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Injury updates and thoughts from OTAs

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 9, 2014 at 2:58 pm with 38 Comments »
June 9, 2014 3:02 pm

First, let’s roundup the injury situation:

> Pete Carroll said of Bruce Irvin’s hip problem and subsequent surgery: “He has dealt with it for a long time. It just got to a point where we thought it was better to have a chance to get him back by the start of the season, which is a possibility. We’ll see what happens.” Irvin was expected back in town today. Those words from Carroll lmake Irvin’s readiness for camp and Week 1 seem in doubt.

> Malcolm Smith (ankle) did not participate today.

> Paul Richardson (shoulder) did not participate. Carroll said Richardson fell on the same shoulder that he hurt during rookie minicamp. Richardson popped into each huddle to hear calls, though he wasn’t participating.

> Russell Okung (foot) was also out. He lifted on the side.

> Kam Chancellor (hip) was in attendance, but did not participate. Carroll said Chancellor would have practiced if they allowed him to.

> Michael Bowie (shoulder) participated in about a third of the day’s work.

> Carroll said Robert Turbin had an offseason knee procedure to “clean some things up” that he thinks has been beneficial to Turbin.

> Richard Sherman said he had a slight tear in his ankle when he was hurt in the Super Bowl, but didn’t need surgery. He’s full recovered.

> Spencer Ware, Heath Farwell and Chris Matthews were also out today.

On to things from today:

1. Big day for Norwood. Rookie receiver Kevin Norwood had two touchdown catches during red-zone drills, slid to catch a bad pass from Terrelle Pryor, caught a ball up the seam from Russell Wilson and came down with a Hail Mary that was a group jump ball with Richard Sherman right behind him. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said Norwood makes a few expected rookie errors, but has been impressive otherwise. “I think one of the things I liked the best about him coming out was his contested catches,” Bevell said. “If you were standing out here today, you saw that a couple times. He’s doing a really nice job. He’s picked it up. There’s some missed assignments every now and then. The stage is not too big for him. He’s jumped right in there with our first group at times. He’s performed.”

2. Carroll again touted Korey Toomer. Toomer had what would have been sack in a game. “He probably has been the brightest guy in the whole camp,” Carroll said. “His speed is really obvious. He’s no longer a rook … not understanding. He’s worked hard in the offseason. He practices just like the guys who are playing all the time and he looks like he can compete with all the guys. I noticed today the special teams guys were fired up to give him a shot to be on the first kickoff team. If we kicked off today, he would be on that first kickoff team. That’s a lot of ground he’s made up. He doesn’t seem like a rookie anymore. He seems like a redshirt junior right now.” Toomer spent the last two seasons on injured reserve.

3. Terrelle Pryor was so-so. With Tarvaris Jackson not in attendance because of what Carroll called a “family day”, Pryor was the No. 2 quarterback throughout. He had a pass tipped and intercepted by Bobby Wagner. He made a nice touch throw to the back of the end zone which Percy Harvin caught. He missed a receiver up the sideline. In fairness to Pryor, this is OTAs, and he’s learning. But, it was an inconsistent day for him, one made all the more noticeable by the fluidity of Russell Wilson.

4. Bevell backtracking on “running back by committee.” Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell caused a bit of a stir when he said at the Seahawks’ Town Hall that they would be using a committee at running back. Here’s how Bevell clarified the statement: “I was referring to a question at that thing and I was thinking more out here (at OTAs). We’re rolling all those guys and liking what we see from them. Just kind of moving them around. That’s not our policy. That’s not something that we talk about or do that way. Just something I threw out there, really was thinking about the OTAs.” Bevell also said Christine Michael’s attention to detail has improved this year. “I think there were some distractions going on for him a little bit. He just really needed to focus in on the details of things: work, reads, assignments and all those things he’s kind of doing right now. He’s really turned the page on last year.”

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Name the last great QB that came out of The Ohio State University…Nuff said…

  2. Dukeshire says:

    With Smith and Irvin out, has Toomer then been Sam and they’ve kept Wright at weak-side? Or has Wright reverted back to Sam in the interim?

  3. Irvin out past Game One?! Not good for him at all…Hard luck guy. At least he’s not a lazy bum like Curry, but you still want to see him perform…

    Good for Toomer. With his speed–and hard luck–I’d love to see him stick. Im thinking Farwell is toast. Someone–like Jax–will love to scoop him up.

    Early days for Pryor. Still time to learn and gain consistency. Bevell; Open Mouth, Insert Foot…The man with the personality of a wet paper bag sure knows how to cause an uproar…

    Sandpoint–Name the previous great qb’s who came from NC or Wisconsin before RW? Kreig was from Milton college, which is defunct. How many years between Elway and Luck at Stanford? Your question makes no sense.

    Norwood has made the team. There’s no way in hell they cut him now. Rice and Lockette better dust off their highlight video’s and resume’s…

  4. The important things are these injury reports from the OTA,S , we have a lot of injured players that will not participate before training camp,and give lower level players a chance to show their skills.

  5. bird_spit says:

    I think its early to write off Rice. Norwood would make the 2012 team, before kearse. Now, he has to battle to make the team, or he will find the PS or be lost to the devil’s team down south.

    If Rice is fully recovered, he will make it for the run to the title in 2014. Consistency and expert knowledge of the play book will keep him on the team as long as he is healthy. (unless norwood is a very strong study, and owns the playbook and routes, which I doubt).

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think part of the problem with Pryor is his height disadvantage.

    He can’t hide behind the line from the LOB like Wilson can.

    Sneaky Wilson takes a perceived disadvantage & makes it a strength.

  7. EzraMelech says:

    “Repost” on more current thread.

    FYI for my fellow bloggers, I’m going to have to change my Name. Long story, but to make it short I’m being harassed by my ex, and she is using any of my online activity to try to harm me. I’ve had to delete my Facebook, google account etc, and I’ll have to change my name and email address here.

    I’m open to suggestions for names, I’ve used this one for so many years (lots of places) not sure what to change it to…. So the guys/gals that know me even a little bit I’m all ears….


  8. Todd Dybas says:


    Overall, they have mixed and matched spots and personnel during different drills. Toomer, specifically, has been playing strongside.

    — Todd

  9. montanamike2 says:

    EzraMelech i fell you, been there once but stick to who you are and the truth will reveal itself. How about Nightpain or Nighthawk6? just kidding, but seriously, you could even be a numeral for a while.

  10. montanamike2 says:
  11. HawkFromDay1 says:

    STTBM –

    Not NC, NC State. Last good QB from UNC can’t be named (TJ Yates?).

    Good QB’s from NC State would include Philip Rivers and Roman Gabriel. Mike Glennon (also an NFL starter – for now) – is a Wolfpack guy.

    3 active NFL QB’s are from NC State – pretty impressive actually.

    UNC puts loads of guys into the first round, but they still aren’t good – can’t figure it out. (Lawrence Taylor would be the best NFL product from UNC… not too shabby)

    Just don’t make that mistake if you visit down here – especially during basketball season.

  12. pabuwal says:

    Norwood makes Rice redundant.

    And it sounds like Pryor looked today like he’s looked his whole career. He’s still a few years away from becoming a backup we can feel good about.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    Pryor is deciding his own fate.

  14. pabuwal says:

    I think they will still carry him as a third QB.

  15. How does Norwood make Rice redundant? He’s proved nothing. Rice had made several big time game winning catches for the Hawks. He has made spectacular toe dragging 3rd down catches on the sidelines when RW was scrambling for his life. He got knocked the F out diving for the game winner against the Bears in OT. I hope Norwood is good too but come on. He’s not even played in a game yet.

  16. SaigonSun says:

    I think Price will stick for a long time. Can’t ignore the heart and the will of a home grown kid who grew up a Seahawks’ fan.
    I am not sure Pryor has the intellect to match his athleticism . If we never had RW —- yeah, I could see a QB like Pryor being around for a while.
    RW has set the bar way to high for Pryor and such.

  17. SaigonSun says:

    Ezra, why not talk with our own Chuck_Easton? He is a divorce lawyer by specialty . Honestly, all that crap that she is doing to you might not be legal. Sticking her in prison may be the way to your salvation
    ( unless you still love her… in that case just grab your ankles and don’t scream to loud). Either way, good luck to you !

  18. HawkfromDay1–I meant the whole state of NC; before RW there was Rivers, whose legacy is still uncertain. Gabriel lol?!

    MNHawk–Norwood has proven he can compete in OTA’s and can learn fast. He’s proven he has potential. Rice has proven he’s the ultimate Underachiever; had we drafted him, he’d clearly be an Epic Bust. His injury history makes Harvin look like Cal Ripken.

    Rice was avg 2 catches a game even healthy; he was insurance, nothing more and is no longer relevant.

    On potential alone, Norwood will get a roster spot. Rices only hope is injuries or Seattle keeping a sixth WR which I doubt.

    Now, I feel strongly about this but I’ve been wrong enough to know what crow tastes like…

  19. How bout HolyMoly for Ezra’s new name?!

  20. I find it amusing that some say partition is toast already, while others insist Norwoods play means nothing yet…Two divergent views of the relevance of OTA’s…

  21. Lol, partition=Pryor!

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks Todd. I presumed primarily at Sam, considering how well Wright played at Will. (And I know it’s a bit early to carve anything into stone just yet. But this does give an idea for what they have in mind.)

  23. Oh, and Turbin having surgery may explain why he seemed slower last year than his rookie season–he played with a bum knee. Add that to all the long runs called back by penalty, and the poor blocking he got from the line, and I expect Turbo to do well this year as a third down back.

  24. Wrights biggest asset is his ability to make up for his athletic shortcomings and use his smarts to be not only a fine WIL, but the best backup MLB in the NFL.

    I now think Seattle will try to pay Wright and let Malcolm walk…

  25. montanamike2 says:

    I’d love to keep Wright and Wagner long term and fill the other spot with a promising rookie.

  26. montanamike2 says:

    I wish Pryor would start learning a new position, he could always be an emergency QB but he’s a physical specimen that isn’t utilized.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Norwood better learn fast, he is already 25. Not much younger then Rice & older then Kearse.

  28. Georgia–In terms of knee years, Rice is 1,000 years old and Norwood is 21. Seriously, Rice will never be the same, his knees are destroyed like Darrell Jacksons (to say nothing of his concussions from not even being hit and his hip etc), and he lacks the toughness and physicality to continue on a bum knee that D-Jack had.

  29. Southendzone says:

    Man, calling out Rice for lacking toughness is pretty much pure bullshit. That guy has taken some wicked hits. The one that ko’d him in CHI on the game winner was nasty.

    Blowing his ACL was tough too but he seems to be working his tail off to come back.

    Injury prone? Maybe. Long shot to make 2014 roster? Maybe. Lacking toughness? Bullshit only spouted by anonymous blog poster. Guarantee you none of his teammates or coaches think that.

  30. South: You misunderstand my intent. Rice is tough all right–just like Harvin is tough. They are both willing to play through injuries. But Rice is constantly getting hurt–he’s had two major concussions while a Hawk without any defender even touching him! The guy is made of glass.

    The word I should have used is DURABLE. Rice has proven, beyond a shadow of doubt, that he is not durable.

    Tate took five times as many hard hits–check the last Rams game–yet managed to play through and seemingly had no ill effects. That guy is Durable. Is he tougher than Rice? Hard to say, but you cant argue that he isnt more durable.

    The TD catch at Chicago was gnarly, but he was paid handsomely to do that more than once in three years!

    I actually like Rice, he’s a true Seahawk. I just think he’s so damaged–his knee is never going to be right–that considering the young guys on the roster–Harvin, Baldwin, Kearse, Norwood, Richardson–there isnt room for a guy like him. He’s too much the underachiever, he’s too broken down. You cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

    Rice is now only a possession receiver who isnt strong or physical, and we cant afford to carry him as insurance. I dont get all the handwringing going on when discussing his time in Seattle coming to an end…he isnt much different or better than Deion Branch, performance-wise, and in the end its the same; a promising career ruined by injuries.

  31. Had we not got Norwood AND Richardson in the Draft, I would be hoping for Rice to make the team. Now he’s expendable.

  32. Southendzone says:

    His knees are obviously the question, not his toughness.

    Based on body style alone it serms like more compact framed players are nore durable, Tate, Russ both land in that category.

    He is no less physical than Fitzgerald or AJ Green who share his same frame. I dont remember his 2 concussions you refer to but i believe the wrong hit can happen at any time, its more a fluke than anything.

    If he can get his legs right, the sky is the limit.

  33. AzulVerde says:

    <———Ezramelech just so everyone knows.

  34. “I find it amusing that some say partition is toast already, while others insist Norwoods play means nothing yet…Two divergent views of the relevance of OTA’s…”

    Yes, I find it amusing too.. Spring football is a little early to make assumptions on the impact Norwood & Richardson will make in the fall don’t you think?

  35. SaigonSun says:

    Ezra, your new name sounds like a type of algae. LOL . I know its about our colors. Cool name.

  36. South–If you watch Fitz, Green, and Rice play you will see they are apples and an orange. Fitz is very physical, strong and takes many hits on short passes, and makes contested catches in traffic. He is also the MASTER of the fade, flag, and post/skinny post routes. Green has elite speed and gets open deep, Fitz does too despite not having elite speed. Rice is not getting open deep any more–at least not with any regularity.

    Green has speed and is also strong, Fitz is physically a beast. Rice just isnt. The guy doesnt out-muscle anyone for the ball. What he does excel at is sideline catches and leaping grabs and route running.

    I dont see Rice as being like those two WR’s at all, he’s a different beast.

  37. AzulVerde says:

    AzulVerde=I bleed blue and green :) *smile

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