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UPDATED: Pete Carroll stands behind Seahawks’ statement on Marshawn Lynch: “These accusations are bogus”

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on Aug. 12, 2014 at 11:25 am with 33 Comments »
August 12, 2014 1:38 pm

The Seahawks’ public-relations department has released a team statement regarding Monday’s news that star running Marshawn Lynch was under investigation by the Bellevue Police Department following allegations by a woman of assault in the Seattle suburb early Sunday.

The statement reads: ”While we maintain the utmost respect for the investigative process, after speaking with Marshawn, we are comfortable these accusations are bogus.”

Not untrue. Not unfounded.


After practice, coach Pete Carroll refused to elaborate. He stood behind “bogus” and said there was nothing more to address on the matter.

A spokesman for the Bellevue Police Department, officer Seth Tyler, told the News Tribune on Monday that an investigator would be “reaching out and talking to” Lynch. Officer Tyler would not speculate when the investigation might end, but said his department would be releasing a statement when it does.

One not-so-insignificant issue to consider here: The Seahawks are still in training-camp mode through this week. That means all players, Lynch included, are required to be in the team hotel by an appointed curfew/bed-check time each night. NFL teams post security personnel on the floors of team hotels after bed checks, so if anyone would leave or enter those floors during those overnight hours a team would know about it.

And only a team that feels certain a player was in its hotel during a night would issue a statement such as this morning’s that uses the term “bogus” to characterize an accusation.

Just a thought.

Lynch was on the field practicing with the Seahawks’ first-team offense again today. His last two practices have been his most substantial work of this preseason, since he reported late following a short contract holdout.


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  1. chuck_easton says:

    Strong wording.

    The team has to be very confident in the details provided by Marshawn to take that firm of a position.

    Here’s to hoping the support is well founded and that there will not be the necessity of a public backtracking statement in the future.

  2. Southendzone says:

    Their first statement was more strongly worded, but someone in the PR department struck-through the line “Fabricated by a gold digging whore”

  3. PFT says Harvin off practice field with ankle injury.

    Oh. My. Crap.

    Hoping for the best on this one…

  4. Ok, saw Gregg’s twitter feed while clicking Submit button…

    Percy is ok. Whew!

  5. jchawks08 says:

    STTBM, do you have high blood-pressure, by chance?!?
    You crack me up sometimes..

  6. jchawks–waiting for information to come back so I can agree to the sellers counter-offer on my first house. Im usually pretty passionate about football, but right now Im on edge in a major way lol!

    I wont be working away from my family all week if this goes through…a lot is at stake.

  7. I wonder if the “bogusness” of these charges against Marshawn will be proven by the Seahawks still being in training camp and team curfews, etc?

  8. RDPoulsbo says:

    The wording is very strong. The team wouldn’t have gone that far for an incident of an individual player on his personal time without a great degree of confidence. Opening up a window for a lawsuit against them for defamation or libel no matter how small isn’t something they’d just do.

  9. Carlsonkid says:

    Harvin jogged back onto the field 20 minutes after limping off per Sando . He’s fine . Supposedly it was a mild ankle twist and not his hip . GO HAWKS !!

  10. Christ, my friends just had their only car stolen in Tacoma! This being their third major disaster this year, none of which was their fault….So glad I dont live in W. Wa anymore! If it wasnt for the Seahawks and some relatives who still live there, I’d never go back even to visit…

    I had my truck stolen from Tacoma in 2001 with everything I owned in it. Then my new truck got the window smashed out but they didnt take anything…didnt want my jazz cd lol! And that was in the nice part of town, above Stadium…

    Been in Montana 7 years; never had my vehicle broken into.

    Back to football….

  11. Hey, Okung, Unger AND Carpenter were back in pads and practicing today!

    Hallelujah! A real offensive line is nigh!

    Chancellor back as well, as is Kevin Pierre-Louis!

    A good day for sure!

  12. jchawks08 says:

    Anyone know Eric Pinkins’s status?

  13. Southendzone…LMAO!


  15. jchawks08 says:

    I live in Oly. Never once had a threat of a break-in. I avoid Tacoma like the plague. I wish I didn’t have to drive through it on I-5 on my way to Century Link.

  16. Gregg Bell says:

    ric: Ding! Ding! correct-o-mundo

  17. “And a team that feels certain a player was in its hotel during a night would not issue a statement such as this morning’s that uses the term “bogus” to characterize an accusation.”

    This seems backwards. If they were not sure, then they would not use the word “bogus”. Right?

  18. jawpeace says:

    I hope the idiot women(probably a whiner fan) gets punished with jail time for the false charges. If it was not training camp and the players having curfew, Lynch would have a harder time proving his innocence. Make an example out of her so others will be less inclined to follow her stupidity.

  19. Gregg Bell says:

    Thanks rbuzby. I corrected the typo of “not.” Good eyes.

  20. jawpeace says:

    Rbuz that is not backwards writing by Bell.

  21. For those hating on Tacoma… It’s all about experience. I have lived here my whole life (29 years) and the only time my car was broken into was in Seattle while i was at a Hawks game. My house was almost broken into earlier this year if it wasn’t for my security cameras and fast acting cops. So before you hate on Tacoma, I’m pretty darn sure it’s not the only city with high crime rates.

  22. STTBM Good luck on the house. I live in Enumclaw and we consider it to be in Eastern WA.

  23. jawpeace says:

    And only a team that feels certain a player was in its hotel during a night would issue a statement such as this morning’s that uses the term “bogus” to characterize an accusation.

    LOL Greg already fixed what I was looking at.
    WOW faster than Harvin Greg!

  24. jchawks–Pinkins has a lis franc fracture like Sean Alexander. Ugh! He’s on the PUP as others noted.

    HCUUSER–Yes, it was on the hill above Old Town and past Stadium, in a real nice area. And yes, I know the drill; at 3-4 am, the Resident Tacoma Car Thieves and Meth Heads prowl the nice areas to steal nice cars. Which is my point; if this is normal, then there really are no “nice” areas in Tacoma lol! Thanks for the offer, I think we have a good one already, but if they give us any crap, I’ll hit you up!

    I know some great people in Tacoma, and I love the Swiss and the old buildings. But its never been safe to walk around at night in, and Im glad I dont live there.

    jchawks–Oly can be a dangerous place too, but I like it. I used to hang out occasionally at the Brotherhood (gone now I hear) and The Mark, and my wife saw the White Stripes when they werent big yet at the theatre there. They have really good ethnic food in Oly, which I miss greatly in Montana….

    jboard1–Yup, lots of places have high crime rates. I like Spokane–have lots of friends from there–but wont live there because of the crime etc. There’s even high crime in Montana (Missoula, Billings) but I dont live in those areas! Not hating on your city, it has its good points, its just not a place I can live.

    clhs70–Thanks! My Mother in Law lives in Enumclaw, and my wife grew up there. Its gone from Logging town, to Ghost Town, to Yuppie Town in 20 years lol! Its a nice area, and Crystal is close, but I cant make a living and buy a house there, plus I hate the rain!

  25. jchawks08 says:

    Whoa, wait, The White Stripes were in Oly at some point?!?! How did I miss that? Also, The Bro-Ho is indeed still there. Hasn’t changed since you’ve last went I’m sure. The Mark? Not so sure. Classy little place like that had no business in Downtown Oly. Hahaha
    Also, I’ve had a Lisfrank injury. Seems to be more frequent in sports nowadays. Not sure how bad mine was compared to some of these NFL players that get them. I had surgery, cast for 6 weeks, rehab for another 6 weeks and continued to get better. Broke it in September, was golfing by April.

  26. jc–This was probably in 2001 or 2002…I missed the show because I had to work out of town, and couldnt get back. I saw them later at the building next to Seahawks Stadium in 2004 or so, and they werent that good and it had lousy acoustics. My wife said they were way better in Oly…

    Funny, a relative told me the Brotherhood a)was a scary mob place (which made me laugh, it was full of punk rock kids etc) and b) had closed down. Shows what old people know huh! Glad to hear its still there.

    Yeah, the Mark was pretty fancy. I hope its still there…

    Alexander seemed to come back from his injury, but by the next year he was a ruined man. I hope Pinkins does better…

  27. As you guys can tell, I miss the music venue’s and the food from Washington…Montana cant compete in that category…

  28. jchawks08 says:

    STTBM, yea confirmed The Mark is still there. Bro-ho being a mob place, that’s funny. Nope, it’s your typical hipster, Greener (The Evergreen State College is nearby), hippie Downtown Oly bar. They are known for stiff drinks.
    Ok, back to football. :D
    Go Hawks!

  29. Good, not much has changed. The Bro is in the old Union building, and I think its owned by the Laborers or Teamsters Union, thats probably where they got the whole mob thing from lol!

    They used to have Jets to Brazil and Fugazi on the cd jukebox, so they scored bonus points with me right there…whenever I’d play Waiting Room the bartenders would make my drink so stiff it would melt paint lol!

    Almost everyone is healthy now for Seattle. Unger, Okung, Chancellor, Carpenter, Hill, now all we need is Irvin. So glad to finally get to this point.

    Believe it or not, Im thoroughly excited to see what the new, non-fat Carpenter can do at LG this Friday vs San Diego. Looking forward to it! No more Bailey at LT, who made every East Coast Media outlet think Ware is back to All Pro form…pretty funny really; he abuses a second year late round pick and all of a sudden he’s bound for Canton…

  30. doubledink says:

    So there is a camp curfew and they don’t go to their homes at night. I was thinking that was the case, but was unsure.

  31. Isn’t Pinkins actual status ‘active NFI (non-football injury)? This could make him eligible for PUP if the team wanted to so designate him accordingly but then his potential return could be restricted by the league PUP rules.

  32. YEAH!, Marshawn cleared by Bellevue police!… Go Hawks!

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