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Quick post-practice notes

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Aug. 1, 2014 at 11:55 am with 38 Comments »
August 1, 2014 11:55 am

With a mock game scheduled for Saturday, the Hawks had a short workout without helmets, going for about an hour in what was basically a walk-through. So, there’s not much in the way of big plays to report. It was also a little difficult to identify the status of injured players as everyone was out there without helmets.

The big new (non-news) of the day was Marshawn Lynch showing up, about 15 minutes after the start of practice. Backs coach Sherman Smith said that not much will change upon his arrival, as he doesn’t take many reps during camp or preseason games under normal conditions. Asked about Lynch’s “ankle” injury that kept him out of minicamp, Smith said that Lynch passed the physical and was deemed ready to practice.

Apparently back in action after missing time was Paul Richardson (shoulder). Guys who have been rested, Doug Baldwin, Percy Harvin, Zach Miller and Michael Bennett were back on the field. Bobby Wagner (hamstring) and Kevin Norwood (foot) remained out.

Since this practice was like a walk-through, we got to see both Kam Chancellor and Malcolm Smith on the field with the team. Both coming off surgeries, have not practiced during the regular daily sessions at camp, but have reportedly been going through the walk-through sessions that are closed to the public and media. That seems to be an indication that they’re close to returning to action. Russell Okung, meanwhile, did not participate today.

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  1. seahawk44 says:

    Dave, How is Jermaine Kearse doing in these practice sessions? It seems like he is not reported on too often, like he is getting lost in the mix. He was one of the stars last season. Could he be in danger of losing a roster spot?

  2. FleaFlicker says:

    Hard to believe that at this time next week, we’ll actually have full speed, full contact tape to discuss. Six days. So close. Yet so far.

  3. PLUHawkFan says:

    I don’t know how accurate the report is, but I read on bleacher report that Lynch was asking for 5m more this Season. I’m glad he is back, but my respect for him just dropped a little bit more. I respect his play, but if he was seriously asking for 5m more this season, thats one Greedy SOB.

    My guess also if thats true is HE thinks this is his last season and plans on retiring next season. (Since he’s already talked retirement previously)

    Love his play, and I’ve always just considered his antic’s somewhat amusing. Now i’m beginning to reconsider. I don’t know I guess if it was me I would want to get all I could too, but I would like to think I would consider the Team at least a little in my decisions.

    5m more this season though… seriously… SMH.

  4. Gotta start high when you’re negotiating PLU. If he asked for 1.5 he would have only got .5

  5. DFloydd says:

    Yeah. I’ve wondered about Kearse too. That pinball play for a TD in the Superbowl and the TD catch in traffic against San Frown in the NFCCG were dope.

    And Beast is insane (which we knew he kinda was) for asking for another $5 mil if that is true. As Real Rob would say “Cmon Beast”

  6. tealskin says:

    I’d say you shouldn’t let negotiations reported by Bleacher Report influence your thinking. He’s back under terms the team can live with. Now it comes down to performance on the field. Bottom line, the Hawks just got better, again.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    Actually that isn’t being reported by Bleacher Reports. It comes from ESPN:

    Apparently the added 1.5M has been on the table since May. The team never waivered and they gave Lynch on August 1st exactly what he could have gotten three months ago.

    It was Lynch that was holding out for an additional 5M this season or 10.5 for the year.

    Glad he’s back, but I’m also glad the FO didn’t blink.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Dave – Regarding Kam, do you know if he’s been able to participate in post and pre practice workouts? That is, beyond lifting, has he been running and that sort of thing, or is he not yet cleared for that as well?


  9. wazzulander says:

    The Okung injury is starting to get worrisome given his history. When he was out last year there was a big dropoff with McQ. I haven’t heard much about how Bailey has been looking so far, but last year he looked like a decent prospect.

  10. DFloydd says:

    Wouldn’t be the Seahawks if there wasn’t constant, never ending O-Line issues…..but it’ll come around…. Some day….

  11. Dave Boling says:

    It is my understanding that Lynch was, in fact, looking for $5 million.

    Yes, Kam has been going through walk-throughs each day, as has Malcolm Smith. Both did so in Friday’s limited practice. Seems pretty obvious that both are close to a return but are being very patient about their return.

    Kearse is going to be my second note in the news report from Friday’s practice. He’s looked good, although Baldwin and Harvin, and at times Richardson, have been more conspicuous. As we saw last season, he just comes in and makes plays.

  12. DreadHawks says:

    Bummed about Williams, I was looking for big things from him. You can almost color his career over……….almost.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks Dave

  14. I just hope Lynch isn’t going to be “15 minutes late” for everything this season.

  15. Kearse is just too clutch to let go, no matter how many little fast WRs we have. They have to find a spot for him.

  16. Ray_Maines says:

    Except that at 6’1″ 210 lbs, Kearse isn’t really little. Not exactly “big” but not little either. Same height and only 10 lbs lighter than Anquan Boldin, who no one has ever accused of being small.

  17. DFloydd says:

    Kearse will be on the team. He’s come along nicely after the eye fix. You don’t cut the guy who caught a TD when it mattered in the NFCCG. He’s got the height and hands we could use with Rice retiring. Need more than just a bunch of speedy guys 6’1″ and under. Gotta mix it up. If I was a DC I’d need a lot of Pepto Bismol when trying to figure out who the Hawks are gonna throw to on any play. Kearse? Baldwin? Harvin? Willson!? Richardson? Oops. Forgot about Beast, he can catch too. Uh-oh. Good luck with that “pedestrian” bunch, NFL.

  18. DFloydd says:

    I know he’s barely 6’1″ but you get my point.

  19. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Dave – Question for you about the DLine? Who is MeBane’s backup? We have a bunch of 3Tech, 5Tech and Leo’s but no true NG.

  20. bsinnitt says:

    Mike from NJ – Kevin Williams has experience at NT but prefers 3 tech. So, I’m guessing he’d slide to the nose god forbid Mebane gets hurt. Otherwise the Staten kid or Hill have the low and heavy body type preferred for the position.

    IMO Mebane and ET are prob the most difficult players to replace should they go down.

  21. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Agreed – we are thin at NT.

  22. Dave what does a day at camp look like for the players?

    When do they arrive – what kind of meetings – lifting – on field practice do they do and in order?

    Are they there for like 3 hours or 8?

  23. Well going into year 3 with RW – who was it that Promised us that Kellen Moore would be the best QB out there? don’t know why I thought of it!!

  24. DFloydd says:

    Bsinnitt you just coined the best position nickname. Nose God. Nice. We don’t need a nose guard. We need a Nose God. Heh heh.

  25. Ray_Maines says:

    XCMAN: I would also like to know that sort of stuff. I’m curious too about what sort of housing arrangements they have, where they eat most of their meals, what are their transportation arrangements and all the other daily grind, nitty gritty, real life stuff of rookie life.

    The new guys that were signed today for example, can’t have too much money and really can’t be expected to find a hotel, buy a car and get to practice on time too. Or can they?

  26. Ray_Maines says:

    A reminder that the Mock Game practice happens tomorrow at 1:00 pm local, and we can watch the first 45 minutes here:

    Go’Hawks! Oh, wait. They’re all ‘Hawks. Never mind.

  27. trout_hound says:

    OK, everyone, take a deep breath and say this with me one time. “Dave Boling is the man.” Yep.

  28. SandpointHawk says:

    Yep, yep, yep, I for one am really enjoying our substitute blog master. Mr. Dave Boling is indeed the man….

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like the study habits of Norwood & Coyle.

    How come we don’t hear about the study habits of Lockette & Irvin?

  30. Dave Boling says:

    The day at camp is much different than it used to be, of course, when there were two practices. There still is a walk-through that is the long, learning session on the field. We don’t get to see those. So, it’s not like they’re spending less time on the job, just doing less hitting on the field. They still have long days when you add a practice, walk-through, films and meetings, and weights. What is different now, is the collectively-bargained schedule that includes days off during camp. When I talk to some old players, they’re amazed at one practice per day, often with light contact, and also full days off.

    Having everything in one place is so convenient for them. At Cheney, they’d have a fairly lengthy walk to the cafeteria, and meetings might be in some school building. A lot of funny stories have come out of those camps, and how the players bonded in the isolation of it. One of the fun memories of camps in Kirkland were the times after lunch when players would get breaks before the afternoon practice and go to their rooms to put their feet up. We’d walk back up to the press room to work on stories, and from an open window of a dorm we could hear Eugene Robinson playing his saxophone all across campus.

    A great one from the early Cheney days was how Kenny Easley would get up so early that he would drive into Spokane to get in nine holes of golf at Indian Canyon golf course BEFORE he had breakfast and got taped for the morning practice. Can you imagine the energy that guy had.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Dave, that’s a great story about Easley. Love those anecdotes.

  32. DFloydd says:

    Easley = my favorite all time Seahawk. He is/was thee man. He hit people like a friggin surface-to-air missile.

    But one of my fave all time plays was Largent’s revenge hit on the Bronco who busted up his face. Dude got the INT, was running it back and good ‘ole badass Steve came outta nowhere and laid that fella OUT. caused a fumble too. Nice.

  33. That Largent fumble recovery didn’t count because of a penalty, but the hit sure counted.

  34. Dave Boling says:

    Here’s the link to that Largent hit on Harden. Largent was sneaky tough. You see what a lousy throw it was, hanging in the air for Harden to slice over. Blades was one of the all-time toughest guys I’ve ever seen. Toward the end of his career, he was about all they had, and he took such a beating that he could barely walk until about Wednesday. Always showed up at game time, though.

  35. It was a bad throw but Blades was also manhandled by the defense, otherwise he might have had a chance to catch it. Terrible call on the offsetting penalties on the play before.

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