain in the end. The rule of opposites is in the same genre as the rule of karma.

  32. Gregg Bell says:

    Hmmm…interesting approach, thelostboys

  33. I’d ask Coyle if he has any idea how special his number is to an entire generation of fans. Not saying that is a question for Tuesday, but at some point where it’s more convenient.

    In his words, I would ask Lynch what he feels is the biggest misconception about him to his fans. It will be a short so he may answer it.

  34. Gregg!

    You respond to that silly stuff and not to the real questions we suggested for you?

    There were two or 3 good suggestions.

    As long as were being silly, you could ask him if he keeps those velvet ropes in the trunk of his Lambo. And ask him if the Lambo even has a trunk.

  35. In terms of a question for Lynch, I’m wondering where his name “Beast Mode” came from. In the 1990s, there was a cartoon called “Beast Wars Transformers” where Optimus would scream “Beast Mode”, his troops would transform from robot to beast and go all Beast Mode on Megatron and his cronies.

  36. Not that it really matters but in regards to RW being behind CK in the cover shot…they look to me to be two separate shots “photo shopped” together. Notice the shadows on their feet. One shadow goes back and left while the other goes back and right. So they were shot solo and tossed together.

  37. pabuwal-

    I think you are right about it coming from the Transformers cartoon. A kid who loves skittles would be watching the Tranformers.

    Here is Lynch using the term back in 2007:

  38. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Exactly Skavage, the rest of the covers are that way as well. They never shoot these guys together as matching schedules is tough for these guys. Of course Kaps fake shadow crosses over Russell’s left arm.

  39. AZBubba71 says:

    If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

  40. Southendzone says:

    Sort of along the lines of a comment above, but a question like how much longer does he want to play football would be something im interested in

  41. Southendzone says:

    Thought of another beast mode question. If you even get a single honest answer it will be amazing, but as long as you plan to try, I’m interested who are some of the players he’s tight with now that Mike Rob is gone?

  42. fijihawksfan says:

    BobbyK —

    I think you can expect to see Coyle wearing #52 once the season starts. There’s no way he ends up with Kenny Easley’s old number.

  43. They once let Kevin Houser wear #45. I’m willing to bet that at least 95% of people on this blog don’t even know who that is unless they do a google search.

  44. Gregg Bell says:

    These are some good suggestions to query Lynch. Keep em comin!

  45. What is the over/under on mirrors in Kaperdinks pad. Got to be in the 30+ range.

  46. You’re just talking about in the entry to the place, right?

  47. Yeah, Easley was before my time, but watching highlights and listening to the old timers talk about the way he played and of course what Lott said about him, they shouldn’t let any one wear “The Enforcers” number, the dude should be in the HoF.

  48. Kenny Easley was inducted into the Seahawks ring of honor in 2002.

    The Seahawks do not “retire” numbers unless a player is in the NFL Hall of Fame, with the exception of #12, quarterback Sam Adkins (haha). 96, 80, and 71 are the other retired numbers.

    I think the Seahawks do it right. If you retire #45, you have to retire #17, then #22 of course ( 4 picks in 1 game!) and pretty soon you run out of numbers after retiring the number of every beloved played.

  49. ….player, not played

  50. I love the ring of honor way more than retiring numbers! don’t know why just the way I feel.

    – Would love to know from Lynch if has a game that he feels was his best game – either with the seahawks or lifetime.

  51. Walter Jones had his jersey number retired by the Seahawks in 2010. He did not become a member of the Hall of Fame until a few months ago (2014).

    Steve Largent had his number “retired” in 1992, even though he wasn’t inducted to the Hall of Fame until 1995.

    The policy you claim the Seahawks have is wrong.

  52. Ring of honor and retired jersey are different things Bobby. Not all ring of honor guys have their number retired. That’s why this subject came up.

    I saw that policy I mentioned on the Seahawks website a couple years ago. I am looking for it so I can give you a link, as I have nothing better to do.

  53. I cant find it. The Seahawks website has been redesigned again. They don’t have the team history section they used to have.

    Only Seahawk Hall of Famers have their numbers retired. Walter was an obvious Hall of Famer years before he even stopped playing, so of course they retired his number before that became official. It was a no brainer.

  54. Please don’t think that I don’t understand the difference between the Ring of Honor the Seattle Seahawks and the members of the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame. I am insulted.

  55. Sorry Bobby, I wasn’t trying to insult you.

    Other than the obvious 12, name the non Hall of Famer that has a Seahawk jersey retired, and I will concede that point.

  56. You said the policy of the Seahawks was to NOT retire a number until the said player was inducted to the Hall of Fame. It isn’t true.

    Read this article:

    The Seahawks have had three HOFers. Two of them clearly had their number retired by the team years before they were elected to the HOF.

    You’re right that Easley will have his number retired if he ever makes the HOF but I can guarantee that at the rate guys like Wilson and Sherman are going that there’s no way they are going to have to wait to have their jerseys retired until they are officially inducted. If Wilson wins three Super Bowls (hopefully more) in his career, I can pretty much easily guarantee that he’ll join the Ring of Honor AND have his jersey number retired a year or two after he retires (well before the 5 year waiting period to be inducted into the HOF).

  57. Sorry, that came out after I said what you had said. lol

  58. Who’s on first? There are who we thought they were…

  59. What’s on second?

  60. FleaFlicker says:

    Not like you’d necessarily get an answer, but I’d love to hear Marshawn actually answer these questions:

    1. You’ve had some negative experiences with the press, notably in Buffalo, where people made up their minds about you before your full potential in this league was realized…what’s the biggest difference between real life Marshawn Lynch and the one portrayed by the media?

    2. Where do you see yourself in two or three more seasons from now?

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:


    “Will you take 5 questions today if we don’t ask you anymore for the rest of the season?”

    “If not how about 3?s”

    “If so are we down to 2?s”

    “If not, never mind, see you next season.

  62. While this sounds bizarre, does Marshawn hear music when he runs? I swear that I attach both metal and classic music to his beast modes, and I wonder if he relates?

  63. Pretty sure Lynch only listens to West Coast Gangsta rap. But as to what he hears in his head, that is a good question. Neil Anderson–a tough, 1,000 yard per season back for the Bears in the early nineties was asked what its like when he gets the ball; he said he was so jacked on adrenaline that he barely saw anything–just flashes of color–and that it was silent. Pretty strange.

    Sean Alexander found out on his long runs he was holding his breath, which made him nearly pass out in the end zone!

    I too hear music when I watch great plays happen–sometimes! I heard nothing at all when The Tip happened…then I almost kicked a hole in my wall 5 feet in the air whilst screaming like my rear was on fire…lol!

    The Classical Music thing comes from the NFL Films segments they used to do with NFL players in slow motion set to Classical Favorites. It was awesome. I still remember realizing for the first time why Steve Largent was so awesome, and why my Dad loved him so. ALso the one on Lynn Swann, the guy who took Ballet to improve his body control. I wish they still did that.

    Nowadays, its 2-second edits of PARTS of plays, sped up film, yellow video game rings around players (in case you cant tell who has the ball?!), and usually crappy rap music…

    Of course I blame it all on Roger Goodell. He’s also responsible for what the Isreali’s are up to by the way…and he’s the one behind Putin…lol!

  64. BigShermyWorm says:

    PLUHawk, I know this was from a different thread and a couple of days ago. Yes I do think there are 5-6 other QBs that could’ve gotten the Hawks to the SB, even though I didn’t have 5-6 specifically in mind when I made the comment. I think other elite QBs like Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Manning, etc. could’ve gotten the Hawks to the SB. Doesn’t mean they would’ve but could’ve. This is no knock on RW.

    OrrObb, “So it may be a sample size of one, but based on personal experience I will never buy the second-hand smoke marijuana argument.”

    The problem with this logic, besides the obvious that it is only one anecdotal source of evidence, is that THC in the body declines sharply after a few hours. So you would not still have a high level Monday morning even if you did while you were in the van with your buddies. Gordon may have been called for a random test right after having been in the vicinity of it.

    Now I don’t know if second hand smoke can cause a 5 nanogram per mL level or not. I don’t believe enough research has been done to really say. And I believe it’s WAY more likely that he simply was smoking at least a little marijuana. Neither really matters to me. I don’t believe they have any business testing him in the first place. I have no problem with them offering support for those that want. I can even handle them disciplining players when their substance abuse leads to legal issues and bad headlines, even though I believe the protecting the shield argument is BS. But they have no business being the morals police or a vice squad.

    FleaFlicker had a very good post about these issues a couple of days ago, though you did make a mistake or typo because the levels are actually measured per milliliter. They are an issue again today with the suspension of Gordon. Why is it that Matt Prater can be suspended for drinking beer years after having a DUI. The legal system allows people to drink after being convicted of a DUI after a certain period of time. Why is it okay for the NFL to tell him he cannot drink at home? I think the players need to put an end to this when the next CBA comes up if not sue the league right now. They probably won’t due to the bad headlines they’d get in a media desperate for any sensational news. People love to condemn and look down on others due to their behavior rather than do the hard work of improving their own.

    Finally, for those of you here in Washington that may see the 15 nanogram per mL level that the NFL has as low, you should be aware that you can be charged with an DUI if you are tested and have a level of 5 nanograms per mL or higher. So those of you that partake, either refrain if you have to drive or make sure that you are driving very carefully. A good idea regardless.

  65. BigShermyWorm says:

    *15 nanogram

  66. Southendzone says:

    Another lynch question

    When did you pick up your super bowl ring?

    Pretty sure he wasn’t at the ceremony with the team

  67. wazzulander says:

    Bring ML some candy to try and then comment on… I would be interested in the differences he sees in Coleman this year vs last; and what kind of tips/advice he has had for Turbin and Michaels.

  68. Gregg. Ask ML.
    With the league taking away two days of the team’s three-day veteran minicamp. Would that affect how you sddress you time at minicamp?

  69. Gregg, Marshawn doesn’t like the same old sports questions that all athletes give cliche answers to when asked. Go in there and ask him off the wall stuff to get him engaged. What’s his favorite rock band? Does he like snakes? Does he enjoy roller coasters? Has he ever been to Italy? Has he ever been snowboarding? Does he play video games? Would he ever go skydiving? Etc.

  70. Also ask him if he’d rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

  71. doubledink says:

    he was at the ceremony. It was the same day of the last day of minicamp that he showed up for. Probably just because of the evening planned party.

  72. Damn, I need new glasses. I saw something other than Duck as I was scrolling down.

  73. Wny does Russell have a boner on SI?

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