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Morning links: Will the Seahawks pass more?

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on July 23, 2014 at 2:30 am with 91 Comments »
July 23, 2014 12:14 am

Good morning.

A question to discuss for the day: Do you think the Seahawks will throw more this season?

At the draft, they bolstered depth at wide receiver. Russell Wilson is entering his third season, both in the league and with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Assuming Percy Harvin is healthy, Paul Richardson can open things over the top and Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse continue to progress, it seems plausible the Seahawks would throw it more this season.

The immediate counter to that is Pete Carroll’s prevailing philosophy of run, defend and control kicks. At times, it appears the pass is only used out of necessity.

Wilson threw 407 times last season, a slight bump from the 393 of his rookie year. That ranked him 22nd in the league, behind players like Geno Smith and Chad Henne.

No one expects the Seahawks to become the Broncos. But, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an increase in passing, even if that increase comes more in the form of high-percentage screens to Harvin and company which still allow the Seahawks to control the ball.

Do you think Marshawn Lynch will actually retire this offseason?

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> Marshawn Lynch talked to about growing up in Oakland and the importance of his youth football camp there. Some funny video in that story showing Lynch’s coaching technique with one young and light-in-the-behind camper.

> Doug Farrar has a nice piece at on the top inside linebackers in the league. He has Bobby Wagner sixth, and the 49ers’ NaVorro Bowman atop his rankings. Farrar also notes the bump in nickel packages has resulted in a decrease in the role of the “traditional” inside linebacker.

> ESPN with a camp preview of the Seahawks’ defensive line.

> The Seahawks are No. 1 in PFT’s preseason power rankings.

> The Seahawks are also No. 1 in the AP power rankings.

> Tony Dungy put out a statement trying to clarify his remarks about Michael Sam.

> Football Outsiders with its top 25 breakout prospects for 2014. No Seahawks make the list, though Tharold Simon receives “honorable mention.” Arizona running back Andre Ellington tops it.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    The more removed Dungy becomes from his coaching career the less relevant he is. Which is fine by me because on Sunday Night Football he says stupid sh*t weekly.

  2. Agree^^^^^

  3. RDPoulsbo says:

    The offense does need to pass more not simply because of the upgrades at WR and Wilson’s development, but Lynch is aging and had had a massive workload side coming to Seattle. That’s simply not sustainable. They are already holding him out a day a week in practice, it’s eventually going to show in games if they don’t do more passing.

  4. I think they will throw at least 3-5 more passes per game than last year (but not 500 in a season), for several reasons. First, they have more weapons at WR and TE than ever, and second, teams will be gearing up to stop the run, just like Denver in the SB, only with better scheme’s to stop us. So we’re gonna HAVE to pass more. Third, we have a TOUGH schedule, and I expect us to trail in more games in the second half this year, so passing will be necessary. Fourth, our Offensive Line should be better in pass pro than we’ve seen since the second half of the 2012 season, and since teams will be geared to stop the run it makes sense to pass a bit more. Fifth, you cant stand still in the NFL; if you do, and run the same gameplan with little variation, and the same plays, even less talented defenses will stop you, so I expect the offense to evolve a bit. Sixth, Lynch will tire, and Im not sure the other guys are quite ready to pick up the slack…

    However, I was actually stoked to hear Turbin had knee work done, because it explains why he lacked his usual speed and explosiveness. He looked slow last year, much of the time, and now we know why. I expect him to do well this year as Lynch’s primary backup and our third down back.

    Seventh, I expect Seattle to keep Coleman and Small, and use passes to backs more often. Lynch has great hands, as long as youre not using him on the sidelines. So does Turbo and Coleman.

    So there’s my humble opinion on why Seattle will throw the ball 3-5 times per game more than last year.

  5. banosser says:

    Actually… This one of the very few things I agree with Dungy about… I did not want the Hawks to draft Sam because I did not want the potential media circus that would come with it… same as with T-bo (‘cept he was a crappy qb to-boot)

  6. Ewalters7354 says:

    Where did you notice Turbin looking slow STTBM? He looked very explosive last year,breaking 30,45yrd runs only to be called back for holding. I didn’t notice him being slow at all.

    Just sayin…

  7. banosser says:

    expouding just a bit… I’d bet the Rams felt a bit of pressure to draft him… since he was a Mizu product from ‘right down the street’.. and probably felt they would have been under media scrutiny asking why they DIDN’T draft him and didn’t want to risk the potential backlash.. so they use a 7th on him.. and after all he does have some game.. so they covered their base imo..

  8. ChrisHolmes says:

    IF the matchup favors it, I can see is throwing a bit more, on a game-by-game basis. But as a wholesale philosophical shift? Not so much. Pete likes to maintain balance and eliminate turnovers. I don’t think he’ll shift too far from that formula.

    We’re deep in both aspects however; three-headed stable of RB’s and a bevvy of WR’s. Bevell has already shown a propensity to put 4 and 5-WR’s on the field in the shotgun (which I love). We have more weapons now, provided people stay healthy, and I think there’s some more trust in RW because he’s a proven commodity now. So if a matchup favors it, I can see Pete allowing Bevell to be a bit more aggressive on 1st and 2nd down throwing the ball.

    But ideally… I think what Pete would love to see is a dominant running game, and a lot of play action out of it. With Richardson and a healthy Harvin, you’re talking about some serious speed. A hesitant defense trying to recover from a fake handoff is going to be in serious trouble. And with surehanded guys like Norwood and Baldwin to run complimentary routes… I just see chunks of yardage if the run game and OL improve.

    I really do expect a much better OL this year. I think our young guys are going to step up. And if Michaels can improve on his pass blocking, I expect him to steal carries from Lynch. He can hit a home run… And we all know what Turbin can do.

    So many weapons… feels like a video game offense. Who do you stop?

  9. Slave said it all. Most high passing stats are produced by teams that are trailing and getting increasingly desperate.

  10. I could see a slight bump in the passing game, 1-2 throws per game, but not much more. Yes, Harvin and Richardson will open up the passing game some, but I’m looking forward to seeing both of them run that toss sweep too. With Lynch, Turbo, and C-Mike between the tackles and those two running sweeps, throw in a scramble or two from RW, and I think our running game will actually see a bump. I just can’t see PC deviating from his run-first philosophy.

    I’m hoping better and more consistent play from the O-line coupled with so many playmakers will have this offense looking like it did in the last few games of 2013.

  11. juliusvrooder says:

    Kudos to Dungy for honesty. He doubtless would have passed on Tebow, Johnny Football, and Boz as well. I think the hysteria over his earlier quote simply proves his point, given his chaos-averse nature. I liken it to all the teams who passed on Wilson 2-3 times because they were unwilling to set aside their philosophies about what makes a great quarterback.

    Speaking of Wilson, I agree with Slaves excellent analysis. Particularly as it pertains to last year. National media never tuned in to the significance of our injury situation. With the line and receiver groups being so decimated, we established a distorted reputation as a low-octane offense run by a game manager. Yes, Pete likes to run, but he also likes the deep ball. Great! If we stay relatively healthy, and have a more even distribution of injuries, we will definitely not be who they think we are!

  12. Ewalters7354 says:

    No the Hawks won pass more imo.They just won a Super Bowl with a power run game,suffocating defense,and mediocre passing game.

    I think Pete likes getting yardage in chunks which is why he loves the running game so much.Power runs open up the deep passes.

    Just sayin…

  13. FleaFlicker says:

    Interesting comparison (and it’s only a loose comparison) when you think about the NE Patriots of a dozen years ago. That team won their early championships on the back of a damn good defense, solid rushing, and a don’t-screw-it-up air attack. As Brady evolved (never surpassed 4,000 yards until 2005, never had a season QB rating above 100 until 2007) into an elite QB, the team became much more of a high octane scoring machine.

    Long term, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar shift in the Hawks’ way of winning as RW matures. But that’s a slow and multiple year process.

    Simply based on the talent level we have this year versus last; e.g. healthy Harvin, Kearse coming along, Richardson with stupid speed, Luke Willson’s continued development, Norwood as your end-zone rebound machine, and [fingers crossed] maybe just maybe some adequate pass protection, I think Bevell would be crazy not to open up the air lanes a bit more. Even if it’s just to keep defenses on their back foot.

    Can’t believe we are almost two weeks away from preseason!

  14. FleaFlicker says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”…what does that mean, blog robot?

  15. Hammajamma says:

    Dungy sort of stumbles through his statement and blames the media for his lack of courage to draft a gay athlete. What I find fascinating about his comments is the disingenuous boiling down of his draft strategy to “eliminate distractions.” So no homosexuals, just too distracting. He won’t deny Sam an opportunity, he just won’t give him one. Sound familiar?

  16. ChrisHolmes says:

    Dungy is a “devout Christian”, so his comments don’t surprise me at all.

    The Christians of our country are going to have a hard time digesting LGBT equality for a while, since their dogma doesn’t consider such people equal (and nutjobs like Pastor Jody Hice only make this more apparent).

    The world is changing – for the better – and religious institutions that have taught and preached inequality and bigotry for centuries are going to continue to find themselves further and further from the mainstream.

    Change happens slowly… but it happens regardless.

    And Dungy just needs to shut up.

  17. Tony Dungy says a gay athlete is too distracting? Ok. Sure Mr. Dungy but I find your bugged-eyed, deer in the headlights look, boring tone and constant silly telestrator pause and rewind, pause and rewind as well as those giant Spock ears VERY distracting when I watch Sunday night football….so there’s that….

  18. Southendzone says:

    I think the offense will look a bit different with Percy in there for the whole season, but not necessarily more passing.

    We got a glimpse of how they want to use him in the Superbowl and that kind of fly sweep action and other unconventional sets will hopefully make everything they do more effective.

    If the defense is as smothering as they were this year, I can see the offense going with nearly the same run/pass mix because simply put… it worked for us last year.

  19. jawpeace says:

    I agree with Slave assessment on why the Hawks would throw more. RW continued progress is a reason PC should trust Wilson even more.

    Okay I was ready to drop the gay talk and talk about football today but when errors are posted like Chris H. “Dogma does not consider such people equal” is wrong. All are equal and all are sinners. Homosexuality is one sin among many.

  20. Religion is why I’m not religious. Too much hypocrisy.

  21. LarryLee says:

    As mentioned above. Pete likes the deep pass. With Harvin and Richardson’s burning speed, defenses are going to have a few problems and I think Pete will be looking to probe for breakdowns. Wilson will buy some extra time scrambling allowing those burners more time to break open….I love it.

  22. HawkyHann says:

    Please don’t throw more. No need to. Beast is beast, DangeRuss read option, Percy jet sweeps, and bombs to Baldwin and P. Rich. Get Christine W. in the mix and let’s run more, control clock, and play Pere ball. # Superbowl

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree with what Ewalters said about Turbin.
    I didn’t notice anything wrong with his speed last year either.

    He’s fast enough already, imagine if he gets any faster this year. Look out.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I disagree with Ewalters about the Seahawks passing attack being mediocre.
    From a fantasy football view I agree. From a real football view we are one of the best & getting better.

  25. AZBubba71 says:

    I have no problem with Dungy’s comments and believe that they are being blown way out of proportion.

    I took what he said as a balance between risk and reward to your football team….if, for instance, Andrew Luck were gay the reward to the team outweighs the risk of a potential distraction (similar to Dungy mentoring Vick after the dog fighting…which I find more disturbing). In this case, the risk of a media distraction outweighs the potential reward to the team when drafting a 7th round DE with marginal talent.

  26. OregonHawk says:

    A 7th round rookie getting that much attention is just wrong

  27. Ewalters7354 says:

    One of the best?

  28. Macabrevity says:

    Don’t put it past Pete to run even more this season. Marshawn will get his cheese for sure, Turbin will get some 3rd down action, and you have to give CM a few swings of the bat if he truly is the homerun hitter people are saying…. then don’t forget Percy who in my mind isn’t really a route runner and needs reverses and ‘handoff-type’ passes to really apply his special skill set. Forget the pass game, are we going to have enough run plays to go around? Really, if Carp solidifies that job, and Okung stays healthy, our left side is going to maul people, and if we’re picking up consistent gains on 1st down (which at times we haven’t and still stuck with the run) I can imagine games where we make last years team look like the Mississippi Valley State Sattelite Express!

  29. EWalters–Many complained last season that Turbo was slow, and I always stood up for him. I saw those runs too–all called back by holding. But he did look a step slower than usual…

    Where it really showed was his kick-returns; he just seemed stuck in molasses. Again, now we know why, and I expect big things from him this year.

  30. Ray_Maines says:

    juliusvrooder: In the past Dungy has said he would have welcomed Tebow to the team. I guess not all distractions are created equal.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes Ewalters, one of the best.

    *One of the best at passer ratings.

    *one of the best at Yards per attempt.

    *One of the best in the 4th qtr.


    If you are simply thinking total yards and/or total completions & tds then you can find many teams better for fantasy football.

  32. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Christians will never except gay rights as ok it fundamentally goes against the bible period. again Dungy has the right to believe and chose whether or not draft a gay player, particularly one that thru it in every ones face and made a media circus out of it. you all are ignorant for thinking one owner would not hire Dungy if they needed a coach, guy is a good man who has been thru hell with losing his son and you sit here and bad mouth and disrespect him for his beliefs and opinion. when did this stop being America?

    again you believe that your argument is right and slam and bad mouth every one that feels otherwise . kinda hypocritical don’t you all think? makes me sick to hear you all talk like only your side has rights, kinda un-american not one Christian i know of says gay people can’t live their lifestyle have rights equivalent to that of a married couple. they do however want to keep the tradition of marriage sacred .
    funny how only the people standing up for gay rights are the ones being childish, insulting and intolerant of others beliefs. i suggest you all take a hard look in the mirror at your personal behavior on this.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Believe me Turbins kickoff return failures had nothing to do with lack of speed.

  34. Everyone seemed to have written Turbo off last year, but I dont think he gives up his backup spot to Michaels without a fight, and he damned sure isnt going to lose third-down back duties to Michaels anytime soon.

    EW–One of the best passing attacks when you look at efficiency.

    Seattle now has the personnel–if the line improves as I think it will–to manipulate a Defense any way they choose. They can pound the ball up the middle with Lynch, run at the perimeters with Harvin, and they can disect the middle of the field in the passing game with Kearse, Harvin, and Baldwin, and stretch downfield with Harvin, Richardson, and Kearse, plus Norwood; he loves to out-fight DB’s for the ball, you can throw to him even when he’s covered; he doesnt have to be “open” to make a play deep. And we all know that Baldwin is one of the best in the game at sideline catching, so adding Kearse and Norwood to that will only make this offense more complete–and dangerous.

    Add to all that the fact we’re 3 RB’s and 2 FB’s strong, and we have Miller (in my mind the most complete Old-School TE in the NFL) and Willson to stretch defenses, and we have a badass offense.

    No matter what a D does to adjust to us and try to stop us, our Offense has the ability to adjust and hit them elsewhere. There’s nothing a D can do on paper to stop us.

  35. Georgia–I think his speed–or lack of it-was a part of the problem. He didnt have great blocking either, and he doesnt seem to have a natural knack for it either.

    On quite a few runs, he just didnt seem to have his usual decisiveness and ability to cut and accelerate. Having a weak knee will do that to you.

  36. Anyone is allowed to have an opinion just so long as it doesn’t criticize the opinion of what the masses say your opinion should be.

    It’s true, too. And in most cases, it’s a bunch of crap. They should amend the Constitution so the politically correct people can prevent anyone with an opinion, which is different from their own, to stop stating their opinions. In fact there is a bill in the Senate right now that basically limits free speech against the masters so many of you should be happy (unless you might be on the wrong end of an opinion you may have).

    I think the Hawks will throw more, too. It won’t be drastic though. You’ve got a QB entering his prime. Let me say that again, we have a third year QB about to enter his prime. That’s fun to say! He’s most definitely going to get more trust from his coaches and do some things that will put more points on the board.

  37. Ewalters7354 says:

    Got you Georgia.I was thinking yardage.My bad

  38. HawkfaninOklahoma–“Christians will never except gay rights as ok it fundamentally goes against the bible period”

    Thats not true. I know plenty of Christians who vehemently disagree with this statement. Your particular flavor of Christianity may believe that, but plenty of others do not.

    Being a particular religion does NOT give you the right to discriminate against another person (whether for religion, race, or whatever), especially in hiring practices. At least not in America, the America you claim to love, but one which you seem to prefer would become firmly “Christian”, yet closer to fascism in my mind.

    Dungy has the right to believe being gay is a sin, evil, whatever. But he does NOT have the right to discriminate against that person for employment. If he thinks Islam is evil, same thing–he cant discriminate against hiring a player simply because that player is a muslim. Or black. Or practices Santeria, or is Jewish, or whatever.

    Now, Im not naive enough to think Coaches dont discriminate based on race, religion, etc all the time, but its reprehensible when they are caught and/or admit it.

    Dungy told the truth. For that he should be commended. But the truth is ugly, in this instance, and rightly opens him to being labeled a hypocrite.

    You want to keep marriage sacred? Then dont allow Right Wing Christians to marry, as their divorce rates are the highest in the Nation. Look it up. Red States have the highest divorce rates by far. Something like 90% of all marriages end in 10 years or less–so NO ONE truly considers marriage sacred. Well, less than 10% of those who get married do. And Ive been married for nearly 11 years, so I DO have a right to spout about keeping marriage sacred.

    You can believe what you want, but your argument is specious. Keep marriage sacred?! Dont make me laugh. This country doesnt hold marriage sacred, and the stats overwhelmingly prove that.

  39. Southendzone says:

    I don’t have any issue with political incorrectness, in fact I enjoy it.

    What I don’t like about Dungy is this: If his statement was really based on a religious belief that it’s not OK to be gay, say it. That’s politically incorrect right now but if you believe it say it and stick to your guns.

    But if that’s your feeling, then don’t say you wouldn’t draft him because of the extra media attention it brings, because that’s not being politically incorrect, that’s being insincere and cowardly by tap-dancing around what you really think.

  40. Bobbyk–LOL!

  41. One of my favorite bumper stickers of all time said:

    “Nuke the Gay Whales–For Jesus!”.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If it will make all you Dungy haters anymore happy why don’t just go and assume (too) that all but one NFL coach is against gays because none of them drafted Sam.

    In fact why don’t you all just get together & actually do something about it & protest your belief’s that Sam deserved to be drafted in front of the Seahawks headquarters where Pete Carroll & co also decided that Sam wasn’t worthy of being drafted.

    (I’m not religious at all), but I can’t help but see how misguided & fabricated some of these comments (with regards to what Dungy said) are because of the level of hate from those that post them.

  43. tchristensen says:

    Some people should remain in Oklahoma.

  44. wazzulander says:

    I guess there wasn’t enough posts on the Dungy topic yesterday?

    The Lynch article was great. I haven’t seen this posted here yet – his car with velvet parking ropes.

  45. I think Turbin’s a decent back. As mentioned before, it seems like a lot of his long runs get called back. He doesn’t get a lot of touches, but seems to have a quick shot to the hole. I wonder how he’d fare in Lynch’s place? There are a lot of 1-2 yard loses for Lynch that I think are a part of him trying to juke or being a little slower on the cut. Of courses he makes up for it with his brutal running style. :)

    @STTBM: I saw the study about divorce rates being higher in the south and west, but haven’t see the study that shows that it’s caused by right-wing Christians. Do you have a link? Also the one that states 90% end in 10 years or less?

    Based on the CDC, 32% of first marriages end in divorce within ten years. That goes up with second and third marriages. There’s also a correlation of people who live together prior to marriage and increased divorce rate.

    I do agree that it’s hypocritcal to rant and rave about the sanctity of marriage when the church’s divorce rate is not much different than the culture it’s trying to influence.

    Last thougths on divorce: Yankinta is quick to let you know that Russell got a divorce faster than Luck.

  46. “Last thougths on divorce: Yankinta is quick to let you know that Russell got a divorce faster than Luck.”


  47. banosser says:

    You all are putting words into Dungy’s mouth.. He didn’t say anything about Sam being gay.. he said he wouldn’t want the DISTRACTION it potentially would cause..

    I don’t really care much for Dungy.. and don’t agree with a lot of what he says but you all are extrapolating what he said and assuming what he really meant.. He wouldn’t have drafted Sam cuz he wouldn’t want the distraction.. and I agree.. as did the other 31 NFL teams (or at the very least 28 other teams cuz only 4 diff teams made selections after Sam was drafted)..

  48. Southendzone says:

    Georgia: the reason we don’t indict 31 other NFL coaches for not drafting Michael Sam is that none of them have stated they didn’t draft him for a non-football reason, like Dungy did.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Topsy Turby has a problem staying on his feet.

    He runs top heavy.

    I hope the knee played a major roll with his balance issues because he will lose reps to CM if it didn’t.

  50. Georgia–I have no hate at all for Dungy. I do, however, find his comments and attitude hypocritical, and I question his true motives. I think its pathetic that he would hide behind the “distraction” thing. Of course it will be a distraction, but so was Dungy when he was hired as one of the first black assistant coaches. And unlike Tebow, his distraction-causing gayness isnt a lifestyle choice.

    Of course, if Sam had a 4.65 40 instead of a 4.9 (and other measurables had been far better) he would have been drafted higher despite the “distraction”. I get that.

    Sam will get a shot with the Rams. If he shows well in preseason, he may catch on with another team even if he doesnt make the Rams.

    arthurb–No, I have no links, the information I mentioned was from several different articles/studies over several years. You dont have to take my word for it, and if you find evidence to the contrary, I would be interested to read it.

    banosser–Dude, dont split hairs. Its ridiculous, in this instance.

    South–Thank you.

    And the difference between Sam and Tebow? Several. Tebow was a TERRIBLE player who only had a shot at the NFL because of an Ego-Maniac first time coach, his notoriety, and his legions of brain-dead adoring fans. Tebow also was fake-humble and passive aggressive and entitled, none of which are qualities wanted in NFL quarterbacks. Also, his religiosity–the cause of the “Distraction”–is a lifestyle choice, not something he was born with, like Sam.

    Tebow expected everything to be handed to him. Sam only wants a chance to prove he belongs.

  51. Georgia–I agree, I too hope it was the knee. He’s got to stand up strong and not get blown off his feet. We’ll see…

  52. SandpointHawk says:

    Jeez, I liked thinking of Marshawn driving a Ford Econoline van.

    Now, he’s driving a Lamborghini?

    I have to rethink my whole Beast Mode imagery…

    No wonder he wants a raise, those things are hell on gas…

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:


    If you want to blame someone blame it on the folks that are using Sam to push their agenda to the point of creating a circus that NFL coaches don’t want to deal with.

    Sam opened the door gently. It could be different but until the zealots back off it won’t.

  54. AzulVerde says:

    I agree with Slave on this one. The hawks have all the weapons to be a completely balanced offense this season. IF the OLine improves even just a little, it will be very hard (on paper) to stop the Hawks offense. Where do you go? I’m not sure if the “overall” passing attempts will go up or not…Maybe slightly.

    I do think RW’s yardage passing numbers will go up by a good margin though. PC is all about Ball Control, and physical football. Thats why he focus’s on the run so much. But don’t think that the playbook won’t open up with more weapons it will.

    Our offense will remain a balanced one, mainly bruising physical runs, that control the ball and the clock and focuses on field position. But don’t think that will exclude passing, and the type of passing that creates excitement. LONG bombs that come out of nowhere.

    I think i’m more excited for this Season then I was even last year. (Nothing to do with SB win either) Because of the growth of the players, and additional weapons. Despite the tougher schedule, I’m really looking forward to seeing the games this year.


  55. ChrisHolmes says:

    Three cheers for that post STTBM. Thank you.

    You said basically everything I wanted to say on the subject.

  56. Ewalters7354 says:

    Michael Sam is only known because he came out the closet.Aside from that,I never head of him or his 10.5 sacks.

    I like many others could care less how he lives his life,but kissing your boyfriend on national tv after you get drafted,I feel will make any coach/locker room uncomfortable.Also,don’t forget about his reality tv show that was chopped down by Jeff Fisher.

    I simply think the distraction started when he waited right before the draft to tell the world about his sexuality.

    Some of you guys are making too much of what Dungy said,which I feel is unfair.Though I would say he didn’t have to try and clarify his words.

    Just sayin…

  57. Southendzone says:

    Just saw this on twitter:

    Hawk trainer Mike Barwis says Carp started the offseason at 360 lbs, left at 325.

  58. Ewalters7354 says:

    I think the Hawks offense will operate like the Vikings offense operated in 09 with Farve and all those targets to go along with A.P. Seriously,those guys were hard to deal with and we’re only a Brett Farve gift away from going to the Super Bowl.

    Eh Bobby?

  59. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Last year we had the number one D in points allowed, yards allowed and turnovers. Many don’t realize we were the eighth highest in scoring offense. You can win a lot of games when your D gives up the fewest points and your offense is in the top quarter of the league in scoring. This team did that with two starting tackles missing half the season and the starting center and tight end out for a stretch of games as well. They had two rookies playing tackle for half the season and still scored 8th best. Percy missed most of the season and Rice was lost after the sixth game. To lose two starting receivers, three O-lineman and fill in with rookies at the tackle position and still score enough points to land in the top quarter of the league is impressive. Now they added dynamic receivers to go with the glue group.

    If the line stays healthy and improves it’s play even a little this years team could be very dangerous. They have young talent that gained valuable experience last year. If they can cut down the penalties and improve pass protection, this team can land in the top five in my opinion. With our D leading the way, our offense should be able to score as many points as any team in the NFL.

    Side note on D.
    In the three games they lost the total score of those losses combined was fifteen. Fifteen points total in three losses. Not sure how they improve here. That will be tough to match and odds are they could slide back a little. Still best group in the league though.

  60. Chris–Glad someone out there likes one of my comments, lol!

    South–Damn, 35 lbs is a LOT, and exactly where i thought he needed to be. I hope its true!

    EWalters–He came out so late because he was going to be outed. He decided to take control himself, and come out. Regardless of how you feel about his sexual orientation, he should be commended for having the courage to come out, not bashed because he didnt do so on someone else’s timeline.

    Im convinced he fell a bit further due to the media circus and his being gay. Even if most of us never heard of him, I guarantee NFL scouts knew him. You dont get 10.5 sacks and have the kind of impact he did and not have nFL teams take note.

    However, he’s not that big, and he’s slow. That makes his ability to translate his college production to the pros suspect.

  61. Dukeshire says:

    Michael Sam was co-defensive SEC player of the year. He was most definitely known before he came out of the closet. There is no question however, that coming out escalated his notoriety exponentially.

  62. HawkyHann says:

    If CW can pass protect, Turbin will loose his spot. You want to see top speed, with jukes, that’s CW. Speed kills and Petey boy will unleash.

  63. Mo–Excellent points. Regardless of stats, I think this years D will be the best EVER. Seriously. We have a rough schedule, but this year the D-Coordinator will not be trying to figure out where and when and how to use guys to the fullest, as he spent 6-8 games doing last season, what with all the new faces. This year we have some question marks at DE and DT–how do we utilize Mayowa, Irvin, Hill, McDaniels to full effect?–but overall, we know who we have and what they do best. I expect this team to hit the ground running on Defense, even moreso than last year.

    I truly am expecting big things from Carpenter, and from Britt. I know he’s a rookie, and will make mistakes–but I think he’ll be an upgrade from Giacomini and Bowies play from last year from the get-go. If Sweezy improves some, and the rest play to form, we’re in for a fun season of watching the line road-grade defenses into oblivion…

  64. AzulVerde says:

    How someone managed to get my email address is beyond me… I don’t appreciate being attacked for posting on a blog though. Geez, have anything better to do then attack someone you disagree with?

    You don’t have to like my opinion, but I have to agree with yours? And your calling ME a Hypocrite?
    This is the last post for me here, so I guess you win!

    I’m out guys, I’ll go back to my old days and just read the blog.

    Take care.

  65. Southendzone says:

    At 325 with his frame, Carp could even be a Tackle or guard. If I had the time or motivation I’d go look up his arm length and stuff to see if that makes sense or not.

    Looks like JC wants to make the most of his contract year. We may see STTBM in a Carpenter jersey by season’s end!

  66. Ewalters7354 says:

    STTBM-I don’t feel any way toward the guy’s sexuality.Do you buddy!

    All I saying is I think the distraction started once he came out and was the most famous person in the world for doing it.He was all over headlines,on all kind of shows and even was about to have a show of his own.

    Would that not be considered a distraction?

    Its a shame that a male/female saying they like their same gender has to get blown up so big,but that’s the world we live in.

    Just sayin…

  67. Ewalters7354 says:

    Sid is retiring?

  68. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Actually Tebow has proven he can play in the NFL. Sure he is a terrible QB but there are a lot of terrible QBs in the NFL.

    With that being said if he ever made the switch to FB like M Rob did he would be a very good player imo. However his ego seems to be in the way.

    Tebow is a better talent then Sam hands down but how can this self proclaimed promoter of God humble himself to play the lowly FB position.

    Tebow makes me sick!

  69. MoSeahawk12 says:

    There’s a lot of hateful, idiotic people in the world AzulVerde. Don’t let one of them silence you. You have as much right to be here and post your thoughts and opinions as any of us.
    Hope to see your comments again. For what it’s worth.

  70. banosser says:

    STTBM… It’s not splitting hairs when Sams sexual orientation didn’t come up in the question or answer… It’s not like Dungy said ‘No I wouldn’t draft him cuz he’s gay’ or ‘No my religious beliefs wouldn’t allow me to draft him’… Co SEC Defensive Player of the Year.. projected 4th rounder.. Tell me, why didn’t he get drafted by any team until near the end of the 7th round??

  71. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Rice is retiring due to series of concussions according to Twitter. Damn it!

  72. Hey Mr. Toddd Dybas!

    Do us all a favor and do not post anymore links to Tony Dungy stories. PLEASE!

    Thank You

  73. RDPoulsbo says:

    Carp lost 35 lbs?!? Maybe there is some hope for him. I’ll continue to doubt him until he proves otherwise, but that’s the first time I’ve heard of him actually taking his weight and conditioning seriously.

    Dungy says stupid stuff on a weekly basis, so I’m not surprised he’s waist deep in something stupid he said. Still, I do believe it’s being blown out of proportion just to stir up controversy and draw extra clicks to websites. Even in his clarification though, he’s being disingenuous about the distraction thing. It’s a big of one as a team allows it to be, and if he reaches the point where he’s taking away from the team, then he can always be cut. Not like a 7th round pick is cut without a 2nd thought, no? I thought the Hawks would take a chance on him and see if he could catch on as a Leo, but oh well.

  74. jawpeace says:

    Arthurb and Sttbm you guys like me have fallen for propaganda by quoting the supposed divorce rate.

    You Know How They Say The Divorce Rate In The Church Is 50%? Prepare To Be Shocked…


    If you tell a lie often enough people will start to believe it as the truth. That is what has occurred here with Christian divorce rate. So please stop spreading lies about the “high” rate among Christians.

    If a gay couple wants to have a civil union which basically gives them the same rights, that is fine with me. But a marriage is supposed to be between a covenant between God, man and a women. A large part of society does not recognize this, so they don’t see a problem with gay marriage. But trying to force Christian pastors to marry a gay couple goes against their fundamental belief and is wrong.

    As for “Christians” defending the gay movement, they are ignorant of scriptures, twisting it to fit their own beliefs, call themselves Christian but don’t really have a personal relationship with Jesus and probably just go to church occasionally. Going to church does not make you a Christian any more than going to McDonald’s makes you a big Mac.

    Can’t wait for training camp to start and everyone being more focused on football.

  75. Ray_Maines says:

    Oh come on now! 500 years ago Christians totally believed the Scripture said the Earth was the center of the universe and disbelievers were burned at the stake. 150 years ago Christian were espousing that God was OK with slavery. The Scripture hasn’t changed in essentially 2,000 years but our understanding of it has. I think we are currently in the midst of another awakening, this time about sexual orientation.

  76. FivePercentWrong says:

    Long time reader, here. Fan of the Hawks since 1983. Really enjoy the banter on this blog. Even entertained by Yank’s antics.

    Just now feel I have something to say.

    Back to football, please.

    This blog should be an escape from the blather that pollutes the airwaves.

    If you must state your opinions as if they are absolutes, at least make them about comparing Carp with Sweezey or about who would win if Wilson and Luck played Monopoly.

  77. jawpeace–Dude, if you can find a REPUTABLE study, or article from a reputable news source, I will be happy to change my opinion. Its cool that you took it a step further than I and actually took the time to link to an article–Kudos for that!–but I clicked on several of their links, and nowhere did I see a link to a peer-revued journal or any website that wasnt suspect.

    Id be happy to learn that “80% of all marriages are happy”, but I’d need further proof.

    And you dont have to take my word for anything I posted–I provided no links, as my information is old(er).

    “they are ignorant of scriptures, twisting it to fit their own beliefs, call themselves Christian but don’t really have a personal relationship with Jesus and probably just go to church occasionally.”

    No, thats not true. They just see things differently than you. There is very little in the Bible that says anything about Homosexuality. And you dont know the people Im referencing, so how do you know what they know? Im not going to get into it with you, as I’d much rather talk football as well. But dont say ridiculous things like the above quote unless you want a serious argument.

    I do agree that attending Church and calling yourself Christian doesnt make you a real true Christian.

    One of may favorite quotes was attributed to Ghandi, and said something like “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ”.

  78. Ray_Maines says:

    And a couple of days, maybe a week ago I suggested JC (James Carpenter, not the other one) would have to lose at least 30 lbs to look lean. I wasn’t quite 95% right but I’m getting closer.

  79. jawpeace says:

    Sttbm true I don’t know the people you do. But I do know the same type of Christians that you do and they usually fall into one of those categories.

    There are plenty scriptures that are very clear about sexual sins- homosexuality included. Don’t worry I am not going to list them all. But isn’t it ironic that the very last book in the Bible, the very last chapter mentions that the sexually immoral will not enter in. Revelation 22:15 You may have once again heard from others that there is very little scripture on homosexuality, however that is not true. I can say that as I have read the entire Bible in seven different versions. And if you really want all the scriptures on the subject I will email them to you but not post them here on a football site.

    Is it Friday yet? I wonder if the Hawk site will have live coverage of training camp like they did last year?

  80. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think we need to keep in mind that Lynch has been averaging over 300 rushing attempts per season since he’s been in Seattle. That’s just not a sustainable formula for success, especially as he gets older. In any case, with Wilson’s contract just around the corner, I believe this will be the last season Lynch will be in Seattle. I think he knows that and is looking to get as much money as he can going out the door.

    With Wilson’s development and Lynch’s inevitable decline, we should be ready to see a lot more passing attempts this year, even if more of those attempts will come from high percentage routes like more screen passes to Harvin or Turbin.

  81. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, i have a bachelors in theology ,this in no way makes me a know all about the bible but i do have a good working knowledge. that said the bible states in not one but many places new and old testament that( it is an abomination before God” period. just because people want to be politically correct Christians or spin their take on it does not make them right.

    now that said we as Christians do not have the right to condemn anyone, god is the judge not us. however that still does give us the right to defend Christian values and as Christians we are to teach and bring others to Christ. point blank you ask your friends where it says homosexuality is ok in bible, i can back up what i say here, not in opinion but by verse in bible. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

    all this is beside my point i have no problem with gays living their life, God’s greatest gift is choice. as i stated it’s their choice to live how ever they chose. i personally believe it is a sin and immoral. my gay friends have no problem with my beliefs because i do not condemn and truly care about them. i have the right to state my beliefs as Dungy did and not be condemned for them, that is my point nothing else.

  82. SandpointHawk says:

    I tried to change the subject…I really did…

    Welcome, FivePercentWrong to the posting side of the blog. Please don’t be afraid to come back…

  83. LOTS of guys go undrafted for off the field issues!!!! there was quite the outcry here when T.O. signed because they didn’t want the distraction

    R. Moss – slipped why down on draft day because of off the field issues

    So did warren Sapp – Johnny Manziel – and others.

    all he said was he didn’t want the distractions – the rest is everyone ASSUMING why he would have not drafted him.

  84. sluggo42 says:

    Good Grief!
    Who cares what Bungie says? But the KISS on draft night was too much for me.

    I think that those who think Turbin could see a reduced roll are correct. I can’t believe PC an JS used their top pick last year to sit on the bench again. I think he takes the number two spot, AND gets more carries than Turbo got last year, in order to keep Beast fresher.

    I don’t know that Rice makes the squad anyways, so retiring was his best option. Norwood will be the surprise this year.

    At least I’m 95% sure of that…

  85. Who cares what the bible says? Are you really going to try to live your life by what dozens of different authors wrote thousands of years ago? It is full of contradictions and stuff even the most hardcore Christians simply ignore.

    Why conclude that you need to follow a few lines in the old testament about homosexuality, while ignoring all the other restrictions in that same book of the bible? Anybody who truly studied the bible knows what it is, and it is not the perfect infallible “word” of God. It was written by fallible humans.

  86. Ray_Maines says:

    rbuzby: Gotta challenge you on this. I’m honestly not picking sides on this, but the basic Christian tenet is that the Scriptures are inspired by God Himself and were/are NOT written by fallible humans*. Anybody (as in: EVERYBODY) that has studied the Bible really doesn’t “know” what you state. You are expressing an opinion, and your opinion may or may not be right, but it’s not a fact, only an opinion.

    *Yeah, I know we’re pissing about semantics, but you know what I mean.

    Gouix ‘Hawks – Blast from the past

  87. Sorry Ray, but the idea that every word in the bible is the infallible word of god is fairly recent, and obviously false. It has been edited and changed and translated through at least 3 different languages, to serve many different purposes over many centuries.

    For most of the existence of christianity, the book of genesis for example, has been understood as allegory. Today, people seem to think you cant be a real christian unless you believe that god did it all in 6 days, just 6000 years ago. It’s ridiculous.

    The bible is a great book of stories and legends and ideas. But it was written by fallible humans, as was everything you have ever read or will read.

  88. Ray_Maines says:

    I don’t agree, but I defer. Go ‘Hawks!

  89. juliusvrooder says:

    I am going to go ahead and pi$$ everybody off. I am a committed Christian and life-long outspoken gay rights advocate. For the last fifteen years, I have served in church leadership (worship leader and small group leader) and voted for gay marriage in Washington. How do I square this? Jesus never walked across the street to kick somebody in the knee for being about their business, so I will not do it in His name.

    I believe (perhaps naively)that Dungy is risk/chaos-averse. I believe he would have passed on shorty Wilson. I believe he wouldn’t want the distraction of the first openly gay player. I believe this makes him a coward, but not a homophobe.

    This is a great community of fans. As a ten-year lurker and rare contributor, it pains me to see ad-hominem attacks, and I hope they stop.

    I had hoped Sam would be here, because we know Pete isn’t afraid to take the road less travelled. Trust In Pete. He is not here because the value proposition didn’t compel.

    I would encourage any Christians with theological disagreements to reach out to each other in fellowship in a different venue, so that we can continue to enjoy our common love for the Seahawks. I also request that my fellow Twelves who do not share Christian beliefs to refrain from slamming those of us who do.

    Thanx. Go Hawks!

  90. FivePercentWrong says:

    Standpoint: Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to joining the conversations. Learned so much from you guys, not too sure how much I’ll add.

    I wonder if it would help get the conversation back on track if we think of the Holy Trinity as Allen, Schneider, and Carroll. And then, obviously, We all know who Harbaugh would be.

  91. Faith in a religion is just another variety of opinion. Each person has the right to think and believe as they choose. We also have the right to express our opinions and doing so publicly invites additional opinions. That said, this is a Seahawks football blog, perhaps not the place for debates about religion or sexuality.

    By the way, STTBM, I have often been critical of some of your more vehement criticisms of the OL, however I want to thank you for your clearly worded comments above regarding the Seahawks. Your tone is positive without sounding like either a “homer” or a critic. It is appreciated even if you have no idea who this Alaskan may be.

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