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Schedule breakdown: San Diego Chargers

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on July 9, 2014 at 1:45 am with 66 Comments »
July 9, 2014 1:45 am
Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers threw for more than 4,000 yards last season. / AP photo
Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers threw for more than 4,000 yards last season. / AP photo

Heading into camp, we’ll take a quick look through the opponents on the 2014 schedule.

Second up: The San Diego Chargers

When: Week 2, Sept. 14, 1:05 p.m. at San Diego.

Last season: 9-7; season ended with a 24-17 loss at Denver in the divisional round of the playoffs.

What went right: QB Philip Rivers had arguably his best season. Rivers completed a career-high and league-leading 69.5 percent of his passes while throwing for 4,478 yards. He threw 32 touchdowns against 11 interceptions. Running back Ryan Matthews also had a big year. He ran for a career-best 1,255 yards. San Diego was fifth in total yards, but 12th in points per game. Rivers was more accurate on the road (71.5 percent) than at home (67.3 percent). No surprise to see a heavy correlation between his big games and San Diego blowouts. When it won by 15 or more points, Rivers completed 79.6 percent of his passes.

What did not: Red-zone scoring and Rivers in the fourth quarter of tight games. The Chargers moved the ball throughout the season. Yet, they finished 23rd in the red-zone touchdown percentage (51.5). Though a poor number, that was at least an improvement from 2012’s 46.8 percent. In games where San Diego was up or down seven points to start the fourth quarter, Rivers’ completion percentage dipped to 59.1 percent over that final 15 minutes.

2014 Super Bowl odds: 40-1

Key offseason addition: Running back Donald Brown — who gave the Seahawks problems in spot duty during their visit to Indianapolis last year — was signed to reduce Matthews’ carries. The Chargers paid a significant amount for Brown to be a backup: Three years and $10.4 million. This is Matthews’ last year under contract, and he has often been hurt. So, Brown looms as insurance and likely the next feature back in San Diego.

Key offseason loss: None, really. A backup QB (old friend Charlie Whitehurst), two corners and a fullback moved on. The Chargers were looking for new corners anyway (they were 29th against the pass last season). They took CB Jason Verrett out of TCU with the 25th overall pick.

Last regular-season meeting: The Seahawks won, 27-20, at home on Sept. 26, 2010. Leon Washington returned two kickoffs for touchdowns in that game.

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  1. montanamike2 says:

    Philip Rivers reminds me of Ryan Leaf, but with talent! This game isn’t a foregone easy win, but i won’t lose sleep over it. This year teams have to deal with us. If Denver kicks their ass, then we shouldn’t fare badly against them. I know in the NFL that any team can beat you, but we’d have to play down to their level to lose. Pre season should be a good gauge of our depth vs theirs.

  2. Hammajamma says:

    Leave it to a Montana man to resurrect Ryan Leaf. I’m a Coug, so I have some fond memories, but I don’t see any similarities to Rivers other than they wore the same helmet. By most accounts Rivers is a pretty good guy.

  3. Macabrevity says:

    I’ll go out and make a crystal ball prediction here and say the Bolts win the AFC West. Peyton will ding his neck (or something else) and spend a good portion of the season recuperating that old rickety body of his, and Denver will slump after their ignominious defeat in the Super Bowl. Kansas City meanwhile just isn’t as good as last season’s record (imo) and will slide too, leaving a power vacuum in a pansy conference… just perfect for the hard Chargin’ Bolts.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Rivers is one of my favorite QBs.
    He surprisingly has a (50 to 1) shot at winning MVP this season.

    Wilson is 25 to 1.

    Luck is 16 to 1.

    Duck is the favorite of course.

  5. montanamike2 says:

    Sorry if i disagreed with you guys about Rivers. He did have a comeback year last season, but i’ve seen some tantrums on the sidelines in previous years to change my mind. Like i said, he is very talented.

  6. montanamike2 says:

    For me to change my mind.

  7. ChrisHolmes says:

    Rivers has a temper, but so did Dan Marino (my fav QB growing up). Rivers is passionate; nothing wrong with that. Leaf is a numbskull. His anger and energies were directed differently than Rivers’.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    ChrisHolmes i’ll give you that, Leaf was toxic, (still is).

  9. yankinta says:

    Wow, prediction time again?? Okay, here it goes,, I’m thinking it’ll be NOT be a blowout. Chargers are much improved. In fact I think they have a good chance to win the AFC West. Definitely will be second best at least.

    I think we win by 10 points or less. something like 24-14.

    seahawksteven777, I hope you’re reading this. This proves I don’t think everygame will be a blow out, nor I’m unrealistic. :)

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I used to get a kick out of Marino self destructing his teams because he couldn’t control his temper much.

    Especially when he played Joe cool.

    What a contrast in leadership that was.

    Thankfully Wilson is like Joe cool in that regards.

  11. Southendzone says:

    I like Rivers style. The way he beat Denver last year in Denver was pretty classic. Slows the game down by doing a semi-Manning. Gets up the line early then stands there and shouts adjustments for 16 seconds.

    I don’t know much about their D, but I think the Hawks should be able to keep their offense in check to a reasonable degree.

  12. blueshq says:

    Loved the 200 yds. in 2 returns!

    Who were all those guys in Seahawk uniforms?

    It reminds me of what Largent said (in his retirement speech I think). Everything changes: the players, the coaches, the owners, the only thing that stays is the fans. Now you could add the stadiums. Lets hear it for us 12’s!

  13. Macabrevity says:

    Best QB with an attitude was MFIC!

  14. seahawksteven777 says:

    This will be one of those tough road games but the good news is it’s on the west coast still so no worries about the start time. Obviously, I think we’ll win this game. The toughest defense the Chargers played last year was the Chiefs so it’ll be interesting to see how deal with us.

  15. FleaFlicker says:

    If I recall correctly, Leon almost busted a third KO return in that game, which would have made him the ONLY player in history to notch a hat trick on special teams. What could have been…

    Man, that was a brutal game. We got outplayed by SD all day and somehow got the victory.

  16. freedom_X says:

    Ryan Leaf had enormous talent – IMHO, significantly more than Rivers. What Leaf didn’t have was discipline. His lack of work ethic, inability to take responsibility for anything and addictions are what killed his career.

    Rivers is a bit of a baby and whiner but he works hard, studies, and isn’t a drug addict. Rivers does do some finger pointing but has a far, far greater sense of self-responsibility than Leaf.

  17. When the Fish played the Whiners in the Super Bowl it was the scheme of Bill Walsh and the defense that was played against Marino that was the main reason SF won, not Marino’s tantrums.

  18. I also think Montana playing with many, many more Hall of Famers than Marino also had something to do with winning more Super Bowls (4-0). No way in heck Wilson wins the Super Bowl last year if he’d played for the Colts, IMO, but Luck would most likely have one if he’d played for the Seahawks.

    It’s hard to win Super Bowls when your organization consistently drafts losers in the first round like Eric Kumerow (and doesn’t draft well in the later rounds either). Must be the temper of Marino that forced the Dolphins organization to draft so crappy?

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And Marino never made it back despite playing in the much weaker AFC.

    I can still see him yelling at his receivers after a drop.

    Great talent. Poor leader.

  20. yankinta says:

    BobbyK,, IMO, luck would have thrown 3 picks against Saints Defense and lost first game of the playoff and we’d be 1 and done.

    Saints D is wayy better than Chief D (3 Picks) or Patriots D (4 picks). now that’s a fact. :)

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Montana did pretty well for himself in Kansas City for an old QB.

    Elway made it to several Super Bowls with arguably a crappier supporting cast.

    What’s Marino’s excuse?

    Oh, that’s right, he had to train his new receivers because he chased off the old ones. LOL.

  22. yankinta says:

    Saint Pass Defense – 2nd Best
    Chief Pass Defense – 25th
    Patriots Pass Defense – 18th

  23. Ewalters7354 says:

    Luck would’ve probably threw for 3tds against the Saints defense if he played for the Hawks,all because the Saints couldn’t stop Marshawns’s 131yards 2ytds

    Just sayin…

  24. yankinta says:

    lol, smh….

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s not all about drafting good or crappy players.
    It’s not that simple.
    Getting players to buy into the program is huge & it’s easier to get players to buy in when you have great leaders on your team like Wilson, & like Montana was.

    I thought Krieg was a good leader but he just didn’t have the talent that Joe cool had.

    Plus he had small hands unfortunately.

    If Montana had played for coach Knox in Seattle I believe the Seahawks would have had two of the 49ers four SuperBowls.

  26. SandpointHawk says:

    Wilson in MMQB and let me introduce you to “The Jackson 5, 2014″…

  27. Jesus Christ, Georgia! Are you back on the sauce or is this a Dry Drunk?!

    The Niners won because Eddie DeBartolo laundered Mob money, and dumped it willy-nilly into payroll back when there was no salary cap. Sure, the supreme intelligence of Walsh, his knack for finding the brightest minds in football and hiring them as assistant coaches (he was the Miles Davis of Football, meaning all his assistants when on to become Big Shots), and the teams excellent drafting all were integral, but even with all that, there is no way in hell SF wins that many SB’s without buying the players to win. Their offensive line made more than the entire Seahawks offense, the SF offense was paid more than entire teams in the NFL…

    Competitive?! Yeah, right–as competitive as HS P.E. sports when the failed jock teacher picked the stud athlete and a nerd to be captains and let the stud pick first…

    There is no way to tell who really was the greatest, since the playing field was skewed by Mob Money, but Marino did more with less–and so did Elway–than that pussy Montana ever could have.

    Perhaps Montana really is the greatest qb ever; there is no way to tell for sure, because he did jack crap before he had a dynasty-quality team, and did not much once he lacked a team that was leaps and bounds better than anyone else’s.

    True, there’s no way to say what Marino would have done if he had been lucky enough to benefit from a talent overload like Montana had around him, but its ridiculous to rant about Marino as if his temper was the reason their D sucked, Shula stopped innovating after his third year, they never had much for a D, etc…

    ANd Elway finally won his SB’s when he had a GREAT team around him. To say otherwise makes you look insane. There were even rumors those teams existed because the owner paid many players millions under the table, to get around the salary cap. Elway had no talent left, only skill, smarts, determination and maturity; what he had was a team that only needed a game manager with balls who could make the occasional insane play. He was that guy, right place right time. But dont knock him or say he didnt have a great team around him, because that is just stupid.

  28. Georgia–I also believe Krieg playing for the Niners would have won at least 3 of the 4 SB’s. The guy would not go down.

    But thats not something we can ever prove.

  29. And OMG, am I tired of the race issue at qb. Its dead, or mostly so. And sometimes RW makes me wanna puke. He comes off as kind of a half-wit Wetbrain Jesus Freak at times….

    The big deal with Wilson is he’s a short, mobile qb and plays in South Alaska. Those “knocks” are far more prevalent than any racial crap…

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Krieg couldn’t put three good games together against good competition to help get any team a SuperBowl win.

    Marino couldn’t hold Montana’s jock strap unless you look at things from a fantasy football view.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW welcome back.

    Now can you go back and make some better sense with your last post at 535pm?

    As you do at times you put too much jibberish into your post trying to cover so much stuff without specifically addressing comments that you are arguing against.

    In other words sometimes your posts are like $hitt in a Cow pasture. It’s all over the place & comes out kind of crappy.

    I think they call it ADD or something.

    Drinking more beer might help you with that. Maybe not. Lol.

  32. Fours used to throw helmets and yell at his receivers/TE/OL. . . It’s called passion. Rivers has that same fire. Leaf never had passion. He still possesses immaturity and a lack of understanding – ring any bells montanamike2?

  33. pabuwal says:

    Luck and Krieg are/were very inconsistent QBs game to game and within games.

    Luck is able to get himself out of the holes he digs himself into because:

    1. He’s generally playing against weak competition
    2. He’s a volume passer who doesn’t have to be efficient with the ball. He’ll have opportunities to put up 40 passes if need be.

    But let’s be realistic about it, to throw 7 INTs against the Chiefs and Patriots is terrible. He gives Yank all the fuel he needs with those types of performances.

    Luck may very well be the modern day Matt Ryan, which is something I thought before the Draft.

  34. Luck already has as many playoff wins as Ryan.

  35. pabuwal says:

    And in both cases it took an epic meltdown to achieve the victory.

    Because the Jaguars and Texans did little to improve their QB situation, I see the Colts continuing to beat up on that sad division. It’s like the modern day version of the 2000s NFC West.

  36. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Way to jump back in full force. No need to turn the door handle when you can just kick it in.

  37. Apologies for the tone of the above comments (mine anyway). I assure you, no beer was involved, just sleep dep and stress.

    Georgia, you deliberately post inflammatory, opinionated comments cryptic enough to set just about anyone off, then complain others say too much. Thats pretty funny.

    I dont think its cut and dried to compare Marino and Montana, and I certainly dont think its fair to place the blame for Marino not winning an SB on his passion and frustration. Russell sure as hell didnt win the SB–or get there–on his own, and neither did Marino or Montana.

    Mo–Well, why bother to comment unless you have something to say that gets you going? But you have a point. Sorry once again if the tone of my comments set your teeth on edge—in this case, I fully understand.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:


    What exactly is making you perceive that I am doing what you are accusing me of?

    What specific post or posts of mine are you upset about?

    Be specific & perhaps I can help you get through your anger issues with regards to my posts.

    If it’s not really my posts & it’s something else disregard this.

    If it is my posts that you are angry about let me know specifically what posts & what is in those posts that you are angry with so I can get a better understanding where you are coming from & perhaps explain to you in a different way that will make more sense.

    Remember this is a blog. Not an exact science in communication.

    It is also about opinions that don’t have to be agreed upon all the time.

    So have some fun, & when you are not having so much fun remember we are still Super Bowl champs.

  39. confucious says:

    Marino was a great qb and threw for a billion yards but he made mistakes when the game was on the line. I don’t know how many times I watched that guy throw the game away. Probably the reason he was always pissed off. Rivers is the same.
    I am not sure of RW’s greatness at this point, but he doesn’t turn the ball over when it counts. That may be the measuring stick for greatness at qb. Montana was the same type of qb as Rdub.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Well said confucious.

    I’m all for having passion in a QB & I think it is used better if it is not displayed in fits of anger & especially directed at fellow teammates.
    To me that’s not good QB leadership skills.

    I remember several times when Hasselbeck would let his emotions get the best of him in games & it seemed like very rarely did it do him any good.

    I think Luck has a little of that too from what I have seen.

    I think if Luck can calm down a litte bit

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    He will do some great things in the NFL.

  42. Georgia–I wasnt angry with you, though now that I look at my comment I can see why you thought that.

    “And Marino never made it back despite playing in the much weaker AFC.
    I can still see him yelling at his receivers after a drop.

    Great talent. Poor leader.”

    “Montana did pretty well for himself in Kansas City for an old QB.

    Elway made it to several Super Bowls with arguably a crappier supporting cast.

    What’s Marino’s excuse?

    Oh, that’s right, he had to train his new receivers because he chased off the old ones. LOL”

    Those are your comments from above. Kinda inflammatory, dont you think? But in this case, This is Pot (me) calling Kettle (you) black.

    I dont think Marino was a poor leader. Even RW screws up from time to time despite being a great leader; his idiot comment to Tate after Tate ran backwards out of a first down is a prime example. Sometimes, I think RW may be football brilliant, but not the smartest dude in the world. You dont rag on a guy with athleticism like that immediately after a play, no one appreciates having their pride stomped on–Tate knew he’d made a bad decision. I wouldnt have put up with it either–I’d have told him to STFU.

    And as I said, Elway had a great team around him when he won his SB’s. Its why he finally won–he sure didnt win the games on his own merits.

    And Marino kept his WR’s for years, he never ran them off; thats a ridiculous statement. Remember Mark Duper etc?!

    Its fine to disagree, I have no problem with that and I usually enjoy our discussions, and even our arguments. But occasionally you throw stuff out just to get under folks skin, and I felt this was one of them.

    No worries, carry on, and I will work on toning down my rhetoric as well.

  43. Id rather have a qb holler at me over a legit drop than tell me how I can “grow together” by not running backwards out of a first down to get more yards. Ideally, qb wouldnt say shit, he’d have enough respect for his teammate, to trust him enough to learn from the mistake without rubbing salt in the wound.

    IDK, something about how he said it just really rubbed me the wrong way.

    I can remember D-Jack doing it once, it cost us a game. Burleson too, but his problem was obvious–he’s got the IQ of a puppy. I cant recall how Hass handled those bonehead blunders, but I know Holmy had a fit over the D-Jack play!

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Actually I feel exactly the way I posted my comments about Marino.

    Those opinions are how I think about Marino & not how I think about any posters here.

    When I posted that Elway made it to several SuperBowls with arguably a crappier supporting cast I was talking about the Super Bowls they went to under Dan Reeves.
    I could have made that more clear so my bad on that one.

    As for Wilson correcting Tate for his mistake, it’s really hard to know for sure what lead up to that.
    Maybe Wilson forgot the Mic was on?
    Is it a continuation of something Tate had a habit of doing?

    If it wasn’t for the mic no one would have known it happened & he didn’t correct him in the huddle in front of his teammates like Manning was doing to Wes Welker on the sidelines in front of his teammates.
    In Wilsons defense we never get to hear any other interactions with Tate so one perceived negative one is no where near the amount of Marinos rants directed at his wrs.

    Also it is a sign of strong leadership for QBs to take charge & correct mistakes of his own & his teammates.

    Imagine if Marino had a mic on.

    The other thing about Marinos rants is that it got in the way of his performance imo.

  45. MoSeahawk12 says:

    “”Georgia, you deliberately post inflammatory, opinionated comments cryptic enough to set just about anyone off, then complain others say too much. Thats pretty funny.”

    Not that he needs it because Georgia is a grown ass man and can defend himself, but I gotta say I don’t see anything inflammatory about his comments and the need by you after being out the past few weeks dropping the hammer on him. He posted his opinion on Montana in regards to Marino and not one person took exception to what he said. Only you. These comments would not set anyone off as you say. Only you.
    You strongly push out your opinions all the time and expect everyone here to respect your opinion, but you flip out on Georgia for posting his.

    The first thing you post upon return was “Jesus Christ, Georgia! Are you back on the sauce or is this a Dry Drunk?!” This comment is not only uncalled for, not funny in any way and simply unacceptable. Georgia deals with a serious issue that many face and doesn’t need someone coming in hot with that crap. He has to deal with it in his own way and seems to be doing well. He doesn’t need you or anyone else putting that crap out there. Not needed on this blog.

    We all have stress and I don’t pretend to know what you or anyone goes through on this blog. I personally lost my six figure job two years ago and have been dealing with the fallout from that, but I don’t come on here and take it out on other posters or this blog.

  46. Mo–You are exactly right, my comment to Georgia was out of line. I apologize to you both.

    As for his comment being inflammatory, I disagree; its classic Georgia, poking people with a stick. Not as hard as he sometimes does, but stick poking just the same. You disagree, and that is fine.

    However, I take issue with you saying you dont come on here and take out your frustration on this blog. Im not buying that one, not one bit. You’ve freaked out on several commenters on here–aside from me–and often post insults or comments that are obviously meant to be slyly insulting, the better to piss off those you disagree wtih–like Yanker for one.

    Whether you know it or not, your pent up frustrations ARE coming out on this blog. I wondered what your deal was, and its good that I finally know at least part of it.

    I really dont wish to argue with you, I apologized. But you arent half so lily-white as you seem to believe. You should go back and read some of your comments to me during our heated disagreements from last year. They were something. (and yeah, I already apologized for some of mine, so I recognize it takes two to tango, so to speak)..

  47. Georgia-Crappier teams? Those Broncos teams were fantastic! I suppose you mean they werent as good as the Niners Pre-Salary Cap? That might be the case, but I’d hardly call the Broncos teams “crappy”.

    My opinion on the RW/Tate thing is he should have kept his mouth shut, and I thought his choice of words was absolutely condescending and barfy–as Tate obviously did as well. And it ticked me off that so many on here ragged on Tate for his perfectly understandable reaction. And that opinion was not influenced by the mic. I could care about that.

    Strong Leadership also requires knowing when to keep your mouth shut and not nitpick. I do agree that screaming at your WR’s over a drop is probably not something you want to do regularly.

    I thought it was pretty bad when Welker “dropped” that late, high pass from Brady in the SB and no one had the balls to place the blame where it belonged–on Brady’s shoulders. Brady himself didnt stand up for his guy like he should have. RW would not have behaved that way.

    I dont think Marino was a bad leader, just a different style than RW. And RW has a loooong way to go and a lot to improve on to as good a qb as Marino. Remember, RW threw a pick when behind in the fourth quarter in four straight games with that situation last year. Thats not exactly HOF comeback numbers there.

  48. Plus, Tate’s mistake was an honest one made when trying to make a play; Marino being pissed about a drop or a bad route or a wrong route is different.

    I think you need to elaborate a bit more on your opinions on some things, and on the flipside, I need to cut down and choose my words carefully, and not type 50 wpm of passion…it rarely comes out how I intend when I do that lol!

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Those Broncos teams were fantastic?


    They were the worst Super Bowl team in any era.




    If that’s fantastic to you I would hate to see what average is.

  50. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Once again you miss most of the point. You did the right thing by apologizing to Georgia. I don’t require one. You also continue to bring in stuff from the past. My note today was specifically about the first words you put out there after being gone for the past few weeks. It had nothing to do with our history.

    But since you brought it up, please give me any example of the several people I have freaked out on. You use yank as a very weak example which holds zero water as he’s the blog fool and has many, many that needle, rip and insult him often. He brings most of that on himself and I believe enjoys the attention. Then there’s you. I don’t expect to ever be best buddies with you and have and will call you out on things when I deem necessary. You do it all the time to many of the posters here and yet when anybody calls you on it, especially me, it seems to add an extra level of distain. Please, feel free to name others that you say I freaked out on. I can wait.

    I have never claimed to be lily white and don’t pretend to be. We all have things that push our buttons in good and bad ways. My point was, you were gone for awhile and several people made comments showing concern for your well being, knowing what information you had put out before you went away and then you pop back up and immediately attack Georgia with a insensitive, useless comment and then go on a rant about the 49ers and mob money. It just seemed way off and obviously you are dealing with life stuff.
    I saw a wrong, called you at on it and you did the right thing. That should have been the end, but by continuing to carry around the past, you can’t reach the future.

    It does take two to tango, once the music starts playing.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I actually think it’s easier to reason with Yank.

  52. Mo–I am serious, Im trying to bury the hatchet here and you really arent interested.

    You DO needle and poke at folks–especially Yankinta. And yes, he brings it on himself but you really shouldnt stoop to that level. But if you choose to, thats your deal. But to say you dont is incorrect.

    What really bothers me is I put out specific examples, reasons, and stats/instances to back up many of my opinions, and you get angry and rebut them–but you dont address the specific examples I brought up, you usually just look at the big picture, like: “Seattle won the SB, so their O-line cant be that bad”. Um, yes, it can, and was..and until I see otherwise, it IS. (Though I appear to be the one most excited about the lines prospects this year, ironically enough).

    I would be willing to bet youre not a jerk in person, but IMO you’ve come across that way plenty of times on here. Im sure you feel that the latter applies to me as well. Even still, I’d be happy to buy you a beer anytime, and I’d love to meet you. I think we’d get along much better in person, and if not at least we’d have beer lol!

    Ive mentioned the fact that SF had a payroll more than twice other teams in the Pre_Cap era, and its a FACT that DeBartolo laundered drug money for the mob; he got kicked out of owning the team for it. Its also plain that without that money, the dynasty wouldnt have happened. I get worked up over it because it wasnt fair competition, it was a decade of dominance bought with blood money. So bagging on Marino–who was a HOF player–and dumping praise on Montana set my teeth on edge.

    I really was trying to keep things calm–I just re-read my last comment to you and I dont understand your reaction to it. There was no animosity from my end, just pointing out how I saw things.

    As for the past being the past, it seems you are still carrying a hefty grudge about me, and yet Im trying to let it be. My point was all of us–and you and I in particular–have said some out-there stuff.

    Again, you are a Big Picture guy, and I am a Splitter of Hairs and I tend to over-analyze everything. Neither way is necessarily wrong or bad, we just see things from different angles.

    And I commented on another thread, I saw that some folks were asking about me, and I appreciated that a great deal. I will work on being less harsh.

    Take care of yourself, man, and I really mean it when I say I bear you no ill will at all. Even when you piss me off, we’re still fans of the same SB Winning team…

  53. Georgia–I was talking about the two SB-winning teams Elway was on, and I thought you were comparing them to other teams like SF. it wasnt clear that you were comparing Elways SB winning teams to the losing Broncos SB teams…

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wasn’t comparing the Broncos Super Bowl losing teams with the Broncos Super Bowl winning teams.
    I was comparing the Broncos Super Bowl losing teams with Dan Marino’s teams to show that Elway had arguably less to work with , but because he had better leadership skills he lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl 3 times with less talent while Marino was padding his stats.

  55. MoSeahawk12 says:

    “What really bothers me is I put out specific examples, reasons, and stats/instances to back up many of my opinions, and you get angry and rebut them–but you dont address the specific examples I brought up, you usually just look at the big picture, like: “Seattle won the SB, so their O-line cant be that bad”. Um, yes, it can, and was..and until I see otherwise, it IS.”

    Well once again, you must have missed many of mine and others attempts to add some context to your constant bashing of the oline. You provide plenty of stats that say they were rated in the bottom of the league and yes they were. However, you never mention that they suffered major injuries to three starters. Lost the starting left tackle for half the season. His backup was an old, overmatched guard. We lost our starting right tackle for half the season at the same time and his replacement was a late round rookie. We lost our center for a period of time and our best blocking tight end for a few games. So, it’s great that you are a stats, nuts and bolts, splitting hairs guy. However I do look at the big picture, but also the reasons why the big picture formed the way it did. This line that statistically ranked so low did so in a year missing three of the five starters for half the season, playing low round rookies at the toughest positions on the line and only lost three games on the way to winning the first ever Superbowl. Of course we know the D played a huge part in getting the team where it needed to be. The Oline still was the 4th ranked rushing team in the NFL. Sure Marshawn makes a ton of yards after contact. But it’s impossible to not give the oline any credit. Anyone that has played football at any level past high school will tell you that. That group did a hell of a lot of good work, while playing with one hand behind their back for most of the season.

    Football stats without context are inaccurate measurements at best. They are only stats. Baseball is a much more stat driven sport.

    I for one have never said well, they won the Superbowl so they must not be that bad. I have said they can’t be real world awful as you always say and only lose three games against the superior competition they faced. I tend to agree with a larger assessment of that idea they did play a big part of helping this team get to, beat two of the best defenses in the Saints and 9ers on the way to winning the Superbowl.

    I actually don’t care about this topic anymore. It’s been over discussed and that season is over. I’m encouraged that you have hope for this years line. I mean, cross your fingers we avoid the injuries that hit us hard last year and with the hands in the fire experience the guys gained, maybe we will see real gains in both statistical rankings and real world performance. They played nineteen games last year and only lost three. It will be incredibly challenging to improve on that. Odds are they will lose a few more. How they respond and overcome will be key to repeating as champs.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think STTBM was/is so focused on how awful the o-line played that he forgot to step back & look at how well the rest of the team was playing or perhaps he really believed that it didn’t matter how well the rest of the team was playing.

    I think the injuries & poor o-line play was a concern to most all of us (& still is to some degree) however after seeing other teams win Super Bowls with poor o-line play it wasn’t as much of a concern to me.

    Not like it would have been if Jackson or Flynn was our starting QB.

    As it turned out once the o-line got a little more healthy their play improved down the stretch.

    Much like folks here were trying to explain would happen while STTBM was still stuck on the perceived awfulness of what was happening.

  57. “Football stats without context are inaccurate measurements at best. They are only stats. Baseball is a much more stat driven sport.”

    I agree, Mo.

    “However, you never mention that they suffered major injuries to three starters.”

    That is simply not true, as I have pointed out before, on many occasions. I have taken into account injuries; but the fact remains that even before and after the injuries, our starters did not play well, and the line wasnt very good as a whole. Even in the SB, they werent pass protecting well, and they damn sure couldnt run block for squat. That ended up not mattering because PC gameplanned perfectly for that eventuality.

    That was what really frustrated me; even “down the stretch” the line still wasnt pass protecting well. The run game was decent, but again I give far more credit to Lynch than the line. The line improved once the starters were back, but still backslid plenty from the last 10 games of the year before.

    Also, the Broncos line faced even more injuries, and lost their starting C and LT for the entire year, yet outplayed our line all year long. You can argue that they faced lesser competition as the Defenses they went up against were not as highly ranked as the ones Seattle faced, and that is valid. But the bottom line is our line performed poorly overall, was the weak link on the team, and we won a SB on the backs of Lynch and the Defense IN SPITE of the O-line, certainly not BECAUSE of them.

    Our Line was not the fourth best rushing line; they racked up the fourth highest TOTAL YARDS. That doesnt take into account YAC, nor Wilsons scrambling on broken pass plays where the line’s poor blocking forced him to run, nor does it take into account YPC. Seattle ran the ball more than anyone–of course they are in the top 5 in total yards; it would be an epic fail were it otherwise.

    I agree, enough with the line discussion from last year.

    Moving on, as I have said MANY TIMES, I am very excited to see our new line perform. I think Okung and Unger stay healthy this year, and that Sweezy improves. Im not banking on him improving alot, but if he does we’re in for some fun! I fully expect Carpenter to play well, and to earn a contract somewhere. I also expect Britt to win the RT “comepetition” and despite the obligatory Rookie Mistakes, to do very well. I am stoked to have a real RT again!

    I also expect more carries by Turbin and Michaels, and more passes to the backs downfield. Lynch probably wont improve on his yardage totals, but I think his avg per carry goes up to 5.0.

    Our schedule is harsh, and if we can eke out a 12-4 record I will be thrilled. Homefield may be out of reach, but so what? This team can win on the road the hard way. We’ll be better than the teams that go 13-3 next year, even if we only go 11-5 and they will find that out in the playoffs!

  58. Georgia–I was worried that the O-line would be the Achilles Heal that brought the greatest Seahawks team of all time down, short of the Lombardi, and I couldnt bear the pain. Fortunately, that didnt happen, thanks to RW, PC, and the D.

    The line nearly cost us the SB, and its a miracle it didnt. Pete Carrols gameplan on offense in the SB was perfection itself.

    The scariest game was the Niners game–aka The Real SB. We were moving the ball but shooting ourselves in the foot and not scoring. Their pass rush was killing us, but Lynch was getting some blocking and making the most of it…

    When Tate got open deep in the end zone two plays in a row, and RW never looked his way due to an utterly collapsing line, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack….

    Craziest game I ever saw…

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Explain in more detail why you think the O-line didn’t pass protect well in the Super Bowl.

    I don’t know what Super Bowl you were watching.

    I haven’t heard anyone else anywhere say the o-line didn’t pass protect well in the Super Bowl.
    You must be kidding right?

  60. Denver was getting pressure, but Seattle had planned for this and was getting the ball out very quickly, and using Harvin on sweeps, etc…Our playcalling and gameplanning neutralized their pass rush.

    Had we tried to run our normal offense (run, run, deep throw) we would have been clobbered. A fine job of coaching…

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wilson converted many third down throws for first downs without getting touched & Harvin was used on only two sweeps.

    There was very little pressure at all from Denver.

    Denver’s pass rush had little to no affect on the Seahawks passing game in the Super Bowl.

    No sacks. No hits. No affect on the Seahawks passing game.

    The only thing that affected the Seahawks passing game in the Super Bowl was the stupid penalties that ended some drives.

    That needs to be cleaned up some this season.

  62. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Yes and Wilson wasn’t sacked once in the SB. Game planning or not and all teams game plan, the O-line did their job in regards to pass pro in the Superbowl. I think that’s all I’m getting at. It’s easy to say they sucked and had a bad game, but that’s not true. If the O-line gets all the blame for giving up sacks in spite of game planning, they should get some credit for not giving up any. We moved the ball well the entire game, picked up lots of first downs and didn’t even punt until way late in the game after it was all decided. They also had very few penalties. They kept Manning off the field for long stretches of time. I think they played their smartest game of the year. If the Oline had a bad game or played poorly, that never would have happened.They played a great game in the SB in my opinion. I honestly don’t know what else these guys could have done. Forest for the trees man.

    Flip this to our D. Did our D really have a great, dominating game or did Denver just have bad play calling and game planning? The D deserves all the credit in the world in my opinion, because the destroyed the best offense of all time. However, give our O-line some credit as Denver’s D wasn’t going against the best offense ever but our guys made it look like they were.
    I don’t think you can blame the O-line for everything bad and not give them credit for executing the game plan perfectly.

    Coaching, game planning, playcalling go a long way, but you have to give the line credit for performing and executing those plans. They were playing a team that had two weeks to prepare and also had game plans in place. To not give the Oline any credit is goofy.

    Really, I’m done with this discussion. It’s clear you have a strong opinion and nothing said or presented will change that. There’s not enough time in the day to invest here. Having played past high school I can tell you the game changes and line play determines more than any other position. Good or bad. Stats applied out of context mean little and are not a true reflection of all the gears that have to move correctly to determine success.

  63. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Play calling doesn’t neutralize a pass rush. This isn’t HS football. It helps. Play calling assists every position, but even with the best game plan and play calling you still have to execute. Coaches coach and players execute. Even the players that play O-line for the Seahawks.

    So now we’re keeping stats on the % of pressure Denver was getting? No sacks, but almost. His hand brushed by Wilson and if his finger was a half inch longer that may have, possibly resulted in a sack. Wow.
    Wilson had the cleanest SB jersey I’ve ever seen.
    Anyway, this is off the charts goofy and I can’t support it one second more. Good luck Georgia.

  64. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The only thing that is going for you in this argument STTBM is persistence.

    And you win hands down on that one.

    In fact I am worn out & almost to the point of beer fantasies so it’s time to let this one go.

    For now.

  65. Mo–I agree, the line was just good enough–with the smart gameplan and playcalling–to get the job done. They did a better job at pass pro than I was giving them credit for. I still think they sucked in run blocking, and they werent great at pass pro; but you are exactly right, the third downs were very efficient, and RW carved them up.

    Sacks are overrated, as we saw vs Manning; if you interrupt the timing, force hurried throws, its even better than a sack. Pressure is the key, and Seattle did face more pressure than you guys give the Denver D credit for. However, you are correct that it was mostly handled.

    Of course players have to execute–and Seattle came out and executed a nearly flawless gameplan with precision, efficiency, and passion. Denver did not. But had Seattle came out with their usual run-first, throw long gameplan, I think the Hawks would have had great difficulty in scoring.

    Also, those two fly-sweeps by Harvin broke the game open entirely and were some of the most important plays in the game.

    I dont want to argue about the lines peformance any more either, and you both bring up some good points. Take care.

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