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Lynch tells Robinson he will hold out of camp

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on July 24, 2014 at 4:08 pm with 56 Comments »
July 24, 2014 6:22 pm

The Kansas City Chiefs bowed to running back Jamaal Charles yesterday when they gave him a two-year extension after he threatened to holdout.

Surely, that caught the eye of Marshawn Lynch, who wants his contract reworked. Former Seahawk Michael Robinson just reported on the NFL Network that Lynch will hold out of training camp. Lynch is entering the third year of a four-year, $30 million deal.

If Lynch doesn’t attend camp, he will incur fines of $30,000 per day, plus a partial forfeiture of his $6 million signing bonus if he holds out five days or more.

Charles’ new deal makes him the NFL’s second-highest paid running back (Adrian Peterson remains at the top). His new contract runs through 2017 and pays him $18.1 million for the additional two years. He received a boost of $5.1 million during the next two seasons, including a $4.4 million increase this season, according to ESPN. Charles was set to make $3.9 million in 2014 with a base salary of $2.65 million.

As much as the Seahawks rely on Lynch, the Chiefs rely on Charles more. He led the league with 35.3 percent of the team’s yards from scrimmage. He also led the league with 19 total touchdowns.

Charles is 27 and was woefully underpaid. Lynch is 28 and is under contract to make $7 million this season and $9 million next year. It sounds like he wants more money upfront, knowing his time with the team could be coming to a close when his contract ends, if not after this season as the Seahawks try to massage the salary cap.

Seattle also has Christine Michael behind Lynch, who could be an effective and inexpensive option. Robert Turbin’s contract is up after the 2015 season.

The Chiefs have young Knile Davis behind Charles, a third-round pick in 2013, certainly not someone viewed as having the same potential as Michael.

The Seahawks are currently $7,121,573 under the cap.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network added this:

Here’s a link to Robinson announcing the news.

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  1. PLUHawkFan says:

    Repost from previous Thread…

    Mike Rob just reported a few minutes ago on NFL Network that Marshawn Lynch is now going to Hold out of Training camp.

    4:00pm PST

  2. Todd just reported that.

  3. Singularitarian says:

    PLUHawkFan- You realize that you are commenting on an article titled “Lynch tells Robinson he will hold out camp” right?

  4. PLUHawkFan says:

    I wish Marshawn would honor his contract. I’m normally more for the players vs. the owners when it comes to situations like this, but to me this is a little ridiculous. Marshawn is due 7.5 million dollars this season 5.5million +2mil roster bonus.

    He has probably outperformed his contract, but it’s the contract he signed. I feel like he’s doing this mainly because 1. He knows this might be his last year, 2. the contract Jamaal Charles just finagled out of the Chiefs.

    I get it; the players have a limited shelf life and need to make as much as they can in their short careers. But just because they overperform doesn’t give them the right to demand more. If that is, the case should GM’s be able to deduct pay if they underperform?

    Again, I’m generally Pro player in cases such as this, but I feel Marshawn is being a little greedy, despite the Hawks taking care of him. He sees the end is coming and wants to milk the franchise for every penny, Not cool in my opinion.

  5. PLUHawkFan says:

    Todd, changed the title. When it 1st went up, the title was How will the Jamaal Charles contract effect marshawn lynch… or something close to that.

  6. vipermandan says:

    Yeah title changed.

  7. I’m a big fan of NFL players who took risk and produced getting paid when their best years are ahead of them. If a player who hasn’t been paid needs to leave in FA to get paid good for him. If a player who hasn’t been paid needs to hold out, good for him.

    But what I absolutely can not stand is when a player has gotten paid and will continue to get paid then holds out.

    Time for the Christine Michael era to begin. The Seahawks run game was anemic last year and made it’s money on volume and not efficiency – much like Andrew Luck. Lynch has lost a step, he knows it and wants 2015’s money NOW.

  8. Todd Dybas says:


    PLU is right. I had just hit publish on the post about 60 seconds before Robinson spoke. So, I updated it to reflect that.



  9. Why is there so much Luck talk on this blog when there clearly doesn’t need to be? So some of us think he’s better than Wilson if all surrounding talent were equal, but who cares? My little guy had his 3rd birthday yesterday, and what did he get as one of his presents? A Wilson jersey for the upcoming season that will fit him better than the Chancellor, Sherm, Fan, and Wilson (yes-I’ve overdone it) from last year. No Luck.

    I think Byron Maxwell is better than Xavier Rhodes, but you don’t see me going psycho on the blog every day talking about how Rhodes must suck in comparison to Maxwell because he hasn’t won a championship. Can’t we just accept the fact that Rhodes and Maxwell are fine CBs and leave it alone?

  10. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I just think Beast is making a point and protesting his contract. He is in no danger of missing the start of the season.

  11. When Beast signed his contract, it was for four years. It was also at a time when he was considered one of the best RBs in the NFL. Nothing has changed – he’s still one of the best RBs in the NFL, except now he thinks he should be paid more when every person knew that two years into his new contract that he’d still be among the best at his position in the league.

    I, for one, am okay with Michael and Turbin getting all the reps early in camp and if they remain healthy – to heck with it – go with them in ’14 (and save cap space for players to extend like Wagner, who may not be afforded if guys like Lynch gets his way).

    This offense no longer needs Lynch, IMO, the way it did a year or two ago. This is simply a fact, again, IMO.

  12. Ray_Maines says:

    We keep reading that BeastMode is the coolest guy on earth and all his teammates love him, but I don’t. I love what he does on the field and hope he runs for a million yards next year, but I’m tired of his act. I totally understand how much he cares about my opinion, but I’m still tired of his Me First attitude.

    I’m with Mike Salk about ML’s contract. Give him all the money you can without bumping the cap even a nickel. Move his whole 2015 salary to this year for all I care, but don’t bump the cap.

  13. FivePercentWrong says:

    The luxury of rooting for a JS/PC team is realizing that I’ll be happy with whatever the outcome of Lynch’s hold out is.

    Would be an interesting way to let him rest through camp and preseason without everyone freaking out that he doesn’t have to practice. :-D

    Lynch signs a new contract a week before the GB game and still carries 3 defenders with him into the end zone in the 4th.

  14. Switching gears, I think that we should have a post early in training camp about ourselves, as fans.

    I may have just said something above (re: Lynch) that turns out stupid, but I stand by what I said as of 7:26 p.m. CST as of Thursday, July 21, 2014.

    What is the top couple of posts/predictions you have ever made?

    What are the dumbest things you have ever said (the archives don’t lie)?

    I think most of us regulars for many, many years have had good stuff to say and some stupid stuff. Regardless, I think many of us have defended our good/bad with solid reasons though and that’s a big part of the reason this blog has been so good through the years.

    If you’re new to the blog, great, it’s not meant to exclude you… it’s just a fun experiment showing why we’re all so smart and dumb.

    I loved the Branch trade. Derrr…

    I loved drafting Tate late in the 2nd (when I wanted him EARLY in the 2nd with our original pick there). Yay… me.

    I hated taking Cortez Kennedy in front of Keith McCants. Derrr…

    I loved the Steve Hutchinson pick. Yay… me (and my stand on extending him).

    The list goes on and on (for all of us)…

  15. bird_spit says:

    I love Lynch.

    But love at any cost, nah. I say trade him for a second round 2015 pick or first round 2016 pick.

  16. Ray_Maines – excellent post. I agree w/you 100%.

  17. Nobody is trading a 1st round pick for Lynch.

    I agree with the “you signed the contract so abide by it” concept when it comes to the NBA and MLB, where contracts are guaranteed. But it’s different in the NFL. Teams can cut a player whenever they want. Teams do not have to stick to the contract, so it’s unreasonable to say that players should, when teams don’t have to.

    Lynch is going to have another great season. This will blow over one way or the other. I’m not worried. At least now we don’t have to talk about the pretend “leadership void”.

  18. PLUHawkFan says:


    I agree with you to a point. They know money from year to year is not guarantee’d when they sign the contract. And thats what the signing bonus is for. Thats the “guarantee’d” money.

    If your not happy with the amount of guarantee’d money then negotiate that from the beginning. Otherwise, what is the purpose of a contract? It’s becoming all to common nowadays (not just in sports) for people to not honor contracts.

    Your breaking your word, and your breaking the law (in some cases) technically. I agree the NFL should structure their contracts more like the MLB or NBA. But, players know what they are getting into when they sign.

    Sign it and keep your word, or don’t. Do a year to year contract if you feel you might be worth more 2 years into a contract.

    I just believe “overall” in being a man of your word in all things. Something that seems to be lacking with many people nowadays.

  19. Why hold the player to a different standard than the team?

    I don’t really care though. It’s going to be a great season.

  20. Southendzone says:

    For those that think we are OK w/o #24, I disagree. He is too special of a player to lose w/o a big impact to the team.

    When you walk onto the field with Marshawn, you know you’re going out there with the toughest guy on your side with pretty much no exception. That means something.

  21. Ray_Maines says:

    I’m torn about NFL contracts. Mostly I think the teams have too much advantage because they don’t have to honor the contract they committed to. But I vacillate, and at other times I think the athletes are lucky to get what they get. If they don’t like the way the NFL is run they could play basketball. If they can’t play basketball they could get a job driving a city bus and live on the 50K they earn per year in real life.

    On the other hand… Holmgren was on KJR last Tuesday morning and told a story about Darrell Jackson who signed his contract without his agent being present and the Seahawks took advantage of him big time then wouldn’t change the contract even though they knew/admitted they had taken unfair advantage of the trusting kid. That’s not fair either.

    Generally, after thinking about this sort of thing for a few minutes I just want another drink and I wish everybody well. I’m OK if ML gets more money, and I’m OK if he doesn’t. If he gets all pissy and retires I’m OK with that too. This is the exact sort of thing that makes me cheer for the laundry.

  22. Holmgren’s story about Jackson was interesting. He said that was pretty much the end of Jackson. After the contract snafu they “lost” him on the field, then they brought in Branch for big money and that was really the end. Some awful moves back then by the Seahawks execs.

  23. PLUHawkFan says:


    I’m not holding player to different standard. I hold team to same standard. They need to honor contracts as well. From what I understand it’s not so much that teams don’t honor contract and can just drop player whenever they please (although I could be wrong) But it’s more that the contracts are written (in NFL Teams favor of course) that they can cut a player before a certain date. But the contract is written that way…

    In my mind though a contract is a contract and should be honored by both sides.

    I do care, but I agree with you that I think it’ll be great season regardless. I just “hope” it’s with Marshawn.

  24. Well, I had hoped it wouldn’t come down like this.

    I would prefer not to roll into the season with only Michael and Turbo toting the rock. Let Lynch sit – it will keep him healthy and hungry.

  25. I don’t believe Marshawn is the toughest player. Mebane brings more toughness (i.e. “physicality”) than Lynch, IMO. Same for Chancellor.

  26. hawkdawg says:

    I don’t how you can compare Lynch and Mebane as far as “physicality” is concerned. I do know that Lynch is the most physical RUNNING BACK in the league. Just ask his fellow players, on his own team and others.

    That is physical enough for me. Love to watch the man run.

  27. Southendzone says:

    The league is filled with defensive players known for toughness & physicality. Marshawn is close to unique in terms of an offensive player bringing that to the table.

    Maybe someone like Earl Campbell is the only real comp for him.

  28. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Agree with Southendzone. Beast makes the other teams D work all day. You know you won’t get any breaks and he gets stronger as the game goes on while you just get tired. I’m not too concerned at this point as Marshawn shows up in great shape and carried the ball what, five times during the entire preseason last year?
    Preseason is for extra reps for Turbo and Michael. Not sure if going into the regular season with those two would be the best plan though.

    Lynch is one of my favorite players and his toughness has defined this team. That was one of the main reason Coach brought him here. Can’t argue the results. Sure we have plenty of toughness with Kam and pretty much the rest of the D, but Gino was the other tough dude on offense and he’s gone.

    Still don’t like this move and reflects poorly on Lynch. He has little leverage and is still paid as one of the top backs in a league that has significantly reduced the value of running backs. Come on Marshawn, I thought you were all about that action, boss. Show it by working with your teammates and honoring the deal you signed. A deal that still pays at the top of your position. Don’t go out this way.

  29. HawkfaninMT says:

    2 things:
    1) does anyone know what his contract demands are?

    2) if he holds out all season do the Hawks get his cap money back to roll over to next year?

  30. sluggo42 says:

    He is the beast, and named so for a reason.. Pay him a little more, make him happy, and win another Super Bowl..m get CM a bunch of carries so he can be the new beast for a few more Super Bowl wins..

    I’m 96% sure this will happen…


    Bobby, how do you expect anyone to remember all the stupid things we’ve said over the years? I can’t remember what I had for dinner an hour ago…

  31. Mo–Excellent comment, insightful points.

    I disagree, though, with expecting Lynch to honor his contract. I also thought he was due to earn 5.5 million this year, with a Cap Hit of 7 or 7.5 million…Its so hard to get correct info, with sites offering differing amounts…

    Seattle has no intention of paying him the rate increase next year; they WILL cut him. Lynch knows this, and he’s probably pissed the team set his contract up this way, and pissed his agent hosed him. He also has lost a step–albeit a small step–due to the crappy offensive line. Make no mistake, Lynch carried this team the last few years, and Wilson is still not ready to move this team to a SB victory without him.

    And as I said on another thread, I have no intention of converting you or anyone else to my side, I am simply debating a subject that interests me, and making my arguments. You and everyone else are entitled to disagree or agree, as you see fit.

  32. Bobbyk–I loved the Earl Thomas and Tate picks. I was hoping for them, and stoked as hell when we got them.

    I wanted us to draft Muhammad Wilkerson. Still think we should have.

    However, I wanted us to get Rocket Ismail back in the day, and I was thrilled with Mirer and McGwire for about five minutes.

    I remember trying to get myself to believe we’d be ok with Ruskells bag of late-round and undrafted WR’s….

    And I am quite sure Ive said some extra stupid stuff. Over and over.

    I wasnt thrilled when I heard Bevell was checking out that midget qb Wilson, but then I watched YouTube of him, read some articles, and decided the kid might be a good pickup. Im on record before the draft a good bit saying that stuff. Im kinda proud of that…

    I stood up for Ruskell for a long time on other blogs, but was one of the first to insist his Philosophies were failing and he was running the team into the ground. I was also the first to claim he was deliberately sandbagging Holmgren and getting rid of “his” guys just to mess with Holmy, and deliberately signing players Holmy didnt want and who wouldnt do well in Holmy’s system. I was reviled and ridiculed by some who are on this blog now…ANd I was right as rain about all of it.

  33. MoSeahawk12 says:

    There must be frost in Hell as I do agree with you on the contract point. He will never see next years salary. His cap number is too high next year. I think this is far too soon to worry about, but the team can fine him $30,000 a day for every day of camp he misses. That would look a little pissy in my opinion and would almost certainly lead to Lynch digging in. At the end of the day, the team has more leverage. I however, don’t believe he has lost a step. He was never the fastest guy on the field anyway. He still has elite power and finish. Let’s hope were not discussing this in September.

  34. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I too was thrilled with Mirer and even did some photos with him his rookie year. He was cool and laid back. I was pissed at NE for taking Bledsoe number one when all they talked about was taking Mirer and then on draft day switched to Drew. Watching Mirer his rookie year was fun and it seemed like we got one over on New England. We all know how that worked out. Bering, Flores, and early 90’s Seahawks football was brutal. Except for Tez. Now that dude was awesome! Dan McGwire was easily the worst QB I watched live and the guy was just killed by the awful team around him. Stan Gelbaugh looked like Aaron Rodgers in comparison.

  35. Give beast ode his cash!!

  36. Mo–We agree on more than you think. I dont think Lynch has lost much at all, and his understanding of the ZBS is excellent and makes up for it. I agree, he has amazing power and finishing ability.

    I badly wanted us to get Bledsoe, but knew the Pats would nab him. But I was thrilled with Mirer as a rookie, and was all set for him to be another Zorn.

    However, one thing I told my family and friends was I’d watched him in college and he couldnt throw a ball more than 25 yards without lobbing a rainbow. That ended up being prescient.

    I always thought Knox drafted Tez, but now Im not sure….

    Oh Dear God, please dont ever mention Gelbaugh again! Or any of those qb’s, Lord Love a Duck, they SUCKED lol!

  37. Southendzone says:

    Lynches agent didnt hose him, nor did he get a poor contract. Good analysis in that link.

  38. Ewalters7354 says:

    Absolutely expected this to happen.Just had a strange feeling once rumors started coming out about Lynch wanting more money.I’ve even stated that here a few times.

    Marshawn Lynch has been paid fairly well to demand more money.Was watching Total Access and Mike Rob was talking about Lynch wanting to build a capital for his family…well looking at the Red Velvet ropes surrounding that mouthwatering car,I think he could’ve contributed those bucks to his” capital.

    There is young talent behind him that can carry the load and I’m not one to believe this team needs him.Everyone is replaceable.

    You made your money my man.Should’ve started on that capital a little earlier.

    Just sayin…

  39. Ray_Maines says:

    I loved that link.

    Good night all. Life begins anew tomorrow.

    Go ‘Hawks!

  40. South–Actually, I thought their analysis was utter crap. They got lost in the numbers, missing the forest for the trees. Lynch’s first year here, we had no line at all. Air would have been better. Seriously, dude was getting hit by two guys behind the LOS, and still was getting 2 yard gains. He was a stud from the get-go, and the stats dont show it at all.

    His first game vs the Raiders he ran for 44 yards. It was one of the finest displays of individual toughness and determination I have ever witnessed. I consider it a privilege to have seen it.

    Same with last year. He ran for “only” 1200 yards, and 4 ypc, but considering how many times he carried the ball to close games out, and how awful our line was, there isnt another back who would have mustered that many yards with our line, not even AP.

    This is the problem I have with football outsiders; they look at stats as perfect, in a vacuum, with little or no analysis.

  41. Singularitarian says:

    I say he can show or not play. This team will be without Lynch next year and you have to be tough on this stuff. This team can still rumble with Turbo/Michaels/Ware. I love Lynch but you can’t get attached in this league

  42. Not only that, but Lynch had escalators in his contract for getting 1500 yards, which should have happened, and likely would have, except for our line regressing. He’s probably grumpy about that.

    Also, they blame Lynch for his low totals in the passing game. Which is stupid, because its the Scheme’s fault, not Lynch’s; Lynch is a great receiving threat, and has fantastic hands. RW and PC have spoken out in the press about how good he is.

    So I think their “analysis” is not simply flawed, but broken, garbage.

  43. jawpeace says:

    I think that Lynch saw the cut vets on the team that were scheduled to make more money this year. With the raise he was to get in his last year of his contract, I think Lynch (as well as many on this blog)concluded that he was most likely going to get cut next year.

    So if the Hawks started off simply guaranteeing next years salary. Would Lynch end his hold out? Or is Lynch a 100% right and the Hawks planned on cutting him and moving onto the CM era? If the Hawks were not planning on cutting Lynch next season then guarantee his last season. If they were planning on cutting him then something needs to be worked out for his final season as a Hawk.

  44. juliusvrooder says:

    Went to school with Bledsoe. Met him in the CUB. Great guy. Watched him shred the dawgs in a blizzard with OJ on the mic (wearing well-fitting Isotoner’s…) My apartment was about a quarter mile away, so when we saw Drew throw, we heard the crowd reaction to the outcome in real time. Great night.

    All that to say this: I was all in with Mirer. All in. As a defensive end, I am better at hitting quarterbacks than evaluating them! I thought he was the best thing since Mudbone… (A guy I called during his rookie pre-season, telling my brothers he would best the great Zorny) Wrong about Rick. Right about Dave. Still think Drew is a class act. In person. GO COUGS!

  45. WiscCory says:

    MRob looked kind of foolish on NFL Network, saying Lynch indicated it’s not money related, otherwise he would’ve signed an endorsement deal with Skittles, etc. Robinson went on to say it’s more about getting money for his (Lynch’s) foundation.

    Those statements seem to contradict one another.

    I wonder if Beast is getting awkward advise, and if Robinson is trying to be too much of a reporter that he’s not thinking before he’s speaking.

    Perhaps MRob shouldn’t be so public with the personal phone call Lynch made to him.

  46. jawpeace says:

    I agree with this article. Why Lynch is fighting a loosing battle.

  47. “For those that think we are OK w/o #24, I disagree. He is too special of a player to lose w/o a big impact to the team.

    When you walk onto the field with Marshawn, you know you’re going out there with the toughest guy on your side with pretty much no exception. That means something.”

    totally agree w the above. and while there are guys on D who are equally tough, you can’t use them the same way to set a tone — that is, you can’t call a play that calls for Kam to lay a bit hit, but you can call handoffs to Lynch when you want to set the attitude of a game.

    and, if he’s declined, it’s not by much, he was one of the most productive backs in the league last year, and still is very rarely tackled by the first guy he encounters.

    all the above said, i’m very confident, for now at least, that this all works out. can’t see lynch holding out into the season.

  48. PLUHawkFan says:

    I just went back and read many of the reports of Marshawn after the Super Bowl. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I think we should have seen this drama coming. 1st it was “retirement talk” then it was holding out from mini-camp, then he showed and sat due to “sore ankle” Hmm…

    There were reports that JS, as well as Paul Allen, spoke with him during Mini-camp. Then the day before training camp this comes up.

    I do not agree with his line of thinking, but I believe in Marshawn’s mind Money equals respect. As such in his mind, he’s #1 or #2 or even #3back and wants to be paid like it; otherwise he’s being disrespected.

    Marshawn has trust issues, and they have been well documented. I think if he truly sat down and thought about it, he would realize the Seahawks organization has treated him extremely well. I think the money equals respect thing is clouding his judgement.

    Marshawn, we need you!! Come play and be the beast you are. Honor the contract you signed, and you might just be surprised that the Hawks will take care of you. Yes, you might need to restructure next year, but it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to be cut.

    JS/PC do what you have been and reassure and remind ML that he is being taken care of. I understand the precedent it would set re-doing his contract now and understand your reluctance to do so. Maybe all he needs is a little reassurance.

  49. PLUHawkFan says:


    I agree with you 110% on Stats in a vacuum. Too many people and sites try to break down stats in football and use them like sabermetrics is used in baseball. It can’t be done! Period.

    Stats in baseball and to a slightly lesser degree in basketball can be used to fairly accurately break down a players performance and value. In football, stats are if anything; just a fraction of what needs to be examined to determine a players performance and value.

    Unlike baseball and basketball football is much more of a “team sport.” In baseball and basketball a unique, exceptional talent can completely take over a game and single-handedly win a game for the team.

    That is MUCH, MUCH more difficult in football. It can be done, but is extremely rare and is still dependent somewhat on the talent level of the team that unique talent is playing against.

    Take even the best quarterback, for arguments sake we’ll say Peyton Manning. Take him and put him on a team with a horrible Offensive line, mediocre receivers and a below average running back. I don’t care how good he is; he is most likely NOT going to win games for you by himself.

    This is where stats in a vacuum are used incorrectly in the NFL. People look at them by themselves without analyzing deeper how those stats were achieved. Marshawn last year could have averaged five or more YPC with a decent O-line and if we didn’t’ play in the NFC West.

    You can’t use a sabermetric style analysis in football EVER. It just doesn’t work. In my opinion at least…

  50. Perhaps Marshawn is getting advice from his agent on this. If his contract is restructured so that he gets more this season and less next season, he is less likely to be cut next year to save cap space. He knows that what he gets this season will be all unless he eases the burden on the team in the future.

    With that, the team is a position to give him a token 1 or 2 million this year, which still leaves a substantial amount in the cap to sign a vet offensive lineman, if they choose, cut his number for next year, and then add a superfluous extra year with a substantial number for “respect” sake, that they would never follow through with. That way Marshawn is getting a larger seeming contract with little actual risk for the team finances. Also, with that scenario, he would be able to return for 2015 with less of a cap hit, and a chance for a third ring.

  51. What’s up with the dogs QB C.Miles attacking a Seahawks fan?

    I looked up RBs on Angies List and ML was top rated. I didn’t like TR’s deal with SA at the time but if bumping ML’s salary $2.1M would do it, why not? Maybe there is something else going on?

  52. ChrisHolmes says:

    Love Lynch. I feel like his contract is right where his value is. I wish he’d play, but I understand the holdout; he’s not stupid, and he knows as a RB, his time is short. He’s seen the way the FO works and knows that as soon as you are a financial liability, the team is going to move on. Smart by the team, smart by Lynch to recognize it.

    $7 million under the cap… I bet Seattle would like to roll that over to next year (now that you can rollover some), and use it for Wilson. I wonder what it would take for Lynch to be happy? Would a couple million moved up-front appease him? How much is he looking for?

  53. JuliusVrooder–I saw that Apple Cup in the snow in my friends basement room in Spokane (froze our asses off!) as a teenager. Him and his brother are RABID Cougs fans (he hates Seattle everything with a passion bordering on insanity), and Ive always liked them better than UW, so it was absolutely awesome!

    There was almost two feet of snow, and we went out and beat the crap out of each other playing football in the park and froze our butts off even worse, we were so jacked from that game!

    Great memories…

  54. I keep reading “honor your contract”. Why? The owners don’t “honor the contract”. Lynch knows he’s getting cut after this season so he wants the deal restructured to make sure he receives the money that would be owed to him next year when they release him. He basically is “honoring his contract”, he just wants the money now.

    Do you think they are going to pay him almost $10 million next year? Ha Ha! Until contract are guaranteed, I’m not going to bad mouth any player asking for more money when over-performing their contract.

    I would restructure the deal by giving him most of next year salary in a signing bonus then make the second year a little over league min deal to make up the difference. That way if they keep him, he won’t cost much.

    I like how no one here has ever asked for a raise or left a company for another over money.

  55. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’ve really never asked for a multi million dollar raise or left to receive that from another company. Kinda like every person here that lives on Earth.

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