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Pete Carroll glows about Marshawn Lynch’s conditioning; Jefferson has “substantial” ankle sprain

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on Aug. 10, 2014 at 1:31 pm with 37 Comments »
August 10, 2014 1:31 pm
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll flips a football he just signed back to a fan following training-camp practice today (Gregg Bell/Staff writer).
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll flips a football he just signed back to a fan following training-camp practice today (Gregg Bell/Staff writer).


It was feel-good day at Seahawks training camp — for Pete Carroll, for Marshawn Lynch, for Justin Britt and Stephen Schilling.

Just about everyone by A.J. Jefferson.

Carroll said following the approximately hour and 45-minute practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center that Lynch is in as good a shape as he’s seen the star running back, and that “he’s getting a lot closer” to appearing in a game. Lynch, listed at 5 feet 11 and 215 pounds (Carroll refused to say what he really weighs), is in his second full week of practice after holding out for the start of training camp over his contract.

This morning Lynch got his most work yet this month with the first team, getting numerous carries and catches passes from Russell Wilson in the flat. At the end of one run up the middle in the helmets, shoulder-pads and shorts practice Lynch gracefully spun away from some defenders. That caused the packed hillside of a couple thousands fans to roar amid many screams of “Marshawn!!!”

“This is the first week he’s going to get a chance to really compete,” Carroll said.

It’s been a productive four days for Lynch. Last Wednesday Carroll said Lynch, who was among many Seahawks that did not make last week’s trip to Denver, had a long way to go to get back to playing shape.

When I asked the coach today how many exhibition games he optimally wants to see Lynch play, Carroll said Lynch obviously doesn’t need to carry the ball much, but he does need to play in come practice games. As to when that will happen for the first time this preseason — say, Friday at home against San Diego — Carroll said he will make that determination later this week.

This video is Carroll’s recap of the game at Denver, and what is behind the move of Stephen Schilling from guard to first-team center this week with Max Unger limited until at least Tuesday by a groin injury:

–Jefferson, who had an interception and knocked down two passes in a span of six play during the second half of Thursday’s exhibition opener at Denver, is in a walking boot over his lower left leg. Carroll said the former Minnesota Viking and Cleveland Brown has a “substantial” ankle sprain. So his momentum from the impressive Seattle debut has ended.

–Unger, who missed the game at Denver, did some snapping individual position drills. Then the starter watched Schilling — a guard until now for the Seahawks — take the snaps as the first-team center in team scrimmaging. Carroll says Unger’s groin injury is improving and that he expects him to practice more fully on Tuesday.

Schilling, the former Charger and Michigan Wolverine, told me he was the center from week three through the end of last season on the Chargers’ practice squad, after San Diego re-signed him. Line coach Tom Cable and Carroll both said they see Schilling as a viable option to backup Unger at center. If Schilling can prove that, the native of Bellevue High School in the Seattle suburbs has a great chance to make the roster. Versatility is the key for backups, especially linemen, to stick.

With Schilling at center, Cable said Lemuel Jeanpierre will move to guard this week. Jeanpierre played the first half at Denver in Unger’s absence.

–Cable and Carroll both praised rookie second-round pick Justin Britt for a job well done in Denver against pass-rush menace DeMarcus Ware and others. Britt said he was “overly aroused” for the first drive against the Broncos in his first NFL game but was far more focused and controlled in the second drive that came after a 45-minute lightning delay. It showed; Britt and the makeshift line protected Wilson much better, and Seattle got its only touchdown of the night.

–Russell Okung (foot) and James Carpenter (hamstring) returned to the starting left side of the line for practice again, as they did last week before not playing in Denver. It looks like both will play Friday against the Chargers.

–WR Kevin Norwood is going to be out a while, Carroll said. The rookie fourth-round pick was in a walking boot watching practice. Last Tuesday he had surgery to remove bone spurs in his left foot.

–Carroll was asked about what was thought to be a three-man competition for the third tight-end job. The coach responded with only one name, praising Cooper Helfet for doing “a fantastic job.” The third-year free agent from Duke made a sparkling, one-handed catch with his extended left paw on a pass downfield by Wilson during a red-zone drill against the starting defense.

–Carroll also had high praise for LB Mike Morgan, saying the fourth-year veteran from USC looks as good as the former Trojans coach has seen him. Carroll gives Morgan high marks for being able to play all three linebacker positions and for his work on special teams. Again, that’s the way to make this team as a backup — versatility in multiple positions and grunt work on special teams.

–Carroll says LB Malcolm Smith, Super Bowl MVP, is close to coming back from offseason ankle surgery but that fellow starting Bobby Wagner (hamstring) is still a ways away. Carroll said he doesn’t believe Wagner, the starting inside linebacker, is in jeopardy to miss the Sept. 4 opener against Green Bay, though. Undrafted rookie Brock Coyle continues to get kudos from Carroll for replacing Wagner as the starter in the middle.


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  1. I wonder how much of Lem we will see at left guard? I’ve always thought he was better than Carp.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    We’ll find out. They must be high on him if they’re willing to replace Unger with Schilling and move Lem to guard.

    I thought Ware abused Britt. Ran right around him at times. I look forward to seeing improvement from Thursdah to this Friday.

  3. SandpointHawk says:

    This is good, I thought the Mule played pretty dang good at guard last year….

  4. sluggo42 says:

    Is Lem going to slide to the left?, or the right to get rid of Sweezy?

    Let’s see how long Georgia can take this….

  5. A lot of us mentioned last year that we thought Lem was one of the top three interior offensive linemen but they were hesitant to play him because he was their only back-up center. This most definitely creates some opportunities for this offensive line to get better if Lem becomes a starting guard, as I do think that he’s our second best interior OL after Unger (at least from what we’ve seen in the past).

    It’s a shame Bowie had to be such a clown. If you’re an NFL offensive tackle talent and you get kicked out of school, something isn’t right (most schools are more than willing to overlook things in the name of having/keeping talent). I cannot fathom coming into camp 20 pounds overweight when you’ve got a legit chance to start in the NFL (when that would also seem to put you in much better position a few years down the road when players get to their “payday” contract). As much as I thought he was destined to be a good guard (of which he may become in Cleveland), sometimes addition can be, unfortunately in this case, by subtraction.

    Time for Lem to become a (starting) gem.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Britt wasn’t overly aroused on the first drive Ware might not have taken advantage of him.

    Most definitely LG Sluggo.

  7. sluggo42 says:

    I dunno, carp isn’t fat this year, and is a beast, Lem would probably go right, unless….., un fat carp goes to the right guard…. Wow, what a line that would be, especially if Britt catches on….
    That would be a line even Cable couldn’t screw up!

  8. sluggo42 says:

    I wonder how long it takes to recover from bone spur removals…?

  9. Hammajamma says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited about Jeanpierre. Carp will be your starting LG against Green Bay.

  10. jawpeace says:

    I wonder if this is the same ankle that caused AJ Jefferson to go on IR last year?

    I would be normally excited about the LJP news of getting first string guard action. But I noticed a trend of preseason and camp that they often will play back up guys on the first string to see what they can do and give them more reps. But at the end of the day Cable has his lineup looking the same.

    Last thought on Bowie the guy BLEW it and showed his true character. You are listed as the starting RT and the job is basically yours if you compete well. Bowie shows up 20 lbs over weight. Good bye….

  11. jawpeace says:

    Sluggo I think each case is different. Depends on where is the spur/s, (of course we know it is his foot but where exactly) how big are the spurs?

    So it sounds if 3 weeks is just the minimum time just to walk normal and resume normal activities. Foot ball is not normal and I would guess at least 6-8 weeks. Which means he is going to be red-shirted. Depends on who else gets hurt and the severity of their injury. For the NFL limits this transaction. Last year we did this with Okung. But the Hawks could activate Norwood off of IR around week ten.

  12. I thought Lem was going to be moved to Rt Guard or are they going to put him behind Carp at Lt Guard?


    Six weeks healing before strenuous training and activity resumption, so, as long as it was a simple clean surgery with no complications, and as long as he maintains shape and conditioning on rest of body say 8-10 weeks before he’d be in game shape. He should be game ready around the end of September – first week or two of October but a lot of this depends upon whether the team wants to free a roster spot or is willing to try and take a chance on him clearing waivers (I doubt it, given Norwood’s potential value on NFL market). While we are craving receiver roster spots, I think they’ll keep him on the active roster and just keep him involved until he’s ready to put back on the field.

  14. Couldn’t they just IR him. We could see where we’re at with the other guys to see if we even need him when he’s ready to go. I do think he has stud potential though, so who knows.

  15. AZBubba71 says:

    Nobody wants to see an “overly aroused” Britt.

  16. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    i think this is bad news for Lem if they think this guy Schilling is a better option then him at Center. I also thought Britt did a decent job at RT. Winston looked bad to me. He was having problems blocking scrubs. How can we expect him to block starting guys if he cants block 3rd stringers in preseason?

  17. bsinnitt says:

    I like the mention of Morgan. He didn’t have stats but he played sound and set up his team mates IMO. Coyle and Morgan looked well ahead of the other back up LBs.

  18. montanamike2 says:

    1st cuts are way easier than the 2nd ones. I hope Britt gets it together by the end of camp. He’s the long term answer, but we need help now! Lem deserves a shot at the line and would help immediately if it worked out, i hope that he doesn’t become expendable.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Britt is a rookie.

    Many of the top 1st round o-line rookies don’t get it together until halfway through their first season or even later.

    Just steady overall improvement would be fine with me regarding Britt.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wolfe made a few good plays yesterday, (one on Richardson).

    He seems to have a knack for making plays when given the chance.

  21. seahawk44 says:

    All we have been hearing this camp is how improved Carpenter is in his conditioning and play. I hopethis is the season it all comes together for him. I would just like the O line to provide adequate pass protection this season to keep our franchise quarterback from getting hurt. Sweezy has not shown he can do this yet (sorry Georgia)
    What do you guys think of this line?
    Okung-Carp-Unger-Lem-Bailey ?

  22. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Barring injury this be our line



    PS – One or Two young guys

    I think all you guys don’t give SWEEZY enough credit. This guy is turning into a solid player. The end of last year he was playing much better and was our best run blocker. Entering his 3rd year I think we will now see the mental side of his game rising up to meet his physical abilities. You can count on him playing, He’s reliable and healthy unlike Carp, Unger or Okung.

  23. doubledink says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the regular season PUP option for Norwood off the table since he didn’t start camp on the PUP list? Did they place anyone on PUP before camp?

  24. MikeNJ–Sweezy’s been the Ironman of Durability, true. But he still was struggling at the end of last year in pass pro, and wasnt elite at run blocking as some would claim. However, reports are that he’s gained weight and strength, and Boling has said he isnt getting bullrushed backward anymore. That is a huge deal, and very good to hear.

    Georgia–Wolfe made some plays?! Awesome! Im rooting for the kid to make the PS. Where did you hear that?

    I agree. If Winston isnt clearly better than Britt, then Im fine with Britt starting and keeping his job, as long as he shows steady improvement and doesnt get RW killed.

    On Mike Morgan; isnt he a bit light in the pants to play MLB? I know he can play both SAM and WILL, and possibly Leo DE, but he just has never stood out to me. I wish Toomer would get and stay healthy, he’s so fast…

    Funny, what some are saying about Morgan is exactly how Irvin plays; no real stats, not much flash, but does his job and is in the right place, pushing plays towards teammates. If Irvin can get better vs the run, he’ll be a very good LB.

  25. Seattle will likely wait until Game One, or even after, to make a decision on Norwood. I cant see them using their One-Per-Team IR-with-Designation-to-Return slot, so if he looks to be out more than 6 weeks from now there is a good chance he will be IR’d for the year. Which would suck, as he seemed poised to contribute.

  26. Southendzone says:

    I thought there was a possibility of Norwood getting back before regular season. It seems like they like him quite a bit and are going pretty far to keep his chances alive for being on the roster.

  27. On Lem Jean-Pierre: I think letting him practice at G has more to do with acknowledging his performance and versatility than a knock on his play at C. PC and Cable want their backups to play at least two positions, and Lem has shown he can be an effective backup C. They often use the preseason and camp to try guys at new positions, so them using Lem at G and Schilling at C is not likely a knock on Lem at C, as I said. I would bet anything they still intend Lem to be the backup C this year, but are giving him a shot to show his stuff at G too, just in case Carpenter cant stay healthy. If anything, trying Schilling at C is a knock on his play at G thus far, which was underwhelming to say the least vs Denver.

    We really dont have a legit backup to Carpenter unless and until Lem can show he’s the guy.

    And yeah, I cant see him beating out Sweezy this year at RG, but backing him up, playing both LG and RG? Sure.

  28. double–Yeah, once you practice in camp you are ineligible for the PUP list. Norwood cant go on it. Unless Im wrong and he never practiced in camp…My mind is scattered lately so someone smack me up if Im corn-fused again…

  29. chuck_easton says:


    To further what STTBM said, the only players currently on the PUP or NFI (non-football injury) lists are Irvin, Toomer, and Pinkins.

    If any of those three do not get cleared for practice between now and final cuts they can go on regular season PUP.

    Those are the only three.

    Norwood is either going to have to go IR, IR with in season return designation (must miss at least 8 games), or the team will have to carry him on the 53 and have him one of the 7 inactive players every week.

    It all depends on how long he’ll be out, what the team thinks he could give if he comes back, and/or if the team wants to use the in season IR return for another injured player.

  30. fijihawksfan says:

    STTBM — I noticed on Thursday that Morgan was heavier. He could prolly handle the middle now.

  31. fiji–Thanks! I just read on FieldGulls that Carrol also said he’s the biggest, strongest, fastest he’s been..same thing he said about Cooper Helfet as well. Perhaps these two have a shot.

    They also waived S Dion Bailey from IR with a settlement. I think that means he can come back and play for someone else this year, or even play for us again if he gets well. Any one know if Im full of it (in THIS instance, lol!)?!

  32. chuck_easton says:


    No you are not full of it, at least THIS TIME!!! :)

    Once a player is released with an injury settlement they are essentially a free agent. If some other team thinks Bailey is healthy to play tomorrow they can sign him.

    A couple of years back Seattle released on of our lunchpail LB’s due to injury. He immediately signed with ST. Louis and was seen on the sideline the next game against Seattle helping the Rams with all of Seattle’s calls. Forget his name, but that is probably on purpose.

  33. Chuck–lol!

    But in that guys case, he was simply cut–he wasnt cut and then IR, then cut again. It was Isaih Kacyvenski! Ha! My mind isnt total mush just yet!

    Thanks Georgia! FieldGulls linked to a story, I think by the Times, that mentioned he did well in practice too…

  34. I think Seattle likes Bailey, and may wish to bring him back later, at least on the PS. If he heals up, this could be a much better deal for him than being IR’d for the year.

  35. Gregg Bell says:

    Guys (and gals): The indestructible Wolfe made a sideline interception yesterday of a pass Tarvaris Jackson underthrew trying to hit Bryan Walters. Wolfe even did a little strut after the INT. Richard Sherman loved that, coming off the sideline to tap him on the helmet repeatedly, all the way back to the huddle.

    There’s a story there I want to get to soon: Wolfe spent seven years at three different colleges playing football, ending last year at Division-II Fort Valley State.

    Happy Monday.

  36. Gregg–THere was an in-depth article on Wolfe’s past on the internet, but I wont spoil it by mentioning anything since youre going to write about it too. Bumpy roads make hungry players!

    I look forward to your piece!

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