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Like Percy Harvin in the open field, this looks fantastic. But for Seahawks, this doesn’t mean anything — yet

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August 23, 2014 8:31 am

Percy Harvin zooming past Chicago Bears on a kickoff and then after receptions like a Bugatti past so many Car2Gos. Earl Thomas flying down the left sideline while returning a punt 59 yards. Russell Wilson coolly turning what would have more sacks against most quarterbacks into first downs and touchdowns. Heck, even Marshawn Lynch not only carrying the ball in August but scoring.

It sure looked like regular-season quality the Super Bowl-champion Seahawks put on display tonight in the final full tune-up for the Sept. 4 opener against Green Bay.

“Yeah, it feels good. But you can always get better. And it’s only the preseason,” Thomas, the All-Pro safety and now newly explosive punt returner said tonight after the 34-6 rout of the Bears that was 31-0 at halftime, after which the starters soon left. “We don’t know if we got their best start, so you just to stay low-key and humble about it.”

What Thomas did know he got from the Bears was wide receiver Brandon Marshall’s white, No. 15 game jersey. That was sitting on the floor in front of  Thomas’ locker as he spoke.

What Thomas said is really the Seahawks’ most-pressing issue at this moment. Staying “low-key and humble,” resisting the urge to believe that what happened tonight — and what happened last week against San Diego, when it was 24-0 starters midway through the second quarter — is automatically indicative of what will happen when the games get real.

Being these aren’t wide-eyed kids but proven champions, you can fully expect they won’t think they’ve won anything yet.

The NFL is full of histories of teams that look title-bound in August, only to be toilet-bound by October. Heck, the Cleveland Browns went 3-1 last preseason.

Then again, the NFL is thin on histories of defending Super Bowl champions looking this dominant this early. There aren’t a lot of teams that have added a supremely unique and jet-fast talent such as Harvin, who is looking other-wordly in these first glimpses since his offseason hip surgery. That has a uncannily cool, beyond-his-years quarterback that keeps turning what should be sacks into scores with scrambles.

That’s the glass-is-overflowing view.

But here’s the thing: The glass never actually overflows for any NFL team in August — no matter how full it looks. And there’s no denying how fully grand the Seahawks look at this instant, 13 days before the Packers arrive for the league opener.

But there will be teams that game-plan to specifically slow Harvin on his inside routes. That come after Seattle’s offensive line that is still seeking continuity and just tonight got all five of its starters on a game field for the first time since February’s Super Bowl; that line still isn’t the strength of the team right now, to say the least. There will be opponents that don’t completely cower away from throwing at All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman, as Denver and San Diego did in the previous two exhibitions, but instead test him often to keep the field balanced and the Seahawks’ defense more honest. Chicago’s Jay Cutler did that three times in the first half tonight, and got three completions in front of Sherman that seemed to surprise all of Seattle.

In other words, it will be different beginning on Sept. 4.

Then again, it will be different for the Seahawks, too. As varied and lethal as they’ve looked these last two weeks — more exotic on defense; they zone blitzed at times, sending pass-rush weakside end O’Brien Schofield (who is playing fantastically with six QB hits, two sacks in the last two games to seize not only a roster spot but a prominent role in this defense) into the right flat in pass coverage; they have been more varied with motion and misdirection on offense — they still have yet to fully game plan, either.

All this is to say that this is only the preseason. It’s as dominant and exciting and full of what-this-can-be as any preseason Seattle’s ever had. But it’s still August.

“Yeah, we have to keep playing,” Carroll said. “We have a long ways to go to get it right.

“It’s about consistency.”

It’s about doing it again for real beginning in 13 days.

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  1. As Mr. Happy says above, the 3rd down stuff has been great to watch/see. That’s one big thing that “jumps out” at me. Lets hope it continues.

  2. Singularitarian says:

    Here’s the deal: Thomas is the punt returner. You don’t risk him in the preseason if you won’t in the regular season. Punt returners don’t get hurt that much. Get used to it

  3. Wilson is the best QB in the NFL at making something out of nothing.

  4. Wilson looked good but didn’t do much in terms of proving he could throw a perfect deep ball.

  5. SandpointHawk says:

    “Wilson was behind center for nine straight scoring drives, dating to last week’s win over San Diego, a run of 55 points”. (ESPN)

    Let’s gripe about how Wilson can’t throw a perfect deep ball some more…SMH…

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Joe Montana once said something like-
    “why do I need to throw it 50 yards when I can throw it 10 yards & let my receivers take it in.”

    Wilson gets it.
    And Harvin helps him take it to another level.

  7. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    The game was blacked out here both on TV and radio, all i could do is watch the computer monitor for the score. I don’t even see the replay schedule on NFL network. The only 2 field goals came after our starters came out, just like last week. TP has some ‘splaining to do, i’m glad TJack is our backup, at least he can get FG’s.

  9. seahawkfan97 says:

    Ok can we discuss why sherm was looking normal last night…Is he baiting the league into thinking they can throw the back pass and beat him??? The one play marshall I think just waited til sherm turned to run and bam, big gain….that really sucks that Earl made a big return..what a great game…its preseason…its preseason…What an exciting time to be a hawks fan….

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One word why Sherman looked normal.


    Normal was a big improvement over Sherman’s last performance against him.

  11. montanamike2 says:

    Marshall is a big dude, true #1.

  12. averagejay says:

    RW says, “the separation is in the preparation.”

    I say, “The division is in the decision.” RW is the best decision maker I have ever seen. All hail king Midas.

  13. SnakeDoctor says:

    @montanamike, blacked out here in Florida too. Found some sites to stream the radio (Steve Raible) holy catfish and watch during regular season. Send me an email and I’ll send you the links.

    Dominate again a home but the true test is how they look in Oakland. I know it’s Oakland but it’s still not the clink.

    Being from Florida and a Gator fan, Percy has always been my favorite and really wanted them to draft him instead of the Vikings. But I guess they are the farm team for the Seahawks anyway.

    I think the rest of the league know Russell is the real deal and is scary on how good he can get.

    Lord have mercy, i’ts Percy! (my favorite Sherman quote)
    Go Hawks! for montanamike!

  14. Ewalters7354 says:

    The more I watch,the more convinced I am Ricardo Lockette makes this team.

  15. AZBubba71 says:

    Huh?? Oakland doesn’t matter at all, as this will be a game largely played by the 3rd and 4th stringers.

  16. vichawkfan says:

    Lynch looked lighter last night. I think he puts up his best statistical season so far. Passing game is going to set up the run for once!

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes Ewalters, it looks like Lockette will be a lock.

    Vicious hit!

    And he appears to have improved his receiving.

    Could be that physical WR presence that Carroll is always looking for.

    One tough dude for sure!

  18. In Russ I trust. This kid and these receivers are going to open huge opportunities for Lynch and company. I’m thinking 1600+ yards and 15+ td’s for Marshawn. And Wilson will get something close to 30 TD passes with 8 to 10 INT’s and 4000+ yards.

  19. No one “griped” about RW’s deep throws. I simply wanted to discuss how they look when each is studied on its own merits compared to his completion percentage. Both are parts of a whole, but they don’t add up.

    Griping is saying “why can’t RW throw a better deep ball? He stinks. His deep passing makes him a mediocre qb.” No one said anything like that.

    Wilson, as I’ve said a zillion times, is fantastic and I wouldn’t trade him for any other qb plus a first round pick; he’s perfect for our team and I love the guy.

    If you are someone who doesn’t want to discuss the intractable of the game or players strengths and weakneses, then dont.but having a tantrum when other people wish to is ridiculous. That’s what a blog is for.

    Wilson looks to have stepped up his game, and it’s impossible not to be excited and hopeful that his performance this year–and in years to come–will be one for the ages. Dynasty seems probable, not just possible for our qb and indeed, our whole team. What a great year this should be!

  20. For those that watched the whole game, how did Toomer do?

  21. LarryLee says:

    Lockett really jumps out on Special Teams, I think he’s made the team. Teams will jump on him if he becomes available, probably NFC West teams. Good speed at WR too.
    This offense truly looks like The Legion Of Zoom, at least so far.

  22. Ray_Maines says:

    RW can’t throw deep? That’s OK, Jesus can’t swim either.

  23. “Punt returners don’t get hurt that much”…uh, did you see what Lockett did to the Chicago punt returner?

  24. I haven’t seen anyone say RW can’t throw deep. His precision/accuracy may be argued about–eye of the beholder and all–but the results can’t be dismissed. He manages to complete a high percentage of deep throws, whether they are exactly on target or not.

    It reminds me of the discussions regarding Hass’ overall accuracy, back in the day. Raw stats showed his completion percentage to be high; but how much was system-based? Many of his passes were in the general area, but not easy catches too…he had a hard time getting the ball to little guys not named Engram–see Branch, Deion–and struggled when a play broke down and/or his rhythm was off…but he got the job done at a high level, and his stats were good, no?

    Remember, I loved me some Hasselbeck…

  25. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – Some on this blog were saying Wilson doesn’t throw a good deep ball, last week. You’re better off for having missed it.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Montana – As dominant as they were, the score was a bit misleading. The Bears missed a deep TD when the receiver dropped the ball, and they were victim to a horrific offensive PI at Seattle’s 2, that resulted in Lane’s goal line pick, a play later. Anyway, just some context.

  27. Duke shire–I’m responsible for the whole argument over RW’s deep passing. Some can’t discuss RW without frothing at the mouth if someone says he’s less than epic…

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