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Five things from the offseason work

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 21, 2014 at 2:42 pm with 50 Comments »
June 21, 2014 2:42 pm
Marshawn Lynch did not participate at, but attended, mandatory minicamp. / AP photo
Marshawn Lynch did not participate at, but attended, mandatory minicamp. / AP photo

A little less than five weeks until training camp. So, we’ll look at five things from the offseason:

1. How will Lynch’s desire for more money play out? We had two questions answered this week: First, Marshawn Lynch showed at minicamp. Second, he definitely wants more money. After various reports of the latter, Lynch’s consigliere, Michael Robinson, told local reporters Thursday that Lynch has been “the face of the franchise” since arriving and wants to be paid like it. The Seahawks have $7,121,573.00 in salary cap space after signing Kevin Williams. They probably want to extend K.J. Wright, but it makes sense for them to wait until deeper into training camp to see how everyone who had surgery bounces back, and if there are any other injuries. After that, maybe they figure a way to get Lynch some more money in a new contract. Though, the odds seem low.

2. The defensive line could be better. Despite Red Bryant and Chris Clemons leaving, the Seahawks’ defensive line could be even better this season. They retained the guys with the largest impact — Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and Brandon Mebane — while having capable replacements for Clemons and Bryant. Benson Mayowa put on weight to work at rush end. Tony McDaniel moves back to five technique where he has played a lot earlier in his career. Defensive tackle Jesse Williams said this is the best he’s felt since before going to Alabama. Jordan Hill and Jackson Jeffcoat are also in the mix. The addition of six-time Pro-Bowler Kevin Williams, and a chance to reduce his snap count by almost 50 percent from last season, gives the Seahawks another commodity.

Rookie Kevin Norwood played very well in OTAs and minicamp before sitting out with a "sore foot." / AP photo
Rookie Kevin Norwood played very well in OTAs and minicamp before sitting out with a “sore foot.” / AP photo

3. The feisty approach has not left. Everyone knows Richard Sherman. They don’t know wide receiver Phil Bates, the man punching Sherman in the head at minicamp. Bates is one of the most affable guys in the lockerroom. He’s also a longshot to make the team, but that didn’t stop him from standing up to Sherman when things became physical. Earl Thomas and Doug Baldwin argued vehemently throughout Wednesday’s practice. Everyone else had cooled down, yet those two continued to have words until the end. No one was more amused by all of this than Lynch, who was cackling near the line of scrimmage and goading Sherman. This is the environment general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll touched on when talking during the draft. Were the rookies ready for that? If they weren’t, they should be ready once training camp starts after getting an up-close look.

4. Who’s healthy? The Seahawks also have a significant set of injuries to monitor. Strong safety Kam Chancellor (hip), left tackle Russell Okung (foot), wide receiver Sidney Rice (knee) linebacker Bruce Irvin (hip) and linebacker Malcolm Smith (ankle) all did not participate in the three-day minicamp because of surgeries. Irvin is unlikely to be back until late in training camp. Rice may not be ready at the start, but should be participating near the start. As for Chancellor, Okung and Smith, Carroll said each “has a chance” to be ready for the start of camp. “All those guys – we’ll have to wait and see,” Carroll said. “As they progress and the work builds up, do they handle it well? We won’t know that until we get there. Everybody’s projected to have a shot at it so that’s what we’re counting on right now.”

5. Receiving group is deeper and faster. The addition of Paul Richardson and healthy return of Percy Harvin has the Seahawks’ receiving group faster than last season. Ricardo Lockette, who was inconsistent in minicamp when trying to catch, is also among the speedsters at receiver. As a result, the nickname “Legion of Zoom” is being suggested. But, the receiver who impressed me the most at camp was Kevin Norwood. He was as consistent as any player — rookie or veteran. He’ll still have significant things to prove in training camp and the preseason after quickly adapting to the Seahawks’ practice tempo.

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  1. SaigonSun says:

    How about Norwood returning punts? He’s fast enough, physically biggest and strongest of all wrs and cbs ( that includes ET) . Norwood or Biggie Smalls.

  2. sluggo42 says:

    Legion of zoom
    I love it

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    Smalls would be entertaining on returns, that’s for sure.

    I hope that ML can get a little more money, but seeing as the market for Chris Johnson was $3.5 million, it’s hard to justify based on the economics. And if it comes down to extending KJ Wright OR giving ML more money, then I vote for KJ. As Tom Cable says “it’s about the system, not the back”, and I am really looking for Christine Michael to get some more playing time this year. The few runs we saw, he just looked explosive, like fantasy-football-steal-of-the-year explosive.

  4. FleaFlicker says:

    Also, really want to see what Jesse Williams can do when healthy. If I remember correctly, he was projected as an upper second round talent but for the knee issue.

  5. Singularitarian says:

    Doing some thinking about Terrelle Pryor, and I came up with this:

    Why would Seattle spend draft stock on a guy who has no shot of making the team? They obviously aren’t planning on moving him to a pass catcher, and Jackson’s money is guaranteed, he’s a savvy valued backup. Pryor also most certainly won’t clear waivers. So why spend draft stock on a guy who really has no shot to make the team? spend draft stock to push Jackson? I’m not buying that.

    Here is my only logical answer… He will make the team, and they plan on that. He won’t if he comes into camp unmotivated or half assed, but they plan on him making the team. They see something they like. Whether they will keep 3 or cut Jackson I’m not sure, but they had to have thought there was a real chance of him making the team or they wouldn’t bother. I think they like his tape, and see him as a future backup. I even think they bring him in during the season and run some gimmicky read option plays where Harvin comes around end and he has a double read option between Harvin and Marshawn. Think of all that speed, and how hard it would be for an un expecting defense to handle. Plus you have the added bonus of not risking Wilson’s health, while firing a real random read option play with one of the fastest play making QBs in the league.

    I’m saying Pryor makes the team. And I think that he’ll be the 3rd qb this year and a backup next year, but I suspect you’ll see him in a read option package at least 5 times. If he’s your 3rd qb you don’t have to worry about him running balls out, and you have a solid Backup in Jackson if WIlson were to go down for any time. I suspect a player or two like Bruce Irvin or Sydney Rice will start the year on PUP, and that will clear a spot for Pryor for a few weeks early on until they figure something else out. That’s just my hunch

  6. Singularitarian says:

    I like the receiver group panning out as:


    Rice on PUP

  7. If we had the Pryor pick we would have used it on jeffcoat. The last pick in the draft is not really a pick. It is the beginnings of free agent pick ups. Pryor must show up big in pre – season. I think he will.

  8. Singularitarian says:

    How about a 4 wide set of Harvin, Baldwin at slottish and Richardson and Lockette on opposite sides gunning deep. Wilson under center and lynch in power behind on a 2nd and 5. Too much speed to neglect on the outside and two great possession receivers working the middle. put Harvin in motion and you gotta end up with a mismatch somewhere. Spread out too much and eat some beast mode.

    Lockette has too much speed on an already sickening fast receiver corps and he is too good on special teams to let go

  9. Singularitarian says:

    still they have got value in the 7th every year and I don’t see them just tossing away said value on a guy they have no way of getting on the team. They usually spend a 7th on a guy to come in and compete who actually could conceivably make the team

  10. I think Pryor is a developmental prospect who they will try to develop into a decent passer over the next few years, much like they tried with Josh Portis.

  11. Getting jeffcoat as a free agent is better than drafting him in the 7th .

  12. Singularitarian says:

    difference being Josh Portis could be developed on the Practice squad and he wasn’t a top end recruit. Portis I believe was brought in pre Carroll as well

  13. Portis was brought in by Carroll and was actually on the 53 man roster as number 3 for quite a bit of time.

  14. Looks like Portis was on the 53 man roster for his rookie season of 2011 and Practice Squad for 2012. And before the DUI arrest he had a shot to remain with the team for 2013.

  15. Singularitarian says:

    yeah you’re right 2011. But he wasn’t as desired as Terrelle Pryor. I think he is the 3rd qb this year

  16. Singularitarian think about Terrelle Pryo and what he means to the Seahawks defense! Just think about how fast he can run out of the back field. Almost like Colin Kaepernick!!! How else can the defense figure out how to shut Kaepernick down?

  17. Singularitarian says:

    They already dun figured that out. But I agree he’s a good Kapernick/Newton practice dummy

  18. Macabrevity says:

    As much as I think Pryor is a unique weapon and actually gives defenses more to think about than TJax, I still don’t see us taking RW off the field on even a single offensive play unless there’s an injury, a blowout, or some other extenuating circumstance. What about a 2 QB set with an empty backfield :) I’m hoping we can figure out a way to keep him, because I know this staff can at the minimum, turn him into something resembling RW’s rookie season where they gave him a limited playbook and emphasized protecting the ball.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:


    The Seahawks Super Bowl ring looks small compared to Jesse Williams National Championship ring.

  20. Hammajamma says:

    On Lockette: he’s always had speed, yet was previously cut from a weaker receiving corps. Even with his special teams play, I don’t see him as a lock, no pun intended, to make this squad. Average route runner with less than average hands. He’s insurance until the final cut.

    On Pryor: don’t agree that he’s penciled in to make the team simply because they spent a draft choice and he has perceived value elsewhere. I think you take it at face value. They thought his uniqueness was worth investigating. It won’t be a battle between him and TJ, but someone else for a roster spot. Maybe Lockette.

  21. ChrisHolmes says:

    Lockette won’t make the team. Especially with young guys like Norwood coming and and showing consistency that Lockette has lacked.

    Speed is great, but you have to be able to catch the ball.

    I don’t think they PUP Rice. I think you’re final wideouts are:


    And if they do keep 6, and those are the 6 guys, I’m happy with that.

    It certainly does create some interesting problems defensively when we go 4 and 5 wide from the shotgun. And there’s some big-bodied pass catchers in red zone situations.

    With that receiver set, I wouldn’t be surprised if they elect to have Wilson toss a rock a bit more this year.

  22. SaigonSun says:

    I think they’ll let T Jack go until ( and if RW can’t play) the need arises. T Jack will just keep in playing shape and if RW goes down, they’ll bring him back in in a NY minute . The reason is simple : nobody will want him, but if they let TP go, someone will grab him (for cheap).
    I also feel they’ll PUP Rice and let Lockette go at the last moment. Besides, the kid from CFL and Phil Bates are both better receivers than Locette . All this is necessary in order to keep Jeffcoat on the team like they did with Benson Mayowa last year. Jeffcoat will NOT clear the waivers. ( I still can’t believe nobody drafted him).

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bingo Saigon!

  24. Jeffcoat might be the next Nick Reed.

  25. The more you hear/learn/read about Schneider, the more you like him and are impressed by his “all around game.”

    I remember Ruskell demanded “character” but he never practiced what he preached.

    I like people whose actions speak louder than words.

    This is the exact type of thing that you’d hear from guys like Tony Dungy. That guy was 100% class all of the time and you’d hear stories about how he’d personally talk to guys who were cut and were “unimportant,” whereas most teams give cold walking papers and hide behind walls to jettison someone.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Golden Tate tells The Detroit Free Press that Richard Sherman not only is the best CB right now but also the best defensive player.

  27. From what I saw out of Lockette last year, he pretty much caught everything that was thrown his way, including a pinpoint laser during the Super Bowl. He had one play vs the NYG where he could’ve interfered with the DB more to prevent a pick, but other than that I don’t know where this “he has bad hands” stuff comes from. Maybe his first year, but not recently. Plus, he is a weapon on ST, and you know how much PC prizes that.

    Regarding Pryor, even if we have to keep him as QB3 for the whole year and he stays inactive on game days, I believe we did that with BJ Daniels quite a bit last year, and Pryor has more upside than Daniels. If we stash him and maybe unleash him during the playoffs on some zone read or wildcat plays, the terror and confusion he would present to an opposing defense would be worthwhile. Harvin really only played the SB last year, and it was worth it because we took home the Lombardi.

  28. You have no idea if Jeffcoat would clear waivers or not…. he didn’t get drafted so that is a hint that he wouldn’t. If he does NOTHING in preseason then he just may clear waivers. there is no way to tell at this point in time.

    also, we always value “our guys” more than other people do.

  29. SandpointHawk says:

    On a slow summer day I give you this….You have to read the comments…the 12th man has grown…Go Seahawks.

  30. All the Pryor talk cracks me up, honestly, do we really care come game day?

  31. juliusvrooder says:

    Ricardo Lockette is an idiot. If we PUP Sydney, I hope we keep the big kid from Canada. Syd makes the team otherwise. Either way, Lockette is gone, because he is an idiot.

  32. Why is Lockette an idiot?

  33. TruBlu – I know you’re an old timer here so you should be used to the off season discussions about third stringers and players who won’t make the team.

  34. I know, but it’s Terrelle Pryor. I get the receiver, O & D line and LB talk for 3rd and on stringers, just not Pryor. Oh well, it’s all good. Go Hawks.

  35. montanamike2 says:

    I love his speed and special teams and all, but i don’t like Lockette hanging out with our main rivals QB. That’s a big one for me, otherwise he’s fine with me.

  36. Southendzone says:

    I was starting to like Lockette at the end of last season, seemed like he was playing a lot better than I’ve ever seen him. At this point I can’t count him out of this competition.

  37. You can’t knock a player for kickin’ with his homies, plus, maybe he can get some inside info for us (doubtful), still though, can’t just shun your friends.

  38. SaigonSun says:

    xcman, true we always valued our guys more than others did… That WAS before we won the SB. Now, everyone is paying attention to what we do and who is on our team. Jeffcoat is not getting on our practice squad.

  39. I think it’s too early to say he’s not getting on there. They haven’t even strapped on the pads and gotten violent yet and nothing has changed from the time that every team in the NFL passed on him in every round of the draft.

  40. BBSRVHawk says:

    “Jeffcoat might be the next Nick Reed.”

    Now that’s funny. Though Jeffcoat certainly has a better pedigree than Reed. Maybe Reed and Bowie can get together and start a new Justice League or something?

    Regarding TJack, the Hawks have already guaranteed his salary for 2014. So releasing him makes less than zero sense. TJack has at least proven that he can keep a team in a game, especially with the Hawks’ defense. Pryor has proven nothing more than the ability to run from the pocket.

  41. I see nothing similar of Jeffcoat and Nick Reed. As mentioned above, Jeffcoat has the pedigree. Jeffcoat also went to a major college whereas Reed did not. Reed was drafted, granted in the seventh, Jeffcoat was a FA. Reed was undersized at 6’1 (generously) and Jeffcoat is taller at 6’3 and seems to fit the system better in terms of length that Mr. Happy likes. Reed was known as a super tough hard worker and I’ve heard nothing of Jeffcoat being known as that type of hard nosed type of guy (part of the reason he wasn’t drafted). There’s nothing I know of that says Jeffcoat is lazy, it’s just that some people are super crazy tenacious – like Reed was (he just wasn’t talented enough whereas Jeffcoat seems to have talent).

  42. chuck_easton says:


    You do understand how PUP works? We go through this every year right about the start of Camp.

    So, here’s the annual explanation of the PUP rule.

    A player that cannot pass the physical at the start of camp can begin camp on the PUP list.

    A player that starts camp on the PUP list:

    1. Can’t practice with the team, but can be in meetings.
    2. Counts towards the 90 man camp roster.
    3. Can remain on PUP for the entire camp.
    4. Can be cleared to practice at anytime during camp.
    5. Any player that is activated and participates in camp even for one day cannot be placed on PUP.

    Players that can start the regular season on PUP.

    1. Can only be made up of players that have been on PUP for the ENTIRE camp.
    2. Must sit out a minimum of the 1st 6 team games and then the clock for return to the team or IR begins.

    So, for your scenario that Rice is PUPed to start the season would mean that Rice won’t be able to practice at all during camp.

    It has already been stated by Carroll and repeated by Todd that Rice may not be ready for day one of camp but he will be ready at least within the first week.

    Again, if Rice, Irvin, Okung, or any of the other injured players participates in just ONE practice of camp they cannot be on the PUP to start the season.

  43. From Wikipedia on Nick Reed –

    Reed finished at the University of Oregon with a school-record 29.5 sacks, which ranks fourth in Pac-10 history. His 51.5 tackles behind the line of scrimmage also is a school record. He was also a two-time First-team Academic All-American. Reed was an All-American in 2008 after totaling 53 tackles (35 solo) with 20 going for losses and 13 sacks and forcing two fumbles and leading the nation with five fumble recoveries.

  44. I cant help but think Reed would have made it as a LEO for us had he not blown his knee out. The guy had a motor that wouldnt quit, and just needed to bulk up a bit and get his feet under him.

  45. I could care that Lockette is buddies with a douche like Kaepernick. Their friends. So what?

    But as Todd has reported, he was not consistently catching passes in MiniCamp, and he seems only able to run two routes–the Go route, and the Deep In, or crossing pattern. He hasnt caught a deep ball in years that I can remember, and he was making about 2 catches every three weeks on the In-route. Big deal.

    He’s a great gunner, but Lane is too and Simon and Pinkston can also fill that role. With competition so fierce at WR, I would be SHOCKED if Lockette made the team. I think Rice and Matthews and the dude from the Patriots have a better chance of making the roster.

    I think even Arceto Clark has a better shot at this point.

  46. TruBlu–People are talking about Pryor because its apparent T-Jack will leave after this season, and Seattle has no firm plan on a decent replacement. BJ Daniels?! I doubt it. Seattle hopes to keep Pryor and use this year to get him up to snuff to take over for T-Jack next year.

    Its part of their plan to always plan one to two years in advance to replace a player, just as they drafted Turbin and Micheals to help out and backup Lynch, then eventually replace him.

    Its why they keep drafting tall fast DB’s like Simon and Pinkston and Lane, they know with later round guys its likely to take a year or two to get them acclimated to the Pros and they also know they cant pay everyone top dollar, so they have to churn the roster.

    They are doing the same thing at QB. Dont be surprised if Pryor shows enough to where Seattle is forced to keep him as a third stringer this year, with an eye to getting him to backup next season.

  47. LarryLee says:

    As a rabid Hawk fan since DayOne1976, I have to take a second to re-thank Paul Allen for rescuing the team, building Clink and the incredible training facility, bringing in Pete & John, being a perfect example of what a sports owner should be, and building the franchise into the juggernaut that it is today.
    Sorry for interrupting the flow but looking at the rings and counting the day to training camp made me feel very thankful.

  48. jchawks08 says:

    TIL The University of Oregon is not a major School.

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