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Tweet Link: Full Kaepernick contract details

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 4, 2014 at 9:51 pm with 57 Comments »
June 4, 2014 10:03 pm

Pro Football Talk has the details on Colin Kaepernick’s contract. Some heavy base salaries with several caveats. They say of the $61 million guaranteed, only $13.073 million is fully guaranteed at signing. Though, Kaepernick has a pretty clear and reasonable path to most of the guaranteed money.

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  1. This is pretty favorable to the 49ers.

    It would have been more favorable to the 49ers had they tied the escalators to the number of reads he made per completion.

  2. Ray_Maines says:

    This twisted logic, but the ‘Hawks passed on CK to take James Carpenter in 2011. If we had CK the 49er’s would still have Alex Smith, and we wouldn’t have a first round bust at tackle or guard. At this point I wouldn’t trade RW for CK, but things might have been better overall if we had drafted him.

  3. Ray_Maines says:

    Oops, hit enter too soon:

    We picked John Moffitt in the third round and could probably have gotten JC with the 75th pick.

  4. Either way, we’d have picked someone that sucked with that 75th pick (and I know there are plenty of rumors that Carp would have been gone by the end of the 1st… which is good if we would have wanted to get a good player).

  5. pabuwal says:

    I actually thought the Seahawks were going to take Kaepernick in 2011.

  6. vichawkfan says:

    @AdamSchefter: Word around NFL is that when Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson get new deals next year, they will come in between $24-$25 million per year.

  7. Wilson is great for the Seahawks, but no way in my opinion he’s worth 24 mil. I think it’s a perfect marriage between the Hawks and Wilson and that’s why Wilson thrives as our QB, but if he went any where else I think he would just be average. Does that warrant him a 20 mil plus contract? I personally don’t think so.

  8. ^ also, he’s not even the best player on the team, should he be paid the most. Obviously, QBs get paid, but still.

  9. vichawkfan says:

    On personality and taste alone RW is worth more

    @AndrewSiciliano: Colin Kaepernick signed his new contract while wearing socks that were decorated with cash. True story.

  10. wazzulander says:

    Wow, this turned out to be a great deal for the niners. I don’t see that escalator clause kicking in and they can walk away from it any year they choose. I also think Stevie Johnson was a nice get for them but they still have a lot of issues going into this year – Bowman’s injury, Aldon Smith’s suspension, Justin Smith and Gore are getting old and less effective, Vernon Davis is holding out, the front office and coaching staff don’t like each other…

  11. DFloydd says:

    Meh. I don’t care about CK. I think he’s a flash in the pan. A novelty act that’s good for a year or two. Seattle adjusted to him and the 49ers offense just fine after he ran all over them in the first half if the NFCG. they’ve figured him out just like they did Manning in the SB. He is an athletic freak but I just don’t see him learning how to go through his reads in the pocket. I think he likes to run too much and likes to show off too much. We’ll see. Either way Niners can suck it.

  12. I have to agree with TruBlu about the “perfect marriage between the Hawks and Wilson.” RW and PC seem to be have the same mindset and attitude, and approach their preparation for the season the same way. Each believes in the other and that synergy raises the level of play of the entire team.

    Based on that, I’m not convinced either would be as successful without the other. I’m not saying each wouldn’t win with a different QB – In PC’s case – or HC – in RW’s case – but together the ceiling is higher.

    Kaepernick is a very good QB. I wouldn’t put him in the elite category – yet – but if he polishes a few aspects of his game, he will get there. That being said, I’m not sure he would thrive in PC’s system as well as RW has. Similarly, I’m not convinced RW would be as successful under Harbaugh.

    Of course, no one will ever know. Either way, it looks like Wilson and Kaepernick is becoming a rivalry for the ages, which is very exciting.

  13. pabuwal says:

    I’ll give Kaepernick some credit here. He took a team friendly deal that will help the performance of the team down the road. That’s all about winning.

    Now guys like Manning×2, Flacco, Brees, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford are pigs who are looking to squeeze out every dollar instead of every ring.

    We’ll see which category Wilson falls into next year.

  14. oldtallguy says:

    Could it be that with the run first philosophy that PC has and his determination that his QB be a game manager first, minimizing turn covers second that with 5 QBs in camp that JS and PC have a number they will pay Wilson and if he’s not willing to acceot that they move on to other options. With the team philosophy they have, 20 million may be too much for that position. I expect 3 QBs on the roster and 1 on the PS. Not necessarily the ones in camp now. The money is going for defense.

  15. Pabs–Youre first comment cracked me up!

    Great deal for the Whiners, and a fair price for Kaep–he’s int he middle tier of pay for the guys who may become elite, but arent yet. Plus, the contract offers huge incentives to Kaep to learn to throw from the pocket rather than just relying on his legs; if he gets hurt and misses games, he loses pay.

    Im kind of surprised the Players Association is allowing contracts like this, and the one we signed Rice to. We’ll see what happens there in the future.

    With Kaep getting 12, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18 for salary, I think RW will come in right where I figured he should–a contract with bases avg 14, 14, 15, 16, 18…with bonuses tied to winning the SB and/or being first/second team All Pro.

    I know plenty disagree, and thats fine, but I dont feel Kaep or RW are worth elite qb money yet. They are in the second tier of qb’s, and as such should make less than 18 million per year.

    Look for RW’s contract to appear to pay him 24 million a year, but it will all be smoke and mirrors–like Kaep’s–with a ton of escalators not likely to be earned. RW seems like the kind of dude to actually believe he can win 5 SB’s in a row…

  16. Sad to hear Seattle admit they wont be bringing Mike Rob back. Dude can still play. Seattle is obviously looking to adapt their offense to become more explosive, and they want to go younger, keeping guys with more well rounded abilities, like Coleman.

    I think they are going to be much more aggressive this year in the passing game, and throw to the backs more. I was hoping that would happen last year, but with the injury to Harvin, and injuries to McCoy and Miller slowing them, not to mention the disintegration of the line, the forward leap we all expected after the last five-six games of 2012 never materialized.

    I think you’ll see a LOT more 2 and even 3 TE sets, and more single-back sets from Seattle. I think you’ll see some Harvin lined up as an H-back or Slot-back in the backfield as well, whether he runs or catches passes…

    Im rooting for Coleman and Biggie Smalls to make the team, Ware can piss off. He looked useless and redundant last year in his brief appearances.

  17. I’m excited to see Biggie play. I love fullbacks who can mash and he seems to fit that build. He kind of reminds me of Ram-Man from the old He-Man and the Masters of the Universe days!

  18. I am hoping that Wilson will be the same – get his money but doesn’t totally kill the team with the salary cap.

  19. Just read this in the comments section of the article:

    “The best QB ever to play in the NFL.

    San Francisco is going to Arizona in Feb with a 18-1 record and a Super Bowl trophy.”

    2 things –
    1. best QB ever…. Not even close – I think RW is better and I don’t think he is the best yet.

    2. to go to Arizona with a Super bowl trophy – are they gonna bring the old ones out of storage . . . . .

  20. One thing drives RW’s price up is the number of teams out there who don’t have a legit franchise QB and would snap him up in a heartbeat. When’s the last time we saw a bidding war for a multiple-time Probowl, Super Bowl winning QB entering the prime of his career? You won’t see it because everyone knows that you do not ever let that guy go.

  21. montanamike2 says:

    As the reports come out, Kaeps looking like a better deal than was first perceived. I hope RW does an incentive laden contract too. I think Ware is redundant and gone, but that’s just my opinion.

  22. I think Ware could possibly be a replacement for Lynch down the road. Turbin’s not the answer and Micheal is a different type of back altogether.

  23. Tru–I really cant see Ware as a feature back anywhere–he’s far too slow. And nothing JS and PC have said about the guy has indicated they see him as a feature back either; he was brought in to be a short-yardage guy who hopefully could play some FB. He wasnt exactly exciting in either role in his limited appearances, though he was only a rookie.

    Michaels is the guy they think can be the feature–or most featured–back in our rotation. He’s Lynch’s replacement, if he can learn the pass receiving and blocking schemes.

    They may still like Ware more than I do, and I guess we’ll see what shakes out in preseason; competition!

  24. Southendzone says:

    From comments above it seems some people believe the deal was done as a gesture of goodwill by Kap to help out the 49ers in terms of signing other players, and also that this deal will serve as some kind of model for RW’s deal.

    Are we sure this wasn’t just a crummy deal signed by Kap because he either:
    1) desperate?
    2) kinda dumb?
    3) has a crappy agent?

    I really don’t see RW taking this kind of garbage contract. I assume he asks for more per year, and way more guarantees.

  25. wazzulander says:

    I actually thought Ware was pretty electric in his opportunities last year, he’s definately a hard nosed, punishing runner with nimble feet. He was just unlucky and got hurt. He was also a standout special teams player in the pre-season so there is value there as well.

  26. Funny last preseason everyone was pretty high on Ware – then he got hurt and now – cut the guy he sucks!

  27. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I think it’s a perfect marriage between the Hawks and Wilson and that’s why Wilson thrives as our QB, but if he went any where else I think he would just be average.”

    This statement makes no sense and is contradicted by facts.

    Russell Wilson first played at NC State, where it was great, and where he broke Andre Woodson’s all-time NCAA record of 325 consecutive pass attempts without an interception.

    Then he went to Wisconsin for a year where he was named team captain almost immediately, and took them to a 38-45 loss to the Ducks in the Rose Bowl. Wilson finished 9th in Heisman voting that season.

    Then he came to Seattle where, as a 3rd round pick he was only expected to possibly backup Matt Flynn. Ooops! He went on to win the job before the season started, and in year #2 helmed the team to a Super Bowl win. He also made some of the most clutch plays any Seahawks QB can ever lay claim to, including a 35-yard TD pas on 4th-and-7 against the 49ers that I will never forget. A play that was allowed to happen because Wilson is as smart as he is athletic, and burned the 49ers on a double-snap count.

    Average anywhere else my posterior. He’d be great wherever he went. He already has been.

  28. xcman–I liked Coleman better last preseason, and nothing has changed. Plus, we now have an improved Michaels and Biggie Smalls. Simply no room for him here, but Im sure Ware will get picked up by Jax or GB or the Raiders or Jets for a look-see when we cut him.

    I thought Ware was utterly ineffective as a FB and in short yardage plays, and showed less quickness and worse hands than Coleman. Again, that was last year; he may show up and wow us yet, he certainly will be given the opportunity.

  29. While RW certainly benefited from having great players around him–and a staff willing to adapt their gameplan to suit his strengths and minimize his weaknesses, I too think that he would have found a way to start by year two just about anywhere. The guy just has IT. He’s a leader and a winner, and he just gets it done.

  30. jawpeace says:

    The only thing that Ware imitates Lynch on is DWI.

    I bet Wilson’s agent deflated a bit this morning after reading the full details of Kraps contract.

    Look if Wilson signed the exact contract. He would probably stop the descalator clause by taking our team to a Super Bowl again next year. Also the Whiners seemed to be covering their butts if Kraper does something stupid in the off season and gets arrested and suspended. I feel confident Wilson won’t ever get arrested unless he hangs out with Justin Beiber more.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    TruBlu – Michael runs with an incredibly physical style, very much like Lynch. He may not have the same awkward gate Lynch does, but they are equally punishing.

    (Quick highlights from his Aggie days.)

  32. Thanks for the link Dukeshire!

    Michaels will never be Lynch 2.0–Lynch is one of a kind–but he DOES look to be faster, and a very powerful runner in his own right. I like how he runs low and with forward lean, yet seems perfectly balanced and in control. Notice how he rarely if ever fails to knock his tackler down and fall FORWARD! I havent seen balance/body control like this since Barry Sanders…

  33. PHXHawk says:

    Here’s a link to Benoit on SI’s MMQB comparing the abilities of the top young quarterbacks. I would be interested in what the more knowledgable bloggers think of this. (Yankinta, you’d better not read it.)

  34. montanamike2 says:

    xcman i was high on Ware as a backup RB, but he was outplayed at FB where i don’t think he’s very effective. Now we are so deep at the position that we have to make some tough decisions. Maybe he lights it up in camp, who knows.

  35. EzraMelech says:

    For those of you thinking that RW is not the real deal I say Bah!! As ChrisHolmes and STTBM point out the facts just say otherwise. Has PC helped him “definitely”. But his work ethic and makeup make me believe he would work almost anywhere.

    This reason and this reason alone is the why I believe RW has a much higher ceiling than many give him credit for. I think the reason that the RW vs Andrew Luck comparisons are still out there is because people perceive AL as having a higher ceiling then RW. I would argue that the difference isn’t as great as many think. Does luck have more “physical attributes” attributed to success as a Quarterback? “maybe”.

    I’ll even give that CK has more “physical talent” then RW. But what RW lacks in the physical aspect he MORE THAN makes up for in his preparation, study of the game, strive to always improve etc etc etc. His intangibles I believe elevate him above the other 2 semi rookie Quarterbacks.

    Physical attributes alone don’t =greatness. Look at Joe Montana yes he was fairly tall 6’2″ but physically otherwise he wasn’t prototypical. I think many of the physical aspects of the game are overplayed. IE 40 times, arm strength etc etc. They do factor in but they are only one minor aspect to a players game.

    A persons internal Drive I think is something is drastically overlooked. The greatest receiver of all time IMHO (Yes I know he’s a 49r) I won’t hold that against him. But Jerry Rice IMHO was greatest receiver of all time. Why? Was he the greatest physically… Um NO, was he the most talented physically … again NO.

    NO I believe the single greatest factor in his success was his personal inner drive. He was a perfectionist and strove to always improve and get better. He studied, and worked his (_!_) off to do the things he did.

    Different personalities, but I see many of the same attributes in RW. Unless he gets hurt or something drastic happens I “Truly believe” RW (COULD BE) (NOT EVEN CLOSE YET) but could be one of the greatest QB’s ever. He has the potential, and everything I see in his work ON and OFF the field make me believe he has a good chance of getting there.

    My2CentsWorth (for whatever it’s worth)

  36. montanamike2 says:

    EzraMelech i wholeheartedly agree.

  37. ChrisHolmes says:

    I’ve always believed you have to have both parts of the equation to be a truly great quarterback. You can’t have “it” and be a “winner” and yet not have the physical attributes and/or skills. Examples: Danny Wuerffel and Tim Tebow. By all accounts Wuerffel was a “winner” with all kinds of “intangibles”. And I don’t doubt any of that – he clearly won a lot in college and seemed like a fine leader. He may even have been a really smart guy with a high football IQ.

    But he couldn’t pass for beans. And it showed in the NFL.

    Same with Tebow. By all accounts, a classic “winner” with loads of “intangibles”.

    But he couldn’t pass the freakin’ ball.

    On the flip side, there’s guys with all the physical gifts in the world, but they don’t have the mental makeup, the work ethic, or the football IQ. Examples: JaMarcus Russell, Vince Young, Jeff George, Ryan Leaf. All guys with great arms and/or athletic ability, but they lacked everything else important to being a great QB at the NFL level. No leadership, no work ethic, no “intangibles” to speak of.

    Russell Wilson – like all the greats before him – has both. He has the physical tools, no question. He can throw a laser, he can air it out deep, he can make every throw with velocity and accuracy. He also has all the stuff he needs between the ears: great work ethic, desire, determination, leadership abilities, etc.

    He’s everything you want in a QB except for height.

    I look at it this way: If Russell Wilson were 6’4″, he would have challenged Luck and RGIII to be the first overall pick. And if he HAD been that tall, people would have taken a closer look at how he lead those teams and NC State and Wisconsin, and I believe he would have been a top-2 pick.

    At the end of it.. I don’t care. He’s our QB and I love him. He’s the kind of skilled, hard-working, determined guy I had always hoped we’d someday land. First in, last out, works on all the details. Wants to be correct in everything he does. Wants to win badly.

    Love him.

  38. montanamike2 says:

    I’m glad he was overlooked and slid to us in the draft, Pete almost grabbed him in the 2nd round but John calmed him down and told him to be patient, had we known the Eagles were after him too we might have.

  39. doubledink says:

    It was JS who wanted him in the 2nd. Pete made him wait.

  40. montanamike2 says:

    ok, either way i’m glad it worked out.

  41. Yes, we all love RW and know for certain that he would be a success anywhere he goes and in anything he does – and I’m not being sarcastic there. But I think we’re selling PC and his staff short if we fail to acknowledge the rule they have played in his success.

    Exhibit 1: look at all the guys on this team who have performed well above eexpectations upon coming into the league. Sherman, Kam, Angry Doug Baldwin. . . part of that is talent evaluation, but there’s got to be something about the Seahawks’ development program, culture, and overall attitude that allows these guys to succeed.

    Exhibit 2: RW was given a chance to complete for the starting job right off the bat against the veteran incumbent and a highly paid free agent acquisition. How many staffs out there would have the balls to let a third round rookie have a legitimate shot against the high price free agent?

  42. Ray_Maines says:

    EzraMelech via MM2: I wholeheartedly DIS-agree.

    I don’t think any QB in the Pete Carroll system is ever going to be one of the greatest.

    I really think the ‘Hawks are going to win four more SB’s, and PC is going to the HoF, but Johnny Unitas wouldn’t be “one of the greatest” if he played under Pete Carroll.

  43. SRVHawk says:

    “Now guys like Manning×2, Flacco, Brees, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford are pigs who are looking to squeeze out every dollar instead of every ring.”

    Not sure exactly why guys getting what they deserve on the market makes them pigs? It’s nice for your QB to take a discount, but that plays right into the owners’ hands. The owners are the REAL pigs for locking the players out for more money when they are all billionaires or have hundreds of millions of dollars, Packers excluded. Don’t see why you’d expect the players to settle for less simply because they’re rich when the owners don’t? Or at least criticize both.

    I wouldn’t say that RW has reached the level of a Brady or Brees yet, but I think it’s laughable to say he’d just be average anywhere else. He has had a good running game. He has also had a slightly above average to terrible o-line the entire time. And he’s hardly throwing to Megatron.

    Anyones’ success in the NFL is determined by the symbiosis of many factors. Being here does help RW. Having RW helps PC. RW wouldn’t necessarily have the same success with any other team, but I believe he would be a good player almost regardless. Things certainly could’ve been much different for him had he been drafted by the Jaguars.

  44. SRVHawk says:

    And if RW wants to be paid top dollar when his contract comes up, it’s about whether or not you’re willing to lose him and not whether or not he deserves to be paid like an elite QB. You’ll be paying him elite money if you franchise him. And I guarantee someone else out there would pay him elite money should you leave the door open any. I for one don’t want to go back to looking for a franchise QB and suffering through the likes of a Clipboard Jesus.

  45. EzraMelech says:

    Ray_Maines why do you say that? Because PC believes in a run first type of play style? If that is your reason then I’m sorry but IMHO you are sadly mistaken.

    I’ll give you an example of one of the All time GREAT Quarterbacks who did not throw for a ton of yards but is still considered one the best of all time.

    Roger Staubach. One of his best seasons was in 1971. Take stab at what his passing stats were? 126 for 211 (59.7%), 1,882 yards, 8.9 YPA, 15 TD, 4 INT, 104.8 passer rating.

    Compare Russell Wilson’s stats for this year. 257 for 407 (63.1%) 3357 yards, 8.2 YPA, 26 TD, 9 INT, 101.2 passer rating.

    Different era and times, but stats still point towards my point. If you have another reason why he can’t be great under a PC style system please tell me?


  46. rramstad says:

    OrrObb, I’ll see your comments and go one further…

    I think MANY staffs might have let RW compete openly for the starting quarterback job, and then after the four preseason games, when he was clearly the best, have him sit on the bench anyway!

    I personally at the time was very much like “well, watching the guys play, RW is definitely showing the most in preseason, but preseason is preseason, and I’ll be floored if RW ends up the starter over Flynn, given how much $$ was expended on Flynn… but PC and JS are in a bit of a hard spot here, given the Always Compete and No Job Is Safe mantras… if they practice what they preach, they’ll give the job to RW, but that said, I just can’t imagine that happening.”

    I was floored when the preseason started and RW looked as good as he did, and the other guys looked as bad as they did… I was flummoxed when that continued throughout the preseason, and the snaps were handed around in a way that seemed to suggest that RW might have a legitimate shot… and I was baffled and blown away when they anointed RW starter.

    I figured at the time that they decided it was easier to start RW, and then if he failed to show the same things in real games that he did in preseason, that Flynn was a veteran and would be able to step in and they could season RW more, and Flynn could easily do twelve games or something after RW got a fair shot in the first four or so. As opposed to the other scenario, starting Flynn, what if he sucks? It’s VERY hard at that point after just a few weeks to turn around and hand the job to RW and say “ok, rookie, you’ve got to save this season”. Impossible situation for most rookies to succeed in.

    So, I think it’s possible that Flynn’s veteran status kind of worked against him… they expected more from him, when he didn’t show it, they figured that as a veteran he’d be more ready to come off the bench, if necessary, after a few weeks, than RW would be.

    Anyhow, I definitely didn’t see it coming, at all. I didn’t expect RW to perform as well as he did in preseason, I didn’t expect the front office to start him, and I’m incredibly pleased at how it all turned out, though at the time I was freaking! I think if you went back and saw the blog posts from week three of preseason on to about the second regular season game, you’d see the whole range of craziness…

  47. This team will evolve and Wilson will air it out more in the future. The Hawks drafted him a pair of WRs and Harvin will be healthy (fingers crossed). When the talent dictates it – we’ll throw the ball more. Sure, it may not be a run-and-shoot offense, but he’s not going to be Mr. Game Manager forever. He has “it” and is going to be one of the greats when it’s all said and done. He got lucky in terms of being drafted by such a great team/organization but the Hawks got lucky when they drafted him, too.

  48. rramstad says:

    Oh, and I think pretty much the only one who called this, in the media, early, was Jon Gruden. He said something like “If Russell Wilson is named starter, it’s over, and he’ll be the starter, no one will displace him” or words to that effect. I always thought Jon was a very strong football mind, and frankly would have loved to have him coach the Seahawks, but that strong of an endorsement surprised me, given what we knew of RW at the time (third round pick, short).

  49. I think people are too stars truck by big QB numbers.

    Wilson’s #1 job is to not turn the ball over. He could throw 40 times a game and take more chances and put up bigger numbers, but why? Why get into a high scoring game if you don’t have to?

    That is why RW throws passes that are sometimes hard for his guys to catch. He always throws away from the defense, so they have no chance to pick it off.

    Look at the two ridiculous sideline catches Doug Baldwin made in the Carolina and Tampa Bay games last season. Wilson threw those balls where only Baldwin had a shot at them, and nobody else did. He intentionally put the ball in a place where it would be an incompletion, or a great catch by his guy. No other outcome was possible.

    Manning and Brees on the other hand, gamble all the time, and make some really bad throws under pressure. They dont get blamed for it somehow. As long as they throw for 300+ yards and a TDs, nobody cares about the turnovers. The Seahawks are built the opposite way. As long as the offense doesn’t turn it over, they can win every game. They don’t need to gamble on offense. But that doesn’t mean RW doesn’t have great passing QB skills. He absolutely does.

    Big passing numbers are lipstick on a pig. If you have to win by taking chances throwing the ball all the time, your castle is made of sand. And when you run into a real defense, it will be washed away.

    Manning and Thomas set a record for completions in the SB. And lost in humiliating fashion.

  50. Southendzone says:

    No PC quarterback can ever be the greatest? That’s kind of silly.

    No PC QB could lead the league in yards/TD, sure I’ll buy that. If that’s your measurement of best QB ever then I get your point.

    If that IS your point, then consider this:

    Say RW’s game stats from now til he retires are this EVERY GAME:

    20 attempts
    20 completions
    200 yards
    2 TDs
    0 INTs

    Yep that’s right, 100% completion rate from here to eternity. Is Brees still better than him cause he drops 5,000 yard seasons each year? Is Manning better cause he drops 40-50 TD passes each year?

    Stats aren’t the only way to measure the GOAT. You have to see it. From what I’ve seen so far, RW has to potential to be in the discussion someday. Yeah it will take years of consistent great play, and he’s not there yet, but you can be the GOAT w/o the most stats.

    I think Emmitt Smith has more career yards than Barry Sanders, but Sanders is the GOAT for rbs, nearly anyone that watched him would agree.

  51. EzraMelech says:


    I’ll add to your post… Ray_Maines kind of got my goat with his post. So besides my earlier post I started looking up stats of Top Tier Quarterbacks of the past.

    Brett Favre 1996 season 325 for 543 (59.9%), 3,899 yards, 7.2 YPA, 39 TD, 13 INT, 95.8 passer rating
    Steve Young 1994 season 324 for 461, 70.3%, 3,969 yards, 8.6 YPA, 35 TD, 10 INT, 112.8 passer rating
    Joe Montana 1989 season 271 for 386 (70.2%), 3,521 yards, 9.12 YPA, 26 TD, 8 INT, 112.4 passer rating
    (Russell Wilson 2013 257 for 407 (63.1%) 3357 yards, 8.2 YPA, 26 TD, 9 INT, 101.2 passer rating.

    When you look at those stats honestly Russell passes for more yards then most people realize. I think with the Pass Happy League we are in now it perceived to a greater degree that he supposedly doesn’t throw and is just a “Game Manager”. I say HOGWASH. If you look at those stats objectively Russells stats (in ONLY his 2nd season mind you) compare pretty well. Again, I’m not comparing him to those greats and he’s nowhere near them “YET” key word being yet.

    I can’t see however that anyone that objectively looks at it can’t see at the very least the possibility of him being up there with those greats.


  52. EzraMelech says:

    Just because some teams are throwing 5k yards a season doesn’t mean thats the only stat that matters.


  53. Russell Wilson is that player who always ended up killing anybody he faces. He hides that fact under his golden boy persona, and people still underestimate how good he really is. By the end of his career he could very well be a top 10 all time greatest QB.

    Wilson in his second year only got better, he played a lot smarter this year, and played a much cleaner game. He wasn’t asked to take risks, and take over games as much because Lynch ripped it up. It doesn’t mean RW can’t, actually we’ve seen he can when asked (ATL playoff). He’d beat out starting on at least half the teams in the NFL if given a chance.

    The guy is a winner who motivates his teammates, and represents Seahawks with class. I’d gladly take 13 more seasons with RW at QB, and another 30 with him replacing the bobble heads on NFLN and ESPN.

  54. ChrisHolmes says:

    I would never want to diminish the role the team plays in a player’s development. Clearly there are some organizations allow players to achieve their potential.

    But that’s the way I see it, and I think there is a clear distinction here between making a player better, and allowing the player to reach their potential.

    I don’t believe Seattle made Russell Wilson “better”. That assumes he was at a ceiling. On the contrary, I think Russell hasn’t hit his ceiling. The organization fostered him in a way that allowed him to tap into the potential that was already there.

    Some guys are so good they will elevate those players around them, and in turn, the organization. Peyton Manning went to a horrible Colts team. Clearly, it didn’t matter what team Manning was going to end up on, he was going to succeed, and make that organization better.

    I believe RW would have done the same thing no matter where he ended up, because he has “it”, as BobbyK said. He has all the components to being a great QB.

    Was his progress accelerated because of the team he ended up on? Oh, no doubt. If he gets drafted by Denver or New England or Green Bay or the Saints, it wouldn’t have mattered how great his potential was, he would have sat on the bench. So no question – his ascendancy was allowed to happen due, in part, because a certain team drafted him, and that team happened to believe strongly in open competition. So RW got his “chance”. Opportunity knocked.

    And RW kicked down the damn door with a cannon.

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m happy to see a Kaepernick thread get turned around into a Wilson thread.

    Lots of good comments here about how Wilson has earned a spot in the discussion of elite QBs.

    What I’m looking forward to is what Wilson will do when he gets better line play & better receiver play. And how he uses all his speed weapons this season.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Another thing about Wilson is-

    Would the the Seahawks run game be one of the best in the NFL if not for the 500 + yards he contributes to it each year?

    If Matt Ryan was our QB, we would be an average running team.

  57. ChrisHolmes says:

    Don’t know how many saw this piece this morning by Andy Benoit, but it’s pretty enlightening:

    The part that interested me was about Wilson only being a half-field reader, which, if true, is clearly something he’ll need to work on to move upwards into the truly elite class of QB (of course, some offenses are designed to be half-field reads pre-snap, so I have to wonder if this is part of Bevell’s play-design).

    And then there was this bit about Kaepernic:

    “Kaepernick does not read the defense before the snap. You can tell because he shows no understanding of this basic quarterbacking concept: When one receiver is covered, it often means another receiver is not. There’s no awareness of route combinations.”

    So… 49ers just invested a truckload of future money in a guy who can’t read a defense.

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