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Seahawks notes: Russell Okung, Kam Chancellor getting back

Post by Gregg Bell / The News Tribune on Aug. 5, 2014 at 2:51 pm with 104 Comments »
August 5, 2014 7:55 pm

The Seahawks are off the field following their 10th practice of training camp, two days before the first preseason game at Denver. The most noteworthy sights: Left tackle Russell Okung and safety Kam Chancellor practicing more and watching less following offseason surgeries.

Like Monday, they didn’t do a ton — mostly individual-position and group work, and nothing in team scrimmaging. But getting almost 10 percent of its starting 22 back from surgery doing more on the field than just watching their teammates is a positive for Seattle for its opener Sept. 4 against Green Bay.

Russell Okung doing individual drills on his second day back from toe surgery. (Gregg Bell / Staff writer)

Okung, the all-important sentry on the blindside of quarterback Russell Wilson, did individual drills (like this one above) during the team’s two hours of work in shoulder pads, helmets and sweatpants/shorts in front of a couple thousand fans at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. These are Okung’s first two days of extensive work on the field since a torn toe ligament caused the four-year starter to miss the first eight games of 2013, and to basically drag himself through the last nine. Okung had surgery in the offseason to repair the big toe on his left foot.

“I feel great. It feels good to be back out here on the field, playing some ball,” the Seahawks’ sixth-overall draft choice in 2010 said. “I’m just glad I’m back.”

Sounds like he’s had a foot overhaul, too. Okung said the injury he had repaired “was around” the toe issue “but was the whole foot itself.”

Asked if he was healthy at anytime in 2013, Okung went all it-is-what-it-is.

“Football, it’s a tough game. There’s not a guy out there not playing hurt, or who doesn’t feel all that well,” he said. “Just kind of accept it and roll with the punches.”

Chancellor is back following hip surgery around the first of April. The procedure left some questioning how much the 2012 Pro Bowl safety would do in August, if anything.

“I’m feeling great, real good,” the three-year starter at strong safety said. “I feel like I’m on a perfect schedule to get back on the field and get to where I want to be.”

That, of course, is lining up against the Packers in four weeks, not necessarily for the exhibitions against the Broncos, then San Diego (Aug. 15), Chicago (Aug. 22) and at Oakland (Aug. 28).

Chancellor said the hip has been a pain for him since his days at Virgina Tech.

“It was something that lingered from college and pain I’ve dealt with for a while, but it’s good now,” he said. “My hip feels fine.”

That’s not all that makes Chancellor smile. So does his Rolls-Royce Wraith with brand new Forgiato wheels. The car’s MSRP is $285,000. That’s the stripped, base model, of course. The wheels? They start at around $5,500 for a set of four.


Tharold Simon, the Seahawks’ fifth-round draft choice from LSU in 2013, missed all of his rookie season with his own foot injury. But that foot — and his game — look great now.

Moments after getting his foot re-taped by a trainer, Simon made a lunging interception at the sideline Tuesday. The play was so good that Richard Sherman, who was with fellow starters watching the second-teamers from the opposite sideline, ran across the field to give Simon a leaping chest bump to celebrate it.

Read more what Simon says, and what he could mean to the defense in 2014 in my main story for Wednesday’s News Tribune.


Another example of why Wilson is so popular — besides the fact he’s broken records for wins and a Super Bowl title in his first two, wondrous NFL seasons: As is usually the scene following each practice, he was again the last Seahawk off the field. The QB walked down the row of fans screaming for him from behind a small fence at the foot of the fan-watching berm, signing autographs and posing for pictures for almost 30 minutes.

When Wilson was finished he walked over to a nearby tent for a local radio interview. The crowd roared their appreciation for him staying so long. Yet again.


The Seahawks waived-injured rookie strong S Dion Bailey from USC (ankle) and signed DB Trey Wolfe, a rookie free agent from Division-II Fort Valley State. Wolfe spent seven years making three college stops. He wore No. 1 during his first practice for Seattle. … Much more work for RB Marshawn Lynch today, perhaps his most since he returned last week from his brief contract holdout. He had multiple carries in team drills plus a reception during team drills. … WR Chris Matthews, a rookie free agent from Kentucky, made his most noise of camp after an almost invisible first nine practices. His best of a few standout plays: A leaping grab at the sideline in front of CB Byron Maxwell that drew cheers from the coaches, teammates and the crowd. Matthews also caught a touchdown pass from Wilson while getting work with the top offense, suggesting he may get a long look Thursday in Denver. … LB K.J. Wright got his defensive mates roaring with an interception of Wilson and long return down the sidelines for what would have been a touchdown — if not for the whistles plus a chunk of the offensive roster and equipment bags being on that half of the field. … Carroll ended practice with fun: A wacky fake-field goal that had kicker Steven Hauschka rolling right and throwing back across the field into the end zone. The pass was an impressively tight spiral, though far from accurate. It was way overthrown, into the arms of Simon for an interception that had Simon laughing afterward. … Hauschka, by the way, continues to make just about every field goal as the only kicker in camp. He made a 49-yard try with about 3 yards to spare. … One peculiar song among the usual bumpin’ beats coach Pete Carroll likes to blare throughout practice: Luther Vandross. The slow, vintage Luther, too.


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  1. montanamike2 says:

    Good stuff Gregg, keep it coming.

  2. I love gobbling this stuff up… Thank you.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks for the update Gregg.
    I didn’t know Kam was hurting that long.
    Good to hear he is better.

  4. mocarob says:

    Simon says? Nice.

  5. DreadHawks says:

    Loving this pre season thus far. Stay healthy Hawks!

  6. montanamike2 says:

    If that was Kam playing injured, what’s he like when he’s not injured?

  7. ohiohawkfan says:

    Nice write up Gregg, from one Ohioan to another.

  8. MoSeahawk12 says:

    More Kam. Great news for us and baaaaaad news for the teams on our schedule.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Mo!

    Best article I’ve read all season.

    I can’t wait to see Kam put a Smack on the Pack!

  10. doubledink says:

    Not due to anything you have done so far, but something to consider is too many posts too frequently in the past had the tendency to interrupt the continuity of the comments section. Much of the activity on here is around the comments and it can be disruptive if new posts keep popping up leaving current discussions in the old column too soon. That’s not said to discourage new and timely information. That is always welcome. Again, good to have you on board.

  11. vipermandan says:

    Amen montana! V. Davis will announce his retirement on Nov. 26th. No way he wants to face a “healthy” Kam.

  12. Mo–You are dead right, teams DONT want to face Chancellor–the biggest, tallest, and one of the meanest Safeties to ever play. I love watching him dish out evil, LEGAL much better than asshats like that idiot Washington safety who always spears opponents and gets fined…he’s worse than when he was a patriot…cheaters never win. Glad that Kam has learned to hit legally and every bit as nasty as before…

  13. I would think Kam will be a little faster, a little more agile with his hip fixed. I cant wait to see him in action!

    Chris Matthews has a ghost of a chance, but not much more. He’s got to flash every day now, and certainly in preseason games. With the injuries at backer and O-line, he better do something or that spot could go…

    Though him, Walters, Clark, and Bates and the rest have a bit more shot with Norwood being sidelined with his mystery foot ailment…

  14. montanamike2 says:

    I heard Bates was participating in camp today, i thought we might have lost him. Lots of good reports on Brock Coyle too.

  15. montanamike2 says:

    I think Bates has the edge so far against the other WR’s.

  16. oldtallguy says:

    Greg, keep the posts coming. I read the comments for laughs. with the exception of a few, I would guess most of the ones who are 95 percent correct and the ones smarter than the coaches are 5’5 280 lb wannabes. You’re off to a great start, but will please few on here.

  17. oldtallguy–I for one think he’s doing a fine job. Never such a thing as too many posts.

    And I seriously doubt anybody on here really thinks they are smarter or more knowledgeable about football than the coaches. We’re still entitled to having an opinion, and discussing and even arguing about opinions is what blogs are for.

    If we all just agreed that every single move the FO and coaches made was perfection itself, this would be the worlds most boring blog. Aside from which, they arent perfect and do make mistakes. Theyre only human after all…

  18. AZBubba71 says:

    Paranoid, I know…but that looks like a wide, awkward stance that Okung is using. One that is ripe for a leg injury when somebody rolls up on him and he can’t get out of the way. Hoping that I am wrong.

  19. MontanaMike2–It sounds like you are right–Georgias second ManCrush is leading the pack for the fifth WR roster spot. But that could change in one play; Norwood was lock before the foot injury sidelined him, so anything can happen…

    Wonder what Matthews and the rest will do in the Broncos game? Time to make plays or get the boot…

  20. Offensive line offensive line offensive line. That’s all I care about.

    Holmgren didn’t have a good O line until year 4. I remember how frustrating it was to see our QB’s get chased around all the time.

    If the Seahawks O line can get better, it will make a huge difference. It’s too bad the money forced them to let Giacco go, he had just started to play better and get less stupid penalties.

    The Seahawks had the worst pass protecting O line in the NFL in 2013, and Wilson was the most sacked QB per pass attempt. And they still won it all, thanks to Wilson pulling up the slack. Considering those two stats I just cited, it’s incredible that people still claim Wilson just wants to run and isn’t good from the pocket. He only runs because of a bad O line, and when there is a pocket to throw from, he makes good throws.

    Pete Prisco says some anonymous NFL GM says Andy Dalton would have won a Superbowl with Seattle last year. I say baloney. Wilson was running for his life all season, and managed to make great decisions and plays anyway. I don’t think any other QB would have won the SB behind the worst pass protecting O line in the NFL. People just don’t understand what Wilson does.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bates set the tone this camp by not backing down from Sherman.
    In fact Bates would have whipped Shermans A$$ if he wasn’t pulled off.

    That’s the kind of WR I want to see on this team to complement the other WRs.

    This could be Bates last chance to make the 53 man roster & so far he hasn’t disappointed.

    Now he has to show it in pre-season games.

    If he does we will have a physical WR with good upside.

  22. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Andy Dalton can’t even get out of his own way, let alone the weak AFC. How many picks did he throw in the playoffs? Twenty five or so…..
    Crisco is a noted Seahawks hater and dimmer than Justin Bieber at a talent show.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    why is it so hard to simply post on the threads you want to post on & skip the threads that you think are coming too often?

    Good grief! What a stupid thing to bitch about.

  24. Ray_Maines says:

    STTBM: Seriously? did your wife hijack your account or something?

    You’ve been whining for at least two years about the O-Line and/or Tom Cable and now you’re saying something like….


    STTBM AUG. 5, 2014 AT 6:18 PM

    And I seriously doubt anybody on here really thinks they are smarter or more knowledgeable about football than the coaches.

    Read more here:

  25. Dukeshire says:

    I have to say this: this post alone is better than anything Todd ever put up. I have a great feeling about this…

    Great report, Gregg.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    oldtallguy – Will please few? How so? Sando and Williams were beloved here.

  27. seahawkNJ says:

    Lots of smack talk about Todd an the o-line here. Sad really.

  28. Considering the fact that our offensive line has been terrible for years may have something to do with the constant complaints of that unit. Sure, we won the Super Bowl with them but it was more in spite of them since the rest of the team was so good to allow for a unit that bad to be overcome. If we can turn that unit into a strength, or at least not a weakness like it has been, it will make our already good chances to repeat even better and that’s what we all want is to rePete.

  29. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The Oline led the league when it counted during the playoffs. They performed well against a strong Saints D with Lynch gaining 140 yards and two TDs as well as 109 against one of the best defenses in the 9ers. Lynch lead all running backs in yards during the playoffs. The line managed to get through the season only losing three games even though they were missing the left and right tackles for half the season as well as the starting center for another stretch. Plugging in two rookies at the tackle spot will cause the line to look and play bad. This terrible line did something no other line in the history of the team had done by surviving the season and helping win the Superbowl. Wilson wasn’t sacked let alone touched once that game. Sure the D was incredible and dominate from start to finish, but the O-line did their part by getting first down after first down, running the clock and not even punting until late in the second half. If they would’ve played terrible, we would have been going three and out, giving the ball back to Manning. That could have easily changed everything. They earned that win along with the rest of the team.

  30. Ummm? How many tackles did Lynch break behind the line, I’m thinking more then any other RB, and Wilson got flushed out of the pocket how many times and had to keep the play alive, I’m thinking more than any other QB. Like Bobby said, we won in spite of our line.

  31. LouieLouie says:

    Hey Mo: I’m with you. The O-Line was, to put it mildly, not very good during the season. However, they started to play some decent games in the playoffs. I especially noticed that Sweezy was playing quite well down the stretch. If Okung and Carp are healthy all season, they could really gel as a left side O-Line. Hopefully, Carp can begin to pass pro adequately. If the 2nd round guy (WTF is his name?) can step in and play at RT, the Hawks could have a decent O-Line, like in 2012.

  32. oldtallguy says:

    Dukeshire, I was referencing the wannabes who make comments, guys like you.

  33. IF you don’t like the comments dont read them . . .

  34. OTG, Duke? Wannabe? Must be a typo.
    He doesn’t even post that much any more with the emergence of others who enlighten us..

  35. doubledink says:

    I was referring to when Todd first started on this blog he started posting about five or six posts in a row and folks started complaining it was messing with the comments.

  36. mquinn73 says:

    C’mon guys, let’s keep it civil.

    We’re all here for the same reason – because we love the World Champion Seahawks (will never get bored of saying that!).

    For sure, it would be no fun if everybody agreed with each other all the time. I really like the alternative viewpoints, but let’s keep it civil. No need to get personal.

    By the way, with Norwood out (and Rice retired), I think Matthews is clearly favourite for the final spot at receiver simply because he offers something different from Harvin, Baldwin, Kearse & Richardson. Sorta like a poor man’s Mike Williams. In my opinion, Bates, Walters and the others don’t have that ‘X factor’ that makes them unique.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree it can be frustrating at times, just like when there is a long gap between threads.

    I don’t try to keep up with the threads anymore. If I do fine. If not oh well.
    Besides some threads just aren’t worth posting on much like the nude Lynch one.
    Different strokes for different folks I guess.

  38. montanamike2 says:

    No matter what, no how, can we please everyone all the time and Gregg is in charge when the pre season frenzy is heating up. Todd filled in adequately but Gregg should do things his way and a lot of stuff is flying off right now and tomorrow night is our first pre season game. Duke and you guys are right in regards to the suddenness of posts flying after we’ve had a long lull during the off season. I’ll do my part to keep commenting that a new post is up, i’ve looked stupid writing long posts long after new threads are going. Still we have a new moderator that might actually stick around for a while if we embrace him Please don’t chase off Gregg from his new gig or else we’ll start to see vanilla threads infrequently like before, (ahem). I like Duke and his wisdom that he brings, i also like oldtallguy and his fan insight. I stay out of the way when people jab at our resident troll, it is self inflicted and can be mended with a humble post or two, if not he’ll continue to get bashed, believe it or not, there are way worse on some of the other sites, that’s why i stay here. I have learned so much from you guys these last few years and i think this blog is special. I remember the 4 day threads and will give the man time to adjust to his new gig.

  39. montanamike2 says:

    Football now: i’m loving Simon stepping up and agree that in the past our O-line has been the weakest link, maybe we’re almost there but will have to use more fill ins for the time being. I’m glad were not the Whiners right now, Santa Clara is almost in San Jose!

  40. montanamike2 says:

    Or we could talk about how stupid i think it was to bring Ebola over here and how suspicious i am that the guy is “suddenly” getting better.

  41. Southendzone says:

    I get the comment that frequent posts break up the flow of a comment thread, but I don’t think the #1 goal of the blog is to promote comments.

    It’s to present news & info so during training camp when stuff is going on, it’s cool to hear about it right away.

    Besides all threads left unattended for too long ultimately break down into either an argument about the OL, or an argument with Yankita.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t think anyone has questioned if the o-line is the weakest link.
    We all know that.
    Don’t need 20 loooooong posts a day to remind us.

    We pretty much all have realized that since the Carp/Moffitt hype (from their first two years) went away.

    What is even more ridiculous to me is the constant bashing of the o-line when they have injuries to their best players like Okung, Unger & Breno last year.
    Players that collectively are good & stay in good condition & take their job seriously, unlike players like HyperBowie.

    How hard is it to say the o-line sucks when arguably their top three players are out?

    How stupid is it to constantly remind us how the o-line sucks when their top three players are injured?

    A 10 year old can see that.

    A 10 year old can also see that when they came back (relatively healthy) the line was good enough to help the Seahawks get to & win a SuperBowl.

    Anyone who thinks this Seahawks team is going to have (even close to) a line like we had in 2005 is fooling themselves.

    Go ahead and take that team with a great o-line & see how far you get in the NFC west now & the rest of us will take this team with an average o-line.

    This team has their priorities right with regards to where they value their positions but they can’t control who gets injured.

    Overall it’s working out great!

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Oldtallguy may not post much.

    But when he does.

    He prefers to post common sense.

    Stay thirsty my friends for his common sense.

  44. joeradio says:

    I don’t miss the squabbling here much at all. I like the new guy like so many and it’s quite obvious Todd wasn’t all that well received but some of the guys that make this blog really get their nose bent out of shape when people don’t agree with their perspective. It’s funny. I guess some things never change.


  45. bird_spit says:

    I suspect old tallguy is actually old drunkguy

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I almost posted oldslowguy (which would describe me)but I caught myself.


  47. Dave Boling says:

    Good to see a lively discussion.

    About frequent posts: yes, this time of year leads to those. We’re trying to keep you informed, which seems to be the primary goal, although the building of an interactive electronic community in the process is a very positive by-product.

    Fair and valid concerns about the offensive line. Seeing Okung in pads yesterday (although he didn’t take part in team drills) goes a long way to sorting out some of the concerns. What a different situation it is if he can stay on the field for a full season. Carpenter easing back is obviously important, too. The fact that his calf issue lasted as long as it did was curious, I thought. Now, the question is whether the down time had a negative effect on the conditioning level that we all praised very early in camp. One of the surprises of camp, for me, has been how well Caylin Hauptmann has looked at left guard in Carp’s absence. Hauptmann is much smaller, but he plays with a lot of grit. So far, it looks like Winston will be fine at RT if Britt struggles (still very early in his development). And for all the bashing Sweezy has taken, he was solid run blocker by the end of last season, and has been absolute nails in pass pro drills thus far — much improved. He used to get top-heavy and be vulnerable to that jerk move. Seems more balanced with a better punch now.

    I think it’s interesting that a pattern is developing with the backup linemen they’ve brought in. Davis, Smith, Brandon are all pretty versatile guys. I think Winston is pretty much locked at RT, but the others can play multiple spots. Toss Bailey in there, too. That gets to be so crucial when you’re going into a game with only three active backups. Yes, the next-man-up readiness is important to deal with long-term injuries, but on game day, you don’t always have your best backup for a specific position available because you try to get by in the short term with somebody who can fill in at multiple spots. Schneider and Cable clearly are keeping this in mind.

    Some guys are having great camps but we don’t really talk about them much because we come to expect that of them. Zach Miller is one. He’s made so many nice catches in team sessions, and is his usual reliable self as a blocker. Remember, he’s coming back at a reduced rate. The guy is a real pro. Behind him, Luke Willson looks a little bulkier, which should enhance his blocking.

    K.J. Wright had a monster practice on Tuesday, with a pair of interceptions. When they don’t do live tackling, it’s hard to see who is really there to make plays, but it’s been obvious — particularly with Wagner and so many other linebackers out with injury — that K.J. looks like he could be in for a big, big season.

    And about the blog, I would point out that Todd did a spectacular job with the multi-media offerings, the wide-ranging links, and a dedication to feeding this thing that went up to the last minute before the moving vans pulled up. That guy worked his can off, as I’m sure Gregg will now that it’s his turn.

    Be interesting today to hear Pete’s comments on who will/won’t dress for the Denver game. I’m going to chat with a number of players for my Thursday column about how it is that the Seahawks have won nine straight preseason games when the NFL axiom is that these things aren’t about winning. I think I know what they’re going to say. Might contain the phrase “always compete.”

  48. Dukeshire says:

    mocarob – Thanks man. But I’m not worried about someone like oldtallguy, who appears to have just arrived here.

  49. chuck_easton says:

    Keep it civil?


    It’s training camp.

    Not just for the players, we fans and regular bloggers on here also have to get into regular season flaming condition.

    I mean how embarrassing would it be to miss an obvious and easy dig at Georgia, Yanster, STTBM, Duke, Montana, bird-spit, Southern, xcnan, RDPoulsbo, rmstat, doubledink, mocorob or any of the others just because you didn’t put the work in now?

    Come on! If this blog is going to stay lively we posters can’t get complacent. I mean one SB win for the team doesn’t allow us the luxury of going soft here!

    If this really is going to be a dynasty as Yanker continually tells us it is going to take a strong effort from everyone. FO, coaches, players, fans, and crazy know it all posters to this blog!

    (puts flame retardant suit on…)

  50. montanamike2 says:

    OK OK i’ll stop trying to be a peacemaker and let everyone rip each other, just don’t get out of hand like the P.I. forums. No room for soft!

  51. SandpointHawk says:

    I know chuck_easton bills by the minute but I think he might be moving up to billing by the word…(Sometimes I can’t help myself).

  52. Georgia, et al–The offensive line, as the weakest link on the team, is a hot topic. Not to mention the shock of losing Michael Bowie, and the new faces brought on board like Winston.

    If you dont wish to discuss, then dont join the conversation. But bitching about others discussing a hot topic is as stupid as it gets.

    For the billionth time: The offensive line came out last year flat, playing miserably. They had obviously regressed, and Unger playing with a bum arm was only part of the problem. Both before and after Giacomini’s injury, the guy played poorly. While he cleaned up his penalties, he just didnt perform to the level of his pay or his second-half of 2012 form.

    Okungs injury and Unger playing through his injuries hurt the line’s effectiveness a great deal, true. But the fact is, both before and after Giacomini went out, the line was performing at an atrocious level; it wasnt just the injuries.

    Perhaps Unger should have been benched until healed, especially since Lem knows the calls so well; he physically outplayed Unger by a mile. That was PC and Cable’s decision, and I think it was the wrong call, but what do I know? Its just my opinion.

    A 10-year old can see that the Seahawks won a SB IN SPITE of the offensive line, certainly not because of it. A child can see that Lynch and RW made that line look so much better than it was. A child can see that Lynch would have run for 1500 yards behind a mediocre offensive line.

    A baby can see that there is a WORLD between the 2005 line and the garbage we’ve fielded since (discounting the second half of 2012 which was ok). There is a TON of room for improvement between what we had last year, and the greatness of 2005; its not one or the other…DUH!

  53. Mo–“The Oline led the league when it counted during the playoffs”. REALLY! What exactly did the O-line lead the league in, pray tell?!

    You do understand that Lynch got a ton of his yards late in the season AFTER CONTACT?! That the rushing yardage totals are more a testament to his toughness and greatness than a sign that the line did well. Because they didnt. Period. They were better in the playoffs, and they were playing fantastic defenses, but the fact remains they did not play all that well, especially in pass pro.

    “Plugging in two rookies at the tackle spot will cause the line to look and play bad”

    Um, what are you talking about?! Bowie was the only rookie at T last year, LT was Paul McQuistan, far from a rookie. Bailey barely played at all, usually as a third TE.

  54. seahawkNJ says:

    The o-line woes have been covered ad nauseam. I don’t think i’m pointing out anything new here, but you build to your teams strength. If RW was a statue back there, the hawks would have to invest more in the o-line. That would be done at the expense of losing Bennett, ET or maybe both. We know it’s not perfect, but if anyone can suggest other cuts to shore up the o-line, stay under the cap and have a #1 defense, it would be great to hear them.

  55. RayMaines–Just because I disagree with the coaches decisions on personnel etc doesnt mean I think Im smarter or better than them. I dont have all the info they do, and Im aware of that. But that isnt going to stop me from being a passionate fan and having an opinion based on what I see and what I know.

    And my biggest beef with the whole line thing is that Cable and PC refused to bring in guys like Winston the last couple years, and ALways Compete has been Sometimes Compete–Except at G and RT.

    I still feel Bowie was never given a fair shot at LG or RG, and the same with Lem Jean-Pierre. And thats crap. Sweezy was installed as the starter and kept there despite looking like crap for nearly two years. And what burns me is there were better options on the cheap in FA and on the bench. Always Compete my hairy butt…

    Sweezy was blocking well for the most part in the run game during the playoffs last season, and his pass pro had improved, but he still was a bottom 5 RG in the league in pass pro IMO.

    Its really exciting to hear Boling say that not only is Sweezy bigger and stronger, he seems to have improved his pass pro technique a great deal. Words cannot express how stoked I am to hear it, and how much I am looking forward to watching improved play along the line.

    If Okung and Unger can get and stay healthy, and Carp as well, with Winston and Britt at RT and if Sweezy plays at the level Boling says he’s been at lately, this line will be very good. Not 2005 greatness level, but no one—and I mean no one–really cares about that. All they have to do is be average in pass pro and get back to top-5 run blocking and this team will steamroll everyone.

  56. seahawksnj–They could have brought someone like Winston in for the last two years. He was available both of the last two offseasons. They chose not to, and it bit them in the ass.

    They could have given Bowie a shot at either G spot from the get-go; they didnt. They could have done the same with Lem.

    Finally, just in the last few weeks, they went from Sometimes Compete on the line to ALways Compete; they brought in veterans, and even though its obvious they will start Britt if he’s even close to Winstons level, they will bow to the obvious and start Winston if Britt struggles.

    WHich is a refreshing change from the last couple seasons.

  57. oldtallguy says:

    Super Bowl Champions, hmmm the line must have done enough. Glad you’re not the coach

  58. oldtallguy says:

    Season ticket holder from day 1 until 2002 season (hated Holmgren), graduated from Toledo High School playing for the legendary Ted Hippi. Again a proud Seahawk ticket holder.

  59. wazzulander says:

    How you can be so sure of yourself about Bowie never having a chance to beat out Sweezy is beyond me. Cable has seen these guys take thousands of reps, you’ve seen one game of Bowie at guard. The fact is Sweezy beat out Moffitt for the job and has never been beaten out by Bowie or anyone else for it since. Go ahead and believe that our coaches are playing their “pet” projects and that some draft picks are collaborative efforts between scouts, coaches and the front office, but others are done strictly by/for a specific position coach who then becomes so invested in those picks that he’s willing to play them over better players, but don’t expect the rest of us to believe it.

  60. chuck_easton says:

    Touche Sandpoint! :)

    And as I’ve said before, I’m a lawyer. I can’t say hello in less than 3 paragraphs, what can you expect here?

  61. mocarob says:

    How does the pre-season package from NFLN work? You watch it on your PC or mobile device? Does anybody here stream it to their TV? If so, What kind of resolution quality is it? Thanks.

  62. doubledink says:

    macarob, I stream to my TV via England. It sucks. The commentators can be funny though. I haven’t tried the NFLN products. Did I mention I’m cheap?

  63. mquinn73 says:

    STTBM – I get what you’re saying… so how much credit do you give Cable for Sweezy’s development and for having the vision to see Sweezy’s potential (despite the guy having played all his college ball on the defensive line)?

  64. doubledink says:

    Hey Gregg, since you are the FNG (effen new guy), maybe the Powers-that-be will listen to you for the first two weeks and you could get a timer type edit feature added to the blog comments section. It could help us guys who put our idiocy on display from time to time.

  65. montanamike2 says:

    I hope Sweezy blows it up like a pro bowler this year, i think we can resign him at a real friendly price since we put so much effort into developing him. Hard to believe he’ll be helping Britt with his assignments now.

  66. “Super Bowl Champions, hmmm the line must have done enough”

    Thank God you arent the coach, Oldtallguy, or the line would never improve.

    One does not follow the other, logically. We won IN SPITE of the line, not because of them. PC and Bevell had to gameplan around the fact that our line wouldnt/couldnt hold in pass pro, and wasnt going to be able to stand up even to the injury-depleted Denver Run D, since they were going all out to stop Lynch. A masterful job of game planning and playcalling to mask an inept line.

  67. reapertaz says:

    Regardless of last years O line fact is were healthy with a little talent added and with serious weapons additions to our offence, and we should have a huge improvement on that side of the ball this year i for one can not wait to see what were capable of this year if we can stay healthy

  68. mocarob says:

    DoubleD, What is ‘streaming via england’ ?

  69. montanamike2 says:

    Wilson and Lynch compensated for the O-line woes.

  70. mquinn–I rarely if ever questioned Sweezy’s talent, just the wisdom of throwing him to the wolves and leaving him there to learn on the job–while weakening our team needlessly–for two straight years. I still feel we’d be miles ahead if we’d stuck his inexperienced, clueless butt on the bench for years and started someone who knew what they hell they were doing.

    wazzulander–Bowie was never given the opportunity to practice and compete at either G spot with a shot at earning playing time. Despite hardly practicing there, he performed better than Sweezy ever had IN HIS FIRST GAME AT RG against one of the best Defenses in the NFL.

    The guy is a G, pure and simple. Most teams would have put him there and watched him go, rather than try to pound a square peg into a round hole at RT as Cable insisted on doing.

    Considering NO put a waiver claim in on him, I’d say they were more impressed with his start at LG than Cable. Again, I believe Cable’s ego is involved, and he didnt want Bowie to beat out his boy Carpenter, nor his pet Sweezy; so he wasnt allowed to.

    Regardless, the line will continue to be my main focus, as decent line play is paramount moving forward. Teams will be loading up to stop the run, and blitzing the hell out of us since we’ve shown little ability to counter it.

    Sweezy is playing well enough in camp to have won his job no matter what, especially since Bowie is hurt/gone. He’s the right guy for the job this year, and I really hope he does as well as I think he will.

    I think this is the first year in at least two where actual fair competition is going on at the three of five weak spots on the line. Carp is the starter and so is Sweezy, but they are flat earning it for the first time in their careers. But backup spots appear to be wide-open and so does RT. Thats something to be excited about…

    Always Compete works; Sometimes Compete doesnt.

  71. reapertaz says:

    yes they did along with tate to a point but now with okung and unger healthy harvin healthy and the addition of britt and or winston well ill just say fingers are crossed so are the laces

  72. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Even the great Dave Boling can’t convince poor STTBM that Sweezy played good last year & is playing better this year.


    We can’t help you much anymore STTMB, you will just have to rely on your great fortune telling & mind reading skills.

  73. MoSeahawk12 says:

    mocarob. I have subscribed to the official NFL preseason channel for the past several years and can say the quality is very good. I usually watch on my laptop, but plan on streaming to my TV this season via Apple TV.
    The down side is it costs $20, which I don’t really care as that’s $5 a game, way less than what I’d spend in most three hour periods of time on entertainment. The other downside is you are stuck listening to the road teams announcers. Of course they favor the home team, but sometimes they get pretty ridiculous. Dan Fouts is the absolute worst and makes me want to stab my ears. Overall, I enjoy watching the preseason games as we have such a talented team that even the backups and unknowns play hard till the end. I like to play what team is that guy going to be on next week. Our guys resurface often.
    Here is my info if you want to save 10%

  74. sluggo42 says:

    maco, I downloaded the nil preseason for $20 from nil .com
    I will run it into my tv from my mac. I expect it to be perfect

    Slave, you and I know , with a few others all about the OLine, and Cables pet Sweezer. I think you waste your breath chirping about it cuz they don’t care, and don’t question Cable. Perhaps like some people won’t question the president, or won’t question bringing the eboli to america.

    I personally have no problem questioning authority when they do stuff that looks less than legit. I have stated my opinion on the sneezy project often. Georgia probably remembers. BTW Georgia, You have really shifted yourself in a positive fashion in your posting since last year. Well done, except with your man crushes, but whatever.. haha

    Im bummed about Norwood, he was may dark horse at rookie of the year. I really thought he was going to be that guy…

    I liked Todd, whatever…

    Duke, you are such a wannabe lol.
    Where is Hubris lately anyways?

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    HyperBowie is nothing period right now!
    Not a Guard, not a tackle, nothing.

    You can’t play either position fat & injured.
    Didn’t you learn that lesson with Carp?

    We only saw 5000 fatcarp posts from you so it appeared by that you understood.

    Is it that you don’t want to look silly because your HyperBowie talk didn’t pan out?

    You make yourself look more silly defending him after all your Carp bashing because he is basically going down the same road.

    Man up, admit you are wrong & then you can start realizing how wrong you have been with Sweezy because you are really gonna look foolish with him.

  76. Bowie was kicked off the Oklahoma State University football team for violating team rules. That’s why he was at Northeastern State. He was a marginal talent from the outset. As much as we like to dis James Carpenter, his upside is way higher than Bowies ever will be. Bowie was a head case, the coaching staff saw it, and cut bait. They will do the same with Carp after this year if he doesn’t perform this year. They already haven’t picked up his option for next year–he just had a totally different contract as a former 1st rounder that was more detrimental to the team than Bowies.

  77. GeorgiaHawk says:



    Taking the beerational posts out has helped.

    And not posting after midnight helps too.

  78. doubledink says:

    macarob, it is a NFL game broadcast for BBC (I don’t recall the link right now). The game feed at commercials goes to the panel of 3 BBC announcers including a token American former college coach to discuss strategy and X&Os for the British viewers. you get some British commercials too.

  79. montanamike2 says:

    You nailed it MoSeahawk12, sometimes those away announcers want me to pull what little bit of hair i have left out, roots and all. I watch all pre season games to see who shows up in games and their probable role with the team. I want to see Marsh, Michael, Richardson…..

  80. doubledink says:

    rodman, spot on.

    Goergia, STTBM is just our resident O-line troll. It is what it is.

  81. DFloydd says:

    To semi-quote Lloyd Christmas, “soooooo, you’re telling me the o-line sucks?” I’m not sure I’ve heard this commented on much. Could someone fill me in? I’m 95% sure the Seahawks won the whole kit and kaboodle last year. Offense, Defense, Special Teams? Who cares how they won? Doesn’t matter to me. I hope the line is horrible again this year and they win another Superbowl. I don’t get the absolute insane obsession with the line having to be great. The team went 13-3 last season. Regardless of why. Would it make some of you happier if the 43 points was put up by only the offense? I just don’t get it… say it is a good topic of conversation at this point is madness. So Lynch breaks tackles and Russell can run for his life? GOOD! that’s why we have them…..

  82. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And BTW I have & do question some FO & Cable moves.

    Look it up.
    I was against drafting & starting Carp & Moffitt even before they came into camp out of shape.

    It was one of the potentially better D-line talented drafts in years & I wanted the FO to go that way & fill in the holes on the o-line with veteran free agents so Hasselbeck (if they signed him) wouldn’t get killed by a rookie that had no business starting.

    I’m a believer that o-line rookies should sit & learn however in Sweezys case the FO didn’t get anyone good enough to compete with him.
    They thought they had one in Moffitt but much like HyperBowie he didn’t care.

    That’s why I said back then that Sweezy would take Moffits job easy.
    And he did.

  83. oldtallguy says:

    We can have an outstanding o-line, spend money on it and not on the Legion of Boom and that young short QB

  84. montanamike2 says:

    Yeah, if the only way to build this team is to be strong in other parts and build the line piece by piece through the draft, no one wants to see Wilson killed either. GeorgiaHawk there was no camp the year that Carp and Moffitt were drafted, that’s part of the problem, work ethics are the other part.

  85. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Camp or no camp, Moffitt & Carp had no business starting & that was on Cable.

    I think they know better now.

  86. Georgia–Good grief, Carpenter had THREE YEARS and two positions while remaining fat and out of shape. Bowie played well last year at both G spots, and below avg at RT. He showed up fat this preseason, and we lost him to injury and the waiver wire. How does that make me wrong, when Ive said all along he’s a LG in our system, not a RT?!

    Did you read my comments, or just skim them?! Because I plainly, deliberately said it was great to hear that Sweezy is doing much better at pass pro this year, and has gained weight and strength.

    Talk about looking silly; You’ve called Sweezy an above avg G, you’ve called him a Beast, you’ve said he’ll be All Pro soon, and a bunch of other ridiculous stuff. I merely said Bowie had shown enough that I thought he should be competing at LG and RG, and should have had that chance last year. I also said he isnt a RT and wouldnt beat out Britt.

    How does that impact my rep negatively?

    Ive said that Sweezy improved the second half of last year, and was pretty decent at run blocking. Not a beast, but better. He still struggled at pass pro though, and overall was a below avg player for his position.

    Ive also said numerous times I have high hopes for him this year, and think he will do well.

    You dont have to spend a ton of money to have an offensive line that is average. You also dont have to choose between the mess of crap our lines been for years on end and being the 2005 Seahawks. And you damn sure dont have to choose between paying the LOB and having a decent line.

    Again and again, Ive said I expect big things this year from the line. Bowie leaving has nothing to do with that, except it worries me about depth at LG since we surely cant depend on Carpenter staying healthy. However, with Hauptmans recent play and the fact that Lem is being allowed to compete and practice there, I feel a hell of a lot better about our potential this year than I have since 2005.

  87. Southendzone says:

    Question posed above:

    What did the Seahawks O-Line lead the league in last season?

    Super-bowl rings.

  88. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I was certain our regular O-line expert declared he had moved on from the past two years and the hundreds of oline posts and was ready to start fresh with this years team while remaining more optimistic.
    I guess that would be like yank not bringing Luck into every post for the past two years.
    It’s a nice dream, but reality says NO.

  89. GeorgiaHawk says:


    You have just recently changed your tune about Sweezys play last year.

    Show me one post late last season or even early this year that you said Sweezy played better last year.

    Just one.

    You can’t so don’t even think you can convince us of this now.

    Changing your spots again?

  90. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And yes I said Sweezy was above average, (& he is). That’s not ridiculous.

    I said he is a beast, not best yet (& he is). He is an athletic freak for an o-lineman, & has made the transition from DL to OL successfully in a very short time. That’s not ridiculous.

    And yes, I said that I would go out on a limb & predict he will be all pro. (Not yet, however I believe he is headed in that direction.
    Ridiculous or not we will find out down the road.

  91. Georgia–I posted tons of times that Sweezy had improved, especially in the second half of the year. Perhaps some of them were while you disappeared?!

    I said he had improved, but it wasnt enough; he still sucked overall, and I stand by that. He was awful for the first half of the year, and only became decent in the playoffs, where he still struggled in pass pro and occasionally whiffed on run blocks as well.

    Go look them up yourself, since you have so much time. I am perfectly capable of changing my mind, but in this case I haven changed anything; he improved last season, but it still wasnt enough and he still was in the bottom of the league overall last year.

    Sweezy wasnt even above average in run blocking last year (though you could argue he was in the playoffs), and he damn sure was well below avg in pass pro all year. That works out to a below avg RG last year, which he was.

    You said he’d make All Pro before anyone else on our line. Im not sure anyone besides Unger and Okung will ever get there, but you said it not me…

    Mo–This all came about when Bowie got hurt/waived. Lots of people besides me discussed last years O-line and argued with me, so I argued back and defended my position. I will always do that. If you dont like it, then tough; you can ignore it, join in, or piss off–whatever floats your boat.

  92. And Mo; Im still waiting for you to tell me exactly what the offensive line led the league in during the playoffs…

    Still waiting…

  93. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Like I asked you before, where are your posts from late last year to early this year?

    Or are you asking us to trust your memory?

    We all know not to do that.

  94. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Settle down Francis, just rattling your very tight chain.
    Look up rushing yards. Unless you’re too busy working on all your conspiracy theories and sending friend requests on Facebook to Tom Cable.
    Lynch first in yards during playoffs. The team was second to the 9ers in rushing yards with 30 yards less. It was that close due in part to Kap having over 240 yards just himself.

    Ever notice how Chihuahuas make the most noise, yet they are the smallest breed?

  95. Mo–Why dont you take the veiled insults and shove them where the sun dont shine.

    Lately you offer little except to bait yankinta or bitch that someone is talking about something you dont want to talk about..and always with passive aggression on full display.

    Im happy to argue with you regarding anything Seahawks or football related, but the insults are just not appropriate, and you know that darned well.

    Funny, I was told the same thing about conspiracy theories when I said Ruskell was sandbagging and undermining Holmgren. Now its out there from a ton of sources that I was right all along…

    Go ahead and believe Cable gave Lem and Bowie and anyone else a fair chance to compete at LG and RG the last couple years. But its just not true.

  96. Like I said Georgia, look them up yourself.

    I dont pull a Yankinta and twist my words, nor pretend I was on a bandwagon I never was. Ive consistently said that Sweezy improved last year, just not enough to suit me. If you remember, we’ve discussed that in our arguments as well. I dont see how you could forget…oh, wait…

  97. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Go back and look up what Carroll said about Lem many times. He is the only true center of all the back up lineman. He is Max’s backup and as Unger has dealt with several years of injury, Lem is too valuable to risk playing at guard or elsewhere. I think we all know that Lem was much better than Unger even when Unger was healthy last season. That’s not from Cable, thats from the head man. Carroll won’t play Lem in other positions. Not a conspiracy. Other posters have called you out about the Cable thing, so it’s not just me. Someone said and I agree, Cable watches these guys every day in practice up close and then re watches film. He sees and knows what each guy brings and what each guy needs to improve on. Teachers pet is a goofy notion in professional football. This is not playing HS football with your dad coaching the team. Cable is damned well trying to show well to possibly get another shot at a head coaching gig. He’s not going to play guys that would undermine that possibility. But please, keep yelling that from the rooftops as you’ve seen these guys up close and have the thousands of hours of data that the coaches have. That’s right you don’t. Nor do I. I guess we’re both right.

  98. Mo–But Lem IS being given a shot to learn G this year. Reports from camp say he’s been playing G and looking good. Now, he’s not going to be a starter there barring injury, but its nice to know he may be ready to step in when needed.

    I disagree. I believe Cable is firmly determined to not let anyone else get in and relegate Sweezy to the bench because he figures converting a college D-lineman to RG will make him look good. Now, I agree that Sweezy is talented and Cable is doing a good job coaching him up; but theres no way that guy deserved to hold onto the starting job last year.

    Coaches can get blinders on when it comes to certain guys, and I think Cable has in this instance. I think he’s predisposed to see the best in guys where he wants them, and predisposed to not like guys he didnt hand pick as much, no matter what thier play shows. You disagree, and thats fine.

    You can call it a conspiracy theory if you want, but it really isnt; its human nature. Coaches like Cable are often stubborn, arrogant men; it would be in character to ignore a backup you didnt want whose better at the time than your handpicked project. It surely wouldnt be the first time this happened.

    Mike Holmgren did it to Jason Babin; he was pissed Ruskell traded Boulware, who was a Holmgren pick, and never wanted Babin. Babin played well in preseason, showed obvious pass rush ability, and was cut because he never had much opportunity. Holmgren made sure he had no chance to see the field and prove what he could do. While Holmgren had no say over the final roster, he did have the ability to sandbag Babin, and thats what he did. Babin has said as much in interviews, and he still hates Seattle with a passion because of it.

    It wasnt because the guys we kept were so much better either: we kept Baraka Atkins over the guy I think, and he was a Ruskell pick. Holmy just hated that Babin was swapped for his boy Boulware, and so refused to utilize Babin.

    This kind of crap happens fairly regularly in the NFL.

  99. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I actually have a Boulware jersey. Probably the only guy with one. I thought he was going to be a stud and wasn’t happy when he was traded. Of course we can all agree that Numbskull was not great at his job and ruined what should have been a long term contender in a weak division. Although if I’m correct and that is debatable, Ruskell did get two #1s for Rick Mirer from the Bears so that was great.

  100. Mo–Thats really cool that you have a Boulware jersey. He was kind of a proto-Kam in that he was a LB in a SS position hybrid type. Whats really funny is that some of Holmgrens “misses” as GM would probably have thrived on a Pete Carrol Defense. I think PC would have found a way to utilize Boulware, maximizing his strengths and minimizing his weaknesses.

    Tim Ruskell also traded a second round pick that Denver wasted on Robert Ayers for the first round pick that we traded down and got Earl Thomas with. So he deserves a little credit for that. Other than that, I have only nasty things to say about ol’ Timmay!.

    He did a fine job his first year, but as soon as he felt comfortable he got a fat head and began dismantling Holmgrens team. The rest is history. Im so glad we have PC and JS…How did we get so lucky? Karma, I guess, for all the pain we endured under Behring….

  101. Im pretty sure it was Erickson or Holmgren who dumped Mirer. I know Holmy got two first rounders for Joey Galloway, which was highway robbery lol!

  102. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Behing….shutter. I worked games while he was wrecking this team. He was very unlikeable. He was pretty much universally disrespected by the players. Dude was a tool. No offense to tools. Dark times man, dark times.

  103. Yes, the Dark Ages indeed. Darker than the place Kam Chancellor lives in when he’s onfield….

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