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Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith makes preseason practice debut; LBs getting back; LT/RT get new looks; rookie Richardson as KR?

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August 18, 2014 10:19 pm

The Seahawks’ linebacking unit — the core of their thudding defense — is getting back into form in time for the real season to begin.

Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Malcolm Smith practiced this morning in individual linebacker drills and some group work. It was his first practice since surgery in the spring to remove “loose bodies” in his ankle.

Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith was back in a limited role Monday, his first practice since spring ankle surgery.  (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)
Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith was back in a limited role Monday, his first practice since spring ankle surgery. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

“It’s a great deal to get him back,” coach Pete Carroll said of the former USC Trojan the coach recruited out of Northridge, Calif. “It’s been a long offseason for him, a highlighted offseason for him, but it’s still been hard for him getting back. He’s got so much versatility. He’s been with us forever; it seems like fourth grade.”

Korey Toomer, Seattle’s fifth-round draft pick in 2012, also returned to practice. He had been on Seattle’s preseason physically-unable-to-perform list since a hamstring injury.

“They got about half the practice of work today. Tomorrow they will try to take some more, and work them through the week to see what happens and what that means,” Carroll said following this morning’s warm, two-hour workout at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton.

Carroll also said pass-rushing outside linebacker Bruce Irvin might come off the preseason PUP list and practice some as early as next week. Irvin, who had eight sacks as a rookie in 2012 and two in 12 regular-season and three postseason games last season, had hip surgery in May.

“(Irvin’s) doing great. He’s running and changing directions today for the first time,” Carroll said. “He really feels confident. He doesn’t feel like he feels anything, at all. … If everything continues to continues to go (well) we are going to try to get him some work after the Raider game (the final exhibition on Aug. 28) — and maybe before that.

“He’s making great progress and he’s really encouraged. He feels like he’s ready to go.”

Add in the fact K.J. Wright has been all over the field in practices and that starting middle linebacker Bobby Wagner (hamstring) could also return to practice next week, and the Seahawks’ thinnest unit all summer is on the verge of becoming regular-season thick. Just in time for the Sept. 4 opener against Green Bay.

The silver lining to all these injuries for the Seahawks at linebacker is they have spawned two revelations this summer.

*Undrafted rookie Brock Coyle has been anchoring the first team for weeks and has started both exhibition games, drawing Carroll’s constant raves for how he’s handled being an NFL middle linebacker and for consistent improvement. Coyle, it seems, has won a roster spot he might have gotten the opportunity to win had Wagner not been out.

*Mike Morgan, a free-agent signee in 2011 out of USC and a backup linebacker and special-teamer in all 16 games last regular season, has been impressive this month filling in for Smith.

Plus, Seattle didn’t draft rookie Kevin Pierre-Louis in the fourth round in May out of Boston College to cut him in August. Pierre-Louis is playing catch-up, though, after missing the a week or so into early August with an oblique-muscle injury.

“It’s a really good group. We are really excited about these guys,” Carroll said. “It’s been thin all throughout the camp, and Mike Morgan and Brock and K.J., they have really held it together for us. It’s really fun to see these guys get back.

“We are going to get more experienced real quick here as they return.”

Veteran Eric Winston, a backup to rookie Justin Britt at right tackle since the Seahawks signed him to a one-year contract in late July, was with the first-team offense at left tackle. Alvin Bailey, who had been at left tackle while Russell Okung was still out earlier this month, was at right tackle.

Carroll downplayed the switch as just an ongoing search for “versatility” on the line.

That offensive line plowed the way for the Seahawks’ 240 yards rushing on Friday against San Diego.

“One of the better preseason games I can ever remember us playing, as far as the line of scrimmage. Just coming off the ball. Just in that single element we were really flying off the football,” Carroll said. “Sweezy played a fantastic half … he had a bunch of knockdowns and fantastic blocks that we were really excited about. Showed the whole team, he had so many special plays.”

Rookie Paul Richardson ran a 4.40 40-yard dash at the NFL combine this winter, the third-fastest time there. Yet in college he ran back just one punt and no kickoffs in three seasons at Colorado.

This isn’t Colorado anymore.

I’m still a bit stuck on the risk of All-Pro safety Earl Thomas as the primary punt returner this season, a role Thomas has had in the first two preseason games. So I asked Carroll how viable Richardson might be as a punt returner.

“We are thinking of him more as a kickoff returner. We are working him there,” Carroll said. “He’s in the mix. He could play in the game at kick returner, right now.”

Jermaine Kearse, Doug Baldwin and Percy Harvin — in his limited 2013 time, and splendidly in the Super Bowl — returned kickoffs for the Seahawks last season. But that could be Richardson’s first impact in the NFL come next month, while he continues to learn the nuances of blocking and footwork and the playbook on offense.

–In the-sky-really-is-blue news: Carroll said he got word over the weekend from the NFL that the illegal-contact foul Friday against the Chargers on cornerback Tharold Simon seconds before his end-zone interception and 103-yard return for what would have been a touchdown “shouldn’t have been called.”

I wrote in today’s News Tribune about Carroll’s hope that this particular “point of emphasis” gets deemphasized some by officials during the regular season.

As for how Simon, who missed all of his rookie year with foot injuries is doing, Carroll was positive but still had a tone of reservation: ”We’ve seen nothing but good stuff. … He’s competing, you know, to be the guy that can go in there and play just like we like to play. He knows our style, he understands it. He had a really good year when he was out, to learn and to adapt. He’s not like a first-year guy coming out. He’s like a redshirt freshman coming back. He’s in the middle of it. We are real excited about him.”

–DL O’Brien Schofield, unblockable for much of Friday’s exhibition game, sat out today’s practice to “rest,” Carroll said.

–WR Bryan Walters, daring and effective as a punt returner against San Diego, also rested. Carroll says Walters’ ribs are sore.

–Asked about QB Terrelle Pryor, Carroll said: “I like the way he throws the ball. Big arm. Great downfield throws.”

I put that in the category of: Things that make you go, ‘Hmmm….” I sense Carroll sees Pryor at too athletic, too intriguing to not have on the 53-man roster for the regular season. And the coach isn’t saying so, but I also sense he’s sees the potential of Pryor doing more for this team that quarterbacking during the real season, if the right situation arises.

–Russell Wilson went atop the Space Needle to take his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, as tells — and shows, with video.

–Here is video of the start of Carroll. He is talking about Smith and Toomer at the start:

And here is the transcript of the entire session:

Head Coach Pete Carroll

August 18, 2014

(On Malcolm Smith and Korey Toomer getting back out there today) Yeah, Malcolm [Smith] got out there for the first time and Korey Toomer, also. It’s good to get those guys back out. They’ve been dying to get on the practice field and they did fine today. They got through this part of the week, about half the practice is what they worked today and tomorrow they’ll try to take a little bit more and we’ll work them through the week and see what happens, see what that means.

(On Eric Winston at left tackle today) He was just doing it for versatility and we moved Alvin [Bailey] to right. Just to make these guys have to go on those sides, just to get them some time there, just for the future.

(On O’Brien Schofield not practicing today) We just rested him today. He’s okay, not hurt, we just thought it would be good for him to rest on his knee and so he took a day off.

(On O’Brien Schofield’s performance Friday night against the Chargers) He’s shown two really solid games of being real active. He’s rushed tremendously in force in general and he had a couple plays in the back field in both games. Special teams – was active, so he’s done really well. He’s really on it. He’s giving everything he’s got to make the club and he’s making a great statement about doing that.

(On the pass rushing game against the Chargers) It was better. We were more active, we moved around pretty well. A lot guys contributed to it. It was great to see some of the younger guys. Benson [Mayowa] got one and Michael Mo [Mike Morgan] was involved in a nice pass rush. Just in general, I thought we were moving a little bit better. You know, here with the stadium and the crowd and all that, we kind of hope to see that and we did.

(On Jackson Jeffcoat’s progression) He’s working real hard to try to figure it out. He’s still in transition mode from where he was a down rusher all the time so it’s taken some time so we’re just continuing to give him shots and show us what he can do. He rushed okay in the game. He did a nice job, didn’t get much done at linebacker in the game.

(On what the NFL said about Tharold Simon’s pick-6 against the Chargers) They would say, as they observed it, that it shouldn’t have been called.

(On what he’s seen from Tharold Simon) Well we’ve seen nothing but good stuff, really when he’s played. He’s done really well in practice. He’s been very consistent. He’s been a really good deep ball guy. He just let that interception get away from him, the guy made a play on the ball but he was in tremendous shape so they threw a couple at him up top and he was on both of them. So that’s really good in the games but he’s done that in practice. He’s competing to be a guy to go in there and play just like we like to play. He’s knows our style, he understands it. He had a really good year when he was out to learn and adapt. He’s not coming in like a first year guy. He’s got that experience so he’s like a redshirt freshman coming back so he’s in the middle of it. We’re really excited about him.

(On how Doug Baldwin handles mistakes this year compared to last year) Well, he still gets mad. He’s a great competitor and he just doesn’t wasn’t to give up anything so anytime a play gets away from him he’s going to be hard on himself. He knows what he’s doing, he knows how to get back and regain his composure. I’m not worried about him at all in that regard, I have never seen anything really carry over and get him out of whack. He’s got a little [John] McEnroe in him, he handles it fine though.

(On if it was a problem for Baldwin during his second year) No, I don’t think so. The second year, his off season didn’t work as well. He came back and had problems getting going again. He over trained, worked too hard and it didn’t fare well for him until really the middle of the year. He’s balanced that out and knows what happened then and he’s fine.

(On how Bruce Irvin is progressing) He’s doing great. He’s running and changing direction today for the first time. He really feels confident. He doesn’t feel like he feels anything at all. Next week will be really important, this week is huge and to allow him to maybe get some work maybe even next week, for sure if everything continues to go, we’ll  to try to get him work after the Raider game, but  maybe a little bit before that. So we will see how that goes but he’s making great progress and he’s really encouraged and it feels like he’s ready to go.

(On how deep the linebackers are going to be when everyone gets back) Yeah, it’s a really good group. We are really excited about these guys and it’s been thin all throughout the camp. Mike Morgan, Brock [Coyle] and K.J. [Wright] have really held it together for us so it’s really fun to see these guys come back. Not only do they do well in scrimmage plays, they’re a fantastic addition to special teams too so we will get faster and more experience real quick as they return.

(On how the offensive line did the other night, James Carpenter fitting in well and Justin Britt doing better) One of the better preseason games I can ever remember us playing.  As far as the line of scrimmage, they were just coming off the ball. Just in that single element we were really flying off the football. [J.R.] Sweezy played a fantastic half and James [Carpenter] did really well. If you look at Sweezy’s plays, he had a bunch of knock downs and really aggressive blocks that we were really excited about, showed the whole team he had so many impressive plays. Those two guys were really the highlights and they did a fine job for us so it was a good game. I hope we can come back. We had a very good day today and we want to keep this going all through preseason.

(On starting Brock Coyle if injuries occur) It’s not even a big deal to us right now. He’s done it so he’s kind of gotten through that. I’m not worried about him one bit. If he had to play he could play.

(On what Brock Coyle is improving on) He’s improving on his tackling and his pass drops. He got banged around week one. He did a little better this week, had a couple more aggressive tackles. He’s a little high in his tackles last week and he missed the opportunity on some pass drops trying to do too much. So we zeroed him in, during the week he had a nice game so he’ll continue to get better there. He’s a good instinctive pass defender. He was looking around trying to do too much the first couple of weeks, hopefully he will settle down a do a better job there.

(On if the NFC West will be as difficult this season as it was last season) I can’t imagine it not being. I think Arizona’s better, the Rams are loaded with talent, they got all kinds of guys. We know the 49ers have been great. I think it’s just as hard as it can get. It’ll be good, good for us, it’s the kind of challenges that we need. If you’re going to have a good team you’re going to have to deal with these guys and these good teams, so that’s what we’re faced with. Whoever comes out on top of the division is really going to be ready to play anybody.

(On how Paul Richardson is learning the nuances of the offense) He’s doing fine. There’s still some rough spots. There’s still some things – it’s just the little details and stuff – that he’ll get better at. He’s very conscientious. He really cares about doing things right, it’s a lot of stuff. We see him making really good progress, and there’s no reason to think he’s not going to get it all nailed. Whether he gets it all down by Week 1, I don’t know that, but he’s working hard at it. He’s got all of the capabilities to be right there learning all the stuff.

(On the chances of Richardson returning kickoffs or punts) We’re thinking of him more as a kickoff returner, he’s working there. He’s in the mix. He could play in the game at kick returner right now.

(On how excited he is to get Malcolm Smith back) It’s a great deal to get him back. It’s been a long offseason for him, and a highlighted offseason, but it’s still been hard on him getting right. He’s got great versatility. We totally trust him. He’s been with us forever, since like fourth grade it seems. He’s a real fixture in our defense. We love his flexibility, he’s such a great playmaker, so it’s great to get him back.

(On the progress of Bobby Wagner’s injury) They’re hoping for next week that he’ll make it back out. That’s what we’re shooting for. He’s really close, hopefully this week goes really well and he’ll be able to jump back out next week.

(On the battle to be starting punt returner) We haven’t had very many chances to tell much. Earl [Thomas] seems comfortable back there. B-Dub [Bryan Walters] has done a great job. A couple of other guys may get their chances. We haven’t had enough opportunities to tell in a game right now.

(On if Bryan Walters was just resting today) Yes, well he got a little banged up in the game. He just took some bumps and bruises, they thought it needed rest a little bit. He had some sore ribs or something like that, so we just gave him a day off.

(On if Walters showed guts on his returns during the game against the Chargers) Absolutely, he was awesome. Everybody is fired up about what he brought. He was really a valuable player in that game, you could just tell the way he was jumping around and making things happen. His great decisions on short balls that save us yardage – and make something out of it – it just showed his savvy and experience. You could tell he’s returned a lot of kicks in his career, and in his lifetime. He’s very comfortable back there.

(On how he views Terrelle Pryor as a passer) I like the way he throws the ball. He’s been great in practice. He hasn’t had as much opportunity yet as we’d like to see. The games have just gone in a manner that he hasn’t had to [throw the ball]. But he throws the ball really well. He’s a terrific downfield thrower, he’s got a big arm. He’s made a lot of big plays for us against the ones, and done a lot of good stuff so we feel very confident.

(On his thoughts on the longer extra point experiment) If I understand – and I’m not sure this is correct – but we thought that there were eight that were missed in the first two weeks, and there was five missed all of last season. So it’s obviously a factor, if that’s where it goes that will change the game. I can’t even gauge how many misses that would amount to over the course of a season, or if somebody lost a game or had a chance to tie a game up and they missed it. So I think the experiment was well done and we know what we got. Now whoever makes those decisions has to figure out if they want to do that or not.

(On if he’d like to see the longer extra points in the regular season) I don’t care. Whatever it is, doesn’t matter.

(On how he evaluated Christine Michael’s performance against the Chargers) He looked really good again. He made some great cuts. We’re just disappointed that the ball got away from him again, but he looks like he’s very assertive, very decisive and he looks quick. He looks very explosive.

(On if Michael has had trouble holding on to the ball at practice) No, it’s just the two plays in the game. Both the exact same plays where the guy got underneath his pads. Hopefully we’ll be able to correct that.


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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks Gregg…great as always.

  2. Is there really a competition between Schofield and Mayowa ? I feel that Schofield is WAY ahead in this battle if it comes down to one or the other

    is Williams or Hill going to show us anything in the preseason – will they make the team

    Toomer – I am not sure how he is still around – all the physical talent but can he run the scheme?
    and injury issues as well.

    I would love to see Baldwin on punt returns!! I think he has been good at it in the past – and in the case that he is injured – his value over replacement is not as big a gap as ET;s

  3. freedom_X says:

    If Schofield prevails – I wonder where Bruce Irvin fits in. The interruptions in his development due to mistakes and injuries seem to be chopping down his career. That competition might be more interesting than Mayowa/Schofield, since I presume Irvin was slated for more down-lineman pass rush work at least.

    I thought Irvin’s chance to establish himself again on the team would have been as pass-rusher 1st to buy him more time to learn the all-around linebacker trade. But there are so many other players at both positions delivering more.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t recall Baldwin returning punts but he has been successful returning kickoffs.

    As Carroll said Pryor does have a good arm. So many possibilities with him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pryor involved in catching the ball in the red zone down the road and/or going deep once or twice this season to catch one.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    There are so few roster spots available on this team, it’s a testament to how well Coyle has played that he’s going to make it. Like coaches always say, got to take advantage of opportunity when it’s there. Wagner getting dinged was the best thing that could have happened for him.

  6. chuck_easton says:

    Well xcman. Williams would have a hard time showing us anything since he’s already on IR for the season. (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    So much for the ideas floated here that Toomer and Irvin would start the season on PUP. Toomer practiced today. That means he makes the 53, he’s cut, or he ends up back on IR.

    If Irvin really does practice next week he’s not PUPable either.

    No matter who your favorites are we are all going to see someone we were personally pulling for get a visit from the Turk before all is said and done.

    There is going to be a run on Seattle’s final cut list from 75 to 53 and we might see a few guys that go in the first wave of cuts next Tuesday end up on someone else’s roster.

    It’s good to have these type of problems.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yep, Irvin is in trouble sitting on the bubble.
    He Better bust his butt before his butt gets cut.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It will be interesting to see if there will be some trade partners out their for some of our players before the regular season starts.


  9. FivePercentWrong says:

    At the risk of sounding extremely dumb, here. Why aren’t they experimenting with Lockette on PR? He has the speed and hands and is a beast on ST. Did they try him out in practice and he didn’t make the cut?

    I hold my breath every time ET returns a punt and I loved what I saw from Walters (minus that screw-up by the end zone). To me, it would make the most sense to develop someone sure to make the cut due to his ST play and not risk any big-time starters.

    Just very confused why Lockette isn’t at least attempting some PRs during preseason.

  10. Pierre Louis is in trouble if Irvin and Toomer step up the next few weeks. I don’t see Seattle giving up on Irvin just yet, no matter what Georgia says. And despite Georgia taking Bobbyks spot as Official T-Jack Hater, he’s not going anywhere.

    As I’ve said all along, they think they have a shot with T-Jack (if RW gets hurt), but Pryor is being groomed to be the backup next year. They will keep 3 qb’s.

    Mayowa is young and cheap and has good knees, that’s why Schofield has to outplay him by a mile. Kevin Williams is making the team and has looked solid.

    Certainly there will be some tough, surprising cuts. Nothing is in stone yet, two preseason games to go….Norwood May push Walters and Lockette off the roster, to say nothing of Bates.

  11. Punt returning is an art; without a talent for tracking the ball, fielding it etc, skill won’t cut it. Few WR’s are actually good PR’s.

    Kearse just wasn’t tough enough on kick returns; he coughed the ball up.

    I wouldn’t risk Baldwin at PR either. That’s what Walters/Lockette are for…

  12. PC loves Toomer; he can play in our statute no doubt. It’s injuries that could get him cut…

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM, funny guy.

    No Jackson hate at all. Just telling it like I see it.

    It wouldn’t upset me at all if they keep Jackson.

    Absolutely no worries at all until he has to come in & help win us three or four games in a row (against good competition) or come from behind to win a game.
    I’m hoping we never get to see that scenario.


  14. PLUHawkFan says:

    I’m not the coach or the GM obviously and they know better then any of us who has what value on the team. From my point of view however, the value of keeping 3 QB’s this season to me just makes sense.

    1. Keep TJ due to experience and knowing the system. If RW does go down he gives us the next best chance to win games.
    2. Keep Pryor to groom as the backup. His upside is just that good. And he should/would be next in line down the road if God forbid we lose Wilson somehow. He fits system and what PC wants from a QB (needs work) but again upside is huge at this point.
    3. BJ Daniels is decent, he’s just odd man out at this point. I don’t see BJ or Pryor having enough value of Tjack though if we only carry 2 QB’s. Again I think TJack gives us the best chance to win games (right now) if Wilson goes down.

    My “guess” is that we carry 3 QB’s and either try to Trade BJ or wind up seeing if he makes it through waivers (*which I doubt)


  15. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    With all these LB’s coming back its bad news for Coyle. I don’t think he’s going to make this team anymore. Maybe PS candidate

  16. As much as I like Heath Farwell as a leader on this team and on special teams, if Coyle’s performed this well, then that cut seems very likely. There was talk earlier of letting Farwell go anyway just to clear a bit of salary cap room.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Coyle is making this teams 53. I will put money on it.

  18. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    For S and giggles here is my updated 53 roster.

    QB(2)- Russell, TJack
    RB(4)- Beast, Turbo, Michael, Coleman
    WR(6)-Harvin, Baldwin, Kearse, Richardson, Norwood, Walters
    TE(3)- Miller, Willson, Helfet
    OL(10)- Okung, Carp, Unger, Sweezy, Britt, Bailey, Lem, Gilliam, Schilling, Winston

    DL(9)- Bennett, MeBane, McDaniel, Avril, Kevin Williams, Scruggs, J Hill, Marsh, Schofield
    LB(7) -Wagner, Wright, M.Smith, Morgan, Irvin, Coyle,Toomer
    DB(9) Sherm, Max, Earl, Kam, Lane, Jeron, Shead, Simon, Adams

    Secial Teams(3) Haush, Ryan, Gresham

    PS – Pierre-Louis and Mayowa

    × Flag comment

    Read more here:

  19. freedom_X says:

    Also Ricardo Lockette is a tall, high-cut guy. Ideally a punt returner has great change of direction because they almost always have to make one or two people miss, often from a start-stop. Quickness and agility is much more important than straight-line speed.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sweezy is making a lot of people eats crow this year.

  21. Singularitarian says:

    everybody is all over Walters “minus the screw up by the endzone” That’s just it though. you can’t have screw ups by the endzone

  22. Ray_Maines says:

    You have to believe Walters wouldn’t have done that if he were already on the roster and in a real game. The kid’s just doing any crazy thing he can to make the team.

  23. banosser says:

    FYI… Darnell Dockett blew his ACL today..

  24. PLU- the only problem with you QB ideas is that Pryor will be a UFA at the end of the season and has said he wants a shot to be a starter- no chance he gets that here- he could very well walk at the end of the season-

    And Daniels made the PS last year so there is a chance he will this year-

  25. Chuck – I meant Kevin Williams not the “Monstar”

  26. Southendzone says:

    Xcman, I concur with your reasoning on TP. He probably doesnt have long term potential here, and wants to try and start.

    im back to thinking only 2 qbs

  27. Ewalters7354 says:

    Bruce Irvin is making this team.

  28. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Cards D was a serious strength and now they are down three of their top players. No Washington, No Dansby, No Dockett. Nearly a third of their starting D from a year ago.

  29. NFL expected to expand 2014 practice squads to 10 players. Might help the Hawks…

  30. chuck_easton says:


    I knew, but was just being a smarta**

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    True. first round picks get extra time before they get traded or cut.

  32. freedom_X says:

    Darnell Dockett’s injury? Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Fitting payback for a guy who tried to smash Matt Hasselbeck’s neck after a play had ended.

  33. rramstad says:

    Yeah, I think Farwell is done, and that’s OK. He had a really good run with this team.

  34. PLUHawkFan says:


    I hear ya, and that may be what Pryor wants. What he will get is different story. Again his upside is “huge” that being said, I very much doubt any team would sign him as “THEE Starter” He’s shown flashes, but has not done enough IMHO to convince anyone to take him as a starter right off the bat.

    If he goes into Free Agency with that thought, I think he’s in for a rude awakening…
    But thats just my opinion. I guess I’ve seen GM’s make crazier moves so who knows.


  35. sluggo42 says:

    Docketts out?
    Good. He is a beast I can live without…

  36. AZBubba71 says:

    Can’t stand Dockett…I’m only sorry that his throat isn’t also bruised a bit.

  37. Alright Georgia. Sorry for the previous comment. Bad day, bad mood and just being negative. I do like Jackson better than Pryor this year for sure. Pryor won’t be catching any passes from anyone on this team. It’s not Pete’s M.O. but if it happens I’ll admit being wrong.

    I never want to wish another human being harm. Especially if it means their livelihood in their profession but Dockett is a total scumbag. Smashing Matt’s throat, making fun of suicide by tweeting about Seattle being a depressing city and he can understand why it happens in the NW. So, in this case I hope Darnell never heals.

  38. MoSeahawk12 says:

    It’s just too bad that Marshawn won’t be able to stiff arm and knock this jacks helmet off this season.
    I always enjoy seeing him get ran over by a guy that he outweighs by 80 lbs.

  39. Georgia–You’ve been pretty harsh on Jackson this week. Same crap with Irvin. Heck, both are better players than Sweezy has been–up to this year.

    Few will eat any crow regarding Sweezy. He flat sucked his rookie year in every single way possible; he had no business starting or even playing. Half if last year was a repeat; then he FINALLY began to improve. He finished up an inconsistent but slightly above avg run blocker, but still well below avg in pass pro; averaged out below avg overall.

    However, his progress in the playoffs and his weight gain in the offseason had myself and pretty much everyone agreeing he was likely to improve this year. I am confident he will in both phases; just not convinced he’ll be a stud this year, as you’ve been insisting.

    But I can’t remember anyone saying he wouldn’t improve.

  40. Docket is a turd; no croc tears cried by me.

    Croyle has made this team. Period.

    I’m worried for Mayowa. I like the kid…

  41. jawpeace says:

    Yeah Docket is a dirty player I forget last year what he did in a game I was watching; I was disgusted by his continued unprofessional cheap shot play-man-ship.

  42. jawpeace says:

    BTW Greg thanks for the great blog write up. Almost don’t need to go anywhere else! But being a Hawk fanaticaddict I do. But this provides a good fix. LOL

  43. montanamike2 says:

    Slave, i feel the same way about Dockett,Coyle and Mayowa. I hope both Sweezy and Carpenter up their game this year and i’m convinced Britt will get up to par too. He’s already not being penalized every other play like Breno. it’s also nice to have him on the cheap for 4 years. Losing Dockett for the year really hurts the ‘Cards “D” with their already decimated LB unit. Like i said before, i think the Rams are the biggest threat in our division because of the booty from the RGknee trade, barring injuries of course. I know a lot of people don’t think much of Bradford, but he’s dangerous when he’s not injured, but he’s not mobile like our QB’s. If things play out we could run away with the division and have Home field again for the playoffs. I thought we’d be screwed if Lynch was a no show but now Turbin has stepped up as well. Should be a good year for us.

  44. montanamike2 says:

    I remember during the draft the year we got Thomas and wishing we could have both Okung and Eric Berry, now i’m glad we have Earl instead. I can’t see Berry being a good core member of the LOB. Since we have one of the top free safeties in the league, i’ll go on record as saying he’s way too valuable for returns. I know he makes primo dollars but he already is a gunner on special teams and Honey Badger lost his season last year doing returns. OK just my 2 cents.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:


    You never acknowledged Sweezy’s improvement last year. Not even when he was playing balls out towards the end of the season & through the playoffs.

    Heck you even said the whole o-line played like crap in the playoffs & Super Bowl.

    You may be able to fool some here but most of us you can’t.

    You seem to be just recently changing your tune with regards to Sweezy & the o-line.

    Softening the blow? That’s ok, at least you seem to be finally coming around with regards to how good Sweezy has been getting.

    BTW You don’t get better fast sitting on the bench.
    Sweezy according to Eric on several occasions was the rookie that stood out the most in 2012 & that was in a class with Wilson & Wagner.

    Sweezy for sure had some rough games his first year & into his second however most first & second year o-line players that had 4 years of College experience go through tough times in the NFL & Sweezy had no such experience to fall back on.

    Remember too that Sweezy wasn’t the first choice to play RG, it was Moffitt & much like HyberBowie Moffitt screwed his opportunity up.

    Your problem goes much deeper than bashing the o-line.

    The root of your problem is you don’t like Cable & his system so anything that goes wrong with it you are quick to pounce on Cable.

    Sweezy was an easy target for you at first because he was so raw.
    You road his A$$ as far as you could take it without looking like a complete fool.

    Heck you even took it one ridiculous step further & starting bashing Cable when he had no control of the o-lines injuries last year.

    If anyone has been bashing a player & has been so wrong it’s you.

    How does that Crow taste?

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I was hoping for Berry too.

    Glad it turned out like it did.

  47. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t see Brock Coyle not making this team, even if we have to be creative in order to do so. I don’t remember the ‘Hawks ever having this problem before, usually we let good players go because of bone headed reasons and ego problems. I was especially pissed that we let Bennett, Weaver and Joe J. go, now we lose players because we have too much wealth at those positions.

  48. montanamike2 says:

    I’m still happy that you got your house Slave and get to be with your family more. Seriously you deserve it more than anybody i know. I bet you have the best Hawks season yet because of your happiness.

  49. montanamike2 says:

    And our 2nd SB victory in a row!

  50. Southendzone says:

    Did STTBM write a Haiku poem about 10 posts above me? I’ve seen it all now.

  51. seatowntp says:

    That Johnny football sure does his mother proud. I bet he is just the twinkle in her eye.

  52. ChrisHolmes says:

    Aren’t you glad we were never in the Manziel sweepstakes?

    I couldn’t love our QB more.

  53. Georgia, that’s a flat out lie! I’ve said time and again that Sweezy improved. It wasn’t enough to suot me, but I most definitely mentioned his improvement on a regular basis.

    I felt others would have done better sooner, and I was and still am pissed that Always Compete never applied to the RG position once they dumped Moffitt.

    Almost every single one of my comments have been the same, yet you only focus on the parts that say Sweezy was below average.

    Which has nothing to do with his improving or not. He had so far to go, he still wasn’t very good despite major improvement.

    And I’ve been utterly consistent this offseason predicting he will be much improved. I’m not ready to anoint him the next Hutch like you, but I’ve said continually that I expect big things from him and Carpenter; not Pro Bowls, but at least average play, and that constitutes improvement.

  54. Further to the Farwell discussion earlier, nice article on him from the San Diego paper (former SDSU guy I guess). He can kinda see the writing on the wall, like the rest of us. Can’t be easy for him, but he’s had a good run.

  55. Mike–the seller is being a pain in the butt; since I can’t get an inspector till the 26th at least, she wants to extend closing to the end of Sept! She’s wealthy and used to getting her way…but I’ll be damned if I hurry the inspection; I don’t cave to pressure games.

    So it’s still a long ways off before we get moved in, and nothing is certain.

  56. Georgia–The line played like crap in the SB, yes–zero run blocking vs a defense with 4 contributors out. Not much pass pro either, but Bevell schemed around that.

    In the playoffs, they run blocked well, but we’re awful in pass pro, especially vs Niners. Sweezy was still below par in pass pro and good but inconsistent in run blocking.

    You can keep insisting I never acknowledged Sweezys improvement, but it only makes you look stupid and shines a brighter light on your man-crush, because it’s not true and everyone knows it.

    As Sweezy has improved, I have mentioned it. I’ve also said he hasn’t improved enough to be an average all-around player–and through the SB he hasn’t. This year he appears to be getting there, but we won’t know for sure that he’s there yet until the real games start.

    And until that happens, my opinion of his play is spot on; a below avg player who shouldn’t have been playing but who is improving. Your analysis is blind homerism, saying he’s already above avg and soon to be All Pro.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Mo knows.

  58. The root of the problem is Sweezy was flat awful until halfway or more through his second year. His improvement wasn’t enough to make him a viable starter. On tip of that, we had guys who outplayed him on the roster, and they weren’t allowed to compete.

    Others were closer to being capable , and likely would have got there faster; Sweezy should have sat on the bench for years until he was good enough to beat someone out. When Moffitt was cut, he was still outplaying Sweezy.

    Cable kept him there for reasons I disagree with, and you bet, I think his system is crap and his handling of the line the last few years was garbage. However, as I’ve said numerous times, I fully expect having Unger and Okung to improve the line dramatically, and both Carpenter and Sweezy to be much improved. And I’m stoked to have Britt and Winston rather than Breno and Bowie at RT.

    Same thing I’ve been saying since rookie minicamp.

    So stop trying to make me the Bogeyman!

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Blind by the hate of Cable & his system.

  60. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And you continue to keep on digging yourself deeper.

    Half way to China by now.

    A good heaping dish of Crow might get you back up to speed.

  61. Mo never once read an entire comment of mine all the way through, let alone understood my meaning or intent; he doesn’t bother with analyzing individual performance or position group performance; he’s a big picture guy who doesn’t get that a forest is made of trees.

    I’ve had to correct him numerous times when he read part of a comment the put erroneous words in my mouth. Now you want to make the same mistake?

    Don’t make me copy and paste every single O-line comment I made in the last year and repost them! Quite a few mention that Sweezy was improving–just not enough to suit me. Many also stated that IF/When he got to be at least average, THEN I would be a big fan, as I want him to be good more than anyone except Cable.

  62. You are the one who needs to eat crow, Georgia, since you keep insisting I never admitted Sweezy made any improvement.

    You’ve become a blog, showing up to crow about how bad Jackson/Irvin are, how Sweezy will soon be All-Pro, and generally agitating.

    You know you’re full of it when you accuse me of unfairly bagging on Sweezy and not noting his improvement. Even PFF agrees the guy is below avg but you can’t face it and so attack anyone who disagrees with you.

    You are behaving like a troll and a liar.

  63. You guys are tedious.

  64. HawkfaninMT says:

    Where you buying a home Slave? Missoula area perhaps?

  65. Pez, thanks for the link on Farwell. Classy guy who has done well for himself. Even now he praises Coyle, who will likely take his spot.

  66. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Now you’re just coming off as a know it all ass. I have read far too many of your comments all the way through and that is time I will never get back. Your intent and meaning have been thoroughly presented hundreds and hundreds of times over the past several years. The internet would actually crash if you posted all your comments at one time. Your obsession of all things O-line is only matched by yanks Luck ridiculous hate and his teenage girl crush on Wilson. You don’t realize there is a more than trees and a way out of the forest. You can only see tree after tree after tree. We have all be subjected to it for the past three years and please go back and see how many people you have worn out with it. I have laid off you the past few weeks as you’ve actually been posting more sensible, logical comments and seemed to have left the oline stuff alone for the most part. That and I’m tired of being pulled into the past. This team didn’t have one of the best olines in the NFL, we all know that. That had massive injuries and still only lost three games out of nineteen along the way of winning the first ever Superbowl. You guys can keep taking about last year, but my God, take a freakin cue from the current team as they are all saying “That was last year.” It’s over, last year happened and they won it all. Time to move on and be excited about this years team. Regular season starts in a few weeks and what they did last year doesn’t matter. It won’t win or lose any games this year.

    You must have forgot that you actually agreed when I mentioned that the line did in fact play well in the Superbowl as they gave up zero sacks and Wilson wasn’t hit once. They gained first down after first down, not having to punt until late in the game. They kept Manning of the field. Yes, the D was by far the most dominate unit on the field, but to not give the O-line any credit is just stupid and a view that not one other person has shared here or anywhere else that have greater information that us. You can’t give credit to one unit and not the other. Saying the O-line didn’t play a good D is misinformed. The team can only play the team on the field and everyone has injuries. The Broncos D was good enough to get to the Superbowl and our Oline was good enough to get to the Superbowl. It’s a damn team sport. You can’t have only one part of that team be successful and expect to win. The oline gave Wilson protection period. You don’t get sacked or even hit by scheme alone. This is not high school football. I’m guessing you didn’t play much. The best schemes still have to have high level of execution to be successful. Bevell must be the most genius football mind to ever step onto a field. How is it that he is not coaching all thirty two teams at once? He did a great job no doubt, but to clearly find anything to not give a sliver of credit to the oline reeks of a deep misunderstanding of the way the game is played at this level. Yes, one guy can undo a scheme in seconds. if any one member of the oline failed as much as you say, the scheme would have failed and the offense wouldn’t have moved the ball all day. Wilson would have been pressured and hit. They would have gone three and out over and over again. Saying that they put up the stats they did and controlled the game only due to scheme is totally inaccurate and not a view you will find anywhere, from fans, former players, writers and professional NFL analysts.

    Please keep my name out of your conversations.

  67. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Spot on Mo.

    I don’t know why I have wasted so much time with him.

    He almost always resorts to name calling & insults when you catch him in a lie.

    I won’t be on his misinformation highway ever again.

    I’m done with it. Moving forward with intelligent & fun conversation from here on out.

    Go Hawks!!!

  68. Tacalberry says:

    So Offensive Line,

    Sweezy, in his first game week 1 as a rookie, he got his lunch money taken over and over again. When he played again at the end of the season he had improved termendously and I would say he was then below average as a NFL guard. Last year he was an average run blocker and slightly below avearage pass blocker overall.

    Fast forward to the playoffs last year. Against NO the O Line did great both run and pass. Agaisnt SF, great run blocking (lync had over a 100) but RW was running for his life on a few snaps, so average pass blocking… Now for Denver, Denver has 2 big and great run stuffing DT. Lync wasn’t going to have a big game againt those DT. Now with Denver’s top pass rusher (Von) out there wasn’t much pass rush and RW had all day back there.

    Sweezy is getting better every year. From start to end he improves.

    As for cable’s system…. Seriously, really. Once Lync decide to follow it, Seattle became an outstanding running team. And back in Oakland Cable had one great rb after another. Kind of like Denver did when they ran the same system under Gibbs, Cable’s mentor.

    Sorry for the all the mispelled words, but they are close enough :)

  69. Tacalberry says:

    My only concern with the O line is Carpenter. He Looked terrible against SD. Got beat ugly right off the bat, was on the ground and seemed to run into the middle of the line leaving a huge hole that a LB ran thur and chased RW around in the back field. When Carpenter did lock onto some one he got no real push, but did occupy the DT a few times.

    I’m not impressed with him at all. Re-watching the SD game play by play he looked bad.

  70. PLUHawkFan says:

    @STTBM, Mo & Georgia:

    I’m going to call all of you out! Your all being ridiculous to a certain degree. If I didn’t know better I would swear the 3 of you are married *LOL.

    You see the problem with communication (especially written) is that it can easily be miscontrued. Each one of you is SO intent on getting your point across and being “heard” that you fail to try to really understand the others viewpoint and acknowledge it. (You don’t have to agree ) but you do need to actually try to understand.

    You each read each others comments with bias. You don’t “most times” try to honestly read it and understand, you automatically assume certain things (based on passed experience) and run with it.

    STTBM is both right and wrong in what he has said. He has acknowledge numerous times the improvement in Sweeny. Georgia you fail to see it because you are so used to him bashing the line, cable everyone you fail to see it. STTBM, you I think are so busy defending your position from time to time that you take every disagreement with you as a personal attack (which most times it’s not)

    Mo, you result to personal attacks and like Georgia fail to see certain things from Slave because you are so used to his numerous comments that you think you have him figured out. He was right to a certain extent that it appears you fail to read his whole post. (if you do then you see it with tainted glasses) So he has the perception that you don’t.

    I love the fact that we can discuss and even argue our points from time to time on the blog. I would just encourage everyone to realize that written communication is one of the worst forms there is. You can’t see body language, you can’t hear tone of voice etc etc etc. Thus it takes real effort to try to understand one another. Shoot most people fail to do it well even when they are talking face to face… Again we get so caught up in expressing our own viewpoint and “WANTING” to be heard, that we are usually not really listening while the other person is talking, we’re too busy thinking up what to say to defend our own position. THAT IS NOT COMMUNICATION.

    Try to understand one another, PLEASE! again you don’t have to agree, but many of the “fights” and squabbles that happen here would be reduced if we all tried to really understand each others posts.. And when we can’t agree? Agree to disagree.


  71. MoSeahawk12 says:

    PLUHawkFan, I appreciate your attempt to weigh in on this situation, I really do. This topic of conversation has been beat to death, dug up and then beat back to death. I certainly understand that people are very slow to change someone else’s mind, especially on a blog. We went over and over this for the past several years and just a few months back it seemed like we were all ready to put an end to it and move ahead. It was pretty heated and then it was over. Months go by, things are moving ahead and there has been plenty of other topics to discuss and for the most part happy, happy USA. The thing that I don’t appreciate and won’t just sit back and let it happen, is to have my name brought up in someone else’s argument. I had nothing to do with STTBM and Georgia’s Sweezy deal. I specifically avoided it as I grew tired of the back and forth. I have posted less and less as I don’t feel the need to waste my time anymore with the same old crap. It’s a new season with new players. Last years arguments don’t determine what this years team will do. STTBM likes to use me as an example of someone that views things differently than him as I’ve called him out on a few things just as everyone here has. Please go back over the past few months and look at how many gave him grief or challenged his views. I’m far from solo on that front, in fact I’ve really tried to leave him alone more so because it bores me to no end. The dude is not a dummy and has plenty of passion and that’s great, but he never acknowledges all the others as I guess I’m just his favorite.

  72. PLUHawkFan says:

    I get it Mo, I honestly and completely understand. Part of it is that I don’t have a bone this this fight, so I can see things from a different perspective.

    My only “REAL” point, is that too often many of us bloggers result to personal attacks or bashing others who disagree with us. There is absolutely nothing wrong with people disagreeing, we should just present our viewpoint with facts, stats, thought’s, feelings etc WITHOUT personally attacking someone or calling them names.

    It does nothing to help the situation at all. And if I’m going to be completely honest (which I try to be) I personally find it offensive and childish when others result to name calling to try to make themselves feel better or to prove their point.

    And not that I’m being judgmental (I strive very hard not to be) but the blog rules do specifically state to keep things “civil and not be abusive” Name calling is being abusive. Plus like I said it really gets the people doing it nowhere (Not talking about you specifically, many have done it. )

    And the ones that do it towards us (I’m sure at some point I’ll get attacked by this post) *Ignore it. To post a quote I did on next thread “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”.

    And Last but not least “Never argue with a fool, onlookers (i.e.: rest of the posters/bloggers on here) may not be able to tell the difference —Mark Twain.


  73. Ray_Maines says:

    I’m going to start flagging all of you for personal attacks. Quit.

  74. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Let me get this right, you want to call us all out one way or another for not communicating well with each other in a written form which you admit is easy to do.
    And yet it is the same written form of communication that you are using to make bold opinions about us.

    Are you sure you’re not misunderstanding something here?

    I’m curious just how far back have you followed this O-line conversation?
    What posts specifically are you referring to?

    Because if you have jumped in recently and/or basically generalizing, your perception of this/us will greatly be affected.

    Go Hawks!!!

  75. PLUHawkFan says:


    Last thing I want is to start a quarrel with you. I’ve followed the O-line conversation with everyone since middle of 2012. I was not specifying a particular post, I was generalizing to a certain extent the culmination of vast amounts of posts.

    When I said I was calling you all out, it’s because I’ve seen (granted from my point of view, and with “written” form which can be misconstrued) many of your’s and Slaves arguments. And it’s my humble opinion that both of you guys fail to try to understand one another and result to attacking each other instead of either arguing your points or flat out agreeing to disagree. (although at one point I thought you guys had done just that) It just seemed to rekindle lately.

    I’m not judging either one of you or both of you “WRONG” except to say your all wrong if you start personally attacking the other person. As PC would say “It’s JUST FOOTBALL”.

    We can be passionate and stick to our guns without demeaning someone else because they don’t agree with our viewpoint. And to clarify my viewpoint, (TO ME) Demeaning someone else’s viewpoint is the same as attacking them. Example “Your an idiot if you believe that….” There is no need for that kind of language in posts, and it only makes things worse in the long run.

    I don’t know either of you except by your posts here, but I honestly would not be surprised with how passionate you both are if you guys met in RL, that passion could bloom into a friendship despite your disagreements. I’m just saying….

    Could I be wrong about how you guys feel? Absolutely I’ll freely admit that. However, i’m not responding based on one or two or even 10 posts. I’m responding from a Long line of posts over 2 years.


  76. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why would you assume I want to start a quarrel with you?

    It’s demeaning (in your own words) to assume that.

    If you have actually been following me the last two years you would know my body of work here is a 95% positive contribution to this blog.

    Now I already said on this thread I will not be engaging in anymore arguments with those that want to continue to drag things down to insults & name calling. (A weakness that I sometimes fall for) And I meant it!

    So why do you feel the need to agitate things further?

  77. PLUHawkFan says:

    *Smile Georgia:

    Call it my failing to convey what I was thinking with easily understood words. I wasn’t assuming you wanted to quarrel with me, it was a “sort of apology” on my part. I thought by your response above that you felt attacked by me. So I started off by saying I don’t want a quarrel with you… (as in I value your contribution to the blog) =) and wasn’t trying to stir the pot.

    Yes, you are positive the vast majority of the time. And the last thing I want to do is agitate things further. I was attempting to do the apposite. Apparently I failed miserably… for that I apologize.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, and I’m sorry if I made it worse. Good intentions gone awry I suppose.


  78. GeorgiaHawk says:


    You made it much much better. I now have a clear understanding where you are coming from.

    I wasn’t so sure until today.

    The mystery is now history.

    Go Hawks!!!

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