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Yeah, what they said: Seahawks from after 34-6 win over Chicago in exhibition #3

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August 23, 2014 8:30 am
Seattle Seahawks' Christine Michael (33) celebrates his touchdown reception as Jermaine Kearse (15) watches, against the Chicago Bears in the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Friday, Aug. 22, 2014, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)
Seattle Seahawks’ Christine Michael (33) celebrates his touchdown reception as Jermaine Kearse (15) watches, against the Chicago Bears in the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Friday, Aug. 22, 2014, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

Here’s my final game story from last night’s rollicking good time — even for an exhibition game — for all things and people Seahawk at CenturyLink Field.

Here’s what coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Russell Wilson said in the interview room, and what the rest said in the home-team locker room, late last night following Seattle’s wowing runaway from the Bears:

(By the way, as for the question to Wilson about Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs hitting him so hard in the first half, to me it was more of a glancing blow off the side of the quarterback’s shoulder pads with Briggs’ shoulder pads, after Wilson had already slid down to end a scramble run. Not a crushing blow at all, but way late and worthy of the personal foul assessed to Briggs on the play.)


Aug. 22, 2014 postgame

(Opening…)   “I really like this night to see that we come back here at CenturyLink and kind of continue where we left off last week.   We’re trying to just keep working at our game and executing well, and really the first groups again played really good football.  We’re moving the ball on offense and making things happen.  The defense is stopping them and getting off the field.  We did a nice job on third downs on offense again this week, and the defense got off the field well enough to get us out of there.   On special teams, I thought our kickoff coverage was excellent tonight.  I was really fired up about those guys, a bunch of different guys contributed to get that done, so that was cool.  So, we get that and you see Percy bust one a little bit.  You see Earl get out on his punt return, too, so we had a lot of good phases that came through on special teams, and then Hauschka hits one from 59.   A lot of really fun things happened tonight, and we’re just trying to keep on marching forward here.   I don’t know who jumps out at you individually, I just thought it was a really good across-the-board night of playing football.  A note that I’m really fired up about is that in the last two games, when the first unit’s on the field, we’ve had two penalties, which is really good execution for us and that’s a big step in the right direction and hopefully we can keep that going.  I’m really happy with those guys and their attention to the details to get that done.  That will help us down the road.  A good night, and we had a lot of fun and a lot of guys got to play tonight.”

(On how ready the starters are for the regular season…)  “They’re as ready as I can get them right now.  We did just what we wanted, we wanted them to come out in the second half and make the transition from halftime, so we forced them back out there a little bit.  We could have substituted, but that was the plan.  Everybody hung on to that one.  It’s a big change when the squad get cuts down, the practices are about the same, and then you have your first game coming up, and they’re going to play longer than they have, but everybody’s in the same boat.  As far as conditioning relative to everybody else, we’re in good shape.  We’ll be fine.”

(On whether they will keep 3 quarterbacks… )  “We’re going to go through next week and see what happens.  It’s real important.  Next week will be a good chance for the other guys to play again.  They did not get a great look tonight, and didn’t get one last week either.  We’ve had a couple games where the QBs didn’t get as much action as we’d like.  Next week’s really important for Tarvaris and Terrelle and B.J. so we’ll see how that works out later.”

(On whether he is concerned by the lack of work for the punter, Jon Ryan…)    “He’s a little underworked right now.   It’s a good thing.  We’re getting plenty of work in practice.  We have a really good punt team.  We have a bunch of guys that have played a lot together, so we have a lot of confidence in the whole mechanics of the snap and all that kind of stuff.  It’s an experienced group, and we know they know how to play.  All in all, we’ll take it this way.”

(On injury updates… )  “Heath did something to his groin.  Cooper Helfet got banged up on that one play; he hurt a couple things.  He got his knee knocked and his shoulder as well and something else, so that was a bad play for him.  The fact that we got Luke back in the game; he got hit a little bit but he came back on a really good clean hit, too.  Jeron Johnson had a sore foot, but didn’t seem to be too bad.  We have to wait and see.  Some guys got banged around a little bit.  It was a good physical game.”

(On the effectiveness on third downs…)  “I think the entire offensive group is executing at a good clip right now.  Russell is really in command of what’s happening.  We’ve got a really nice receiving corps, guys are all making their plays.  A lot of guys contributed to it tonight.  I think Percy had three or four balls and Jermaine had four, or something like that.  It was good to see Jermaine get the activity and come through.  We have good guys to go to, and they really believe in what we’re asking them to do.  I think we’re hitting it at a pretty good clip right now, and hopefully we can keep it going.”

(On the play of the offensive line…)  “I thought it was a continuation of last week.   They looked pretty sharp.  I know that Russell and Max got out there, and they felt a little gassed, first chance coming back, so we substituted a little earlier for them.  But, I think it was a continuation; last week we executed really well and we did again tonight.”

(On Earl Thomas’ punt return…)  “He’s been working hard at it.  It was a terrific opportunity for him.   It was a good quick punt, the hang-time was not real long for him, so he got a good look at the coverage.  We had a really nice scheme up front, everybody got on their guys and he hit it really cool.  It was great to see that.   We’re all in anticipation of Percy hitting his, and he did exactly what we hoped for.  For Earl to get some space finally, and get a shot at it, he looked really good.  He said it felt like Pop Warner, and back to his old days when he used to get to do that.”

(On whether Thomas will get a hard time for being caught by their punter…)  “I’m not  talking about that.“   [laughter]

(On Marshawn Lynch…)  “He did great  I told you he’s looked fantastic in practice, he gets his first looks, and he looked great.  Every carry, I think he maxed it out.  He’s just looked really quick and decisive and in great shape.  He had no problem with that workload.  It was really exactly what we had hoped to do, and it worked out beautifully.”

(On what else the team needs to do before September 4….)  “Yeah, we have to keep playing.  We have a long ways to go to get it right.  It’s about consistency.  I’m thrilled with what we saw, both last week and this week.  The first week, I don’t know what it was, but Week 2, Week 3, we played nice football.  We have to go on the road, pack it up and do a nice job down in Oakland, and then wrap this thing up and get ready for the opener.”



(Opening…)   “I thought the way we played tonight was exceptional.  I thought on the offensive side of the ball we really clicked.  The timing, the rhythm.  I thought we were great on third downs, we were great in the red zone.  We’re really starting to put things together.  I felt all the guys looked really, really good tonight, so that was the exciting part about the offensive side of the ball.  Defensively, watching those guys go out there and play against a very, very good offense and stop them the way they did, I thought that was pretty exciting.”

(On the play of the O line…)  “It’s nice to have big Russ back in there at the left tackle position; a Pro Bowl left tackle.  Then, have Max Unger, your Pro Bowl center.  The communication was very, very good.  I’m not sure we had any penalties until we got to the second group.  Just, our focus, our laser focus, in terms of one play at a time, stay in the moment and just make the plays when we need it.”

(On whether the offense can stay this explosive… )  “I definitely believe that being explosive is what we want to do.  We want to be able to get the ball in the right guy’s hand at the right time, make the right decisions and be on time with it and throw a great pass where they can get upfield and make a play.  So, to get the ball into Percy’s hands, to get the ball into Doug Baldwin’s hands, and Jermaine Kearse; those are exciting players.  They can do a lot of great things, and then we have so many other guys that can step up in terms of Zach Miller, Luke, and Cooper Helfet, too, and then you factor in the running backs, so it makes it kind of tough.”

(On the effectiveness of the return game…)    “To watch Percy Harvin start off the game the right way, that’s what you want.  That’s what you have him for, to be able to make plays like that.  It looked like the Super Bowl all over again, almost.  Then, to have Earl Thomas back there to catch punt returns and to be so agile and so quick and to be able to get all the way down to the 30 yard line.  I’m surprised he got tackled actually, I think it was by the punter, so I’m going to pick on him tomorrow.  He’s so talented; we have so many talented guys across the board on offense and defense and special teams.  That makes it tough for teams to beat us.”

(On whether he has a better idea of what Harvin brings to the offense… )  “What Percy brings to the offense is grit, and a desire to get into the end zone, a desire to get the ball in his hands and make something happen.  Every time he touches the football, he’s either going to run over you or run by you, one of the two.  That’s what he brings to the table, his explosive mentality, but at the same time we had a lot of receivers that are like that already.  Doug Baldwin is very much like that, very similar.  Jermaine Kearse is a down the field guy who is a great possession receiver, and has great speed to, as well.  He’s always right on time, too, when you need him.  Jermaine Kearse is always in the right spot at the right time.  You think about all of the other guys too.  To add Percy to the mix, it makes our personnel so much tougher to defend.  For me, the process of elimination to read coverages.  I’m learning a lot more and understanding a lot more and just trying to get the ball out as quick as I possibly can.  But also still look downfield.  Then, our scramble game, too, helps, to have that many guys, too, that can really run that fast.”

(On whether he sees defenses adjust to Harvin’s pre-snap movements…)  “It’s kind of hard to tell right now, it’s pre-season.  I think that when they go man, it’s tough to defend all 3 or 4 receivers that we have in the game.  When they play zone, the ball is to get the ball out, and get the ball to the right guy at the right time.  They’re trying to adjust, but there’s only so much you can do when you have guys like Doug Baldwin on the other side and Jermaine Kearse on the other side, or all 3 of them on the same side.  It’s hard to stop us defensively with the personnel.”

(On Jermaine Kearse’s growth as a wide receiver…)  “Jermaine Kearse is a tremendous receiver, he can do it all.  He goes down the field and can go up and get it.  As you’ve seen for the past few years, he runs great routes, he’s always on time, gets his head around.  Then, on third down, he makes a lot of big plays for us.  You saw the first third down, I believe it was, I fit it in a tight window, he gets up field, and gets another 10 yards, and that’s how we need to be, that’s how we need to play all the time, and I believe we have the guys to do that.”

(On when the last time was that he was hit as hard as he was by Lance Briggs…)  “I’m trying to remember when he hit me, to be honest with you.  I haven’t been hit that hard, I guess, in a little bit, I guess, since playoff time.  That wasn’t that big of a hit.  I just try to get down and get as much as I could.”

(On the receiving ability of the running backs…)  “That’s something we work on all the time, in terms of the running backs, and getting out for me.  Getting to where they need to be, as quickly as possible.  Marshawn does a great job of that.  Robert Turbin does a great job of that as well, and Christine Michael is doing a really good job of that, too, and he’s continuing to try to learn.  I’m really pushing that part of it, too, because that helps me a lot in terms of avoiding sacks, in terms of getting completions, and keeping the ball moving.  Because when the defense drops back because they have to cover Percy Harvin and Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse and Paul Richardson and whoever else we have on the field, all the tight ends, when they drop back and get depth, then the back is wide open, too.  So, the more I can get the ball to them, the more that pulls the defense up and the more shots we have behind them.

(On getting that field goal at the end of the first half…)  “That was Coach Carroll’s decision, and I think it was a great decision because we need that work, we need that practice.  If the game is tied or we’re playing a great team like the Chicago Bears in the regular season, we need to learn how to still be on the minus-40, or wherever we were, and still get into field goal range.  That’s something we practice all the time, we called a pass play, I looked down field and it wasn’t there, so I just tried to run it and get as much as I could and get out of bounds, because I believe that left us with 6 seconds left, so then we tried to throw the ball toward the sideline and get out of bounds and then Steve Hauschka made that 59 yard field goal.  Those are things that we work on all the time.  You have to give credit to Coach Carroll, my quarterback coach, Coach Carl Smith and Coach Bevell do a tremendous job of that, too, of communicating.  That way, I can communicate to the huddle and throughout practice, and so in those game situations, we’ve been there 100 times before.  That’s one of the things that I’ve learned the most in my past two years.”

(On whether he feels bad for the punter….)  “Jon Ryan is one of the best punters in the league, if not the best.  I know that every time he’ll get in there, he’ll give us a good chance of allowing our defense of getting there and have tough field position there for their offense.  ”

(On whether the defense was doing something to reduce the catches by the tight ends…)  “No, I thought the tight ends did a great job tonight.  We didn’t get them the ball as much as we wanted to, but the receivers got the ball a little bit more, tonight, and it’s one of those things.  You have so many guys, you just have to go to the right guy at the right time.  You can’t necessarily try to go to one guy.  That’s the great thing for us, because that makes it tough on the defense.”

“Go Hawks.”




(On offense this year vs. offense last year) I just feel like we’re actually doing well right now. We get a great look every day against our defense and I feel like the timing and our chemistry is starting to come along.


(On impact of Percy Harvin) He’s an explosive player so every time you get the ball in his hands you just can expect big things.


(On what Percy Harvin can do for other receivers) It opens things up for us. It just gives us more opportunities to get open and just try to make a play.


(On tonight’s overall offensive goal) Just stay consistent and execute the way we know we can.


(On role of the offensive line) They did a good job and I felt like the offense as a whole just executed well, the chemistry was there, the timing was there, and it was a good game by us.



(On number one offense) I think there’s still a lot of things we can improve on especially in the passing game, but for the most part our guys played excellent. The receivers caught everything that was thrown to them, they ran their routes crisp and clean, and they were on their assignments. Also in the run game I felt like we were on point with our blocking assignments. I can only speak for other receivers, but I felt like the offensive line played pretty well too, but there’s a lot of improvement that we can still have.

(On game three of the preseason, being final test for regular season) For the most part I feel like the ones will get a series or two at most next week. We’re still going to prepare for that game like we prepare for a regular season game. We will get to that mode so that when we do get to the regular season it will be like we’ve been doing it for the past four weeks.




(On first team offense) Everybody’s feeling confident. Percy (Harvin) talks about how he’s feeling faster and getting his legs back. Doug (Baldwin) is feeling real confident, and Russell (Wilson) is feeling real comfortable with all his receivers and running backs and using us in the passing game as well. We just want to get better.


(On offensive explosiveness) For us and really any team if you put in the work the sky is the limit. We want to be the very best possible, whatever it is that the best is, that’s what we want to be. We’re going to continue to work, we’re going continue to work to get better, we’re going continue to find something on film from this week even though it looked good. We’re going find something to improve and we’re going work at it until we achieve the goals we want to achieve.


(On getting game action with the whole starting lineup) It’s definitely great to get those guys out there. It’s good for us and it’s good for them to get some game action, get the feel of it, try to get themselves prepared for the regular season, it’ll be much faster, but it’s good to feel it. Feel one another, feed off one another, kind of get that continuity together. So now we’re going into the regular season playing like we’re playing right now it’s definitely a good feeling.




(On his feelings about his performance this preseason) I try to come out here every day and keep working. I’m trying to help contribute to the team as much as possible. This is a great team. It’s a hard team to make and I’m just trying to put my hand in and improve every day.


(On what else he needs to do before season starts) Just keep getting better at the small things. Knowing where I’m supposed to be, knowing who to block, protecting the ball. You can never stop getting better. You have to always keep getting better.



(On learning during the game vs. learning in practice) You learn different things in different ways. With practice you’re not going full contact all the way, and in practice a guy isn’t really trying to get to the quarterback, there’s different experiences, different learning tools. As I transition into the NFL bad things will happen and I’ll make sure I learn from them so they don’t happen again.




(On punt return) It’s about staying true to yourself and knowing what you can do. I just want to help impact the game. But it wasn’t just me, it was the team. They open up the holes for me. I made them right [the holes] when I had to. Initially on the take off, if it wasn’t for that big gap, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. It was a great great job on the hold up and the vice, in the interior, and everything works hand in hand. Everything works together.


(On team performance) I’m just pleased with the hard work we been putting in. The way we are in practice, we’re bringing that same person to the game. It’s a lot of distractions out there, but we’re not letting that get in our way. We’re playing beautiful football right now. From the first group to the second group, guys are just coming into their own. You see guys like Jeremy Lane take over a game and we’re just out there having fun. It seems like it’s sandlot football at times.


(On what has to happen between now and next week) You just excited for the week that’s ahead of you. We just take it day by day, but last week I learn so much. I had my scuffles, I had my good times, laughter in the meetings, and you just take in all of that and you love it and enjoy it. When you put in the work, you got to play with confidence when it’s game time. It’s no reason for me staying at the VMAC 10:30 at night, 11 at night and not come out here and let it hang and let it go.



(On is the defense what you guys thought it would be) It was. All week we talked about being physical and building on what we did last week, really pinning our heels back. Mike B [Michael Bennett] didn’t get to play last week so it was good to have him out there with us and just to see what we can do as a group. We mixed a couple rushes in, different types of looks, I think coaches just wanted to see how we problem solve.

(On what do you take away from everything the defense was able to do in the first half) It’s a lot of hungry guys out there. It’s inspiring to see, with guys coming back, what type of leadership that we have. It’s something to build on as the defending champs. Everybody has the mindset that we already know what it takes to go all the way so we’re trying to make it happen.

(On how important it is to get a feel for everybody together) It’s a great feeling. You see Earl (Thomas) and Sherm (Richard Sherman) out there, then to have Kam (Chancellor) back and next week we’ll have Bobby (Wagner). We’re getting all our starters back and guys are going to be fresh and ready to go. To play as a group, I think it’s going to be a very fast and physical defense. Probably faster than last year.

(On how much far along are you guys from last year as far as knowing each other) I think we’re pretty far. Last year Clem (Chris Clemons) was out, Cliff (Avril) was out, and Bruce (Irvin) didn’t play the first four games so it was kind of me and Benson (Mayowa) at DE. Now since the rotation is going like it’s been going since OTA’s, I think we have a pretty good feel for what we do, but more so when we get in the game and see guys turn up.


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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks Gregg…ealy post is nice…

  2. WiscCory says:

    RB CHRISTINE MICHAEL(On what else he needs to do before season starts)

    “Knowing where I’m supposed to be, knowing who to block, protecting the ball.”

    Adda boy! We need him next year, and this is promising. He seems to know where he needs work, and seems to be maturing.

  3. Sweezy was very good last night. The penalty was bs. Your going to get that when you are up by 34 and driving again.

  4. Really impressed with Michaels comments. He doesn’t sound supine or even immature anymore; last season he came across as both. He really is learning and stepping up…What a great time to be a Hawks fan! I know I’m not taking this regime and it’s success for granted! I practically have to pinch myself to ensure its not a dream…

  5. If Sweezy keeps this up, Georgia is going to be utterly insufferable! I can’t wait, no one wants the Sweezebag to succeed more than me–I’m tired of watching our G’s flail. This could be the year the Curse of the Ice fisherman dies!

  6. WiscCory says:

    Slave, explain the Curse of the Ice fisherman.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m actually more exited about Lockette right now than Sweezy, but not by too much.
    They both put some nasty on the Bears last night.

    It’s great to see players that at one time looks like they may fizzle start to sizzle in the NFL.

    What would really be cool is to see Carp & Irvin take that next step this season & prove their first round value.

    If they don’t no worries, next man up.

  8. Ray_Maines says:

    I hate to go all Yankster on us, but I think I might have been the first person to suggest Steve Hutchinson better like ice fishing during the playoffs, as the Vikings were a crap team and the Seahawks were going to be OK without him. I was a little optimistic about the Seahawks it seems.

  9. thelostboys says:

    I don’t understand why posting interviews that we can watch on the Hawks site is worthy of anybody’s time. I’d much rather Greg post an opinion, share facts or link me to some other interesting info. You all seem to like this, so obviously I’m missing something. I will now sit with an open mind to learn what I struggle to see.

  10. seahawkfan97 says:

    I know I was a pain for begging for the transcripts cause I am hard of hearing but shoot Gregg, I just realized im hard of seeing too..Can you continue with the font size you used for the Kearse, Baldwin and turbo headings!!! I actually could read it without squinting….
    just playin…There is so much to be excited about right now!! What is it 12 days and counting til the pack??? Go hawks 19-0
    Gregg did Sherm have any comment on marshall’s play? Was he supposed to have help underneath? That looked like a blueprint for the rest of the league… I get it that marshall is that good but it looked so easy! Expectations are so high and need to be checked I suppose.
    go hawks

  11. Ray_Maines says:

    The nice folks in Chicago aren’t real happy this morning. Here are a couple of quotes from a Chicago Tribune article entitled: Wait, weren’t the Bears supposed to be tougher?

    “How best to describe the Bears revamped starting defense against the Seahawks?

    Depressingly helpless?

    Repeatedly pantsed?

    A joke?

    Take your pick. It’s a question as easy as the Seahawks’ converting all seven third downs in the 31-0 first half.”

    and this:

    “The Bears weren’t tough enough to prepare properly for a game. They weren’t tough enough to rebound from from a bad start. They weren’t tough enough to beat the other team on enough snaps. They weren’t tough enough to be disciplined in assignments.

    No, wait, there was a shining moment. Did you see it? Do you remember it?

    The Bears starting defense forced the Seahawks to a call a timeout.



  12. baldbandit says:

    I love the transcripts because I can read much faster than people talk in the videos. I just want to get all the highlights like this quickly.

  13. seahawkfan97 says:

    here is another done linking after this one…teams are making cuts already

  14. montanamike2 says:

    That injury to BJ Raji is going to really hurt the Pack. 1st game of the season might be ugly.

  15. thelostboys says:

    bald, (sorry, I don’t normally call anybody bald on purpose) Your reason makes sense. I went and tried the speed of reading vs. watching/listening. You’re right; it’s faster. Lesson learned. Thanks!

  16. Ray_Maines says:

    It’s really fun to read this kind of stuff in somebody else’s paper.

    1) “In their last action before the games do count, the Bears’ first-stringers found out they didn’t measure up to the champions, and any talk of them possibly making a Super Bowl run of their own this season can stop until further notice.”

    2) “Just know that what was shown out on the field, I don’t believe that’s the defense that we are,” linebacker D.J. Williams said. “Now we’ve got to watch film, and the next time we get on the field, we’ve got to prove that’s not us.”

    Well, actually, it really is you. Trust me on this.

    3) “The Bears surrendered four touchdowns to the Seahawks’ starting offense on its first four possessions. And the fifth and final one of the half ended with a 59-yard field goal because there wasn’t any more time to advance the ball.”

    4) “The sun-splashed, 75-degree evening that welcomed the Bears to the Pacific Northwest on Friday offered a reminder that this is August, when the games don’t count in the standings. It’s a reminder they sorely needed when looking up at the CenturyLink Field scoreboard.”

    and this…

    5) “The Bears’ first-stringers were overmatched in all three phases by quarterback Russell Wilson and the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks. The result was a 31-0 halftime score that doesn’t affect the Bears’ 2014 fortunes but certainly rained on whatever optimism they had generated to this point.”

  17. MAY just be homerism but if the first half was any indication then no team will beat the Seahawks this year. They are seriously on another level compared to the rest of the league. I’ve watched many replays of other games and there is just something different about how the Seahawks prepare, play, adjust and even react on the sidelines. It is going to be a fun Seattle Seahawks season. They won’t go undefeated but boy, are they good…..Daaaaaaayum!

  18. Hubrismh says:

    I just watched the game, thanks nfl preseason package. The NFL channel,is a joke.

    Pryor isn’t very good.

    CMike is our future RB, and he will be awesome. Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind.

    Harvin, Wilson, beast, Kearse, Angry, Willson will have a lot of fun this year.

    It seemed to me there were an aweful lot of completions on Sherms side of the field, which mean he is human. But when it got closer, the D stiffened up.
    Kevin Williams blew up their oline on the first and 1/2 yd to kill their TD hopes. He will quietly ruin many running attempts this year.

    ET got caugh by a really fast, athletic punter…. Hahahaha nah. He will get ribbed hard by his teammates, even though the guy had the angle on him… But, I still don’t want him returning punts, as Lockett exemplified so clearly with his crushing blast on Their returner… No sir… None o dat.

    Our offense this year will be in the top 3 – You heard it here first. Although I don’t think that’s a big stretch of a prediction. We are freaking loaded for bear, as we just saw.

    Cutler had a lot of Time on a lot of plays, which is why he made a lot of completions on Sherms side, but the rush had a few good moments too.

    Packers losing BJ is tough for them, it will help us, but their offense is scary too. It will not be an easy game, I think the 12th man is the deciding factor in a much tougher game than many are thinking.
    But on the flip side, if we rout the packers, we go 15-1, with the one loss being a fluke….

  19. montanamike2 says:

    I wish we had the Colts at Clink.

  20. I claim to have invented The Ice Fisherman nickname, and the Curse of said Fisherman. But like most things, it probably happened simultaneously by different folks about the same time.

    My version (on Seahawkaddicts) was I would not say his name until we won a SB without him, and he retired. His curse would ensure that he never went to the playoffs or win the SB, so he would have lots of time in Minny to go Ice Fishing, since there is nothing else to do there during playoff season…

    And it mostly worked; he only made the playoffs once or twice, and injuries ruined his career.

    Our part in the Curse–earned by Ruskell lying to Holmgren–was we would never have a decent LG until after Hutch retired…

    Spooky, huh?!

  21. thelostboys says:

    It’s hard for my biggest takeaway to not be Michael’s running and the over-all Oline power, but I was most impressed by the lack of holding by those who supposedly created the Legion of Boom rule. I always felt the whining was a farce. I’ve struggled to watch other games due to the mounting calls. Then we have last night. Two of the finest fast and tall receivers in the game were on display with a quarterback who can sling it. We didn’t completely shut them down, but the refs didn’t use the LOB rule. Watch out!

    The Santa Clara Niners were a vocal group about this last season. I found this interesting from an article by Jeffrey Chadia of ESPN,

    “We’ve always taught our players to play with the technique that’s within the rules,” said San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. “The officiating has been instructed to be more diligent in that area. We saw a negative with that [in Thursday's game at Baltimore]. … They called us for an illegal contact penalty, which in no way, shape or form was an illegal contact penalty. And the league’s already confirmed that it wasn’t. You hate to think that these guys have been drilled into their head that they’re seeing ghosts out there now, too. … We hope that stuff gets cleaned up by the time the regular season comes.”

    Some comments on here about Sherman. I noted a couple of times it looked like his coverage was in a zone scheme which requires a shared responsibility. Not sure Sherm gets the blame. Either way it’s good for him.

  22. Supine=Stupid. Autocorrect, I hate you so….

  23. thelostboys says:

    Speaking of Chadia and his famous quotes (from the same article):

    The idea of the “healthy 6″ partly explains why Seattle had so much success stifling opposing offenses last season. The Seahawks didn’t field the league’s best defense — one that allowed a league-low 172 passing yards per game — solely because they had three Pro Bowl players in their secondary. They also believed they could push the boundaries of fair play because officials didn’t want to slow the game down by calling too many penalties.

    This guy….

  24. montanamike2 says:

    Hutch lost, we won! That’s the way karma works.

  25. montanamike2 says:

    I’ve gotten pneumonia twice winter fishing.

  26. Hammajamma says:

    Pass pro still has to improve, but 70% completion rate for RW seems realistic. They have it all.

  27. Hubrismh says:

    But I bet Hutch has the nicest ice fishing shack money can buy…

  28. PLUHawkFan says:

    Pete Carroll predicted it 1st, but after watching his spring training and the last couple of games, I am a believer. Russell Wilson will finish the Season with a 70% completion rate. On top of that I believe he’ll have around an 110 QBR (although I still believe stats are useless examined in a vacuum.) So many others take so much stock in it, it will be hard for them to continue the game manager argument when it comes to RW.

    I’ve also taken a step back after the excitement of last night. I have to remember this is pre-season and the fact that we looked pretty average against Denver. Real easy for us fans to say “but it’s just preseason, but when we kill another team to say LOOK were the best in NFL.” So i’m tempering my excitement some.

    PreSeason means nothing…… EXCEPT when you look at the performances on an individual basis (Like the coaches will/would) With that said I agree with DFloydd, I’ve watched several other games, including last seasons preseason. Watching individual performances it “seems” that many Hawks players are just on a completely different level than most in the rest of the league.

    IF (and this is a big IF) we can continue with this type of effort, I think we could go anywhere from 13-3 to undefeated. You read that right, and you can call me a homer if you want! I know it’s near impossible there is ever so slight of a chance to do just that. I could seriously see a scenario where we get beat by Greenbay in the opener (which really really focuses the team), and they go unbeaten the rest of the way. At absolute worst, I think we go 12-4. To go 12-4 though I think would be do to some injury issues.

    I’m basing this on watching not only the hawks, but watching the other teams in our division games as well.

    I know, I know I said I was “tempering” my excitement from last night. Well after spending the day watching film, and examining it differently (as described above) my Hype for the results has been tempered, but my optimism on certain individuals has not. I think this will be a season that puts a stop to the RW is good, but is just a system quarterback who wins because of his defense or game manager analogies.


  29. WiscCory says:

    Thanks for the Ice Fisherman story – I lost memory of that detail of blog years past.

    For a brief moment, I felt like I was sitting in a dark little tavern near the sea, on a wet night with a strange fog billowing.

    I’ve never been ice fishing, but suppose I’d like if for the beer drinking and sports radio. Do you get to play bags or stuff like that, too?

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Not that Wilson needs motivation but there is also a 20-25 million dollar a year contract waiting for him if he has a great season.

  31. SaigonSun says:

    I hate to be the downer when everybody here is in festive mood… It is about the upcoming mandatory cuts. We have a lot of talent that will not make the 53 . I feel we have 5-6 players that could/should stay here but, of course — they can’t. That is killing me. Maybe I am to grabby, to possessive or, something. I wish the rooster number was at 58 – 59 instead.

  32. PLUHawkFan says:

    I hear you SaigonSun, but the roster limit is what it is. It’s all perspective, I’d much rather have the problem of too much talent, and having to pick and choose vs not having enough. We are a VERY Deep team in almost every single area.

    The way the PC/JS choose to build (mostly young) is what is going to keep us competitive for years to come. Would I have liked to keep a few of the vets we lost this past summer? Of course… but we have as good or nearly so waiting in the wings, which makes more sense? Pay inflated price for vets? Or pay for the ones we REALLY want to keep and let the youngsters have their go.

    For now, in PC/JS I trust.


  33. PLUHawkFan says:


    Where in Wisconsin are you from? I lived in Wisconsin for 5years. Quite honestly I really miss it. If I had a choice on where to live right now I would move back there in a heartbeat. I’ve lived all over the US, and Wisconsin is my favorite by far.

    I lived in a little town in NW Wisconsin called Antigo.

    Nomatter where I live though I will always be a Seahawk fan. I drove my friends and neighbors crazy when I lived there always rooting for the hawks. I was really looked at with displeasure I’ll tell you. Packers fans are fanatical I tell ya :) *Grin I did become a Wisconsin Badger fan while I was there though… :)


  34. seahawkfan97 says:

    lostboys…and many times you cannot hear the questions asked of the players and some of the answers..Heck a week ago I thought miller was hurt, Heath Miller, couldn’t find out anything on it and it turned out to be a different miller trying to make the team…high blood pressure for nothing

  35. chuck_easton says:

    Any word on the injury front from last night?

    Did the team come through relatively unscathed?

  36. chuck_easton says:

    And I think the Pryor over Jackson movement officially ended last night.

    It was short lived, but Jackson’s consistency is better than the up/down play Pryor might bring.

    Pryor just better hope the team decides to keep 3 QB’s.

  37. PLUHawkFan says:

    Rams might be in trouble…. Sam Bradford just went down in the game.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bradford just went down.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Are you watching Redzone PLU.

  40. PLUHawkFan says:

    I”m watching NFL network game day and browsing on my NFL preason live on my i-pad.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    I’ll say this, Farwell won’t go easily. He played a hell of a game last night.

    Now that they’ve gotten bodies back, LB looks like the deepest position on the team.

    And lastly, anyone else notice how active Carp was last night? Pulling. Driving his man into the second level. That may have been his best game as a pro.

    (Sorry if these things have already been discussed. Visiting Mom in the Bay Area and haven’t been able to check in.)

  42. While I have not been able to rewatch the game, I can’t really comment on how well certain individuals played, except what I can remember seeing live. But, what I found really remarkable, was the lack of errors, the smoothness of the play, and the midseason quality. Pete has to be pleased with the lack of penalties.

  43. Bradford out with a leg. The Cards D hurt by some key injuries. The Niners may not be as good. It’s looking good for the Seahawks right now.

  44. PLUHawkFan says:

    I just really hope and pray that the injury bug does not bite the hawks. Some injuries are unavoidable, but I also believe how an athlete trains and prepares has a big influence.

    This is another aspect of the Hawks that goes unnoticed or is underrated. The Hawks really focus on Training right, Nutrition, Mental preparation as well as sleep. In fact it’s my understanding they hired a specialist to develop specific sleep schedules individualized to each players needs.

    Many of these behind the scenes things really help with things like injuries. It’s also a reason I believe we’ve seen some of our athletes get back slightly faster then expected, and come back strong.

    So much to love about how the Hawks go about their business.


  45. PLUHawkFan

    There was an article somewhere in the last week or so that talked about how the Eagles coach Chip Kelly is into some very advanced stuff in terms of electronically monitoring players health, and letting them rest when they see some stats that say the guy should rest. Besides all the other stuff like nutrition, etc.

    My reaction was “Pete Carroll did it first”. Pete is all about taking care of the players in every way. So is Chip Kelly apparently. But it was funny to read an article about how amazing Chip Kelly is, when Pete was already doing all that stuff before Chip showed up.

  46. Dukeshire says:

    Teams in Seattle’s division suffering injuries and weakening them does not help Seattle. The ‘Hawks are a better and stronger team in the long run when they have to play, and beat, stronger teams.

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Redzone is what I was watching PLU.
    First time watching it & I was looking for some feedback from someone that has watched it before.
    I like that it has no commercials.

    NFL network really butchered up the Seahawks game this week so I didn’t get to see much.

  48. Dukeshire

    I would be more concerned about how the NFC West plays the AFC West. We do want the other teams in the NFC West to crush the AFC West. So we don’t want our NFC West foes to get too weak. While at the same time, we need to beat the NFC West so we can play 2 playoff games at home to get to the Superbowl.

  49. PLUHawkFan says:


    My thoughts exactly. I still am slightly peeved at how many analysts blasted Pete (before giving him a chance) saying he was nothing but a raw raw coach who would fail. And how that mentality wouldn’t not translate to the NFL.

    Those exact same analysts are now talking about how he could be one of the best coaches in the league. No mention of their previous predictions LOL.

    But I agree, I hadn’t read about the Chip Kelly thing, but my reaction would have been the same Pete did it 1st… The Seahawks whole franchise in general seems to get minimalized, unless or until they absolutely do SOOO much that it can’t be ignored. Annoying… but on other hand it helps keep our players motivated to prove all the critics wrong. So there is positive even in hearing all the negative *Smile


  50. I don’t know if I fully agree with you Duke. Last year it was fortunate the NFC West not only beat up each other but beat up on the NFC South as well.

    Had the NFC South played the NFC East last year like they did in 2012, I think either the Panthers or Saints would have had HFA. And I think HFA was the difference between making the key end of game stop and blowing the game in the final few seconds for the Seahawks.

  51. PLUHawkFan says:


    I would love to have Redzone, but it cost’s too much extra on my cable package (which is high enough already) so…

    I watch NFL network only because they are ever so slightly better then espn IMHO. For the rest I paid the premium for NFL Rewind, and NFL Preaseason Live. All the extra’s those packages give you was worth the investment.

    Side note the FREE NFL now is pretty good as well.


  52. Dukeshire says:

    rbuzby – I’m not sure I fully follow what you’re saying, but it sounds like you, at least, partially agree with me.

    pab – After years of complaining about how playing in a very weak NFC West hurt the Seahawks, you’re now going the other way?

    And I know I disagree with your end of game premise. Games aren’t played in a vacuum, so that scenario very likely would have no relevance in a hypothetical game on the road. Come on man, you understand that.

  53. ” The Seahawks whole franchise in general seems to get minimalized, unless or until they absolutely do SOOO much that it can’t be ignored. Annoying… but on other hand it helps keep our players motivated to prove all the critics wrong.”

    A big YES yes yes, PLUHawkfan.

    Everything about the Seahawks gets “minimized” or “discounted” as I call it. You could say the same for the city of Seattle, but I won’t go there.

    Wilson seems to get no credit for anything he does. He is a game manager, a running QB playing in a “system”, they say. And the Seahawks defense cheats.

    I think this team is going to be even more determined than last season. The chip on the shoulder got bigger after winning the Superbowl. It certainly did for me as a fan.


  54. Hubrismh says:

    The NFL channel game day live is almost insufferable! Blah, blah ,blah…”..

    Stfu already and show football. Listening to these three drones blather on and on is making me want to throw my beer through the dam tv screen. Oh, and now 15 minutes of uninterrupted commercials…

    Seriously, whoever thinks this is what football fans want to watch must think Mel Tucker is a good coach…

  55. PLUHawkFan says:


    I agree with you to a point. But I do enjoy listening to other’s viewpoints from time to time. They give me idea’s of what to “examine” on my own from time to time if nothing else. ESPN is worse though, at least many of the analysts on NFL network are former players or coaches. The blithering idiots on ESPN just plain drive me bonkers.

    I’m only 1/2 watching NFL network though, mainly paying attention when they are showing clips of games. Otherwise I’m watching my iPad and the games I’m skimming through. Or reading the blog here *Grin.


  56. Did anybody notice that on the first few Seattle kickoffs, Bears players would run towards the kicker and attack Derrick Coleman (at least I think it was Coleman). Later in the game (when Coleman was not in) they would fall back toward the kick returner to help set the play. Was it scheme, or were they showing respect to him?

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks PLU,

    I didn’t think Redzone cost extra but perhaps it was because I just signed up with dish.

    I got tired of Directv.
    Too expensive for less channels, poor reception in rainy weather & 1000 less hours of recording space.

    Hubrismh- I hear you.

  58. montanamike2 says:

    I have my wife drive me to the bar where my group of “lads” sits. We own the place, scream and generally get blitzed, then my wife picks me up and we go home. I figure for what DTV charges, i might as well get a few beers out of it. It’s cool having pals that you meet up with for several years by itself. Bradford is one fragile NFL QB, he’s always hurt. I hope the injury bug doesn’t get us because we look good compared to everybody else.
    The NFC teams all won today, but i think the Broncos win tomorrow. There are only a few good teams in the AFC and they’re one of them, I’m all about HFA.

  59. Pabs–Welcome back; you been gone too long ! I miss you and Dukeshire trashing each other civilly but with venom…

    Mike–U up for a visit from my crazy self and the family Labor Day Sunday? We’re headed to Red Lodge Fri/Sat (wife’s work)…

  60. seahawkfan97 says:

    Chip Kelly has been doing that for a long time down in Oregon as well..Not saying pete was/was not first, just saying not new to Chip and all that Nike money at oregon

  61. I’ve really enjoyed everyone’s comments the past few days–including the live chat! Keep up the good discussions! I love all y’all….

  62. PLUHawkFan says:


    I read on vimeo today that Rain City Redemption Super Bowl episode (if you guys haven’t seen these videos check em out) is coming out on Sept 2. The producer apologized for it taking so long, but he said he’s put a lot of extra effort into this episode and wait should be worth it.

    Should be a nice video to check out just before opening day game! I’m excited! Seriously if any of you HAVEN’T seen this series you MUST check em out.

    Here’s a link for anyone that hasn’t seen them. Rain City Redemption

    There are currently 4 episodes check em all out. Episode 1, 2, 3, 3 part II and there is a trailer for the Super Bowl one coming up.


  63. Hubrismh says:

    Ya know, Sherm lays some wood for a skinny loudmouth don’t he?

  64. Thanks PLU for the lin to the Rain City Redemtion, but I could not figure out how to access the subsequent issues. The first one is awesome, and I would like to see the continuation.

  65. ljarllrajl says:

    I was thinking about the removal of Sidney Rice and Golden Tate. They are really good at sideline plays. Tip Toe the feet and make the catch. Percy Harvin and Paul Richardson are more catch and run guys. This could lead to more big plays because the athlete is not designed to go out of bounds. The play is designed to get him the ball and let him use his speed to go up field.

  66. PLUHawkFan says:

    if you click on the producers name William Cornell just below the episode title it will give you a list of all his vimeo files. Rest of the Rain city episodes are there. Or just use the search tool at top of that page and you could fine them that way.

    To make it easier though, I’ll put rest of the links here.

    Rain City Redemption #2
    Rain City Redemption #3
    Rain City Redemption #3 Part 2
    Rain City Redemption Super bowl Trailer


  67. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks for the links PLU.

    Even top NFL draft picks struggle with things early on.
    Especially O-lineman-

  68. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Harvin says Wilson is on a par with Favre when it comes to his presence, calmness & preparation in the game.

  69. Southendzone says:

    Those Rain City Redemption videos are pretty much the best thing in the universe that has ever been made. I assume everyone’s already watched them, but if not, go spend a few hours doing so.

    If you just want a little taste, watch the Super Bowl Trailer only. I watch it about every 3 days or so.

  70. PLU, thanks for the links, I plan to watch these later today.

    Gregg, what do you think will happen with Kevin Norwood?

  71. montanamike2 says:

    Slave, sorry i missed your post. Are you coming through Bozeman? If so i’d love to meet up with you and your family.

  72. WiscCory says:

    PLU – I’m in the opposite corner – SE Wisc near the border. Right in the heart of Bear/Packer country.

    My Dad lives near Mauston WI, and that’s a nice summer/Winter place for my family on the weekends. I agree that WI a beautiful part of the country.

  73. oldtallguy says:

    MontanaMike, bozeman home of the world’s greatest donuts.

  74. montanamike2 says:
  75. Montanamike2–We’re going to Red Lodge next Fri/Sat, can swing thru Bozeman Sunday/Monday if you want to get together. I’ll give you a call later in the week..,

    Larljal–Kevin Norwood and Baldwin are the sideline and jump ball replacements: Norwood excels at both.

  76. montanamike2 says:

    Cool Slave, that would be great. New thread up. BTW where are there great donuts here in Bozeman?

  77. Southendzone says:

    Don’t claim to know where the greatest donuts are, but the greatest maple bars on the planet are from Chuck’s Donuts in Renton WA. Give them a try

  78. PLU, What is ‘Free NFL Now’ ?

    Georgia, How will you see all the games without DTVs Sunday Ticket?
    You know you can plug an external drive up to the DTV receiver to add capacity..

  79. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I won’t be able to see all the Seahawks games from beginning to end live (on tv) this season mocarob.

    I will have to see them on Redzone, & tape them in full later from the NFL network.

    It kind of sucks but at least I don’t have to waste my time watching commercials.

    Btw- directv’s contract ends with NFL ticket this season.

    Not sure if they will get a new one.
    My hope is that dish gets it or perhaps we could have multiple choices with the NFL ticket in the future.

  80. PLUHawkFan says:


    gotto it’s a site or there are apps for iPad or other tablets. Basically they consolidate videos for you based on your selections. You choose the teams you want info on or the players and you get streamed videos based on your selections.

    You can also see lots of videos from NFL network. SoundFX, Hardknox, Game’s greatest players, Football Life etc.

    It’s a free service, so for what it is it’s pretty good.

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