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Seahawks waive-injured Brooks, Gilreath, Horace Miller; Farwell, Jefferson, Davis to IR; Pinkins reserve-non-football injury list

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on Aug. 26, 2014 at 11:41 am with 45 Comments »
August 26, 2014 11:41 am

The Seahawks are down to the NFL-mandated limit of 75 players in advance of today’s 1 p.m. deadline after making seven more moves this morning.

They waived-injured defensive tackle Michael Brooks, wide receiver David Gilreath and linebacker Horace Miller.

Seattle also placed backup middle linebacker and 2013 special-teams captain Heath Farwell (groin), cornerback A.J. Jefferson (ankle) and C.J. Davis (calf) on the season-ending injured-reserve list.

Farwell sustained what coach Pete Carroll said yesterday was a major groin injury that will likely require surgery. The 10-year veteran did that while jumping to defend a Chicago Bears pass in the end zone in an exhibition game Friday. The coach said Farwell is heading east to get a second opinion on needing surgery; at 32 years old his career seems to be in jeopardy.

Jefferson severely injured his ankle while getting tackled at the end of his interception during his strong game at Denver in the exhibition opener Aug. 7. Davis got hurt that same night.

Those players will be paid for the season, unless they reach an injury settlement with the Seahawks in the meantime to become free agents.

The Seahawks’ final move today was placing cornerback Eric Pinkins on their reserve-non-football-injury list.

Seattle’s next roster deadline is Saturday at 1 p.m., when it has to get the roster down to 53 for the start of the regular season. After a 24-hour waiver period Saturday until Sunday at 1 p. m., the Seahawks and every other team can begin setting its practice squad.



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  1. Hey Gregg– I remember that Rusty Tillman used to be the guy they called “The Turk.” He would be the coach that told the players that they had to grab their playbook and go see the head coach. So the players never wanted to see him coming to find them. Who has that job in the Pete Carroll regime?

  2. jawpeace says:

    I know Horace Miller was a guy I read on another Hawk site that the writer was super jazzed about. Possibly another practice squad player for the Hawks. I really like the fact the PS this year will be 10 players.

  3. They send Sherm to get the players.. He tells them they’re Sorry. Mediocre. I’m the best!

  4. jawpeace says:

    This is when I thought we would see Bowie’s name go on injured reserve for the year. Still think it would have been better to keep him on the 90 for a few weeks then IR him. And then after he healed if they were still pissed off at him then trade him for a low round draft pick.

  5. yankinta says:

    What?? There’s no chance AJ comes back this season?? We needed competition to groom Byron Maxwell’s replacement… it’s a big loss for 2015 imo. smh…

    P.S., I see Byron signing a 1st tier or 2nd tier deal in FA next year,, and we should get back a 3rd round Compensatory Pick for him…

  6. montanamike2 says:

    Glad they kept Jefferson and Farwell.

  7. Bowie was just added to the Browns IR.

  8. FleaFlicker says:

    Tough break for Farwell, but not a bad way to land. A full year’s salary while he begins transition to post-football life. Heath, thanks for your contributions on the way to SB XL. My memory of you will be leading the blockers all the way into the endzone on Percy’s touchdown.

    Not that I even noticed Horace Miller in the preseason, but my wife will miss his 10 foot dreadlocks on game day (seriously: on the sidelines with his helmet off, you can’t even see his jersey number).

  9. Yank, You like to predict a lot of things.. Can you tell me how many sticks of gum Petey will chomp on vs GB?

  10. SandpointHawk says:

    Over/under is 12 sticks of gum…

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How many comp picks will we get next year & what former Seahawks players will help us get them?

    Yankinta? Anyone?

  12. yankinta says:

    mocarob,, lol ummm I have no idea… how about I tell you the final score instead?? :)

    I’m thinking Seattle 38, Green Bay 14…

  13. That score sounds good to me..

  14. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Sports radio was joking about the Rams bringing in Favre…or where they?
    That would be crazy, funny. Why not, Jeff George still thinks he can play.

  15. There were a bunch of fans petitioning for a tryout for Tim Tebow

  16. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I think the Rams best chance is to stick with Shaun Hill. They have one of the best defenses in the game so even without Bradford they will not be a pushover. Remember they almost beat us last year with Kellen Clemons playing QB so we should take them lightly or expect 2 easy wins.

  17. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Agreed Mike, their D line is about the best in the game. Certainly in our division. If Tate doesn’t break open late in one of the games last year, that could have easily been another loss. I guessing their D will step up to offset the injury situation.

  18. doubledink says:

    That’s what is great about football, every play is designed to take it to the house. Or as Paul Richardson says, “Don’t blink”.

    Tate’s TD was a great example of why you must bring it all, every play.

  19. bird_spit says:

    mocarob – “They send Sherm to get the players.. He tells them they’re Sorry. Mediocre. I’m the best!”

    I lmao…I could see Sherm doing that while Thomas stares them down.

  20. montanamike2 says:

    I’m taking the under, i think Pete chews about 9 0r 10 pieces of gum. I wish the Rams did get Tebow, then i’d know they don’t have a passing game.

  21. Jefferson must be a guy they wanted to keep. Otherwise they would have just waived/injured him with a settlement. Either that or his injury is very serious.

    I dont see how Pinkins contributes this year. Regardless of his injury, he missed all of the preseason and wasnt impressive before then.

    Yankinta–as for grooming Maxwells successor, thats pretty much been handed to Simon, or werent you paying attention? Jefferson was brought in to compete with Lane for the nickel back position. Depth is thin there with no true nickel except Phillip Adams now…Jefferson wasnt going to beat Simon out for outside corner anyhow…

  22. HawkfaninMT says:

    I would like more information regarding Jefferson. Whether it is competition for Lane or Simon(to replace Maxwell) I really liked him. I think this year, even though it is on the IR, counts towards his contract. Did he sign a 1 year deal, so he is essentially a free agent once the league year ends? Or is he locked up for more years?

  23. montanamike2 says:

    Jefferson tore it up against the Broncos, really surprised me. I don’t doubt they want to keep him.

  24. RDPoulsbo says:

    The Rams won’t sniff the playoffs, but they’ll remain a dangerous team because of their defense. Hill is the best they have right now just because he’s been in their system all offseason, but he’s only thrown 16 regular season passes in 3 years.

    I don’t think AJ Jefferson will be around next year. A series of good preseason doesn’t erase the previous 4 years of getting torched in the regular season. As Gregg mentions, they might still be working through the process of an injury settlement. I just wish there was someone better than Adams to round out the back end of the depth chart there. That might be a position to watch during next week’s cut date for a waiver wire pickup.

  25. yankinta says:

    STTBM, I like Simon too but I’m not sold on him yet. AJ would have definitely push Simon to the next level…. Competition is what I want and what Pete preaches….

  26. A few things come to mind with this round of cuts.

    1. The Hawks have an intentional ‘redshirt’ process and are thinking a year or two down the road. This is so different from many front offices who are trying to figure out how to win now. Washington (always), Cowboys (same), Denver (this year) all come to mind.

    2. The Hawks treat their players well. I heard on a radio interview that Pete Carroll meets personally with each guy released. They go over what went right or wrong, how the team may be calling them in the future, etc. This helps in player retention, morale at training camp, and situations where there may be competition for a fringe player. And in the case of a guy who gave a lot to the organization (Farwell) he gets a nice segue into life after football.

    3. Seattle is always going to have a ‘ghost roster’ in addition to a practice squad roster, with potentially a fair amount of crossover. This improves the depth and quality of the fringe of the roster, and that fringe roster is guys who will be pretending to be opponents on the scout team.

  27. PLUHawkFan says:

    Another Classy move by our wonderful Organization:

    “Farwell sustained what coach Pete Carroll said yesterday was a major groin injury that will likely require surgery. The 10-year veteran did that while jumping to defend a Chicago Bears pass in the end zone in an exhibition game Friday. The coach said Farwell is heading east to get a second opinion on needing surgery; at 32 years old his career seems to be in jeopardy.”

    The Hawks could have just released Farwell. Instead, they placed him on IR. Allowing him to draw a salary while rehabbing. I doubt there is any hope for him returning as a player (Maybe coach?) at least with the Hawks. So there was no “real reason” to put him on IR. (Except for how they do things) They have proven over and over again that they TAKE CARE of their own.

    In the last 3 years I cannot think of a single instance where the organization screwed someone or took advantage of them. Yes we’ve let guys go, but I TRULY believe each instance was for football reasons. And they never made it hard for the ones leaving to catch on someplace else. In fact I read about times where they specifically helped.

    Maybe I’m being a homer (and If i’m wrong on this someone is free to point it out) But setting aside the fact that we have a “Winning organization” it’s not a win at all cost IMHO. We have a “Classy Organization as well”

    I’m PROUD to be a Seahawk fan.


  28. BigShermyWorm says:

    Must’ve been under a rock, but I missed that Jesse Williams is on the IR. That kid better drop some upper body weight and build up those legs if he wants any chance of playing. I wish him luck.

  29. NewJerseyHawk says:

    getting to 53 and back to 63 (adding 10 to the practice squad will make for a very busy Labor Day weekend after Sunday. Gotta figure Toomer, Coyle, Pierre Louis, along with the 3rd QB debate is where Seattle has to manage this properly.

    Norwood will be interesting as well, unless he somehow plays Thursday.

  30. rramstad says:

    Seahawks & Pete Carroll collectively fined by than $300,000 by NFL for violation of off-season non-contact rules, per sources.

    The @Seahawks also lose 2 minicamp practices after review of June 16 OTA practice was deemed unsuitable under CBA rules.

  31. bird_spit says:

    If true, they’ll just have two more days to recover from another Super Bowl season. Yawn.

  32. yankinta says:

    rramstad,, lol thanks for that info. Now the whole world will say, they now have Proof that Seahawks are Cheaters… lol and smh…

  33. doubledink says:

    PLU, they don’t just give lip service to caring about all of the folks in the organization. it’s refreshing.

  34. doubledink says:

    ram, they probably were 2 minutes late getting off the field.

  35. PLUHawkFan says:

    Not that we honestly need a reminder of how well RW is performing (Even if it is PreSeason) but I was just looking at Pre-Season QB stats and am frankly even MORE amazed at just how good he is playing.

    Peyton Manning. (43 of 54 79.6%) (18.0 ATT/G) (423 YDS 7.8AVG) 3TD 1INT 110.1 QBR
    Tom Brady. (25 of 31 80.6%) (15.5 ATT/G) (285 YDS 9.2AVG) 3TD 1INT 123.8 QBR
    Russell Wilson. (30 of 39 76.9%) (13.0 ATT/G) (360 YDS 9.2AVG) 2TD 0INT 121.7 QBR

    Now again I’ll say stats in a vacuum are pointless. But so many people rely on them to rate QB’s I had to post these. Also, again I realize it’s Pre-Season. But comparing our own QB to “ELITE” passers who run a “mostly passing style offense” Yet to post those comparable number listed above and to have many still use the “game manager” title in a negative connotation toward RW just boggles my mind.

    Oh btw, also comparing points per game we are #2 overall against all teams who have played 3games. *Giants have played 4 and listed as number 1 but thats because they have the extra game. (Yes i know it’s pre-season and this isn’t all 1st team offense. But still… many people look at these stats and draw conclusions from them. So i’m posting em.

    Philly 31.3 PT’s/G 94Total Pt’s
    Seattle 30.3 PT’s/G 91Total Pt’s
    New Eng 26.0 PT’s/G 78 Total Pt’s
    And the supposed offensive Juggernaut Denver
    24.0 PT’s/G 72 Total Pt’s

    I wish I had the number of Quarters each played as well to do an even closer exam, but I don’t. I might go watch the games of those 3 again and count them myself.

    I ignore a lot of stats, because I find them misleading if you don’t compare them to so many other factors. But most fans aren’t that way and use the stats as a way to Prop up their narrative. My question to many of the analysts and commentators and other fans.

    How can you look at those stats and conclude that RW is nothing but a game manager, overrated and wins only because of his defense and the scheme he plays in? And how can you see the offensive stats and call the Seahawks only mediocre offensively (we only win cause of defense) Things that make me go Hmmm……..

    Anyway, RW is playing some awesome ball no matter if you look at the actual games or his stats :)


  36. Anyone else remember the sarcastic tweet last year when a WR was released the day before a game and they were already at the team hotel? I think it was in Atlanta. Players were upset and didn’t think it was too classy.

  37. Tweet from Baldwin.

  38. PLUHawkFan says:

    It was when the Hawks released Bryan Walters in November I think it was. The did it to add DT Michael Brooks to the active Roster.

    The only problem with calling that NOT a classy move, is we have ZERO understanding of the reasons behind the move.

    You are right though that is one instance where their class was called into question (which I had forgot about) But not knowing the circumstances behind it, (could have been justified and necessary) I’m willing to still give them the benefit of the doubt, especially weighing in past actions.


  39. I question it because some players were pissed and they are a little more privy as to what really was going on behind the scenes than we are.

  40. PLUHawkFan says:

    I hear ya: And you could be right. Not necessarily though, players are more privy to what goes on in the locker room etc and some behind the scenes things. Other aspects though, they are as clueless as we are. i.e.: Salary cap issues, active roster issues etc.

    Also you have to remember players are people too, and friendships and other “anger” issues can factor into how they react. I’m not saying your “wrong”… you very well could be completely right.

    That judgement if far from conclusive though. For me again, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt considering the “vast majority” of moves they make seem to be done with class. And I can list “many” times they treated a player right when they didn’t have too. I can only think of only this one where their class can be questioned.

    I’ll agree to disagree with you on this one BobbyK. Your point is well taken, and NO organization is perfect.


  41. I’m not disagreeing. I love this organization too. Just throwing it out there.

  42. islandman says:

    Hawks should keep Farwell around, since they’re paying him anyway, to help mentor Coyle .

  43. Anyone else think that “groin injury” was sketchy? I watched the replay and something wasn’t quite right there.

  44. surelyyoujest says:

    “Sketchy” groin injury ? Not goin’ there.

  45. Seattle also dumped Hebron Fangupo the day after a game, after activating him just before the game. He had played well in limited snaps. The defensive linemen were PISSED about it. (Incidentally, he just got cut from the Stealers or some team…).

    And yeah, jerking Walters around wasnt particularly cool, though they did bring him back to the PS and later the active roster, so its not like he got cut permanently.

    And there are a few players out there who dont feel Seattle treated them right, and have said so. But no organization is perfect, and Seattle seems to be leading the pack in player/staff treatment.

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