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Carroll disappointed Lynch is not in camp, hopes it works out

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on July 25, 2014 at 1:08 pm with 28 Comments »
July 25, 2014 1:20 pm

As expected, Marshawn Lynch was not in attendance. Also as expected, players said they were unfazed by his absence — using the standard answers that they would like Lynch to be here, but understand it’s a business.

Asked if he was disappointed that Lynch was not in camp, Carroll said he was. He also said he has been talking with Lynch on an “ongoing basis.”

“We’re practicing and working real hard and getting going,” Carroll said. “That will take it’s own course. I’m hoping he’ll be back with us.

“We had a substantial plan working for us for years now. Marshawn was a big part of this plan. Just a couple years back, we made a big statement, made a big effort for him. We wish he was with us now. But, this is a tremendous opportunity for the guys that are getting their shot.”

Robert Turbin and Christine Michael split reps throughout the day. Each is getting a lot of offseason work since Lynch also did not participate in mandatory minicamp or voluntary OTAs.

“We’re still going to run the football,” Carroll said. “None of that is going to change. The attitude that brought these past few years has been significant. When we were trying to make a mark that we were a physical, tough football team, he stood right at the front of that. But, I think we have accomplished now and that’s our mentality and our makeup. We’re grateful he was part of the and would like to get him back into it.”


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  1. confucious says:

    What else is there to say. I think either of our rb choices are a huge step back from lynch though. Maybe with a better oline it will make up the difference for an absent lynch.

  2. CDHawkFan says:

    I see the tweet from Todd saying Irwin won’t he back until after pre-season, didn’t Irvin say he wouldn’t miss any time when news broke about his hip surgery a few months ago?

    Todd, can you ask him WTF is up with that? Is he an idiot or has he had a setback in rehab? It would be great if you can use those words when asking him.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How about a trade straight up for Demaryious Thomas?

  4. jchawks08 says:

    Though it’s irritating as hell, I won’t worry about Lynch until he shows up and it hypothetically comes out that he’s out of shape. He’s a plug play guy.

  5. asherinkirkland says:


    I could be mistaken, but I think a player put on PUP before training camp can be taken off anytime. So, the fact that Irvin starts there does not mean he will be out all preseason.

    At least I hope that is correct.

  6. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    6 weeks i think if you start on pup

  7. wazzulander says:

    Where are all the people who were going off on John Clayton for reporting this was going to happen a month ago? Stuff about how he was full of S and didn’t know what he was talking about…

  8. asherinkirkland says:

    Again, I could be wrong. But, I think there are two PUP lists. If you are placed on PUP before doing any practices, you can be taken off anytime. After that though, you are on the regular season PUP, and must wait six weeks.

  9. CDHawkFan says:

    Asher, it was an earlier tweet by Todd, saying he won’t be back until preseason is over which sounds like an informed opinion based on being around the team and doesn’t have anything to do with the PUP designation.

    Either way, I thought he said he wouldn’t miss any time.

  10. asherinkirkland says:

    Yep. Missed that tweet. Bummer.

  11. doubledink says:

    I wasn’t on Clayton for that. I was on him for his attempt to get ML fined for his interpretation of ‘what being available to the press’ meant.
    All in all, I think JC just wishes ML ill will.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Speaking of Lynch M Rob just said on the NFL football network that he talked to Lynch for two hours last night & Lynch feels disrespected.
    He also said he wouldn’t be surprised to see Lynch walk away completely.

    Throw him a bone for Pete’s sake!!!

  13. jchawks08 says:

    Disrespected? Ugh, really? How so?

  14. PLUHawkFan says:


    Marshawn is the type person (which is becoming common with athletes) that attributes money to respect. Since he feels that he has outperformed his contract, and he’s seen Earl, Sherm and others get paid. He feels that by NOT offering him a new contract he’s not valued thus not respected.

    Whether you agree or not, thats what I believe from all I have heard that Lynch believes.

    I think his judgement on the situation is clouded. Especially since he was essentially the 1st to be paid, when we hadn’t progressed yet the team had faith in him. He’s letting the money equals respect aspect cloud his judgement on how good he has it with Seattle. In my opinion anyway.. take it for what its worth.

  15. freedom_X says:

    Lynch has a top-5 RB contract. If he really feels disrespected by this organization, then let him retire. Even the most rabid fan has to admit that we can only count on a couple more years at most of elite Lynch play, so if he retires now he’s just pushing the process ahead a year or two.

    Seattle is saving money to pay Russell Wilson. If Wilson can’t grow his game enough to compensate for the potential loss of Marshawn Lynch, then Wilson doesn’t deserve to get a $18-20+ million a year contract. That has to be part of the equation.

    A part of me thinks this is really about Lynch wanting to know he’ll be a part of the team in 2015, instead of being released. Missing regular season games may ensure Lynch does not return.

    If he skips part or all of the regular season, and the season is disappointing, I believe the team will focus its resources to improve elsewhere to reduce their dependency on primo Marshawn Lynch, (whose end is likely in sight one way or another.)

  16. Lynch ain’t going anywhere. Robinson is blowing smoke for his buddy, hoping/trying to get him paid. We will have to give him some extra upfront money; which is fine. Let’s talk about the guys at camp and revisit this if he doesn’t play week 1.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    M Rob said he also is good friends with Bowman & other 49er players that tell him the one player they don’t like to face on the Seahawks is Lynch.
    Especially in the 4th qtr.

    No matter how this all plays out M Rob has now become the best source of Lynch news for the media & that means job security.

  18. I also believe lynch is a special back and won’t have a huge dropoff in production at 30 like most backs and believe we should resign him to a new 4 yr deal.

  19. Southendzone says:

    This is getting kind of silly with him releasing these little quips of info through M. Rob.

    Are we in 6th grade talking about who has a crush on who?

    Maybe Marshawn can make one of those paper foldy things that you open up and it will say either report to camp or hold-out depending on which corner you pick.

  20. djbargelt says:

    I love Marshawn as much as anybody here, but this “disrespected” crap gets old!! I think Seahawk management has shown him plenty of “respect” in the form of:

    1. Pay – 41 mil if I remember right? That’s a lot of bling Marshawn!
    2. Allowing him to skip important team functions, such as the White House trip, missing OTA’s, etc.
    3. Sitting him out of practices and and games at a hint of his back pain, etc.
    4. Standing up for him during the SB hoopla for skipping interviews ( I think their a stupid bore also, could not agree more on that one)
    5. And the front office and Pete have always stated he is the heart and soul of the team

    It is all about more money- period, so let’s drop the “respect” BS card Marshawn! They give in to you, they give in to all. If we walk him, so be it!

  21. Good one southendzone!

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thomas & Sherman were just on NFL network (from camp) & both said they expect Lynch & Carroll to work things out & they expect Lynch to be in shape when he comes back.

    They also said that there will be no let down after winning the Super Bowl.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thomas also said that it’s pretty cool to be playing a kids game.
    So that may help you (southendzone) find some perspective about football.

    There is of course the option to join your local seniors bingo club if you are looking for more mature activities.


  24. Mrob sounds bitter when he talks about all this

    1. even if they give him more money he won’t be the highest paid – so other players will be “more respected”

    2. He wants to be the “face of the franchise” according to MRob – if he wants to be that – he HAS to do his media responisibilties – which BTW would generate more money in endorsements

    3. Yes the team can cut the player early – BUT the team also pays the player up front – BEFORE they play a down of that contract – for that right. I still think the teams have it better than the players but OMG this model is SOOOOO much better than the NBA. MLB, and etc for making teams be able to get out of bad contracts. I have grown not to enjoy those other leagues at all.

    all that being said…. I would love it if they could find a way to extend him another year and spread out some money – restructure so that they can keep him throughout the contract.

  25. Ray_Maines says:

    I wish there were a LIKE button on the blog. I would have used it on about ¼ of the posts on this thread. Funny stuff, way to go guys.

    In a ZBS any good runner behind a reasonable line that can get from point A to exactly point B in X number of steps or seconds, and then make a good decision how to get to point C and beyond will gain at least 1000 yards per season. Turbo or Michael probably aren’t as good as BeastMode, but might be good enough. Pass catching and pass blocking are important, but maybe not as much as we think.

    I’m still with Salk on this. Give ML anything you can, but don’t mess with the cap.

    Just my 2¢

  26. Ray_Maines says:

    And about contracts…

    The NFL certainly has the advantage, but the NFL C-A-N-‘-T break the contract and go back on their word. The contract that both parties agreed to allows the team to cut the player pretty much any time they want, but that’s spelled out in the contract. It’s not accurate to say a team can break or renege on a contract.

    Just my 3¢

  27. Ray_Maines says:

    I’m generally an optimist but this ML holdout thing has the possibility of going seriously sideways and I’m kind of bummed about it right now.

    What if he comes back a little too late, has a bad attitude, and buggers up team chemistry?

    With an improved passing game and improved O-Line, the offense could be better even without ML, but I want the locker room to be a happy place.

    Looking back, I was pretty annoyed with ML for riding on the lead Duck in the SB parade rather than with the running backs, and if his “Me-First” attitude screws up all the good mojo PC has created I’ll be mad at him forever.

  28. Ray_Maines says:

    Just my 4¢

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