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Morning links: Final week of OTAs starts today

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 9, 2014 at 10:02 am with 36 Comments »
June 9, 2014 10:02 am

Good morning.

The Seahawks begin their final, and busiest, week of OTAs today. Seattle will be together today through Thursday. Two of those — today and Thursday — are open to the media.

Things on the radar: Will we see Marshawn Lynch? Is Earl Thomas still the primary punt returner? What’s going on with the backup quarterbacks?

A few links to start the day and more to come later from OTAs:

> Peter King isn’t so sure the Seahawks will be running back by committee.

> A look at fifth-round pick Jimmy Staten.

> Pete Prisco questions how good Lynch was last season.

> Over the weekend, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune outlined the massive demands the NFL made for the Super Bowl to go to Minnesota.

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  1. Southendzone says:

    Marshawn Lynch news (not good). He went backstage to assault “DJ Mustard” (I didn’t make this up)

  2. tealskin says:

    Doesn’t sound good but nobody was arrested. Probably be better if he was in Seattle with the team. Marshawn tendimg to have problems in the offseason. Not a good sign for somebody nearing the end of a career.

  3. chuck_easton says:

    Unfortunately Lynch doesn’t ‘do’ voluntary workouts. He won’t show until it is mandatory that he be in Seattle.

    Also unfortunate for Marshawn to get this kind of publicity so soon after his plea deal with the DUI incident.

    RB by committee may just be because Lynch isn’t allowed to participate in the first few games of the season.

    And this is why I think he will never see that 9 million next season.

  4. Ray_Maines says:

    Who led the NFL in rushing last year? Hint: It doesn’t start with an S

    This from the Pete Prisco link:

    Power running is better than spread-it-out running: Who led the NFL in rushing last season? The Eagles in Chip Kelly’s first season. The Eagles averaged 7.1 per rush with four receivers and 5.1 per rush with three. Of their total rushing yards — 2,566 yards — 1,844 of it came with either three or four receivers on the field. That’s air running, which I believe is the way to go. Spread a team out, create cracks and creases, and let a player like LeSean McCoy feast on the ability to make one man miss for big gains. McCoy led the NFL in rushing last year, but even more impressive is that he averaged nearly a yard per carry more than a back from a power-run team in Lynch. They did get rushing yards from Mike Vick when he played, but when Nick Foles played they cut down on those numbers and still ran the ball well.

  5. chuck_easton says:

    I take anything Prisco has to write about Seattle specifically and west coast teams in general with a huge grain of salt.

    The man has made no secret that he does not like Seattle.

    But I do hope that the Seahawks will open up the offense more this season and allow for more play action and more passing.

    We don’t know which Lynch will be running the ball this year. Will it be the 2013 Lynch who had a poor line, but definitely appeared to be not as productive as previous years?

    Will we see Lynch return to 2012 status where he averaged over 5 yards a carry?

    Time will tell.

  6. yankinta says:

    lol that Fool Prisco is trying to figure out why RW is much better than Luck. smh… He will be unhappy for next several years when RW and Seahawks own the NFL….

    Speaking of Dynasty,, I LOVED this tweet by , ESPN’s Louis Riddick. Big Smile on my face… :)

    “Have said B4..Strength coach at A&M, who trained both Michael and A.Peterson, told me Christine’s athletic explosiveness is on par with A.P.”

    “When Christine Michael gets his chance regular season ’14, provided he’s healthy, he’ll show he’s the most gifted RB drafted in past 5 yrs.”

    Can’t wait!!

  7. I’ve always been amused that so few people ever attempt to adjust for difficulty of schedule when analyzing teams and/or players. Most people thought the Broncos would beat the Seahawks because most people don’t bother adding that extra layer of analysis.

    Pete Prisco fails because he doesn’t even attempt to take into account the incredibly weak schedule the Eagles faced last year when lauding spread run concepts.

  8. seahawksteven777 says:

    That Marshawn Lynch link about him being involved in a brawl or whatnot seems fake. If it was legit, I’m sure we’d all be hearing the news from places like ESPN, NFL Network, etc. Just doesn’t seem legit.

  9. Southendzone says:

    The other part that seems fake is the reference to DJ Mustard.

  10. Southendzone says:

    Ok, TMZ says Marshawn did NOT club Colonel Mustard in the Nightclub with a candlestick:

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s pretty cool stuff about Michael’s Yankinta.

    He does look kind of similar to A.P.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Michael’s, Harvin & Richardson on the field at the same time.

    Wilson just may get the MVP award this season now that he has three home run hitters to work with.
    Not that it really matters though, we all know that Wilson is the MVP when the games matter most.

  12. Malcolm Smith?

  13. EzraMelech says:

    I’ve spent the last 3 nights studying Film. (Granted not much on new guys except OTA’s) Based on our schedule (Pretty rough schedule to be honest) Here is my prediction for the 2014-15 Season.

    Team Record 12-4 (win Division & HFA) Go as far as at “least” NFCCG. I see us dropping 4 possibly with losses to SF, Rams and Cardinals (this division is going to beat the crap out of each other) and one other fluke loss probably early in season.

    Russell Wilson Stats 315 for 447 (70.5%) 4,267 Yards, 9.12 YPA, 34 TD’s, 9 INT, 105.7 passer rating.
    Total Rushing Yards 2835. Leading Rushers in Order Lynch, Michael, Harvin, Wilson,Turbin
    Turnover Ratio +18

    I see us rushing “better” this year and for more yards. (I’m hoping for improved line play opening up running lanes) I’m also factoring in improved play from Michael and Harvin with same/similiar stats from Lynch, Wilson and Turbin.

    With receivers I see us getting back to more Play action and I expect Wilson to continue to improve. With more weapons and continued growth I expect a nice bump in most of his stats, I’m leaving INT’s about same as he throws more more chances for INT, although we all know he’s pretty accurate and minimizes turnovers.

    I don’t see us changing our Rushing vs Passing yards much, we’ll still be run and pound the ball. But I see things opening up a bit on offense with expanded playbook. I also anticipate seeing more deep throws stretching the field.

    Defensively I see our stats dropping “ever so slightly” We played so lights out this year that I just don’t perceive any kind of vast improvement. With the losses on our D-line I see just a slightly down year compared to last (Still Awesome D though)

    I think the offense will make up for any slight drop off in D. Only reason I see our W/L record dropping is because of our schedule + improvement of others in our division. I also think we could just as easily go 14-2, I’m just thinking we might have a couple of close game losses within the division.

    I’m not predicting “Super bowl repeat” yet, only because I want to see how the other divisions play this year. I don’t keep up with all the changes in rest of the NFC and hardly follow AFC at all.

    this is my prediction you guys can stick it to me and hold me to it.

    I’ll either gloat or be the goat at the end of the year.


  14. jawpeace says:

    Yes I agree Prisco’s piece of Lynch was a piece of garbage. And not being a Hawk fan he has no clue what Beast mode is. Oh that play where Lynch only got three yards… after being hit behind the line of scrimmage by three guys and then dragging the fourth guy forward for a three yard gain. Where most RB’s would have been dropped for a loss. Lynch Beast mode gets positive yards.
    Prisco needs to look up the stat yards after contact and he will see ML name up at the top. That is Beast mode.

  15. jawpeace says:

    Ezra that was more like 5 cents…. :)

  16. There are only two games on the schedule that I would call a fluke if the Seahawks lost, and that’s Oakland and Dallas. Yes, they CAN win every game, and should be favored in most, but a loss say, at Philly or at Carolina (assuming they find a receiver or two) would not count as a “fluke” in my book.

    Yeah, the division is tough, and getting tougher. But look at the first three games. They’ll be hard pressed to get to the bye at 3-0. Even at home, Green Bay and Denver will be tough. They both have bad tastes in their mouths from recent games, and they’re good teams. And San Diego is no pushover at home.

  17. EzraMelech says:

    OrrObb the games I was specifically thinking there is ever so slight chance of losing and would be “fluke” were the Carolina and Dallas games. *shrug
    Just my thoughts….

  18. bird_spit says:

    Also Prisco’s says hawks are all about power running, and that 4.0 ypc is not worth it.

    All I’d say is hawks are all about ball control, and Prisco has no idea what he is talking about. The beast mode stuff is cool and all, but when ML hangs up his cleats, the Pete Carrol team will still be hammering the rock. All of that run first game sets up the PA attack. Its the bread and butter of the PC strategy.

    Go Hawks..I have a pretty strong belief that Lynch will be 80% of the run attack in 2014.

  19. Prisco is an ass. Plain and simple, the guy doesnt know what he’s talking about, he just talks out his rump. (His breath must be terrible…).

    Lynch may have slowed down a bit, but he’s as tough as ever, and I wouldnt trade him straight up for AP or McCoy. Lynch played behind an atrocious line decimated by a toxic combination of lack of talent and a crapstorm of injuries, yet still rushed for over 4 ypc and posted 1200+ yards and 14 TD’s. Check his yac, Prisco!

    Meanwhile, McCoy and the Eagles played a very easy schedule, and Seattle faced most of the top 12 defenses and STILL managed to run for all those yards. You have to take into account strength of schedule. Who did the Eagles play again? Seattle faced SF TWICE (Three times counting the NFCTG), Carolina, AZ twice, the Rams, NO, and a host of other teams with fine defenses.

    I could give a crap about his YPC being down a yard from last year. Same thing happened with Turbin, and he’s too young to be washed up; its proof that the problem with our ypc belongs squarely on the shoulders of the line, and not on Lynch.

    Its HOW you get the yards, not just how many, or ypc, or whatever…

  20. And the Eagles are damned lucky they didnt have to face us last year, we’d have blown them out, beaten them up, and sent them home crying for their Mammy…

  21. Seattle deliberately hammers at the D with a power run game to tire them out, and then sits back and reaps dividends in the fourth quarter as the D wears down and no one wants to have to hit Lynch again…

    They also deliberately sacrifice Lynch’s ypc by feeding him the ball to salt away a lead when everyone in the world knows we’re giving it to him, again and again…and he usually moves the chains. McCoy and AP cant do that the way Lynch does…

  22. Eagles can keep their high ypc, Seattle keeps the Lombardi they one with “only” 4 ypc…

  23. EzraMelech says:

    FYI for my fellow bloggers, I’m going to have to change my Name. Long story, but to make it short I’m being harassed by my ex, and she is using any of my online activity to try to harm me. I’ve had to delete my Facebook, google account etc, and I’ll have to change my name and email address here.

    I’m open to suggestions for names, I’ve used this one for so many years (lots of places) not sure what to change it to…. So the guys/gals that know me even a little bit I’m all ears….


  24. Dukeshire says:

    Can’t you simply file a restraining order? Lock that beezy up.

  25. No offense, but you’re not a regular in terms of posting every day, every week anyways (I’m not either – and it’s not a criticism one single bit). I’d simply pick a new name and not take suggestions from some of “us” so you’d have a track record of for her about what your “new” name would be (keep it anonymous to her and all of us – that’s the safest way, imo). Maybe pick some old Seahawk that nobody hardly heard of (and she wouldn’t think of). If it were me, I’d pick a name like “graiggaines” or something like that (I’ll never forget the domination on one rush he threw/bullrushed on Alonzo Highsmith in the play-offs in the “Fredd Young” INT game. Just simply pick something she’d never think of and be done with it. Good luck.

  26. Ray_Maines says:

    EZRA: I’m sorry.

    EZRA: I like your predictions. We could talk about the details, but I’m pretty much on board with you.

    STTBM: Sometimes I think you’re the actual voice of God and other times I think you’re a meth head. Prisco isn’t an idiot. I look forward to the ‘Hawks using more “spread out running” this year. Seattle has so much speed that they really should be spreading the field and then taking advantage of that by running ML between the tackles.

    Who cares what the schedule difficulty Phil. might have been? It’s a system that worked.

    The Off Season is the On Season for optimism. I know there are 31 other optimistic teams in the NFL, but we all know the Seahawks are just better than the other guys. I’m thinking 12-4 and HFA would work for me. I”ll take it.

  27. Ray–Wow, dude! I dont quite know what to say to that…

    Prisco IS an idiot; he says a lot of crap that is flat out WRONG–IN PRINT no less, with no research–and then moves on to another “hot” topic he can opine on without actually knowing what he’s talking about.

    Yes, Im quite sure Seattle is going away from the traditional smash-mouth, FB-led power run game; but they are still going to use ZBS principles to beat the hell out of the D. Its about cumulative effect, not scoring tons of points. Seattle isnt going to change their spots; they will use more WR’s, and multi-TE sets, but they are still going to attack the line within the tackles, and hit people in the mouth. Thats their philosophy, from Carrol on down.

    And it wouldnt surprise me if Seattle borrowed parts of Chip Kelly’s offense like they borrowed from Washingtons use of the Read-Option with RG3. But Prisco says Lynch wasnt that great, and that the Eagles were all that and a bag o chips, which is hogwash. Until the Eagles replicate their success vs MUCH tougher competition–say, all the top-12 D’s Seattle faced last year–they are a flash in the pan that took advantage of a ridiculously weak schedule and will soon fall back into the depths…

  28. Seattle’s system worked two years in a row vs the toughest competition vs the run in the NFL. The Eagles showed up and busted out a “new” Gimmicky offense on the dregs of the NFL…It will take at LEAST another year before we know if the Eagles–and Kelly’s offense–can go up against the NFL’s elite Defenses and win consistently–something Marshawn Lynch and Seattle’s crappy O-line and Old-School offensive philosophy have already proven they can do.

  29. ANd remember, much of the time Seattle tried empty back sets or stretching the D out and running Lynch, it seemed to fall flat (at least to me). Part of that may be Bevell’s inherent conservatism, but still…

    Spread offense is not going to take over the NFL.

  30. Southendzone says:

    Ezra that sucks, but if you gotta change, just be anonymous so the psycho cant readily find you.

    Plausible deniability is your new best friend

  31. Ray_Maines says:

    STTBM @ 7:45 You’re the voice of God.

  32. Ray_Maines says:

    Except that Pete Prisco is not an actual idiot. Stop that talk. He has an opinion. Lots of people have opinions. As others have said, opinions are like belly buttons. Having an outty doesn’t make a person an idiot.

  33. Ray_Maines says:

    Nor is Darrell Bevell. Stop.

  34. Never said Darrell Bevell is an idiot. Well, ok, not recently. He has the personality of a wet paper bag, yes, but thats different.

    Prisco often voices his opinion loudly when its easy to see he’s done little or not research. His opinion pieces are often biased and contain factual errors, and he doesnt admit it when he’s being illogical or just plain wrong. Thats why I say he’s an idiot. Is he an idiot all the time? No, but when he is, he goes all out.

    If you want to get technical, his OPINIONS are often idiotic. But I think in the parlance of the times, a person who regularly and loudly spouts illogical and poorly researched opinions (ie, idiotic opinions) is generally referred to as an idiot.

    Of course, I realize not EVERYTHING he writes is moronic, and I have enjoyed some of his work–when he’s using logic and actually knows what he’s talking about. I also understand many folks like his stuff, its entertaining and plenty of folks agree with even his most crack-pot opinions. If no one did, he wouldnt be making the big bucks.

  35. Ray–Also, what was hopefully understood but not said is that Prisco being an idiot is only my opinion, and I recognize not everyone shares that view. Its only my two cents worth, as Ezra says. I dont mean to come across as Voice of God, just that my two cents are worth about as much as anyone else’s.

    I’ll work on coming across as less intense.

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