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Seahawks officially sign Williams, release Price

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 16, 2014 at 1:57 pm with 79 Comments »
June 16, 2014 1:58 pm

The Seahawks cut QB Keith Price and DE Kenneth Boatright on Monday in order to sign DT Kevin Williams and RB Demitrius Bronson.

This makes the arrival of Williams official. He signed a one-year deal with the Seahawks at the end of last week.

Price’s departure is not much of a surprise. He — and B.J. Daniels — received virtually no live snaps during OTAs. Price was brought into rookie minicamp, where he played well, as an unrestricted free agent.

Boatright was also well down the depth chart after being signed as an UDFA in 2013.

Bronson started his college career at Washington before transferring to Eastern Washington. At 5-foot-10 and 210 pounds, he’s a bulky back.

He earned honorable mention All-Big Sky honors in 2012, and was a short-yardage specialist for the Eagles. Bronson finished with 600 career rushing yards and 14 touchdowns, and caught eight career passes for 51 yards. He started 10 of 29 games played.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Not surprised at all to see Price released.

    Maybe he will get a shot elsewhere.

  2. tealskin says:

    The Bronson signing seems a little strange unless its just a nod to an in-state player. With Small here isn’t he kind of redundant?

  3. Im kind of surprised to see Price released. I thought by all accounts he was doing well, and there was no indication he was doing anything different–in a bad way–then he did at UW, where Carrol and company have been watching him for years. Did they expect him to light it up better than in College?!

    Besides, it isnt like Terrelle Pryor was blowing anyone away.

    Ah, well, I hope the kid gets a shot elsewhere. And perhaps he ends up coming back to our PS…

  4. montanamike2 says:

    The biggest surprise for me is cutting Kenneth Boatright, i thought he looked like a player on the rise.

  5. oldtallguy says:

    All you Price lovers let’s cut Wilson. I mean to hear you all bs he must walk on water. Hell he wasn’t even invited to the senior bowl, just an average QB, nothing more, maybe a nice young man

  6. oldtallguy–Wow, dude, what crawled up your butt and died?!

    Not one person ever said he would beat out RW. Some of us just wanted to see what he could do on a quality team (something he never really had at UW), and thought he might be a good fit in Seattle as a third string qb.

    I was a bit surprised they cut him so soon, without much of a look, especially since by all accounts he looked good, and Pryor didnt. Certainly no one is carping about him being cut, or insinuating our FO screwed up, just voicing surprise.

    Im not even a UW fan, but I liked Price and thought he might have a shot at a roster spot.

  7. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t understand the Bronson signing either, maybe it’s to push the backups? Camp fodder?

  8. Bronson kicked major butt at rookie Camp, and with Lynch perhaps skipping MiniCamp, they could use another TB. Also, they needed another true TB for camp anyway, with only Michaels and Turbo behind Lynch. Ware, Coleman and Small are FB’s.

    Whether the kid makes it here or elsewhere, Im looking forward to seeing what he can do in pads. I hope he makes it at least to preseason, I want to see if he can cut it in live games.

  9. Not unexpected but still kind of sad to see Price go. The kid has such a positive demeanor that is infectious. A couple years ago I kept thinking if he would only get stronger in the lower body that he might have a chance to make it in the NFL, but unfortunately that never happened. He’s still got those skinny legs and that big smile. Best of luck to him in whatever he chooses to do with the rest of his life.

  10. Price average QB, must be a Ducks fan. Booooooooo

  11. Screensmoke says:

    The price was wrong!- period – looked pretty good sophomore year- steady decline ever since – good guy- oh Canadaaaaa

  12. DanielleMND says:

    That’s too bad. I thought Price had potential.

  13. oldtallguy says:

    I’ve been a Husky fan since I arrived in Washington in 1955. 14 QBs were drafted, 19 were invited to the Scouting Combine by people who know skill and potential (once in awhile a player will prove them wrong, though seldom) Price was not drafted nor invited to the Combine, so all the bloggers on here who say he should’ve been drafted (a couple as high as 3rd round) or he has great potential realized your a fan, nothing more. So to this point in time Price has proven he’s average at best as a football QB and as a person he’s proven he’s a MAN.

  14. Re: Lynch

    It’s pretty much a fact that the highest paid player in the history of any league (or position) will get paid more “next year” then he will “this year.”

    If you sign a deal to be the highest (or among the highest) paid at your position, you know darn well (unless you’re a moron) that the players who sign similar contracts “next Year” will get more than guys who are/were great who signed them “last year.”

    When Lynch signed his 4 year deal, he was great and signed a deal that paid him like he was great. It’s not like he was on some crap rookie contract where he was performing like an All Pro even though he was getting little compensation in comparison to others at his position who were also great.

    Is it the fault of the Seahawks that he and/or his agent are morons who are too stupid to understand how the system works when the precident has been in place like that for decades?

    I am fully on the side of the Seahawks organization on this one… I know some of you aren’t, and that’s fine that we can agree to disagree, but I’m not on Lynch’s side one-bit (if he does hold out).

  15. montanamike2 says:

    Bobby i’m with you on honoring your contract, and it’s still top 5 RB money. The truth is: I just want to see him play this year. If his holdout means we can’t sign Wagner or Wright because we upped his money then i’m against paying him. What a dilemma. We’ll see how this all plays out, sometimes as a fan i lose perspective of how 7+ million a year is being disrespected, it’s tough to take when you’ve got one of the best players in the league.

  16. I’m on board that the guy is a top 5 RB though. Moving forward, with each day and experience he gets, this team becomes Wilson’s team though that Lynch is a part of. Also, the line can’t continue to be as terrible as it’s been so it should be “easier” for future RBs (including Lynch himself) to perform at a higher level when you’ve got guys like Harvin and Richardson on the outside who will command more attention that slower guys in the past have done, too. I’m just very much against guys who signed superstar money contracts later complaining that they aren’t getting enough anymore when you knew in full that future top paid players at your position are going to get more and more on future contacts.

  17. montanamike2 says:

    I’ll bet this is the toughest part of our young GM’s job.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m not really on anyone’s side much because I don’t really know how the FO is thinking about the Lynch stuff.
    I still haven’t heard anything from Lynch himself yet so who knows, perhaps this is just all fabricated by Lynch & teammates to just mess with the media.

    I do believe that Lynch is worth at least something in the 7 mil range.
    And I do believe we probably wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl without him.
    And I also believe he has at least three good years left in him.

    And more importantly I don’t think any of his teammates would have a problem with the FO re-doing his contract.

    I think the players have his back.

    A two mil raise won’t break the salary cap at all, & it won’t set a bad example in this case imo.

    Throw him a bone!

  19. Bobbyk–Its not Lynchs fault his agent fouled up and agreed to a stupid contract. Lynch should sue his ass, IMO. And Seattle should take care of him and pay him a bit more. Easy Peasy, everyone’s happy, Compromise!

    This team is not yet Wilsons. He played poorly when it counted late in the season, and perhaps it was due to injury or Domestic issues or both, but the fact remains that he struggled, despite a crazy-talented team around him. Yet Lynch dominated despite an offensive line that ranked in the bottom tier of NFL lines no matter how you slice it (IMO they were the worst in the NFL last year). Nothing Wilson did was possible without Lynch, yet Lynch would have played well and got 1,000 yards with ANYONE as qb. Im just sayin’…Wilson isnt elite yet, and this team isnt his and his alone just yet…its all possible through the legs of Lynch.

    I get what youre saying, I understand the logic, I just dont agree.

    MontanaMike–How about Seattle HONORING their contract with Lynch NEXT YEAR?! No matter how well he plays, there is no way in HELL they honor that contract! They WILL cut him, regardless of anything and everything; and you know damned well Lynch was counting on that money. See what I mean about one-sided contracts?!

    Georgia–Hear, Hear!

  20. Wilson played off in the middle to late regular season, and made some whack mistakes in the Title game, is what I meant…

  21. Ewalters7354 says:

    With Tjack’s contract being fully guaranteed and Pryor’s experience in Nfl games,it’s no surprise Price got cut.

    I love Lynch and all but if he leaves oh well.Can’t pay everybody.Also I personally think Christian Michael’s play Will really challenge Marshawns’s playing time in a big way.


  22. Michael will be a stud. Hes dumb as crap, but he runs with a forward lean and has a lower center of gravity than any back Ive seen since Barry Sanders. He also falls FORWARD on every play, and loves contact. He never, ever, gets hit and falls backward, and he doesnt like the sideline line Alexander. This kid has power, speed, moves, and heart…if only he had some Brains!

  23. And so the haters can Can It: my comments are the strident opinions of a longtime Seahawks fan who played HS football, and that is all. I cant describe the diff between a 4-3 Over vs Under like Dukeshire, and I suck at Madden, but I think Im fairly knowledgeable and analytical…

    In other words, If EWalters opinion is worth 10 cents now, then mine is worth a nickel at least, so dont freak out lol! I respect y’all even when I think youre full of crap, and I hope for the same…

  24. Screensmoke says:

    Bobby k nailed it !!!- I agree 100 percent . Love lynch as a football player but scratching my head lately about his thought process as well as my friend from the big Sky country – worst line in the league just won the superbowl – frickin amazing

  25. Screensmoke says:

    MT- I’m more full of crap than a Christmas turkey!

  26. Surprised that Price is gone and Daniels is still here – there are some guys that just keep floating around but they never seem to be able to actually ever make the team – or contribute.

    Daniels – Clark – Toomer – to name a few. just interesting to me that it would seem that they know they aren’t going to make a difference but getting rid of a guy that MIGHT make a difference some day.

    On the idea of signing Bronson, I see this as a way to have a RB for mini camp at least – Signals, to me, they know ML is not coming in

  27. SRVHawk81 says:

    Some still don’t get it IMO. He signed a fine contract. But it’s only a contract for the LENGTH of the contract for MOST here when it benefits the team. How long was Red’s? Clemons’? Miller’s? I could go on. You’re simply being hypocritical if you don’t criticize the Hawks for not honoring “contracts”!

    Lynch earned every penny of his guaranteed money already. Why shouldn’t he expect to get his value in 2014? If you simply don’t like it due to it not being optimal for the Hawks, then you lose any credibility in this discussion IMO. I’m STILL waiting for ANYONE to logically explain why the contracts must be “honored” by the players but not the teams??????????

  28. montanamike2 says:

    Xman i agree about Bronson, i think Toomer is going to come on strong this year, but i’ve been wrong before. I hear good things about him and hope he finally gets it, Malcolm Smith seems more expendable to me. I’m still on the fence with the Lynch deal. Both Bobby and Slave have valid points, for me it’s whether we can resign KJ and Bobby Wagner next year but i’ve already stated that. I’m really excited about pre-season this year and can’t believe we have become perennial contenders! I bought a Seahawks SB champion t shirt yesterday, our mall store had tons and tons of gear but were sold out almost entirely of anything Seahawks.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why the lack of love for the Super Bowl MVP?

    If it wasn’t for Smith’s int in the championship game the 49ers would have had more chances to win the game.

    I don’t know what more you can ask for from a linebacker.

    Oh well, you can’t keep them all.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    Smith is a good player, i just think we can’t afford everybody and i’d rather keep Wright and Wagner. In no way do i mean Smith is untalented.

  31. Southendzone says:

    I can’t say I’ve spent a ton of time analyzing Malcolm Smith’s game, but that guy turns up in the right spot a HELL of a lot! Obviously the 2 big plays we know of from the playoffs. I think another pick 6 in reg season. Next time you see Sherm’s pick 6 of Matt Schaub, take a peek and see who’s right behind him… yep it’s Malcolm.

    So either he’s doing something right, and is a pretty good player, or he’s just ultra lucky. I like the guy.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I know you think Smith is good montana.
    It just seems like I keep hearing the same thing about him from many folks.

    Just glad we have one more year to enjoy his play.

    Here’s something to make it difficult for you to sit on the fence.

  33. chuck_easton says:


    Teams are “honouring” the contract when they cut a player for performance reasons. It is written in the contract that the team can do that. Players are NOT honouring the contract when they hold out. That is also written into the contract.

    That is why there is no financial penalty for the team when they cut a player but there are fines and other financial penalties to the player when he holds out.

    I explained this two threads ago. NFL Players are not employees. They sign a contract to provide their specific Services to the team.

    Let me explain a Services Contract in a way even us fans can relate to.

    Your home needs a new roof. You look at all the available companies and you decide to hire Joe’s Roofing. You sign a Services Contract that states Joe’s Roofing will finish your roof in X amount of days and you will pay them Y amount of money for their services.

    Scenario A: You come home half way through the process and you observe that the workers are messy. They have already broken two of your windows, they have dumped debris all over yours and your neighbor’s yard. And they are barely even started on the actual roof. You determine they are not Performing up to the standard you expected. Are you required to “HONOUR” your contract and allow them to finish the job and pay them their full amount per the contract? (Replace You with the Team).

    Scenario B: Joe’s Roofing is doing a great job! Every day you come home and are amazed how wonderful everything is going. In fact it looks like Joe’s Roofing is ahead of schedule and the quality of the work is much better than you expected. Joe meets you at your front door and tells you “I think I am outperforming our contract. My work is much better than you expected and I’m worth way more. I’m not going to come back to finish your roof until you pay me more money”. Are you going to accept that? No. You expect Joe’s Roofing to “honour” the contract and finish the work to your expectations and for the price that was agreed to. (replace Joe’s Roofing with Player).

    So, that is why NFL teams can cut a player for not performing up to the agreed to standard and it is still honouring the contract, but a player is not honouring the contract if he demands more money in the middle.

    Players are SERVICE PROVIDERS. They are not employees.

  34. Hammajamma says:

    Excellent analogy, Chuck. It’s also why players and agents also seek guaranteed money, knowing they can be released from their contract before full term. Business Mode.

  35. Southendzone says:

    Not sure the analogy is that similar. More like you hire a roofer to a contract where he will rebuild your roof once a year for 4 years.

    The first 3 years, he’s been doing a fine job, but at the end of year 3, you realize there’s a cheaper roofer who will do an OK job, but only cost you 1/2 as much so you drop the 4 year contract and hire the cheaper one.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Fair or unfair the problem with this analogy is that this is (sports) where unwritten rules influence decisions, like how the continuity of the locker room is affected, how fans react to decisions with their money & how much a players play gives a team a better chance to win future Super Bowls.

    It’s difficult to determine who has the overall better leverage here, but if I was to choose right now it would be the FO.

    That is if this is really an issue with the Seahawks like it appears it really is with the 49ers & Davis

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The thing that really separates sports from other businesses is the fans & their emotional investment to their favorite teams.
    Not sure we are going to see anytime soon countless blogs dedicated with countless fans spending much of their free time following their favorite roofing company’s.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:


  39. Anthony McCoy labelled as a poor starter.

    Sweezy, Carpenter and Coleman all labelled as below average starters.

  40. Lynch, Sherman and Thomas all labelled as elite starters.

  41. chuck_easton says:

    Bingo Georgia,

    But even though we fans have an emotional investment in the team, the players and the sport, it really is just a business.

    Take the emotion out of the equation and look at it purely from a bottom line dollars and cents reference and you see that this really is a services contract between the player who is providing the services and the team that expects those services to be to a satisfactory level to justify the amount they pay the player for those services.

    And next time someone is doing your roof let me know. I’ll bring my posse down and we will stand out in your yard all day and yell, JUST PAY THE MAN!!! until you tear up the contract and pay your roofer more money. :)

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol chuck.

    I had to pay my roofer 1/3 up front, another 1/3 half way through & hoped they would come back to finish the job.

    Still finding nails around the house.

  43. SandpointHawk says:

    Chuck, does your posse show up in suites and ties carrying briefcases or do you wear your roofer colors?

  44. seahawk44 says:

    Chuck….I mostly agree with your analogy except that the salary cap plays as much a part in the teams decision to end their contract with a player as their performance does.

    Blocis….those rankings are opinions and the ones I disagree with the most are Jon Ryan being below average and Jean Pierre being below average. I actually think Lemuel is the best option for one of the guard spots and thought that last season, but it seems the team is afraid to risk injury to their only backup center option. And McCoy listed as poor? I thought he was due for a breakout season before he was put on IR.

  45. Southendzone says:

    The worst part about this will be if Marshawn holds out and doesn’t play this year , coming to the blog and hearing people freaking out about it every time Turbin or Michaels get tackled for a loss of fumble.

    In fact, if #24 holds out and doesn’t play, we better go 19/0 because everything will be blamed on the FO’s reluctance to give him more money.

  46. Once you start throwing bones, others will see it.

    Sherman and ET just signed contracts that will pay them megabucks. However, in a couple of years when they are in the middle of those deals – they will be underpaid in comparison to the highest paid FS and CBs. They know this and shouldn’t have signed their current deals so they shouldn’t complain, like Lynch is now, when it happens.

    I am tired of Lynch having a separate set of rules than every other Seahawks player and I don’t want to see him “get his way” on this one. If he’s so unhappy being a megamillionaire, he should retire or find a different job that will pay him more (maybe WalMart?).

  47. yankinta says:

    “I think among the 31 NFL quarterbacks who don’t throw me passes, Russell Wilson is the best. He’s got all the tools; he has the ability to keep the play alive, and he’s very accurate with a strong arm. He exemplifies what it takes to be a winning QB in the NFL. If you asked me to choose based on record and experience, I’d take Tom Brady or Peyton Manning—but in terms of right now, my pick is Wilson.” by Vernon Davis, 49ers TE.

    Wow,, we all know that Players know Players much better than Fans or Analysts do… This just confirms my belief that RW is (was last year) in the Top 3 QB, if not the Top QB in the NFL today. :)

  48. yankinta says:

    BobbyK, yup yup, that’s what I’ve been telling them. These people that say Throw Lynch a bone are Short Sighted. smh..

  49. This is a pretty simple matter in my mind…

    Lynch is a top 5 running back.
    He is one of the top five highly paid running backs.
    He signed a contract, which still has two years on it.
    End of story.

    I really like how the rookie contracts work…there should be a similar stipulation in all other contracts that require players to honor what they agreed to…Maybe add more incentives to account for performance that exceeds the contract amount.

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Short sighted?

    I happen to be a huge fan of Russell Wilson. Lol.

    First off you can’t just take the emotion part out of football. (And you can’t always take the emotion part out of football business too imo).

    That’s what helps separate the winners from the losers in football.
    That’s what helps make Carroll a great coach.
    That’s what makes a good RB a Beastmode RB.

    “Throw him a bone Pete”

    “It’s not like you are throwing fifty mil for two years at an old washed up injury prone basketball player.”

    If anything it will motivate younger players like Carp & Irvin to try & out perform their contracts.
    Like Jimmy Johnson said “You don’t always treat your players the same way.”

  51. Seahawk44 – I have for two years said that Jeanpierre should have a chance at RG. There is no way that Sweezy was better than Jeanpierre two years ago or even last year.

    Having said that, I grudgingly admit that Sweezy improved last year. Maybe he will improve again…..

  52. chuck_easton says:


    Lawyer posses always travel in suits and ties. That’s pretty much how you tell the lawyers from the normal people downtown.

    If you see two or more people together and all the men are in suits and ties and all the women are in formal business attire then you can guess lawyers and you would be right the majority of the time.

    Now I will match my tie to the roofers team colours when I come down to Georgia’s place.

  53. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,, those are 2 completely different subjects… :)

    Short Sighted : For those of you that say throw Lynch a bone, what would you say, if RS or ET or Kam or Bennett holds out next year or in 2016 and say,, throw us a bone too,, you threw one to Lynch in 2014…??

    RW being Elite : Vernon Davis, 49ers TE, said “I think among the 31 NFL quarterbacks who don’t throw me passes, Russell Wilson is the best. He’s got all the tools; he has the ability to keep the play alive, and he’s very accurate with a strong arm. He exemplifies what it takes to be a winning QB in the NFL. If you asked me to choose based on record and experience, I’d take Tom Brady or Peyton Manning—but in terms of right now, my pick is Wilson.”

    I was saying this confirms my belief that RW is Elite (Top 3 QB in the NFL today, if not the Top QB)… :)

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Where Lynch differs from the other top five RBs is that he has a Super Bowl win.

    He doesn’t need it to justify him getting top three money but he now has that too! ( A Super Bowl win).

    This dog has earned a bone!

  55. SandpointHawk says:

    That’s about what I visualized Chuck, although the tie is a nice touch….

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You don’t have to convince me Yankinta about Wilson being elite.
    I was convinced a long time ago.

    In fact I was the first one to know.

    Looooooong before the Yangster.

  57. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,, Giving out Contracts based on what they have done to earn it Versus what they will do to earn it, is the biggest difference between the two FO led by Tim Ruskell and JS/PC.

    We all know which one will give us a Seahawks Dynasty. :)

  58. Southendzone says:

    I always was able to pick out lawyers in a crowd because of the horns and pitchforks, not their clothes.

    Gonna have to dust off some lawyer jokes here.

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I gotta go, I’m laughing so hard I’m crapping my pants.

  60. doubledink says:

    An old preacher lay dying so he called for his Doctor and Lawyer to come quickly to stand at his bedside. After arriving they asked what he wanted. He said “All my life I’ve tried to live like Jesus, now I want to die like him. Between two thieves.”

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One last thing.

    Blocis, Take it easy on Sweezy.

    I predict Sweezy will be the Seahawks best O-lineman this year.

    Yep yep, you heard it here first.

  62. yankinta says:

    lol, you knew about RW before me?? lol I guess you jumped out of your couch too, when we picked him in the 3rd round of 2012 pick. But I doubt you screamed as loud as I did back then… :)

  63. doubledink says:

    Yes perhaps you did Yank, but you didn’t say anything on here until August. Just sayin.

  64. Yank- I have actually warmed up to your posts the last few months as I do think you have legitimate opinions and are knowledgeable but I still don’t understand your need to boast self congratulations on a public forum or why you need to be recognized as the only one who knows or knew before everyone about any NFL topic? Does it make you a better fan than everyone else?

  65. I updated this table with the guarantee upon signing. Every player but Peterson was paid a signing bonus in the 2012-2014 period making this a pretty good apples to apples comparison.

    3 Year Total Compensation (2012-2014):
    Peterson: $33.3m ($36m guaranteed)
    Foster: $29.8m ($20.8m guaranteed)
    Rice: $25.5m ($15m guaranteed)
    Forte: $23.0m ($13.8m guaranteed)
    Lynch: $22.5m ($17m guaranteed)
    McCoy: $20.5m ($20.8m guaranteed)
    Gore: $18.9m (NO guarantee)(!)

    I added the guaranteed money in the table because it appears Lynch and McCoy took lower 3 year compensation but received a higher guarantee than Forte and Rice.

    The more I look at this, I don’t see anyway anyone can argue that Lynch hasn’t been paid in line with his contributions relative to Rice, Forte and McCoy. We’ll throw out Foster and Gore as outliers.

  66. I’m not trying to be offensive or pick on you. I’m just completely dumfounded why the constant need to be right, know more and know better? How about just sharing knowledge and opinions without the “I’m the best and I know better than everyone attitude”?

  67. yankinta says:

    lol,,, that’s not my point at all. I was only responding to GeorgiaHawk. Go and read his comment above. How come you didn’t say that to GeorgiaHawk?? I think that you’re biased. :)

  68. mosdef29 says:

    Not surprised by Price getting cut. I was more surprised that he signed with the Hawks in the first place. They just picked up Pryor, and already had the 3 QBs from last year’s squad. Just didn’t seem like a good decision on his part, but UDFAs I suppose should jump on the first offer made to them. Best of luck to Keith, I think he can legitimately push for a backup spot on other teams.

  69. doubledink says:

    btw Yank, I too will add that your posts have improved. You do bring some good stuff.

    The year we drafted Kam, I had picked us selecting Okung, Earl and Kam in their exact spots. But I didn’t do it on here, only in our office pool. That’s why I haven’t proclaimed my prognostication abilities. Even a blind squirrel find a nut now and then.

    Your endorsement of Wilson (on here at least) was only after he was named the starter. (And I won’t bring it up again.)

  70. doubledink says:

    Yank, I agree with you regarding Lynch’s situation. He has had a good contract. He shouldn’t be surprised that the 3rd year of his deal will not be as competitive with the market rate of new deals. He isn’t being ripped off.

  71. yankinta says:

    lol, ummm thanks. :)

    Here’s a good little nugget.

    I’ve always said that RG3 was fake and didn’t like him at all because he benefited from way too many Screens/Easy Yardage…. Now this article proves it. :)

    As you can see at the bottom, RW is Ranked 4th on Non Screens QBs…

    “The non-screen list is a good way to separate the passers from the “easy” screen yardage they accumulate throughout the season.”

  72. GeorgiaHawk says:

    There’s only room enough in Wilson’s life for one #1 fan.

    Be thankful that you are still in the top five.

    That would still make you elite, just not the best.

    You still have a chance to be #1 though if Wilson continues to hang out with Justin Bieber or whatever his name is.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That contract was not written in good faith by the FO because it gives Lynch no chance to gain 1,500 yards & get a $500,000 bonus.
    That could be the issue here (if there is one.)
    Funny how we all started hearing this stuff shortly after Bevell said other backs will be sharing the rock more.

    I’m all for more touches from the other backs but if they do the FO would be smart to throw Lynch a bone.
    That would not look good either (to the players)if the FO gives off the impression that they didn’t negotiate Lynch’s contract in good faith.

  74. “This is a pretty simple matter in my mind…

    Lynch is a top 5 running back.
    He is one of the top five highly paid running backs.
    He signed a contract, which still has two years on it.
    End of story”

    that’s how I see it too. he’s not underpaid under his deal – as productive as he’s been, his salary is still in line. hope this works itself out.

  75. chuck_easton says:


    It’s $1M in 2014 and $1M in 2015 for a 1,500 yard season. If Lynch got 1.500 in both seasons he’d get 2M.

  76. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Chuck.

    I read somewhere (I think field gulls) that it was $500,000.

    That could be the bone right there if the latest reports are true that Lynch has reported to camp confident that the FO will be working on a different deal.

  77. SRVHawk81 says:

    “I really like how the rookie contracts work…there should be a similar stipulation in all other contracts that require players to honor what they agreed to…Maybe add more incentives to account for performance that exceeds the contract amount.”

    The difference is that ALL of the money in ROOKIE contracts is guaranteed. No so in vet contracts. BIG difference. I’d say that Lynch should play out his contract if it was completely guaranteed. It is not. It would be helpful if people actually understood how these contracts work a little before commenting.

    “So, that is why NFL teams can cut a player for not performing up to the agreed to standard and it is still honouring the contract, but a player is not honouring the contract if he demands more money in the middle.”

    Aside from some semantic argument, this is complete BS. If the players sign services contracts, then they are completely within their right to refuse service and forfeit the agreed upon compensation for future years. Right? Lynch is in no way forced to provide service in 2014 for the Seahawks. He is simply not allowed to provide services to other NFL teams and the Hawks can withhold his salary. He also does not earn a year of service if he holds out long enough. Lynch is completely within his right to hold out if he’s willing to deal with the collectively bargained penalties for doing so. What don’t some of you understand about that? I highly doubt anyone here would be willing to call these contracts fair if it was them signing them. People simply want their cake and to eat it to. Grow up.

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