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Lynch at minicamp, but does not participate

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 17, 2014 at 4:02 pm with 26 Comments »
June 17, 2014 4:49 pm
Marshawn Lynch showed up at Seahawks minicamp Tuesday. / AP photo
Marshawn Lynch showed up at Seahawks minicamp Tuesday. / AP photo

As noted earlier, Marshawn Lynch showed up at Seahawks mandatory minicamp today. He did not participate in any drills. With his hood up, Lynch chatted and joked with various coaches and teammates while he snacked on the sidelines.

Pete Carroll said Lynch has a sore ankle and will not participate this week. When asked if that was a lingering injury, Carroll said no, and that Lynch just tweaked it. It was a very general answer.

“He’s got a sore ankle,” Carroll said. “As always, right now, if there is any question at all, we’re going to opt to give guys more time. We want to make sure he goes into the last month feeling great.

“We have rested him a lot in the offseason. He takes a big pounding. We really… in this case it’s unique, but he’s a unique player on our football team. We’ll do what we have to do to take care of him. You won’t see him get the ball a lot in preseason. We’ll work all the way to opening day to have him right and ready to go. That’s most important.”

Carroll also would not comment on whether Lynch has asked to have his contract reworked.

“There’s nothing in our conversations — the business side of it — that we’ll talk about,” Carroll said. “There’s no reason to. We haven’t talked about other guys in that regard, so we’re not doing that now.”

Later, Carroll was asked about Lynch remaining the main back for the Seahawks.

“We have never even approached that because that’s not even a question,” Carroll said. “It’s never even come up.”

Carroll also reiterated several things he’s said in the past about Lynch: loves his toughness, what he provides and that he became the back they hoped for when trading for him.

Marshawn Lynch and general manager John Schneider have a chat at minicamp Tuesday. / AP photo
Marshawn Lynch and general manager John Schneider have a chat at minicamp Tuesday. / AP photo
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  1. AzulVerde says:

    Great “Reporting” Todd, thank you for all your hard work and insight. At least we know when info comes from you it’s not just speculation. So much of the Lynch “storm” the last week has been not much more then wild speculation.

    I’m sure with him “resting” more will be made of it than what it truly is.

    Hope the knee is healing quickly, and that your not in as much pain


  2. montanamike2 says:

    The way he runs, there’s no doubt he’s right about resting his body, he shows up on gameday and gives everything he has. I also believe that they are figuring a way to restructure, Schneider stuff, Marshawn saves face, ultimately he wants to be here. I also think that Turbin steps up this year, i’ve heard reports he was injured last season and is better now, i’d like to see the hulk.

  3. chrisj122 says:

    It seems Lynch normally has some kind of issue during the preseason, regardless if it’s back spasms or a sore ankle I have every bit of confidence come start of the regular season he will be ready to go.

  4. Its lame to speculate, but I cant help it; its mighty convenient and a big coincidence that Lynch has an ankle problem and so wont practice in MiniCamp, just after he gets humpty regarding his contract. Have to admit this sounds like BS from Lynch’s camp.

    Still, “Give me a raise, or I’ll stay hurt and not practice, just show up and cheer on my teammates” doesnt sound like a good strategy.

    For now I’ll take it at face value, and say its cool Lynch showed up even if his ankle is sore and he cant practice.

  5. Are you guys too young to remember Big Walt and his training camps?

  6. surelyyoujest says:

    Yawn. This “story” is the size of a Skittle. Let’s move on to more interesting stories, like Vernon Davies.

  7. Ewalters7354 says:

    There is way more going on than I Pete Carroll is saying I believe.Would not be surprised at all if things get worse.Just have a strong feeling Lynch won’t get a raise and it may turn out bad.

  8. Lynch never made any public statements about holding out or wanting more money. It’s much ado about nothing. He is going to run all over the Packers in the season opener, and nothing else matters.

  9. Chances are the Lynch does have a little “tweak” in his ankle but I suspect the story-behind-the-story is that both sides agreed that if Marshawn would show up, they would agree to work something out contract-wise. In the meantime, in order to play it safe against injuries, they’ve both agreed he has an injury worth holding him out this week. Protects Marshawn’s interests. Protects the Seahawks interests. And most of all it is a clear sign there is TRUST between all parties and they will work diligently and fairly to find a middle ground.

    There is no doubt that Marshawn has given us everything he’s got. He’s outperformed his contract and deserves to be one of the two highest paid backs in the league. And I am certain he realizes his role, his style, and his body, will limit the length of his career. Therefore he is (rightfully) looking to maximize his earning while he is still healthy.

    This situation will test the Seahawks mantra and PC’s philosophy of “taking care of players and doing the best thing for them”. There is a BIG difference between the normal player holding out because he wants more money, and Marshawn expressing his need to be paid better before he can no longer play the game.

    I don’t know the math of the cap game well enough to go into that, but I fully expect the Seahawks will find a way to pay him. I wonder if/how it would impede on the CBA (and the cap) were they to sign him to a “futures” contract as a coach or advisor. Something that says to the effect that 24 hours after the day he retires they will employ him as a running back consultant for a one time fee of $10M dollars or such.

  10. Skavage–You cant offer to pay a player as a coach down the road, or give them shares in the team, or say you’ll hire their family, or anything like that.

  11. Its great that Marshawn is at camp, practicing or not.

    One of the great things about Pete Carroll is how he always chooses the right words for the situation. If he chose his words poorly, the Marshawn situation is inflamed and becomes an issue. In this case he down plays the conflict, talks positively about the player and everybody can breathe a little easier. Well done, coach.

  12. I surely remember Big Walt skipping camp, but that was different. The only time a rumor came out he was unhappy with his pay was when he was, and when he got tagged twice with the Franchise Tag. He held out the other times not for money, but because he preferred to work out on his own, pushing his SUV instead of the rigors of camp. He was allowed to do so by Seattle.

    Lynch has been given no such allowance, and has always showed for camp.

    And with a new RT, its important to have Lynch playing in camp and preseason. In the end, like Walt, Lynch will be ready to plug and play, so I see where youre coming from…

  13. AzulVerde says:


    Your the Lawyer and expert in contracts on the blog. I appreciate your explanation post in the earlier threads. Question for you though. (Lets suppose for just a moment Seattle is willing to “try” to get Lynch a little more money) Is there anyway possible to do this “without” having horrible cap implications this year or next? If there is I suspect Seattle might try to do something… If not then I think they will just be honest with Lynch about it, and tell him how it is. They might not like it, and feel things are different on our team then on most, but in the end most of the players do realize that this is a business. As such there are things that can be tweaked and worked with. Then there are things that can’t.

    I hope that Marshawn understands that.

  14. AzulVerde says:

    One last observation, I’m sure you’ve all heard the term A picture is worth a thousand words? Well the two pics above this post say a LOT to me.


  15. Jones had no contract when he skipped camp.

    It makes sense to rest Lynch at every opportunity. The man still manages to show up at a high level every game.

    But the question for 2014 is, what does his body have left for the regular season?

  16. Walt was never given a big contract that he felt he deserved (on a long-term deal). Once he signed that long-term deal, he never held out for more money.

    Lynch has signed his long-term deal, whereas when Walt “held out” he was never officially signed at the time (there’s a big difference between holding out and not being signed because you haven’t inked your name to the franchise tender). There’s a gigantic difference in those two situations.

  17. pabs beat me to it.

  18. ecksinoh says:

    Truth is, they can’t lose him and they know it. I love the comment about a picture is worth a thousand words. He’s at camp for a reason. He’s at camp for J.S. and P.C. to see him, look him in the eyes and know he’s not going to let them down if they give him the contract. He’s the motor, the game breaker and truly, the guy everybody on the team looks to as the most dependable. He always steps up… always. I think to the S.F. NFC Championship game and his TD run as an example. God rarely gives us heart like this and most don’t even use it when they got it. He’s special and Seattle knows it.

  19. Eric and Todd have repeatedly said that Lynch loves money so the only reason he’s in camp is so he doesn’t get fined (same reason Todd gave for predicting that Lynch would go to media day even though he hates talking to the media – he cares about his money too much to give it up). I think it’s pretty simple.

  20. It seems likely to me that Marshawn and his agent realize that the hit for 2015 will be too large for the team, so if they can spread the money partly into this year, the next year cap hit won’t be so extreme. This is not a new idea, I realize and others have said it better, but I am not in the camp that says he will only have one more productive season. I think he wants to stay with Seattle as well as being compensated.

  21. bird_spit says:

    Lynch deserves Ring of Honor…pay the man.

  22. chuck_easton says:

    AzulVerde and Oldslow,

    The problem with any change to Lynch’s current contract means that right off the bat the full remaining portion of the $6M signing bonus Lynch got in 2012 becomes due on the cap immediately.

    Tearing up a contract is the same as cutting the player. Any remaining bonus money that was spread out over the life of the contract is put in place.

    So the first implication is the team starts with a 3M cap hit before Lynch even has a penny in his pocket.

    And Oldslow, once the contract is negotiated and signed a team can’t just take the existing money and ‘spread it around differently’. That means tearing up the contract entirely and starting from scratch.

    Yes the team and player can agree to ‘restructure’ a contract but that is done when there is no outstanding bonus money due. In the case of Larry Fitsgerald last season he had a base salary of 11.75M. Since there was no past ‘dead money’ the team simply took 11M and paid it to Fitz in a new bonus that was then spread out over the remaining years of the contract. Great if the team is trying to free up CAP space now.

    But in Lynch’s case he wants more cash now. His salary is already due to him this season. Giving it to him in a bonus instead of base salary doesn’t give Lynch more money.

    In short, the only way the team can make Lynch happy is to give him more cash than the $5.5M he’s going to get this season. The only way to do that is to tear up the existing contract, take the 3M Cap hit and give Lynch a brand new contract that puts more money in his pocket this season.

    Any new contract for Lynch this season is either going to have to include additional years beyond 2015, a bigger Cap hit this year than the current 7M, a bigger ‘dead money’ hit next year than the 1.5M (assuming Lynch is indeed cut next year), or a bigger cap hit than the 9M Lynch would have next year.

    In short, if the team is going to make Lynch happy it’s going to cost them in cash and CAP.

  23. My guess is Lynch does not have an ankle problem but his lack of participation has nothing to do with any dispute, either. Pete’s handling of Lynch isn’t just “unique”, it’s very unique. But he’s a unique player and human. Pete obviously knows what he’s doing with Marshawn, so no sense worrying about it, and now that we have some legit deep threats at WR, regardless who’s toting the rock this year, we are going to be successful on the ground. Bank on that.

  24. I tend to think that JS and PC will rework his deal, they did it for Clemons when he outperformed his contract even though he was 30. Lynch means more to the team than CC, and I feel like he deserves it. If they can get a little creative they can get it done. This scenario is designed so that we can keep Beast Mode around Seattle for as long as realistically possible, or another 2 years at least, through the end of the 2015 season. It would take sacrifice on Lynch’s part also, if he is willing to trade for more up front money vs. smaller base salaries in the coming couple of years.

    3 yr $12M contract extension with $6M signing bonus that breaks down as decreasing cap hits for the next 3 years. It might look something like this:
    2014 base = $3M + signing bonus $6M – ML takes home $9M – He wins since he receives 3.5 million more upfront, than the 5.5 Million that he was going to receive in 2014.

    Cap hit for 2014 $8M = $3M base + $2M pro-rated signing bonus + $3M accelerated remainder of signing bonus from previous contract, the team spends 1 mil more in cap money compared to before, but the Seahawks get to reward their war horse for literally running through human walls for the organization.

    2015 base = $5M + pro-rated signing bonus $2M = cap hit of $7M, still 2 mil less cap spend than previous contract, ML receives $5M instead of $7.5 under previous contract, but much more likely to receive this money.

    2016 base = $4M + $2M pro-rated signing bonus = cap hit of $6M – he would be over thirty at this point, so they could release him before 2016 season and just eat $2M in dead money if he doesn’t have the beast in him anymore. Hey, it was worth it to three-peat from 2013-2015! Everyone wins!

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    CCVI’s scenario sounds reasonable to me.

    HawkWow’s comment makes sense too.

    I’m also with oldslow & bird_spit on this one.

    All they have to do is guarantee his bonus instead of writing it up in a way that’s impossible for him to attain it.

    Imo he has already earned a bonus for the life of his contract by being a huge part in helping his team get to & win a Super Bowl.

    Time for the FO to honor his contract in good faith. And I think they will if Lynch is indeed unhappy with the one he has now.

  26. CDHawkFan says:

    Agree Hawkwow, Marshawn is always held back at pratice during the season, this is no different.

    While there is the comPete term, I don’t think that applies to everyone including Marshawn because he has proven that he can turn it on on Sunday’s and plays a physical position and needs rest. Same probably goes for Harvin and maybe a few others, some would say ‘speicial treatment’.

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