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Kent’s Demitrius Bronson, UW’s Kevin Smith among Seahawks’ 1st cuts; no surprises

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on Aug. 25, 2014 at 10:11 am with 79 Comments »
August 25, 2014 10:30 am

The Seahawks have announced their first wave of cuts off the 90-man preseason roster. Running back Demitrius Bronson of Eastern Washington via the University of Washington and Kentwood High School in Kent is among them. So is wide receiver Kevin Smith, who came back from reconstructive knee surgery two years ago at UW and has now been released by three NFL teams this offseason and preseason as an undrafted free agent.

There are no surprises in this list:

Terminated veteran contracts

T Wade Smith

CB Terrell Thomas


T Cory Brandon

RB Demitrius Bronson

S Mike Dobson

DE Jackson Jeffcoat

WR Kevin Smith

CB Thomas Wolfe

The roster is currently at 82, so the Seahawks need to release seven more players by 1 p.m. Seattle time tomorrow in order to comply with the NFL’s deadline of getting rosters to 75 players. The final cut deadline to the 53-man regular-season roster is Saturday at 1 p.m., less than two days after the Seahawks’ final exhibition game at Oakland.

–The biggest intrigue for Thursday’s 7 p.m. game against the Raiders seems to be not so much will Terrelle Pryor unseat veteran Tarvaris Jackson for the backup-quarterback job behind Russell Wilson — it’s apparent coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell trust Jackson and would rather have him start any regular-season game should the worst-case scenario unfold at the position. It’s whether Carroll and general manager John Schneider will do what they’ve done just one in the four previous seasons of their Seattle regime: start the regular season with three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster.

That’s what my story for today’s News Tribune explores, breaking down the offense’s production while each of the top three QBs have been in the first three preseason games. Honestly, the headline is a tad misleading — I think it’s Jackson the clear No. 2. The intrigue is whether they keep Pryor, too.

–Speaking of worst-case scenarios at quarterback, the Rams are living that right now. Sam Bradford is out for the year with another knee injury to the same one he just had reconstructed.

That’s two, division-altering injuries inside the NFC West in as many weeks; Arizona lost defensive anchor Darnell Dockett to a major knee injury last week.

Some of you have posted the Rams are more dangerous without Bradford. No way. Any NFL team that loses its starter at the most important position in the sport for an entire season before even the first game is in a world of hurt. Their entire offense is made around the starting quarterback, no matter how many interceptions he threw last year. Now the Rams have to reconstruct all of their schemes — while keeping up appearances that they aren’t starting from scratch less than two weeks before the real season begins. No way is St. Louis better off going through all that. 




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  1. and so it begins,,,,,,

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Jeffcoat was really disapoonting. I understand they moved him to LB, but he played so tentatively. I’d still like to see them sign him to the PS when the time comes.

  3. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I agree about Bradford. Big loss for them. It will be interesting to see if they make a serious run at Kirk Cousins from the Redskins. He has outplayed RG3 this preseason and could be a nice get. Redskins could get some picks back from the RG3 trade. Many think he should start in Washington, but that won’t happen due to the sheer amount they gave up to get RG3. Rams still have another year of extra picks from that deal?

  4. chuck_easton says:

    If the Rams decide they aren’t sold on Hill there are options out there.

    1. Sanchez has looked great in Philly as the backup.
    2. They could try and pry Cousins out of Washington.
    3. Ponder is sitting at #3 on the depth chart in Minnesota.

    All possibilities.

    I think the Rams are just going to wait to see what might free up during cuts.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I have to disagree with you on Bradford Gregg.

    He may have been a starter but he didn’t scare any defense in the NFL.

    His lack of toughness & inability to escape pressure was a defensive coordinators dream.

    The Rams with Clemens last year were tougher (imo) & more dangerous.

    Ram’s really messed up not using one of those Redskin picks for a QB.

  6. Southendzone says:

    Chuck I think you’re probably right about what they’ll do. Of those 3 guys, 2 they’d have to pay fairly high for, and Ponder just kind of sucks.

    They are probably OK to go with Hill and grab the best fit backup from the waiver wire.

  7. ljarllrajl says:

    Jeffcoat has great measureables. But he is bad at football, as demonstrated by his youtube videos. I’m more concerned about Brock Croyle.

  8. RDPoulsbo says:

    Losing Bradford really was huge for the Rams. He usually plays well when not injured, and they really didn’t have to do much with their defense being as good as it is. Hill is not that good, even with a defense that only requires he be a game manager. That was proven when he was with San Fran, only with a better running game to rely upon.

    That said, it is highly doubtful they will make a big trade, if any with just 2 weeks before the start of the season. That’s just not enough time for a new QB to come in, learn the playbook and suddenly be expected to lead a team he didn’t spend training camp with, Fisher even said so about the possibility of another QB should they have brought in with more time and better circumstances. Bottom line is they’re going to just scavenge the waiver wire to get by for the year, take their lumps this season and regroup for next year.

  9. FleaFlicker says:

    Rams’ QB depth chart now borders on absurd:
    –34 year old Shaun Hill, 16 attempts in the last three seasons
    –25 year old Austin Davis, second year player with no available stats
    –23 year old Garrett Gilbert, 6th round rookie out of SMU

    Even if they brought in a new QB like Sanchez or Ponder, that’s still an entire playbook to learn on the fly…

    …Just wish we played them earlier than week 7!

  10. yankinta says:

    I’m still hoping someone will make a big offer for T-Jack. :)

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Shaun hill’s career passer rating is around 85.
    Better than several starting QBs in the NFL including Luck.

    Bradford -79.

    Ram’s best bet is to stick with hill & try to find a young decent backup this year & next year draft one for Hill to mentor.

  12. yankinta says:

    btw,, the entire nation just started to lay the ground work to discredit RW…. they’re saying it’s all Harvin and not RW…. When RW wins the MVP,, people will still be ignorant and say Luck could have won the MVP with Harvin too…. lol and smh…

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would trade Jackson in a heart beat to the rams for anything higher than a six.

  14. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Yes, everyone in the nation…ok. Maybe we live in different nations as I’m seeing much praise for Wilson from the talking heads. Saying he looks even more decisive with improved accuracy and another beat faster on his runs. Does your father know you are using his log in name to post stuff?
    Identity theft is a serious crime.

  15. The Redskins would be crazy to let Cousins go. RG3 could get hurt as easily as Bradford did. The Redskins need a good backup as much as any team, or even more so.

    Of course the Rams are not better off this season losing their starting QB. Even if you like Hill better, its a major disadvantage to have to coach up a new #1 guy with the regular season starting in 2 weeks.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:


    It will always be something with certain folks in the media with Wilson.

    “It’s the defense.”

    “It’s Lynch.”

    “It’s Harvin.”

    Soon to be-

    “It’s the 12th man”

    And down the road-

    “It’s his O-line”

    What they really mean is-

    “He is too short!”
    “He is too short!!”
    “He is too Damn short!!!”
    “In a big mans (Alpha male) sport.”

  17. Looks like Gus cut PC’s favorite LB Allen Bradford—-any chance they want him back on the roster?

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mo, I thought you were going to stop with the childish attacks on Yankinta.

    What gives?

  19. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Brock Coyle may make the team but he might be the first guy cut when a player need arises..My thoughts are that Coyle has only 50/50 chance to make the team. He reminds me of Allen Bradford, whatever happened to that guy? Bradford looked soooo great in preseason and everybody loved him and wanted him to stay.
    Note to self.. Do not fall in love with rookie free agents.

  20. ChrisHolmes says:

    If Shawn Hill was any kind of QB, he’d have been a starter SOMEWHERE by now. He’s 33. He’s a career backup for a reason. Throw whatever stats you want out into the discussion: passer rating, completion percentage, whatever – those stats are meaningless to me, because of the rest of the story. He’s a backup because he doesn’t possess the talent and skill to be an NFL starter. If he did, it would have happened already.

    Bradford, for all his faults, was a better QB than Hill will ever be. But Bradford is, as we’re seeing definitively, made of glass. His career as a started is probably over.

    As for Sanchez… Listen, Chip Kelly’s system makes QB’s look good. Sanchez isn’t a great QB, and that system is making him look great. That is not 100% Mark Sanchez.

    Good for Sanchez if he turns it into at trade and a starting opportunity somewhere else, like the Rams. But we’ve seen who Sanchez is throughout his career. He’s not going to morph into “The Answer” at this point in his career. I can see the Rams trying to swing a trade because of the Schottenhiemer connection, but if I were them, I don’t think I would do it.

    And as for the notion of trading Jackson to the Rams: no way. To a division opponent? Given what he knows of our playbook? I’d pass. Rams don’t need our 2nd best QB on their roster for 2 games dishing on everything he knows. They don’t need extra help like that. But I know not everyone would agree.

    Back to Seahawks news… How about that Russell Wilson kid?

  21. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,, I know, right?? You and I thought when he wins the SB bowl with over 100 QB rating,, then all this non-stop would stop.. but we found out that isn’t the case…. lol :)

    I would get mad except I saw it coming…. 95% stays true… :)

  22. I don’t think Sanchez to the Rams is completely out. He did play under the Ram’s OC in New York and he also wouldn’t have to come in and start week 1. He might sit the first three weeks and the team can re-evaluate after their week 4 bye. It probably depends on what Eagles would want, but I’m sure the price would have to be pretty good.

  23. A handful of media outlets seem to be holding the line on RW being no better than average, but for the most part I’ve heard most people coming around. I think the payoff/Superbowl run last season forced a lot of people to actually watch him play and start to understand what we all knew, that we have a very special player here who will be elite for years to come.

  24. Southendzone says:

    I wouldn’t trade them TJ either. It would have to be an offer way above TJ’s true worth.

    I’m not going to say I’m happy that Bradford got injured, but at the same time I would never advocate us doing something to help a division rival. STL absolutely lucked their way into that humongous bounty of Redskin draft picks, so having them go through some unfortunate circumstances now isn’t exactly bringing a tear to my eye.

  25. Hubrismh says:

    Haha, trading Jackson would leave who? Pryor? That will happen when Sweezy flies, and if you ask Georgia, that day is coming.
    Our best hope is for Pryor to play well enough to get a 7th, maybe if were super lucky, a 6th

    And Georgia, I have to agree with your thoughts on the rams, I think they’re better without Bradford. I thought they had a guy named Clemons or something as their #2.

  26. I wonder if Seattle will add Bronson and/or Smith to the PS? They both preformed well in camp.

    Shaun Hill has very good stats. Yet he’s been a backup forever. Another example of stats being misleading? Still, he’s not garbage and remember, it came down to the last play vs them last year, with Clemens at qb. Not an easy team to beat, despite their misfortunes at the qb position.

    How in the hell does Coyle remind anyone of Bradford? Bradford was still learning the position several years in, as he was a FB in college. Coyle picked up the MLB defensive calls right off the bat, and played with instinct. No comparison. Toomer is more comparable to Bradford, as a bubble guy we all root for but a longshot to make the roster.

    We’ll need Coyle next year if Wright leaves for a big payday, as is likely. Add to that Smith and you can see why we are always looking under rocks for LB’s.

    Georgia–Mo’s digs arent any worse than his targets deliberate baiting of others, the bragging, or the claims of being right all the time.

  27. chuck_easton says:

    Clemons is now the #2 in San Diego.

    Georgia and Yankster are both on the Pryor should be the #2 bandwagon. At this point it’s a bandwagon of two.

    They are pushing a Jackson trade because that would open the door for Pryor.

  28. yankinta says:

    chuck_easton,, I don’t care who stays and who goes for #2 QB. I will trade for whomever will bring the highest trade value. that’s my position,, I can’t speak for Georgia though…

    BJ Daniels or another QB will be our backup QB next year. T-Jack and Pryor will not be back next year after RW gets 22 Mil a year deal.

  29. If Bronson and Smith pass the first round of waivers when can they be placed on the practice squad? Do we have to wait until the cut down to 53? Really like those guys.

  30. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Just a little Monday razz Georgia. I found it humorous how the entire nation is against our star QB and that Luck was brought in first thing. Wilson doesn’t need Luck to continue being successful. Luck doesn’t even need to be part of this blog, except for our die hard. The two don’t determine the others success. Yank’s love for Wilson and distain for Luck are forever linked I guess.

  31. chuck_easton says:

    Teams can’t start assembling practice squads until Sunday August 31st at 1pm PDT.

    Practice Squad’s can only be assembled 24hours after final cuts to 53 and all players have cleared waivers.

    That’s not to say a team can’t pull a player aside and tell them that they’d like to sign them to the PS on Sunday as a means of trying to keep the player from signing elsewhere.

  32. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Sanchez has stated he doesn’t want to be traded to the Rams. Probably cause he doesn’t want to be in position to start.

  33. Thanks Chuck

  34. SaigonSun says:

    I suspect they are trying to “hide” the value of some players by releasing them this early. Demitrius Bronson, Jeffcoat and Tre Wolfe would be my guesses. I think jeffcoat might get some help from his daddy (?). I still think Wolfe has a shot of making the team two years from now, specially with good coaching and experience on the PS. I sure hope Coyle sticks… there is one more game till his decision day.

  35. montanamike2 says:

    I read that too, Sanchez doesn’t want to come to the Rams and like rbuzby said RGknee can’t be counted on for sure, Cousins is worth too much to them. That only leaves Ponder who outright sucks! I thought the Rams biggest mistake was not locking up clemons, who looked pretty good at times. If Bradford wasn’t porcelain, he is a good QB, but he is porcelain. I like where we are and the last pre season game tells us whether Pryor is the #3.

  36. montanamike2 says:

    I thought Bronson played pretty tough too.

  37. RDPoulsbo says:

    Keeping Coyle is very much about future insurance. Wright is very likely to get a payday at the end of the season while the Hawks have to worry about restructuring Wilson’s contract. His real competition is Farwell, a back of the depth chart guy that excels on ST. Coyle is a young guy still developing, Farwell is toward the end of his career. Not too hard of a decision to make here.

    As for Sam Bradford, remember that he was a #1 overall pick. He played for some dreadful Rams teams that couldn’t block to save their lives and WRs who couldn’t make it 10 yards down the field. As he began to get some weapons and marginally better blocking, he started playing well.

    It’s also sounding like he 49ers o-line is falling apart. How does San Diego’s defense manage to have a field day with their All-Pro left side of the line? Just 1 game, sure but their 1st team offense has yet to score a TD this preseason. It’s starting to look like the stacked NFCW race is going to be a dud with the Hawks standing on top once again.

  38. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I agree with Pryor at 3. The interception he threw was unacceptable at this level. He panicked and threw it up. Maybe he was trying to throw it away, but it wasn’t close. He has many physical skills and is fast, but decision making isn’t one of his strongest traits. I think Jackson is well beyond Pryor in system understanding and can win games if needed. I don’t trust Pryor to be able to do the same.

  39. LouieLouie says:

    To be frank, I can’t see why Carroll and Co would keep Pryor on the roster. They can keep the other back-up (I forget his name) on the practice squad and free up a roster spot for another one of those youngsters who will step up and play at a high level when called upon.

    Too bad for the Rams about Bradford. I think he’s through as their guy. How many seasons can you keep a franchise on hold for one guy’s knee? They’ll be OK with Hill, but they need to find a long term answer. Cousins would be a good option, but you know Washington would try to get back some of that butt-load of draft picks they traded for RG3.

    Arizona’s D just transgressed as well with the loss of Dockett. It may not be so bad for them if one of their youngsters can step up. I thought the Rams may contend for the NFC West, but now it looks like the Hawks could win the division going away.

  40. For those with the ridiculous man crush in Coyle: sounds like you’ll get your wish. Farewell is out with groin injury from Fridays game. Surgery needed. Your wish has come true. Enjoy

  41. wazzulander says:

    Yeah, no team ever wants to lose their starting QB but there are cases where it worked out better for the team – some extreme examples: Bledsoe/Brady; Green/Warner. I remember Hill being an adequate backup for the whiners, he seems like a good fit for a run/defense oriented team like the rams. I really don’t remember Bradford ever even reaching the “adequate” level despite his talent.

  42. DFlyodd–Liking Coyle has nothing to do with disliking Farwell. None of us wanted Farwell to get hurt, either. He just sucked early in the preseason at MLB, though sounds like he did very well vs Chicago. Still, a rookie who impresses Pete Carrol with his sound play and command of the defensive calls is a guy you dont let slip away to keep an 11- year vet who is only good on ST’s. Especially when said vet gets hurt.

    Its a numbers game, and unfortunately Farwell is odd man out. He’s been a good guy to have on the team, but he’s gonna get a visit from the Turk.

    And its not a ridiculous man-crush. The kid is smart and tough; whats not to like?

  43. That really sucks that Farwell will need surgery. I was hoping for the guy to get picked up by another team (jets, Jags?!)…

    PC loves Lockette’s ST play? Well, that doesnt bode well for Walters–who I think has earned a roster spot, but might not get one–and Bates, who IMO has little or no chance of making the roster at this point, even if Norwood goes to IR.

  44. I never said anything you are referencing STTBM. Read into my words much? I don’t think I’ve ever explained my opinion on Farwell or Coyle now have I? So to assume I said anything derogatory about either of them or bloggers here who like either of them is wrong. I stated that those who like Coyle and want him to make the team have had their wish come true. It’s too bad that Farwell got hurt but it improves Coyle’s chances if he hadn’t done quite enough to make the team. I personally don’t think he has yet. Hopefully he proves me wrong. 17 tackles does not a great LB make…..

  45. doubledink says:

    From everything I could see, I was surprised that Lockett didn’t draw a flag for a helmet to helmet hit on that kickoff return that he crushed. Did anyone have a better view?

  46. As far as ridiculous man crushes on players in this team? I’ve read and seen so many on here over the past few years I’ve lost count. Never said it was a bad thing just ridiculous at times where it clouds some people’s judgment of a player’s true capabilities. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it before as well.

  47. NintyFivePercent says:

    I hate to throw a wet blanket on all the “Russell Wilson gets no respect” commentary, but I’m going to throw in some facts here.

    Like my bestest buddy on this blog, I don’t have anything to do until school starts next Tuesday, so I did some quick research on the World Wide Web concerning NFL Quarterback rankings. I pulled up the first eight sites I found with current rankings of starting quarterbacks (note: I did not include FANTASY rankings, because that is a completely different discussion).

    The results: on those eight sites, RW’s average ranking was 6.375. There were only four quarterbacks who had higher average rankings: Manning (1), Brady (2.875), Brees (3.125), and Rodgers (3.25).

    Now, if you’re going to get your panties in a bunch because Manning, Brady, Brees, and Rodgers are generally regarded as better quarterbacks than our own golden body, then you need to grow some thicker skin. I would say being consistently ranking right behind those four – two of whom are certain locks for Canton – is pretty damn respectable. And being consistently ranked ahead of Rothlisberger, Romo, Rivers, Ryan, Stafford, and even Luck, qualifies as respect.

    Here is a sampling of comments about Wilson:
    “Has now officially answered all of the questions about his height, arm strength and the ability to win from the pocket.”

    “He has the Super Bowl ring now but Russell Wilson was a sneaky great quarterback even before he won the hardware. His greatness doesn’t lie in stats but in game management. The ability he has to extend drives with his legs and make the big plays down the field when they are needed most is the hallmark of a winner. Forget the notion that he doesn’t do it the traditional way.”

    “Russell Wilson may not post the most gaudy numbers, and the legendary “Legion of Boom” definitely has a tendency to steal the spotlight in Seattle; but in his first two seasons in the league, Wilson’s passer rating has bested that of Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford, Tony Romo, Joe Flacco, and even Tom Brady. The only reason Wilson isn’t higher on this list is that two seasons is simply too small a sample size to justify ranking him any higher.”

    Just for the sake of discussion, here are the average rankings of our other favorite quarterbacks: Andrew Luck had the sixth highest average ranking (7.875). Colin Kaeprnick had the 13th highest average ranking (12.375).

    Just in case anyone wants to fact check me, here are my sources:!bJ1IPy

    One final note: I am not an ESPN Insider, so I do not have access to Sando’s rankings. If anyone wants to post those, I would gladly update my consolidated rankings.

  48. So much to love about the seahawks right now. But my favorite is the so called experts saying that Wilson is not great for this or that. I have been a nfl diehard for 40 years and to see these guys proven wrong has and will continue to be a joy. My new favorite is the bears coach saying that they just need to keep wilson in the pocket. Good luck with that. Go hawks

  49. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Farwell is this years Michael Robinson.. He will get cut and then when he’s healthy if we have a need , we could bring him back to play specials.

  50. Next year when Wilson signs the east coast media will say we are crazy to pay him. I almost can not wait.

  51. jawpeace says:

    Bummer for Farwell. He played pretty good the last two games after the bad first one. I thought the poor guy just got kick really hard in the nuts. And was wondering why don’t NFL players use the Nutty Buddy instead of a standard cup.

    Saigonsun I had the same thought cross my mind. The players that get released on the earlier cuts are not got to be scrutinized as much as the later cuts. Therefore they have a greater chance to make it to the practice squad. As I said yesterday I would like Jeffcoat as a DE on the PS and Bronson can join him. That leaves 8 spots left.

  52. ChrisHolmes says:

    I think Seattle keeps all 3 QB’s because I think they have a long-term plan for the position. This franchise is smart; they think several seasons ahead.

    Seattle paid a 7th round pick for Pryor. Jackson is getting older, and has one year left on his deal. The Seattle FO, I think, sees Pryor as a guy they can grow into the role. He’s clearly a physical specimen, and from what I read out of camp, he’s learning well and doing what they want him to do; he’s progressing.

    I think they keep all 3, and then let Jackson walk at the end of the season, and Pryor assumes the backup role. Another year to grow, another year to sit in a classroom with RW and watch and learn from his habits and work ethic.

    I don’t think Seattle trades Pryor for a 6 or 7. That would mean a waste of investment, and Seattle’s FO isn’t that stupid. You don’t pay a 7th round pick for a QB, spend an entire off season developing him, and then sell him for another 7th or 6th round pick. That’s just… mentally retarded. The Seahawks are not a farm system for other teams. And no team is going to give up a 4th or 3rd round pick for Pryor. Not after what happened in Oakland.

    I think Seattle’s plan is smart. They have a succession plan for the backup QB job. They’re going to go from experienced Jackson to the understudy Pryor. More athleticism, lower salary, more upside.

    So, unlike the Rams, this team actually has a freakin’ plan…

  53. DFloydd–Wow, simmer down dude! Seriously, take a good look at your first comment. Then read my response. Seems logical and reasonable to assume you were chiding those that like Coyle and arent crying tears over Farwell’s impending cut. If thats not what you meant, you dont have to get PO’d to make that clear.

    I agree, Farwell getting hurt nudges Coyle firmly onto the roster–if he wasnt already there. And its not his 17 tackles that made the team, its his command of the defense and his obvious nose for the ball that won him a spot. PC said he’s probably exceeded what they thought a rookie could do in terms of knowing the defense. Thats pretty high praise!

    This isnt the faint praise we heard last year and in years past regarding guys like Lotuleilei, Knox, and Bardford; its pretty effusive.

    All Coyle has to do is show up vs the Raiders and play halfway decent, and he’s in. That, and stay healthy…

    He’s not ready to start yet, nor should he be. He’s an UDFA from Montana, he’s not even supposed to make the NFL, let alone win the backup MLB spot on the SB Champion Seahawks…but he is!

  54. Also, I dont think anyone is projecting Coyle as Defensive ROY or predicting a Pro Bowl for him this year. Some of us are just excited at his play, and his understanding of the game. Its pretty odd for an UDFA from that division to show what he’s showing so early…

    Lotuleilei looked pretty good, but he was undersized. Coyle is big enough.

    Its fun to get excited over the underdog guys. Some of them even work out really well–Baldwin, Kearse, Coleman, etc…Again, no one is saying Coyle is The Man just yet…

  55. bird_spit says:

    I’m with the crowd of two willing to trade TJ or Pryor for best value. It’s statistically dismal to expect a #2 QB to get you to the playoffs.
    With the new CBA, draft picks are much more valuable than in the past.

    In a worst case scenerio, a Pryor can be enough to win with our top 5 running and top 5 defense.

    I say trade either QB, it would make little difference to the outcome.

  56. yankinta says:

    bird_spit,, lol, you’ve made me proud!! :)

  57. Dukeshire says:

    “Jeffcoat has great measureables. But he is bad at football, as demonstrated by his youtube videos.”

    His Ted Hendricks award and Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year disagree with you.

  58. Ewalters7354 says:

    Brock Coyle to me is nothing more than a special teams guy. Sure he’s a great story and has picked up the defensive calls,but the dude isn’t all that good.

    Even if KJ leaves next year they still have Bruce Irvin and I believe they will resign Malcolm Smith.

    I’m not against Coyle,but he really has shown nothing that makes me think he can contribute to this defense.

    Just sayin…

  59. Ewalters7354 says:

    Jeffcoat was a damn good player in college. I think it’s just a matter of him catching up to the speed of the game. He definitely had a bad preseason though.

  60. oldtallguy says:

    22 million for Wilson I believe is wishful thinking, I’m guessing north of 25. Like I’ve said he’s no Kapass or Dalton. He deserves every penny he gets, but I’m dreading that contract.

  61. Dukeshire says:

    Right. Because the Troll is the only one here who values draft picks.

  62. Slave, buddy. I don’t need to simmer down as I’m not heated. Got nothing but love for ya. That’s part of your problem, sometimes you are reading and assuming me being direct is a sign of anger or aggression or at the very least bothered. I’m none of those in this comment or the two previous. I’m as cool as a cucumber salad right now.

  63. As for Jeffcoat having “good measurables” all I can say is Whaaaaaa?!

    A major reason he went undrafted is that like Micheal Sam, he produced in spades in college, but his combine 40 times, cone drills, etc all SUCKED! Both are slow.

    Jeffcoat won major awards–as did Sam–but the question is can they duplicate that performance in the NFL despite being slow? So far, Sam seems like he will get the chance, Jeffcoat got cut so who knows?

  64. heh, Major Award…(think LegLamp…)…

  65. DFloydd–Ok, youre SuperCool the Cucumber, I get it! No worries!

  66. “Fragile! It must be Italian!”

  67. yankinta says:

    lol,, someone sounds butt hurt…

  68. DFloydd–lol!

    “Its a Major Award!”.

    I hate Christmas, never celebrated it as a kid, but that movie is a gem! (incidentally, I read the book its from–a fictional memoir of a guys childhood through college years–and the book is even better. I think its called Wanda Hickeys Wonderful Night of Memories…by Jean Shepherd, who is one funny dude!)

  69. PLUHawkFan says:


    I agree with you in principle, but I’m not sure your factoring in who Wilson is. He’s going to get his payday no doubt, but don’t be surprised if he works out a decent discount. At the very least I see him doing a very “Team Friendly” contract.

    He has earned and deserves his payday, but he is more of a team player then I think most of us realize. He knows he’s going to make lots of money with endorsement deals etc as well. He’s smart, he’ll invest much of his money. He wants to Win above all else though, and become one of the best if not the best QB ever.

    Barring injury he will likely get another Big payday even after this one. With the QB market what it is (which I think is inflated, but thats another story) He is “worth” North of 25 as you say. But I don’t think it’s necessarily wishful thinking to think he might take less “say 22″ or as I said earlier make his contract very team friendly (salary cap wise).

    Thats my humble opinion at least. And i’m basing this on the character of RW who if you’ve really paid attention the last 2 years he’s allowed us to get to know him. Many people think his interviews etc are all faked and contrived (I’ll agree they are boring at times) But I don’t think RW is being fake. I truly believe with him that he is WYSIWYG.

    I briefly met RW at the Seattle Childrens Hospital, and I watched him interact with many people. He doesn’t come across as being fake at all. He is who he is.. Like him or not. I don’t think he just puts on a show for the camera as some assume. He’s also very smart, so he chooses his words carefully, unlike many who speak before they think. I think that trait causes some to believe he’s fake or scripted. I just think thats RW.

    Anyway.. enough rambling

  70. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We have little to no chance with any of our backup QBs leading us to another Super Bowl win if Wilson goes down so why not trade one if we can get something more than a six round pick.

    If not keeping Pryor on as the number 3 will still benefit this team more than Jackson will as a number two this season.

  71. STTBM, dude? You hate Christmas? Dayum. That’s a fun time of year. But hey, no judgment. And yes that movie and book are flipping funny.

  72. seahawks12thman says:

    If the Seahawks cough up north of 25 mil for a pedestrian midget who can’t make the throws all the other elite QBs can I will be thoroughly disappointed in our front office. I would suggest an appropriate expenditure for such a Quarterback be south of 10 mil, leaving room for growth (height-wise) and remedial passing camps with the “great ones.”

    That’s meant to be funny…poking the bear…

  73. PLUHawkFan says:


    It nearly worked!! LOL.. I was about to pull out my Troll (_!_) kicker on ya! *Grin.


  74. Hey if we have to pony up over 25 mil for RW – look for MANY cuts to make the room under the Salary cap – he will deserve it but it could have the effect that Baltimore had – cutting the other top players (Boldin among them) to make room OR GB when they signed Rodgers – the ended up with no line and a weak defense for a long time.

  75. Ray_Maines says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get all of that. I still think JS&PC have it under control.

    Sign a big contract here, cut a big contract there, sign a high priced free agent here, cut a big name there. Win Forever!

    In Pete I trust. I don’t agree with every single move he’s ever made, but it’s really hard to argue with his track record

  76. They can always Franchise Tag RW if he gets a fat head. For two years. And they can make him play out his last year under his rookie contract. Thats three years at less than 45 million…

    Or he can sign a compromise deal, something with more guarantees than Kaeps fake ass contract, with more money than Dalton, and less than the overpaid, propped up also-rans like Cutler, Flacco, and the like.

    Remember, Brady settled for 14 million after his first big contract. RW wont take that little, but he will take a discount, wait and see. And good as he is, he isnt at Rodgers or Brees level yet, and shouldnt be paid like it.

    I think he’ll get a contract that averages more than Dalton, with more upfront, but wont make him the highest paid by any stretch. And thats fair. Hes still young and growing and has such a good team around him, its impossible to tell for sure exactly how good he is. Look for him to sign a 5 year deal. But after this one, hes going to break the bank, bet your boots…and he’ll be worth every penny. By then the cap will be bloated beyond belief and we’ll be able to pay him A-Rod money…

  77. jawpeace says:

    Holmes I have to disagree that it would be retarded to trade Prior for a 6th or 7th round pick. One either one of those picks would be higher in the round than our Super bowl champion last pick. Plus if you are going to cut him then regroup something, Also TJ is only 31 which is not old for a back up QB especially one that has not been a starter for his nine seasons. The Hawks could have Jackson be back up for years to come if that is something he wanted to do. While I don’t know about Prior, but he is only 25 and I am guessing he does not want to be put into the backup role for the rest of his career. While TJack just might be content with that.

  78. ljarllrajl says:

    Austin Davis looked capable against the Browns. Good timing and accurate throws. I would hate to think that the Rams back peddled their way into their QB of the future.

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