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McCoy injury looks serious

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on July 29, 2014 at 12:58 pm with 49 Comments »
July 29, 2014 12:58 pm

Some quick post-practice notes.

Tight end Anthony McCoy, coming back from a serious Achilles injury, appeared to injury the Achilles on his other (left) leg. Pete Carroll said if it’s what it looks like, it will be “heartbreaking”

James Carpenter (calf) and Bobby Wagner (hamstring) were taken out of drills with muscle tightness. Kevin Pierre-Loius has a sore oblique. Kevin Norwood continues to deal with a foot issue that is the remnant of an old surgery. He should be back into action in a day or two, Carroll said. O’Brien Scholfield was rested.

New right tackle Eric Winston was brought on for depth and experience, Carroll said. Winston had a terrific block against Cliff Avril in one-on-one pass protection drills. Winston said he  saw how much the Seahawks flew around and had fun last year when he was with Arizona. After his first day, he sees that it’s because of the way they practice. He said he’s happy to be with them rather than playing against them.

Marshawn Lynch was again a no-show. Although some early figures tossed around were inflated, it appears it will now cost him $225,000 that the team can recoup from him off his pro-rated signing bonus. That brings the cost of his hold out thus far to somewhere north of $400,000.

Carroll said he’s still watching the competition at punt returner and said if he had to decide now, it would be Earl Thomas.

Practice highlights included two touchdown passes to rookie Paul Richardson from Terrelle Pryor. Pryor had his best practice of camp. And Tarvaris Jackson continues to get limited snaps at quarterback


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  1. Dukeshire says:

    The way McCoy crumpled my first thought was “Achilles”. I’ve always thought he was a bit limited regarding what he could bring to this offense, but as Carroll said, that really would be awful to come all the way back, only to have it happen again.

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Agreed Duke, that and have it be the other leg even worse. I was sure Norwood was going to be the surprise rookie to find a job with the O skill positions but watching the ESPN coverage today I must admit Richardson is truly legit.

  3. imashiah says:

    This IR thing for Taylor Price is a bit “wiggy” to me. I mean the guy’s been rehabbing and strengthening it for almost 2 years. And now that he can’t go for a second day straight means you zip him off to IR ??? I guess Taylor agreed to it, otherwise he would have asked to be released. I guess that means his knee still ain’t right . Weird… almost 2 years … hmmm

  4. trout_hound says:

    That practice was fun to watch. Richardson sure looks slight, so if he can take a hit, he’s going to light things up this year. Seems like he is always open. Christine Michael sure looks like he goes down easy in a crowd, but I know he’s got burners if he gets daylight. I don’t think he can carry the load, but one sure hopes so. Turbo was solid. I was pretty impressed with Pryor,it looks like his passing is improving. My guess is they know what they have with Tavaris, so they are giving Pryor as much of a look as possible. Jackson throws on a rope though, helluva arm. If he had any kind of pocket presence, the guy would still be starting somewhere. Bates looks like a gamer. Kearse dropped some easy balls. Watched Jeremy Lane get burned a few times. Of course Earl and Richard were dominant. And Jesse Williams really is a Monster! Marsh looks legit too. Was hoping to see more from Jeffcoat, I’m expecting him to stand out. ALl in all, entertaining to watch.

  5. Ah Good Christ! The mans snakebit for sure!

    He better hang out with Terrel Thomas, and give Thomas Davis a call. Those guys missed three seasons, McCoy CAN come back…but man this makes it a loooong road for the guy.

    I was really expecting good things from him last year and this year…Still holding out hope for the guy…

  6. hawksqb3 says:

    Richardson looked sharp today. His ability to separate is amazing! I can see some beautiful things happening with both he and Harvin on the field at the same time.

    As far as the Lynch issue. I have lots of confidence in the backfield with Michael and Turbin if Lynch continues to play this game. What are the chances of him being traded? And, what kind of return could we get for him? Any thoughts?

  7. I dont think Price is on season-ending IR…but what do I know? What a shame, we never even got to see the guy play…

    On T-Jack, I agree: they know he can play, and they really need to see if Pryor can take positive steps forward. Those thinking a couple days of camp were enough to judge him a failure may end up eating their words…give Seattle’s coaches time to coach him up, he’s got ridiculous athletic ability to harness…

    Its worrisome to hear Norwood out for days with a foot sore from surgery in HS. However, if he can get back in a day or two thats great; its still early. Seattle is insisting his injury showed no signs of a problem, its just sore.

  8. yankinta says:

    Now that Lynch still has not shown up, the Team can reclaim $900K from his singing bonus 2 years ago. My question is will we be able to get that added towards this year’s cap number?? Or can we carry it forward next year.

    If we can get that added to our Cap this year, I want our FO to go extend KJ Wright,, so that he can shut down Jimmy Graham and other TE’s the next 4 years,, …

  9. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t like the new CBA practice rules, it seems to be hurting players. I think Bowie will be a backup at guard and McCoy is probably done now, drag.

  10. Not sure having less padded practice and mostly doing away with two-a-days is causing more or more severe injuries. They do need to ramp up a little more slowly IMO–cant expect guys to hit the ground running with pads as if its Game One Regular Season…

    I just think in McCoy’s case that he overtrained one side of his body–at least, thats a possibility. He’s hurt both achilles now…

    Regardless, we lose a fine blocker with more speed than Miller and serious length and strength. We dont have another TE like him. I was all set and happy with the thought of Miller, McCoy and Willson at TE….

  11. imashiah says:

    Price out ’til playoffs; that is if we need him then.

    The guy should ask for a release. I mean, doesn’t he have ANY interest from other teams? Hey mister agent man for Price, what’s the deal?

  12. Dukeshire says:

    McCoy’s Achilles has nothing to do with them being in pads today. It was a non-contact injury.

    I would argue that McCoy was not faster than Miller. Neither have Willson speed, but McCoy lumbered.

  13. bird_spit says:

    Guess we wont be bitching about McCoy being offsides this year (again).
    It’s bummer to the man, and I’m hoping PC and JS are already on the phone with a replacement TE.

  14. yankinta says:

    bird_spit,, we already got really good 3rd TE options this year. In fact I was hoping one of them beat out McCoy cuz I think he’s soft anyway…

  15. SandpointHawk says:

    Jeez, do I believe Dave Boling…

    Marshawn Lynch was again a no-show. Although some early figures tossed around were inflated, it appears it will now cost him $225,000 that the team can recoup from him off his pro-rated signing bonus. That brings the cost of his hold out thus far to somewhere north of $400,000.

    Or do I believe Yank it till it’s sore?….

    Now that Lynch still has not shown up, the Team can reclaim $900K from his singing bonus 2 years ago.

    Sorry gotta go with Dave on this one. Some folks might want to read the post before commenting…IMHO

  16. wazzulander says:

    “you’re soft” says the guy who’s only experience playing football is on Xbox, to a guy who made the NFL as a blocking TE. SMFH.

  17. HawkfaninMT says:

    While you are probably right Sandpoint, but the question stands… Is it added back to the cap?

  18. Dave Boling says:

    Hey, if some of you guys get out there and see me lurking on the sidelines (DUKE?!? Trout …), I wish you’d come up and holler at me so we can gab for a minute or two.

  19. jchawks08 says:

    In Yanker’s defense… Everything I’ve personally seen before today stated that on day 6, Lynch could have 900k (prorated signing bonus) docked.
    And I believe someone else stated that no, the docked $$ does not get added back to the cap.

  20. Southendzone says:

    Well if you believe this write up on CBS sports

    it’s the 30k per day for training camp days. So Friday through Tuesday is 5 days (I think they count yesterday tho a day off) = $150k

    Then on the 6th missed day of TC, they can recoup 15% of the PRORATED SIGNING BONUS (which is $1.5M for Lynch each year).

    that = the $225,000 quoted by Dave above. they can continue to fine another 1% (or 15,000) per day of that same pro-rated signing bonus through camp, up to a maximum of 25% of the 1.5M.

    From there the team can recover additional 1/17 of the pro-rated amount until they have reached the entire prorated amount (of 1.5M)

    Then of course if he never came in he’d miss out on his regular base salary too.

  21. Wow, that’s too bad about McCoy. Was looking forward to the team having three options at TE. I don’t think Helfet or Allen are as good, maybe not even good enough to claim a spot on the 53.

    I believe Winston is just an experienced training camp body while Bowie gets healthy.

  22. yankinta says:

    lol,, wazzulander,, I say that McCoy is soft because he run away from the Safety during Rams game in 2012. He could have scored a TD because he was close enough and was bigger than the Safety…. that would have been RW’s 27th Touchdown and RW would have broken the Rookie TD Record.

    clam down dude, plus I don’t even play Xbox, or any other video games,, lol :)

  23. yankinta says:

    SandpointHawk,, do you believe me now?? lol :)

  24. chuck_easton says:

    Any money that is paid back from the pro-rated signing bonus can be added back to the Cap. A player can be required to pay up to one year’s worth of the signing bonus but no more.

    Any money that comes to the team by way of forfeited regular season salary (suspension, missed game checks if holdout extends into the season) are added back into the Cap.

    Fines owed by the player to the team for missed mandatory camp, mini-camp are not added back into the Cap.

  25. FleaFlicker says:

    The Marshawn situation is turning into a stand-off…which usually doesn’t end well. As Tom Cable said on the radio a few weeks ago, “It’s about the system, not the player” in regards to ZBS running.

    I don’t see the team blinking on this one. Marshawn’s pride might turn out to be terribly and unnecessarily expensive.

  26. wazzulander says:

    So you think he’s soft because on one, single, individual play, it looked like he was more concerned with being hit by a safety than scoring a TD? McCoy has been getting hit and delivering hits most of his life, I’m sure he would not sacrifice scoring a TD to avoid getting hit. Sometimes guys take bad angles, underestimate someone’s speed, etc., I think you put a little too much faith in your mind reading skills to jump to that conclusion.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Does the team have to fine Lynch?
    If they don’t have to I doubt if they will if he continues to hold out & comes back sometime before the first game.

  28. RDPoulsbo says:

    I believe any recouped signing bonus gets added back into the cap the following year (2015 in this case) much like a performance bonus considered “likely to be earned” is part of the current year but doesn’t get met, so it’s credited back the following year.

    And yes, a fine is a fine, whether it’s failure to show up to camp or an illegal hit. It’s not recoverable as far as the cap is concerned.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Soft or not soft I don’t think McCoy was talented enough to make the team.

    If they keep a third TE who will it be now?

    How about Marsh doing some double duty?

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Dave Boling – You know I will. I would love that.

  31. chuck_easton says:


    The team can always waive the fines. In fact that is usually what happens as a way of smoothing the ruffled feathers.

    Player finally agrees to report, team agrees to waive the allowed fine, and things go on.

    Now if this drags into regular season, game checks and recouping of the bonus allowable are more likely because that can go right back to the cap.

  32. montanamike2 says:

    Lynch is a special player, a beast mode that can’t just be replaced. I hope the team waves his fines and gives a token to allow him to keep his pride but doesn’t hurt us long term. He did bring us from a soft team to a physical one and he did excel in the zone blocking system, he can help us get a 2nd ring while the back ups learn the system and was the face of the franchise before Wilson showed up, a compromise needs to happen. We don’t know what’s going on, hopefully there’s something behind the scenes.
    McCoy was a good blocker but had a few other inconsistencies in his game, i don’t know if his career is over yet but it certainly is in jeopardy. This injury may open up another spot for another person of need.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Chuck.

    That settles it.
    Lynch gets his bone by way of getting more time off.
    Carroll gets to see more of what the back ups can do.

    Lynch comes back just before the season opener & all is happy once again in Seahawkland.

  34. FleaFlicker says:

    The play with the McCoy injury is on the ESPN broadcast from this morning, during the full team drills. McCoy motioned to the left side, gets set just off the LT, as the camera pans away with the ball snap, McCoy takes his first step and then drops like a stone. When the camera pans back with the play, McCoy is just flat on his face. He remained down for a number of minutes while practice continued further down the field. Did not look good at all.

  35. Ewalters7354 says:

    McCoy to me is a guy who has improved each year he played.Dude just has bad luck.He is a very underrated pass catcher too imo

    Dave- man you’re straight owning this blog right now.I feel life coming back to our comment section.If I was balling,I’d pay you out my pocket. Kudos

  36. montanamike2 says:

    He was improving all the time, sucks.

  37. HawkyHann says:

    Mar$hawn will get his money because he’s 28, does tote the rock 300+ times, and is absolutely the identity of this team. When has such a valuable player held out and not got his. I really can’t remember. Didn’t Frank Gore do this when he was 28?This is a players league and business but they need to pony up and be done with it. Who cares about setting precedent, this is a unique situation with a unique individual that is an absolute beast. Just my thoughts. I don’t trust the oline , there will be injuries like always and we need beast to break tackles in the backfield just to avoid negative losses. Turbin is the last guy I want to see back there.

  38. hawksqb3 says:

    Any chance Lynch gets traded?

  39. sluggo42 says:

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again.

    Beast is not named Beast because he is a pussy. Beast amongst football,warriors is a REAL beast. CMike, turbo, and the lot are fine RB’s, but it takes a real Beast to maul through a crappy oline to get 1200 a year.

    His nickname isn’t Sally, it’s,BEAST

    Hell be back soon enough, and he will play, and he will continue to be a beast. Who cares about the business side, let the suits figure that out. They will… They always do…

  40. HawkyHann says:

    Trade is possible but would be tragic.

  41. vipermandan says:

    Does any one have the ESPN trying camp show from today? My stupid DVR, didn’t record it. Comcast has it fixed, but that doesn’t help me for the ESPN show.

  42. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I watched it. Not as good as I thought it would be. Nothing noteworthy other then McCoy going down.

  43. Ray_Maines says:

    Will it be aired again any time soon? What channel, what time?

  44. AZBubba71 says:

    No reason to trade Lynch…the Seahawks have all of the leverage. Let him sit out or retire.

    To trade him, would send the message to other Seahawk players that if you whine and pout while under contract, that management will allow you to get your money elsewhere. Not a good message.

  45. still think the Lynch thing will resolve — too much money for him to lose if it goes into the pre-season. and his options are slim. i also hope they throw him a token amount just for the team chemistry part of it all.

    tough news for mccoy; i feel bad for the guy.

  46. Damn that sucks about McCoy. I like watching him play. That sweet hop skip motion.. One of my fave players. Was he the best blocker out of the top 3?

    ESPN watch has todays special listed for 130am tonight..

    This dude has it on his vimeo channel.

  47. vipermandan says:

    Thanks Moca!!!!!! You saved me, I was going nuts trying to find someone with it. I can’t seem to find the replay of it at 1:30 am. Looked at ESPN, and ESPN 2, no dice. However Vimeo is working just fine, so far. Thanks again Moca!

  48. ESPN watch is their online App.

  49. Thanks for the vimeo link, it worked great!

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