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Carpenter says there is a simple explanation for improved conditioning

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 19, 2014 at 11:27 am with 21 Comments »
June 19, 2014 11:27 am

Left guard James Carpenter heads into the final year of his contract 15 pounds lighter. Carpenter said there is a simple reason for that: He could run this offseason.

After spending last offseason mostly recovering from knee surgery, Carpenter was able to keep on trucking after the Super Bowl. He said his conditioning was good by the end of the season, and being able to move into the offseason without an injury allowed him to keep pushing forward.

“After the season, I just went straight to running,” Carpenter said. “I didn’t really take a break. I went and ran.”

The Seahawks sent Carpenter a clear message in the offseason when they did not pick up the fifth-year option on his contract. He said that did not push him to get in better shape.

“My motivation was really being able to run finally,” Carpenter said. “Kind of figured that because I’ve been hurt a lot and was in a competition last year. I kind of understood why they did it.”

He’s visibly slimmer. His main competitor at guard, Paul McQuistan, is gone. Carpenter is taking all the snaps with the first unit.

“Last year, if I had to do it, I had to do it,” Carpenter said of playing every snap. “This year, it’s a lot easier.”

The looming question for Carpenter is if this will produce his best season as a Seahawk after being drafted 25th overall in 2011. Being in better shape is at least a step forward.

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  1. So when he came into camp fat and out of shape his rookie year he supposedly couldn’t run even though he had two perfectly healthy knees?

  2. That’s your 2014 starting LG ready to go folks.

  3. montanamike2 says:

    That’s exactly what i’m saying. I wouldn’t trust him with any upfront guaranteed contract even if he plays like a pro bowler this year. If he’s only motivated out of desperation, what will he do once he’s been paid?

  4. RDPoulsbo says:

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard, “Carpenter is in the best shape he’s ever been,” in the offseason, I’d be a rich man. The sad thing is he’s probably not going to be cut this year because as a 1st round pick, his contract is fully guaranteed through the season.

  5. jawpeace says:

    Bobby you keep on referring to his rookie year. But leave out the fact that was the lock out. So you have a rookie who does not gets 2/3 of training camp. Starting next to another rookie, has no idea how intense the next level is and like many rookies think they can get by with what they did at college. All those factors then tearing his ACL just when he started to show signs of improvement. His rookie year was a bust but with all the extenuating circumstances I understand what happened and excused it.

  6. jawpeace says:

    Saw an interview with Sweezy and I thought his comment was very interesting. He said, “For the first time I feel like an offensive lineman.”

    As Yank said I hope that Carp has a good year and then goes and signs for big bucks somewhere else and we get a high comp pick. I feel that the production we would get from Bowie will not make us miss Carp too much. And the Salary cap savings would be millions.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That is if Bowie stays in shape.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Isn’t losing 15 pounds from a 375 pound Guard about the same as a super model losing 3?

    It just doesn’t seem like enough.

    Especially with a knee history.

    Hope I’m wrong

  9. yankinta says:

    lol, wow, this dude,, smh…

    Well, he won’t be tied for the most Super Bowl rings with Joe Montana in a few years. RW will have 5 rings by 2020, at least… :)

  10. “Smh”? Lol, ROFLMAO.

  11. smh? srsly.

  12. RDPoulsbo says:

    Why does Carp get pass during the lockout for not being in shape when every other rookie came to camp ready to go? Agents find workout partners and facilities. Hasselbeck was organizing them for Seahawk players during the lockout, and he wasn’t even under contract. Even rookies drafted by other teams were showing up for those. So no, that doesn’t fly with me.

  13. Ill give Carpenter something of a pass for last year. He wasnt right from injury, and he played through it. Still, the guy could stop eating crap food–theres no way he stayed as heavy as he was last year if he ate healthy. ANd the thing is, I guarantee he could eat at VMAC, or at least get a diet plan going direct from trainers. There is no freaking way a guy stays at 350-360 lbs unless he’s eating a LOT, and a lot of stuff he shouldnt.

    And there’s no way I give him a pass for showing up fat and lazy his rookie year. Lockout be damned, no other lineman showed up so grossly out of shape. He should be ashamed.

    That said, Im pulling for him, and really hope he does well. Its a good sign that he’s lost 15 lbs, but I think he needs to lose another 15. Perhaps he will in camp.

    Todd–Has anyone asked about Carpenters diet or regimen?

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Here you go STTBM.

    I’m not making it up that Bowie has conditioning & weight issues.

    Good thing that Britt is taking his opportunity seriously though.

  15. The lockout was the reason that most WRs in the NFL showed up at over 300lbs. Or something.

  16. Bowie’s just depressed that Cable and Carrol have dogged him, after he outplayed Carp/McQ and Sweezy but got benched for his efforts…He’s drowning his sorrows in BBQ, Carpenter style!

    Ive been hoping Britt would win that competition all along, though I hoped by his play, not by attrition.

    In the current post, Michael Rob talks about Carpenter. He pretty much says Carpenter isnt tough enough or mean enough to be the stud he should be. The guy just doesnt have the mentality to be a great player…sad. And a real fine example of why Seattle is learning to not underestimate the importance of competitive spirit.

  17. sluggo42 says:

    True Georgie, 15 lbs from 375 is nothing. I weight 230 and could (should) drop 15 in a matter of a month. I would like to see him shed about 30-40 lbs. Now that would be a statement. With VMAC, it should be easy between diet and exercise.

  18. Good post, guys. Thanks.

  19. Southendzone says:

    They wouldnt be sayin carp is in great shape if he waz down 15 lbs from 375.

    Even if you dont believe the coaches that hes in great shape, when Todd says he is noticeably slimmer, that doesnt mean 375 to 360.

    Maybe hes not a great OL, but what if hes the best hes ever been this season?

  20. SeahawkSpirit says:

    I applaud Mr J. Carpenter for hiss efforts. I hope he discovers more passion for this game but more importantly I hope he discovers how valuable it is to stay in great physical condition. So young these men are that they have barely discovered their own identity and a midst so much team activity it probably can be a bit overwhelming at times to be one self. My advise is to look towards your family and your coaches and the team mates that support you. You are not on just any NFL team, you are on the team you really want to be part of.

    I bet many of you fans criticizing him are not able to keep up to Mr. Carpenter in the gym! I think he has done a fine job and will win a new contract this season with someone.

    Go Seahawks.

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