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Seahawks a bit banged up on the second day of minicamp

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 18, 2014 at 5:41 pm with 39 Comments »
June 18, 2014 6:08 pm
Seahawks owner Paul Allen and running back Marshawn Lynch chat Wednesday at minicamp. / AP photos
Seahawks owner Paul Allen and running back Marshawn Lynch chat Wednesday at minicamp. / AP photos

Percy Harvin participated early in practice Wednesday, before stopping and not participating in almost all of the 11-on-11 drills that followed. Harvin and Pete Carroll did not meet with the media today. Harvin remained at practice and was certainly mobile when a fight broke out. His removal appears precautionary.

There were other dings Wednesday, notably wide receiver Bryan Walters. Walters dove to make a catch and landed on his right shoulder. He was immediately in pain. He left the practice field before returning with his shoulder heavily wrapped in ice.

> We noted yesterday that linebacker Korey Toomer reached toward his hamstring following a play. He sat out today.

> Wide receiver Kevin Norwood also did not participate.

> After all the antics, Richard Sherman made an end zone interception. Earl Thomas also jumped a pass at the goal line and ran it all the way back to the other end zone, then posed.

> Owner Paul Allen chatted with Marshawn Lynch for several minutes.

> Paul Richardson caught a 57-yards touchdown from Wilson. He later caught a pass over the middle which was knocked loose when Thomas zoomed in and gave him a bit of a shoulder.

> The play of the day was made by Byron Maxwell. He made a leaping one-handed interception — kind of like a basketball player tearing down an one-handed rebound — during 11-on-11s.

> Cassius Marsh had what would have been a sack in pads and real play.

> Bruce Irvin was on the sidelines today.

> James Carpenter said he has lost 15 pounds since last offseason since his knees were finally healthy and he could run.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Throw him a bone Allen.”

  2. FleaFlicker says:

    Eager to see if the slimmed down and healthy Carp can finally live up to his draft position.

  3. WiscCory says:

    Good luck Carp. I have 0.1% confidence that you will turn it around this season.

  4. I think that is where most of us are…Carp…too late buddy. Surprise us for once.

  5. bird_spit says:

    That picture is probably one of the biggest contrasts of personality between two people talking I have seen in sometime. I hope Paul funded all of Marshawn’s offseason camp for kids of Oakland. Give the man a free ride on the personal jet, and let him ghost ride the yacht.

    Just play out the contract and we will party in Oaktown..

  6. I don’t know, I think they are both living their dream!

  7. Anyone up for a caption free for all?

    PA – ” How about a nice customized white van full of Skittles, would that make you happy?”

    ML – ” Make it a pearl white Escalade with a Gucci bag full of C-notes, and maybe we can start talkin’, boss “

  8. Carp could have lost weight before with a dinged up knee by not eating so much. That’s not rocket science (well, maybe it is when all-of-a-sudden you’re in your contract year).

    FACT – Carp showed up out of shape as a rookie with two healthy knees.

    FACT – Carp sucked when he played in year two.

    FACT – Carp sucked so bad that he couldn’t keep Paul McQuistan off the field at LG last year. Every once in awhile I’d see Carp use his brute size to stonewall someone last year that gave me a glimmer of hope for him moving towards the future, but then that’d be followed by a bunch of plays where he, well, sucked (or was on the sidelines because the mighty McQuistan was so “good”).

    Sounds like all of the apologists who used to run their mouths about how Chris Spencer was important to our line and how he wasn’t so bad (when he never did anything for anyone else after he was FINALLY shown the door). There comes a time where it’s now or never.

    I would probably have more faith in Carp if I hadn’t seen Bowie play well at guard last year.

    Can Carp turn it around? For as much crap as I give him, I do think there’s a chance he could be an average NFL guard this year. I’m certainly not rooting against him (I just think Bowie is better).

    Afterall, as much as I wanted Carimi at RT (lol), I was happy when we took Carp because I thought (wrongly at the time) he’d pair with Okung on the left side for a long time and I was mad when they made him a RT.

    If I made my money by being a betting man, I certainly wouldn’t put even up money on Carp getting it done this year though. That’s wishing more than using reality. As an old man I used to know would say – wish in one hand and see what you get. Then take a dump in the other and see what you get. Which hand has more in it?

  9. tchristensen says:

    I hope Carpenter proves you all wrong.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I hope Carpenter can just play a whole 4 quarters without having to come out.

  11. DanielleMND says:

    “Paul Richardson caught a 57-yards touchdown from Wilson.”

    I hope to see that happen a lot in the regular season and playoffs.

  12. Kingpear says:

    I always enjoy Bobby K’s optimistic outlook on Carp. ;)

    I just hope they all stay healthy. The problem with most ‘Bama prospects is that Saban uses them all up before they even take a snap in the NFL. I can’t blame Carp. I can blame JS/PC for not doing their due diligence on him.

    I love their talent evaluation in the late rounds but admittedly both Okung and Thomas were no brainers in their first draft. Since then, meh…

  13. The bad thing about finally showing up in a contract year is that lots of them regress the next year after they’re paid. Especially the overeaters.

  14. Jusjamn – I agree. Even if Carp has a solid year in ’14, I’m still going to worry about him in ’15 (if he’s not on a 1-year deal).

    Thanks, kingpear! :) Although I don’t remember ET being a no-brainer that first year though. I actually wanted them to take Derrick Morgan or Mike Iupati and I remember some who were big on Pierre-Paul, too. And if we hadn’t gotten Okung, there was some talk about Bulaga. Seemed there was more talk about those guys than ET at the time.

    tc-I hope he proves us wrong, too.

  15. I am ALWAYS wary of guys who only step up in contract year – they almost always fall back to the norm the year after they get paid.

    I am not worried about the guys the hawks gave money to they year since they have all played well for multiple years leading up to the point where they got paid.

  16. I’m tired of all the carping.

  17. I’m tired of watching him on the field, too.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Funny how Wilson can suddenly throw the deep ball.

    Could it be he finally has a receiver that can get open consistently deep?

    Imagine what (potentially) this offense can do now with Harvin & Richardson in the mix.

    I can’t wait to see these new weapons unleashed on the NFL this year.

  19. Hammajamma says:

    One of Carps biggest issues is that he just couldn’t hang on sustained drives. He can physically dominate in the run game, but lacked the endurance to keep the agility level up. If he can get his off field game where it needs to be, bingo.

  20. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk, yeah, most people don’t realize that although our WR were decent, there weren’t anyone that could consistently get open when playing against Top 7 Defenses. I’m excited about this WR group. I’m thinking RW will throw over 35 TD passes this upcoming year. :)

  21. yankinta says:

    I’m rooting for James Carpenter,,, let’s hope he plays at a Pro Bowl level and get a 1st Tier Contract in Free Agency,, leaving us with a 3rd round Compensatory picks…. :)

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think Wilson will throw for around 35 tds this season if, (& that’s a big if) Harvin & Richardson stay healthy.

    My guess is the FO will try & limit their snaps.

    I also think Wilson will have a good chance of a 110 or better passer rating.

    MVP is a fair argument too.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sweezy is already one of the best run blockers in the NFL.

    Imagine how much better the run game could get with a well conditioned Carpenter.

    Beast just may get that 1,500 yards & bonus if Carp comes through.

  24. Georgia–Hyperbole much?! Sweezy may be in the top 15 run blockers at RG in the NFL, but thats it…What does PFF rate him at?

    All of our WR’s got open deep multiple times last year, and not once did RW hit them in stride. Every single time he threw a deep ball, the WR had to wait on it, and it gave the DB a chance to make up for being beaten and make a play on the ball.

    Now, I believe he is coached to do that in many situations–I dont agree with their philosophy of throwing jump balls to the WR’s and expecting them to go get it rather than having the qb throw the WR open, but its a fact they want RW doing it this way much of the time. But the fact remains that not once did I see RW throw a Classic Deep Ball where the WR didnt have to slow down and wait for it. He needs some serious practice at throwing deep balls…

    And yeah, having Richardson’s insane speed, plus Harvin, as well as Norwood who loves to get balls in traffic, should improve our deep passing game dramatically from last season. But RW is going to have to work on his throws as well.

  25. Bobbyk–LOL! Damn, youre meaner about Carp than I ever was regarding Sweezy!

    I think Carpenter will play much better this year, but I too am pissed we never got to see Bowie at LG or RG, and Im pissed he’s having to compete at RT. He isnt a RT, he’s just too slow-footed, just like Carpenter. I still believe, just like Bobbyk, that Bowie would light it up at LG or RG.

    Now, I make no predictions about whether Carpenter plays well enough to get another contract from us, but if we dont sign him, I dont see anyone else signing him either. Its Do or Die time for the man, for sure. Lets see if he can stay healthy and show some better foot speed and conditioning…But I will say Im rooting for him; it would be nice to finally have a starter-caliber LG. We havent had that since 2005!

  26. I always thought Wilson threw a nice deep ball. Did A google and found him rated number 2 on deep balls on one site and number 7 on another. His name came up in every deep ball link I found.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Exactly cerjam!

    When you don’t have receivers that can get separation consistently how can a QB get a good feel for trusting them to lay it out deep?

    Wilson can make all the throws accurately in the NFL (when protected) & some on the run that other QBs can only dream of.
    You can’t blame him for having receivers that can’t get separation consistently

    And now he not only has better route running receivers but it looks like he has a legit deep threat.

    Rice was the only thing close to that before.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:


    One of these days you are going to finally get it with Sweezy, but that probably won’t happen until he gets a good deal elsewhere & you see his replacement.

  29. He completes a high number of deep balls, but that DOES NOT mean the majority of his deep balls are accurate or good; they flat arent. Most of them are spectacular plays on underthrown, late balls, like Kearse’s in Carolina, the NFC Title game–where TWO of his long throws were both late and underthrown.

    I get it, our WR’s suck, RW is perfect and the bestest qb of all time…

    Seriously, our WR’s may not have gotten open deep all the time, but when they did, RW’s throws were consistently late and underthrown.

    Rice has never been a deep threat in Seattle. And our WR’s didnt suddenly become route-running savants with the departure of Tate. They are what they were last year, with the addition of speedy Richardson and tough Norwood adding to the mix.

  30. specatacular plays by the WR’s, I meant to say..

  31. Just watched the video of practice on the current thread; Maxwell’s pick was amazing, but the throw-and-catch from RW to Richardson, the 51 yarder, was absolutely spectacular!

    THATS the kind of plays RW and Seattle werent making last year, and I hope to see many more of those to come! RW threw AHEAD of the WR, and though he had to lay out for the ball, it worked like a charm! Nearly perfect! That gives me hope for a better passing game!

  32. Georgia–Whats to get? He’s what he’s always been–a below-average starter who barely has any experience playing G. A try-hard, tough, nasty but inexperienced player who lacks technique. He has improved, just not fast enough to suit me. And he will improve this year.

    I seriously doubt he figures it out until he’s played at least four seasons in the NFL. And I highly doubt anyone else will be offering him money to leave Seattle even when he does; we run our own version of the ZBS, and choose players deliberately that other teams would never bother with–ie, Carpenter at RT, Bowie at RT, Sweezy..If he figures out how to be an average to above-average G, he will stay in Seattle. And if he continues to be below-average, he will still stay, because he’s Cable’s pet and the justification for his job.

  33. Right now his replacement is already on the roster, and in only one game at RG–vs a top-2 Defensive line–he played a better game than any game we’ve seen from Sweezy the last two years; his name is Michael Bowie.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You mean the HyperBowie that was sitting on the bench while Sweezy was being a beast in the playoffs & Super Bowl?

    Last I heard HyperBowie was headed down Carp street locking for all you can eat joints.

  35. tealskin says:

    Sheer volume of posts won’t convince anybody about an opinion. The coaches aren’t infallible but the team did just win the Super Bowl. Beating the same drum repeatedly gets a little old.

  36. Georgia–Again with the Hyperbole! Sweezy has never, ever, been a Beast. He was average in the playoffs, which is better than he’s been playing, but he was still inconsistent in the run game, which is supposedly his forte. And while he didnt give up sacks, he still struggles mightily in pass pro. The guy is doing pretty well considering he never played O-line before, but calling the guy a beast is freaking hilarious!

    Why bash on Bowie? He’s not the one with a weight problem. His problem is Cable sees him as a RT, which he isnt. That, and Cable has a man-crush on Sweezy and wont give up on Carpenter until Carpenter either dies or retires….Cable is still trying to legitimize his blown pick in Carpenter and make up for him and Moffitt with Sweezy.

    I think the line will be pretty good this year–Im expecting a big improvement from Carpenter now that he’s sorta in shape, and I expect Sweezy to continue to improve. But I dont expect Sweezy to be “above average” for at least another year.

    tealskin–If others keep insisting something is true that I believe isnt, I will continue arguing my point.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If HyperBowie was so good he would be the starting RT now instead of having to compete with a rookie.

    Probably the reason he isn’t is the fact that he is out of shape, which has been a fact.

    Look it up.

    Now with Sweezy you remain about six months behind on his progress.

    Anyone that has watched him in the playoffs (& is not biased against him) can clearly see how well he played.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    To clarify for STTBM-Beast doesn’t mean Best imo, it means he has elite physical tools & a nasty attitude.

    And with his work ethic I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes one of the best guards soon.

  39. Bowie will never be a great RT. His footspeed is too slow. He’s a G. Cable stubbornly tries to turn big fat G’s into LT’s and Earth To Cable its not working lol!

    Bowie has never been given a fair chance to play LG or RG. Cable knows full well he would have outplayed all three of his starters there. Carrol benched him in the playoffs because he didnt know the offense as well as Carp and McQ, and thats partly because we didnt allow him to learn on the job, which Cable said was so important and was used as an excuse for continuing to start Sweezy when he clearly wasnt the best option at RG.

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