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Feel-good day: Seahawks get Kam Chancellor, Russell Okung back fully practicing; refute accusations on Lynch; dump ice bucket on Pete Carroll

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on Aug. 12, 2014 at 2:10 pm with 32 Comments »
August 12, 2014 3:41 pm

That’s coach Pete Carroll after practice today accepting the social-media phenomenon that is the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to promote awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). And that’s quarterback Russell Wilson and tight end Zach Miller doing the dumping.

As USA Today and others reported today, Justin Timberlake, Matt Lauer, Martha Stewart and the Kennedys have been among the many to take the Ice Bucket Challenge. It has helped raise $2.3 million for the national ALS Association in just two weeks. Even President Obama received the challenge, from the Kennedy family. Carroll got his challenge Monday from USC coach Steve Sarkisian, his former assistant with the Trojans.

The ice-bucket dump was part of an all-around feel-good day at Seahawks Land — which came less than 24 hours after a not-feeling-so-good Monday.

–While Marshawn Lynch practiced this morning, the team released a statement through its public-relations office that the assault accusation from a Bellevue woman against Lynch that the Bellevue Police Department said yesterday it is investigating is “bogus.”  That’s strong language the team would, obviously, use only if it was certain the accusation was base-less. My earlier blog post details one potential reason the team feels this way.

Marshawn Lynch talks to Russell Wilson (3) after taking some handoffs from the QB before Tuesday's Seahawks practice (Gregg Bell/Staff writer).
Marshawn Lynch talks to Russell Wilson (3) after taking some handoffs from the QB before Tuesday’s Seahawks practice (Gregg Bell/Staff writer).

–Oh, yeah, the football: Safety Kam Chancellor was back at his starting safety spot practicing fully with the defense in the team portion of scrimmaging for the first time since his offseason hip surgery. The wrecking ball of a hitter on the last line of defense told me that while he’s not completely back to full-go, “it’s getting there. I’m not sore.” Carroll also saw today as a good sign for Chancellor and the defense, though he acknowledged the team will take its time in bringing the 2012 Pro Bowl safety back into game action. (Carroll, by the way, was bemused when I asked him how “conservative” the Seahawks might be in bringing Chancellor back; seems there isn’t much about Chancellor’s game that is “conservative.”). My sense is that Chancellor won’t play in Friday’s exhibition against San Diego but may next week at home against Chicago. As you know, that third preseason game is usually the one semi-extensive (into the second half) “dress rehearsal” for an NFL team’s starters prior to the games getting real.

–Starting left tackle Russell Okung was also back today with the “ones” in full-team scrimmaging for the first time in this camp. He had offseason surgery on his toe and foot. Okung, starting left guard James Carpenter (calf) and starting center Max Unger (groin) were alongside each other in team scrimmaging for the first time since last Tuesday. So the entire starting line, as of right now, was intact and full-go today — with J.R. Sweezy at right guard and rookie second-round pick Justin Britt still holding off veteran Eric Winston at right tackle. That’s 60 percent more of the starting line than played last week at Denver. I wouldn’t be surprised if all five start Friday against the Chargers.

–Lynch did a lot of running with downfield pass-route running and catching again. That’s two practices in a row of his most extensive work in this camp. Carroll says his star running back looks “very good,” though that doesn’t necessarily mean Lynch will play Friday. Next week against Chicago seems likely, though.

–Even the one dark cloud that came over practice — OK, it did rain some on it — turned out to be better than it first appeared: Percy Harvin left the field with a trainer and walked into the locker room with a slight limp after getting tangled with a defensive back at the end of a pass play on the damp grass. But Harvin jogged back onto the field about 20 minutes later and then the wide receiver sprinted down the right sideline on the final play of practice. Carroll said Harvin merely got stepped on and “scraped up pretty good” on back of his heel.

There were no other apparent dings from practice.

–Programming note: South Sound resident Chris Egan of KING5 Sports was kind enough to have me film with him a couple-minute roundup of today’s practice. So if you are curious about the new guy behind these typed words you may be able to learn more tonight on Channel 5’s sports reports.


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  1. MoSeahawk12 says:

    One of the Broncos best on D out for the first part of season. Might be back for our game week three.

  2. bird_spit says:

    Does anyone know how to watch the pre-season games after the fact? I missed the denver game, and will miss the san diego game. I dont think NFL Rewind has preseason..

  3. Dukeshire says:

    The NFL Network replays all the preseason games.

    Stoked Kam is back.

  4. PLUHawkFan says:

    NFL rewind does not have preseason, although they do offer a preseason package for 20 bucks that lets you rematch all preseason games just like regular season rewind.

    That being said, Dukeshire is correct as well, if you get NFL network they have been replaying all the games

  5. PLUHawkFan says:

    yet again fingers faster then my puny brain…. Sorrry “rematch” not “rematch” :P

  6. Heads up for all those down wind from the Tri-cities. about 45 minutes ago a front blew through here with gusts over 60 mph! LOTS of dirt in the air. It dropped 15 degrees and is still nasty but past it’s prime like some players we know. Just sayin’ #55. But you’ve been great! Go Coyle!

  7. Gregg, slightly off topic, do you have any view/comment on the new UW coaching situation?

  8. doubledink says:

    iheart radio doing a 24hr tribute to Robin Williams. lol

  9. Gregg Bell says:

    Oldslow: Petersen and his staff are exactly what UW needed at this time in the program’s evolution. Sarkisian and his rah-rah, one-of-the-guys approach was right for that time, to revive and restore pride in an 0-12 program. Petersen is the next step in that maturation process for the program, a clear I’m-the-coach-you-are-the-player leader with standards. Not afraid to ding anybody for any transgression, starter or sub. Guys even a minute late to meetings or class get “Commitment Time,” 10pm to 2am in the football offices with a position coach on a Friday night. That is just one example that has gotten the Huskies’ attention.

    I think the Sarkisian departure turns out to be a big net gain for UW.

    Thanks for asking.

  10. Gregg, I’m curious about how you see Pete C. because of the “rah-rah” label he has been given in the past and his connection with Sarkisian. I think Pete’s positive thinking approach is the single biggest reason for our success. A lot of people wrote it off as “rah-rah”.

  11. I get really busy at some points in the summer and can’t keep caught up on stuff so I apologize if this was on here this past month, but has anything become of those guys (Seahawks Fans) who were going to start a fund to build a statue of the Sherman “Tip?” I think they had an artist all picked out if they could raise the funds, too.


  12. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Nothing came of that, that I’m aware of. Although I wasn’t aware an artist had agreed to it either.

  13. PLUHawkFan says:


    it is still going.. they are in the “taking donations phase”. If you want more info go Here. Hope it helps. It appears due to public demand the artist has taken crabtree out of the mockup. It’s a statue of sherman only…

  14. Sarkisians methods are coming into question because he was only moderately successful. Had he won more, he’d be lauded as a genius even if he murdered puppies, etc…that’s how it is.

    As for being a disciplinarian, how did the Tyrone Willingham thing work out? Again, methods come into question when the results aren’t what people hoped for.

    For years people made excuses for Willingham, and he should have been run out of town as being clueless, hypocritical and full of it after a year or two, just like Jim Mora was from Seattle.

  15. Crabtree would just make it a mediocre statue anyways..

  16. Ray_Maines says:

    Here is a Field Gulls article from two years ago explaining exactly why RW shouldn’t be the starting QB, why a scrambling QB is a bad thing and why nothing good can come from any of this.

  17. Thanks for your response, Gregg. Peterson was certainly a giant killer at Boise State, and I am glad to have him.

  18. surelyyoujest says:

    “Gregg, I’m curious about how you see Pete C. because of the “rah-rah” label he has been given in the past and his connection with Sarkisian. I think Pete’s positive thinking approach is the single biggest reason for our success. A lot of people wrote it off as “rah-rah”.”

    Blueshq, Pete isn’t successful just because he’s a positive, “rah-rah” type guy. He’s successful because he has a model for building and managing a football organization. Specific messaging (“always compete” is just the start), specific coaching at each position, specific Team rules, specific philosophies about how to manage personel, etc, etc. A lot of people in the media think he’s just an energetic guy that is successful because of that attitude he has, but that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

    I think he’s one of a kind, and hope he’s here for another 10 years.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One of a kind for sure that went to high school with another one of a kind-

    Imagine the energy level these two had at Redwood High.

  20. montanamike2 says:

    Crabtree would just make it a mediocre statue anyways.. Good one mocarob, funny as hell.
    Gregg, good article on Britt this morning, gives me high hopes for him.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Gregg is right about Sark.

    Sark has away’s to go if he ever wants to be a successful College head coach like Carroll, Petersen & the great Don James.

    I believe Jim Mora would have been better (not much but better) & I’m not a big Mora fan.

    I think the University of Washington finally has their replacement for James that they have long been looking for.

    About time. Lol.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Schofield makes the team I will be looking forward to watching him next time we play the Giants.

  23. Jim Mora is actually doing his thing down in UCLA so, I kinda think he could of did it up here. I definately have high hopes for Peterson, I’m thinking about what he did at Boise and what he can do here with better recuits/athletes. I’m pretty excited.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Harper is getting better but still struggles with consistency-

  25. Georgia–That came out much harsher than I inteded. Gregg would certainly know more about it than I, he was there for both coaches.

    Sark has a ways to go to be a great coach, and I dont know much about the new guy. I guess what I was reacting to was the labeling and judging of styles of coaching.

    Nothing wrong with a Rah-Rah coach, or a disciplinarian–as long as it works lol!

    I knew a kid who played under James or Lambright, cant remember which. He left after two years due to the hazing, praying for victory, and stuff like that. So it just goes to show, you never really know unless youre part of the team I suppose, so what do I know?

  26. Georgia–Harper turned out to be unready for the NFL, and a much more long-term project than Seattle thought. They did want to keep him on the PS and develop him, but it wasnt meant to be. A lot of players like him are going to get away–we cant keep everyone, and if you get out-competed, you will end up cut/elsewhere regardless of talent.

    I think we’re ok without him. Heck, our latest UDFA UW WR may end up being what Harper was supposed to be before Harper…

  27. chuck_easton says:

    I can’t believe camp is already over. It seems like it just started.

    No more daily camp reports, or at least not detailed.

    The team now goes into regular season preparation meaning reporters are not allowed to say what they see except who’s there, and maybe who’s working with which group.

    The team finally published their ‘Depth-Chart’ on their official site, but there are already some positions you just know are going to change.

    They have Lockette the Number 2 behind Baldwin with Bates as the #3.

    On the other WR side it’s Harvin, Kearse, Walters, Richardson.

    I’d say the four on the one side make it and from the other Baldwin is the only sure thing.

  28. Georgia–Yeah, Guy was a case of a dude just trying to run before he could walk. He’s got speed and can hit, but he needed to learn the fundamentals. Being picked up by Bradley was the best thing that could have happened to him. He’ll learn zone and coverage skills that will help round out his game. He might just be a Pro Bowl player in a year or two…

    Chuck–Yep, tight race between Lockette, Walters, Bates, and the rest. I dont think anything is set just yet–the next two preseason games should solidify the roster for the most part. The last few slots will be decided in the last preseason game, but I think in general Seattle has it mostly figured out by then, and the last preseason game is a chance to try some new stuff with backups and to showcase the guys that really had no shot to make the team but practiced hard and helped the team out…a reward for toeing the line…

  29. Surelyyoujest,

    “specific philosophies about how to manage personel, etc, etc. A lot of people in the media think he’s just an energetic guy that is successful because of that attitude he has, but that’s just the tip of the iceburg.”

    I agree with everything you said except that I think his philosophies and management style rather than the tip of the iceburg are more like the foundation of his whole program. The power of positive thinking is real and he has been proving that for a long time even if he doesn’t use that old phrase. He is always encouraging players rather than yelling at them. He tries to help them succeed rather than using threats or ultimatums. If the players aren’t all in attitude wise he’ll find someone who is. He reminds me of teachers I had who made us want to please them so bad that we over achieved because of respect not fear.

  30. blueshq–Yep, contrast Seattle’s way with Tennesee; they are labeling their best WR as JAG on his jersey instead of his name (Just A Guy), and doing the same for other players who transgress. Shaming players for mistakes? Yeah, thats proven not to work as well as positive reinforcement. Some in the NFL still think its 1955…

  31. seahawkfan97 says:

    I went to the 49ers site to see if harbarf accepted PC’s ice bucket challenge…Arian,s and jeff F did as well as trent balke but so far no harbaugh…huh…maybe later today..will he mention PC or not..Balke didn’t mention JS in the video..

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