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Reports: Lynch not expected at mandatory minicamp (UPDATED)

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 11, 2014 at 7:31 pm with 83 Comments »
June 12, 2014 12:48 am

Multiple reports late Wednesday suggested the Seahawks’ prime offensive weapon may be unhappy with his contract and intent on skipping mandatory minicamp next week.

According to Rand Getlin of Yahoo Sports, Marshawn Lynch is not expected to be at mandatory mini-camp next week because he is “thought to be” unhappy with his contract.

ESPN is also quoting a source that says Lynch will not be at mandatory minicamp and wants a new contract with more up-front money.

PFT’s Mike Florio says Lynch hasn’t told anyone what he plans to do in regard to minicamp.

There is no one on the record in any of the reports.

Thursday’s 10th and final OTA is open to the media. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll — whom was asked at the start of OTAs if Lynch would be around then said he didn’t know before making a joke — was available to the media Monday. He will likely talk again Thursday.

Lynch, 28, did not go to the White House with the team in the offseason and has not been at any voluntary OTAs. There is no fine for missing OTAs. However, there can be significant fines for missing mandatory minicamp. From the NFL’s CBA:

Unexcused failure to report to or unexcused departure from mandatory offseason minicamp—maximum fine of $10,000 for the first missed day, which amount shall increase by $10,000 per day for each day of the player’s absence or departure (e.g., a player who misses all three days of minicamp may be fined up to $60,000).

In addition, Lynch is already likely to have been fined $50,000 by the NFL for his plea deal which reduced a summer of 2012 DUI down to wet reckless driving. When contacted by the News Tribune, the NFL indicated Lynch would not be suspended, but pointed out the following:

A first-offense DUI-related violation of law results in a fine of 2 regular-season game checks up to a maximum of $50,000, per our agreement with the NFL Players Association under the CBA. Those fines are not announced.

Lynch has two years remaining on his contract, each a significant cap hit. He’s a $7 million cap hit this season and can be a $9 million cap hit next season. Lynch can become an unrestricted free agent in 2016.

But, there is speculation he may be cut prior to 2016 because of his significant cost to a team that just extended Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, plus will be looking to extend quarterback Russell Wilson.

Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell mentioned at a “Town Hall” event last week that the Seahawks could use running back by committee this season, before backtracking from that statement Monday.

Young running back Christine Michael, in particular, and backup running back Robert Turbin are expected to push Lynch for carries this season. Though, Lynch remains the clear top option for the team as one of the best running backs in the league.

Lynch led the Seahawks with 1,257 yards on 301 carries in 2013, helping Seattle win its first Super Bowl.


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  1. Southendzone says:

    Wow, this is really surprising. He has a great contract. I have his jersey and he’s been my favorite player. I don’t think this is right on his part at all.

  2. vichawkfan says:

    Probably looking for an extension. The writing is on the wall for him though and perhaps he knows he’s still the straw that stirs the drink and this is his last chance at extending.

  3. DanielleMND says:

    Christine Michael, you’re up next. We won a Super Bowl, and we need everyone on board to try to make it two in a row. Doug Baldwin showed up even before his new contract. If Lynch wants to be a malcontent, trade him for some draft picks.

  4. Has this BS been a story on here before? Yes. Was it an issue in reality? No. Find something netter to write about please.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think Todd could find some better articles from Bleacher Report.

  6. I’m guessing Lynch doesn’t want more money but some type of guaranteed money for 2015. He sees the writing on the wall with his cap number for 2015 and all levels of the Seahawks talking up Michael. Next year he’ll need to play like he did in 2012 to receive that 2015 base salary.

    Unless the Seahawks give ground quickly, this could be similar to the Chris Clemons holdout a few years back.

  7. This is all conjecture with no substance. Malcontent, looking for more money, unhappy with his role.

    Anyone can speculate and put words out on the Internet to get some hits. Reporters like Getlin who have no clout have to swing blindly in order to hit a homerun and have their name attached.

    Before you call Lynch a malcontent and say we’re better off without him, no big deal next man up…. Stand pat on the blind swings and wait for the home run so you don’t look like an idiot.

  8. tealskin says:

    Just conjecture on my part but it seems as if Marshawn wants to cash in for the last year or two of his career. Can’t say I blame him. He’s not the kind of person that can have a second career in the media like so many others. Of course holding out creates a very sour vibe for the whole organization. Hopefully if this is where things are going, the FO can head it off.

  9. chrisj122 says:

    If this story has any truth and that’s a big if,
    This could be real disruptive to the team.

    Lynch at 28 May not be as fast or can cut quite as good as other RB on the roster
    But make no mistake he is by far the best option.
    Turbin, for as big as he is, is not nearly the power runner Lynch is.
    Turbin is good change of pace RB and compliments Lynch’s style but could never carry the load by himself, especially with our O line not performing at times.

    Michael’s may become a good starting RB at some point but it is evident he lacks the maturity and work ethic that this team demands from everyone.

  10. jawpeace says:

    What I think Lynch has been reading this blog and has seen all the post about how the Hawks will cut him next year. And he is not going to see the 7.5 mil he was supposed to get. Also reading past post of how the Hawks are going to cut Clemons, Red and Miller if they don’t restructure. Will all got cut except for Miller who restructured his contract. Posters being so accurate must have scared Lynch and now he wants some guarantee. Because as many has said the writing is on the wall. And Lynch can read and wants something different to happen.

  11. surelyyoujest says:

    I think this could be just a reporter, not familiar with Marshawn’s past attendance record, reading WAY too much into his absence at OTA’s. Let’s wait until something more substantive comes out before getting our bowel’s in an uproar (pun intended).

  12. Lynch showed up to the last day of Voluntary OTA and made the entire Mandatory OTA last year.

    Most Seahawks fans probably jumped on the wagon during the regular season so they probably didn’t know this because it was “before their time.”

  13. Hammajamma says:

    “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

    –D. Rumsfeld

  14. chuck_easton says:

    Not going to get too worked up until Lynch doesn’t show next week for mandatory mini-camp. But if there is any truth to the report at all Lynch isn’t in the best position to be making this demand.

    He’s only two years into a 4 year contract that pays him $30M. He received a 6M signing bonus and the base salaries for 2012 and 2013 were guaranteed. So he’s already received $17M of the 30M.

    Just looking at base salary Lynch’s 5.5M he’s getting paid for this season makes him the 5th highest paid RB in the NFL behind Peterson in Minn 11.75M, McCoy in Philly 7.65M, Forte in Chicago 5.95M, and Foster in Houston 5.75M.

    In the current NFL with the RB position devalued there are only 10 RB’s in the entire NFL with a base salary of 3M or more this season.

    If Lynch is truly upset it’s because he’s already received all the guaranteed money so he’s apparently looking to get more ‘upfront’ money.

    He also sees the writing on the wall. He’s due a 5.5M base salary next season and a 2M roster bonus making it possible he’s cut before the start of 2015.

    But there is an incentive for this season. If Lynch rushes for 1,500 or more yards he gets a 1M bonus. Same for next year.

    Not sure I see how Lynch ‘wins’ this battle of wills, but I understand he sees fully that this is very likely his last chance to ensure he gets some guaranteed income.

    If he is cut next season there isn’t a team out there that would sign him to a 5+M base contract and he knows it.

  15. yankinta says:

    Hmmm,, hope it’s not true but if it is, maybe we should consider trading him….

    I think there’s another that’d take on his current contract. Jaguars have 2nd biggest Cap room currently and I’m sure Coach Gus would love to have him. But only if we can get back 3rd round pick or higher.

  16. yankinta says:

    Hmmmm… only 1 Seahawk so far….

  17. TallyHawk says:

    Can we stop with the we should trade him talk please? It’s not happening!

  18. For all of the talk about Michaels work ethic and maturity issues, Marshawn doesn’t exactly score an A+ in this regard.

    I predicted during last season that because of his age and contract, this would be Marshawns last season with the Seahawks. If there is an issue I hope they can resolve it and Marshawn can be a Seahawk again this year.

  19. This may be blastphamy to some because Lynch is such a good RB and his teammates do seem to like him, but I hate how some people think they have their own separate rules. That’s another reason to love guys like Sherman and his comments about how everyone should be here for the sake of the team.

  20. yankinta says:

    TallyHawk, why isn’t it happening?? You need to recognize that the Seahawks are a team that broke away from conventional wisdom ever since JS/PC came into town.

    Trading Marshawn now isn’t conventional wisdom but I see it as Selling High. Marshawn is 28 is his stock is the highest it can be currently. If we aren’t gonna keep him next year (his cap is too high), and if he doesn’t want to play without a new contract, then I would love for us to see what we could get back for him. Maybe that’s just YankinTa way of thinking… :)

  21. “Lynch isn’t in the best position to be making this demand.” How true…

    Also consider that Lynch doesn’t appear to “buy in” to the system to the same extent as other players…If he’s a no-show next week, and especially if the coaches have any confidence in Michael, Lynch’s Skittle’eatin’ days in Seattle are likely about to end.

    He’s 28 which is like 38 in quarterback years…and has a lot of mileage due to his violent running style. His salary represents a large cap hit. He doesn’t seem to personify some of Carroll’s core tenants. He’s had a couple of off-the-field problems. He refuses to cooperate with the media and often skips voluntary team activities.

    I think Carroll and Schneider are reasonable guys, However, they know there are not that many teams willing to shell out a hefty salary for an aging running back, and even fewer teams who will do so for a player who requires special treatment. We got him in a trade for next to nothing and created an environment where he could flourish, which saved his career and enabled him to make a ton of money.

    It seems to me that conceding to his demands, considering that he is already well paid, and will turn 30 by the time his current contract expires, is probably not something the front office would be willing to do, as it sends a bad precedent to the rest of the team.

    I would hate to see Lynch go so soon, but that’s the nature of football in the NFL. This team is always on the lookout for ways they can improve. So, a perceived small drop-off in production with Michael / Turbin / ?, a potential draft pick next year, a substantial cap savings, and the opportunity to add some team-first leadership to the offense may be all the incentive they need to click the Next-Man-Up button.

  22. joeradio says:

    Jacksonville has Toby Gerhart and are pretty excited about him. Lynch is better but costs too much so it ain’t happening.

    Lynch isn’t getting traded. Suggesting it is ludicrous. How many players have the Hawks traded that didn’t play QB and weren’t named Aaron Curry?

    This is what Lynch does. You should be used to it. I think he plays out his contract and if he still has it, will get re-upped as long as it doesn’t break the bank. Wilson is the priority, followed by Wags and KJ. If Lynch fits, great. If he demands too much, it’s Michael’s job.

    Again, trading Lynch will not happen.


  23. Lynch may indeed want more upfront money for this year, but holding out isnt the way to get it. I see both sides–Lynch carried our craptastic offensive line on his back last year, and is most definitely in the top 3 RB’s in the NFL. Both AP and McCoy make several million more than Lynch is due to make this year, and Lynch knows damned well Seattle aint paying the 9 million to him in 2015. Arian Foster is not better than him, and Lynch should make more than him.

    But Seattle sees him slowing down (soon, if not already), and also clearly has noticed the downturn is pay for RB’s in the NFL. They’ve paid Lynch well while the market shrank, and he is under contract.

    That said, my overall position is Seattle should pay him 7 million this year, just bump up his pay. They are already going to get a cap hit when they likely cut him before next season, might as well find a way to restructure it and make both sides happy.

    The toughness and relentlessness Lynch brings to the team is even more important that the leadership of Chancellor, Sherm, or ET, IMO. He sets the tone for the entire team, and its not a good idea to lose that just yet.

    What I would like to see is both sides come to an agreement to pay him more this year, and get him at a better cap number for next year as well. Whether Lynch begins to decline this year or next or not is not that big of a deal to me; with Michaels and Turbin to help, even if Lynch is slowed by next year I still believe he’s a piece we should keep–just not at 9 million per.

  24. vichawkfan says:

    Team willing to trade for him would have to be A) close to winning a title B) financially willing to pay him more than 6mill C) the Saints

  25. Southendzone says:

    I don’t see how a trade happens either, because big contracts don’t get handed out these days to 28 year old RBs.

    I could see them MAYBE giving him a new deal that was less per year for the next 3 years than exists now, but more guaranteed than current, with some cash up front.

    His best bet is to kick butt this year, get released next offseason and find the best possible deal on the free market. It will be something around 3 year, 11M.

  26. SeattleTimes has reported that Arceto Clark is doing very well in OTA’s, catching a TD from Daniels to end Mondays practice, and was named’s player of the day for Tuesday. He’s making it very hard to cut him, and may earn himself a roster spot somewhere else if not here.

    Selfishly, I’d like to stash him on the PS, but if he performs like he has so far through preseason, he will find a home on a roster somewhere.

    Its no secret I dont like small WR’s; however, this kid just seems to get the job done. He’s a football player, and I like him.

    Also, Tharold Simon is looking good, according to them!

  27. If the 2012 edition of Lynch shows up in 2014, he won’t be going anywhere in 2015.

    Statistically speaking, the 2012 year was an aberration in his career.

  28. yankinta says:

    lol,, suggesting what this FO will or will not do just shows that there’s still a few of us thinking the old way and being stuck in conventional wisdom.

    Hopefully the majority of us have already recognized that the Seahawks are a team that broke away from conventional wisdom ever since JS/PC came into town. That is how Dynasty are built in this era of Salary Caps. YankinTa has been ALL IN, since April 27th 2012. :)

    Now let’s see if a team like Jaguars (somewhat close to making the playoff with its current Roster), would be willing to give up 2nd rd or 3rd rd pick for Lynch.

  29. Let’s trade Lynch? C’mon, really. How many times has he carried this team, isn’t our entire offense based off him? How shaky will our OLine be this year, yeah, lets trade him. Also, I forgot, who’s the source behind this story?

  30. SaigonSun says:

    This is so retarded. I don’t know how some of you can call themselves a Seahawk’ fans.
    Lets face it :
    1st: ML WAS the most important player on our team on the offense!
    2nd : without ML playing his heart out (and Beast Mode , etc) our glorious quarterback would have spent more time laying on his back than a hooker at the Chicken Patch Ranch brothel ! Yet, we don’t have problems paying Sherman and talking about paying RW in excess of $25 mill. for his future contract.
    3rd : ML was Beast Mode before RW came into the league; therefore RW didn’t “create” the Beast Mode. The Beast Mode helped RW greatly to be what he is now.
    4th : No way we could even make it to the SB game with RW and a weak running back. If N.O. ,S.F., and Bronco’s defense didn’t have to account for ML presence on the field , the final score could have been the opposite !
    5th : Lynch (last year)was and still is FAR better at running back than Wilson is at quarterback !
    6th : We , the Seahawks wouldn’t become who we are if it wasn’t for Lynch !
    I can go on and on …but, those of you that can understand the point will do that ,and the rest… I would care less. Lynch is the heart and soul of our offense. I understand the other teams don. ‘ pay for RBs , but they are NOT a running first team like we are.
    Finally, to compare Michael to Lynch? REALLY ? Lynch HAS earned his Beast Mode nick name. Michael ,to me , so far is nothing but a BITCH MODE !

  31. SaigonSun says:

    PAY LYNCH !!!

  32. yankinta says:

    lol, I’m just saying IF we aren’t gonna keep him next year (his cap is too high), and IF he doesn’t want to play without a new contract,

    I’m pretty sure if those two ifs are true, our FO is already thinking about what they could get back for him. And I Love it!! That kind of forward thinking is how Dynasties are built.

    Loyalty does not exist in NFL. But I’m sure all of us already knew, kind of like we found out about Santa Claus a long while ago. :) Otherwise, why would we cut Red Bryant, Chris Clemons,, etc,,

  33. Didn’t realize our D was based around Bryant and Clemons like our O is around Lynch.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like Lynch & hope this is just one of those (rumor has it) talk things that pops up when there is nothing much else to talk about.

    One thing though that has been interesting about his play is that it seems like every run has to be a difficult run for him & when Turbin runs he fly’s through the hole & makes it look easier.

    I know he likes contact but it would be nice to see more of the faster backs this season.

  35. PugetHawk says:

    No one from either side is commenting on this, so it is probably being blown out of proportion. That said, where there is smoke, there is usually fire and Lynch has a lot of miles on his body.
    He won’t be traded, and he won’t be a Seahawk after this season. I don’t think its smart to hold out or sit out the year before becoming a free agent. It makes him look bad to potential suitors for next year.

  36. Southendzone says:

    Most agree that Lynch won’t play next year at $7.5M. So what would be a good deal for renegotiating with him?

    If he simply plays now, he gets his $5M this year, and a new deal from some team lets say 3 years, between 8M and 13M depending on his 2014 season, let’s say 1/2 of his new contract is guaranteed, $4m-6.5M. Let’s also assume this 3 year contract is his last.

    Under this scenario, he earns between $9M and $11.5M guaranteed in the next 4 years.

    If the Hawks want to work with him, restart his deal now as a 4 year, 16M deal with 8 guaranteed, a $5M signing bonus and Base salaries / Cap hits of:
    2014: $1M / $6.25m (prorating of old sign bonus comes due)
    2015: $5M / $6.25
    2016: $5M / $6.25
    2017: $5M / $6.25

    Marshawn gets more guaranteed money, comparable in fact to playing this season and leaving. Hawks get reduced cap hits in the next 2 years compared to now.

    It’s a win/win, unless you’re Paul Allen cause the cash outlay does increase. Would be nice for the contract to have some incentives in it as well.

  37. yankinta says:

    TruBlu,, our O is not built around Lynch. We’re a run first team but that doesn’t mean our Offense isn’t built around Lynch. Our O is built around RW. We will still be a run first team with or without Lynch.

    Lynch is a great RB but if he will not play for us without a new contract, then we might as well trade him and get something back in return. Trading him while is stock is high isn’t an unfamiliar concept to this FO.

  38. trout_hound says:

    We all love ‘Beast Mode’, he’s the heart and soul of the offense, but come on, Marshawn! If its true, its a disappointment. Nothing worse than seeing a prima donna making over 5 million a year making headlines because he’s putting himself above the team and wanting more money. Is it all about that $, boss? No one is indispensable (except Earl and RW). He might not be a beast, but Michaels is gonna tear up this league when he finally gets unleashed. A hold out by Lynch might be the thing that thrusts Michaels into the lime light. I doubt Pete and John have the patience for it.

  39. rramstad says:

    So ridiculous.

    Those of us who remember the Walter Jones years will shrug our shoulders at this non news, move on, and ask for people to wake us up when Lynch either A) makes actual demands through his agent or himself or B) fails to show up for training camp.

    These articles are just stirring up crap.

    We don’t even really know if there’s smoke, much less fire, but if there is, the Seahawks certainly in the NFL big picture don’t need to extend or provide extra money to Lynch, given what RB get paid. That said, they might do the “right” thing, given his productivity, and give him a small bump, some money up front, and a short extension… it could be very cap friendly, put a bit more spending money in Lynch’s pocket, and be a way of thanking him for the effort he’s shown as a Seahawk.

    Do they need to do this? No, definitely not, and one could argue that what they need is one more year of Lynch, a transition year for Michael and the other RB, an insurance year if you will where you hope you don’t have to use Marshawn for 300 carries, but he’s on the roster if you need that. If they just want the one year, it makes no sense to extend him.

  40. Southendzone says:

    I don’t think a trade is anywhere in the realm of likelihood to occur.

    But if it were… Indy would be very wise to jump in the mix to pick him up. Tell Trent Richardson he can take his underperforming ass and retire, and upgrade to the hardest runner in the NFL.

  41. It’s “Michael” not “Michaels”.

  42. “Michael ,to me , so far is nothing but a BITCH MODE !”

    Grow up. He hasn’t done anything to warrant a comment like that. He hasn’t had a chance in the NFL yet, so until he does, it’s stupid to say he hasn’t accomplished anything.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    A lot of fun non-story overreactions on this thread.

  44. Dukeshire, that was NOT enough misplaced passion and complete ridiculousness from you. If you’re gonna post anything on today’s thread then step it up a notch.

  45. I would have liked us to have seen how much of a run first team we would have been without Lynch the last couple of years with our awesome offensive line.

  46. montanamike2 says:

    Wake me up when this bad dream is over.

  47. yankinta says:

    lol, ATL on HBO Hard Knocks…too bad they’re not a good team.

    I still remember 50% of the people on this blog calling me Crazy or Worse, when I said during training camp last year that Falcons will not make the playoff in 2013…. lol no one has come back and eaten crows for it…. :)

  48. tealskin says:

    Dukeshire-The reason we all get fired up is because we know with Marshawn, anything is possible. He’s definitely got his own drummer thing going on.

  49. I guess this whole thing rubs me the wrong way because Lynch set the tone and single handily put the Hawks on the map and at the same time wiped our slate clean from our being a soft team persona with the best running play ever in the history of the NFL. For that, I believe he earns the respect to let things play out and not have people speculate his future. Let him do his thing this year and if he falls off then let the cards lie where they will, but he’s earned enough in a Hawks uniform to at least allow him the opportunity to let his play speak for itself this year without talks of him getting cut or traded. Go Hawks and repN BeastMode always.

  50. montanamike2 says:

    Well said TruBlu, we were a soft team until Beastmode arrived. Give him a little more this year and put some incentives in as well.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    DFloydd – Apologies and thank you for putting me in check.

  52. seatowntp says:

    I fully agree that with Beast anything is possible. However, when considering that the league was going to fine him for not being present for the media (I won’t go as far as to suggest he actually “spoke” to the media boss), it motivated Beast to do the minimum. I am wondering if the potential for fines will similarly motivate him to at least be present for mandatory camp. Just a thought.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If it wasn’t for Wilsons 500 yards rushing & YPC the Seahawks run game would have been about average last season.

    Yes I think it’s safe to say Wilson is our MVP of the offense.

    Lynch is still a big part of the teams success though.

  54. AzulVerde says:

    I really despise reporters (Not necessarily you Todd, I realize your just reposting info from BReport) who post things without substance. IIRC a similar uproar was raised last year.(Which turned out to be absolutely nothing) Marshawn has back issues that he deals with on a regular bases throughout the season, (Back spasms IIRC) and I can’t blame him for taking it easy before the season starts.

    Until, “let me repeat UNTIL!” Marshawn is actually a no show (without valid reason) for mandatory camp, or some quote comes out from him directly or his agent i’m going to completely ignore this BS. Some reporters wanting to get out ahead of the pack with news often take 2 and 2 and automatically assume it equals substance.

    Before we all get our undies in a wad, take a step back and wait for some real news. Geez gotta wonder about people’s love for “Rumors” sometimes….


  55. Southendzone says:

    isn’t this different from last year?

    Last year: Missed most OTA’s, big stink about it in media, he shows up near the end. Attends voluntary mini-camp, no rumors of dissatisfaction with contract.

    This year: Missed all OTAs, rumors of skipping minicamp, rumors of dissatisfaction with contract.

    If the rumors are false, and the sources being relied on for them are bogus, then fine, but for it’s valid to discuss the ramifications of the rumors being true.

  56. AzulVerde says:

    Not different “yet” South. Last year was same thing, year prior to 2012 Lynch showed up to OTA’s. Last year because he had shown up to voluntary workouts big stink and conjecture was being raised. Then he showed up for last day of Voluntary workouts “IIRC”.

    SOSDD this year IMHO… I guess we’ll see. I guess there isn’t a problem with discussion the “possible” ramifications. It just seems people are ready to run with this like it’s a fact….. that’s why I was SMH.

    Conjecture away though if that suits your fancy….


  57. yankinta says:

    lol for those of you that says we should not react until things/events actually happen/unfold, then I got news for you. This is a Football Blog. We discuss things like predictions and scenarios. And what we’d do or what we’d want our FO to do.

    For me, it’s boring to talk about things afterwards. Sounds like whining or complaining to me. I rather talk about the future than the past. smh..

    I’m sure a lot of us would agree. :)

  58. Southendzone says:

    Last year there was no rumor related to a possible hold out due to his contract. So that’s the biggest change.

    So last year no one was wondering what if ML holds out because I’m pretty sure Pete addressed it and said something like “We know he’s working out & in great shape, and we will see him at minicamp”

    We haven’t heard that this year. Now we have a couple reports that he’s upset with contract. Don’t know if they are true, but I don’t think this kind of stuff just forms from a vacuum.

  59. I think with Lynch, he’s earned the respect, that’s it. Speculate everything else you want, talk about whether or not he should hold out or not or if you agree or disagree, but to talk about trading or cutting him is a little distasteful to me, my opinion.

  60. Singularitarian says:

    just a question and not saying anything about it actually happening, but if ML holds out what kind of fines are there to be given, and how much would it cost Seattle if he held out all season?

  61. AzulVerde says:

    LOL, I get what your saying Yank and South. I get it, I really do. I guess for me it’s like “ME” because I have a friend that works at VMAC I get little tidbits of info sometimes (which I take with a grain of salt most of the time, for good reason IMHO) But lets say my friend tells me…. oh I don’t know, that Pete Carroll is retiring this year and John Gruden who’s been seen a lot at VMAC is gonna be new coach.

    I realize i’m not a reporter, but it’s not had to start a website and a blog. I claim to have insider info and run with the story. All it takes is another blogger or 2 to grab on before it hits the major sites. Would we all run with that story if it hit (without real sources)?

    Thats all I’m saying I guess. This blog is for discussion so again /ignore me and talk about his to your hearts content. I don’t hold it against anyone, i’m just going to wait till there is a “tad” more substance to the story before I “worry” about the ramifications.

    Again, just my humble opinion

  62. yankinta says:

    AzulVerde,, I see. I guess you’ll disappear until the news are more certain. :)

  63. AzulVerde says:


    Not a chance! I been a Die-Hard Hawk fan since the days when Dave Kreig, Steve Largent, Curt Warner, Mike Tice, Bryan Millard were names us Hawks fans adored.

    Ya, Ya.. I’m an Old Fart


  64. One thing I’ve never understood or agreed with is when other “fans” tell other “fans” that they can’t be “real fans” if those fans don’t agree on every topic with them.

    At least when pabs and I would go round and round on Hasselbeck I don’t believe we questioned each other being “real fans” even though we so hotly disagreed on a topic. That’s where it should day – not this crap about saying you can’t be a fan if you don’t believe the same thing as everyone else. Sure, you can question a comment or wholeheartedly disagree, but nobody has a right to question someone being a real fan if, in fact, they have been real fans for years and years. That’s garbage.

  65. doubledink says:

    I agree whole heartedly. How about you quit reminding us of the past?

    just above: ” YankinTa has been ALL IN, since April 27th 2012. :)”

    A little less past would suit me fine.

  66. yankinta says:

    lol, sorry, I was just saying that cuz some people still don’t get the fact that the Seahawks broke away from conventional wisdom ever since JS/PC came into town.

  67. Southendzone says:

    if we are to remove speculation and opinion from the blog, they would be a barren wasteland of links to NFL articles.

    TO answer someone above about what fines exist, there is a fine of up to $70k for missing the minicamp. I read that in one of the links from the top I think.

    If Marshawn held out the whole year not only would he fail to receive his $5M, but he would also not advance a year on his contract, he’d still be under 2 year team control.

  68. What does that article have to do with anything yankit

  69. BobbyK is referring to the days when the team stunk and we could have intelligent football debates without anyone questioning anyone’s Fandom. Of course anyone spending any time debating those teams HAD to be a fan or a lunatic or in our case both.

    Now with the team’s success it has expectedly brought out the newbies who not only think the only football debate is if the Seahawks will win 5 Super Bowls or 10 Super Bowls but also think anyone not buying into the 10 isn’t a real fan.

  70. chuck_easton says:

    As I said in my earlier post, I’ll pull the panic ripcord when Lynch doesn’t show up for a mandatory practice such as, oh I don’t know, next week’s MANDATORY mini-camp. Even then it might not be a big deal but a way of Lynch sending a message as subtle as using a bazooka to get your neighbor’s dog off your lawn.

    My second part of my post wasn’t to say he should/shouldn’t hold out. And it wasn’t to suggest the team should/shouldn’t draw the line.

    I just pointed out that Lynch has very little leverage here, but he might already know that and know a perceived or threatened holdout might be his last chance to get some coin before his career sails off into the sunset.

  71. Southendzone says:

    The leverage part is hard to gauge. At first I thought the same, and we don’t really know unless we know the thoughts of the front office.

    But on the other hand, Lynch is a huge part of this team as was noted above. Whoever said above that he’s responsible for turning us into a tough-team really hit it on the head.

    So nobody wants to see him go, and he’s still a beast. Albeit a well paid beast. They will work it out.

  72. Lynch was the face of the franchise (or at least the heartbeak of the offense). He’s not anymore. I don’t see him on the cover of Madden. Lynch used to stir the drink, so to speak, but now he’s an ingrediant in the liquid for Wilson to stir. Times change. He’s still a great player though and will be for another couple of years but he’s not a guy like Clem who had a contract and then greatly outperformed it. He was a star at the top of his game who signed a four year extention for a lot of money.

  73. “heartbeat”

  74. pabs – What’s the closest baseball team to you? The Phillies?

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I actually like some of the newbies better then some of the old bloggers.

    At least some of the newbies have a more positive attitude compared to the likes of nighthawk & some of the other older posters.

    It really is difficult though to tell who’s a new Seahawks fan & who is an old Seahawks fan on a blog because some older fans may be newer to a blog but still have been around a long time.

    I would bet that most Seahawks fans that have been around from the beginning don’t post on blogs at all or ever care to.

    And every Seahawks fan has to start somewhere.

    I just know that it has been well worth the wait for me & hope all the new fans will continue to be Seahawks fans after we are not on top again.

    Go Hawks!!!

  76. Yankees, Mets and Phillies – hour drive with no traffic for each.

  77. Georgia – I agree that we all started somewhere. Technically, I’m a bandwagoner too because the reason I became a fan was the exciting play of guys like Easley and Warner. They were a good and up and coming team. And, yes, we all started somewhere.

    pabs – You should either go to the Phillies game on June 28, Yankee$ on July 1, or Mets on the Fourth. What do you think? Lets meet up. I’ll bring a Hasselbeck jersey for you!

  78. I’ve actually never gone to a baseball game. I’m strictly Seahawks when it comes to attending sporting events.

  79. AzulVerde says:

    Well I wish now someone would go on the record and tell us whats going on. I’m reading reports now that Lynch is talking retirement. Don’t know if thats a “true” looking to retire (he did mention last year retiring if we won the Super Bowl) Or if it’s a negotiating tactic.

    I Love Marshawn, and he would be very hard to replace. That being said he agreed to a contract and is still making good money compared to majority of the market. He should honor the contract and play or he should just retire. But stop the BS with holding out and threatening retirement if you don’t get a pay raise. (Still not sure any of this is anything more than conjecture) But the longer the rumor mill goes on without a response from him or the Seahawks the more I’ll start thinking there is something to this…..

    Hope’s it’s not true.


  80. mikeoengland says:

    The two most vivid pictures I have from my many years as a Seahawk fan – Kenny Easley going down field on special teams and taking the head off off the punt/kickoff returner, and Marshawn Lynch making a block on a blitzing linebacker that was coming in full speed at Russell Wilson. Marshawn BLEW HIM UP!! Someone else might have gotten Russell killed but Lynch blocks like he runs. I love that guy.

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