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News, notes and quotes: Day two of training camp

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on July 26, 2014 at 1:39 pm with 23 Comments »
July 26, 2014 1:40 pm

Day two in the sun.

Percy Harvin did not practice today. It completely appeared as just a day of rest. Harvin was on the field all day, jogged from place to place and did some other running. It’s no surprise to see the Seahawks managing Harvin’s workload on July 26. If you recall, Pete Carroll said in minicamp that they were not going to work Harvin three consecutive days then. That timeframe does not necessarily apply to training camp. Certainly looked like just a day off.

Rookie wide receiver Kevin Norwood and right tackle Michael Bowie were held out today. Bowie hurt his shoulder yesterday. It’s unclear why Norwood was out. Jesse Williams also approached the training staff early in practice, then did not participate afterward. The issue appeared to be with his upper body.

All of the guys who had surgery — Kam Chancellor, Malcolm Smith, Bruce Irvin and Russell Okung — remained in attendance, but not practicing. Korey Toomer also remained out.


> A better day for Russell Wilson. He completed several deep balls, was crisper on his underneath throws and just had it working. He even caught a throwback pass from Phil Bates after pitching the ball to Bates on an end-around then leaking out of the backfield. For the second consecutive day, Wilson connected with Doug Baldwin on a deep ball. Wilson said after practice that he and Earl Thomas talk about being “legendary.”

> Wilson said he has been working on his “foundation” and balance in the pocket more than anything. He also said his mentality when throwing is not that he “can’t miss, that I won’t miss.”

> Wilson said he talks to Marshawn Lynch. He hopes he’s back. “He can do so many great things for us.”

> Robert Turbin acknowledged he had a “minor” knee surgery during the offseason. Turbin was hesitant to talk about it and more concerned with pointing out he does not want to make any excuses.

> Turbin on his goals: “I have the same goal that I’ve had since I was a young kid playing ball. I just want to come in and work hard and try to contribute to the team best I can. But, you know, I just want to contribute.”

> Asked what he wants to work on, Turbin listed everything asked of a back, from running, to blocking, to routes and pass catching.

> Terrelle Pryor had a so-so day. He still has trouble with touch passes. But, he hung in the pocket and strong-armed a deep ball to an open Ricardo Lockette. It hit Lockette in the hands in the end zone and was dropped. Pryor received more reps today than the first day.

> Competitive play up the right sideline today when Wilson lofted a pass to Jermaine Kearse. Kearse pulled it with Richard Sherman all over him, but was flagged for offensive pass interference.

> Bryan Walters made an excellent sideline catch on a throw from Tarvaris Jackson.

> Jeron Johnson had a pick of Wilson today when he bumped Turbin off a shallow crossing route.

> Lots of work with the first group for DE Benson Mayowa today. He had an interception of Pryor in his hands, but could not hold it. Out of frustration. Mayowa did three consecutive somersaults.

> DE Greg Scruggs worked more today than yesterday. He’s still playing with a large brace.

> If it were live action, Cliff Avril would have picked up his second sack in as many days of camp coming off the left side.

> DTs D’Anthony Smith and Jordan Hill were often paired inside with the second group.

> Guard Nate Isles injured his left hand and defensive tackle Jimmy Staten injured his leg.



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  1. UltimateHawk says:

    Thanks for the updates Todd.

  2. Good stuff. Thanks.

  3. bird_spit says:

    …and the rocket still has issues catching the easy (nfl) ball.

  4. Ray_Maines says:

    Britt looks good on the offensive right side, Avril looks good on the defensive left side. That seems odd.

  5. farhat005 says:

    Todd Dybas, do you think it is a good idea to reveal a new trick play the Seahawks are doing on the internet? An end around wide receiver pass back to the quarterback was not called last year and is likely an addition by Bevell to keep defenses on their toes. I think you could have just written that Wilson caught a pass, but not revealed how the play was executed.

  6. bird_spit says:

    I know this stat wont be found, but I’d be interested in the measurements of all of our receivers hands.

    What is it with Lockette? He has all of the speed, and a few great wiggles to get free, but can’t catch the ball. Is it eyes (as in Kearse), or focus (Adderal please) or crap hands?

  7. Is Chase Dixon participating?

  8. Ray_Maines says:

    Blatant advertisement for a product I’m not in any way connected to:

    I found a t-shirt I thought was pretty cool so I bought one and thought some of you might like it too.

    Hawk Pole Tee-Shirt

  9. tchristensen says:

    Chase Dixon was cut the other day.

  10. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Glad to have these two. These guys will help win a lot of games over the years.

  11. Singularitarian says:

    farhat- Really dude? Pretty sure the Eagles don’t come to TNT to do research on training camp plays that are open to the public Seems like everybody has to come and take a cheap shot at Todd. Get a life dude

  12. CDHawkFan says:

    Just watched the SB again, I don’t think there will be another game like it for me as a fan; it was their first, completely killed them, didn’t have to sweat it, had money on it.

    I still feel bad (embarrassed) for the Broncos every time Percy runs back the kick, just a feeling that it’s unfair.

    How in the world could the come close to making me that high as a fan?

  13. Singularitarian says:

    “good thing Todd Dybas spilled the beans during traing camp about the top secret play that Bevell created in a lab. We told our guys to watch out all year for Jermaine Kearse throwing the ball back to Wilson and we caught them with their pants down when they tried it on 4th and goal for the win. Good thing Todd Dybas from the Tacoma News Tribune wrote that piece, or else all the countless hours of reading the Tacoma News Tribune Seahawks blog in July would not have paid off. Good thing We weren’t too busy doing our own job to read the Tacoma News Tribune during training camp”

  14. Singularitarian says:

    Ohh excuse me a pass back from Phill Bates. Even better the kid won’t even make the team. Todd really screwed the pooch on exposing that play involving Wilson catching a pass in July from a kid who won’t even make the team

  15. Right. Because they wont be able to run that play without him.

  16. A few of you realize that teams have plays they run in training camp that they will not run in the regular season, right? They may or may not run it in a regular season game. Our opponents do not know. If they did, they still do not know which team (or teams) this play will be used against.

    I bet the Rams run a reverse in practice in the upcoming weeks. They may or may not try that play against us.

  17. martygivens says:

    Farhat005 – that was the single dumbest post I’ve ever seen written anywhere. Congrats.

  18. confucious says:

    Whew! I’m off the hook then.

  19. It’s sort of like the “Earl Thomas is going to return punts!?” thing.

    Don’t worry folks, it ain’t happening. It’s just off season silly stuff.

  20. Macabrevity says:

    Ray – yeah, I always wonder about things like that…. our LDE is dominating our RT who happens to be dominating our LDE…. We need M.C. Escher to do some sketches of some of these camp battles to help make sense of it.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Can we please get first team and sub package line ups? Especially regarding LB, DL, and OL.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    So was Hill and the 1 and Smith 3 tech? Those details are really helpful when trying to understand the overall feel of (early) camp.

  23. Sing, I think 1 post barking at Farhat would have been sufficient.

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