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LB Malcolm Smith, OC Darrell Bevell, DC Dan Quinn following Seahawks’ practice for 3rd exhibition

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August 19, 2014 3:16 pm

By semi-popular demand, here in writing is what the Super Bowl MVP plus the Seahawks’ coordinators said following today’s practice for exhibition game number three, Friday at 7 p.m. at home against the Chicago Bears.

Bevell reiterated he is going to use wide receiver Percy Harvin “in a lot of different ways.”

The Seahawks seem at times almost giddy over the prospect of finally having Harvin fully healthy at the start of a season — or any more than three games of it, as he was limited to last regular season and postseason. This morning during practice Harvin continued to look supersonic compared to every other player on the field not named Paul Richardson.

“He makes some wild plays,” said Bevell, Harvin’s offensive coordinator with the Minnesota Vikings in 2009 and ’10.

Those were Harvin’s first two years in the NFL. He had 131 catches for 1,658 yards and 11 touchdowns — plus another 33 rushes with one score and 82 kickoff returns with three touchdowns — combined while playing 29 of a possible 32 games in 2009-10 with Bevell and the Vikings.

Quinn had a word for Smith returning to his getting-back-to-full-go linebacking corps: “Awesome.”

LB Malcolm Smith

August 19, 2014

(On announcing “hey don’t forget about me” by making a one-handed interception in practice) I guess, man. I’m just trying to do my job and I was fortunate to get an opportunity there, you know, so make them pay.

(On picking up where he left off) I guess, man. Hopefully keep it rolling. I don’t think one practice will do it all but just trying to stack some good days together.

(On Coach Quinn talking about off season difficulties) I’ve been itching. I mean, you come off a pretty good game – we did some great stuff in the Super Bowl. And then it (the offseason) was just a lull for me. A lot of down time, a lot of watching, and a lot of learning. Dealing with my own emotions and stuff every day. It was good to get out here today and start moving around a little bit.

(On how life changed as an MVP) Not much. My life hasn’t changed. A lot of people care about you a little bit more than they used to. But other than that, it’s all the same to me.

(On how impressive the linebacker group and the team has been in the preseason) It just shows. Those guys get opportunities and they make the most of it. That’s something we care about in our room. Just try to step in and be better than the guy before you. You know. Just try to earn that respect. It’ll be good and getting everybody back hopefully will make us strong as a group.

(On his ankle issues that he had surgery for and if they’re chronic or if they just came up after the Super Bowl) It kind of caught me off guard. It made me slip up and they suggested I get it fixed. That’s it. It took longer than I expected to get back but it’s not easy to come out here and play football.

(On having an idea of his role this season) Not really. I am just trying to be available. That was the best thing for me is to be available last year. Hopefully the coaches count on me when I get those opportunities.

(On pain in his ankle last year) I didn’t have any issues with my ankle last year. I just had normal bumps and bruises during the season. It was kind of more of an offseason thing.

(On how you would rate the interception he made in practice) I haven’t seen it yet. It’s never is as good as it feels.

(On running the ball into the end zone with half dozen team mates in the end) It just shows I care about being a good teammate. I know those guys too. Especially in our room we care about each other as men and as young guys growing up in the NFL. It was good.

(On giving him a hard time for being MVP) I mean not really. They’re supportive. They see the struggle it takes for us to get any recognition so they’re happy for us.

(On having to sit out for three weeks) It’s been really hard. You want to carry momentum and try and do it mentally. I’ve been trying to focus my energy on things I can do while I can do them.

(On Coach Norton being easier today than four years ago) I think he wants to develop that trust in you and that relationship and understanding. But it’s in waves. He’ll be hard on us again pretty soon. We’ll enjoy the good times while they’re here.

(On getting used to Coach Norton and if he has caught him off guard) He’s funny. He’s always growing – as a coach and I’ve seen him as a parent. I’m watching him all the time just as he’s watching us. He’s coaching us and I’m watching him.

(On how Pete Carroll has changed since recruiting Malcolm at USC) Well, it’s the NFL. It’s a little more pressure I guess you’d say, if you look at it like that. He’s kind of a guy that has his philosophy, and he just kind of elevated it to this level. It really hasn’t been much change.

(On why he was able to play so well down the stretch last season as well as in the postseason) Just that focus and trying to take those mental reps. Like I said earlier, just be available. You’re not really helpful when you can’t practice and you’re not there. That’s my main concern, getting back on the field and trying to be out here every day from now on.

(On how he feels right now) I feel pretty good. If we had a game today I feel like I could play. So, you know, I’ll just keep building from there and try to get the most out of my ankle.

Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell

August 19, 2014

(On Robert Turbin having a big half and what he sees out of him) I see a lot of good things out of him. The best part of it was that his home run didn’t get called back. He had quite a few of those last year, but he’s just doing a nice job. Each and every year he comes back more focused and more prepared and when the opportunity presents itself for him to be able to get in the game, or get a number of carries, he’s positioned himself to be ready for that. I saw him running physical, he’s got good speed. The cool part at the end of the long run he was able to use his off arm and probably got about twelve to fifteen more yards just with his stiff arm. That’s something he worked on and something he’s improved on. He’s just really a true pro. He’s committed to getting himself better anyway he can. He spends a lot of time with Russell [Wilson] as well and he’s just doing a great job.

(On Percy Harvin being healthy for the offense this year) Well I think you can just look at last year, see the few plays and the significant impact that he had on those few plays last year when he was able to get in the game. Being able to have him on a consistent basis will be huge for us. He’s an explosive play-maker. You want to be able to have the ball in his hands each and every game. He’s very explosive with it, he can do a lot of things. Once he gets the ball in his hands, we need to put him in those positions and to be able to that he just needs be out there. He’s shown that through training camp, he’s been out there, he’s been in games and we like what we see.

(On Percy Harvin making a difference even if he’s not getting the ball) Absolutely, you’re going to use him in a lot of different ways. You do need to give him the ball because of the explosive nature that he has. They have to pay attention to him when he’s out there. I think you saw in the Super Bowl as well. Just to be able to bring him around and do the things that we did with him, it had a significant impact even when he wasn’t getting the ball.

(On as much time as he spends with Percy, is he used to that explosiveness) Oh yeah. I’ve seen it for a long time and I love it and I’m glad it’s on our side. He makes some wild plays. He’s talked about the speed that he’s felt and you can definitely feel it on the field as well.

(On what he wants to see out of the last couple preseason games) I just want to continue to see us be consistent. We made a nice jump from the first game to the second game. We played pretty well offensively and we just want to continue to be able to progress. Continue just to play consistent ball. We were able to hold onto the ball, we were able to convert third downs, we were able to do a nice job in the red zone, but that’s one game. We need to do it on a consistent basis. We were able to run the ball last week, obviously that’s what we are built upon, that’s what we love to do. We want to continue to see consistency in that area and not have peaks and valleys.

(On the offensive line coming back together) Yeah, that would be a huge bonus for us to get them all back. We’re still missing a couple of them but the guys that have been in their place have done a really nice job. We can always count on Lemuel [Jeanpierre] to step in there and do a good job for us. It was a well-executed game last week and again I just want to make sure we continue to do that on a consistent basis.

(On Terrelle Pryor not getting to throw the ball much last week, what is he looking for as far as him throwing the ball for the next preseason games)  Well, Terrelle has done a nice job in his progression since he’s been here. He’s come in, he’s worked really hard. He picked up the offense really well. There can be some tough challenges just getting in and out of the huddle. He’s been able to spit the play out and learn that that way. He’s done a nice job throwing the ball around out here at practice for the most part so he has progressed there. He’s doing a nice job with his foot work; he’s moving his feet well. He’s getting the ball out quicker each and every day as he comes along and the game kind of presents a new challenge. We weren’t able to get him in those situations. We’ve gotten him in other situations. The first game we got through a little bit more. Last week was just the case where the situations of the game didn’t dictate for him to throw at all. We aren’t going to turn it into throwing the ball every down for him but we are going to do as the game dictates. The progression that we’ve seen out here on the field I think really kind of tells us where he’s at.

Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn

August 19, 2014

(On return of injured linebackers) Yes and specifically Malcolm [Smith]. That was a terrific play by him going up and getting the ball. It’s awesome to have him back out here, I think one of the things that Malcolm brings to us is that speed and athletic ability. I think that showed today on the interception he had, but that’s a typical play for Malcolm which we’ve grown accustomed to seeing for him. In nickel that’s where he can be real factor behind the ball especially in the pass game so it’s awesome to have him back out there.

(On Malcolm Smith’s recovery) He worked really hard in his rehab, he really has. So for him, I know he’s been really anxious to get back and get going. He had a terrific spring, but he missed some time at the first part of camp so he’s just working as hard as he can to get back. It’s awesome to have him back out today and for him in the first practice to make a play like that it’s, ‘Alright Malcolm’ – that’s Malcolm we know.

(On knowledge of which linebackers will make the team) I think we feel pretty strongly. It was a good group going into camp and then we had some injuries, but what an opportunity for guys who may have not got the same amount of reps like a hidden blessing for some of these guys, like here’s my opportunity and I’m going for it. We still don’t have Bruce [Irvin] back yet and Bobby [Wagner] all the way. We’re anxious to get those two back in fold as well. It’s a really competitive group so it seems like the next guy who’s going in, here’s your opportunity to go do something and show you can do it. I think Malcolm [Smith] was a real product of that last year, he ended up starting the first four games when Bruce was out and then Bobby had missed two games and he went back into the starting lineup. When guys get their opportunity and they’re ready to take advantage of it, it’s pretty cool to see when that happens.

(On depth of the defensive line) We think so. Pass rushers, that’s one thing we’re always looking to find. We know we need to be at our best at the end when it’s time to go rush these guys in the two minute. O’Brien Schofield is somebody that stood out to me in training camp and through the first two preseason games. I think he’s improved a lot as a rusher, through this offseason, through training camp, and we can all feel when a guy is going for it and I think it’s true with O.B. in this training camp.

(On how O’Brien Schofield dealt with his offseason) Well once it went through, the recruiting process was full on from our end. So he really wanted an opportunity to come and show he could rush. Last year we kind of used him at SAM and at LEO so this year we’ve made him exclusively a LEO. We know he could always go back and play some SAM linebacker, he’s got that in his history both at Arizona and here, but this year we’ve exclusively used him as a rusher and trying to feature him in that way. It’s been good he’s totally accepted the challenge, and like I said, you can feel when a guy is going for it and I can with him this year. He got here during camp last year so maybe he was still trying to find that identity if that makes sense. Imagine all of us just walking into a team in the middle of training camp, where do I fit in, how I go about this and then all of a sudden, now being here with the offseason and going through it all, it’s much different.

(On package with Tony McDaniel at defensive end) We do. In some of the teams we’re going to need to play bigger, just about the clubs that we face. In those games we feature more big guys. Then there’s other games where nickel will be a bigger part of the package. That’s why we really try to preach the versatility as often as we can to know on games that we need to have rushers available we’ll do that. For games that are teams that are more power oriented and really strong run game we’ll need big guys in there to anchor it down. Tony is someone who has history playing end before coming here Tony played 34 defensive end in both Jacksonville and Miami so for us we know he had the history of doing it. We did it a little bit with him; you guys didn’t see it as much we did it some in practice. This year we made the decision in the offseason that he’d be a guy we could feature to do that.

(On Jeron Johnson’s spring and Kam Chancellor’s size) Jeron [Johnson] has had a terrific spring. I tried to point him out the other day; I thought what a nice tackle that was on the run through. It was a pretty good tribute to his big brother after the play too. He’s been on it. The details the assignment, the mental side I think that was important for him going through this offseason. He had all the reps in OTAs, he had all the reps here now through training camp and he’s proven he’s ready to go. That’s an important quality showing as a teammate, man you can count on me, and I know we can count on Jeron. Getting back to Kam [Chancellor], he brings a lot. We’d have a long time to talk about all the different things that he brings.  It’s the toughness, it’s the finish, it’s the attitude, it’s the way that he tackles. He’s a really physical player. It goes without saying, you guys have seen him. He brings an awful lot to us and we try to feature him in the ways that use his skills to where he can play strong in the hook or edge set. There’s so many things that he brings to us, but it’s the toughness and the finish really.

(On Jordan Hill) He definitely has gotten stronger, I think he was set back by some of the injuries he had last year. We’re counting on Jordan [Hill] to be a factor in this nickel group and that’s where we’re looking at him first. That competition is still underway and I think it may take us a few more games to figure that out, but he’s certainly in the mix with those guys, I’ve been pleased with him so far.

(On fights between players during camp) You certainly don’t want them, in terms of the back and forth. It’s a really competitive heightened time, when I think guys are really going for it. I want to show I belong on this thing, some of those flare ups may happen and that’s our job as coaches to try and get that handled as best we can. Really we want to know what we’re competing for and at the end of it is how good we can make each other by how hard we go against each other. Sometimes that line can get crossed and get in the way, but really knowing what we’re competing for is to see how good we can get. Here at practice that’s what the whole message is about so at times the flare-ups may happen and it’s our job to try and control those as quickly as we can.

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    My wife just asked me who this Gregg guy is I keep comparing people (writers) with…I assured her it was only the Seahawks blog and she went away happy…Thanks

  2. Gregg Bell says:

    Ha! Good one. You are welcome. Thanks again for reading Sandpoint

  3. My favorite player in the NFL getting the ice bucket challenge:

    I’m really expecting things from Jordan Hill this year in that package. Greg, does he consistently seem to get off the ball faster than most other Seahawks DL? Whenever I have watched him, which isn’t much, he seems to fire off the ball faster than the average DL. I assume that translates to practice, but wanted to know how much. Thanks.

  4. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I think Jordan Hill has a chance to be Clint McDonald. Backup NT to MeBane in base defense and the inside pass rusher in nickel and dime packages. Scruggs or K. Williams may beat him out as a Nickel rusher though. Regardless we need to fins a decent backup for MeBane.

  5. RDPoulsbo says:

    …and on another note, the lizards in suits are showing their greed again.

    Apparently, now the NFL wants a cut of the Superbowl halftime musician’s post Superbowl tour in exchange for performing. Pretty low and they unsurprisingly were told to take a hike.

  6. I never understood the Hill backing up Mebane thing. Both are explosive off the ball, but Hill isn’t a run stuffer (or has never demonstrated it even at Penn St). If Mebane went down, I don’t see where Hill would fit the mold. You’d need a guy like Williams was supposed to be, but he’s now on IR. I do see Hill as a guy they project him to be for Mebane in obvious passing situations, but not at all as a full time starter should Mebane go down. If Mebane went down, I suspect Hill wouldn’t get a majority of the snaps Mebane got but he’d still get plenty in those passing situations.

  7. It’s all coming together nicely for the Seahawks. If the offensive line can just get a little better, there is no reason to think the whole team won’t be even better than last year. With all the emphasis on Percy and the speedsters, I think Luke Wilson is going to be the surprise breakout star. Teams have to overlook him, since we have too many other guys who need to be covered closely.

    Did you guys see the SI article about the NFL asking future half time entertainment for “a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour income”?

    Yup. It’s not a joke apparently. Along with the new (wrong) interpretation of the rules, it really looks like the NFL is going over board trying to squeeze revenue and create certain outcomes during games.

    Manning set records for offense last year, and yet they still think they need to make it easier for him this year. If Denver had won the Superbowl, this new “emphasis” would not exist. Think about it. I am 95% sure, and 100% right about that.

  8. Ray_Maines says:

    It’s my personal policy to never ever root against anybody or any team, just cheer for my favorite players and team. I don’t wish injury on anybody and don’t find any real happiness even when scumbags like Docket are injured.

    All of that said, if Roger Goodell tore an ACL I wouldn’t be too hurt. And then if he fell and hit his head on a sharp rock….

  9. Goodell works for the owners. He’s supposed to milk every last penny he can for them. He’s doing his job. It’s not like he’s Dockett and making cruel marks about suicide (as mentioned on another post earlier) or causing physical harm on anyone.

  10. Ray_Maines says:

    Goodell does his job very well, perhaps even too well. I would think he should have the good sense to know when enough is enough. At least for the time being.

    It’s unlikely, but possible to kill the golden goose.

  11. RDPoulsbo says:

    If they keep pushing the idea that they deserve money from shows they in no way have a hand in producing, I guess the halftime show will be They Might Be Giants and Weird Al Yankovich.

  12. Ray_Maines says:

    Anybody from Seattle old enough to remember Jr. Cadillac? Maybe they would sign up to do the halftime in Glendale?

  13. martygivens says:

    BobbyK – I agree Matthew is the best! I hope he goes into broadcasting when he’s done with football!

  14. Hubrismh says:

    I could perform readings of facts according to me. It would sell out and the actual games would be the sideshow…

  15. FlatheadHawk says:

    Hey Guys, I’ve been reading this blog since ’06, thought I’d get myself signed up to add my voice to the noise.

    Go Hawks

  16. jawpeace says:

    I would like a Weird AL Halftime show. That would be entertainment.

    I do not get Rogers view of a higher scoring NFL. IF I want to watch high scoring football with no defense, I will watch arena football. RG does not understand that more scoring won’t make the game more exciting. NFL Football has a great ratio of scoring. Not like soccer where a 1-0 game is common. Or a basketball game scoring 100 points where you can leave for a bit, miss a bunch of scoring and not really miss much. And if there was some highlight shot they will play it again. The scoring in NFL is great not too much or too little.

  17. Ray_Maines says:

    I get your point, but I like defence. The Bears in the ’80’s, the Huskies in the ’90’s and the current Seahawks.

  18. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @BobbyK – That’s my whole point about MeBane. This is the only spot on the team for which we really don’t have a backup. All other DLine guys are more of the 3/5 type. I’m just saying Hill because i noticed he was playing nose with the second team last week. Maybe we pull somebody off waivers after cuts are made who knows.

  19. surelyyoujest says:

    I’m rediculously optimistic about this year. Injuries are always the great unknown, but if the o-line plays solid (which they didn’t for much of last year) and RW improves over last year (which he will), and Percy is around as a weapon (health being the lingering question), then our offense could get into the top part of the league…..maybe top 10.

    We have a very difficult schedule, but this Team looks to be coming into form right on schedule. I don’t make predictions, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the NFC West gets shaken up pretty good this year. 9’ers fall a bit (or a lot) and both the Rams and Cardinals fail to make and real progress…..or regress. It’ll be interesting to see. We all have the same basic schedule, with probably 12 games against top teams….with the usual caveat that last years record isn’t necessarily a predictor of this years performance.

    Let the (real) games begin.

  20. seahawkfan97 says:

    Welcome flathead…I don’t say much here but man what a great blog….awesome time to be a seahawk fan (have been for a long time) Go hawks…Cannot wait for Friday night CHI and game one

  21. seahawkfan97 says:

    That only got better recently….the blog that is….what do you mean Semi-popular demand Gregg?? Some of the guys are bitching about the transcripts??? D Coleman is Deaf..I am very hard of hearing and just need this bad…Cannot survive the day without knowing what these guys say… I am not as talented as D Coleman when it comes to reading lips! Don’t mind a misspelled word if you want to quickly proof-read as I know you are busy..thankjs again for the transcripts….go hawks

  22. montanamike2 says:

    Welcome FlatheadHawk, a lot of us were readers for years before we started posting.

  23. Macabrevity says:

    Not a Goodell fan myself, but I rate him as the best commissioner in any sport that I know of as of today. I do think he’s going to get greedy and over-reach at some point, but his success up til now is unarguable.. I am glad we don’t have an unscrupulous slughead like Stern was, or an ageing demented former owner like Selig, it could definitely be a LOT worse than Goody.

  24. ChrisHolmes says:

    RE: Goodell

    Yeah, BobbyK is right, in that Goodell works for the owners.

    But I find Goodell to be a pretty big hypocrite, and that bugs me. He levies disciplinary action against the players while saying “protect the shield.” And yet, he wants to expand the regular season, add more playoff teams, and move the extra point back: all things that would add to injury possibilities for every team.

    Not to mention he wants to put teams in London (stupid).

    From my point of view, I see Goodell as the guy whose actions, if they were to come to fruition, would erode the quality of the game.

    If he wants to “protect the shield” he’d do more for the game; he’d stand up to the owners on stupid issues and tell them they’re overreaching.

    The game as evolved to a point where it is pretty freaking awesome, IMO. Seeing the #1 scoring offense vs. the #1 defense in the Superbowl, and watching the defense still be relevant in an era of passing, was the height of the NFL, IMO. Last year’s superbowl was the culmination of a decade of evolutionary changes.

    Nothing more needs to be done to this game. Leave if the (insert-curse-word-here) alone Goodell.

  25. vichawkfan says:

    Nice read by our old buddy

    Nice work by Mr. Dybas RT @SportsonEarth: Kam & Earl are not messing around, writes @Todd_Dybas:

  26. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I would like a Weird AL Halftime show. That would be entertainment.”

    Oh man, would it ever… I’d love that myself.

    Off-topic, but I’d love to see the following acts for halftime:

    #1: RUSH
    #2: U2
    #3: Foo Fighters
    #4: Lady GaGa (she is entertaining and visual, just what the SB wants)
    #5: Prince (he can do it every year as far as I’m concerned – Prince rules)

  27. FleaFlicker says:

    Flathead, welcome to the blog! Looking forward to your contributions.

    Everybody else: I’ve finally uncovered the mystery that is Yankinta! Just kidding. But I read this article and I thought, “who do I most associate with emoticons?” Yank, you don’t have a huge anime collection as well, do you?

    “In the six studies they’ve published so far, they’ve found that, for example, introverts make heavy use of emoticons and words related to anime.”

  28. FleaFlicker says:

    vichawk: nice link to the Dybas article.

    My favorite paragraph:

    “Chancellor is more subdued despite his on-field ferocity. His beard is full and his voice is Barry White deep. He looms behind a blacked-out facemask shield which would be Darth Vader approved. It completes his power persona as the hardest-hitting safety in the NFL.”

    Darth Vader approved! Might have to change my handle to that phrase…

  29. FleaFlicker says:

    Dukeshire: I just got a really weird email from you; the sender line had your name but a different email address. Message was simply “Hi!” and then a sketchy looking web link.

    Might want to do an anti-virus update and full system scan.

  30. Welcome Flathead Hawk! I’m moving to Kalispell soon myself.

    And Seahawkfan97 –Welcome back!

    It’s really awesome to have Smith back, and Irvin and Wags on the mend. I sure hope the Chicago game is on, I’ll probably stop in Missoula to try to catch it…

    Excited, hopeful, and nervous to see our real starting O-line in action. Despite what a couple trolls think, I’ve been saying I expect the line to be much better than last year; Sweezy should be improved, and I have high hopes for Britt/Winston.

    Losing Bowie sucks, but I never wanted him at RT anyway. I wonder if it’s Lem or Hauptmann on the bubble now Cable seems to be in love with Schilling?

  31. jawpeace says:

    Thomas and Chancellor article was definitely worth the read.

  32. ChrisHolmes says:

    I, too, thought the Darth Vader line was the best of the piece. That was awesome.

    It was a good read.

    What was even more fun was going down the rabbit hole, until I found video of the referenced Jimmy Graham U-turn. That was awesome.

  33. Change the password on your email account Dukeshire.

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