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  1. WiscCory says:

    How cool is that!

    And there are players on the current team that might just join these gentlemen.

  2. sluggo42 says:

    And Hubris probably thinks he should be there to, as an analyst…

  3. Dave Boling says:

    Where’s the Blog Dwellers I used to know? A picture of Tez, Walt and the Caucasian Clydesdale at the Hall of Fame draws only two comments? I expected more of you, really.

  4. chuck_easton says:

    Actually Dave, while the picture is great and all, I am sitting here thinking I saw each of these three their rookie season, their entire career and now their HOF inductions.

    Am I ever getting old or what?

  5. Dave Boling says:

    That’s going back a ways, Chuck. Glad you’re still able to read and type! I covered all of them, too … in fact, almost every snap of both Tez and Walt, but only the late stages of Largent’s career.

  6. Great photo.. Where are my favorites? Hass & BobbyE.
    If these are the Hawks HOF guys.. What team gets to claim Warren Moon? Oilers?
    I heard Walt played in 9 Pro Bowls & only had 9 holding calls during his career. Dave, Did he skip every Training Camp that he was franchise tagged? (pushing SUVs around at home)

  7. chuck_easton says:

    Seeing that picture and getting ready for the first pre-season game has gotten me in a nostalgic mood.

    I remember the summer of 1980. I was 16 years old and getting ready for my Senior year. My 20 year old Sister managed to get tickets to a Seahawks pre-season game from someone at her work.

    I can’t remember who the team was playing or even who won. But I do remember late in the 4th quarter this young undrafted QB came into the game. He was wearing #17 and since he was undrafted there was little talk of his chance to even make the team.

    After a few series of watching him handle the offense I turned to my sister and said, “that Krieg guy looks good. I hope he makes the team. I think he can be the starter some day…”

    That is why I love pre-season. Some player is going to just jump out at you. And some day when you are in your 50’s and taking your own teenager to the game you can reminisce about your favorite team together.

  8. Kingpear says:

    Wow Dave…. Only the late stages of Largent’s career… Makes me feel even older.

    I remember the days of Jack Patera, and Zorn to Largent, before Kreig to Largent. Great to see these all-timers together. Reminds me of how close we came a number of times. At least we have made it to the top of the mountain last year.

    So glad that these 3 gentlemen are around to be a part of it, and the young players can sit back and see how to develop their legacy.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    There is one Seahawk missing in that pic.

    Is it now a good time to rally the troops with regards to getting Easley some kind of HOF consideration?

    Dave, is there anyway that The Legion of Booms success & popularity can help The Legend of Boom (Easley) get more recognition.

    I know some say that he didn’t play long enough, however others like Sayers made it.

    It may take a Lott of effort but it would be Easley worth it to try & get the greatest secondary of all time to promote the greatest DB of all time.

    Perhaps you can be the one to start this rally Dave?

  10. Dave Boling says:

    Don’t see the LOB helping Easley’s cause. He was every bit an HOF talent.

    No, Walt didn’t skip every training camp, but he did when he was being franchised, which made it a little different than a holdout. Yes, he pushed around trucks, but as the contracts added up, the quality of truck improved, ending up with an Escalade.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Do you think there is a way to help Easley’s cause?

  12. SaigonSun says:

    Kenny Easley made me fall in love with football and become a Seahawks fan.

  13. blueshq says:

    It may take a Lott of effort but it would be Easley worth it

    Georgia, that line was classic!

    Don’t you just the pictures of the 3 HOFers? Big Walt even looks big next to Tez.

  14. taxspecialist says:

    Kenny Easley was my favorite all time seahawk. You could just follow where he was on the field and he somehow was making a key play and near the football. Fan since they announced a franchise was awarded to Seattle and that picture of Seattle greats is awesome. Easley belongs in the Hall and should be in that picture.

  15. blueshq says:

    Don’t you just love

  16. blueshq says:

    Sometimes it looked almost like 11 on 1. 45 would dare the offense to do anything they wanted and you knew he would make the play wherever it was on the field.

  17. I saw Ronald Reagan throw a pass to Steve Largent at a campaign event at the Seattle Center Arena in 1984. Largent held all the big records when he retired and was every 5-10 white kids hero.

    Walter Jones was great, and it’s too bad Tez was the best player on some awful teams. I have been watching the Hawks since they started, and the low point was definitely in the 90’s. For a couple years there there seemed to be no hope.

    Dave Krieg gave me some beer advice once at a store in Kirkland. I was buying a 6 pack and told the cashier I thought it was too expensive. Dave was behind me in line and said “Get the 12 pack, it’s a better deal.” Pure wisdom, from Mudbone himself.

  18. blueshq says:

    I was in Showie’s tavern in Cheney one time after camp and the usual 10 or 12 Seahawks were sitting around a big table when Krieg came in which was unusual. All the players practically came to attention and turned to him to see what he had to say. It was more than obvious who the team leader was.

  19. Skavage says:

    I think Easley’s relatively short career is what hurts him. While some positions (RB) can make it with shorter careers I think it hurts a guy that plays DB.

  20. taxspecialist says:

    Easley was a safety with the range of Earl who could hit like Kam. Yes he had a short career but he shown brightly when he played. Sure wished all these Seahawk greats had a ring.

  21. bird_spit says:

    I too, saw every snap of Tez’s career, all of Walter Jones, and the end of Largents career. I was a Eagles fan in the early 80’s, but for the rest of the decade until 1989, I was way to busy to watch football. I remember watching a seahawks game in the early 80’s, but back then it was very very difficult to see a hawks game on TV in the eastern time zone.

    After 25 years of living in the Seattle area, its home, and I’m a homer. Watching those crappy teams of the early 90’s, they solidified my love for the jersey. Largent is the 80’s, Tez the 90’s, Walter the 00’s…but damn the 10’s is up for grabs. I feel there could be multiple HOF candidates coming from this current era.

    In 25 years, I believe on paper the 2014 hawks are the most likely to succeed. I believe the 2013 Hawks were great, but exceeded expectations. I’m praying the 2014 hawks stay humble and hungry, cause they are built to win it again. Its a real tribute to the organization that they are setup for a run for legendary greatness.. Soon they wil play the games to prove they can be that humble.

    It’s an awesome time to be a hawk’s fan.

    Thanks again Dave. I sure wish you could take ownership of the blog. It has never been better with you in command.

  22. blueshq says:

    Was it Walt’s high school coach or college coach who taught him to push a truck around? I always thought that was a very appropriate drill for an O Lineman.

  23. I remember back when the Mariners and Seahawks were just getting started. I was in grade school. We were just happy to have the teams.

    Remember the kicker, Efren Herrera? He made a great play on a fake field goal on the Seahawks first Monday Night Football appearance back in 1979. Howard Cosell went nuts. The Hawks won 31-29 over Atlanta.

    The team went 9-7 that year, same as in 1978. That was when it felt like maybe they could compete, after winning only 7 games in their first two seasons.

    Then Knox took over for Patera, and took them to the next level, and ultimately to the AFC Championship game, while Patera eventually retired to the outskirts of Cle Ellum, grew a beard, and was seldom heard from again.

    Seahawks lore.

  24. Bowie to I.r.

  25. Then Britt will start, with Winston backing him up and coaching him up.

  26. I saw waived Injured not IR…..

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Nothing against Thomas but could you imagine Easley playing next to Kam?

    Heck, imagine Lynch running behind Jones & the extra second or two that Jones would give Wilson.

    Like bird_spit said it is cool to think that the team we have now may produce as much or more HOFers than we have had in the history of the Seahawks.

  28. FivePercentWrong says:

    Wouldn’t it be sweet to see what Lynch would do running between Walt and Hutch?

    I started following the Hawks in ’83. I can still, vividly remember Krieg throwing an INT for a TD that put Miami ahead in a wildcard game down there. I was yelling at the TV for Krieg to not try to get it back all at once. Then he threw that 80 yard bomb to Largent inside the 5. I just shut up and watched from there on.

    Then there came the really bad ref calls in the AFC Championship game (replay showed Marcus Allen was down on that TD). And, so began my Beleaguered Hawks Fan identity only reinforced by Ken “Sleaze-ball” Behring and SB XL.

    After SB XLVIII, I’m a different fan. No longer beleaguered. Thanks PA/JS/PC.

    Thank you, Largent, Tez and Walt for such great memories of watching individual dominance.

  29. Ray_Maines says:

    I’m sure that in a few minutes someone from the TNT will put up a new thread, but here’s what we know so far….

    Various Tweets….

    Curtis Crabtree , Sports Radio KJR, Sports Reporter
    Seahawks have waived/injured T Michael Bowie. Will need surgery to repair damages shoulder.

    Brian McIntyre , Yahoo Sports, NFL Writer
    Michael Bowie played 51.7% of Seahawks reg. season snaps & entire playoff win over Saints. Seahawks taking risk by exposing him to waive

    Brian McIntyre , Yahoo Sports, NFL Writer
    With Carroll describing Bowie’s shoulder injury as “significant”, it’s probably a risk they’re comfortable taking.

    Read more here:

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – I too saw each in their rookie season. And it doesn’t seem that long ago. Lol

    Sorry, Dave. Spending the weekend climbing in Smith Rock. Just got back to camp. Mia culpa

  31. Southendzone says:

    Those players in the photo rep 2 out of my 1st 3 jerseys.

    1st one was technically a tshirt style #80 jersey, probably got it around ’83, and tried to wear it nearly to adulthood as small as it was.

    Then Tez, my 1st true jersey, still got that one and love him as a player, it even still fits (with a generous interpretation of ‘fit’)

    Easley is the one retro jersey i would buy now, hes a legend.

    Hearing Walt call him out in his HOF speech was sooooo cool

  32. Too much bullshit to process…I’ll get back later; good god this year is wild!

    Comments to come..

  33. Cable will fight it, but Winston will start and Cables days are numbered…

  34. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Just curious why is Cable gone? Are injuries his fault? He did a better job than you give him credit for considering he was missing three staring O-lineman last year for half the season and had to plug in two rookies and yet they still scored eighth in the entire league at 26 points a game. Good luck without him. Not a lot of in demand O-line coaches available in August.

  35. MoSeahawk12 says:

    If Winston starts at least we have a guy with a ton of experience and that gives Britt time to learn the ropes.
    Step away from the ledge Debbie Downer.

  36. jawpeace says:

    Easley though great his career was too short. I think of old Hawks the most deserving is Jacob Green.

  37. jawpeace says:

    btw love the picture of 3 great players and most important 3 great men!

  38. AZBubba71 says:

    Lott looked up to Easley. One is in the HOF, and both deserve to be.

  39. abqhwkfn says:

    Believe It or not but I became a Seahawks fan in the days of Curt Warner and John L. Williams as a young boy growing up in Albuquerque NM. Most my friends thought I was crazy. I remember playing pop warner ball trying to be like, forgive me, Brian Bozworth.. Not until Holmy, Hass, S Alexander, Walter Jones and the run in the 2000s did anyone here in Abq even acknowledge there was an NFL team from Seattle.

  40. Apologies for cursing; I will be more careful.

    Autocorrect sucks; my comment should have read; Winston will start OR Cables days are numbered.

    However, after thinking on it, we should be fine. Britt is talented, just not ready to start; Winston is a good player. Cable may want to start Britt, but his injury won’t help.

    Too bad about Bowie, I sure hope he clears waivers….

    Mo—No ledge, just exhausted and too much going on. Cable is a good coach, I just don’t want to go through another deal like with Sweezy–starting Britt while he struggles, with a better starter on the bench. Hopefully the best player wins the job.

    Hearing Bowie was waived/injured and now Britt is hurt was quite a shock. Next man up…

  41. Mr Boling, thank you ^3 for posting this photo! Really great players!

    PS: I remember watching Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch playing for the LA Rams. Is that too old?

    SEA HoFers (years with SEA): Carl Eller (1979) , Franco Harris (1984) , Cortez Kennedy (1990-2000)*, Walter Jones (1997-2008)*, Steve Largent (1976-1989)*, Warren Moon (1997-98) , John Randle (2001-03) , Jerry Rice (2004)

    *played entire career with SEA, isn’t that why they have their picture together here?

    Plus, kinda interesting to me that Larry Allen was the HoF player who last played for SF (2007) and he was a ‘Boy’. Before that it was Jerry Rice (2000).

    It’s also been something of a drought for da Bears. The last guy who played for them to make it to the HoF was Mike Singletary (1992).

  42. I started watching Warners rookie year, but it took me until the next year to figure out what a FG was lol!

    I idolized Largent, and loved Warner, Krieg, Bryant, Green, and Nash. And John L.

    I had three younger friends whose grandma met Tez on a walking trail as she rode her horse. Rez badly wanted her to teach him to ride, but she was always afraid he was too heavy for her horses lol! They stayed in touch, and he autographed pictures for my friends and my siblings and me…She said he was the nicest guy…

    Unfortunately, I found out my cousin stole most of the autographs, as well as two of my In-person Largent autographs, some rare Hot Wheels, and most of my old football cards that were worth money, including Largent cards and my Ozzie Newsome rookie card… I guess he bought weed with the money…

    Thieves suck, but when it’s a family member it’s even worse…

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