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News, notes and quotes: Day 1 of training camp

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on July 25, 2014 at 1:50 pm with 40 Comments »
July 25, 2014 5:46 pm

Kam Chancellor (hip), Russell Okung (foot), Malcolm Smith (ankle) and Bruce Irvin (hip) were all in attendance, but did not participate.

Korey Toomer (hamstring) was also out. Rookie Eric Pinkins was in a walking boot because of a Lisfranc injury suffered just a couple days ago. Even offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was in a walking boot.

Greg Scruggs also was limited and seemed bothered by his surgically repaired knee. He changed his knee brace a couple times before not participating much in practice.

Irvin and Toomer were placed on the PUP list. Pinkins was listed as a non-football injury and counts on the active list. Players on the PUP can return at any time.

“As always at this time, we’ll really be patient,” Pete Carroll said. “With Bruce in particular coming off the surgery he had. He looks fantastic. He thinks he can do everything. We’re going to take our time. We’ll probably work it all the way through camp to see how the progress goes. We want to make sure we’re right so when he comes back, he’s good and ready to go.

“Russell (Okung) got a little bit of work today in the walk-throughs. He’s just days away from kind of proving it… it might take, if we’re conservative, a couple weeks. Kam Chancellor is really close and ready to go. Both those guys are running right now in the VMAC and getting their conditioning work done. Both went through walk-throughs.”

Carroll said it’s a “nagging” hamstring injury for Toomer and it will be a couple weeks before he is ready to go.

Carroll said 4-6 weeks for Pinkins, and that Smith “is close.” Smith is running and working out. “He has to show he can tolerate the work day after day after day.” That could take a couple weeks.


> Lots of Justin Britt at right tackle today after Michael Bowie hurt his shoulder. The front five: Alvin Bailey, James Carpenter, Max Unger, J.R. Sweezy and Britt.

> Russell Wilson was intercepted by backup safety Dion Bailey on a rollout. Wilson was not sharp during the day.

> One person who was sharp, was Percy Harvin. Harvin zoomed around on a sweep and turned a botched screen into a gain when he dusted four defenders in a tight space. Harvin said he is finally, with the emphasis on finally, healthy head to toe. He also said he changed his training and nutritional habits during the offseason. Interesting to hear from a guy who was already 195 pounds of taught muscle.

> DeShawn Shead and Terrance Parks were the primary backup safeties. Jeron Johnson was up with the first group with Chancellor out.

> Terrelle Pryor continues as the third-string quarterback.

> Lots of work at left tackle for Garry Gilliam.

> Stephen Schilling worked at center with Lemuel Jeanpierre at left guard.

> Doug Baldwin beat Byron Maxwell for a deep touchdown.

> Linebacker Brock Coyle sniffed out a backside screen, beat his blockers and was there to blow up the play. He also made a one-handed interception during an interception drill for linebackers.

> Pryor launched a duck deep that rookie receiver Kevin Smith pulled in with Chandler Fenner on his back.

> Not a good day for rookie lineman Nate Isles. In one-on-one drills where he was at right tackle, four consecutive defensive ends, including Benson Mayowa and Cassius Marsh, blew past him. Offensive line coach Tom Cable made Isles do the drill over and over and he was beat each time. The horn sounded and they changed groups, which got Isles off the hook and gave Okung a chance to go put an arm around him and talk a bit.

> Marsh had another day where his speed and effort were apparent. Were it live play, he would have had a sack. Cliff Avril would have had a sack, too, blowing past Bailey on one play.

> Lots of O’Brien Schofield at rush end.

> Michael Bennett: “We’re still hungry. That’s what makes us a great team. We have a lot of young players who are still hungry. I think we’re still the hunter. Nobody’s is the champ right now. The trophy’s up again. Last year doesn’t matter right now. We’re all the hunter right now.”

> Bennett on Lynch: “He feels like what he needs to get, he hasn’t gotten. We support him — we want him to be here, but as a player you understand the business side, too. Nobody is really worried about him not being out here. We know when he comes, he’s going to set the standard.”

> Harvin: “It feels tremendously good. Last year at this time, I was in there consulting with all the doctors, looking through the windows, hearing the music playing and all the fans, wanting to be out here so bad  I’m just looking forward to putting everything together and being the monster I know I can be.”

> Harvin on why he thinks he will remain healthy: “I’ve been doing some things I haven’t been able to do in a while. Just getting the hip back stronger; I’ve got a lot of motion I haven’t had in a while. I’m feeling tremendously confident. I know I’ll put it together.”


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  1. jchawks08 says:

    Aww Yiss! The 1st Training Camp Notes story. Now it’s getting real again.

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “I’m just looking forward to putting everything together and being the monster I know I can be.”


    Can’t wait for that.

    Thanks Todd. Great job today.

  3. seahawksteven777 says:

    Wilson not being sharp is understandable. Going against good defense, working with new receivers, etc. Not to mention, he struggled at times last year and did well in season. Just how it is.

  4. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m not so sure Schofield will be the replacement for Clemons. Hopefully, there’s a few others that get a shot there. That’s the one spot on defense that really worries me.

  5. Southendzone says:

    Good notes, and killer article linked earlier by Boling. I’m going to go click 2 TNT web adverstisements I don’t even care about to show my appreciation.

  6. fijihawksfan says:

    Schofield is third or fourth in line to replace Clem. Avril, Irvin, and maybe even Mawoya would be ahead of him.

  7. freedom_X says:

    Toomer out already? He is snakebit. Like Irvin, really. If Pinkins is out 4-6 weeks, I don’t see how he makes the roster. I’d have to say it’s IR or practice squad for him.

    Also not great news for Scruggs, not to be close to 100% this early. It seems like people with that type of health problem (recovery from pre-existing problem) don’t magically heal up as camp progresses.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    The defense and new receivers is not a reason a QB isn’t sharp. Of course he’ll be fine, but sounds like he had an off day.

    Also, for those of you like me that had no clue what a “lisfranc injury” was, here you go…

  9. Toomer, I feel, will be cut this year because they can’t wait any longer to see if he can EVER be healthy – or IMO actually learn the defense.

    Pinkins = this season red shirt

  10. AZBubba71 says:

    Angry Doug Baldwin making an unwise move by vehemently defending Lynch, “I hate the, ‘but you signed the contract’ argument. Players can’t say that sh*t when organizations cut them.”

    Somebody please inform Baldwin (who I love on the football field) that players receive large signing bonuses to mitigate, in large part, against the effect of being cut while under contract.

    Just play, Doug. That’s what you are paid to do.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lots of Seahawks football this hour on the NFL network.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bowman to miss half the season.

  13. Before I start commenting on players and training camp with my limited knowledge and ton of misplaced passion. Can I hopefully just say what I hope a lot of us have been thinking today? “Ahhhhhhhhh. The soothing sights of training camp blog posts….” We can no forego the silly off season discussions and terse arguments for at least a day. Plus the sun is shining. Thank you football Jesus. (Not to be confused with Clipboard Jesus) how is he still an NFL QB anyway?

  14. Is that Chase Dixon guy hurt or healthy? He seems like a pup guy this year. Lots of potential there. Red zone guy .

  15. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Toomer seems the Linebacker equivalent of Walter Thurmond. We’d all love to see at least one full season of him at full health. I for one am glad they are giving him the time he apparently needs to return to health. Sounds line the wait will be worth it, just as it was with WT3.

  16. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Also Pinkins as a red shirt player is fine. We are stacked at LB this year. We need Pinkins and Toomer for after 2015 and beyond much more so than the upcoming season.

  17. Pinkins is DB isn’t he

  18. Yes, Pinkins was a safety in college and the Seahawks (of course) wanted to try him at CB.

  19. I am a little surprised to read about Scruggs looking like he has a knee issue still. His injury is very old now (start of last season). If its not good enough to play now, when will it ever be?

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Why was that “unwise” of Baldwin to say? I’m certain someone asked him a question and he simply answered. And signing bonuses have nothing to do with being cut. It’s a way to circumvent the cap, so to speak.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    blocis – I thought about that too. If it’s still not right that’s a real problem. Here’s hoping for the best.

  22. Agreed Duke. Doug is being honest. It’s refreshing to hear athletes being honest instead of giving cliche answers. Everybody knows Marshawn is going to be cut next year. This is his best chance to get a little more coin before he’s 30 and I don’t begrudge him a bit for it. If JS is the wiz everyone says he is, he can figure it out for both side.

  23. Todd Dybas says:

    Baldwin was not asked a question. He independently tweeted that shortly after an USA Today article quoted Pete Carroll as saying, “It’s a contract for a reason. … We expect them to honor their contract just as we will. We’re going to honor it and we expect them to do the same.”

    That article is here:

    — Todd

  24. Thanks for the clarification Todd. It doesn’t change my opinion though. I didn’t see a tweet from Pete about honoring contracts after they cut Chris Clemons and Big Red. #F-theman

  25. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Doug’s players union agreed to these type of contracts. They agreed to ten years of labor piece and the way the contracts are structured, number of years, signing bonuses, etc. The offseason was heavily modified including a serious reduction in practice time, padded practice time and required time. The players are getting similar contracts as before, but are not required to participate nearly as much. That is something they fought for and were very happy with. Agree with it or not, that is what they negotiated and agreed to. Marshawn was the first player extended and rewarded under Schneider and Carroll two years ago. That put Lynch at the top of his position where the league no longer values as highly. He is still one of the highest paid backs and deserves to be.

    The same will happen to Baldwin unfortunately if his costs exceeds his value. He is a core guy and hopefully will be a Seahawk for life. The reality is very few players will stay on one team their entire career. Marshawn is a core guy and one of my all time favorite players. I love the way the guy plays and don’t think we get to the Superbowl, let alone win it without him. This decision is unfortunate and hopefully will be resolved.

    Any employer can terminate any employee at any time. Nobody that has a job has anything guaranteed. These guys are no different, except they make millions and risk severe injury on a daily basis. The reward has to out way the risk.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Nor does it change mine. Whether Baldwin was asked or not, I have no problem with what he said.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Mo – I don’t disagree with the overall tenor of your post, except for “Any employer can terminate any employee at any time.”, that’s simply not true. The NFL is an exception, but employment lawyers will most certainly tell you that.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pete really said they were going to honor Lynch’s contract? Really?
    After pretty much not giving Lynch a chance at gaining 1,500 yards to get the 2 million dollar bonus by saying they were going use the back ups more.

    If that is really Carroll’s view of honoring a contract no wonder Baldwin & others are encouraging Lynch.

    Throw him a bone for Pete’s sake. And for the sake of saving honor to the rest of the team.

  29. chuck_easton says:

    I’m not with you at all on this one Georgia.

    If it is true the team has been trying to adjust the contract it’s apparent Lynch is looking for way more than the team is willing or able to offer.

    He’s already getting 7.5 million per year.

  30. PLUHawkFan says:

    The problem I have with the “Teams don’t have to honor contract why should I” argument is it’s only “partially true” Teams DO have to honor the contract period. What the players are talking about is “most” contracts have a clause in them that allows teams to cut a player (by a certain date) Each year and the contact ends.

    However, that is written in the contract and does have restrictions. So to say that teams don’t have to honor the contract is a bit disingenuous and a twisting of the actual situation. I’m not saying that contracts don’t heavily favor the Teams vs the players, they most certainly do. But I’ll also say the players know this going in and sign the contract. The signing bonus YES is a way around Salary cap issues a little, but it’s also about giving player upfront money to offset the risk of being cut later.

    Again I’m not saying teams don’t backload contracts to make them look good only to cut a player later. We all know it happens. But again it’s IN THE CONTRACT and both parties know whats up most of the time right from the start.

    So the players using that argument is somewhat BS in my opinion.

  31. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Agreed Duke. In my experience working for the Washington Post for twenty two years, they could cut you any day of the week and you could fight them for years if you had the resources to go fifteen rounds.
    The man wins in more cases than not.

  32. asherinkirkland says:

    I completely agree with Mo. The clubs are honoring the terms of the contracts when they cut the players, as that is the club’s right under the contract. The real gripe relates to the structure of the contract that the NFLPA agreed to. If they want fixed-term contracts for both sides, then they need to collectively bargain for that right. But, there is no legitimate basis to say a team does not “honor” a contract by cutting a player, when the contract gives that right. The team is doing everything it agreed to. A hold out player, on the other hand, is in breach of the contract.

    I don’t think the team can afford, from a precedential standpoint, to give Lynch any more money. I do hope, however, that they can restructue by giving him some 2015 money in 2014. It’s a win-win. Lynch gets paid more for what is probably his last year; and the team can point to a “restructure” as opposed to a precedent of replacing a deal only half-way through.

  33. freedom_X says:

    Lynch has no leverage. The best he can hope for (while still getting paid this year) is that Seattle doesn’t fine him for missing training camp days.

    If Lynch chooses not to play at all, then the best he can hope for is that Seattle doesn’t go after the pro-rated portion of his signing bonus. Yes, there is something in the contract that Lynch has to “honor.”

  34. RDPoulsbo says:

    Baldwin’s comments are very much from a player’s point of view and I can respect that, but I’m very much on the side of honoring the contract, just as both sides agreed to the CBA “contract.” Can players be cut for various reasons, including costing too much? Absolutely, but part of the reason players negotiate large signing bonuses is because it helps guard against being cut in the next couple years. The team benefits by pro-rating that cap cost over a number of years, but it also means there’s a huge disincentive to cut a guy early and be forced to swallow a ton of dead cap. These are the rules and both sides know it. If they change the rules so that contracts are fully guaranteed, you can be certain that contracts would be negotiated much differently and the years and money would be much lower because no team would want to be handcuffed with a long term contract given the injury risks. There will always be a next man up mentality given the number of players trying to get into the club every year. But again, the rules are set and both sides know and operate under those same rules.

  35. It’s like the couple who finally agreed to divorce. Not knowing what else to say they “high fived” and went on their way.

    When it get’s all pissy is when I lose interest in anyone’s argument. ADB’s act is boring.

  36. Southendzone says:

    If any comment was out of line it was Pete’s. He shouldn’t have stated it that way. Comes off as confrontational. His original statement of something like “We wish Marshawn was here and we’re in contact” was a lot more conducive to keeping a good relationship.

  37. AZBubba71 says:

    Duke-I think that it is unwise for Baldwin because his statement is unnecessary and has the potential to effect his future relationship with management.

    To me the signing bonus is protection for a player should he be cut later. (If the player’s want to take less money up front in return for a guaranteed contract, than they should negotiate that when the current labor contract expires….though I think the quality of play would go down as players would be motivated to protect each other’s health. Sort of like the current NBA season until May.)

  38. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t agree. His play on the field will have a far greater impact on his relationship with management that almost anything he’s likely to say. But what do I know, I’m not inside the ropes, so-to-speak. I tend to think we fans get into more of a twist regarding that kind of stuff than front offices so.

  39. AZBubba71 says:

    No doubt, his production on the field matters far more than whatever he says off of the field.

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