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Bevell on Pryor: ‘The thing that’s impressed me the most is just how he’s worked’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 10, 2014 at 12:08 am with 16 Comments »
June 10, 2014 12:58 am

Here’s some of what Darrell Bevell said Monday:

(On the RB rotation) We really like what we’re seeing. The guys have really been working hard at their positions. They work hard at the details. They’ve come a long way, particularly Christine Michael from last year to this year. Robert’s (Turbin) working extremely hard out here as well. Finishing his runs. You see him running all the way to the end zone. So those guys are just doing a really nice job working.

(On what Christine Michael need to work on most) I think attention to detail and becoming a professional football player and taking it like it’s his job.  I think there were some distractions going on for him a little bit and he just really needed to focus in on the details of things – footwork, reads, assignments and all those kind of things that he’s really doing right now. He’s really turned the page on last year and we like what we’re seeing right now.

(On Terrelle Pryor) I think the thing that’s impressed me the most is just how he’s worked. You hear things and don’t know quite know anything about him but kind of the reputation he has before. Coming in, he’s done a really nice job of spending time here in the building. Spent time with Russell. Spent time with his coach. He’s working really, really hard to get it. There are a lot of good things that are happening out here. Sometimes just being able to spit the play out in the huddle can be a challenge and that hasn’t been a problem for him. He’s been able to rip right through it. He’s picking up the offense really well. Out here, he’s executing pretty well for us. We kind of like what we se. He’s a big tall guy, rangy. He runs really well. Can throw the ball. We’re still just kind of feeling out what’s gonna be his best stuff so if something happens where he’s on the team or something happens where he’s playing then we want to make sure we have an idea of what we need to do with him.

(On Robert Turbin’s attributes) He’s a big strong kid. He’s got good speed and he’s got power. Those are things that we liked when he was coming out. To his credit last year he had some really big runs, and just about every time he had a big run it got called back. Even in the Super Bowl he had a nice run in that game and something happened where it came back. He has the ability to break big runs and he can finish them with power. He’s our kind of guy. He’s very tenacious. The game is important to him. He loves to play and he wants to be the best he can possibly be and that gives him a chance.

(On Kevin Norwood)  I think one of the things I liked the best when he was coming out was his contested catches, ability to catch the ball in a crowd. If you were standing out here today you saw that a couple of times. He’s doing a really nice job. He’s picked it up. There are some missed assignments every now and then which you expect from young guys. But, he’s really worked hard to pick it up. The stage is not too big for him. He’s jumped right in there with our first group at times and he’s performed. There job is to catch the ball and he’s really catching the ball well.

(On Justin Britt)  Like him. We really like what he’s doing. We’ve had the opportunity to have him in the first group as well. He’s another guy that’s been really smart. He’s been on the details. It’s been important to him and he looks really good at the position.

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  1. jawpeace says:

    Norwood may have the ability to make contested catches. But what he needs the most is Wilson’s trust that he will do that. RW trust Rice, Baldwin, and tje departed Tate to make those catches and would throw the ball to these guys when somewhat covered and trust they would go get it and it would not be an INT.

  2. SaigonSun says:

    In 10 months you will say : Tate –who?
    Norwood has the same heart plus the brains Tate lacks. Norwood has proven on a double championship team he is tough, sure handed smart player. He was McCarron’ security valve. Ah, yes–also, he’s got his Masters to boot. Tate should have gone to jail over donuts….
    I have always hated anything from the Crimson Tide , but the facts are the facts.

  3. chuck_easton says:

    To those that were constantly crying for Michaels to play last season, the reason he was inactive for all but 4 games is stated plainly above.

    The kid is immature. He came into camp last year with no work ethic. He doesn’t think he needs to learn the actual plays. I.e. he’s got a lot of growing up to do.

    That was the knock on him going into the draft as well.

  4. Norwood is already gaining RW’s trust, the guy is making 2 TD’s a day and making tough catches. RW will trust ALL his WR’s this year, because they are all good. Kearse, Baldwin, Harvin he already trusts. Richardson and Norwood are coming along, and if Seattle decides to hold onto Rice as insurance, he’s got the trust as well.

    I cant see how Lockette or Walters can make the team, let alone the other guys. Which is kinda too bad, I still think Walters and Arceto Clark can play in the NFL, and Bates is an athlete.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    There is a load of backhanded complements from Bevell regarding Pryor.

  6. The best thing for a shorter QB is to have a WR with a wide catch radius, even if the WR does not gain too much separation. The 2012 edition of Rice was perfect for that and did a great service to Wilson in the second half of the year.

    Although Norwood does not gain too much (any?) separation, if he can bring the skills of 2012 Rice to the table, the Seahawks will have gotten a steal for what they need.

    But he does not bring the unique element of size and speed that Lockette (and Richardson if he bulks up) brings to the table. Lockette was fantastic in a very limited set of opportunities last year. There was a specific play late in the Super Bowl when Lockette and Harvin both were lined wide and I was screaming to our fellow Seahawk fans, they are going to go deep. Wilson looked deep to Harvin, he was covered and fired a 20 yard completion to Lockette. They made it look way too easy there.

    For that reason, I see the WR depth chart shaking out as:
    * Harvin
    * Baldwin
    * Kearse/Norwood
    * Richardson/Lockette

  7. montanamike2 says:

    I wish we could watch OTA’s on the ‘net.

  8. Pabs–Lockette fantastic?! Hyperbole alert! As a gunner, he was that, but as a WR he’s a joke; 1 catch a game on a drag route doesn’t make him a player–that makes him Jordan Kent.

    Ok, Lockette has more receptions than Kent, so that comparison is also hyperbole lol! And with his insane speed, I would love for Lockette to develop. I just don’t see much reason from his play last year to make me think he’s ready to make the jump.

    But hey, I’ve been wrong before!

  9. Mike—me too!

  10. ChrisHolmes says:

    I sure like what I hear about Norwood.

    I know it’s almost impossible for WR’s to make an impact their rookie serason, but these two kids – Richardson and Norwood – sure seem like they have bright futures on this team, and potentially the stuff to make some kind of impact this year.

    And with Rice and Harvin’s injury history… it’s not a stretch to think they might see the field this year. I sure hope Harvin stays healthy all season. Because he’s a really amazing weapon.

  11. Could richardson be stashed on IR this year? wouldn’t surprise me with shoulder issues already. in and out of camp all off season then IR right before the season starts.

  12. xcman–While its frustrating to hear of Richardson missing days in padless practice due to injury, Carrol said he could have practiced and played but they are being extra cautious. He’s not ready for the glue factory (IR) just yet…

  13. chuck_easton says:

    STTBM is right about one thing. These are OTAs.

    Still have to get through next weeks mandatory mini camp before we get to training camp in August.

    Let’s wait for TC to see which WRs are nunning with the 1s, 2s and such. Let’s wait to see if any WRs start the year on PUP.

  14. chuck_easton says:

    If Richardson’s shoulder doesn’t improve he can begin training camp on PUP. Same thing with Rice. He’s running, but will he be in football shape by August.

    Remember Harvin participated in OTA’s last year but showed up the first day of camp with the ‘hip’. Never came off PUP for all of camp.

    There are a lot of questions that we the unwashed masses won’t have the remotest idea about until August when we get those daily reports about who’s lining up with which unit, who’s sitting out, who hasn’t been cleared to start practice.

    Right now all this debate on which WR is set to make the team and which WR is doomed to be cut is nonsense on our parts. It’s not like the team is going to tell us in June what they see as their depth chart before the pads even go on.

  15. Chuck–You are correct that OTA’s arent the be-all, end-all. However, I do think right now if anyone were betting, that the odds highly favor both Richardson and Norwood making the roster. They will not cut Richardson barring some heinous crime, and Norwood has shown he’s everything they hoped for. Even if he fails to perform in preseason games, unless he suddenly gets stupid or drops tons of passes, he’s very likely to make the team.

    It would take a collapse of epic proportions for either drafted WR to fail to make the roster.

    Now, perhaps the Hawks keep 6 WR’s; that we wont know until the final roster is announced.

  16. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not suggesting Richardson will not be part of this team. I’m just saying let’s wait to see if he starts camp on the active roster or if he’s on PUP. If he’s on PUP, no guarantee he comes off PUP before the start of the season. He could end up on IR.

    At this point we don’t know except to know he WILL be part of the team.

    Same with Rice, Kearse, and the others. We don’t know. If camp opens and Rice is running with the 2’s and Kearse is with the threes we have a better idea.

    The only thing that has been telegraphed by the FO is that Baldwin is the X and will be on the field for the majority of the offensive snaps and Harvin is the Z/Slot and will be on the field quite a bit as well.

    After those two, all bets are off at least until the middle of August.

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