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Seahawks sign DT Kevin Williams

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 12, 2014 at 4:32 pm with 73 Comments »
June 12, 2014 4:33 pm

The Seahawks have signed defensive tackle Kevin Williams.

Ed Werder of ESPN was the first to report the signing, which the Seahawks later confirmed. Werder says it’s a one-year deal worth more than $2 million.

The addition of Williams is a boon and not a surprise. The former Minnesota Viking had visited the Seahawks, they had leftover cap space and like to use a rotation on the defensive line. Williams made visits to the New England Patriots and New York Giants, too.

Williams, 33 (soon to be 34), spent 11 productive seasons with the Vikings. He has 60 career sacks, five interceptions and 65 passes defensed during that time. He is a six-time Pro-Bowler and five-time All-Pro. The last time he received those honors was 2009.

He’ll hop into the rotation at three-technique.

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  1. Sure. I’m cool with it. More experience on the D Line will only help the young fellows. Obviously not an every down guy but I think it’s a decent signing

  2. This is a huge signing for us.

    Did anyone really want to go into the season trusting Jesse Williams and Jordan Hill to be primary DT back-ups? I didn’t.

  3. Ray_Maines says:

    This is NOT a huge signing for the Seahawks. Size Medium at best.

  4. So you wanted to depend on Jesse Williams and Jordan Hill to be primary back-ups? Its a good thing that JS/PC know better than to risk that.

  5. Or perhaps you were going to depend on Jimmy Staten? Or Michael Brooks? Or DeWayne Cherrington?

  6. Huge signing. Huge.

  7. Ray_Maines says:

    Time will tell. I think size M. We’ll see.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    He certainly has credentials, the question is whether there’s anything left in the tank.

  9. jawpeace says:

    I like it! Adds good depth and veteran leadership. I am sure he can help teach a thing or two to the young guys we have.

  10. montanamike2 says:

    Yeah a multi year all pro might have a similar effect that Lawyer Milloy had.

  11. I think it’s a great signing too. I wasn’t thrilled about losing McDonald and Red. Having a pro like Kevin Williams makes me feel a lot more confident about our line. He still looked pretty good against the run to me last year.

  12. This is another Chuck Darby signing in terms of getting a guy on a 1-year deal who will make an impact. Their games aren’t similar, but their importance to the interior DL will be in another Super Bowl season. Use the 2+ million this year and when the contract is over it’ll be all the more money for extending a guy like Wilson or Wagner when you don’t resign him after the season. Win-win. I like it.

  13. bsinnitt says:

    Great addition for the run defense. The competition at 3 tech just got a big boost. Now the young guys have a former all pro to compete with and show them the ropes. This is an added bonus to being one of the 5 or 6 teams with a legit shot at the championship, getting great players looking for a ring before they hang it up. I trust that Pete will make the tough call and cut him if he doesn’t have enough left to contribute.

  14. montanamike2 says:

    I thought Jared Allen would do the same, but he cares about money more than his legacy.

  15. vichawkfan says:

    Lynch tweeted today, first since Feb 2nd.

    @edsmith84: @MoneyLynch preparing for the upcoming season!!!! #BeastMode @Seahawks

    Looks like he’s trying to say “chill boys on TNT, I’m just doing my thang”

  16. Ha! NFL Network is scrolling that he might retire! Maybe they’re jumping the gun. A bit…..

  17. montanamike2 says:

    vichawkfan i can now sleep a bit better.

  18. Macabrevity says:

    Welcome to Minnesota West!

  19. montanamike2 says:

    I saw a tweet yesterday that Lynch says he’s looking forward to this season. He knows he will be a cap causality next year and he wants a little more $ before next then. I always believe in honoring your contract but at least we know where he’s coming from. It’s nice to know that this is a Walter Jones type of thing about money and not discontent with the team.

  20. montanamike2 says:

    I remember when my mom was trying to get me to run to Canada when i was in the Army and the Gulf War had started, i told her that this wasn’t like Vietnam and they just send you back for desertion. Besides i was honoring my contract just like all the other soldiers around me. I’m glad i never listened to my parents, actually i got farther in life by doing the opposite of whatever they told me.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Big play Babs just said on the NFL am network that he talked to Lynch yesterday about his contract issue.

    Sounds like Lynch really does have a problem with it.

    It will replay again in about 45 minutes or about 10:05 am Eastern time.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Now it looks like the NFL network has something else about Lynch coming up in a few minutes asking ( Is Lynch Leaving?)

  23. montanamike2 says:

    I’ll go watch.

  24. As usual with our front office (except for their starting OL decisions), they are a step ahead of most. The Michael pick last year may have been seen with skepticism but now it’s looking pretty darn good.

  25. montanamike2 says:

    I’ll have to agree on that one Bobby, especially if he’s AP like.

  26. If Micheal was AP like, wouldn’t he have played last year, just sayin’.

  27. montanamike2 says:

    Tru Tru.

  28. vichawkfan says:

    Don’t see how ML has any leverage here. He’s late to the party and the writing is on the wall with him. Maybe he wants some $ for what he’s done and not what he will do. 5th highest paid RB for 5th most production seems fair.

  29. On the Lynch issue, everyone was talking up this organization about how they paid that rookie or whatever who had the heart condition when they didn’t have to, so if they slip a little more garanteed money torwards Lynch wouldn’t be along the same lines. I mean the punishment he has taken and the effort he has put in all of his runs behind a line that has barely improved if any since he’s been here and now the speculation of him being a cap casaulty next year, shouldn’t we give him some incentive to continue to Beast through runs this year for one last hurrah if that is the case, instead of just using him up for one more year and dropping him like oh well, it’s business. We would not have a Championship without him and I doubt we would have even made the playoffs at all the last couple of years.

  30. Speaking of Lynch….. here is a link to the Spotrac view

  31. Another thing that pisses me off is all the love Shaun Alexander was getting at the end of his career before his last year here. On a side note, I do like this Williams signing.

  32. chuck_easton says:


    That’s all well and good, but you don’t pay a player for what they have done in the past. You pay them for future performance.

    Lynch is coming to the end of his career. He isn’t going to get another big contract when this one ends either by Lynch being released next season or when it runs out at the end of 2015. Most likely the former.

    The team would have to rip up his current contract and give a new one entirely. The league doesn’t just allow for a player to be slipped a few ‘extra bucks’.

    If the team rips up his contract today the full remaining 3M from the original signing bonus goes on the Cap immediately. So before they ‘slip a little more guaranteed money’ they start with a 3M cap hit.

    Say they re-write the contract and give Lynch another 6M bonus, 1M guaranteed salary this year and have an non guaranteed contract of 6M next year. Marshawn gets 7M cash instead of the 5.5M his current contract will pay him for this year. So, that is an extra 1.5M in Marshawn’s pocket this year.

    What does the team get? This year’s cap hit would stay at 7M. If Marshawn played next year the cap hit would again be 9M. But if the team followed through with the apparent plan and cut him next year the dead money would be 3M for the team and not the 1.5M it would be under the current contract.

    How is that good business for the team?

  33. CDHawkFan says:

    Tru, the reason for the comparison of Micheal vs AP. The A&M strength and condition coach said recently that Micheal had the same explosiveness as AP (this coach had worked with AP before).

    Not saying they are right, but people are then assuming Micheal = AP.

    Also, I think its clear their decsion not to play him much wasn#’t due to a lack of talent or explosiveness (like AP), its because of his head, or lack of maturity. I think Pete said earlier this week that he (Micheal) had the furthest to go in terms of the RB and getting on the field due to non-athletic issues.

  34. chuck_easton says:

    And your comment about the Alexander matter is exactly why people aren’t lining up to demand that Lynch get paid.

    Shaun got that great big contract at the end for past performance and then the wheels fell off just like they do for most 30 year old RBs.

    The team wasted a whole bunch of money on a guy and got nothing for it.

    But the fans felt better because Shaun got recognized for all the hard work in the past. Except in hindsight most fans now know that last big contract was a mistake.

    Sure, we all LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Lynch and what he has done for this team the past three years. But not enough to be demanding that the team make the same business mistake they made with Alexander.

    And I don’t think this current FO cares about making the fans or the older players happy. They only care about what a player can do for them today, tomorrow, and next year. Lynch may have a today with this team, but it’s quite clear there is no tomorrow or next year in the plans.

  35. Then is that spotrac article wrong, sounds like if they restructure his contract that the Hawks could take a less of a hit, plus, I was talking about paying him for what he will do this year as well as rewarding him for how he’s transformed this team. He lead the league in missed/broken tackles last year, and how many times does he get hit behind the line and still go for positive yds. Until he actually shows signs of being noticably slowing down, I say pay the man. Why does everyone feel like his play will just all of a sudden disappear, because of his age, if that’s the case shouldn’t Minn. ask AD to restructure down his contract.

  36. yankinta says:

    I love this deal because it doesn’t affect our 4 compensatory picks.

    Totally Worth $2 Mil to make sure our biggest weakest on Defense (Run Defense) doesn’t derail our entire season…

  37. And unless Percy Harvin tears it up all year–and stays healthy–look for him to be the next one on the chopping block. Im serious. He was signed when DeSean Jackson was still making 11 million a year (and the Dolphins had just paid Wallace a kings ransom). When Philly cut Jackson, he was probably stunned to find out he was lucky to get 8 per from the Washington team; No one wants to pay more than 10 million per for a WR unless its a guy like Fitz, Johnson, Megatron, Green or Jones. The market has dropped/settled.

    I understand Lynch wanting more money–he’s giving his all every play and carried this team, either on his shoulders or by being a decoy. He should be making closer to what McCoy and AP are earning. But they are making too much money, and would not get contracts like that on the open market.

    And Lynch’s contract was specifically designed so they could cut him after this year and not pay the final year of the deal–that year was fluff to make the contract look good for the agent and for Lynch’s pride. No one forced him to sign it, and he got financial security two years ago, so he really has nothing to complain about.

    Still, Arian Foster is due to make more than him. Thats hardly fair. And he is right to look at Sherm, ET, and especially Harvin and be miffed they make more than twice his salary when he’s sacrificing his body to a far greater extent.

    I no longer expect players to honor contracts that are unfair, because teams routinely dump players with high salaries who incur injuries, or are slow to heal, or are just aging, even with multiple years on their contracts. Teams like Seattle love having guys who are outperforming their contracts, and they never overpay like they once did for Rice and Miller. The players have no security, even with a contract; but they teams always do, they hold the upper hand. Thats why I dont get angry with players who are outperforming thier contracts who want a better more fair deal.

    However, when players like Revis hold out every other year, and constantly want to be the highest paid player at their position, I want to give them a swift kick in the butt. Thats the trade-off you get with large guaranteed money and a multi-year deal; you trade the upfront cash, guarantees, and years of security for the chance to renegotiate every year to ensure you stay at or near the top of the earning pile.

    Its supposed to be a trade-off, a compromise that is a win-win for players and teams; pay your guy early and upfront, get him for a few years and ensure you dont have to jack his salary high in a couple years if the market balloons. For the players, it doesnt really protect them against injury, loss of skill, or the like; teams will still cut them after the first year or two if they feel the need, and the player has no way to make them honor the contract.

  38. montanamike2 says:

    It would be foolish of Lynch to sit out for 2 years at the end of his career.

  39. yankinta says:

    Loved this,, since it’s unlikely we’ll be able to resign Maxwell next year. Hopefully Maxwell will get paid 1st tier or 2nd tier money so that we can get back 4th or 3rd round compensatory pick.

  40. Back to the Kevin Williams signing. According to PFF, he was the 10th rated top DT available in free agency.

  41. The crazy thing is I hated the Alexander deal because he was soft, I actually wanted to sign Ederan James at the time and keep Hutch. Lynch is a different runner altogether. If your a shifty speed guy, yeah, age factors into it, you slow down, can’t continue to do what you do, but Lynch isn’t a speed guy, he’s a bruiser, I don’t think we really have to worry about him losing a step, just keep letting him punish the D.

  42. Plus he might gain even more of that old man strength.

  43. PugetHawk says:

    If we had $2mil to spend, I am glad they addressed the d-line position. Unfortunate we couldn’t have gotten someone younger but hopefully Pete’s competition policy revives Williams.

  44. Speaking of Seahawk 2015 free agents (Maxwell), the list is very long

    Cliff Avril
    James Carpenter
    Heath Farwell
    Terrelle Pryor
    KJ Wright
    Byron Maxwell
    Clint Gresham
    Greg Van Roten
    Sidney Rice
    Anthony McCoy
    Tarvaris Jackson
    Bryan Walters
    Deshawn Shead
    Phillip Adams
    Mike Morgan
    Taylor Price
    Kevin Williams

  45. yankinta says:

    blocis,, Of those FA, I’d only try to keep Cliff, KJ and Maxwell. Rice will be gone, McCoy will be gone, Jackson will be gone. Hopfully BJ Daniel will be ready by then…. The rest are secondary/minimum type of deals..

  46. Southendzone says:

    Yeah, that list doesn’t look too problematic in terms of key guys. Agree with Yank’s list.

  47. Carpenter actually could become a key guy to resign. I know, let that sink in…mind blowing, isnt it?!

    Maxwell is gone, baby gone after this year. I can deal.

    Avril will cost a mint, but he may be worth it. Im really hoping to see Jeffcoat show promise, and Irvin and Mayowa to step up bigtime this year.

    Wright went from being the worst LB in coverage in the NFL the first month, to the best in the NFL. Seriously. Even though he’s slow. The guy can play MLB just as well if not better than WLB, and while Wags is a much better athlete, when he misses time we need Wright at MLB backing him up. He may price himself out of our reach though; at this point, I’d let Smith walk and try to sign him.

    Phillip Adams, Anthony McCoy, Desean Shead, Mike Morgan are guys that need to step up to show us what we have in them. Who knows? Im excited to see what McCoy can do now, and Shead.

    Tarvaris will leave for a chance to start. Which sucks, I like him a lot as our backup and wish he’d stay.

    The rest arent important, except Gresham who is money. You never notice your LS till they screw up.

  48. I don’t remember all the Shaun love prior to his final year. I remember lots of us who didn’t think he was all that and a bag of chips and that was before his decline.

    Georgia brought up a good point yesterday about how many snaps Williams logged in comparison to most DTs in the NFL (especially ours). He’s going to be fresh this year and have a good year. Even when he was overworked in comparison to what he’ll be in Seattle he was still good. I’m looking forward to him being a Hawk, big time.

    yank – good point about the Williams signing not costing us anything in terms of the picks we’ll gain next year since it came after June 1.

    I wonder if Viking fans think Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner, Malcolm Smith, Brandon Mebane, Russell Wilson, Max Unger, Russell Okung, etc… played for the Vikings at one point in time? I wish James Carpenter played for the Vikings though. Actually, I take that back, I wish Carp played for either the 49ers, Rams, or Cardinals.

  49. Southendzone says:

    I wonder if any of those FA’s are RFA’s that we can tender. I’m thinking maybe Shead figures into the future if Maxwell has another solid season and prices himself off the team.

  50. seems to me that Lynch’s remaining contract is really a very decent version of what he’d get if he were to go out on the market. if this is at all true (who knows), then I wonder who’s advising him.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sounds like Williams is (all in) to help the Seahawks.

    He talks about why he chose the Seahawks over some other teams that were pursuing him.

    He also hinted that he might be rejuvenated coming here & may have two or three good years in the tank by playing here.

  52. yankinta says:

    Georgia thanks for the link. I always wanted a player like Kevin Williams, never thought we could actually get the real Kevin Williams. Now our young guys can learn a lot from him. Totally worth 2Mil. Doesn’t cost us Comp Picks. :)

    As for Lynch, We CANNOT negotiate a new deal for him. That Will set a precedent for the rest of the roster moving forward. If he’s not willing to play this year under current contract, time to start thinking about trading him…. there are teams with plenty of Cap room and could use a Stud RB to groom young QB and make it to the playoff (Jags for example)….

  53. wazzulander says:

    I agree with BobbyK, I don’t remember all that much support for Shaun’s contract. If anything I remember a lot of people being critical of it, as there were a lot of people predicting his production dropping off like it did. I certainly don’t remember him ever getting as much love as Beastmode has gotten (deservedly so).

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wonder how many players really understand how the structure of contracts really works?

    Or do they blindly trust their agents.

    It has to be difficult for some of them.

    I know it’s difficult for me at times, like with Kaeps contract.

    I also wonder if the agents get a percentage of the total contract or a percentage of only the amount that the player actually gets from the contract?

    If agents get their cut from the non guaranteed part of the contract too then that helps explain why some of these complicated contracts get accepted by the players.

    Why would an agent try to explain to a player that so much of a contract is not guaranteed to a player when the agent will get his cut from the total amount?
    Could it be that Lynch is just now becoming aware of what his contract really means?

    Chuck? Anyone?

  55. jawpeace says:

    Just read a garbage article saying Lynch might retire. It started me thinking Lynch is a perfect person to write rumors about if I am media. He has star status which gets readers and he will never speak to the media to clear up misinformation about himself.

  56. jawpeace–Yep, those writers are merely digging up old news and rumors, and injecting innuendo’s to it to make it seem like fresh “news”. The retirement thing was old months ago…

    I wouldnt be one bit surprised if Lynch thinks he’s worth AP and McCoy money, in large part due to his onfield leadership, toughness, and willingness to do everything for his teammates. I just dont see Seattle being willing to pay him that money with RB being devalued on the open market.

    I was glad when we re-signed Alexander. He was a far better player than many now give him credit for being. And he did NOT immediately begin to suck after he signed his contract. He ran hard, but our line was crap after we lost the Ice Fisherman and the rest of the guys either retired or fell apart. No one blames guys like Tobeck, Locklear, or Gray for getting old and/or not putting forth effort. Locklear appeared to be a lazy ass to me, a guy who let injuries wreck his play because he didnt rehab hard enough.

    But people forget Alexander came back still gimpy from his injury and carried the ball 40 TIMES vs GB in the snow, a Seahawk record even BeastMode hasnt come close to breaking. And he took hits in that game, as he was still slowed by the injury. He also had one of his best games EVER vs the number 2 run D in football after that game, where he ran for 2 TD’s and 130 yards vs the Chargers. Alexander still had it that year, coming back from his injury, and he worked hard to come back from the injury to help his team. It was the next year he came out and had lost a step, and when that became apparent, he began to flop, whereupon everyone turned on him.

    But to say he gave up and/or sucked after signing his contract is a big fat lie.

    Yes, we should have just paid Futch and worked it out. But keeping SA was a no-brainer. They just should have constructed the contract with better opt-outs. No one could have foreseen the injury, nor its ultimate impact on SA’s ability to perform.

    Ruskell should have seen the offensive line’s collapse coming though, and like always he planned for nothing.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ruskell made his share of GM mistakes much like (Holmgren the GM) did before him, but the biggest mistake Ruskell made by far (imo) is valuing Alexander over Hutch.

    You don’t value a good player over a HOF player period!

    I often wonder what would have happened if Hutch was priority over Alexander.
    And how it would have worked out if Ruskell/Holmgren would have had the same working relationship as the FO has now.

  58. Hutchinson was a Guard lol.

  59. A lot of people forget Alexander carrying the Seahawks against a pretty powerful Bears team in the 2006 NFC Playoffs. No #1 NFC seed had ever lost their first playoff game under the current format and the Seahawks almost made it happen. Had they had a QB performance up to par with the RB performance, they would have made it back to the Super Bowl that year.

  60. Sorry guys, my previous 2015 free agent list was light by a few guys. Here is a new list with hopefully no missing players (26 in total). Someone asked about RFA’s – I have indicated RFA and EFRA’s as well.

    Cliff Avril
    James Carpenter
    Lemuel Jeanpierre
    Heath Farwell
    Terrelle Pryor
    KJ Wright
    Malcolm Smith
    Byron Maxwell
    Clint Gresham
    Greg Van Roten – RFA
    Sidney Rice
    Anthony McCoy
    Tarvaris Jackson
    Bryan Walters – ERFA
    Jemain Kearse – RFA
    Ricardo Locette – ERFA
    Deshawn Shead – EFRA
    Jeron Johnson
    Phillip Adams
    Mike Morgan – RFA
    Taylor Price
    D’Anthony Smith
    Steve Schilling
    Kevin Williams
    AJ Jefferson
    O’Brian Schofield

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You mean the pretty powerful Bears that lost to the Colts 29-17 in the Super Bowl?

    Who was the Bears QB?

    Pretty much the whole NFC was terrible (at that time) compared to the NFC in the eighties & nineties. Especially the NFC West.

  62. The Bears Defense was fantastic that year and shut down Manning in the Super Bowl. Rex Grossman and the offense were terrible.

  63. Um this comment was best on the Viks comment section:

    Teddy will surpass Wilson…..

  64. Cliff Avril – Hope we re-sign!!
    James Carpenter – time will tell
    Lemuel Jeanpierre – will come back IMO
    KJ Wright – hope we re-sign
    Malcolm Smith – Hope we Re-sign
    Byron Maxwell – will probably walk for bigger money
    Clint Gresham – will come back – why not play for constant play off teams – nobody will offer huge money
    Jemain Kearse – RFA – — Want him back
    Deshawn Shead – EFRA — Want him back

    These 9 guys are who I look at who might be harder to replace or are just good fits in our system compared to the other guys on the list – I doubt we get all of them back – also I am guessing we re-up RW next off season and not let him ever get the the market

  65. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The Bears were playing without Tommie Harris against Seattle in the playoffs that year.

    I doubt Alexander gets a pedestrian 4.2 yards a carry if Harris was playing.

    Hasselbeck was playing with an injured hand which affected his play.

  66. Southendzone says:

    Hey Blocis,

    Thanks for posting the new detailed list, very cool.

    it’s great to know that a couple of guys who you could consider mid-level to key contributors are in the RFA status.

    Kearse, Morgan, Shead all is good to have that additional level of control over.

  67. CDHawkFan says:

    Rex Grossman should never have won a game in the NFL, he was such a chucker. No offence Chuck.

  68. Ray_Maines says:

    Stuff I know now, but maybe didn’t know yesterday:

    1) Kevin Williams might have more gas left in the tank than I thought. The brain trust has a good track record with D-Linemen, so I trust that Hill, Yolo Williams and Scruggs could work out OK, but I also trust that KW will be a size large addition.

    2) About the best BeastMode can hope for is the same contract numbers will be rearranged and he’ll get more guaranteed money. Maybe this time next year he can sign an extension with a lot of signing bonus?

    3) The radio guys said the Guard Who Must Not Be Named really didn’t like the way SA ran, was really unhappy when they signed him to a huge new contract, and that in turn lead to his signing with Minn. FWIW.

  69. Ya gotta love any list with the Seahawks 1st and the 49’rs last!

  70. It’s about depth and competition.

    The whole “OMG does this mean they don’t like X player?” thing is silly. Some of you guys are the worried grannies of NFL fandom.

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